Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico on June 22, 1951 · Page 6
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Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico · Page 6

Las Cruces, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Friday, June 22, 1951
Page 6
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PACE SIX · '' LAB CBUCE8 (Hi M.) SUM-HEWS Friday Evening,; June 22..19S1 -News Old 'Change Of Scenery' Line Turns Oul Red Hoi For Traded Players - By .TACK HAM) (AhMifrfitrU I'n-ss S|mrtK W r i t e r . " Saul Rotfovin, Bob Cain, Sum f.'lmpnmn, Tommy Brown and Don Jolm.son know It was tun: v.'lien th« 7mm saId:' "All you need Is h i-liiiniie of scenery." MouL l).'ill plnycvn lu-nr tlial rhfuilcKH mcHHii|;r* from llio front f i f f l c i - sooner or later. U.Hiuilly U'n tin.' ItiHK of rli'.nth, mctiiiitif; yojt'rtj through, liuii. Got moving. In thf cfiKes of KoKlvln. Ci nmpinaii, ftrown and JiiliiiHon it Hi-fins. ip.ipcim.Uio liawn of n new life', Thoy'rc; ictMiul. rliolu", Off Vnnlw 1, lV't'lvln.,t.;ndc(i by Detroit to Olih-iigovMiy Ki. -cholted off the Nc-\\' Vorh'YanUpns with foUr hlt.s, 5-2. ii-HlohtiK t l l ( l White Sox' load 1" : * '/2 K (IIJ1(!H - IL wns ' ll!l l ' 1 ' 1 ' 1 ' win mid fifth .complete finma In hl« lieu* uniform. '2. Cnln.. nont to' Detroit In Ihu Hn(;lvin do/il, poliBhed "off 1'Iiila- iiflplilii £i-:t, hln f i f t h win lilncR !m l.-ft Chicago. ;t. Cliapirtan, fiold t'i Cloviilnnd by Phlladtiljilihi in mid May, r.'iiiKhl fffp. at Kcnway )oik In (In- Trlliu'fl 8-1 victory. Ho drove lifting three with fi doiiblu inid I hen jilulc hoiiHi In th(! inning L i i t r i hit knorlted in ;molh;r nm. .Since lie jftliunl th; IndlniiH ht h:is h i t four huiiRTB. .With UK- A'.s hi* }ind nnnr, . . · Caiiiif Thnl So-ncry 1. Hiown. i he prrpt'tual Juvonlli! linpp HijHnioldyn. finally h«urd llio "r)iiinno h 'of Krcnt'ry" roullno Junt! 7 when th;- Dod^orfs ttold him to Die Phlhi. initialled at Nt'ooml IHIHO by Kddlt; SawytT, Jio cnina tliruuijli Tfioy're famous! They're finer/ ^ SPORT SHIRTS /n iljorf »l«»vfi or font $4.25 lo $7.95 liovt ll la Bunlwood lo girt you llnti .fintr iMrlmaUng dilmlu trlm-filllna ilt.Y. placVih, top bullon loop lor imoolh Icy-low tii'lor f.l and rfou. lit bullon tiini. Add thli to iti* full (vl, tuiy-rillln|) |ln*i an* 1 y«» lm» a truly flntr ipoil thlil. T-Shirts - $2.50 to $3.95 LIAR'S LODGE 108 S. M.ln Phone 1029-W with rt'"{(i-aml ,nlani home run in ycstcrday'.s 10*5 romp over Pl ; burgh. fi. Johnson, L-lickinff for Ills old Ynnkfit; hofss. Bueky HarrlH,.no\ iliflt both arc In \VnHhinnlon, turn' 'cl In n Hlx-hltter against-St. Loim UiKt n i g h t for hln third ntrniKhl win D-2. In hetC'wnen tho Yanlo mid Sonaloi'.s, Juhiiscn dk) a Lnn with St. 1-ouiH whkh .told him to Wu.ihlriKton Moy 2(1 Rucmitly traded Nlimi did not rati! such Important rolns In the other ninjor Ir-fiRiic K'""^ .VCKtcr- ilay whon Hie HI. I/HiiH Cards' Gerry Htalcy hlnnknd the New York Giants 2-0, on five liltH find Brooklyn's I'rcnchpr Hoe .spun hJK 10th MtnifRlit by snhduinK Cincinnati, (i-1,' with n i n i l i - l n n l n g help from c«rl Ernklnc. ]{jiincl Out A Hchedulcil BoHlon nt Chicago j,'nine In the NuLlunul VVHH rained out after one timing with the IJntvcH on tnp 3-0. Rogivln'M brilliant performance at YankiM- «tndium, enabling ye.'i- tcrilny \\'a« n blf; win for tins ^Vllite Sox, fiiablliifi: t h e m