Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on June 24, 1957 · Page 44
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 44

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Monday, June 24, 1957
Page 44
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Page 22 GREELEY TRIBUNE Monday, June 21, 1937 Court Sustains Obscenity Act "(Letter Carriers and Auxiliary Officers |fforlehop at Hospital Tues. llior.-, U-a^nr of A n i t r u - a Ai.U'ricaii 1'ivil I.ibi'rin JJ.Mil I'ub.Mi.jii; Co., hie. CT of ihr m a g a z i n e I M a y b u y ; (irrcnteaf rubli.shinx L'".. p u b l i s h - er of a |KM called lloKiic' for M e n ; and M u r r i s 1-. Kr- nsl. New York a l l u r n c y wbu lhal fo · UK/IT t l i a n -10 vars "1 him- liitil (he ^ i c a l ^*iod f u M n n e In hi- inviilvi'd in First Ainc'iidmi'Mt Mrs. Nellie Reis, : Native of Eaton, Dies at Hospital W A S H I N G T O N .1' -- Tin- Supreme Court .Mcintlii..- upliclcl Iho federal nhsrrnily l n n i l c , which h;irs the m a i l i n g uf mcicccnl literature. " J u . - l i r r !irc.".!iar, delivered the 68 decision for h i m i ' l f , Chief .lus- HIT W;iiTcn and l - ' r n u k f u r t c r , llur- ton. (Mark ;ind W h i t l r i k r r . .lusliccs Bl;lck, Douglas and l l a r l n r i disscnl- cd. The law was a l l a i - k r d by Samuel noili, N-w York p u b l i s h e r , vim wa cdnvicted of sending oh- F f i ' n e l i t e r a t u r e l l n o u q h Ihe n i a i K and. pot five years' i m p r i s o n m e n t am! .S.s.dmi fine. Doth i-onlrndi'd thr s l a l i i l e viii- lalos conslilulional £ U ; i r a n t r r s in- r l u d i n p Iliosp. of freedom of spt'rch find press. H u t H r c n n n n , for Ihr m a j o r i t y , vrnlc: "\Ve hold l h a l oliseeuily is nut vitliiu Ihe area of c o n s t i t u t i o n a l l y pi(ilecU'd speech or press." The s t a t u t e involved in the llnlh friM 1 m a k e s u n l a w f u l the m a i l i n g i s u m m e r s of "every nhsccnc. lewd, l a s c i v i - f a t h e r homrslrad'.:d. n oils or f i l t h y lidnk. j i a m p h i d , pic- lers iu ( ' a l i f u r u i a . t u r e , p a p r r . I r l t r r , w r i l i n u . p r i n l I Shi- was a ini'iiiliiM 1 or other puhlicalion of an indecent clliiraclcr." Rolh's conviction, in U. S. District Court in New York, was on four counts Rrowinfi out o f " m n i l e d c i r c u l a r s a d v e r t i s i n g p u b l i c a t i o n s called Phnlo and Body. Gliod Times, and A m e r i c a n Aphrodite No. 13. liricfs as "friends of Ihe court." n u p p o r l i n R Roth's a r m i m e n t s . were filed by the A m e r i c a n Book '.f.'i- A u . I n c . , the .i L'mon, MARKETS chucks Z».W-»-M. EUGS AND TOl'LTRT irllM! ·*""»«' «««*»· ne.ay. Mrs, Nellie llcis, 72, a n a t i v e of Kiiimi, died Monday innniiiiK al Weld t'minty t l c n e r a l h n s p i t a l . Shi- had divided h e r t i m i 1 b e t w e e n K;i- Ion and Y r n l u r a , C a l i f . , for the |iasl -1(1 years. Mrs. K r i s spent ber K a t u n , where her ailrnl, arirl her \'/in- The new officers of I lie Ladies Auxiliary of the Colorado Rural Letter Carrion' aiiocialion elected Salurday at the annual convenlion hers are shown above. From left to right they are Mn. DcWItl Anderson, Springfield, chairman of the executive bonrd; Mn. Walter Bashford, Wray, secretary treasurer; Mrs. Paul Even, Beulah, presi- dant; Mrs'. Harold Carlion, Elizabeth, vice presl-; Mn. Letter Roach, Ollt, member of tho executive committee and Mrs. Clyde Reynoldi, Haxlun, member of the executive committee. Mrs. Even was elected a delegate to the national convention it Jackson, Mils., Aug. 13-17. Dr. William H. Crcswe! ate professor of health and Hazel Johnson, dean en and assistant professoi chology, both ot Colorado Stale j'",,",' i College, will be featured speakers | jw *J»£ · it the Hrbltli E(!ucAlior. r.