Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico on February 1, 1945 · Page 2
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Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico · Page 2

Las Cruces, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 1, 1945
Page 2
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PAGE TWO Thursday Afternoon FabfMKY 1. 1945 Las m-News WAl.J.AO; I'l-.KkV K. n. nnvi.i;... MAN WITHOUT ENOUGH COUNTRY II Begins io Look Worse and Worse for Hitler Hegardltts ho l - r · if the r m t m m r of t h e b u t U e of tho Oder, which i o u r l y iM-i'irrr, then.- arc two i t e m s in recont Germ a n di.spatrh.-: w l u c J i , ovrr-Jiado'.vcd by l l u r Ku.sian advance n l y i i g ll». 1 \Varlhi-, m - v c i J l i r l i - h s may play an i m p o r t a n t rr»U in f i l l e r ' s L-ulIap.'ic. A ( f w days v v i i i U - l l ·.vl.clhf-r t l i c iu any i r a l (IciVn.'.c.i b t - l o j c j H ( » w ( - v c r . i f I f ' c i i i i s : , i ; M i . i a i r a . ' . ( i e i ' f n a n s s;iy, a n y nia.i.-jii;^ oi ,\'a/t .'ii'ca m a irif.'an l i t lit. 1 . Wli,;i. :!/.-au :.. : « - . « · · ;is hit h o n + H o i l i i ;j.s I- n : ! : l ' . l , i r l , H H T - h i - ( h M i - n - i H · · I : ^ .'HI m i l l - ; MU- ( i f t t - i ·,-.··;! . t L i i d f i h t when- I '.i-i m.'iNy .', im M I H | H ' hHVf H l r ' - f i j ; ill'!: v. 1 -"!- A v ! in.l.-a i . H « « ' i - n v . J I H i i h ' t ; i i t Raiding Yon 1 ; Find Sis gird Line Deserted ALLIED MOVES ON WEST-FRONT · i cm 1 mi:-. K . i I iidiM ! l l u n y m y T h a t i t i t f i i . n U u : I I I t l l ' t M K I I i y l l I K l : v . i h \'·!·(·' di|'.i ' l | V * ' ! ' ; i H I M | * .i.nil! m m l i M : u - l ] | 1'n- a ^ i n i l t i 1 ii in- in 11* w .if l j n i i n , fine (»l Uu: .4' rnn^csl Ku'^'lrlt'ii lint 1 lianlioriH, i Tin 1 i I c n i i u n i.oniiiiiiiiKiU'.' 'iaid Mi.' H. ,s. fiii-.L mid t h l i d urniiuj, 'm^ r h . v i - n '-(|it |) jiiNliiv unr niiiin HHOH" "n Hi,- r - n l l r v f n i n t ln-twcvn Mun| fi l i i u j mill Ht V l t h . Tin.' :tttai.'kB i ' A t - r i ' ilei'ltirctl luiltcd hi 1'li-rcc j H^lUini;. (li.'rttuiii r'.'vci'HOH ''UHl l u l l l l l t l H l i ' f ( ' l l l l l l f l f W f ' t ' f J ' O 11 ;nl i Barkley Ask^ 1 Delay On Wallace Vole \ V A S I I | S ( . T ( I \ , ili-r \ U - t u r y In llu vuKti a caltini'l IH \ \ u l h u . ' |..,lu u l xulcd l.t Id 1 1 to il (In- iiiiinlniilii.ri. \V.\.Slll\UTi i.N. M u j n r i l v i.i'iul''! l lul,f [l l U ' t t n ' i ' i i i l . , - i l ' I V I l l ' U l = l l l l V t i t U f l v i i r y \ V n i l m v ' ; i r l n i n ill in r . - t l u i i l l l lijvt-fii i lu- i i i i r n i i i - i n( UN l . - r u l i , ^ . M ;i.||. Sciuitot Witl.sli i l » - Russians Smash To the Oder 39 Miles of Berlin CHAPARRAL (Continued from i*age I) Eager is especially interesting me. I t ' s t h a t proposing a commission to study legislative forms of proce^ :!ur*. w i t h especial attention to th M r i c n m e r a l plan. + + + * T hope legislators see fit to adept *h» measure and to give the on'3- houjiL- legislature idea careful con Our congratulations, incidentally to Boh Vaidez on his new appoint- "!n?ut to the public service r-om- 'iiH^ion vacancy iust created b v ( r ' l - s f ' r of Howell Gage to the !' n f prison warden. 1'i-rsonally, I don't see that it's inv promotion from the corporation commission job to which he hds been elected by the people, .cs- ·Mjriiilly since his term on tho old nbably would be as long as hia t'l-m on the new; but it's a new (·cognition of the Dona Ana "Unity man's ability along corpora- .cn-rcgulnting lines and, if lie vented the place, his home folks f i l l be glad to se him get it. uf t h i ' \vostcrn from t l T o k c n l i n e ) . The U. S. Pirst A r m y jnish- · tin? ( i i T i i t a u bonier t u n t h c i i s i of SI. V l t h :\mJ the t h i r d in my it'll tlu- atvn of K n u l i l , .snutti of ciiptmrd MiiHiult Tn the m i r t h i i...i :..i i ..... T i ., ... . . s . · in annics wi'nr ciosoo i;p to tm n m p i . l AP W i n - i/n Hull Itlili;. Sulunlii.v l-Vh. 0 Hiul »H.