Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on November 16, 1961 · Page 11
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 11

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 16, 1961
Page 11
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; Page 12 KREjELEY T R I H U N K .Thurs., Nov. 16, 19fii Parents;§hoi4ld Take Oral Polio-Vaccine Wheh'Chftdren Db · y JOHK BA.RBOUR As»»clil«J Prtii Scltnct Writtr DETROIT (API-Parents should 'nke oral polio vaccine when their parent, for instance, runs a sligh'l, ihildrcn do--to counter, Uic risk of but present risk, of .gelling A dow Joseph L. Melnick of Baylor Uni- ·ersily. .' This means that an tirivaceinaled o! a doublccross by hand-me-down polio viruses -- an cxpci I warned Tuesday. The tome, or weakened, living polio viruses that nioko up tlie -vaccine continually stimulate the of. Ijlness-causlng polio from his vaccinated child. This is easily remedied by insuring lhat everyone gets the oral wllo vaccine, al the same time on community wide basis, said Dr body to produce protection against Melnick at a news conference al the more virulent, and dangerous l»lio viruses that exist naturally. : Theso lame, virtues in the vaccine also spread from vaccinated persons to unvac'chiated-persons-- bringing polio immunity io a whole household or community by per;son-lo-person infection. ; B u t ' n o w evidence' exists thai this kind.of hamj-me-down prplec- ·Vqn .has its drawbacks: .The.OveVy A'iruscs lhat are' fneAnl'te prerecl rnay produce freak son a'nd "daughter viruses, thai can sicken, paralyze, or kill, '.'warned . Dr . · I'llHl.lU NOTICE 1 '. nr H I , * - K l e e n e x li , WU U i m B l y ItenrKrnnlted School District A'o. Ke-4 ' : Weld Coi]»i, Culoni.lo '; '·'·· XOVF.MIIHH ZS. 1IMI : PUBLIC NOTICE IS HEREBY 'GIVEN, That, at a special school lectton to b i ' h e l d on VTucKday, J).2Sth day'ot Nov-m.hcr,' Ijffl. £t the Community Jloom In Ihe "imlor-Sontor Hl*h' Scliool'-BulM; *, Windsor, Colorado, in Weld County Keorgnnlied 'School.Dis U-lct No. K*.-4, in 1 lh«County- 1 pJ ^Votd and Stale of. Colorftdo;. there submitted to such Quail- f led'electors of tlie District is ;.have paid a school taic tfiml Jnir, V District. in.'.th.«\lu»}.etm! I -100.for ,llltY»«Vf'9se.6r«i-e Xlhr-amd'iuAilimrng a, icli herejn' In Ihe year next preceding mich election, the followlns; question: 1 V'Shall the Board of Eiliicatlon ~- of°iVeld County Reorganized i School" District. ro. He.-4.-.: - ;ln the^'County .of;.Weld- and- i.Estate of ColorAdd; contract a.^ "--'··' "il5B.» !C iftct- _ _ , ,, _ Jcuoal · within, and Jfo'r «a;d', [· Iltatrlc.!,.- Bald . bondaj to -bear.' t.' Jnter'' a ratft-br'faXesVhot ; i'«:Ep'ee;dtqi\'. tf %..' per' 1 ajililhn, j 'piiyRblQ"Bemi-'nniiually each i 'year, to bn redee.nmble At-the' : 'option of the D i s t r i c t at such itlnie^'Vrid \n suc-h a m o u n t s aa -j'rnsy' l a t e r be determined by *,th» 'Board, and t o - m a t u r e aa. follows: - ·" · '··. i ·-'·· - '. . ·' · Amntiht '· "- M a t u r i t y t i . o o o ,- l i e s . · I.OOO ' - 1854 ' . I'.ooo'. . · ia«5 6.000 1SCS · 5,000 19«7 · 2.000 isns . ,.' 4,00fi 1969 a n i l 1579 ' i 6,000 137! ' -1- 1,000 ' ,.1973 ' ' - S.OOO · 197J ·· .6.000 , 1971 '' ' : ; S,000' : ' 1S75 .. i 10.00D: ^fc ,'Jt'l 6 ' '* - SlloOO' ?:/'. " , ' , 1 7 » : - ' ' The ballot b o T ' f o r the. recep t t o n ' o f ballots 'upon said question will be opened at the hour of 7100 o'clock A. M o( said day at said-place nnd will be kept open until, and will be closet! at the hour o( 1:00 o'clock r. M. ot said day.. Ballots to he used In vol- Oifr .upon .the question a u b m i u e c be furnished by tho Kecre- .