Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on December 24, 1962 · Page 11
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 11

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Monday, December 24, 1962
Page 11
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Abraham Lincoln Wins GHS Mat Meet ;Mon.. IVc. 21. 1%2 G R E E 1 . K Y T I U B l ' N E P:i:-c Abraham Lincoln High School or Denver copped first place ill the (Jretley Bi-Annual Invitational Wrestling Tournament here Saturday. »inu. Wheatridge. 6th. 33, and Fort Morgan, 7th, 18. Lincoln wrestlers chalked up 76 places. wo championships, a second place, one third and three fourth points to beat off second place vada which had a 67-point to- Fort Collins and Denver South tied for third place with 58 points each and Greeley was fourth with K Sidney. Neb. was fifth with 37 In the 103-pound competition ireeley's Jerry Wallace took the championship from Bell of Arvada in a 44 decision. En-route to the crown, Wallace iad earlier taken a 34 decision n overtime from Tvyman of South Denver. In his second States Angle For Federal Fish Money I? JOHN KAMI'S AiiKlatW PrtM Sptc!*! Scrvkt WASHINGTON 'API-States are ingling for a big catch: increased federal funds for fish projects. A windfall is eipected under the accelerated public works program authorized by Congress this year lo provide employment in econonv Ically needy areas. The law puls up MOO million anc authorizes eventual appropriation of J500 million more for the pro (ram. Possibly several million dollars may be allocated soon for apportionment lo state liih and game agencies for fish and wildlife projects. A poll by the Interior Department shows many states arc eager! to appropriate matching funds for the projects. The latter would be submitted lo the Area Redevelopment Administration for approval ·nd priority ratings. One official said virtually all the JO slates indicated interest. Another said more lhan HO per »ould participate in the program U permitted. He added thai many Grwlev wr«tl,r« rnn!, ri? "" · · " , tham P lwli!11 P round ht beat Terry Kroupa 0,'decKoried Mir K'.gers. (,ie«ey. T\vymzn of Denver South, w un a 2-u overturn; over Holt-i " "' ! ° I -"' ) «-' h TM'-' 0 u( Sou'Meuswr.ed Sfaoupman of Sidney, ischneioer of Abraham Lincoln lor | iwied Terry Kwjpa :;-t for tnird Ithird. match Wallace blanked Wagner of Fort Morgan 7-0. Frank Delgado of Greeley won » 127-pound title by pinning Young of South Denver in 2:50. In his opening match Delgado pinned Anderson of Fort Collins in five minutes. In second-round action Delgado took a (-4 decision from Jim Langdon of Sidney. Mike Rogers of Greeley lost a nip-and-tuck 5-4 decision to Ken Dix of Abraham Lincoln for the 95-pound title. Rogers lost the take-down going into the final period and lacked enough riding time to tie the match at the end of regular competition. igers won his first match by pinning Chuck Baltazar of Fort Morgan in 1:30. In the second , con»lation;l)enver championship match summaririArvada. i-i ::2 Don Henderson. A r v a d a . : 120. Tom Varra. Furl Collins. are as follows. 