-osrasi Planning workshop beine held all day Tuesday in the auditorium of the Weld Counly General hospital. Dr. Crcswell will demonstrate so- cio-d r a m a and problem-solving types ot programs. Dean Johnson will speak on Helping People lo Chance Their Health Altitudes and Practices. Mrs. Percy Odle of Kuner. president of the Weld County Health councils, sponsor of the workshop, will preside. At B a.m., Mrs. Kathleen Headrick, public health nurse, r.nd Mrs. Mary Slrieff Palmquisl, dental hyjjicnisl ol Uie Weld County Health department, will share a symposium on Weld counly health problems with a representative of Ihe Weld County Medical society. At 1 p.m., East Central Health council dramatic players ,'liVni llitl |V«" « Ui and OVIT »-«. I Ibi 7-1; broilers or (ores btivy p-p« U. At the Hospital Shi 1 was a m e m b e r of thi. 1 Old . Mission C a l h o l i c church of Vent u r a , Calif., iind a t t e n d e d St, I'c- ler's Catholic church when here. She hari lircn f u r about a innntli. M r s . llcis w a s ; horn Sepl. 2:1, 1881. . Surviving are a son and d a u n h - j ler, .John firJJ uf Vi'nlura, C a l i f . , , and Mrs. Phyllis K r a m e r of Sac- · r a m e u l o , C a l i f . ; and olio ^ r a n d - , child. ! K e c i t a l i o n of the rucary is al. 7;D(J p.m., Thursday al jMacys drawing room. R e q u i e m mass will he Friday al 0 a.m., Icr's, Grove. Admit'cd la U'eld Counly General". hospital Saturday, June 22; Jlrs..TUibcn Wicderspahn, Route H; David and M a r t h a Aim I.onficl, Houlc 3; .lerry Failing. 1302 Sixteenth avenue; Mrs. Bert Sly, Eaton; Susan Gail Pickell, La Salle; Mrs. Ralph D. Clarkson, 1MB Hunter road; M r s . . M c l v i n I,. G a n n , (IIS Twellth street; Ora McCune, Brighton; Williai . .1. l.onq, 915 Sixth slrccl; Mark Anthony inc, LonRinont; Mrs Wendell W. Orr, 2-1-11 Twelfth avenue court; Mrs. Ola D. CraiR, 1321 Seventh street; Arthur Wnshburn, Bnnyen; Howard C. Fickcs, E a t n n ; Mrs. Al Potts, 22(M Ninlh avenue; .lanicc Keener, 131B Ninlh slreet; Mrs. 1'clcr Ehrlich, C23 Tenth avenue. Dismissed: Mrs. Shcryl I,. Klady ?313 Creslwnod d r i v e ; Mrs, B n r l h a MrCnrlhy, A u l l : Kallilccn Porter 2-124 Sixteenth a v e n u e c o u r t ; Mrs. T.iona Al. Campbell, A u l l : Mary Kyc Sutfhrmie., La Salic; M a r l c n c Schmidl. Iloule 2; Victor Frick, Fort Luplon; Richiml Corhctl. IM Mnntvicw drive; Mrs. M a r t i n W. Wilson, Eaton; Daniel Lorcnz, La Salle; Clarence A. Morris, 1121 Fourteenth avenue; Mrs Shelby L. Burke, La Salic; Mrs. Henry Lockman, ZflH N i n l h a v e n u e ; David Karis, IBM Twelfth a v e n u e ; Mrs. William J. G r i f f i n , 1121 Seventh strcel 1 , Mrs. Curlis Drevels and son, 810 Fiflecnlh slrccl; M r s . Balph L. Trnlldl and son, Houlc 2; Jerry Failing, 1302 Sixteenth nvcnue. Admitted Sunday: Mrs. Jess Tl. T)nwne\. 1117 F o u r t e e n t h avenue; Darold E. G l e n n , 2310 Sixlh slrccl; John Waller. 42(1 Twelfth slrcel; Guadalupe Hernandez, Route 2; Austin Ellsworth, 119 Twelfth strc.c.1; Mrs. Lilian L a R u e , 1021 Cranford; Mrs. Oscar A. New, Bnnte 1; Pedro Hcnlcria. 116 N. Fourlepnlh a v e n u e ; Mrs. Elmer C. Tiossman, Ealon; Mrs. Jesse H WriRhton, R t . 2; Dorolhy Howard, 1612'.^ Sevcnlh avenue; Mrs. Leo Norris, . W h e a l l n n d , Wyo.; Charles I A. llalclicr J r . , Greeley; Eldon j t , r n ., Meyer. E v a n s ; G r e n n r y B l a n k s , ! 