Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on June 24, 1957 · Page 46
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 46

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Monday, June 24, 1957
Page 46
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Monday._June 24, 1957 GREELEY TRIBUNE The Creeley Daily Tribune «LD«ED I. BANSXN uo G- Komic · · . Jill EETR1OI IR . . ·nd The Greeley Republican EXECUTIVE STAFF · fSbiiihrr [ FLOYR p Mppp f i t '··»·*· Hit 1 A. L. Pf-rvr: '--"- «*« ·« ICLAllE b» Page 23 Arts Festival week. Christopher Fry adapted thi» comedy of the Tro-, jan war from the French of Jean Giraudoiu. There hasn't been my-1 thing like it since John Erskine wrote "The Private Life of Helen o f ' Troy." It opened in October, 1955, in New York, and r»n 217 perform-' . . · titn · Air Utr SIM ^ ,, o n a I JTO IIO.SO. · noeikj H.M. on, nomh ll.» Bi mil cuuUt u Colorido. I ,,u lll.M. CD. mooLh 11.30. FoniiD COM.1,1- I!M momb Cia Cirrin !!.·» ttcmk f U B L I U T O K U A 1 Public l o i a m itiun rna-i fc* no lcrt*r Ihsn sw wprdi. Orrtti iLgauuji nut u BiitiuJ till ihua FaaUUM Crtf? IVMk Oil _ n« Trifait-fepiifcMcia PQnJuiTii Ofllo 111 tubtfc St Grain S" Enunrf u 4«eo»d CUM niBttn ·! Uc Pt»t aiile* at Gitelij CcJonda andti Uu A r , Hircb I 1171. Jicabv AjwclAua !·«·§. Calorido Prmt lion Aodit BUTUQ of CircaUuoa Tfc« AuocikUd Prcu u ·nmltd aclo. ·Utli to Ik. QH 01 rmnblir.lion o( ll lb« IOCAJ ecwi prilrd ' u will u lU iP Pause and Ponder: -"Hope - Our Anchor Line" .,, " Thou . ° Lord, art my hope, . . . 1 win hope continually, and Will praise thee yet more and more."--l'?a. 71-5, 14 The summer season will close with "Reclining Figure." a comedy ! of the art worli, by Harry Kurnilr. This play opened in New York in ! (k»oU:[ of iS^i binl Luu ;1G i*i;forT.u^t:c^. ' Thai's a program equalling the nationally famous Elitch'j in sum- | mer theater fare, and much handier. The Literary Goidepost By W.G. Rogers Hidden Persuaders. cost 50 cents while rich folks will purchase one costing only 9; (he "impulse" buying in stores heavier than planned buying; the TV show so very suspenseful it fails 10 tell | Ihe product it advertises. IQ \S A ^ .branches of the Methodist church MgO (--Methodist Episcopal C h u r c h , Miss June M, ins treat Smith grown from J mere 24 some 10 i , years ago to 250 today. This does-., ,, _ , ,, . . , ,, ,. ·nol include women in stenographic 1Van " 1ackar d- David McKay. lir.d r!i.'. r :c2! JL'b; is tie lillJD" o f ' They used lo count our noses, . which the department constantly i u o w I 1 ' 1 ') 1 i 1 '"- 1 ' 1 ' TM r W*- i South; Meihodist Episcopal Church; land Meihodist Church. Protestant (ireeleyj--four delegate.; Irom Colorado, DUI raexara goes on lo inves:i-1 "lursaayior^ew York City where!,...- ,,,:,,:.,.,, m j , , sate, alarmingly, Ihe manipulation!she will complete work on herl'* 0 mullsl «" lnd two l "?t*. if Ik- \uicr. liie cn-iliiM! o( lii? i m - j Easter c.' sr:s desrce ;t Co!uc^; ! were selected ·' '«' Mfeek'i cor- ase of a man everyone may be be- j university. Miss Smith is a teacher - d i v e of the church in Denver. S'-'ili'd imu s'uiing for u'heilirr or «l Cviilral Flaiuoj) jt-iiuul. 'These (it-legates, with others over nol it's a Irue imase, and the pos-j ^'ss llaiel Ualbcy will attend the! "e United Stales, will meet ffi sibilily oi the remote conirol of ill | National Kducaiion association's : April, probably in St. I.DUIS, Mo.. By : mass opinion from some diabolical-1 convention in New York Ciiy as a|'° iron out details of ihe unUici- I l y clever public-relations office. iclelesate of Greeley classroom J 1 ' 0 "- 1'his will be i special con has lo cumpele with Cupid. By JANE EADS WASHINGTON - The striped - p a n t s boys of the Slate Depart- 1)65100 jGSSIOn 1)0605 mcnt gave a low bow lo Die \vo-! men who play an i m p o r t a n t part in the cnmluct of United Slates' · ASPK.V, Colo, iji -- The 7Ui 1 fore-ign affairs during a recent ternaiicnal ficsisn all-day meeting. ;opened in a tent amphitheater . The material seems a little scat- 1 teachers. : tercet, and also on occasion repeu- ;'»]'- She left learh So says 1'ackard in ibis invi-sii-.'"' 