Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on December 24, 1962 · Page 7
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 7

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Monday, December 24, 1962
Page 7
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Mua.. Pet. 21, 1982 GREELEY TRIBUNE Page 7'A,,,,.. *' O /-, 7~~~~. Operation Ronsom Shuttle The "IGNITERS" Car Club of Greeley __ Wish all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and Remember . If You're Driving, DON'T DRINK! Prisoners Start for Home R ft 'Continued trom page i *:goods all day to Cuba jjpressed into service to bring out! -'prisoners. \ Will I*. NMrt X: There wi K lift would wife Beile; daughters Mrs. Marjorie Bolenbaugh. Mrs Vivim Lauridaen and Mrs. Alveen PraiV te all o. f Greeley; Mrs. Bernadinc Gardner (.f Caoga Park. Calif.; 'brothers Charles D. of Longmont, ., : -- »»"«««iiav»«i i Clifford L. of Belfair. Wash., and r.lDey«ere wearing port near Havana. Later it be-iword of what was happening in! a sister Mrs. Dulcie Smith of neclear "* P !anes had stoPP^lHavana. Several thousand were in' Arthur v Hinegardner. former-:Longmont. He is also survived by black railitarV'Io^ ThiTdoaT TM """n.,. n '"* vast ^"orium earlv. wait! ' °- f Greeley died at his home at! 11 TM fandchildren and five great ing apparently was to be issued! '*""" '.. i ing for a first glimpse of the loved 313 Bator St. Longmont early : grandchlldrf ' n ' Ex-Greeley 'Man Dies in Longmont atiuns tlie air well into the to all the arrivals. Operation Ransom shuttle went one . (he) . ^ nol ^.Sunday morning of a heart at- ITU EVERY GOOD WISH / *J FOU HUT CAFE Bruce ond Kay Carlson Eaton, Colorado We wilt be closed Chrlitmai ind New Year'a Day ONLY , 11)e long delay was parently, by Cuban ,,.,,,.,,,,, .upon checking the cargo of the ocean freighter African Pilot were unusually quiet for such driven DC6 passenger planes sum lag placed on him by (he of Ore food and drugs, a dow. payment on the ransom, to iia-Castro vana Harbor. It arrived there at trarily .... ,,..,,,, ,,,, ,,,,, 2:05 p.m.. EST. It Mas three all the way from 125.000 to $500 hours more before the first free- 000. ,dom flight could take off. j The brilliant winter sun was] Castro was at the airport seiung as tne doors of tile first " - bi« OC6 opened and the prisoners Japan Curs in i men attacked their dinners!"" 0 acUon "" the earl y nwrning Ba y of Pigs im-asioE "collapsed" 'tack. gusto. They did not appear of D 'for Deliverance i Day. Pan The African Pilot, chartered by! Hinegardner was born Keb 27 i MANI1LA - The "nited SUUa to be half-starved, but many were-American World Airways had the American Red Crois. began i 1885 in El Derado. Kan., and later! is still the Philippines' thin. Generally, they said it hoped Us four propeller- steaming toward Havana at 9'4l|moved to Longmont. He then mov-!customer takin» 51 per young men. would complete the transmit of American cargo Each of the men un the first|'he prisoners from Cuba , ^,, vl lue 1Ilen ,,,, ^ ,,,.,,,,,«. v[ ^ m which carried $1! million worth plane had carried a $100.000 ran- single day. p.m.. EST. Satuiday night. Pan|ed to Greeley. He marriediits exports, and supplier "send- planes had as- i Belle Caldwell in Boulder. .After; ing 42 per cent of its imports Prisoners' relatives'. government, which arbi- able to contain their joyous im-l In all, Castro has asked $33 mil had priced the men patience, gathered early in the|lion such goods, and full delivery 1 ....... - . . e r ; ng per cent of its imports in alignment to fly 200,000 pounds ofjmarrymg he and his wife movedJBut duties are rising and Japan ifuod and medicine to Cuba Sun-jback to Longmont. ij$ taking over a large share carcelyjday and began the job early. ; Hinegardner is survived by hi»|of the Philippines' trade. rtl.S im.i In all ('avtivi hac ^tt-nrl «·» mil ! - -- · -- ' _ warm morning sunshine at the is expected to lie complete for auditorium. For many, the sus-ja matter of months. The supplies was next to unbearable aslare soreley neede to meet acute dragged by with no firm'shortages "in Cuba. NOW