The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 11, 1937 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 11, 1937
Page 2
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PAGE TWO CPlJHI$l NEWS THUHSDAY, NOVISHMKK 11,-1937. Dressy Afternoon Frock Social Calendar FRIDAY'S pVENTS Elmwood' 'pem.etery' 'Association meets faith /Mrs. T- ?•' SSW °" HJgh>yay '}?/ & 2:3Q o'plock. ''Statedmeeting .of' O. E. S. at lial! al 7:30 o'clock tor pot Muck supper. Dorcas Sunday school .class of First Baptist- Church- meets '2:30 o'clock a]t 'Mrs. I'rank simnipns, !J18 Vest Walnut street. Literary department: of Use Wo- nan's club meets at club, house at 2:30 o'clock: ' '• ' FLAPPER FANNY By Sylvja © BV «t » SERVICE. we- '• V- ««• "• »• rAr - °' r - Jljtr JJar£are.t- {ifgk .... , ^ L'pniplimciijed at parly Tiie p'fst cf 'i riujiiber of affairs planned for Miss MaVgarel Keck, prior to her marrijige tp Don P. ;mith during the Yuletide holi- davs,' was given yesterday after- iipijn \yhen Mrs. Hefiry Hupiphrey enteriained with a bridge ' lunch- con and kitchen shower. Shades of yellow, fi'oin pale le- :jqn to d"ep gold and blcndi of a\ri)dci and puiplc were com lined In an effective deep'alive scheme Pight of the 1G tuesk were suteO at the dining table , vhich nad a centerpiece Ql i chrsEantlfcmujns and bouquet tap j crs TJie place cud fa\ors weiei tni} flo\\ei pots wrapped m told celloplwjie made horn mints and miniature Ijoutonmeres and Miss K»cks' place \vas marked a Uidc and" bridegroom Small (luncheon tables \\ere used in the ing rcorn which had bouquets c Us son the mums in Hie same | contrasting shades, foi othei occ •rations.'"• "..', [ For the bridae games, the tallies •rid" score pjf.ds 'were hi keeping ..jilli 'the' kitchen shower scheme. fvlrs.-Meyer Brab'er' 'won the' high "ajfp'.prize, a lunchepn set, Mrs. • 'W^'McGutcben received hand- r «-cbiefs'' for the cut prize and fih'e 'ofme elect 'was presented hgS: lory. Pits pf News tyostly Personal ' The"- After the game, Miss Keck was [showered with gifts for t]j; kltcn- /i. '-'.'.''' "Included in 'the- guest*. y.'as ^I'ss KjckV alinl, Mrs. L. >V. SVnlters, fof 'Osceofci. 1 ' "•' .".'• « .* t • ilirs Mary Wood lo William p. fiioycj e"-'.w'eHdmg of" Miss i Mary tfS, _, daughter of : Mr. : and Mrs. piimes i Wood "Harrington. -of Mail- anna, .lo- William "Emory 'Glover, t'lio or Maria iina, will take ljlac,e Thursday',' 'N'qv.' 18,' at ll' o'clock " "the,.:. First Presbyterian Church erei' -it has ben announced.' ' H Mr. .Glpycr, who is' tlie£)}rpUiei bf- Wijlpughby'Heinphlll Glover to. Ihis ciiy, has 'Visited 'here;. " - jliinuiuyr li(u\ \ «, USKI >' m i<.' 11i ui_i p ur cf little for its Mrs. W. M. Taylor spoke on "Davi:! O. Docid, -young Boy'Hero". ' Trie "chapl'er sang '"Arkansas" .with Mrs. Fred Haniin, a guest, playing the piano. The hostesses served fruit salad and cake. 1,1 III! ith thib. Quick?