2101 Eiehth street; F.slchan Cantu I R o u t e 3; G u a d a l u p e Ochon, B c r - 1 thoud. I Dismissed; 'Mrs. Melvin Kinc, 1943 Eifihtli avenue; David and Marina Ann l.eni!el. Houlc 3; S|an-| ley Nii'liol. 1517 Tenth a v e n u e ; Mrs. | Minnir West, 102-1 E i " h t h slrcct; Mrs. Mrlvillo D. M a s t . Johnstown: Mrs. Herman I. I l a R R e t l , 112^ Eiphlh slrccl; Mrs. Cliarles Cahe, ]315 Twenty-sixth si reel road; Mrs. Frank Sanders, 103(1 Cranford; Marv Lou Wcilzcl, T i m n a l h ; Roy K a n d l , .M Allrs Acres; .Mrs. William A. W a l l s , SOG Sxlccnlh slreet; Mrs. R a l p h D. Clarkson, 1008 Hunter road; Mrs. Richard M y r h u m with interment at Heavy Properly Loss In 7 Weld Accidents Properly lUinaw t o t a l i n R 52,110 1 resulted .from sevt-n t r ; i l f i c aci-i- 1 dents Salurdny nnil SuntUiy "in i which no line \viis injured, the ! liifjlnvuy patrol reported. 1 A 1355 1'ontiac driven by Ditvid ; Neil Sllddulh' of Grceley was ilnm- ascd $100 when it struck the led rear d u a l wheel o[ a Iraclortrniler driven by James 0. Hlock of Uollienliiirt,', Neb., Ihi'ee miles west of Clrecley on U. S. M about 7MO n.m. S a t u r d a y . Siiddulh st.-ii-lcd to pass Hie ^semi just as Block made a lefl lurn .it an in- tcrsct'lioM. In anollicr accident on U. S. 3-1 six miles west of (Irccley at 5:40 p.m. Sunday, a 10. r .'l Chevrolet driven uy Herbert J. Huehlioivski | of Denver was (lain.iffctl S20C nnd a ' 19511 Oldsmobile driven by | Slcfel of Nelilili, Neb , S325. Steffi's car hit the rear of Huchkowski's when Ihc Denver man slowed for vehicle t u r n i n g in front of him. A 10'18 Chevrolet truck driven by Eddie Watson of LonRinnnl was damaged S30(l on Colorado liB one mile west of U. S. 87 about 2:15 p.m. Sunday. Tho truck rolled Hurl in Total ot 10 Accidents . . bulk hljb noo! . dow hoice fe ««« good to ivcrsfr 971 Ibs 22 »-M »: ullllly cowl ulllliy f H foniiiiprcl.l bulls cood ItttXr li'dint h«Utri 11.00. Ctlves M: Meaner sopply ·' rllflee ve.lers lolly OMAIH L1VKSTOCK 14.50-15 50; I..M.H.W; , -- rr.j _ lnt * ·leidy il 10.00-Jl.W- Chicago Grain will present a play concerning the climate in the home, Scattered Showers. Purpose of Ihc workshop is to assist officers and chairmen re- !-3 150-170 Endt-1 :o.s:o.7S: No 9UM9.7J: sows mued . 16.Wli.KI ,-sles 400: Fed steel 'Its Caul* li^o* 1 ; vsies wu: rci · ! » « . - -30 MtUer: Iti hellers slrOBK lo i hither: cows uneven, mostly itesdy: bull! veilers slesdv- siot-ker ind feeder i-lssies Ken- erilly slesdy 10 Itronir nujorlly choice steers 22 00-13 23; choice to prime heifers 33.75: utility "d.rommerc,,! COMS 13_7J. CHICAGO i.fl -- Further harvest delays in the Southwest caused buying in wheat futures Mondaj I o n Ihc Board of Trade and pricci Idimbed more than two cents in o j s o m c instances. Strength in wheat spread Into corn, oats and rye, but soybeans were mixed and generally weak most of the time. Sonic points in Kansas and Oklahoma received more than two inches of rain over the weekend. .boot IS lower; fcl.ughter ewes a ly u e i d y i choice 10 prim 31.10-21.7SJ good to choice No 1 pelt Ismbi BI 19.00: cull to good 1 3.00-7.00: food lo lambs 20.30-21.00. "e'er" I3io" 3 23°oo I T n e already backward harveit Early sties nirim iimbi · w ii be delayed even more. : jliorn limbs M lower; C ,I I C A ( I O cnAIN TABLE ind feeder Iambi gene-til- . . . . - _ WHEAT July September December . .WHEAT INew) July September December -- Msrch _J ilirine lambs ilxed old crop arlinss H.OO- jhorn slauRfiier ewes ·holce spring feeder 1.W14 2.07W !.om 2 121i 1.104k 2-lHk !.17i J.lSli :.17H Tbc new oflicers of the Colorado Rural Letter· Carriers' association elected Saturday afttrnoon at its annual convention here are shown above. Sealed left to right «r» Harold Carson, Elizabeth, vice president and Clyde C. Reynolds, Haxtun, president. Standing left to right are tho members of the executive committee, Jim Potter, Grover; Carl Hininger, Fowler, DgWitt Anderson, Springfield and Waller M. Bashford, Wray. Bashford Is the secretary-treasurer. Lester Arbutlmot of Greeley was elected a delegate to the association's national convention at Jockson, Miss., Aug. 13-17.