SHOWING reported Enrique Ruiz Williams.;] EXCLUSIVE BOM) SHOW ENGAGEMENT! | . ·,, j i , . · -- ! · · - ..... - icponeo t-nnque Kuiz nmi walked slowly down the ramp. ,, (ormcr ,? ve who ttas W a V U 1 ' l a l 1 1 1 " ma " °° * '^ Plane group on More than ma " an to greet them.! Havana 200 newspaper and; "Apparent, he was there to · - - · · television people were at the base, along with a scattering of others, help check on the cargo rather than to see us leave." HOTEL Bouldtr, Colorado A Delightful Atmoiphere tor An Old-Fuhloned CHRISTMAS DINNER Sirved 12 N o c n to 8 P.M. Iced Relithet Chicken Noodle Soup. Eggnog, or Fruit Coektall Waldorf Salad ROAST TOM TURKEY Cranberry Sauce, Cheitnut Dreitlng and Giblet Gravy RuUbagu, Pearl Onioni in Cream, or Baby Freih Peat Candled Yam. Whipped Potatoei or Baked Potato Englnh Plum Pudding. Hot Mlncp Pi t , O r Apple Pie Tea rr C o f f e e $3.50 (Chililrcn fnilcr 1^. Halt I'rlco) Other Menu Selectioni Available Enjoy A Panoramic View of the Rockiei from Our I H n l n i : Itonni and lxiun:i For R e i e r v a t l o n i P h o n e 4J3-J850 .,, i ", i j ,°," ------ ' a n o see us eave." Ruiz Wil- including leaders of the- Cuban.liams said Committee, whose longj B uses took the arrivals to the! efforts to free the men finaUy |pm . cs!linf , , cn[cl , ,,,,,, , 0 . mess ' '.h -V h ' ^ T l "' Ce "- AU ' tnontica had taken precautions to ' 'limit the base. crowd strictly at the ·oup. roast U'cf. mashed potatoes, 1 peas and green beans, with Amer- iican style colfee and milk. The lateness of the hour apparently cancelled a plan to give the men dinner at the auditorium in down thc ramp -- the men who ;had known the heartbreak of defeat of their liberation mission in Mj am i tuba 20 months ago. men who 1 ' ' 7 Foet Trt , had known the despair of 30-year' A seven . rool hi h chri5 , .prison sentences, the hopeless , rw . tpuUtilt w h ornamenLS| misery of We m a prison crowded slook in " thc £,,· room ne ^ -with political capuve*. arnvals . lables | encalh ,,, r £ Through long months of agoni- was a ,, scene and acI05s ed1 waiting while thiy were of- the wal , Wa6s ,, sjgn m ered as commodities in exchange .. Mfrry Christmas" for goods they experienced many (disappointments. Now they could 'gaze once again on their loved , *- at uuiiii, ui t'MUt'lJl 01 Ule I. lones m,d « wp unashamed lears| RCTolutjonary Cound| and ^ ., ' , , lAntonio de Varona, a council of-i H «-as a scene laden «,lh emo.| ficiaL ^ c , whom havc sons | fon. Some ol_th^l,lx-rated men| am( , ng lhe prisoncrs Tho|r ,,,,,! were not with the first groups. Two officials of the Cuban Kami- lies Committee, both also awaiting sons, were at the base. The time scheduled for arrival On hand to gleet the prisoners' at the airfield were Jose Miro Cardona, president of the Cuban although o( lhe BEAUTIKUL CHRISTMAS MUSIC and PROGRAMS Q CHRISTMAS Y 1 4 5 charged impatiently down the ramp, two steps at a lime, and 'onto the floodlit strip, laughing (or sheer joy. Some Thin Most looked healthy some seemed thin. One husky 1961 invasion survi Vors" had "oeen mustached young man pushed 9:15 a m _ ^ .,,,,, d wj h «way the arm nroierred by a lied no word ,,, , , akeo(f from Ha . Cross girl, and grinning broadly.! vana wilh a jsoner f a i r y skipix-d throu s h thc roped| Amons; relatives waiting in Mi- of h« from the plane and mto ami . , mm o[ , \ Mi - bus wn, lms lo take the arrivals lion turned ^ ^« { ^ U EVE and DAY K C -WHERE TO DINE Dining at the Camfield Hotel Is Habit Forming LUNCHEONS 75cto $1.50 EVENING DINNERS $1,25 SMORGASBORD FRIDAY NIGHTS Special Sunday Dinners... $1,25 BREAKFAST from 6 a.m. all day- Catering Service Your Location- HOLIDAY DINNERS from $1.25 CHILDREN under 9 . . 75c EVERY EVENING WE SERVE MOST DELIGHTFUL DINNERS-only $1.25 OUR FAMOUS OVEN FRIED CHICKEN $1.2S-You Are entitled to ask for more- Book Your Employes Banquet Large or Small With Us WE WILL BE OPEN CHRISTMAS A N D NEW YEARS. Always Qp en ,RD __ MUTINY ON THE BOUNTY to the processing center. Some stopped to shnke hands with ac- xious waiting and mounting nervous excitement. quaintances on hand, including; AUcr 10 am a Havana an . their wounded companions »hoj nouDccment said Amcrica lancs were exchanged on credit early ihad | aken o[( wjlh 2!3 mcn (rom| ln .,TM V( ' ar ' the Isle of Pines, scene of that! Chicos. aqn, esloy." 