\\'c Mr. and Mrs. H. Wcl)l> returned to ll'iclr hpnie In Kzr'f. yesterday after spending u ciay and iiight here. IJcijnnn Carlelqn Is 111 Lake Villnge ' today visiting ills parents. Mrs. O. H. Dcl/ong is Improving aftcf $ s.erlpus illness frpjij "fy- Npll.ey HniTis, pf New y.ork j visited here 'yesterday. Mrs. pan 'jFyle'r. of Maiden, Mo i:; spending the week with her •sister. MIS. O. II DcLpng, and Mr. DeLont;. Mrs. E. E. Wllbourn. of Kara- could, who has been visiting h'e> [Inijghtcr. Mrs. Harry Klrby,, and Mr. Kirby, returned home yestei clay with Mrs. W. C. Wlibouiii anrt Mrs. J. E. Wllbourn of Pa.rago.uld, \v)io attended tiie Wednesday Br[d2c club yesterday at tlic home I Of Mrs. Klrby. Mr. anji Mrs. C. A. Cunningham Urc 'l)> LUlle Rock. Mis. W- A. Bluck of Vicksburg, Mi's--., aiid Oklahoma City, .Okla., Ifaa t'qiie tp Vlcksburg after spending the week end here with Mr. and 'Mrs. Fnrnsworth plnck. Mr. n'nil Mrs! Black took her'to Mem- "pnis ''rim! relumed hoine ijy . Cov- i)iglpn. \vliere tliev vi'slted frlenclr,, ' Mr. nnd Mrs. W. J. Po|lard \vl)l nt't.enJ the' Mississippi-Arkansas ic requested to .'s home before 9 o'clock (hit morning. Those who have a means of conveyance are asked to take some one. ?>fe. Chr.-.les 'Lutes assisted by :ier"sister. Mrs. Hiitchlngson, served refreshments coffee and cake. of sandwiches, Rev. Singleterry Officiated The'Courier Nc\vs lias been advised thai Iho Rev. \V.'p. Slngle- lerry. pastor of tjie' Eiill Gospel church,, officiated at fuiicral services for Billy Lynn ttolljrook yesterday instead of the Rev. N. H. Rhodes as staled in an account of liie death and services yesterday. . Wayne Gray Heads . Caruthersville Roll Call CAHUTHERSyilAK. Mo., Npv. U ; —The Rev." Wayne W. Gray, locsl ' Presbyterian minister, has been appointed as the caruthersvillechair- inan for the annual Red Cross Roll Cill drive', which began here today, according to an announcement, yesterday by W. D. Byrd. Pcmiscot county chapter chairman. The Bugle Calls The bugle calls! Qu|ck, meij. arise) You, Smith, wipe tose tears from your eyes! You are n soldier now. And must heed not the dead you sec. Yes, Smith, we know. He's gone—your brotH^r. Lee, But you arc a soldier now, And wav always deals an unkind blow. The bugle calls! Quick, in?n, arise! Vhci-e's Smith? He's gone, sir, o join his brother— p there In the'skies. Vc were charging,' sjr, nd 'Smith went 'down. But lie was smiling, sir, when he hit -the ground,' And his eyes had''a glassy stare; heard him murmiir something " abpfi'U— The bugle's' calling me—up there.' " Salph N."Farrar. (From ''Tlij Review." Everything f((r >'<>ur 'lainmcnt itnd comfort. Last Time Today Tucsdav for Jackson. Tenn., where (hey will spend several, days. Mrs. L. N. gwinca .of Trezevaw. ] Tc?iii., was the yn.est of Mrs. P. B. Eastwood and family Tuesday. Mrs. fobltall tjanic In Memphis Satuy- fliiy. : "'Ihe coiiditlqii of Mrs. A. P. Gar- uo'y'wlio'-ls 111 al her home'with a '• henrl attack. \vas critical today. | .is. Henderson Hull ^|)i;nt. the, Gold m:talllc cloth is the luxurious material from which the dressy nflernion or party frcck was fashioned. The lines are simple so , not lo detract from tiie fabric. A carded belt and bow at waistline ' and nock arc the only trimming. Trie black velvet halo hat Is touch of rich contrast. Mcciiji; I'cst^onc."). > "ihq Li'ttie mcElins. \vliicii was' scheduled top- 1:30 o'- ~lGck tonight at 'the court ipoin of the city hall, has bicn postponed E'.islwccd n|id Mrs. '^wjuca ' 'arc co.iisljis. tyrs. Ainie] Price and douphtcr, _.... r _ r __ Marllin 'A^n.c.s,'have gofte to J<?.e}f j ^jj'ricus' 'Eyr?i'd, 'M'rs."J. "g. week .end In paVuthers'vJlis"as thej C>jcst pf Mr! and"Mrs. J. R. M.opre ; candies, and cprn shuck weaving ... <..., ,...L- «-.....