103. Jerry Wal'.acir. Gwiey, ct .d«..-:ui:«i Lvon of Denver Suu'.h. decisioned Bob Landon of Sidney'i 95. Ken D:x. Abraham Lincoln. Icisioned Le!! tf Arvada. 4 i - m for -:. Pa! Merw. Greviey. 8-4 for title Austin of Arvada de-i dioned Don Miyoshi of Greeiey 4-2 for third 127. Frank Deigado, Greeley, pinned Young of Denver South in 250 for title. Jim Langdon of Sidney decisioned Lochner of ! Abraham Lincoln. 9-3 for third. 133, Harvey of Abraham Lincoln. 4-2 in overtime over Lewis of Fort Morgan. Greenfield, Fort Collins, decisioned Alwayne Goertzen of Greeley 3-0. 138. Ron Langdon, decisioned ·Kyle. Fort Collins. 2-0 for title. JDallos. South Denver, l-a overtime from Nolin of Arvada for third. 145. Oriel. Wheatridge. pinned (Justice of Abraham Lincoln, 3:36' ifor title. Murphy, Arvada. deci- sioned McLean, South Denver, 2-1 for third. 154, Bjork, South Denver, deci- sioned Paclieco. Arvada 3-0 lor title. Comers. Fort Morgan, dcci- eBAhiv MFI*..*^. t e, i i . sioned Beeson. Abraham Lincoln, FRANK DELGADO of Greeley works on a tne Greeley Bi-Annua! Invitational Wrestling pin of Young of Denver South. Delgado pinned Tourney Saturday. (Photo by Pat Mc.Mahoni. his opponent in 2:50 to win the 127-pound title in Top State Story in Sports Was Coaching Merry-Go-Round at CU By LOUDON KILLY lhe Curtis Cup compclilion. Bob eighth coii.-*-culive NHL By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS W L T Pis. GF GAUioned Shaw. Abraham 6-1 for third. 165. Gillmore. Wheatridge. fail over of Arvada in 1:45 for title. Trane. Abraham Lincoln, decisioned Helgeson. South Denver. 6-t for third. 180. Knaus. Fort Collins, deci- Lincoln. JUDY AUDSLEY Second of Four Steps March to December, the football' Les Fowler of Boulder caplurcd-new Western Athletic Conlc coaching merry-go-round at thejthe Colorado Golf Association'.'- Colorado Slate College University of Colorado must ratejmedal play tourney with 280. llocky M o u n t a i n Italu which have potential projects would improve not only Ihelr fish and wildlife facilities but would enhance Iheir over-all economic situations. Interest in Ihe possibilities for fish and wildlife projccls was AlMcitttd Prut portl Writtr DENVER 'APi - Considering its been Ihe talk of lhe state from!holcs. Goalby won the Denver tourney'in the lina! meet held in the with a 3-undc-r-par 277 for 72 line Conference, which folded aft: Boslun losing lour of I'.s teams to the Cbkago 16 9 8 40 87 73J4-1 for title. Stephen. Wheatridge. .Toronto 17 10 4 38 106 84|decisioned Payne. Arvada-. 9-5 lor Detroit 15 9 6 36 77 70Jthird. Montreal 12 9 10 34 86 76 Hvvy. Peterson. Furl Collins. York 10 18 4 24 93 103 pinned Beeson. Abraham Lincoln. 4 19 8 16 83 12G|in 5 08 for title. Favor. Wheatridge, decisioned John Greelev, 3-1 for third. Action of Body and Ball Must Become Automatic Losing two head roaches inside'.* 0 " D - v " a . v nine months must' be something] 6 '' Turn Keed Conference. 53rd time | .socialicn's malch play title was On the high bchool front, cham-' as this area's top sports story for I which was 8 under par. The av names, held for the of a record lor silv. a major univcr- This year also was noteworthy for Ihc opening of lhe Air Force Academy's new football stadium, ! tennis championship for the Ihc World Hockey Tournament.] 