to nplit a vital lien on the roiirl. Utlltt Nellie I'ox and Red llobin- n U'd the l.'i-hil blnst tif^ilnHl Spue Slum and two othcnt. After Fnx openntl with (i tripli; ami KC-OI- ed on n fly. the YanltH never did catch up. dOHpllc iwo homnrs by lohnny Mlzc. Wrigley Demands New Charter For Chandler's Post NEW YORK. June 22 W -- P. K. WriKlpy, Jr., owner of the Chicago ('iilm, called today for a new rlf-r for tin 1 bnwball eoniniiti- Hinnri-'.s job IIH a seuirli for a mic- ·HBsnr to A. U Cliiindk'i 1 bc-fjun "Hcfore wn can pick tho man we muni decide what Ihe Juh is," said Wrif;li-y 4n n telephone iiitorviow fiom Chicago. "Up lo now the du- tii-H have been n t ' K H t l v u . The ho.-w- mll cominisHioner ^lunikl not l)c i polk'eman. He hliould be a leader." Chandler rcsi^m-d cffertive July 15. At H i n t Until control of hall will jm.HH inlo t h e hands of an cxcc.utlvc fOinnilUi'tt cnmposed nf I Will llnrridfie, Amerlnin l.eaf;ue H l i h i r i t ; Foul Prick. National R U U pre.sident; Tom Yawkey, iton Hi;d Sox; and Warren Oile.i, CinciniuUl Ri.'dn. \Vrlnli-y IH a niomhcr nf the icreenln^ coinniitter appointed to ilfl ciindldnteH for Chiindlfi-'H Job. There, have been two trends of thuuulil In litiRGhnll. One in lo pel n a t i o n a l fi(-im i . The name of Jim irley, former pontma.sti:r general, Ims been heard most frequently In this connexion. The other, is to net n baHchall man. George Thuut- inan, head of the minors, probably It-tids tbl.H list. "Tin; plelnre has clmnKod completely in Ihe 31 youvt! since. JmJu« ICenesaw Mountain LandiK becamn our fiiiil rominlsalonor." sjtlil Wrij;ley. "Wo need a new net of Hp(*rl(lculion» for iho job. When ! ALL'S'JAKE WITH HIM NOW By,Alm Mov«r W/IO WELCOMES JAKE LA MOTTA Sports Briefs Hy The Assnehit)-d I'n-ss St. LonlH -- Bill Veeck bought the St. IjOiti.s Browns on the condition that he he permitted lo purchase the bulk of ilic stock. GOLF Philadelphia -- Louise SUaggs, Patty Bert,'. Pat O'Sullivan, and Marjorle Llndsuy jjnined the semifinal of Women's Western Open TCNMIS I^ondon -- llcrbic Flam of^Bev- rrley Hills, Calif., Jidvanced to .semi-finals of tlio London chnm- plonshlp by .defeating Sweden's Torsion Johansson, G-.'I, 4-G, 12-10. R A C I N G New York -- Saxony ($(51.50) won Shelter Island allowance at Helmonl park. Wilmington, Del. -- Mttlinnn f$;i.!U)} captured KaliHbury purse ai Delaware park. Chicago^-- Jumbo (.TH2.00) won Olytnpln purse nt Arlington park. Hoston -- Theater Pass (Jl'J.- 1*0) captured feniure. at Knffolk Downs. · , , {$·5.30) won Yankee Valor purse at Hollywood park. we gflt Una wo cnn decide, on n man to fit. llicin." Others on t t l e HtTceninf; comntll- c willi WriBley nre Del Well!) of le New Vovl! Yanttces, ICllia Rylin r Hie Ctcvelniut IiutiaiiH ntid Lou rinl of llio Boston Braves. H«" IT'S H A R D TO CIKT "POP"HAS IT CACTUS PACKAGE STORE C. E. "Pop" ll»an Liquors . Wines - Heera 201 S. Church, IJis Cmces, N. M. OPEN 7 P. M. _ SHOW STARTS 7:40 EVERY, N1TE I Kid. Undtr 12 Free When Wlih P.renUl I M.KK Off U.5,60 ON COUtCt RWO- TONITE SATURDAY NIGHT! COLOR 8POHT8 fc LATEST NEW1HEELI Cruces Riflemen To Enter Natch Held At El Paso A ' l c i i m of Las Cruces riflemen will depart eaily tomorrow morn ing for the', opening of thu Fai Southwest Rifle association machos in El Paso. Scheduled for the El Paso Rifl? and Pistol club range, the mitlcl will .feature 40 shooters- in a 2- day meet. ..I. W. VanNoy, president of the Las Cruces Pi'sol and Rifle asso r elation, said at least one tea-tn and possibly more will represent .. Cruces at the match. . ' . , · * ; , VanNoy was recently, elected to his post. Going Into office" wit( him are Rupert (ihisholm.