--Tribune photo by Jim Moore. High Court Sets Aside 3 Contempt Convictions WASHINGTON I/? -- The Supreme Court Monday set aside three contempt of Congress con- over on ils top as it was rounding j victims and told the U. S. Court a curve when a water l a n k \ V a l s o n | o f Appeals here lo reconsider the was h a u l i n g broke loose and threw of members of. Ihe union before Senator Watkins ( R - U f a h ) sitting as a Senate Internal Security Subcommittee on Oct. 5, 1951. The i subcommittee was investigating Tour persons were injured in three o[ 10 traffic accidents which occurred in the counly over the weekend, the highway patrol reported. They were Frank A. Elliott, 18, and Sarah Evans, 13, both of Dacono; Ysa Luque, 57, of Firestone; and Drew! II. Cloos, 35, of Forl Collins. Elliott had his right arm cut and the Evans girl suffered back injuries in a car-truck collison on U. S. 87 at the Washington mine about 8:55 p.m. Saturday. Both were taken lo St. Vrain hospital at Lonfimont. Elliott was driving a 1056 Chevrolet, in which the girl was a passenger, south on 87. The auto struck the right side of a 1952 Mack tractor-trailer d r i v e n by James Elmer Jackson of Derby, vho was making a U-turn on the ighway to go south. Elliott applied his machine's irakcs pior to the collision, leav- ng 127 feet of skid marks. The auto was a total loss while the semi's trailer was damaged about ;300. Slate. Patrolman George Miler investigated the accident. Lut[uc suffered a nose injury when he swerved the 1951 Chevrolet he was driving lo avoid "a dog while driving through Firestone about 5:45 a.m. Saturday and the car hit a power pole, breaking ofl pole. The auto was damaged $300, State Patrolman Delphi Padilla, who investigated the acci- denl, reported. Cloos incurred minor abrasions ot (he left leg when the 1956 Ford sedan he was driving struck the rear end of a truck driven by Charles H. Winter of Fort Collins on Colorado 14 eight miles west of Ault about 2:45 p.m. Saturday. Cloos' auto was damaged S400, according to Patrolman Padilla, who investigated the accident. K A N S A S KITV LIVESTOCK Cattle 7.500; calves 600: slaughter steers und hellers uneven: dinner and culur | ( , cowl mostly steady: utillly and commcr-, conN dais Heady; bulls steady lo weak; slock- J(J] tr, and leeder. steady to slrone: sood U ( p , f m b t r and choice fed steers 1200 Ibs do»n 21.00- Dec ember spons,.^ ^J-^^^^^]^,^.!^^'^ ^^ |J!^ _ cowl 13.50-15.50; utility and commercial OATS ' bulls 16.00-17.00; Jjood and choice vcalers i ,,,i v , and slaughter calves 18.00-20.00: mostly c. p i em be/ of nrocrams will be demonslratetl i Eoad arou nd 900 ibs feeders 21.50. I December · · Anyone is WCl- I Hogs iXO: generally sloady »" "". · .. . on h e a l t h subjects for (heir clubs! n d ' o r g a n i z a t i o n s . Unusual types I 1.10 l.Ofl 1 ^ 2.09!h 2.13 1.11'i til's 2.1HV1 2.1611 J.1714 2.19 s * 2.17U 1.18'k 2.HU 2.121J 2.l3li 1.30^ 1.H 1.321'4 1.31 1.27 1.25ai 1.31'r l.iW LJtli 1.331i . 