Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico on February 2, 1945 · Page 6
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Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico · Page 6

Las Cruces, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Friday, February 2, 1945
Page 6
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PAGE SIX AP SPORTS WRITER PICKS BULLDOGS AS BID FOR CAGE TITLE By AL WEST ALBUQUERQUE, Feb. 2 ( A ) ' ) New Mcxiw.':; school basketball teams t h i s wrc-to-nd push i n t n tin; f i n a l ! stretch of thu 1945 t;if!e seasun leadinij to l i : , l i ; c l inc-rU t h i w j weeks hence and the early Mareh ;;tate t i t l e t n u r n e y at Albuquerque, with t i n ' .Santa I'V Ueinnn.s a n i l the.' L.'i:, Cruces Bull- : dogs h i g h rin the f a v u n t e list. : To pick t h e Bulldogs u n r l Hie l-imm.s to meet in the t i t l e i tilt would be loolhanly evi-n w i t h a rrystal b a i l and a magician's h a t . but wurd t h a t t h e tv.-u live.-, are ffual ,';eein.s to have ! spread over the state j No less an a u t h o r i t y t h a n .). Cloyd M i l l e r . M i p e r i n t i ' i u l e n t of Dernill^i p u b l i c .schools and perhap.s the L u m b e r one fan in the state, picks I,as Ctruce:, a.-, t h e team to beat ami t h e n adds: "I'm just a l i t t l e a f r a i d S a n t a Ke can not be overlooked." I'liniMT "Diin" Mils 11 \ulrr - -- - - Ami Ku,,l Mill.-,- l,i,« a ,,p!,l I., ;.,,,. .,,, ,,.,..,. ., .,. ||V f i , ,. n , r ,,_ npenk on II,, B ,,l,j,..l l", I,, * : , . « ' . ,,,,, ,,,,.,,,,,.,,. ,,,.,;,,.,,,,,, ,,,,. renter 1111 ih, Hnliiloi; i, ihn: I | ( Las Crudes Sun-News Friday Afternoon February 2, If PORTS | Producers Study Air Freight Possibilities LANTS fill KIIM..EHTON, Jli. i .Vp:w YORK Feb. 2 iypl -- The to P ttilt ' r f° r the fii-Ht time at the Southern Association's propos-il j rlrst All-Industry Air Transport thai t.'n- minor leagues -huuld have I Conf TM«'. uponswcd by the h a n d in naming the new baseball U n i l e d Frcitl F l u R " na Vegctiihl- CHICAGO, r-i-b. 2 '- A incotinR of leaders of the pi-odt,i:c anil the iiui-onautioul industries, brought togt'tilor for the first time at the on-T probably won't have A.ssooiation d u r i n g iLs 41st a n n u n ] a.iv c-iTiTt. l / u l it docs show whid, mp ''''"S ''·="·-· tliia \veeli. did i v.-ay I h i - wind is blowing When I Ulan m!lke history. It i'slablished I t h o y i-iimt t. rewrite in- major- i 0!ic ' elteu b!t *' 3 laT lh -' '"·'"* "at minor ;i»wmo:it this year one ] W l t n l n " fcw '' iar s a sulutanlial Chung'- t h a t may be demanded by ! thii minors is thai the commis- .sionej should have the deciding vnf in all cases where the majors and minm* disagree' . . . As it is, when t h e njajor leagues r,ny "no" lo n pi-opoiiition, that ends it. · Ql'OTK, UXQUOTK An uimmeiJ member of th- betl- | in;; f n t t e r n i t y , as quoted by Joe ! Va! oj the N. Y. World Telegram: ;i gamhler. Just name t h e , and I've got an opinion. And 't w a n t the 'fix.' Let's krep ' lint; honest." tonnage of fresh f r u i t s and vegetables w i l l move front shipping point to Consuming centers by plane. Discussion Timely Discussion by leading minds of both industries was tinwly, the conference revealed. For the first time, perishable operators are now able lo form a reasonably definite conclusion as to when the airplane U'ill become a factor in f r i u t and vegetable transportation. Aim aft m a n u f a c t u r e r s and airline operator-; left Chicago w i t h a feeling of the immensity of the produce business and what they must do before they can exneeL :ny appreciable amount of its tonnage. .Misunderstandings which had begun lo develop in this filter,l industry were cleared up; miscon- ·ptims were cleared up. Chief credit for the conference and its