Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on November 16, 1961 · Page 16
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 16

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 16, 1961
Page 16
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iis''bratorios,-ith«'forrn,'did uef. (wm to havi,.befiv used at ajl i. England. ,-Hls development, 'of K EngJh^ionce'rt oratorio'w^i. o exert tremendous influence on ritish taslo and life. . ; "Haydn, vws Iho first of Ihe Viennese' classicists.' He developed the basic principles of the mod- rn orchestra, and cryslalized the ymphonic and sonata'forms. "Much of Mozart's music Vas an, eletnent of sadness, an out- oouring of his conception, of 'death as the real end of;life."' ' ··· *V 'Mrs.-; Robert Geisef, soprano, Kgan the program with "Angels Ever Bright anr Fair," by Handel and.'-Hhe,Spacious Firmament"da !igh" ;from "We i Creation'/^Sy JayiJn.;X(rs. Don Garlich '--^-- Clifford D.ib.1 Pierce^iiriiors To \Present -PMj^/-i "The'-Big;Blow:Up"-is the title ert..St'.:dlair.;.vrfii(*;'Hie''juliiors' ; o of the' toree^act ;eomedy by Hob- Joe -feeders' Grandson Wins^PKQto.Cpritest..;; ,, 5rA: '^^ ; V. J'. ^·'.'.,' · --, '.i'i.:' R*e'r't -Reeder, '2; Son -'.of .-! Mr. Jifre. Diiane Reeder of Ar'- former Greeley residents, has won a fourth national prize .in the 27lh. annual children's nation photograph . contest. His sister, Debra 'Ann;; j-pn 'a' third national r las ' e r . ' i= ''"-· · ....... award last 'year.' Robert competed ' with ' iriore than 'JOO.Opir children' across the country whose photographs'were entered in the contest! He was born Nov. 17, 1959, at Weld County General Hospital. He is the grandson of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Reeder-of 1434 llth St. Pierce High' School. will present ;ai their; class play Friday eyenuis at 8 o'clock in the scHool' auditor J- urn.ipifector.isiMrs. Mat-;'JaJnes Spanish] 'a na, : English .teacher;-'. '·'-'-, Tiia cast-is composed of:. Mugs; Morris, played. by. V.'ayne.Hirsch Cora Johnson," Kathy Derr; -Mrs Parker, Pat CarrollJ.Beans Park er, Dan Kramer; ;-Teit^ Ci if ford- Deibel ;: Katie Lee^ Canipbejl; tTorartjb' "-' Hepkel; Alkire Muliinsi Mr! Field, Paul. Parker and Mrs. Field, Sandra Headlee. JSe 'Sandra Fieldj;'. Bartiar kel; Maggot Richards^pfann ire; 'Douglas' 'Blake, ·' Lqui 'Pf.»v»l«nt may h*v« . flavor that is mellow or sharp: Make Epicurean Stuffing By CECILY BROWNSTONE , AM»cj)itW.Pr«st Food Editor TliB;;r;TiianlSgi.ving- .giye\ your turkey epicurean treatment; Stuff lh« bird: with dressing rich with chestnuts and : sausage. We waver"ed--a.bjt before, we tried this combination -because we're addicted. te : the . buttery crumbly dry bread stuffing that's traditional holiday . fare in ' our own and many otter households. But »t our Thanksgiving dinner rehearsal--yes, we had one!--the chestnut sausage dressing got such a big hand that we recommend it to you with enthusiasm. A few cautions about chestnuts. To make sure the nuts are in their best fresh state, choose ones that are large and heavy for their size, with shells that are shiny and free from cracks. Store the chestnuts in a cool airy place until you use them. Follow Hie recipe directions carefully for roasting the nuts High heat is called for because it keeps the chestnuts from'dry- ing out. Make absolutely certain that you'slit the nuts well, or they are likely to blow