„ ri_... - »,„ ''' ' '" ' MC. 6n.d Mrs. " fjusscll parr,' Mrs ' '' ' " - fn'r'ni 'hom'e near Ne'vyburn, Tenn.. Mrs. Price has been a' guest In ijie j ^ iVijine ot Mr. 'anil'lyfrs. Gage Knlgljf.] ; since her"'dlsifilssal from a Mem- - S'ihis hospi.tnl two' w.c.eks ago. „„,) j oc ' q. Trieschraan ' '"""' ' - Mc'mph'ls yesterday. '''• intll 'ncx.i''Thursday, njgljt becawsi <i OT ,y'c'. Brown,' r cf Hermqndale, :f tiie Armistice pay cclftbralton. s , ?c ,u, 7'uesday In tills 'city attend-, --^- ; (fjg to 'Business mnUers 'and )ii.ect- i Ing frjends. " " : { Miss .Jcscpliinc Fanlk. of Little. 1 • Rock.' Ark., a fprnicr 'resident of ' this city, who has spent the past ! n\ontli here, with friends, has "re- 1 ' turned to Little pock >h'ere she .will s'lieiid the winter. , . _ fcime?. "He attended Hehdi-iji \G b pj- at' Cpfiway a'nd is now rwith "an Insurance Sus nlertains [Wednesday Club Mrs.'-IJarry-Klrby ejitcrjahi.ed th IWiSdnesday Bridge clu\; y.cst.erda i .two gussts, Mrs. J. E. Wiltburn land Mrs. W. C. Wilbouru of para |gould, present. : Lunch was served at the' dinin liable, which had a cenlerplece q •chrysanthemums and tapers i astel 'shades. iirs: Farnsworth Black won fir I prize and Mrs. James H. Bell, sec lond high. |£hapter ."D" of B. K. B. ^nteilains- fa? Husbands Members of Chapter "D" of |E. O. entertained their hiisban a turkey dinner last nig erved at the home of Mr. and M ft. Coriway. Dinner was served |several lables to the 38 present. Mr. and Mrs. Lee Brown of Sa Igus, Calif., and Mrs.' H. B. Porter land son, Horton.'of Hillsboro. Tex., IhouseguesU of Mr. and Mrs. J. A'. |Lcech, \vere out of town gussts. After dinner bingo was played. Caniihei'sville r — Personal Deinoiisli'ation 1 "Club News ind dyeing. Cpujes of paintings were presented t<) Mrs. Lloyd Co* ancl' Mrs. Sidney poste'r.-qutgoing president iilil secretary 'of '"the organization who have served for the past three years.' Mrs. Homer Fields .was elected president ,pf tlie Dyess Council ' Home! Demonstration cliibs for the I'sTi^iz. 'cii-gcl was'hostess toi.Ch! ic inemtTers ct the Jolly Nine club i I'her,'Home 'on' Fit th" strccl' Won- I I ' ' •- ••i..-' ' '' ' ' * ' ' - • • J . At Your pharmacist w|jl tell ypu that 'tils chances ar.e ' thai, yp'ur cheuinatjsm,' neurftis or sciatica is caused 'or aggravated fiy" 'excess liric acid 'or"ptli'er' circulating poisons. That being the case, he can also te!} ypi) that OHQ swift and safe presc'riptibn ' is Allcnru—often tlie terrible pain and agony arr At that meeting plans and decora tlpns for the Christinas tree which will be had at the home of Mrs. Henry Lutes on Dec. 22. druggist in AnSerica for ? -punces Thpse inenibers who wish to al-!'prescription 'Alleiiru. 'cost? 