Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on May 29, 1970 · Page 16
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 16

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Friday, May 29, 1970
Page 16
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I Page 16 GREELEY TRIBUNE Fri, Miy 2», 1970 Appeals Court Overturns School Desegregation Plan With Busing By KEN RINGLB Associated Prats Writer RICHMOND, Va. (AP) - The 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has overturned a school desegregation plan requiring m a s s i v e busing in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg County, N.C., school district. It said the "test of reasonableness" should be applied to any plan for integration. In a 4-2 opinion Wednesday, the court held that "not every school in a unitary school system need be integrated," and said it was "favorably impressed" by the U.S. Justice Department's argument to that effect at the April 9 hearing on the case. The court remanded the case to Judge James B. McMillan of the Eastern District of North Carolina with instructions to have the Charlotte-Mecklenburg County school board draw up a new assignment plan for its elementary grades by June 30. In doing so, the Appeals Court suggested, the board should consult the U.S. Office of Education or guidance. Some busing in the new plan probably would bei necessary, the court said, "and our remand should not be interpreted to prohibit all busing." "Busing is a permissible tool ;or achieving integration," the court said, "but it is not a pana- BURGLAR INSURANCE D. C. ROYER AGENCY INSURANCE 808 9th Street In Charlotte, there were immediate indications that Negro plaintiffs in the case might appeal the 4th Circuit Court decision to the .U.S. Supreme Court. Trotting to Supreme Court "I wouldn't be surprised if there weren't some people trotting to the Supreme Court .. . We felt and argued that what Judge McMillan did was right," said Adam Stein, partner ki the Charlotte law firm that handled the original suit for the NAACP Legal Defense and Education Fund. William Foe, chairman of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Board ol Education, said the circuit court decision "would eliminate the part of Judge McMillan's plan that has been most objection-' able to local people." Underlining the sharp cleavage of judicial sentiment in the case, the 4th Circuit Court judges very nearly arrived at a 3-3 standoff Joining Judge John D Butzner Jr in the majority opinion were Chief judge Clement F. Haynsworlh Jr. and Judges Herbert S. Boreman and Albert V Bryan. Bryan dissented in part, but said he would join Butzner, Hayn?worth and Boreman "for the saka of creating a clear majority for the decision ,o remand." Judges Simon E. Sobleoff and Harrison L. Winter dissented fully. Sobeloff assailed the Nixon administration's position in :he case--voiced by the Justice Department at the April hearing here--as "vague and noncomit- tal" and charged that the "test of reasonableness" will create a subjective loophole which foot- dragging school boards "can be expected to exploit . . . to the Majority Opinion The majority opinion said if a school board "makes every rea- it,~ - People In the News JTwo Utah Monuments Cited As Deserving Park Naming WASHINGTON (AP) - Secretary of the Interior Walter J. Hickel, who complained recently of being unable to obtain a audience with President Nixon, huddled with the President for nearly an hour Thursday. An aide to the secretary saic Hickel and Nixon discussec coastal zone legislation. Konalc L. Ziegler, While House press secretary, said the talks concerned Interior Departmenl matters. The conference lastec 58 minutes. Earlier this month Uickel wrote a letter to Nixon--which leaked to the news media--sug- ~ -**** "»'- the administration WASH1NGTON (AP) - Na- ional Park Director George Hartzog Jr. said today two natio al monuments in Utah deserve lesignatlon as national parks. He testified in support of leg- slation to establish the Arches and Capitol Reef national parks. Sen. Frank E. Moss, D-Utah, also urged a Senate Interior subr committee to approve his bills calling for a 242,257-acre Capitol teef park aid an Arches park comprising about 74,000 acres. The proposed parks would be mailer than the monuments which were enlarged by proclamation of President Johnson in January, 1969, just before he eft the White House. The subcommittee chairman Sen. Alan Bible, D-Nev., called · ·· IINCI l«03 AUCTIONS TUES., JUNE 2, 1970 - 5:00 p.m. Mr. Mrs. Kirby Hart, Owners -- No. 2 Dos Rios, Greelev, Colo. Directions: S. on 3oth Ave. to K.J-K.A Radio Towers, '/, mi. W., then Southwesterly, approx 1 i/j mi. on the old river road. tractable remnant of segregation, we believe, should not void an otherwide exemplary plan." But Sobeloff said the record showed that the Charlotte-Mecklenburg board, "far from making every reasonable effort to fulfill its constitutional obligation, has resisted and delayed desegregation at every turn." Pollution Problems Hit Grand Canyon GRAND CANYON, Ariz. (AP) -- The problems of overpopulation and environmental pollutior have spilled out of the cities anc into the Grand Canyon. The canyon is becoming crowded with "river runners," and it is polluted. The Nationa 'ark Service has declared il vill issue no new commercial river running permits. Littering hasn't become a se- apppears to lack concern for atti udes of the nation's young. The secretary said later he wrote the letter because he was unable to get an appointmen with Nixon or even a top presi denlail aide. e r n g asn ecome a s -- - - - . , . . , , . rious problem, but park officials rally against the advice of his , . ______ , j _ _i ____ r ...... nncfflT'*: W«t. upright, froit free freezer; Philco auto, washer and Philco TV; Kenmore auto, washer 4 dryer, br.akfa.t set with 4 chairs, VM tab les, dryer comb.; Leonard dbl. door refrig.; , . , . _ , record pl.yer with stereo tpeaken; Prov living "". 4 poster bed with canopy; Hollywood beds; corner beds pc. sec. iof»; 3 hardwood tablet; 2 swivel rockers; wood chairs; chest of drawers; large Oak dining table with 6 ornate wood chairs; several lamp.; pegged pine table and, several small appliance,; cookware;, some silver; CornlnI Ware Oak round coffee table; game room furniture; book, and encyclopedias. COLLECTORS ITEMS: Cedar chest with copper hardware ,arble top chest with matching diamond back mirror; jewelry ox- piano bench; hutch; Oriental rug; bedside tables . lamps; e cream chairs; copper foot tub; numerous other items. SALISBURY, Md. (AP) - Su san Scott Agnew, 22-year-olc daughter of the vice president :scaped injury in a collision be tween her car and a pickup truck Thursday on Maryland's eastern shore. The truck driver, Townsend Cloud, 47, of Nanticokc, Mo. also was unhurt. State polio charged him with a right-of-wa violation. he proclamation "unfortunate." Moss told the subcommittee that the proclamations brought immediate protests from Utah, because some of the land had mineral potential and some was used for livestock grazing. He said his proposals woulc exclude such areas. Harlzog generally supported Moss' proposed boundaries for the Arches park, with some deviations. He recommended about 250, 000 acres for the Capitol Keel park, including the. geologica features within the present mon umenl. Sen. Wallace F. Bennet, R Utah, in a statement submitted to the subcommittee called the monument enlargements a "landi grab." He recommended park areas proposed by Rep. Laurence J. Jurton, R-Utah, who is seeking o unseat Moss in the Senate. These are smaller than the Moss jroposals. Believe R ortfot / CHIEF HENORICK 06BO-I755) OF THE MOHAWK. INDIANS, KEPT A RECORD OF THE NUMBER OF MEM HE KILLED BY j ROME (AP) - Greek com poser Mikis Theodorakis, wh addressed a leftist rally agains the North Atlantic Treaty Or ganization here Wednesda; night, underwent an operatic] Thursday for removal of his appendix. He looked ill and read only part of his speech at the rally Wednesday night. He had entered a clinic as soon as he arrived in Rome and went to the SPORTING GOODS: Skis; ski-boots; assorted ski ware; sleeping bag.; back packs; large Coleman tent; camp stoves; camping utensil.; deluxe ping-pong table; bicycle.; barbecue cookers; several games; Winchester 30-30, lever action rifle, 22 Caliber, bolt action rifle; gun rack. HOBBY EQUIPMENT: Complete rock hound equip.; dia mond saw; 3 cyl. rock tumbler; ham radio equip.; gold stamping equip. GARDEN 4. SHOP: Hanging Redwood baskets; live orange tree- several planters; water fountain with motor; lawn mower; fert spreader; seeder; several elec. hand tools; metal shelves; misc. items too numerous to mention (something for everyone). NOTE: Inspection afternoon of the auction day only! TERMS: CASH AUCTION DATE. AUSTIN AND AUSTIN AUCTIONEERS - REALTORS E. R. "Kid" Austin 1203 9th Street, Greelej-, Colorado Ph. 303-353-0790 Daily Radio Program, KFKA 7:30 a.m. doctors. Theodorakis, composer of the music for the movies "Zorba the Greek" and "Z", was released from prison in Greece and allowed to leave the country last April 13 to go to Paris for treatment for