(I( in-riimiuTilN (ir.ll (Itirlnj; .taiHHiry tinil iir.v. Or l.ux,. Itcitllly H r r h n ." BAYLUS CADE PUBLIC ACCOUNTANT A m l l u - Tij\ MnlltTt - S%ttoiiin 120 E. Gtflggs Ph. 264M7/-J THEO V. NELSON UI1XI.MKTKIH1 UU W llrtu* ·Ml -.'HS.J j Hi.- \vc?krn f"'nt 'I ''nsinimm! lhnn\ II,f I n t . ,,i mn II l l i m u K l i li'i Tlirn i-iioh llicnj - loj. n( a il iiibK' tuillttl', 01 Plan Boys Ranch i For New Mexico I S A N T A K K , IAO). 1 . : l'i I ' l n n s i ior u "buyn iiuii'li" fur dt'Morvinj; i unnuU'.i iu'o iiifluU«M in n biulj**'t ! TlK 1 lin.VM 1 Hi'luml aslu'il n n iiji- | iTiqii i u l ' . i r u 1 of 'ipjiroxi- . n : a t i ' i \ SiiO.OOC '.'I . s i i h n i l l l l n ^ tin I n n l ^ i ' t yt'Nti'rilsiy. I'lii' i i i s ! i U i l h ! i . ; \ i i t l i n i t i i n i n i n S Innl^.U nf itboiil : .vlV,;i(HI for Ilk- turr.'iU h i f i i i i i u i i t , . : i l h ini ( | :(.MIi f l M . i ] yoar.s. Siipi'i'iih- t'uurl .lust i'c T. .1 .li - slaU- to i t'lty nl.«,, uls. ri'i]iu' 'ting Raise Ceilings on Price of Crude Oil WASHINGTON. Fob. 1 l/Pi The olt'ii'O o! prh c ;ulm mist ration 'las ^ r a n t c t l the first rriulo oil p r u t - ci'lling iiR-ronst'3 umltr tin.- ; i i ^ l i protluctioii costs provision o! 'hi? stripjii'r well pronviinu pay- :iu ill plan, aixl one nf tlio hikes ;i.ert to H New Mi-xiru fii-ld. The IIUTLMSV, i-rfi-i-tivt; as i.f K»imimi;i Sale AHun/u Hull IUili;,-,Suhinlav l-cli. Ircl li .lunlvr Wcttl.viiii tiulhl. Try first to get Jt In Cruces! Ian. 1, are for four pools: Getty pool, New Mexico (near \ r t o f l l n ) . H cents a barrel; Hills- :;i!c pool, Oklahoma, 35 cents; Jnivson pool. Texas, Kl cents; anfl 'lahbi'rhill pool. Texna, l to 2 L'lltS. The boosts are to be met by ulisitly. WITH DONA ANA COUNTY WOMEN By CLYTICE ROSS Hume Dcmormj ration Agent The girls at Vado reorganized their 4-H Club Jan. 24, with 15 members, Seven qf these girls had completed their work laat year and the others did not complete or ar? new. members. Nearnly all are taking sewing projects, but a few are taking halting. The president of the club is Erma Lee Fuller. * * + There is to be an upholstering demonstration at the home of Mrs. O. W. Gray, below La Mesa, Tue^day, Jan 30, beginning at 10 a. in. Mrs. CJray and Mrs. Yates Dawson will have two chairs to be upholstered and neighbors are coming in to help with the job. ' t * * Women at Riven Bend met with Mrs. Bush Jan. 25 where pressure cooker gauges were tested and a lesson was given on making shopping bags. The Bushes arc still using turnips from the big patch they had last fall, and still have hushels of them. The largest on'; they measured was 30 inches around and many others were not much smaller. The turnips have now been pulled as Mr. Bush is preparing to plow the garden and get if ready for spring planting. Graces Woman to SewvffOjfros nn i ·«···'· "i Rate*; Miss Geneviove Hlley has bee .nvllcd to represent the National n W llfl LUnCflcOIl Couocil of Catholic Women at an , . ., , , Forsythia and jonquils flanked all-day meeting of representatives^' t» green, candles-centered the of the 36 women's organizations!'"'