'about tend the nig making at Dyess onj^S gone in" 48 ' hours -ask any live Mrs. Jesse Cook ir:'lilgh wore, a.iul Mrs. Ooi;dpii. Vright" received hosiery fpr second i igh. . ) | Mrs. W. H. Fpster of wardell .was hostess to the members cf the Sat- irday" Alurnopn .club ami five guests nt her home in Wardell nsl'Siturdoy afternoon. Mrs- Sha•on Pate. Mrs. Sam Corbctt. jr.. Mrs. Waymtin Foster. Mrs, Floyd Barnhart and Mrs. Carl Buskin were guests of the club. [ .Club prizes, a pair of nialching j prints, was awarded Mrs. Wyiiiaii i Diltnvan;'the'giiest prize, nn ' ivy bowl, went to Mrs. Sharon "Pate, anil Mrs. Z. W. .Qropiiis brldgocd and received a cigarette 'box with matching ash-trays. . Mrs. J. W. Davis left Tuesday morning for .pikes! ori \ylicrc she met her brother, a Mr. Hall. From Ppst,oi'fic\( 'WH!l Alntlock, vice president. Mrs. Clarence Wh|t.e. secretary -treasurer jjljrs. Hcnicr Cilllpji,'rcpprier. ! " S'pc.cial "speakers fqr tfe 'meetins i were Dr! J.' H. -Wilson, chief'medi- cal officer for the colony, who spoke ( pn general sanitation, and the evils of the common cold, Miss Aiilse" The dedication, as part of the Wllfcrd, principal qf the pyess ItigK Aymislice pay prpgriun, of a cen- school, who spoke on the'adolescent Ifmilal marker'.to the pioneers of child and Miss Inez lUncald, of Mississippi county by the charlc-.' Osccola. county home demonslra- vpix chapter of His paushters of j lloji ng.cnt. \y|io outlined a projram Uie Anxerican peyolutlon took place of .work' for the wp.nien and dis- The Dogwood Home Qcmonstra- Mon dub met yesterday at the home of Mrs'. Charles Lules with aiembers present. The meeting was called to'order by the presi- rt.Enl. Mrs. J. A. Payne, after which the members read tlie club collect in unison 'and were instructed to memorize the lla» salute. flection of officers was held with Mrs. Payne being nnanlmous- iy i: -reclectcd. Mrs. Iris O'Neal was I ^),e'cted - vic.e president; Mrs. Karl aii?'n.. treasurer; and Mrs. Fre r monu. secretary. Installa- | i) pf dfnccrs and appojntmeiit of j ^rriiUees will be held at the | jnecting in Deceinber. | An all day meeting 'will be h;ld j at: the hoine of Mrs. Green on i TijCjEday, Nov. 23. Each member | is ''requested to bring her lunch. ! Jf for your husband you care And him you«»aut to holt]. Send him lo Sudliury's Playhouse. His oiily attraction mil be to bojvl. SUDBURY'S. PLAYHOUSE ijudbury Jlarjjld Sudbjiry . al fine o'.clock today. . cussed handicraft. S'llic December •Tp piyc Program Ion U'jjjncn \ynfjers I' Mrs. : "'6tis Shepherd will have Icl^arge/of the program at the •meeting of Ihe Litcrai-y Depart- Iment of- the Woman's club tp- Inxorrpw.- afternoon at the club nuilding. 'The program, which will Ibjegin at .2:30 o'clock, .will be oh Vpmeii as'Writers'." Mrs. L.'.V. Price'and Mrs. L. L. kjlufaiericr' have prepared a' series .of •scenes -from "Goiie With liic I\yiiid"- by Marr;a.ret'>MltcS>eil for •tile part-of the program' dedicated |to novels; will .take part these scenes. ^.irs. r James. A..H\U. will repre- Jscnt Bess- Streetcr' : "AJ'drIch,- novelist', and Mrs. W.. J. 'Rpgei-s will •represent the poet, Edna St. Viii- 'flit Mfllay. ' ' '' met tier broiner, a Mr. nan. t-rom there '(hey"went lo Clinton,' Ky.. where they will be the'guests'of their sister. Mrs. Goldie Fisher and Mr. nnd Mrs. Sam Solomon arc in Hot Springs. Ark., where they will,spend 'two 'weeks! Mrs*. Fisher will visit with relMiycs ' in Little Hock and Mr. and'Airs. Solomon will "go to pallas'. Tex., before returning home. 