1.32 1.2S1S 1.3IV1 1.33 ts cases in Ilic lifiht of Jast week's . Communist i n f i l t r a t i o n of federal Watkins' decision. truck off balance. A double rear-end collision on | The convictions set aside were I U. S. 87 one mile north of Hart's those al A b r a h a m Flaxer, former Corner about 12:1.1 p.m. Sunday | preside-ill of Ihe now defunct Unit( resulted in d a m a g e nt 525 In n i cil P u b l i c Workers of A m e r i c a ; , I!153 Chevrolet driven by M a r y ' L l o y d n a r c n b l a t t , former teacher Hisling of Houldcr, S«0 lo a 105S | al the U n i v e r s i t y of Michigan and Chevrolet driven by Van Holt C o z - j Vassal- College; and Harry Saeli-, nrl of Denver and S'lOO lo a 195'!! or. New York defense attorney in DcSoto driven by Gloria D. Welch C o m m u n i s l causes, of Sioux Falls, S. D. In Ihc W a t k i n s decision, an- A 1050 Ford driven by Silvern Inouiici'il lasl llond.iy, the Supremo Uurrcl of Kersey WHS damaged I Court said congressional commit- whrii a lie rod broke and Ihe j tecs must be more specific in pul- cotinly road one mile east of t i n tiucslions lo witnesses and Con- couly road one mile cast o f l g r c s s must. Kersey railroad depot about i agencies at the time. |_g U16S specific in.spelling and purposes H. Herman Meyer, 73, of 2317 Sixlh avenue died Sunday night a the Weld Counly Nursing home He had been in ill health for scv eral vcors. He was a retiree on the 10:30 a.m. Saturday. A parked .1952 Chevrolet belonging lo Rex Cnrdt of Greeley was d a m a g e d $35 when il was struck of H o c k Island, III., was nol given by a car being backed by Uonnir | a f a i r o p p o r t u n i t y ' t o know whether ,L Murray ol 1822 Sixlh slrccl a l . l n , was w i t h i n his righls in rc- | l h c AW roul heur sland Ui miles , fu.-.ine lo answer questions he said ·csl of hon- on U. S. 34 about homcstcaded al Palisade, Neb «ey,r moved to I, Salie ,n 1904 Wheels Stolen Off Three Vehicles Here throughout the day come to attend, according to Mrs. Odle. She requests that those who pla nto altend call the Weld Counly Health department, 3696, 50 that enough mimeographed materials can be prepared. The program will ctinuc through the lunch hour and participants are asked to bring their lunches or plan lo eat in the hospital cafeteria. The program ivill begin at 9 a.m., and. conclude at 3 p.m. rows, gills 200-250 Ib 19.25-75; Ibs 15.75-17.00. U. S. No 1-3 No 1-3 325-100 Sheep -1.500: trade not lully e.ilabllsheri: goqd and choice 21.00. MO Ib spring CHICAGO LIVESTOCK UoK's were strong to mostly 23 cents higher Monday In fairly .active trading. Around 130 head of Nn. 1 and 2 205 July ..... _ September __ December . --March ______ May to 215 pound 'Salable receipts nco. Cittle receipts were llehtesl receipts for a Monday Bli chers topped It 320,50. were 7.5.00 head, '" 16.000 head. Home Show Prize Winners Announced Grceley's third Farm, Home and Sport Show closed a successful five-day stand at the Greeley Community building Sunday night. Thirty-four firms had joined to give local residents liberal prizes, top-flight entertainment and a chance to see some of the many aids to modern living and playing sold in Greeley. The firms giving prizes and the winners include: Pfalf Sewing Center: Donna Lew Anderson, 3016 Eleventh ave- inue, pair Weiss scalloping shears; Ruth Hazellon, 2205 Fifth street, pair pinking shears; Mrs. Joe Mc- --,, - - , _ i April 23. Prime 1,4M pound steers topped at J27.00. Cows ware ileady lo slranff. Bulls were 25 lo 50 cents hlghrr. Venlers were fully itefidy. SLackrrj and Itedm were steady, Sheep were moderately active and -itendy on all classes. Receipts were 500 head. *. ........ SOYBEANS July . ~ plember November January March LARD July . ____ September _____ October ___________ November _____ December _________ ANGELES LIVESTOCK illlc 4,500: .Slaughter alters ateidy; i about slffldy; little done on atock- anrt feeders or bulls; mostly choice Ib ateers 23.50: choice 845 Ib ycar- Incs 23.6i; utljlty lo commercial cows 5.00-16.50; uUllly to commercial bulJa 16.00- LB.OO; medium feeder sleers 17.75. Calves 330; slaughter calves stead*; choice near 400 Ib ralves 22.50; good ock steer ralve.i steady at 20.00. Hots 650: Steady: No 1-2 grain fed 200230 Ibs 2150; No 1 sows around 340 Ibs. 17.00. Sheep 125: No early lalee. 