1 '! anl1 the liile is clumsy. Bnl j 1'laloon school. Following the con-i Friday. Miss; c 'ave, unlike any other ever held m Ociilral !^X 'so l "The idea was to point out to Sunday with addresses of welcome i f l n ? out wha , t really moiivalcs us the department (hat women arc .'ilanins ihe week-long series of \TM* *'!'"'," n ?" 11 " l . h .L u . r ?.°. l °.!" iy i College and Town Relationship Symbolized By custom the president of Colorado Stale College of Education, ' here 10 stav," explained one male : meetings. the president of the Chamber of Commerce, and Ihe mayor oJ Greeley I offieial in annou/icing Ihe affair Ueorge D, Cullen, director welcome students of the - -- i California now. This summer of these positions, also as the chii of the imporla tional, cultural, icssion to Greeley as a whole. President Boss of CSCE, you arc re- i ' c '~ 9 ^{ '' " " j a f i o and returned minded, is also the president of the Greeley Chamber uf Commerce. I H CS 'I '-exemplifying the nrofcs-' 5 ' 0 " 1 "'* conference-.-. It is fitting that this should be su. Colorado Slate College of Edu-! s j on;1 | ru i e O f Amcrii-an women in : The ''"' conc e" of musical con- cation is the biggest business of the community, directly and indirect-1 foreign affairs was Miss Francis l f c r c n c e wi " be Wednesday after)y. It is gelling bieger. A four-column photograph hy Tom Barber from j Willis, new ambassador lo Nor-' n o o n ' a helicopter, printed on the front page today, shows that tlic college, as j way, ;i career diplomat with t h e ' . TTT does.any successful enterprise, looks far ahead to future needs. Since i department since 1927 v:hcn she ,' Missions Added the close of the last summer session Hie college has more than doubled «' as appointed vice consul lo Val- ' --;-Ihe size of its Greeley campus. U has acquired Ihe J. M. B. Pelrikin P ar! 's°. Chile. ^Sl- PALM., ^Iinn^w-Ninc T.u- farm, south ot Twentieth street, and west of Eleventh avenue, now com-: Others who followed Miss Willis = '" ' ptelily surroundedI by subdivision, Plans for the development of .his ' ^^^^^^^ property are stated beneath the photograph. j Du , lcs who is ' a ia , assisUnt , mission fields in 17 countries during The college also, by reason of its being alert to possibilities, secured in lhc ' Slalc Department's" Office ' 195e as federal surplus property without cost to the state, 80 acres of land I 0 [ German Affairs; Miss Phyllis! Dr - Andrew S. Burgess, proles- about a quarter of a mile west of Estcs Park, just off the Fall Hiver | Bcrnau, personal ' secretary to road, lor a mountain campus. With the current accent upon recrca-1 Dulles; Mrs. Francis Knight, head lion, with the increase in vacation time over the nation generally, and of the Passport Divison, and rep- with interstate travel routine, properly so located is very valuable. resontalives of the corps of corn- Space for an expanding school is somelhing about which the college j petcnt secretaries and clerical was able lo do something. It should enhance the value of the student, workers serving throughout !hc , world. I I Miss Willis, who has been serv- for weather. One can honestly, report that no heat records have been ij S^",^ waltV, 0 ,lS±!y broken during the presession as has sometimes been the case. Nothing i bl .j c[ i y hefore mo- ing on has been done about the weather. As old summer school hands know, ibout the only thing that can be predicted about the weather here is that it's changeable. So is Greeley. Look over the town. gallon into new techniques in per.:'he book is a shocker, Do you knowK'lave, she will spend some lime j Oil Well with Diploma suasivenrss used by Madison Ave-iv o u r mvn mind? Even if you do.! 1 ""' friends in Washington. 