'Mrs. B! O. Bemiclt and daughter. Miss' Mary Jane, of Little Rock. A'rk., spent the week end in th)s | city as gnests of their daughter j rardeau. and sister! Mrs. Harold S. Jones, mnrkcr which Is blue enamel inecting of the club ^Iiss Kincaid nnd brass, is decorated with a c.ov-1 plnns to discuss Cmistjriasgiftsug-' crcd wagon and the dates "1838": getions, beginning lessons hi ru; and "1930" and Inscribed with wpnis [ dyeing and "weaving;, using native of dedication. j dyes. n'aUttlng" vases.' Christmas Miss Cordelia. Wilhite, chairman of the marker .committee, presented the marker to Jf'rs!'James B. Clark. Hcrmnu Cross, post niaster. reprc-, s.cntcd the government at the cere-; mony when ths marker \vas placed; iil»n the governrnenl property. Tlie ceremony followed n luncheon nt (lie Hotel Noble at .yhich (here w.cre several out of town guests. • including Mrs. D. M. Bjggs qf Proctor, state ciVraior and regent of the chapter there; Mrs. C" L. Goad and Mrs. L. P, Etter. of Marlon: Mrs. C. M. Harwell. NIrs. Hugh Criiiu. Mrs. J. W. Keiscr. Mrs. C. A. Davis, Mrs. Harry Jones aiid Shoes >Vijl Wear ; When Ilcjiaircd 'st Smith Shoe . 115 ijoilth 2nd RITE PRICE GfiOCERY & MftRKET Phone 2fM. Ill E. Main in fjlyl^eyille. Wg ^Icj-fhajidise of aj] kinds and fiuantities priced right Where lietler Foods and Epqnorjiy Are a Hea}ity . , Mrs. Margaret Earbicrs. of O5ce- ola; Mrs. R. U Beckman. Mrs. Fi'cd Groves. Mrs. Russell Vandlvprt and Mrs. Clyde A.''Vni\divort of the Nancy Hunter chapter at pap.c C.I- FRESH CAR CAMBRI.G DRESSWAY FLOUR I^pty j.pvy Pri.ces Guaranteed the best money can buy. CAMBRIC DRESSWAY FLOUR, the rage of town and country. Ask your neighbor 'if this isn't the best to be had and the sacks arc so handy to us: for quilt tops, pillows, dresses, etc. Lay in tlie winter supply now. Special 'prica on quantities. f, |))S 29c 12 Ills. .. .50c 24 11)5. .. : » 48 Ibs. ..SI.85 OB Ibs. ..S3.65 TONY MARTIN ROLAND YOUNG 'JUNE" tANG ' VIRGINIA flE "RAVWO'HD SCOTT QiiiiiV " Iso I'arainoonl News, »l;irt|) of in;: and Selected' Shprl, "Am.cri- aii legion fiiraSe (11 Nc\v yufk ' ......... Admission Matinee ICe & 2G Admission Night ICc & ' 3(i.c Friday - Saturday J Adults Adpiitlca for Pficp of 1 WJLI, IJOGERS in •HANDY ANDY' with Robert • Also Selected Sliorls CUREJ) WITHOUT SURGERY & GUARANTEED Safe, sure and with less discomfort. Ail diseases "ami cpnditipns of nervous origin, foot allrncjiils and skin cancers Ircntcd and cured at our clinic. RS'& NIES Os.tcopatbid rhysiclans 51) Sluiii Pfe onc m niythcvillc, Ark. CRYSI'AL WHITE, 12 Ibs. 4Sc, 24 Ihs. 9flc, 48 11)3 SiJ?<SK!KE FLOUR J Ibs. si 1 - and Mr. Jones. I ... "Mrs R L' Morris has returned I Kidderminster. England, has cr- from St. Louis'where she had at- ectcd clOEC-tq.-t'nc-gro\ind road {ended the Convention pf the Slate Pjrcnt-Tcachers Asspcialioi;. Mr. aiid Mrs" R. H."French Icfl signs, which liavc made u hit witli tl'ic drivers of inidgct car*.' which are abundant In ' that country. Born ' A" d'nuglitcr' was born to Mr jiiid Mr?'.'