tuberculosis. He has been active since then at meetings denouncing the army-backed Athens regime of Premier George Papadopoulos. NEW BRITAIN, Conn. (AP) - Sen. Thomas J. Dodd, D.. . . . . Conn., plans to leave New Brit- termine the effects of the Glen| a j n General Hospital Monday Canyon Dam on the river. Thel a fi c r nearly three weeks of re- results of the study also will af- ' feet the restrictions. River floats became popular in the late 1950s, and most are conducted in rubber rafts. The have been forced to close four popular campsites because of a ack of adequate sanitation facilities. Raft riding is booming on the Colorado River. The park issued 19 commercial permits this year, compared to 10 two years ago. It is considering regulations that would require river rafts and boats to carry gasoline or gas stoves for cooking, and self-contained sanitation facilities. A study is in progress to de- trips, in doughnut-shaped rafts, last from 3 to 10 days. The beaches, dwindling since; the sandy water has been sifted and dammed by the Glen Canyon Dam, are due for a thorough cleaning July 13 when 10 boats will carry members of the Western River Guides Associa- cuperation from a heart attack Dodd, 03, suffered the attack while attending a dinner here. While he has been in the hospital his three sons have been carrying on his campaign for renomination for a third term. CUP FOUMD IM A CAVE AT LEITMEKITZ, CZECHOSLOVAKIA, HAS AS A DESIGN A CAVEMAN'S CALENDAR PAIUTED ON IT 4.00O YEARS AGO In addition to establishing two parks in the monument areas, Burton also would create a Capitol Reef National Recreation area. The subcommittee took no Immediate action on the Moss bills. DAILY CROSSWORD ·4 MONUMENT TO A HEN A PLAQUE IM AMMSVILLE, RHODE IS., WERE THE ffHOoe KIAHD HEN OK/GMATED - ACROS3 1.-Weeps audibly 5. Permits 9. Scheme 10. Algerian port 11. Pretext 12. Bay windowr 14. River (Sp.) 15 , sequitur IT. Willy--~, author 18. Letter 19. Remains 21. Element 22. Thoroughfare 24. Top 26. Help 27. Copy 23. Stitched 30. Charles, for one 33. Public notice. 34. Letup 36. Exclamation 37. Scat! (dial.). 39. Narrow inlet 40. Obstacle 41. Beef animal 43. Twists 45. Jar 46. Genus of lily 47. Butts 18. Sailing vessel DOWX 1. Braco 2. Medley 3. Shilling (inf.) 4. Restricted 5. Crazy (st) 6. Blunder 7. Follow .(inf.) 8. Germ spreader 11. God of war 13. Animal 16. Cereal grain 19, French river of worship 32. Hearing organs DAILY OBYPXOQTKXEE-- Here's how to work it: A X Y J » I . B A A X R One letter simply stands for another, la this sample A Is used for the three L's, X for the two O's, etc. Singlo Itttere, apostrophes, the length, and formation of the words are. all hints. Each day the code letters are different A Cryptogram Quotation N A . G K S S N B K A . V K . J K Z K . G H C H Z K D B Z H M G J , N 1 P K I G N A K P G H ' O KV H U K D U D A E C D V G E Z K . -- S K I G K Z MD Z P Yesterday's Crypfoijuofe: REAL GENIUS OP MORAL INSIGHT IS A MOTOR WHICH WILL START ANT ENGINE. -- EDMUND WILSON (O 1370, Xing features Syndicate, Inc.) HENRY By John Liney GRAB A PIECE / OF ROPE - HENRY! ARCHIE By Bob Montana RANCH DISPERSAL AUCTION for PETERSON-SEVISON, INC. 10 miles southwest of Walden, Colo, on Hiway 14 SATURDAY, JUNE 6-9:30 a.m.-Lunch Machinery -- Antiques -- Furniture Since the ranch has been sold, all the machinery and equipment must be dispersed. 1967 JD No. 350 diesel crawler with blade, clean, hydraulic throughout on blade; DD-B tractor; MM 1942 R tractor; JD 40 tractor; Ferguson tractor; JD 1010 tractor; Case tractor: NH 280 wire-tie baler with motor; Farmhand No. 10 loader with bale fork and manure head on Chev. truck chassis; Farmhand No. 11 loader and bale fork on truck chassis; motor drive bale loader; 2 hay sleds; 2 wheel rakes; 2 dump rakes; Farmhand bale accumulator; JD No. 8 mower; Ford mower No. 601; sickle grinder; 3-pt. posthole digger; cattle oil scratcher; Iron wheel wagon; JD 2-wheel model H manure spreader; 5 feed bunks; scrap iron; wagon wheels; 6-ft. disc; 2 stock saddles; 1 set harness; six 8-ft. trailer axles 7x14.5-10 ply rat ing; 1949 % ton Chevrolet with 6x8 flat bed and stock rack; livestock brand Circle J, recorded since 1909. LOS ANGELES (AP) - Superior Court lias approved the divorce of singer Roosevelt Grier, 37, former professional football star for the New York Giants and Los Angeles Rams, from lion through the canyon on a Bemice G f i y. rtln-i«_iin /lomnninn ' clean-up campaign Manitou Springs Police Probe Death of Youth MANITOU SPRINGS, C o l o (AP) -- Police are probing the death of an 18-year-old youth found dead in bed Thursday, a bullet in his head and a derringer at his feet. Craig J. Miller, until recently a resident of Kenosha, Wis., was found in a cottage here, sitting upright in bed, his head against a wall, dressed in blue jeans and a .22 caliber, four-shot derringer at his feet, police said. "We are investigating the possibility of homicide, but the possibility exists it could have been accidental," Manitou P o l i c e Chief William McNary said. McNary said Miller came to about a month ago with a group of young persons from Kenosha. WASHINGTON (AP) -- Tricia .