1. C.,\ nue public relations men. The ! ilrc ' .TM' « malch lor Ihese probers! '"^ Boston. Mass. She will be away i HOUSTON Te Ifi -- For the phrase is "motivational research.'"* 1 ' 0 k " ow it boiler? Are you a p f r .ithree weeks. · i nexl JQ ffi ' n Kaiherine Harcourt i l l s practitioners b\pass ihe obvi- · s "" or a puppcl? More danger may | " r - K. C. l l a r r a h , a invmbcr of.Taylor will probably m a l e use of ,,. ous, they don'i believe us when we!jj p ''ere than Orwell warned of in. 11 " divison of science at CSCE a n d i i h c preseni she was given lor C on f Cren(:e ! say we know what we like; but hy j "1981." | outstanding in the Crceley Method- ^ g r a d u a l i n g from I.amar High ' - - ·- psychiatric practices t h e y 1 , , T , T L , , |M church, has been named 10 an|School. The gill, from her father this article and do without t h a t . Many UI.SHKK, Ari7. in -- The ma limportant c-uminiltoe in Ihe - 1 Carter Taylor, was an oil Some '"'"guing information j who set up (he marquee Icltcrinp. ~ i ' on (lie f.yric Theater fur a double , B'e |ination. As a result of the recent which geologists expect lo product n ; merger decision of (he thre.-|for 50 years. j^qgyfta. Iheran church church-related America sent 233 missionaries (o relationship to this particular school that something was done. The weather Is another mailer. People come lo summer school here College Attractions for Townspeople A casual glance will show this edition filled with retail evenls and lo her new post at Oslo. Born in Illinois, educated at Stanford University and (he University of Brussels, and a former history and political science professor at Gouchcr and Vassar colleges, Miss Willis h, tival program presented by the division of Fine and Applied Arts and ] ant lo tn j, undcr secrctar y O f sta i c; a joint college and townspeople committee all deserve greater off-1 j n 1947, assistant chie? of the divi- campus allenlion. I sion oE Western European affairs. This is Ihe season of Ihe year when Broadway moves to the re- Later, she was secretary and coun- modeled barns and renovated auditoriums of the villages of New Eng- selor at London, then counsel at land New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and New York, snd points west. Thou-; Helsinki, sand's of people selected their vacation spots with an eye on the summer i The increasing importance * ^" vl " r · women in our service abroad is theater. . | ev j.j,, nc Grecley people have taken too much for granted thai the summer, ^ Ihcater here is a tradition. In recent years Frasier hall has provided; f_ the Little Theater of the Rockies with far beller facililies lhan are afforded in Ihe villages of the east.. The producers -- Helen Langworthy and Welby Wolfe -- direct amatelirs during Ihe regular school year, but they are in no sense amateur producers and directors. The Little Theater is their business, and has been for years. The summer companies here contain only the most experienced of college players and high school directors and producers, whose business is the theater. - The program this summer offers variety. Charles Mofgan s The Hiver Line" ran six months in London, in the 1952-53 season. It is a euspcnse drama. "Time of the Cuckoo'\by Arlhur Laurents was one of the ten Best Plays ot 1952-53, and ran 263 performances in New York. "Libel," wrillcn by Edward Wooll, who is also a judge, prescnls 1 court-room suspense drama. I Sam and Bella Spewack, an experienced team of comedy writers, i ·dapled "My Three Angels" from the French. U opened late m the ipruig of 1953 and ran into the next season, a total of 344 performances j *" ^Telutamer program combines "Tiger at the Gales" with the Fine ^ finny« 22 To Report for