!! banquet Jafe Ha, the dub comprising ' the advisory council -»f= party.' rpnratistfststday w h.en to the Worn-en's Interests section, the Sew and So club ladies oele, war department burwu of public^ated tile ford Dlrthday anniver- relations, to be held Feb. B. at theory Of the. prgan^tion at a lun- Fort Bliss officers club. cneon meeting, followed. by a mu. Invitations have been isued by slcal PARTY LINE Mrs, John Harholtl oJ: 106 West Brown avenue has as her house °U-?sts Mrs. L. C. Cole and Mrs. P'rank Elmendorf of El Paso. Little Helen Marie Franz of silla Park, daughter of Sgt. and Mrs. George Franz, returned to her home yesterday after spending a week in William Beaumont general hospital in E! Paso. Her father is an ROTC instructor in the military department at AM college. Mr. and Mrs. John Gains and son ~-lly have returned after a two weeks · trip visiting relatives in Dallas and Clarksville, Texas. Mr, Gains went to Memphis on business and joined Mrs. Gains in T as before their return home. Special Judge Sits In Civil Liligalion District Judge-vHcnry G. Coprs, of Albuquerque, arrived in Las Cruces today to preside over jury trials of one or two civil cases in which Judge Numa C. Frenger has declared himself disqualified. It is expected that *\'ith the com- etion of these cases tho civil docket will be cleared of jury trial suits for the present sitting of the court. Judge. Coors 3aid that th.? -11s- ,rict court at Albuquerque is pass- ng through one of its record nea- ions, more than 1,600 cases /iav- ng been instituted in the court the past year. Ktimmagc Sale Alianza Hall Bldtr.-Sttrimlay Feb. rd by Junior Wcslyun Guild. Many Wear FALSE TEETH With More Comfort FASTEETH, a pleoeatit alkaline (noo-' cid) powder, hold a false teeth more rmly. To eat and tfiJk In more com-. rt. just sprinkle-ft Kill* FASTEETH n your plat03. No eummy, gooey, pasty iste or feollng. Checks "plate odor" lenture breath). Get FASTteETH. at iiy drug store. e wr e 1912 ' "«' leaders in New Mexico west Tex-«ie late Mnk -Kt:' Bi.'Bfundy, orga- as and eastern Arizona! the eighth "iz« '" e club. .Bi^e remaining; service command headquarters at«"arter members, .. Mrs, . Frank Is, Dallas said today. The servics com-ls E , Mrs - F° ster G « ntr y and Mrs - mand is host at the meeting. Bliss Freeman,- were present. The conference has been called A large . 'white ,jaKe;bea,ririg the by the war department for theS'een icLng inscription, "Sew and purpose of discussing, with localSo Club, 19HM94S;" was cut by leaders of organizations, represent- ^ rs - sl as - · ing more than 15 million women T "= following Attests were in- throughout the country, matters of trodticed by Mrs, W. E, Gean, interest 'to wives, mothers and Patent ct the cluh! Mmcs. Ollie friends of service mon and .vomen. Iraacks. W: C. Smith,, Jack Redman, L. W. lies, Charles Neff, - Edith Brock, Minor ( Beene, Maude Clu istophe'r, and the , Misses Held and Binkley. , _ , ,. ( , , , Members present ,vere Mmes, A. 1., Kelso, C. 't.'. Brooks, C. A. Miller, Fred Gottoji,' Ejank Islas, T. J. Graliam. Foster, peatry, Harry Wtatloy, R£lph ."Drench, Prank Drvidson. a T.. Murrell, A. W. Park 'Brownies Entertain Troop From Las Graces Mesilla Park Brownie troop 6 entertained North Ala,meda troop 4 at a game party in the F?alher playroom yesterday afternoon. The Mesilla Park girls, who recently completed their game unit, selected a game of each type learned to be played at the party. These Included singing games, circle games and quiet games. The Park troop committee, of which Mrs. George Berthelon is chairman, served refreshments to the group. She was assisted by Mrs. Fred Eichholtz, Mrs. Charlei Hanna and Mrs. Fred Vickers. Mrs. G. L. Bcykin, leader of troop 6, and her assistant, Mrs. Ivan Watson, were in attendance with the 23 Park Brownies, while Mrs. Larsen and Mrs. Joe Smith