-"Glen PRtc.ef. of J^iixora : '" the 'Memphis ' baptist hoipila IMrs. >Vadc Is Program L'.'D.p. Mccilng; T'jJlrs^ H linri Waiie was progran [leader when the United Daughter the confederacy met jcsterda afternoon at the home of Mrs fa p. Martin Miss Winnie Virgil Tur •was co-hostess he members pC .U),e organizatn i tribute (« Mrs. James B. Clar ** having been elected p'resiaei '.tBei'Artfiinsas division of U. D Mrs, C. E. Crigger and Mrs. Clark ttfe ;j;epo'fls of ihft recent btate 1 ig- lield at Rogers ' "W.ivde "laUed on Arkansas UBf Mrs! 8 R Aileu gave a r Memorial. TUJB WJVy Buy'a riTpTo-CoVpoii "'from "i'ljjneriTif crews «lirn SoiiTiiwonTii sTiiQi.o viii issue y.«« »'\c AB^oi.u T rti.> FBEK, civint you BETTER rH.O'f.gGRA*H§, 1 ffiWHKK 3M'- VICE AND DELIVERV and an absence ,Qf lHOU-PphS>bJ)KJi lo increase your ordtr. PATRONIXK V.OI.;j! HOME INSTITUTIONS J[ak«;r Of Fine Phonographs... 1938 Cotton Program , \yjjl the Neyy Ground Farmer be leit in the cpjd ; pir wi|J he sjiare and share alike iri 1938 an4 luture years wjth the o|d established hasp acre Hare Yajj WINTER CHPCK-UP? Delay! HEAR Clifton H. Scott TONIGHT f^f. §f,ptt is .devpting much pf his tjnje In the ij}U|rest $ tlje ^pttoii (aimer to h?lp draf j,at}op [bat Tff\\] bje |?eneficia| to Mississippi C ' ty. Every l^n.d oxyner of new pr ojr) land should be present Thursday night. Ramei'-l.anc CptTce Ih. 2Se l)n|jL''5 Mayonnaise pt 27c Chum Sajnipn, 2 Cans 25c 1'ollc;! Meat, 2 Cans . .Sc Horslicy Coi'.ua l|) can Me •anberry Sauce can lat .JF.1,1.0 or UOYA1, GKL- ATJN, box . fjc jlnminy, ] KC 2V', can 7'Ac Corn, l.ilihv's C. (i. J'cus. I'clit I'ois, lender 2 for "...','...'.'.'.'. ..'2.3 3 ROXY Admission Always lOc & Z«« ; Show every night. JIaJijjec.s Kri- • day, Saturday & fjunday Only. Friday . & Sunday Matuiccs slart 4:1? ' p.m. Saturday' Continuous showing from i to 11:30 p.m. Njght shows slart 7:00 p.m. Last Times Today PAL NIGHT! fi small . Tfjmatoe?, 2 Tprnatptis, case cans • ••-}5c §1.75 Mother-^ Gup & Sciutcr 'Oais 2 1'opped Wheat, ?> for ^'§ Cube Starch ;{ 'l)(>xcs l SHAIIHORIHliTIOHS ^ OF&HOOOEOHORROfi Sunlight KBRS, do/,. . .29c Suulijfht Hulter, Hi. Hilc (Jrapc Jiiice, nurc qt. 2!)c I'KCANS, 10 H<s !>5c (g; 17 T [. i'i'oicin, Ifjn Ibs." iif Biirlii)) • .SSI.30 ]().() lt)s. in potion • • • • •' Sl.JD Host 1'rice.s on Our Gompjelc Ha|ipy !''ce<is MILK, all hninds, or ' ' 'i tail .) snial! ' ........ 15c Salt, Iodized or ['lain, per ' ' '' .KO, Krcy^ or Ouvkcc's ['guild '.' ---- '... • . . . .1|)C Apples juicy l.iirgc d.p? 17c Hell I'cppers, fey. 11). K)c Graperniil, lye. TexHS, 4 fqr •-. •""I (.'jii'i'ols, fey. bunch .-. • Icc)|crg he4f)ij It i'urc l?ork Sausage, II). 20c l>ork Chops, fey, !h. -Kf P.ork Brains, fresh, lb. 15? STBAK- style, Ih Kninkfiii'tcrs, III. V .17'/ 2 c Oysters, Stlcpl quality, pint ..... ......... 3flc Pure Uri!, hulU, Ih iMEAl,, 2-1 Jbs KUwcred \Vall I'apci', 500 sq,' ft. roll ...-Potatoes, Icyi Oib We; >65 4 Ii J9c; 8 Ibs. 31.15 aduHs admiUcil for of one. llic mi sclcclcil sHorls. Friday - Saturday WHAT HAPPENS TO AMERICANS HELD CAPTIVE IN WAR-ZONE? BEVERLY ROBERTS HICARDO CORTEZ Cartcoii ^ 5trN. "Radio I'a- ""t IV! 11 "!^- l-'pn- Sa(ur«Iay.

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