'Kids, group . s w monlhs ,,, coafin( , racnt .| here 1 am shouted Armando La- The announcenlcnt dld ,,, make: straa. boytvh looking and wan as jdcar whclner lhc , ane , · be waved lo previously returned| sll maj|y two were intended to' prisoners of war who rushed up to embrace him Wtpt Quittly I have now kissed the land oi liberty.' 1 shouted Oscar Cerayo. 21. i i * i | · J as he embraced his lather. Gon- n l l l S I Q G S slop en route at the military air- Hunters Scour . zalo. who lives in New York. Another youth, standing nea wept quietly. Members of thc 60 man group . rby]Yule Log . LAKE (AP! - About! of wounded prisoners who had' 200 B a ily dressed hunters scouredj been released earlier in the ycar : l h e hillside? around Palmer Lake were at the air base, wea'rinc Sunday in the annual search ton yellow ice-shuts as a mark of the ""adilional Yule Up. homage to the arrivals, who had been forced by Castro's regime M«k*Ck«k«rM«MyOHirl« MNHAM TMATH IllkirtCalHtnili Dimrtr i, . :41 PJ1 Um. W4. 1:11 P.M ··. ta. 1M WONDERFUL »'. » months of confinement I HOLIDAY ENTERTAINMENT FOR ALL THE FAMILY Colorado Show Horti 1:30 p.m. Adult. »0t--S«»J«iH tit--CWWrw 50t STARTS TOMORROW The yearly event at the com-! munily about W miles south of! USK THK T R I B U N E W A N T A D S CHRISTMAS SHOPPERS INSTANT SERVICE reeling HAMBURGERS ,,- ^fl^^ra. T( P Uii«lit.v -- inO I' the rill on Inasled Inms. to wear yellow as a token of'Denver took place in frigid tern-: shnmc. "A badge ot honor." one.peralures with some 1.000 spec- man called the yellow Airt. Haters on hand. However, none ol the ciirly-ar- Margaret Ann Campbell of; living priMm-rs was wearing yei-IPnlmer Lake, a 19-year-old sonho-l low. Must wore white or colored j more at Furl Ix-wis Cnllcse in: sports shirts. Durango. found the snow-covered' KnMKi Uniform |log As the men emerged from the; -| H^UM!,! ] S1W s ,,,! · , , _ "ear some underbrush, so 1 walked over and saw this lop with " rope attached to it." she said | And she added. "I don't rcmem-! jeer wliat I shouted, but I shouted snmethins loud enough for the' others In hear " : Her reward was 3 ride on the -.-·ivtor.l loj; as it w,i« dragged': down the mountaiiuido lo the ilown hall. i The log i s traditionally marked] I with a not.-h at one ciid and a' Inhbon at the other. ' Wht-n it was brousht back 1,1 jtJie town hall, it was sawed in : ! half. One half was used for fuel, (or a bliu.e in Ihe big town ha fireplace, the other w:is au-d for! [kindling next jcar's fue. ' Alter thc Yule Lug was lit. him-' !drcds of children and adults Crowded intn tin- town hall fur a traditional Christmas carol sing later, hot wassail-alwut .yi gal-, 'Ions of it-was ladled out to the 'hundreds of guests. | Explodes with Walt Disney JULES IEHVES In svurch of thc % WltKJ IW1W CHEVALIER MILLS GMKE Wltflfi DTK SANDERS WHITE k\ 11 terry (Christmas from (jour Coo/jcr cJouaaation cfneatres PPIpC Crisp Golden Ilrnnn and pipinij hut . .. you've rlllCO never, never had I'ronrh Fries yn Tasty (ioiid! TximU Thiitlr CUAKCC Smooth, c r e a m y - t h e ( ,ld-fashii.iH-d inple I DICK OnHiVtd kind . . . timm-m-m thcv'rr for (rit golrftn orch») McDonald's t* .Ct 2440 8th Ave. i Cells Use Food i , I HK'.MJO - A curious one-cell-^ led nrganiMii may provide hm!-i Insists with the key to how cells^ utilize food. The ouglena. part- plant and part animal, is being] I studied at Illinois Inytilule tifj I reclinolngy tmdfr a Public Health iScrviiT grsnl. i The etiRlena csn phoiosynthr , sue if. nourishment like a plant: 1 Ml can nlsn absorb aoui ishmcnl : jlhrnugh its cell v.nlls m rntirh; jlhc same ««y a!) aiiinwls do.i ;Siient;sls .ire sludii;g oxidation' | ami fluimilation and tryinj toi idflerniine how lone it mVes for iassinulalrd food to arrive »t Us (final destination in Ihs cell stuic-l Mtwr

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