- of . X)istrlct to the Judges llio American public health, con vcnlion! All living things produce an qc casipnal freak or.mulahf. In_poiit I is esiiiiialed that 'tnerV'is' on 'rcak virus particle' for every 100,000 particles produced. Dr. MDlnick cited a mass vac cination of 580,000 Wesh ^grliners in-1960'to show that living-,virus vaccines'can produce mofe"'Viru .cut, rnulants; .'and. lhat Ihes* mulants can be passed on to un vaccinated persons. Tlie vaccine used In West Berlin was liot l.hc Sabin-type vac tine ap; proved .for use in the United States Dr. Melnick said the 'vaccirte : use :n Berlin had been :*xperimenla and could not meet the Mow-viru lepce standards sel by the U.S Public Health Service. . Tyi'enty ; three'- persons were leJ dead or paralyzed b'y-polio'iin the wake, of .'th* ' mass-.vacciivation the \'iicciiie',:biil had.hid' fepnta'c with vaccinated persons, Dr.^Mel nick said. · By checking th? biolpgica fingerprints of the, viruses founi in ttje stricken West Berliner!, 'Or *,u^!.t. i-. v j tt- ··--7arch^i's''Iuurii as thi dlffereVit f torn'the : n'!\tuv ally, .occur iijg -polio..viruses reciifdea' in .'Ihe ar'eii 1 up'to'then. TBWeekTp Stress Fight On Disease Scientists Studying 250-Year-Old Snow WHIPPLE'S PENSTEMON sometimes calied 1 : lhe botanist Gray called it Ihe'Penstemon'glaii- dark penstemon bears the two-lipped flowers' ·/ cus or silvery .penstemon. Wliipple's' penstemon of'.itsfgenus '(Penstemon) of so dark.r,eddish has been,found 16 be: plentiful at the Head of 'pui-p'It'as to be aiiiiosl black. Tliis is anolher. Hidden Valley 'ski- run,.in 'WillqwjPark.^and at /of .(he'Snapdragon''^ figwort family,,(£crophu- 'ifie. Rqck- Cabins abdv'e' s limbcrline i: "on Wail lana^eae)i'U'is'a'higK.ajtilude flower, il grows-; ridge. Tlie.Vw.hilc^.variety bioo'ificd i ''profMs^ly ^m'-ihe'isubalpine. and.alpine regions. Pensteiri : " ahovc'timberline'on the OJd Fill River road;in ons are socallett because they have five sfa-" mid-August.'Thes^, (ugh 'allitu'de.xpenstemons bloom in .July and" August. This is'the 6Sth of tire. 1961 Colorado wild flower pictures niadc from .color .slides. -- Photo and comment by niens. Whipple rionors a botanist of-[hat name. A Vr'hipple's 5etislemon that produces some dingy:*:hil3'.flqwer! is not usually classed a.sep- arate,-:species bitf, a^'color variation. However, ^_._- ._. ^ ^ ^ j--.'^ - - Bafsiitos-NGet Dispens^ Floyd E. Merrill. XOTICE TO CREDITORS la i\r Coiialy.CHutt !*.*** (« Ih* C n n r f t T - a f WrM **4 ' ' . Xtmtf nt GalitrNAA ·. .V .'.^ f -.:. .r Kp: ,SRK3 '- :' '-· -JEnta'fe o( JOHN KRIEGER, De All persons havlnt;- claim aitalnat the a b o v e . n a m e d eaLate are reciuired to f i l e t h e n ^ ' f o r al- loWance In t h e - C o u n t y Court of \Veld County, Colorado, on or before the 23rd day of April. 156*. or said clalmi ahnll bo forever barred. · - Admjnl'sirllor; OrchafdT"Colorado. Herbert E. Mann, .... Attorney for, Administrator, Gic'eley, -Colorado,'-:;'- - Tti« 'Greeley Dally Tribune. Oct. 1C; Nov. 2, S, 1C, 1961. of Election, to be by them fur- iilahe'd to the voters. ; . Each elector' v o l l n r at said ale'ctlon ahall deposit In the bal lot box. a ballot whereon shall be p r i n t e d Iho- question to ho voted upon a n d ' . t h e words "FOTC .VOTCCB OF ril.ltV'G OF PBTI- TION FOH nfyi'KKMIXATlOX OK IIUIR5HIP hi Tlie Co««lT Court N'o. SS63 STATE OP COLORADO, ) County of Weld ) In the .Matter of th« Estate of JOHN K R I K G B R . Deceased. THK PEOl'LB OF THE STATE OF COLORADO: To All Persona Interest THE - BONDS" -' tlic words TAKE NOTICE -that there has een filed hi sniit estate a peti- judicial tion "AGAJXST THflHON'DS". and the elector a h a t V l n d t c a t o his approval or, dlsnfcproyal of the propo- sl^lon subn^ltted by placing a cross'(i) opposite the group of words on hi* ballot which presses his choice. · IS W1TXKSS VHEREOF, tlie Board of Education of Weld County Reorganized School - E trlct No. Re.