1608 Eleventh street, 27 Weiss dressmaker's Four wheels, tires and tubes 'orth a total of S85 were removed from three cars at Ihe Grcelcy Auto Sales at 2425 Sixth avenue Saturday night, police were notified Sunday morning. Two of the wheels were taken off a 19'19 Buick, one off a 1950 Packard and one off a 1949 Pontiac. Two Denver musicians, Johnny Martinez Jr. and Jose E. Lopez Jr., reported the theft of auto accessories from their cars while the vehicles were parked in front of (he state armory here Saturday evening. Lopez had Iwn hub caps worth S15 taken off his 1952 Ford while Martinez complained Ihe front and Farland, par No. scissors. Joslin's: Harold Dillinger, 11900 East Seventeenth avenue, Aurora, 1957 Norge dryer. Hamilton plan: Mrs. Julia Drobnitch, 2538 Sixteenth avenue court, Westinghouse electric roaster. Tupper Ware: Mrs. Roger Meek, Route 1, PlaUeville, set wonder bowls; Joyce Anderson, Route 2, Eaton, set two ounce tumblersjiJean Lolo/f, Kersey, set kit cups. Culligan Soft Water Service; Velma Devanna, 1018 Eighteenth avenue; Charles K. Sumerau, 512 Center, Evans; Carol Cross, Kersey; Hazel Lang, 1309 Twenty- .hird avenue, free installation and ;hree month's service. George's Frame and Axle Service: Steve Stamakas, 1422'Elev- enth avenue, water skis and rope. Campus Music Store: Mrs. Alberta Hatcher, 206.Twelfth street, three-speed record player and alb u m ; Mrs. Violet Sly, 1212 Ninth street and Mrs. Richard Kuntz, northeast of Evans, albums. Lew Dakan and Company; M. R. Grey, 1517 Eleventh avenue, $100 discount on a Lindsay auto He had lived in Greeley the pas hack radio aerials on his 10-18 two years. .Meyer was H mcinhnr of the First Baptist church of La Salle. not pertinent lo Ihc inquiry the Eighth road lour miles easl of I Ihe House C o m m i t l e e nn Un-Amer- 8:40 p.m. Sunday. In an accident on strcel Orecley at 10:30 p.m. Sunday, a , in.W notice driven by Kenneth p. I Williams of Motile '], Gill, was , d a m a c c d SSO and a l!Mfi Dodge ! u n d e r way. \ V n l k i i i s was Surviving are Martha Meyer; his wife, Mrs. four children, questioned b e f o r e ' M r s - M y r a ' K r i o R e r of La Salle; Mrs. Dorothy Osier of Derby; Mrs. ! "" and l i a m Saboiirin W l - l r i v c n by .lose H. nebolerano of ; Jr. and d a u g h l c r , Gill S75. The sidrswipr.d "-ing cast, inn FourLrcnlh a v r n u c ; Mrs. Walter 0. Strnt.qhl and d a u p h l c r , 1J-02 I Ilcbelorano \vcsl. Eiqhtli strcel; Mrs. Kupcnc A r c h i - 1 hpquc anrf Min, Pierce; Mrs. OlanrJ I Arpcnlina has .illornled S.i2,fino,- T^hnadcs and *nn, P l a t l n v i l l c ; Guy I 000 to f i n n n c p liiRhway projects in H. Davis, 710 Twelfth street. I lfl, r .R-62. lean -\clivitie.s, as was Barcn- Charlotte Gaclzhe of Nedcrland nnrt Gerald 3[eycr of Grcclcy; two brothers and hvo sisters. Hrrbcrl Cherokee, Okla., Fred of La Salle, Mrs. Helen Reck of Portland, Ore., and M r s . Emma Schimpf of Spokane, Wash.; nnri eiphl ^randehilriren. Funeral services will he held at 3:30 o'clock Wednesday after- c m l i l a l l . T h e c o n t e m p t actions a g a i n s t Flaxev nnrt Saclier prew i ··· their appearance before I h c ' of Secunly Subcommittee. Chevrolet were broken and heari- lipht ornaments worth 510 stolen off the vehicle. The thefl of a 510 self service newspaper stand from in front of a motel at 105 Eighth avenue was reported by Howard Caslcr lo police Sunday morning, also. Caster said Ihc sland possibly had 52 in cash in it. uto-Motorcycle | n j ures J W Q ' filiod Sl.lllin. His organization was a union of federal, stale and municipal employe.