Draft Physicals on July 8th Twenty-two men have been ordered lo report for pre induction physical examinations July 8 by the local draft board. The men are: Teddy Lee Childers, 621 Tir- leenlh street; Claude Antoine Wright, Lancaster, Calif.; Paul Raymond Hamlet, 2121 Fifth street; Robert Sleele Jr., 1016 Sixlecenth street; .Dale Curtis Clarkson, Route 3; Ralph Toby Martinez, Fort Luplon; Juanlu- cerio Sandoval, Berthoud; Gerald Edward Coffey, 720 Eighteenth street; Myrl Fred Korgan, La Salle; John Frederick Landolt, Longmont. Fred Julius Hafclfingcr, Platteville; Bennie Junior Eaca, Auli; Alex Miera, Kersey; Robert Dean Sheperd, Greeley; Donald Burton Dahlstrom, Omaha, Neb.; Eusebio Harold Jfartinez, Berkeley, Calif.; 'John Villa Martinez, Route 2; Jack j Coleman Slotts, Rivcrton, Wyo.; j Gary Riley Craven, 1810 Twelfth | street; Julio Romero, Denver; Francis Eugene Cohea, Briggs-j dale; Margarita Rivera. Grecley, I transfer from San Angelo, Texas, j Albert Rivera of Firestone and I Leo Charles Sack of Brighton l[ 910 R ( r , have been ordered for induction, July 8. 'Illllllllllll W F REALTY SAYS DO YOU KNOW? For Proof Read Next Week's Advertisement With this issue ive are starling a series or Interesting and educational f e a t u r e s l h a t are sure to i n l e r p y t VOUIIR and olr.' folks nlikc. Follow t h e m from T to iveek find SCR w h H t [be fuels really am. Also contact us when you w a n t to b u y , sell or trade Rtal Kstaie. Do you also know that we h a v e for sale a b o n u t H i i l 5 room h u n - palow w i t h 2 bedrooms and a f n m i J y room ai 2-113 3 0 t h A\~e. for only $ l l , i V ) ' i . O u ? W F REALTY i. Ph. 3279 You Must Be Registered By JULY 9 3 YES To Vote FOR RECREATION OR. WERNER FORSSWftNN, nf Ainner G? #f W6 Mel Prize rlt PUSHED BTHIN PL E?5fe INCHES FUOWTHB HIS H£flRT,1HEN CLIMBED TWO HI6KB OF STRIPS To RM H-RAY Roo^-To GET PHoToRfiPHlc PRooFTHftT 1H61U6E. HP0 CHTtREP THE SIGHT CHftMBSK OP HIS sor of missions at Lutheran Theo- Coffee House* w»n»eii(mY ·THfc ONLY Pl-KEs WHEK6 OBPaUKB MUSIC LOVERS CRN HERE OMSIChl. MUSIC, B6CWS6 KKORM BREtXPftfil* piled the statistics. number of Lutheran missionaries Irom America now serving abroad totals 1,623. , 6WB WDRt THftN JSX) r DAD, PIP YD u KNOW the schools centui of April 10, 1957, included the names of 3,153 Irli and 2,922 boys, or a total of 6075? "The guidebook says that unfortunately the sculptor didn't know how to knot Ihe tie ... " HALF ACRE CASTI-K OH, COME ON IHMV-..VHV DON'T YOU ? MYTAMILVHAS PAID A LOT MORE THAN THAT To KEEP THlNi QUIE.T/; HAVE. MV FAMILY TREE TRACED 7 OH,GOOD HEAVBN4 B3UPJNG IN TO JAN BAHLOW'S IDEA EXCHANGE evidenced in the number of women service officers which has JOE PALOOKA RAM -I'lStiER. HUMPHREY IS MSr AS.EEP_. THERE'S (T IS A carosrROPHE.'.' IVET/E 1 Snil A MERELY 24 HOURS LEFT AMD /CI/ANCE. HE HAS EATEN ONLY HALF THE APRICOT ANP PRUNE ITS JEB AITIWSH ) THAT GIW. WITH Hl« ...HE HAS COW J IS IVY 6/WNIS -THE TO GLOAT AND A CC i OOF.' 5CU5E ME.., CiMY,FOm5-ICXJt.ONT I KHOW I'M FJLL...'CAUSE FER THE FWST n«E W M'UFE I OTCNT DKfAM MOUT FOOO. SCOKCHY SMITH An Unscheduled Fli?hi W, PILOT,AMrj CO EXACRV TB.L YO1 -- 03 XSLTLL SCOKH/ HAS WALKSP IKITO 720UBLE- -- ONE WILL ZEVrtSD 'A WW35DMELV A Long Chance, Dick DICKIE DARE M O D E S T M A I D E N S i\ Krriitmd D. I- Pi'jnt Off, HERE HE COMES TO YOU STAY ON ROBEYS BOAT, LEJUNE, FIGGER h PITCH TO UHZIP THAT FOUR BUCKS OFF N WE GOT A DINGHY -THAT'S A TINV ISLET-I'LL FOUER AN'GUM 'IM DOWII GUH-MLl'VEQOT, IS THIS COIL Of= ROPE FROM "PERK*' WE'RE ASRCUND -AND PAKE'S FADED WTO THAT JL'MGLE - BUT HE WON'T GIT AWW... SORPW, GENTLEMEN.'? SOMETHING REA1.UY IMPORTAMT HAS JUST TURNED JUST III TIME.7 V/E'RE ON THE BRINK, AGAIN? AW IZM, AT LAST, I WiLL REVEAL Iff PUVJ TO PREVENT WOBLD WAR HI r I made him put It In writing 1 .

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