0 TM 1 tim e in "iree years, pro football's big charge in Den- after Iwo laokiuslfr vears, ·parked Oct. .11 whrn the Interior!v Department announced approval,and the Denver Bears' move intoj" 1 " 1 ^ oril ''" for actions in Illinois and Wiscon- Ihe Pacific Cnasi Uague lor' A r i z Binning who defeat- pmn.-hip* vme well divided with iip in the finals : iin major school winning morei Joan Birkland of Denver, who lll -in '"»' also has played basketball and; East Denver brought home the Softball in her career, won both C!a*s AAA! di«dcm bv the Colorado women's golf and oulsi-onr." Lakewood 28-20 in lhe sec-;H-asoir» (male. Greekv Leal Man :ual of Denver 64-57 for the bas-' Two heavyweight prize ligh'.stcU'.iil tu'v. were staged in Denver ;,i !'.«: Manual won it- second straid.t w i t h Zora Folley of Chandler. ; Class AAA track and field cham-i SATURDAY'S RESULTS Chicago 1. Montreal 1 ' t i e ' Toronto 4. New York 2 SUNDAY'S RESULTS Montreal 2, Detroit 2 Hie) Toronto 5. Boston 4 Chicago 3, New York 1 TODAY'S GAMES No games scheduled TUESDAY'S GAMES Montreal at Chicago Toronto at Detroit New York at Boston By JUDY AUDSLEY Tttnagt Bowling Star Written for AP Niwsftatures Two important things happen Not even for a second will I my focus leave this target, .Siwuld ;1 take my eyes off the spot. : Biy delivery would surely firtjsh I Small Gate Said Disappointing In Miami Game as vou start Ihe second step of'*TM n ^' . . , - - ! r Brower. vour four-step deiiverv. It's here; Coordmauon and conce-nttalum Iwhere vour pushawav ends and !are j h * kc ? ords , l ° high-scores iyour ball moves into its pendu-!" 1 boulln S' Kw P them m mnd lum arc. 'j When my left hand has left thej ball, my right arm takes charge.. Both the righl wrist and arm remain straight to keep lit? pendulum swing in a irue arc on myi Bowling both. He knocked next season as.," year's baseball The Sport Fishing Institute saidjlhe A m e r i c a n In its December publication lhal!P"iJied. many stale agencies have mdi-i L^i March 17. Sonny Grande- caled they have projects "to put 1ms. who had piloted Colorado to minship by a margin of '·: points I)i- : people (o work quickly on projects of lasting value." the Big Eighl championship and thence into t h e O r a n g e Boul : " out Mike DeJohn in lhe third Mnntwe swept the title As.iK'iation| a ' cn(i m February and came|vision I o! high school w i c s t l i n ; ' i n August for a decision over and SteamU:. 1 . Springs w o n thi- Doug Jones, a tough light-heavy-jlaurels in Division II. Grand June- weight, in 1(1 lounds. j l i i i n ou'.sliugod Colorado Sprmjs Denver Cniversily. alter w i n - i W a s s o n 12-S for tho baseball Negro Player Stars For ·South Team By G E N E PLOWDEN MIAMI. Fla. 