--, The c o n v i c t i o n stemmed from Klaxrr's refusal In produce a list Hi-fi and TV SALES and SERVICE Weld County Garage Phone 32 NIGHT CALLS -- PHONE 4781J I Stork Express i I Horn to Mr. and Mrs. Carl C. Srhollrnhorc nf E.ilon ,1 d.iuuhlrr Sunday. J u n e 2.1, at Weld Counly | General noon from Mncys drawing room, with interment al Linn Grove. Friends may make conlrihulinns to Ihe Baplisl Missionary Society in lieu of flowers. Louisiana Offshore Boundary Dispute Decision Is Postponed lorcycle collision al Wcsl Ninlh strcr-l and Eleventh avenue in Evans near the Evans high school shout 7:,10 p. m. Sunday. Hatcher incurred multiple con tusions and abrasions and Meyers a laceration of Ihc lefl knco. pns sifole fracture of the lcf( hip anc lacerations of tht face. Th?y were bronchi by an , - son ambulance lo Weld County Born lo Mr. and Mrs. Donald , General hospital, where both were lloffnrr of Houlc 1 a son Sunday, | W A S H I N G T O N Ml -- The Sti-! admitted. .lunc 2n, «t Weld Counly General preme Court Monday pui off a d o - ' The accident \vas investigated by hospital. ] cision on Ihe offshore boundary : the E-ans town marshal and details dispute between Louisiana and the could nol he learned Monday. Horn lo Mr. anrl Mrs Ktipcnc federal govrrniucnt. j - Kishcr of Forl Uiptnn a son M o n - : The dispute is whether I.nuisi-| M a r r i a g e L i c e n s f i day, ,lune 2.1, at Wold Counly Gen- ana's ownership o[ oil-rich sub-; Robert Neil Rangol Jr. and Mary cr.ll hospital. · merged lands extends seaward j F. Phillips, bnlh o[ Greeley. Ihrcc leagiies-or aboul 10 m i l e s -- j I.oon Joseph rtattcriiold of Den- Ilorn to Mr. and Mrs. Hn.Yinr.nd ' a s Ihe slale claims or only Ihrec v e r ' n n d Perry M c A r l h u r Cilrson of Charles Hatcher, 26. of Greeley and ftldon Mryers, 15. of Ev.ins. were injured in an automobile-mn- a free malic water softener Flexalum door hood. .19 Inch of Rain Here on Saturday Evening i'VKR BRANS ineral bid lo frowen for 195G crop pinlos, Denver rale basis aelllnc 7.75-H.OO lor U. S. No 1 and 7.50-7.75-for U. S. No. 2: Great Northern Nebraska rale basis celling 6.10 lor U. S. No 1 and 5.B5 for CHICAGO BUTTER AND EGGS Butter steady; wholesale buying prices nchanRGd; 93 score AA 59; 92 A 59; 90 B 56'/i; 89 C 53; cars 90 B 57; C 55W. . unselllrtl: receipts 10.900; whole- buying prices unchanged lo 1 lower; 65 per. cent or belter a white 29: mixed 29; mediums 27; standards 2B; dirties 25V; checks 25; current receipts 26W. DENVER P O T A T O E S . Total U. S. shipments Fri 7M, Rut CiVS. flih, °; S;, 0 Sd VedJ;A 5v Cri id Uons to " ound * Points. .66i .671'. .70*1! .72i .73 1.25 1.S7 . .69!. .7H. .7J 1.29li 131% , .67 .7014 .721* .73 1.24 l'30J4 1.3Jli l.!A __ 2.3-IW 2.33H z.3SIi _. 2.291a J.2B',i J.291. -- 2.26 2.25 2.2SM 2-29K 3-2B34 2.29H _. 2.33 2.31!i 2.3214 13.07 13.50 13.25 12.65 13.30 12.77 13.25 12.97 12.50 13.20 12.M 13.25 12.57 U.SO 13.20 CHICAGO CASH GRAIN 1 V/neal No 1 red sarllcky 1.53M. rora No Z yellow with mixed ill t extra 1 yeUow No 1 heavy while 7U4-74. No vy white 7444, soybeans No Indiana 2.26. Barley nominal; Malluis eholee: 1.30-401 feed: 85-1.00. KANSAS C1T7 CASH GRAIN off 1V lo up 6!4l ark hard new 2.20- 2.19-2.20W; No. 2 red 202 . . hard a n d 2.21V.; N o . 3 n e w . . . new and lough 2.16; No. 3 . new and touch 2. IB; Corn 84 cars; generally up 1 lo 5; No. while 1.60-1.70N; No. 3; No. 2 yellow mLved 1.41; No. 3 1.3B-1.40N; Oats 2 cars; up 2 cenld; No. 2 whit* 68.75N; No. 3 66-74N; Milo maize 2.15-2. 