substantial contributions must go to Ralph E. Myers, Salinas, Calif., grower-shipper, who practically arranged it single "lanr'-ad and vvHo is admittedly the most airminded man in the produce industry, as well as one of its most progressive thinkers. Each of the five, basic queutli which formed the conference top was answered, and a-newercd clei ]y. Admittedly a lot of time ' nasa and a lot of.rpitfalls will . encountered before the airfreightj becomes commonplace, but the pyrcluce and aeronautical du-stries know noV^/'for the fi time, approximately where thi are going and how they are to get there. ItUIDOSO I'OWEU SOLD f SANTA FE, Feb 2. (/P) -- Th state public service commissi.O' announced today its approval o: the "sale of the Ruidoso,Light anc Power Co. to the Community Pu blic Service Co. for $50,000. Th( transaction was made effective a; of Jan. 1. ^» Kummagc Sale Allanza Hall BWg.-Saturday Fch 3rd by Junior Weslyan Guild. * I-SHOUTS AND SHELLS [ m i n i s oi,l liiut h , n r y could pile A j , lh p| t . t h . «P ·«-., Kr.-iit.-r totals were he fi 1s 12 i(J his , f ^ "" "'"·'' t(1 ' ws * '·" fl l p n m - L.,Ml,,-r but he doesn't explain w i i K h i - r its because he lives at j ision when he. m i g h i - aslly lal:e a .shot himself. "Id '.s n real i e a i n I I K I I I , not just t s h i i r p - K h f i n l i j i g i n d i v i d u a l phiyer," K;I.\-.S Davis. J l ' - n r y a t h . u l s he was all l i i u i n h - H and elbmvs wlien he first r c | ( 0 i l c i | to r-oiirii Uiivi.s. He app r - i i i c d very b i i . - f l y in a number of ;;;U;H'.S as understudy lo Bill Tom nofis, '"Hi of iiiee'H great * (. f i l e r s . I f f RJIVC iiuiie;tlioji of f u t i i i - i - g n ' a l j M r s rt-hi-n he scored 17 points in (UK- »:nnr, and last y . ' j i r M n u ^ ' i n i ' i l nut «s « real n i a r . A l,Hij-poi,r,d.-r when he ar- '^ f \ l " r i ! u ,'^iin^tion." nvcd, f l e i u y ha.s l.illcd out Lo I _ -Mfi pomid.-f and i.s .sljll growing. I L ' I O t w e l f t h ave. in Tamapa or be- j caii.M last .seastm was his 12th i ·!!!'liniK 100 mnjor league games. . . Tlif urrcnt Notre Dame bashrl- l j ; i l ; M j i i f i d JH th-j highest-scoring t i ' a i n in the college's history with a fil-point average for 13 games - . v.'iK-n Jim Thorpe suggested " . I i i i i i i r f Olympics" to eombat de- J i i i f j i i r n r y . he apparently didn't k n t i w t h a t the Orjegon deparlmcnl n: J l ; f American Legion run such a p n ^ r a i n before UH: \var and in- iTsuine on a bigger scale CAGING SCORES ll.v \SH(]( lA'I'r.l) I'KKSS FIGURE ,N BASKETBALL CHARGE Last Times Tonight Box Olllco Opuna a! 5:30 "REBELLIOUS DAUGHTERS" with Marlorlo Reynolds and Donnis Mooro plus "Unmarried Mothers" with Doris Wcuton, Maurlco M u r n h v Saturday Only 2--Brand Now Wotlornii--2 ABANDIT CLEAN-UP! ·f Isaacks Resigns ! Credit Body Post plus Davo O'Brlon, Jim Howill «« The Toxas Hungors in "Gunsmoke Mosa" SUNDAY - MONDAY Songs. Dancos on Iho Croal WhHo W u y l I I . i h . I t l . i - i l . - i i i i l i n n M . «·: N V .,.);.. l..,.|(,] l , . i i .'I K i l l ) 1 . - . I ' . ' i m l y NVu- v , , , i , S l . u u c I , i ' · I h i i . ' . v ' 1 t h r u ,l:ir :M. i i i n l l l i : i l i n i ' . . - 1 ' . i l i i ' n . i t: H . I I I M - l - ' i l ' 11" .il M : I I | , M I | I Propose Shift In Job Benefits Cruces Woman Dies Al Home of Mother M, ·]··:!, THHILL OF A LIFETIME Irom a lUelimn ol Ihrillsl 11-" IOVI '# MAHIA MONTH SUSANNA FQSllft JACK O A K I I 1URHAN BIT BROADWAY 0^ nM^tAyg.gj TODAY and Saturday 2 -- Aco Picluros - - 2 'Hoppy'Stmts His Stuff!! ^ EXTRA ADDED "G-MEN Vs. Hie BLACK DRAGON" nl»o Laiost News Events '· ValdezResii/nsPosl ·' To Accepi New One Siegfried Line I Continued Irom page I I , r ii.'1 Uii' lEhiiic, were captured. Cil- ii'."i-. .'ilpilal of Haul-Rhine prnv- inc.'