'AP'-There were indications loday that last Saturday's North-South all-star college football game may bo the bsl in Miami. The 16.592 who saw lhe S backswing. A good check-point is' lo remember that at mid-point of GREELEY COUNTRY CLUB LADIES The score?: Team No. 3 4, Team No. 10 0: Team No. 2 4. Team No. 7 0: Team No. 5 4, Team No. 11 your second step, your ball should 0: Team No. 8 3, Team No. 9 1; be passing your right knee in a Team No. 1 3. Team No. 4 1; backward motion. iTeam No. 12 3. Team No. 6 1. In developing your bowling de-| Top team scries: Team No. 3 livery, lhe aciion of ball and bodyjl656. eke oul a 15-14 triumph in Ihe last ! mu5t hct ' ome aut TM lali( '- A * M T °P ^M^\ series: Dolores move into lhe second step. 1 keep Manch 473; Pal Monfort 473. |rr.y eyes on my "spot" on the; Top team game: Team No. 3 ·591. I Top individual game: Dolores IMaricli 180. . : "'"8 ' h c natlo " al collc :ia!e 3 / seconds was the smallesl crowd] since Mahi Shrine swilched its' promotion from high school toj college stars in 1948. The S25.000 paid by the Ameri- By MIKE RATHET 'Can Broadcasting Co. for televi- is is the biggest thrill of invasion rights insured a profit but the life--being lhe first of my race slim crowd may spell the end Get Chance To Gain AT BOWLORADO- NEIGHBORS MIXED The scores: Gik'rest Feed Ihe dale fish and game .igencies! 5ca ,. on respond In this sudden new development may well be crucial in determining vvhfiher and lo what ex tenl they will be beneficiaries of ·rldcd windfall millions in the in history H-8'. but Jni-k Faulkner, Ihc Denver Bion- cos fired the imaginaiion of sportslj l n u n , a j n - AAl; mec , fans here bv winning six of their ·vent of further ncceleraled public works appropriations by the nc.vt Congress." Fish projecl possibilities include '^ ^J^.,,,,, ,,, lhe Amer . construction of fishing lakes. lake it . an Koo(bal , , .nd rire»m renovation, buildings. Th ,, , h( , ,,,,,,,.,,,, ,,,,,, ., ,,,.; ·ircambank stabilization and lm-j o( tllelr , irc lgler an(j mus , ,,,..,, provmenl, development of water (avnrorf lMa , Sull(iav ,,, aMeve , access arras, boal launching ile| an i4 rct . ()rd and ramps, parking areas .inill,. rnttv i. ,!,,,,, ,, hdhitiit improvpincnt. ;' nals of Ihe National AAl' Bas; «ai:naiu - , Tournament w i t h ih,- tnl-|This wa finished on a drumbi-al o! lr,umph k , m( , d okb! , 0inl ., Uller , lMm ,,,!,,,,,,,,,,, at that The Buffaloes crumpled;. ^. yi | ril ,,,ioh ' ,-here favored A,r Force 34-10 the day| ,,, co||c| , c t , ack and MA Clim .; i ,. !vs i j 'i"' 5 ""' , ipelilion. Ihe rnivorsily of Colo-i K v ,,,- y ,, nc of thu state's four . ..'-'.." " cw . TM?. ch '" h _ u! k . v jralo won the 38ih annual Colo-icrevhound tracks and two horse reaching S.-J.132 ?_;!. (.,.. is a gam of almost J2 ^.m IroiTi l%i. oven Ihough' ere seven fewer racinn ,, contest on a 80-jard touch-itrustoes must vote affirmativelyin'igli!. i play with 37 seconds re-'and the Shrine Hospital trustee's: The teams meet in the openeri maming that carried the Soinh to'also must approve. of a doubleheadfr in Madisonj = a 15-14 triumph over the North Last Mnrch the national IrusteesjSquare Garden while the Syra- last Salurdav. irefused permission for the gamelcuse Nationals and New York r , lir , I!