up in the oven--and that's a big nuisance This recipe for dressing will do beautifully for a nine to 12 pound ready-to-cook turkey. Aft er stuffing our bird we rubbct the entire outside with soft but ler and put the turkey on a rack In the roasting pan. Tfien at the dart of the roasting, we place: a sheet of .extra-strength alumi num foil (creased down the center fes, rives Program Mrs. Roland Waterman 'discuss-! d three 'composers, Handel, aydn and Mozart, for Urn pro-! ram at Fortnightly Musical; lub's recent meeting at the home] f Mrs. Alejandro Gillespic, 910 llh St.' .' . .' ..'. .. Mrs. flfatetma^said in.parl^ .- ll'hurs.; Nov. 16, 1961 GREELEY TRIBUNE Page 17 )2 Weld Coun^HD;Clubs-Convene Fifty-two home demonstration lubs were represented at the an- ual meeting, of the Weld County JDVCoungil; held this, week at.Our Savior's ' Luth'eran^Cfjtirch. TW'foilqwing officers' fi : Mrs.'-.'Gi«i : 'j'Ti^rher,., yiqllrust; 4ayed Hie - largBp tto .and alle^o movements of the.Wionata .i^yD rtajor"!by Hand*] accompanied by ijtrs.' Earle" R ' i i s s e l l . ' · ' ' ' cjompanied; b'y^to. i John · Cf 'onto, sang "Gay Laughter Awakens"by WozartVand "A Very Common)lace Stoty" by. Haydn. VMrs^Cronin, pianist,rplayed,the alleg¥o.,'ri)oyem'ent from "Sortafa 133"; _Dy,-.JJpzart. ; · . .-Mrs: Rfcriard.,TalcoU, soprano, concluded the program with "Al- e1uia" ; -and "The : Violet" by-.-Mozart, accompanied- by 'Mrs. .Ci'bB in-''-'.. '. Sbiaal'.Briefs' .'i '···'. Mrs! Bill Erickson opened he ibirilo 17 members of the Gale ;gn;' Kensington Club for a iMel ing last week.- Mrs. Elmer Nelson assisted.. The Christmas lunch eon and gUt'e'xclmrigejw.ill )j C 7, at- the, "home" of- Mrs. Osca Sw'anson,-' it -was an'nouiiced. Mrs Herman Kaiser will' be co-hostess ' ' ' ' · o make it into a "tent") loose! iver the bird; this.method does iway- with the .usual .fat;dreiched cloth. You can'anchor.the:foil at one!end by pressing!it down over the 'end of each, drumstick. But don't enclose the 'bird tightly, or it .will steam instead of roast. From time to time we basted the.bird.with the,good drippjngs hi the. bottom of the pan, using one of those wonderfully handy fianl tube-type basters. H you like to use a low (325 degrees) temperature, you'll need to roast the bird at least four or five hours. But allow yourself plenty of- leeway, because' sometimes turkeys have a way of needing an extra hour. CHESTNUT SAUSAGE. .STUFFING . ,. . . , - . . ,Mr.' HalphrDoney; of ] Evans: en iertaihed the Ev.ins : La Salle-Gree I6y "Bridge Club .last week.' Mrs Leo Michaud and Mrs. W. Kurth tied with high score. Mrs Doney served refreshments. Nex meeting will be · in ^January wit rs. Earl Goodiseft" . . ----- -. - - · - ^ - . - x !. - IVi pounds chestnuts 3. fablespbons butler or marga- . rine ! 1!4 pounds h'nk sausage (sliced) 3 /t cup rninced onion Vfi cups hot water Salt to taste teaspoon pepper '. . , G cups soft bread cubes Wash chestnuts; make long sli' through shell on both sides. Bah 15 minutes in hot (500 degrees! oven. Remove shells and brown skin; chop coarsely. Melt butter in a large skillet; add'sa'usagi and -onion and cook until sausagi is done through. Add chestnuts and remaining ingredients; toss together lightly. Makes enough stuffing for a nine to 12- pound turkey. THANKSGIVING TURKEY - Tastes wonderful when-K has a fhestnut and sausage stuffing. Kor roasting ease, cover the. bird loetely with aluminum (oil sr.H basis with th? pen drippings. ^ 'ast Matronsi.of drder of East n Star will meet Fr'iday eyenin 7:30 o'clock '-'.jil the home re. '-Harold Curtis, --1710 14th - i · - .''