-i'vlcj president.; Bob ' Myei's, 'secrelnryr treasurer; Chalmer ..'.Elfrpj';.; reelected executive, officer,.- .;'," ,-At i'11 Paso. Ih? : \Vjmbe]dbn;Atro- phy match wit.h-20 shots-prone n.l 1,000 yards, will open ' the; meet Other matches. f include PnclMnjj company: trnphy.'v 2^maD loam match, -Mnot'e troptiy. '.i\.i\\ individual chiimpionshin niatch. Proving Ground Team Skims By Cleaners, 7 To 3 Two games, wound up the week's nlay:_!ast.night in the Adult soft- lallleague. ' ' · Myers company defeated a hast- ly^constructed . t e a m ' 7-0 . i n the 'irst game a f t e r the scheduled ap-, inent, Las Cnicps Furnllure/fall? 1 to appear. Players were made 1 iip^from - a number of team members' who were at the park in time ; .to piny. In the second ! game,'" White inds Proving Ground defeated ;nlhern Cleaners 7^-3 i n - ' a tight ec saw game that ran three innings without a run,': '. .;^-' j \ · .' Holds Scoreless : Pitcher Wofford for Cothorns icld the WSPG team to a score- en fourth inning when Hen Boyn took over on the mound. S'.'nr- ng hegau in t h e ' f o u r t h ' a n d left th« Cleaners trailing at the end of fjame. . Play in the Adult league resumes Tuesday following the : end of Hie Senior league game. Schedules for the games will be published in Sunday's Sun - News, showing games Tuesday, Thursday, · and Friday nights. One game on each of the above nights will be plaj'Qd stalling with Tuesday's opener. Tnrrentine Motor company team lefealed Columbian' Squires, 14-8, n Senior league Softball play last night. Allows Five lilts Winning pitcher .Mike Cnrrillo allowed five hits through the game against nine allowed by Squires pitcher D. Lincoln. Top-hitter for the victors was Diaz, who tagged 3-for 4 including a home run. Runner-up in the hat- ting' tallies was Padilla with 2 for 1, a single and a homerun. Squires hitter was Rudy Estrada with a 3-3 count. In. the Junior league, C. R. Anthony forfeited to Popular Dry LAS CRUCES The Stor? of Good .Spirit! PUNCH HOW!*! GUI'S A N D OLASSKS; 1--OR WEDDINGS ^our Family. I-'scKage Store 334 S.'MAIN..- " . ^.MISSION I *« .. . . i i . n . . . Admission 50c - iOc - lOc Phone 413 S T A R T I N G T O N I G H T : ! ' FIRST HUN : '- '"· ·'. THE MOST SENSATIONAL PICTURE OF THE YEAR! WHCftEMD · ' If CO/ME FftO/M? HOW DIP If GET HEW? WHAT (S If? FIRE Can't Burn It -. BULLETS Can't Kill It . .- ..'. ! '"' 'PU8 THIS SECOND FEATURE \ ' By The Ass(M!liit«i NATIONAL W. I- PCT. Brooklyn New York St. Louis Philadelphia, Boston Cincinnati Chicago Pittsburgh Friday's 38 20 34 29 31 20 29 .30 29 31 .655 -.540 .517 .492 .483 28 30V.483' 85 .30,"-"J55 2l'";'36'; }S68'; ' ^.''' / £ ; - · Brooklyn at .Pittsburgh (night) New York at Chicago Philad'phia at Clncinna'ti'lnigiit) Boston at Sfj. -Jnlght)! , ·Thursday's Results ;.i' ·-··.·· ]:\ '|/.; Brooklyn. 6,'Cincinnati ,4v: '4 \ St. Louis 2 ' NewkY.drk-V/0 \J. '* ' Philadelphia itf, Pittsburgh 5" Boston at Chicago7 postponed, rain. - · AMKHIOAN'" ' W. Chicago . 40 New York ' . 3G Boston ,. 34 Cleveland - ., 32 Detroit. '28 Washington,; . 23 Philadelphia,-. 