( , lav ;i udl ,, !hc Bockv , lr ^, slm , ed a ,,, cher da , v ' - In the other post-season collegi-!lo continue under Shrine sponsor-;Knickerbockers clash in the sec- line pro-:ship on the theorv that it was not ; ond game. Detroit is at Cincinnati Elmer Ley Brick 1. Top team series: Pro-Vita I Top individual series- Men -Francis Adler 541. Women--Kuth Dill 54!. Top team game: ViUt'ioe Dcc- Brigham Young captured Icrage honing handle than in thc'f;,; .,' tm|t . hd( nsiyear liefore. obl n Steers Thunder Away from Pack With 108-97 Win they drew bigger| crowds than (or the lust two AFl.i seasons here put together. The! iccoid was 34.4% watching Dcn-| ver beat Houston 20-10 on Ocl. J21_ the largest sports gathering in (he city's history. The Air Force Academy put in USC in Preparation For Rose Bowl Tilt _ ;Bli:chnmift ,ky scored ;ed a yards good for the organization to beiin the only other game- f lown as Missouri up-connected with an event makingj No games wer scheduled Sun-i. Georgia Tech 14-10 in lhe ! so little reurns. T °P Bowl and Joe Lapes-! passive approval. four touchdowns in! The but later gave day and none are on Sap Monday. i 11 " ' Mividual Kamos: Men - l hncn :R ^omeii-hutli brincing " " In Saturday night's artion. San four Francisco defeated Syracuse 123. -| I'ASJAUKNA. Cahl Southern California and Wisconsin, a couple of football learns w i t h reputations to uphold, down to sciious business Moti. lor cost oi .,,. ,,,, ,, ^ jllouston's 49-21 rout of Miami ofjcoaches and 50 players" to" Miami! 118. New York turned back Bos-! Premature Party ;0h:o in the Tangerine Bowl. |for a week before the game, plus'io 'iM-106 and Delroit dctcatedi , . . , ; The vnangr- Bowl in Miami was other expenses, eats "into gate,Chicago 122-110. ' ( - LMi " 1 t "'°' '·'· ~^ ·Kichardson's stage as he broke:receipts to an alarming degree ; The Warriors-Nats ^he South's color line and twice 1 The game iLself was one of thejnot decided until the fin Tiie Badgers ralod ins! behind "w-scd 'be goal line. The 6-foot-2 ; jmost thrilling m the long series.ionds when San Francisco irailcdil! - , - , . , Southern Cal in The 'AssociamHl?*^^. L « l1 ^ AU-Amenca _ se-| _ T ! 11S -1,7. A, ,hat point. Tom Mes- '.^J 0 * 1 !" 1 .. 1 " U:W iHi»h won the Class B state hiji (KTM;^'^ 11 ^*^^..:,.,. .^.M.jiing lhe ;ma! gamo. trio hai o:- a detei mined bid for a share oflthr Hose Bowl the sports spectator's dollar w i t h i Y c a f s Day meeting ,.. j .« Florida AM's Bobj pol, alter an 8-1 campaign.|p aramore as ,,,,, (irsl Nl , groes lo : jfound a day of mere sightsecing,be picked lor the squad f r o m ' W j f U voted the Nowitoo much in take. They (inis.hcd| Bili ' c by doing some improinpt" '-"···"" Ri r hardsfln tu jogging --without a football--to rid themselves of "plane" legs. Wisconsin's South's most valuable Paramore added another »v rue «ccrvi»Ti:n D.CCC i l t s K ' oi! '' nt ' w (wlua| l arena.I The Trojans, laled thr nation's ly THE ASSOCIATED PRESS I 0]( , ri , Uu , Kl| , funs mpl _ a n H , N o , |)(m . or sf(( , r u , ^.^ ^ Brd'L and 111" Si? nivl ta l " ~ slll ' h m: ° 01 ' (o " as l l " rics lWs TM'° n ' WCnt Wli " d! Ws «" sil ''' 1 «·"«'" t,aveli,i 2 i c .. A _ , , unaget and the Kansas C i v ](J| . cg|iil M|;l|ni m)d Haj ., ni . Thf ,. ( .