· .^' .- ,' 1 i-- t- v OFF(CEI^S trOfi. l«i if the -.Weld -!County - Mrs.^Edward Fritzler of Greeley, vke president; Home.Demonstration Council 'are pictured with Mrs. George Bush of Keenesburg, president; Frances Lindstrom, extension borne agent, left, following their, installation. The officers are, . , . , ·from lefUfMrs. Clyde Shiill of Keota, secretary; and Mrs. Andy West of Bdggsdate, treasurer. --Tribune photo by Jim Hitch. ' for 1962 werei.eiected .andMnslailed:.»Mrs. George^Bush f qf-Kjehesbiu'g, .pres- dentj^Mrs. Edward.''Fritzler ol Greelby, rice .president';} . Mrs. Clyde. Shull of Keota,'i secretary; id.^Wrs.^Attfy- West, of.' Bfiggs- .ile,,treasurjer, '·-,-. ;- r "..'. · .'.!. .;'. ;Biese!officers,.- along,' with. Sic even .· distrjct: officers ~ represent- ng. the seven disiricls;qf :Weld 'y.wfll, be. the guiding group into';se king- plans for. council ac- fppks. ivitiesV, . - , : ,' : c ;The ' d i s t r i c t chairmen aj-e 'ohnslqwn,;' Mrs: j Kobfert ;Mark- larii; .iSaloh',/Mrs:,-Kussell 'Hoff- herj -,MerryrG6 N -Reun'd.v,Mrs; WU- s 'ii - FoK' Llijitoh; i itrs'.. Javid Wagner; 'Busy Beej 'Mrs. \orman Bickling; Northeast, Mrs. Clyde Shull; and New Raymer- Stoneham, Mi's. Allen Box. During the afternopn program, a chorus of nine women from'the royer Progressive Homemakers 21ub sangJsev'eral nurnbei-s. Mem oors of the chorus live as far iis 50 miles apart so getting together for practice or to give a program is a big undertaking. Pianist ant co-director for the group is Mrs. James.Meyer, Mrs. Harold Decker is the otter -dir'eetor v Other members of th'e chpriis art Mmes, James Hickman;': -Roberi Smith, Bryce Bo\yman,' Bill Bash or and Henry Benner."- ''[ , · ' Glosing feature ",qf!' : ,the day's program was'p^aslilp^y ajxiw,'pre- sented by Fashion''Bary iTh~e'Jai- lowing home demonstrafion'ciub members were models: Mrs; Jim Hayden, Johnstown; Mrs. Harland Ward,. Eaton; Mrs. "Clyde Dichl, -Ault; Mrs.'j..V. Evans, ludson; Mmcs. Reuben Nelson. John Homyak, Brooks Cole and Mrs. Norman Lyster, Greeley. Ex-Correspondent 'Dies NEW 'ORLEANS, La..'(AP- Judson .O'Quinn, '8Q, Australian shoe manufacturer and a correspondent for The Associated Press in-.London'.during .World .War II died Wednesday. Wwh yeu \ifry* * puffy on»l«t (the sort'in-which th'e egg .whites are.!, beat en separately) tear it into;serving-size pieces with two .Gojdtn Delicious apple? «·« nd only,.fine for eating as'is, -bul any gooil cook's like their flavor applesauce. - - PanliellenicAssn. dnncC5Wcro EnjoysXimclieon Mrs. Miles pea and ,Mrs. Ray ilurphy were guests at a luncheon of lira Women's Panhellenlc Association at the Greeley Coun r y Club'. · _' · ' · · ' · · · · ·'..-·' · Hostesses" were Mrs. Kenneth Cdtwell, chairman; 'iilrs Iliclmrd Blafc, co-chairman; and Mrhes. W. W. Webster, W. ri.' Webster Earl Faulkner, Robert. McLauth- lln, Donald Gallup, Carroll Gilbert, Frank C. Gregory, Italpli Strong, Theodore Stevens, J. H Graybeal,'' John Whitten, Paul Lodwick; Ted Wright, Mark Stew ail, Warren' Terry and Frank Weller. Table decorations for the luncheon were in keeping with Armistice Day. Mrs. Aulnni Chung arranged thu program. Performing Jenny· Nishlmuri. Bcverly O ka, ?