. !ieH 40 niilen south of Stras- ; Xorth (.'f Slnir-bonrg. Lt. Ot-n. A; xantliT M. Patch's seventh ar- i : ' V troops who fought across the · : ' . . - k T rivrr containi'd a Gernuin 1 -'ifi-.suppnrU'd counter-attuclt i n : ' ' i i - ^Obcrhofft'n. Another rniding t'lfci.* crosiirti tht* Mod^r between I f n ^ u e n a i i and Sohwoighouse and inflicted heavy losses. TlmwN Delay J'irsf, Third Continin'ij thav/s slowed =inmr- ! what the Am-.Tiraii and t h i r d j a r m y onslaughts alon^ a 40-mile I sei-lion ttf tin- Si-^fried Line oppo- j sito the erased Ardennes Imlge. i Despite I heir apparent weakness I in the lir.-e. the Gt-rmans still were , moving iroops eastward und Ailird : u i r power !atc yesterday bungt'il i ul R h i n e liridges ;ind rail yarcUj lo . iJisrupl the flow toward the outit- ,-rn front. The A n i i - r i f a i i s widened their stand inside C^niKiny by C a p t u r i n g LaiidcsfVld, Hix miles e;ist of St. Vith and a L i t t l e more t h a n seven from tin- heavily fortified rail center of Pruin. Advance h i t u «criii:uiy The II. K. third army :idvan'_'"d up In Iwo mih-s in.side O^rmany beyond the Our river below St. ! V i t h , cnptnr'.nj; Hecklmscheid, ! Grosslanticufotd. XViuteraelvi^ md ! fcvonil ctlicr Gentian handet.s west ; of Priun. ! The first and S2nd diviKlons of ; the first Jirmy rrsiimed t h e i r proh- ; of the west wal! lo th-' north, ' a n d found a fr\v [iMthox,-;; maniu-d. The f i r s t d i v i s i o n \\v\\\ t h r o u g h 1 liiM'.s of i l r n ^ o n t e e t h Imrni-r.s four i niileti east of K r i i i k e l t . .\o lermnns ! weiv finind lasl n i n l i t , Imt t h i s iiHM-niiii; n u n - t a r 1'irc was om-owi- . | Five New Mexicans ! Killed in Aciion " ! W A S H I N G T O N , Ke!». · (.-V ! The war d e p a r t m e n t made p t i b l i , - t«id;iy the nanu-s ol l,.(;a I'. S. .soldiers l i i l h l in n r l i o n u:i On- western I r u n t , inelndm^ nv t - fruin , New Alexiro mid two f n t n i Kl I'aso "'' Tex. i ( N e x t of kin liavf lnvn n o t i f i e d previously.) : i New Mexicans Uilli-d in a r l i o n in t h e Kiiropean area: Pvt. ivio A . 1 Adler, C'arriaozo: Pvt Alejainlio i;on7ithv. Sanln i'H. Itnd*- IVii-z. Kojtwi-ll; S - i - i . n d Lt. tiM liilhnl in Ihi' Klm|i- on" »«'"· I'lo. Tlinmiii, A. Hlocit. Jr.. iinil I'vl. i V i i i i i i i K u lloriiiiniloz. NK\V .MKX1CAXS V(ITB VKS \ V A S I I 1 N U T O X . Foli. ; i.pi CiillUH'Ssinon Aihloi-.siin a n i j For-:'. n! Now Mi'xu-ti iitnl Ttuuna. ' vuloil \vitll til,' MiiiJ. tn-ity N'csti'niay ii.^ t i n iioiiso IM^o i l i l ' l i m l l i - i l lui'.i.mal MITVIO,- '.ops- l i j l i i ' i i for nirn t - ' l w f o u IS mill 4,t STATK H A N K S SHOW i : \ l x s , S A N T A KK, Foli. :' i.-ll Slut,, i K\(iit!iu,.| \\'(invl'iii\ P. Sunni o ] i » n t o i ) ti).l,iy a K u l l l o! SI'.'.OON ul' NV\v Mo\- h m t o r o d li;illK.s F Jewtons... Ib.l2c Jiiii of juice... Ib.lOc . . . . Ib. 8c . . . . . Ib. 5c lb.!5c BELL PEPPERS, BROCCOLI In Tomato Sauce Sardines . . . ISoz.ovaUSc Pike's Peak Corn Meal . . . 5!b.bag38c Gold Medal Floiir I01fa.feag59c Brown Beauty no points Beans . . .. 15| 02. can 9c Libby Deep Brown no points Beasts . . . 1 Ib. glass jar 15c American Beauly ho points Pork and Beans... 1 Ib. jar 14c Pillsbury Pancake Flour.. 31 lb.pkg.27c Schilling Vanilla Extract.. 4 oz. bll. 63c Blue Label ,. Ksro Syrup . . 5 Ib. jar 43c Libby's Assorted Baby Foods . . . . can 8c CAMPBELL'S 10-ounce cans 3Sor25c LILLY BRAND 46oz.iin25c AllmiM Hull llMs. Snlunlin IVI - .Itil lij .liinUir \\.xlj,in I,nil,I. FrejhGroundPorkSlHSliGE . . . . lb.31c Pork Shoulder ROUST lb.31c Chuck and Arm RQSST, grade A beef. Ib. 26c VEAL ROAST lb.26c TBOME STEMS lb.45c SIRLOIM STEUS lb.38c Assorted LHMEH MEAT lb.32c 235 N MAIN PHONE 4 3 5

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