ccompanled the 26 girls from the Cruccs troop. Our Second Front Harold Cunningham, son of Mr. and Mrs. M. D. Cimingham, Rt. 1, Las Cruces, is home on a visit from Texas AM college where he ivith an ASTRP unit. Harold was an honor graduate of the 1944 class at Union high schoo'. Pvt. Kumi Mntsusaki. daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Kay Tr.shiro sf Mesilla, a member'of the WAC, recently left the first WAC train- ng center at Fort Des Moines, Iowa, for duty with the army at Nichols field, Louisville, Ky., pu- relations office at the Das tloines center has advised the Sun News. Markley, John G^in?,, W. E. W. H. Stric'kiand, .Joe White, A. r Knath'-?v. "C. C. dement, W- P.. Thorp, Frank, Hawley, JN. A. Glehl and jliss,.,:,-' Legion Auxiliary President Coining , . , ,.,,, P Mrs. AleA McGonagill, department president of thp American Legion Auxiliary, will pay her ari- nual visit to-4he-Joe-Quesenberry unit number 10. / The Auxiliary meeting at whiqh Mrs. McGona'gifl 'Will be guest speaker will be 'heid ^ the home of Mrs. E, O. Oliver' Friday even-* ng at 7 o'clbcftr''beginning w.itb a. covered dish dinner.' All members 'afe';be"ihg urged to attend, for an inrp6r,tant message vill be brought by the-department eader. , . Shrine Club Dance Set for Feb. 22-,.-. The Las Cruiiea_^hrine club. Valley Loan and Finance Company Complete Financial Service LOANS Automobile -- Personal Furniture DISCOUNTS We buy all types of contracts. Established in 1936 129% S. Main St. Ph. 445 lanco will be Club Thursday i$fb-* Tickets will -be' on Las bought from Clarence Dean. the Country 'sale at the .-or may be Hams or First try T to.jf «.In This! prompt, eflective, rellcl from'dijiT tress qf hsaft coi Works rlhvwhere trouble teto reduce congestion --;sootho, irritation -- nuke, breatnlag easier. .KiBft. be}ps. prevffot roan; colds from developlpjf If u^d |u. time. Trylt! Polios d^ectlpns In folder. VKKSVA-TRO-HOi * Sfaim, gdd Nvn J H I N e w M i l i l i u y , ·\\u\\v\ ul thv f u t i i i v will I Utvwrlt. uskoil nn iippropi iat ion of ' · ci H*.), ' K l f f N I I i fi*ial no KUiEWTK today jt! Oa- Drutf Store; or any good t i l t h ' n K i.,| A MiKht |Mr»»m« UM Uu · H im ikr-llkr ft«. or wMi-h remit inn in mit ion In Uir nttiin fur mine hour i HInli dtMiH.v iu mmvls, it I* mm «-\l« n*tv«l in it n- Si HI tli Patifli! .tiTl ik«}iiiin t,ilcl:ri« f i u m i l U Try »ur»i lo It in Tniml 54T.MH) \\ i prniv ASK 11KNK1 I I IXi Itl^iVSi: I j WASHINGTON. ,1itn. ;ll i'»'N fllHl ll!lOlll|lll'yilU'rit turn wim niiulf lu .ni'i-i by oiKMnnM ituhottil .voi AFTER THE DANCE OE THE PARTY Wo are now able to offer you a service you will appreciate and be glad to bring your guests here. La Fonda Cafe JOE Y: ROGERS. Mgr. It's great to be here...Have a Coca-Cola ...or helping a soldier feel at home When he's hack on furlough, it's the little things a soldier left behind that ht looks for. In three words, Han a Calu, much of his old lif« comes to mind. For Coca-Cola was put of his days aficr school or stSttt work, with the g»ng »nd with his girl. A happy remunhnnce of carefree times. Ice-cold Coca-Cola holds l wiroi and friendly place in American life. And k should have a special place in your icebox at home. Wherever Americans go, Coo-Cola stands for ti» fauu Ittt njntkn,-h*s become a symbol of our friendly w«y of life. lOIHIO UNBtl AUtHOIIIf OF 1HI COCA-COl* COMfANV l» LAS CRUCES COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY .'10 W. I.A. t«.v t ,\tt. T i l . l: l.« Ciu«.. X. M. rilly baai Coei-C«lfj caitA b? IU fri.nJly lUntUtMt l,-. Boil) mmn ti. qully snt. uct o( TIM CottCoU CtafHf. 11?45 tlw C-C C«»

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