19N. Rye 1.15-1.1BN. Barley 98. Bran 33.7i-34.50. Wall Slreet NEW YORK W! - Stock market losses deepend late Monday afternoon with oUs and chemicals taking about the sharpest losses, Volume mated at compared day. Key stocks were off from frac- for Uie day was esli- around 2,000,000 shares with 1,970,000 on Fri- 3J; on Lrack 43; true kin a Ariz. 9, CalU. B, Colo. 1. Market sllghlly weaker; 100 Ib sacks U. S. No L aize A unlras otherwise slated; Am. round reds U. S. No I 2 903.25; Jong whJtcs U. S. No 1 size A CxlK. 3.00; Jew 3.25; Aril, mostly 3.00. for NEW T O R E DRESSED MEAT Compared willi Thursday: Pricei most classes nominally aleady. Compared with Monday, Ihe week pre'ious: Steer beef 50^1.50 off; cow beef id lower; calf ,1.00 lowerj veal si 00-2 00 off; spring lamb 2.WM.OO lower; old crop lamb 1.00-3.00 off; prime steer carcases 600-BOO Ibs 42.00-44.50; prime veal 90-120 Oklahoman Need Not Show Tax Returns in Colorado Court DENVER (fl -- Colorado's Supreme Court ruled Monday that the state's courts lack authority lo compel an Oklahoma man to produce his income tax returns in connection with a law suit between two oil companies. The Oklahoman is A. L. Solliday of Tulsa. He has not been in Colorado during the litigation. A Denver'District Court ruling had directed SolJiday to present tne income lax returns as part of a deposition hearing. In another ruling the Colorado Supreme Court upheld the right Local showers brought as much of Alaska to extradite Mrs. Aud- STOCK AVERAGES Compiled By The Associated Press June 24 30 13 U (0 Indust R a i l s UU1 Slockj Net chanfe. D1.4 D0.« · DO 9 D I 1 Monday 257.2 122.7 73 3 1BD.2 Prcv. day 26B.6 123.1 71.2 1B1.4 Week ago 275.6 126.3 76.4 1B6.3 Monlh ago - 167.6 124.2 77.2 182.9 Year ago 253.2 140.6 72.5 IBl.a Local Market (Corrected to Jun* 24) Wheat, bu. ' _ ^$ Oais, cwu Barley Pinto beans, cwt. Butterfat A large eggs A medium eggs Heavy hens * Heavy Lights Light hens S2.10 S2.00 J8.00 5Gc 30c 28a _lOc .-_8c WELCOME Summer Students For the Best as .19 ot an inch of moisture lo scattered parls of Weld county Saturday evening. The rain cleared the skies for one of the few cloudless, pleasant Sundays the county has enjoyed this wet spring. The .19 was measured at the rey I. Cutting, charged with larceny as bailee in the territorial courts. The court, in another case volving Mrs. Cutting, upheld Denver District Court in dismissing. SI,400.000 suit for slander and i Creclcy Public Service company i libel which she brought against gauge. The.Greeley Great Western 26 persons. factory measured .15. North in the county neither Nunn j nor Briggsdale r e c o r d e d any I moisture bul Ealon had .08 o[ an inch. South of Greeley neither Kecnes- burg nor Brighton had any moisture but Forl Lupton recorded .03 . o[ an inch. i The Windsor Great Western factory had .06 of an inch of rain at 7::10 p.m. DRY CLEANING SEE CLARK'S I N .M E MO R I AM Brown of R o u t e 4 a rlauchlor Mon- miles as tho fjovrrnn.rnt conlrnds. | Grecloy. day. .June 2-1, at Weld County Gen- I W a l t r r j cral hospital. Pe;in Small and Anna USE THE T R I B U N E WANT ADS'Youise Whillaker, both of Grcelcy. I PETERSON In memory of Dorothy Peterson, who ji.isHp'J flivay June 2.1, 1.150, The flowers we place upon your prnvft M a y w i l h p r an.l deray, But love for you whc sleeps hen o a l h Will never f a d e R\vny. Sadly missrd hy her family. Mommy, paririy. Brothers and Sisters Welcome Summer Students from HERB'S STANDARD SERVICE Three Locations To Serve You '401 8th Avenue Phone 322] 1201 8th' Avenue Phone 4056 '2201 8th Avenue Phone 3217 *TWO OFFICIAL BRAKE AND LIGHT STATIONS

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