« PW\M:-;** Naomi tv'ishiana, .students at (Colo rado State College. .'-''·' ( Next meeting .will bo Jan, )3, at the home of Mrs. J. H. Wh^e JSE THE TRIBUNE WANT CLIP COUPON! THANKSGIVING Tues.; Nov. 21 10:00 a.m. St. Paul's Congregational Church 12th St. and 4th Ave. HOT LUNGH SERVED STARTING AT 11:00 Be sure to visit our display of beautiful handmade-quilts, baked foods and other miscellaneous items. SPECIAL! ONE WHOLE Kentucky Fried CHICKEN * .* towirdi purchaM of one whol« Kentucky Fried Chicken. 9 piece* golden b r o w n Chicken . . . boxed (o gol Regular ?1.76 value. Only $1.50 with coupon. Coupon void after Nov. 22.. HARRY'S DRIVIN South 8th. Ave. Hundreds of high -'Styled, well - mode, warm winter coats at popular budget prices. Coats for 'every occasion . . . ca. reer hours, casual wear and date-time. EIGHTH and EIGHTH B U D G E T S T O R E Open Friday and Monday 'Til 8:30 p.m; Every coat, regardless of ' s t y I e ,. was originally-- mdde to sell for moreVi .Remember, your dollars: buy more at the shop- l pers' , delight . . . the,., budget store.' . '··· '·' Fur Trimmed pppy uses! Matching Bags Q99 War*, v*r»nt'c»kr to put th» br1eM»«* et holiday noxtal Oar ·opfiiiKcated »o« att po««p «rio m btac« wrth VM«ip. A* ««*n In Cfimour. .. . . . _ ' . c wcrfd of fashion at your feet SHOE DEPT. EigH»* onrf Eighth Th« Fashion Corner -reg.v 59.9? -69.99 LavlBh trims of mink, fox, dyed (itch or squirrel on magnificent fabrics. -- All furs labeled to show the country of origin. i^im;.*:- :'-:^: : ^::-:^ .:':· T- '".'* '/'·'£, i Quilt Lined ·' CAR COATS ^ R'efr" 1049-12.9!) water - repellent poplin shells with warm quilt lining, Hooded Corduroy CAR COATS Reg. 17.D8 sporty coats with quilt lining, willow.' T a u p e . Reversible ALL-WEATHER COATS Poplin c o a t s i ··''· Zip-Lined ALL-WEATHER COATS 12.99 ZIn-dut quilt , for . e'x fcr a ' varpith w.ben needed. Beige, wil/qwi.8-18, ..-' .,.: Quilt Lined, Vinyl CAR COATS Soft;; "and - supple.. Wiie: off to clean.'. White, tielge, tlrtck' Man:- Mode !- SHORTIES Styles! New Arrivals! m Fake-fur jack. , |,ets of r i c h ; |j lustrous pile, n Block, g r e y; n s-is. ^ 19,99 FULL LENGTH PILE LINED VINYL GOATS Wool Winter Coats Rich tweeds; cashmere , blends, broadcloths and novelty .patterns. All insulated or wool interlined for warmth. Fine detailing . . . worth many dollars more. Sizes 5 - 1 8 . ^ GIRLS' £ COATS S Reg. 10.99-12.99 I 8.99 to 10.99 « Scarf and hooded styles. j-\ Warm pile linings. · j; - / -.- f -.~. K - x -w---,,-x l r-« While, beige, wil.' low. black, . Sizes 5 ;to" 18. ' : 19.99 FULL LENGTH MAN - M^.DE FUR COATS Luxurious look i n long coats -,v i t h mink-like . s t r i p e s ; clutch styles. 19.99 AND REAP A HARVEST OF SAVINGS ON THESE VALUES, TOO HOLIDAY DRESSES 8.99 - 10.99 Pastel Wools, Brocades, Failles, Jerseys, Chltfons, and others. WOOL SUIT DRESSES JERSEY-ACETATE DRESSES WOOL KNIT DRESSES FANCY-TRIM HALF SLIPS FANCY BABY DOLLS FLANNEL SLEEPWEAR 7.99 3.58, 2 for $7 9.99 88c 1.99 2.99 GIRLS' BANLON® SWEATERS 1.59, 2 for $3 GIRLS'FANCY SLIPS 99e NOVELTY BANLON® SWEATERS 2.99 Reg- 3.09, Selected styles with bulky-trim collars; sizes 34-4 LINED WOOL CAPRIS MENSWEAR WOOL CAPRIS CORDUROY CAPRI PANTS DRESSY.'COTTON BLOUS! ·". BETTEP,, WOOL SKIRT,S . FAMOUS SH I RT BLOUSES GIRLS' FLANNEL PAJAMAS CHILDREN'S SLEEPERS 3.99 2.S9 1 .' .; -..$iand*4 1 .59, 2 for $3 1.77 . 1.00

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