\'ixon. fetching blonde older daughter of the President, says icr telecast conducted tour o the White House has brough her offers'of jobs in the televi sion industry. She told questioners at a new, conference on the White Housi lawn Thursday she doubted sh. would accept any of the bids. Her performance on the show televised Tuesday was praisei by TV industry people and pres critics who were impressed bj her sense of humor and poise. Indian Minister Visits in Algiers ALGIERS (AP) -- India's de fense minister, Sardar Swaran Singh, arrived for a week-long official visit, and talks en mulua interests of nonaligned nations He will visit training schools o this area near Colorado Springs the three branches of the Alge rian armed forces. West Germany has an oil A teen-aged girl, not identifled | refinery capacity of 130 million - but a resident of the I by police cottage complex, notified police of the death late Thursday morning, police said. Also, Mrs. John Peterson's fabulbut antique collection will be offered for sale. This represents a lifetime of conection along with many family heirlooms. Open house for inspection will be held at 9:30 a.m. on sale dny while the machinery sells. Antiques include over 1500 pieces of glass and dishes; Roseville pottery; Majolica pitchers and vases; china bowl i pitcher 6et; compote dishes; custard glass; carnival glass; pressed nlass, different patterns; over 100 cup 4. saucer sets; Austrian vases; Bohemian vases; Baccarat pitcher with pewter top; Toby Jugs; several antique lamps and shades; kerosene lamps, some wired; clocks; pictures; picture frames; old books; National Geographies since 1918; old safe; Underwood typewriter; echool desk; mirrors; brass Chinese tea kettle; 18-inch brass cpittoon; Edison phonograph with horn; Victor phonograph; ld dolls 4. wicker doll buggy; trunks; churns; jugt; crocki; tffuf dining «et "consists of round oak table, 6 chairs, buffet, beveled china closet; 3-pc. solid maple bedroom set; kitchen table A 6 chairs with matching buffet; music cabinet; Servel oat refrigerator; Coronado combination rcfrig-freezcr; deep freezer; many other articles too numerous to mention. WINGATE'S FARM RANCH AUCTIONS I'hone -182-6207. Fort Collins. Colorado Jim Wingate Phone 484-195'' Bi " Willard Hartnagle . Phone 484-1639 Phonr 772-1582, Longmont National Anthem Playing Approved AMHERST, Mass. (AP) The University of Massachusetts says the national anthem will be played at Saturday's commencement despite an earlier decision to the contrary. The Commencement Task Force, comprised of students and administrators, announced last week that the anthem would be replaced by a funeral march as a protest against the war in Indochina. The decision led Rep. Walter J. Haonon, R-Quincy, to urge the Massachusetts House to eliminate the university's $46.5 million budget for the next fiscal year. TORONTO Bonuses are sought for childless families here. ms a year. WANTED CLWS NOISY DISPOSALS Whether you are looking for a new disposer or just expert repairs, call us. Speedy service, A-l work and lowest prices. Call 353-1962 Greeley Plumbing and Heating Go. 1009 9th St. / J BETTER TRY ^ NO / IN VOUR OFFICE.' JUST JOG UP AND DOWN IN ONE. . PLACE / DONT TO BO (THROUGH OT / YOU J THE CAN JOQ CORRIDORS INSIDE DOCTOR, WHAT WOULD HAVE YOU \THE STUDENTS BEEN I SAY? JOGGING /ME RUNNING LIKE -L A AROUND TOLD YOU? )OUTTHERE? THE ASErAENT/ REX MORGAN, M.D. By Dal Curtis 'LET'S REMOVE fOK A WHILE / I WANT TO SEE WHETHER W£ CAN JOHNNY HAZARD By Frank Robbins - I ANC; ON RlNSlMS... V THE NAME IS \ · --rtoarf K -- i ALLEN;-YOUR MAKE-BELIEVE WIFE: , H WEU-,WE'LL SEE,,, Li'l ABNER TITLE--LI'l Abntr R«. U.S. Pat. Olf- THERE.'.'- I'VE ( MENDED AI-LTHE I MOTH-HOLES- IN VOUR'NEW THEY THIS WAS FORMERW THE PROPERTY OF RUFFLES RATFINK, WHO IS NOW THE PROPERTY OF THE MORGUE.'/" DAT'S POOR RATFINK, ALL RIGHT--BUT WHERE'S HIS I GAVE IT TO FOSDICK.'.' THE GLARE. FROM HIS PANTS WAS BL1NDIW' THE CHIEF --

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