| OH , d f . lU , s ,,, ,,,,,,,.,,.,, ,,,,. ^^.^ arrivc(] a , p as0(lcn ., ^iSiwtsmansmp Award for " W l -- ' - · - upset l.'CL\ al Us An-linvasion of the Rig Ten chain- than four hours lalo Saturday be-'!'""""' 5 P"' 0 TM 3 "" ·- IlOS ANGELES iiTech guard Rufus Guthrte .cherv out the Warriors ahead to t 1 . ?'' fn , , · - , i s t a v ' w i t h a jump shot. Seconds inl , t) ' h " 1 ? ^'" 0 ' 1 .t n;ilch a ? :1 f a v t " :later, he clinched the verdict «ithl;-^ bralln i ! lneir wm '- tl!lal v k ' |a three-point play. I l ' - ' has! NBA lnlavri-5 took ! Ior his race by winning lhe|..j Xalional laurc| isigned' with the San Pio^ . Tun sccr , r , RTCr , D D C C C ife-m'/ gTM:cs bit s'L glos as lhe high ptHnl o( season. their If Followers of the Denver Bears'for work after a tiring t r i p li Steers, thundering away from thei . .^ pack in thr- American Baskclhnll! League with « Id-game winning ilirak The Steers, gelling p«i lormanre and 22 rebounds! from Bridges, won No. In Sunday night by dflcnliiig Hit I'luhidcl- phia T»per« 108?" before a irr- ord Kane's City ciimd of lli.228 lurrd by 9 doublchcadc-r alliac- linn also featunng lhe Harlo'ni lilohptrollcrs. T!:e Slfprs t i i i n n p b gave theinj n four-jiame lead over 'ona »« n- u n i «- . i ,, , , . , , , I nie World Hovkrv Tournnment,) Beach. Kacn has os| seven cnmes:, , , ,, ,. . ,-.. . , ,. * .ihrlil m Ihe I ruled Males for Ihe! pions from Wisconsin I The tiadgcrs. edgy nnd cause of plane trouble and nation- get an entirely new shake'rasndcn.i. planned a Iwo-hour next season Besides switching lo| ja different league, the ball clubj (shifted afliiiation from the I)e- ]tioit Tigrrs lo the Milwaukee · liravrs. Jack Tigbc, who was maiiager ;at Louisville last srn.son. will lip ·kipper and will have n mini- of his bmis.villc plavTis. had ankle. .Chargers of the American Foot- 1 ; m0 '.ball League. ; a ; He was the Chargers' By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS EASTERN laved a chartered flight from ',dra(t choice and first round d r a f t : Boston nl weather condilions which do-,. A ! »«*«"- U'-TM"'! «' lhe W fhKfe ,,, ,., e LOJ; ^^ Madison. The plr.vers vvere in an! Tcch " f lh Kiulit Conference and Geoigiai cli'-flcxiiig woikoul for West unliappv mood - nA oll ,, w , Wnro ,,,,,,,,, t ^ f(lr , he M ,,,,, : , ,,,,, vi ,,,,,, s .. s;cil (n ,.' ,, c ', t v ,,,,.,,,.,,,,,,,,, o[ ro ,, l:ist six practice scssmns Aan.-v Mavis and fix p but Ksnsas City has won 22 to M lor Iht Chiefs. In lhe onlv GlhiT ,,,,.,., , i|n , ,, , , in Colorado , 4 , ram - 5 ,,, , s and (ouith pb.-t Oakland dclc.ileil List placp Chicago 112-10.1 in overtime .Snturdav night Be modern with ( titlf And -Ippan the group P · crown, holh Roing undefeated. A !t| of Iiislpr was wiped (roni use THV'TRIBUNE"WANT ADS!"' K lmimam «" «''" » ir»vrij ipcnnil wax denied Ilic I.asi der- j many tram and Hussia and. I.I .Tcboslovakia. both w i t h power-' 1 fill teams, Ixiycolled Ihe inlerna-; I l i o n a l cvr-nt in reprisal \ The stale'? biggrsl go',( alliar-! L.lions of !hc vrnr wnr Ihr Ctirlis IjCiip Match al i'olomrin Springs' TBioadniooi couisc and Ihe $3n,. [vn Urnvrr Open at Ihf !envcr[ I Coillilry I'lub. ! The I'.S. women's Irani banrl-] I rd Iho Bnlisii girls an « - I lii'k- ·jing. Ihe worst in the history o f j C«ndy Sp«!i r owned by Rtx C, I F.llsworlh. won nil I h i r c sl.irisl I din ing Ihr mil's Iwo-ycar-nldi . aicn .ircl rnnml S1SR.3I2 in (irctlc.v Plnmlilni, n.l !' 