20 39 ' :339 St. Louis ··'·, 19 39 .328 Kriilay's Sdirahiji- , . Chicago at,Boston ( n i g h t ) ' ,. Cleveland'at..New York (night) St. Louis at'Philadelphia (night) Detroit .at Washington (night) Thursday's Results' Chicago 5. New York 2 Cleveland S, Boston 4 Washington D, St. Louis 2. Both Lou Gehrig and Joe Dimaggio missed out by one point in winning minor league hatting titles. Gehrig hit .369' for Hartford in 1924. DIMaggio hit. 398 for San Francisco in 1935. High SCIM! Rtta Perlor»en Open Fourth FFA Mm SANTA' ROSA, June 22--1*1-High school rodeo performers from over the state today' opened the fourth-annual .New Mexico Future Farmers of America and'prep rodeo. ' , Contestants, tying for a place in. the. National High School Ro : deo in Sulphur, La., - in August, hall from 22 communities. '.' The''05 'participants have some tough jinnrlts to shoot .at.. Last year- Bill Arnett. of Clovis was timed .at,;13:8 in fce tie down. Don Rvi(herford';had(a^time' of '3.1 s^c- onds'jn" the break-away. .And Ar- nctt-also was timed at 14',9'in calf L. POT. 19 .678 22 ..621 25 .576 27 '.542 28 .500 33 .411 ] Goods. The Anthony men did not j have enough players to field a learn. Minor Leagie Resilis : '^ " ' . SOUTHWEST, INTERNATIONAL I.EAGDK Tijuana' 7, ^lexical! fi Las Vcgaa 4. Yuma 2 'El Paso 11, Tucson 4 , Phoenix ··12, Bisbcc-Douglas 10 Juarez 0, El Ccntrp 5 (11 in "hings) WESTERNLEAGUE Sioux City 4, Omaha 2 · .Denver 2, Colorado 'Springs 0 (Other games' postponed) WEST TEXAS-NEW MEXICO Albuquerque: 6, Pampa 1 Abilene IVAmarillo 4 Luubock 14. Cloyls 13 . , FOR Self Service AND General Laundry THY HIGHWAY 85 . LAUNDRY . Mr. and Mrs. Noe,'Owner* Phone 357-J ] unlap% June MEN'S SUMMER Regular $32.50 to $45.00 MEN . . . HERE IS A REAL SAVINGS . . WITH SEVERAL MONTHS AHEAD TO WEAR TROPICAL WEIGHT SUITS, DUNLAP'S SAVE YOU UP TO $20 ON THESE FINE CREASE-RESISTANT RAYON SUITS. Vou will wonf of least two of this low price. Single o n d double breasted sty lei in all sizes for regular, -short, long and stovts. Handkerchiefs All white, wide hem-stitched hem, fine count, vcpnlar I5c. 12 tor $1.00 Men's T-Shirls All whlto combed cotton, henvy wcifiht, 'sizes S-M'L, regulnr- ly OSc. 69c Men's Briefs Knitted cotton, tupft vcln- forccul, nil t'lnst ,-Avftist, si7.QH,S,-M-l Uttfiulftrly filln. · 44c CLEARANCE THE SHIRT BUY OF THE YEAR! famous milker's' quality shirts. Whites 1 -- solids -- patterns -- san- forised TM fine broadcloth -- woven stripes -- end on end mid novelty fabrics. Sires 3-1 to 17. These shirts were made to. retail for $7.95 f i n d - rnpingy z:-. '.-^^·;·'·· -;·: :; ^-,' r '' · . . . . 1 The 'rodeo 'runs"through SunUay.j Prizes ran'ge : rrorivhand-.toolod sad' dies to .Hertford heifers.. · Directing, the,show is Jack H i t - " son of'I"ort · Sunnier 1 .. John of Clayton and Hoyt Lewis of Las . .Vegas. arc .the cutting horse contest judges. "' ;''" ·'·. : IT'S COOLER INSIDE AIR CONDITIONED RIO GRANDE ·* LITTLE ·TM%lflHT P L A Z A * Tonight Saturday 2 Technicolor Hits = i. KBn^K~~ · mmw acf^j^^ DDK am uiHMMism FHWVER OOBDOM MacRAE mm.'----"·*! Iffl^** WlosiE ! O'RAPV : Rio Grande SUNDAY - MONDAY W. S P E C I A L ! "Truth . or ' Consequences" The Famous Television Film of Ralph Edwards' Actual Television Show from Trulh or Consequences (Hcf Spr'ngs), New Mexico ON OUR SCREEN STATE STARTS SUNDAY ALL FI'HST RUN P L A Z A SUNDAY - MONDAYl OOCMKMIl TI ·«nuu» ALL IN COLORII

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