1%2 M v 1»'"K "····"·* l" r MOEN DIALCET For Shower Bath were locked in a defensive struggle un- weTai'mel 1 ' 1 R k( ' y |l!( ' ck h ' Al ' l(i ' i*"*""! s n'Ton^''^^ 0 " ltl '^ n ' W5e ^ or ^ ^ o n P- ··vjs'-c-i |J i l u n l ""I P"vo the Tigers a 14-;j " .'.ledge in Ihc Iliird quarter. ! At O i l n n d o . Fla.. i: was sopho-j ii'.oic halfnack Lapasky who .m.ine lhe different'. He scored in runs of 3 and 4 yards, return- n (Hint Til yards for ano'.her in the National He placed nn The Ass(-ci;, : .cd Press All-America second ie,in:. D I V I S I O N W 1. ]\: 1". 9 .700 is ;·! .;«.; C,B, {New 4 4 a IHo'ninsoiT nf oc Uv i ABU , AMERICAN LEAGUE ' w L ret. (;R ! Kansas City Long Beach Pittsburgh Oakland 14 TO ar.,1 wound up the liigh.scnrir.gip m j adc |,, hia ;ame en a 13-yard scoring paMl^jfj.^ .4SS ro:n Billv Roland. FighH By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS · NKW YORK - Htibm lluir:car.e Carter, ratrrson. N.'.. '..^ 1 4. rie. i (oalo.i Holly Mirr.f, Washington,! I' C . tfift 1 ..' Hi. ; M K X H O CITY - Kfn-n .'im ' 12 IS .3M l i 19 .269 i.! SATURDAY'S RESULT Oakland 112. Chicago 'M · SUNDAY'S RESULT Kansas City 108. rh:ladoiphi.i TODAY'S GAMES No games si-hecv.i'.ed TUESDAY'S GAMES P i U s b w g h at rhii.iric!pli:a l o n g Beach .it Oakland WV:t Cfiamb(Mi.v:i and Wav WESTERN DIVISION V'.H-I; I'J :: '4o ' 'h.oac" -2 '.'··· K! ; SATURDAY'S RESULTS S.ia F; ,i:'.c-.s'.i :.'i. Sv.-.,a:so Di'ti,-.: '...·. Ci-.n-uc '.'." They on n c: 1 !!'-"'! 1 .' SKI HEADQUARTERS SUNDAY'S RESULTS Ni H.KIICS st-1'.cd'.iii-o TODAY'S GAMES No L'arnes schcdi'.lrr. TUESDAY'S GAMES Frar.oco \ s . S' i.o.:: ew \-,k S".K-.:M- .1: \.--v \,-:' k 'HEAD' !enr7. , Mexico City. 124. d e i o a t o d ' H i g h l o v v c r o[ Ihe S, IChico Yrh?. Cuiia. 1:'T. \VaTiors ;-'.i\cd c i . knockout. 1 5S e i g h t h 'ba!'. a: Kar.s.-is I'lunililnx nnd Co. 1th S!. Ph. 3S3-UW N.\l'I.F,S--.\ lnch».i i- mnplffd .'n llnly'j ucsl LOOK OUT BELOW - Fu-,1 M:iii s lurr ·.;.·.' of I ' n i v e r s i i y nf C.ilifnrnia .1! I / K Angoics jails lugh in ll-.r air to gia'.i a i r linoli'l :n f i i si |!i-:-|,'il of g:iivi- VMlli \ o r l h v i f MIT'-. I V c V in K v a n s l o n . Ill riniiKiiu. h i m .or Uin .iHrkson '4.'i' ati«l I v n n i s Hamrn U3i. both of Norlhwfs'.ivn ' A l ' I'holo' GARAGE $890 I n c l u d e s i f . A!l c e m e n t work * Window* *".(l doOfl Month LOW, l.OW PRICES! PATIOS--PORCHES--SIDING ROOM ADDITIONS $1! F R A M E O R M A S O N R Y $ I.H'ni«''il. Ivml'-il. Ins'.iri-rt V-\'2f) V't. MAY CONSTRUCTION CO. Cai A N Y T I M E SM.VM SEE . . . HEAR . . COMPARE The Beauty of PACKARD BELL Color - Black ond White - Hi Fi and Stereo bi wJ O^tlatLUan dXi

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