-4, I n - ' t h e County of Weld and Stato" : bf Colorado, has c a u s e d Ihln Notice to be X l v e n an r e r i u l r e d by law, t h i n 23rd d a y of Octplier..19Sl.. . (SEAL) ',-; v'5 :J - . /«/ Sstber.M^ Snilth The GreHey D a l l y T r i b u n e Oct. JG, Kov. J, S, IS, 24, 1S61 tbi for aiicertalntnput nnd determination of the heirs of such der.eaped and setting forth that tlie names, addresses and relationships, to deceased of aU persona who are or claim to be heirs of said rte- cpaaeii, so far as known to the l e t i t l o n e r , are aa follows, torlt: William Krlesrer, Orchard, Colorado, brothei-- · Henry . Krleaer, B r i r g s d a l i , - Mary .iCrle'tfer.. Perry, ^rand Junction,'.Colo., ..aister ', . You are hereby - n 6 U f i e d : (o ap .tear and ' a n s w e r the petition ix-lthln twenty days n f t e r service ly R. M. STEVENSON .PORT E L I Z A B E T H , South Africa ( A P ) r- This city's'[auto- mpbile firms have .given ; Dr. ; Carl Van "Aswegan what'he, callj-v'lne greatest gift I ever received." It isla mobile .dispensary which hV'doclors will use to'carry stocks of medicine into the Maluti Moun- ains of Basufoland, a British pro- eclorafe where "white man's waling^ is lai'gely unknown. ft is estimated there are more bani2jO,000 Basutos living.'in Ihe mountains, which cover two- thirds-of Basutoland. They con- ain no' towns, no railways and ew roads. . . . . . . Dr. van Aswegan, how 35, tarted his prac I ice-there .i(\ 1939. He ('started a small mission hos- ilal and later added four din Jos which can -be reached by jeep rack and three other remote clinics accessible only, by air! His staff includes three African doc:', six. African nurses,- eiglif dispensers and four, -clerks. "in'February !lhis : year-Dr van Aswegan f o u n d e d . Basomed: Basuloland Socio-Medkal Services to accept donations for his work. He had been operating with public donalionG/.^moslly jfrom ifls from Dr Albeit Schweitzer's mission in Kehym.-' '.-·' . , . t t ^ i \ · USE THE'TRIBUNE V^ANT ADS'2, 1062 - t h i s ' n o t i c e on you (if ' p u b l i c a t i o n within tv ent t h i s notice) nnd In d e f a u l t of an answer, or. appearance the Cour "' iroce.eil to repiii-e a n d ' h e a deceased and ,-,.-- - . cree dcle'rmlnlng .who '.are th; le. helr.s of such deceased person. ~ ilrd at Greily, Colorado 17th das- of'C/'ir.', 1361 Clerk of (he County Cour .. By M A X I X E JOHNSON' All equipment .loMted at the .(SEA'..) . J J e p u t y Cler ".KOTICE IS' 'HBHBBY -,C t n a t -· the u .'follo'Trlbx'^des' eantpm'ent will', b e , sold t highest hidder at i V u n l i to'uV held' on Friday^ November 17. ISSi, at.-10":tO o'clock 'A.M. at f h « prcmiaes of G o l d e n Point Drive-In, 220S 9th Street, Greeley. Colorado: All equipment .loM premises of Golden.'Point Drive In, 2:»S 9th Street, 'Greeley Colorado, Including, but .not limited to, the following:: . 1 3'S" f r y e r stand enclosure w t h enda and back panel. 1 3'8" vent system. 1 s t a i n l e s s steel duct enclosure to houss the top of vcn.t sys- 1 Holpolri:'FIK7 Mark 313 elec. trie f r y e t s and a l l 3 c ) i m e n t a . 1 3 ' C " Ions w r a p p i n g - c o u n t e r w i t h h e a t e r a t r i p s . 1 6 ' " IOTIK o p e n shelf base . 1 6 ' ( " v e n t s y a t e n for s t a n d . . Th'e Tireetay D a l l y Tribune, Oct. 26,-^Xov. 2. 9, 16, 1961.' BKA.VEVS '0(IU MARKETS, Notice. IK hereby- kiven'^of the 'Animal nieothiK of the Slockl-.oLd era (Shareholders) o[ Brazen' Food Markets, Jnc^ a Coloradi (/'o'rpbratlon t'o he.'held · ab the principal o f f i c e in" Wald'.doliuty tlie City of Oreele'yr C o l b r a d c ' - Tuesday the 5th day of Deren 19C1, a.t 11:00 O'clock for tho piir p n n n of electing · directorfi anc officers for the .comlnK year and lo transact such other husines as shall come before the m e e t i n g S i g u r d 0. R. Drajie ^. - S p c r e t a r v Treasure The Gredey Dally T r i b u n e Nov. If, 1SSI. Jrilaiii and atftl' biyidend DENVER (AP) : -- -tiirectors o the Qreat Western Sugrir Co. Wed declared · (he rcguluar quarter ly dividends of $1.75 a sliare 01 preferred stock iind 30 cents ; shnre on COrnnion. . . . Both dividends. are payable Jan "Tee off on Mr. TB.Germ" will be an oft heard slogan, during TB. (tuberculosis). Week Nov.' -The Weld" Counly. Tuberqilps is nd Health . Association and .tho Greeley Youth.Center Youth Cpun il will vse th«; wee}; .tp empha- ize the ^perpetual fight against 'B--America's greatest k i 11 M mong the chronic infectious dis- ases. The Youth Council, under the guidance of Amy Shiba, health educator lor the TB and Health \ssoclation, will carry the story i all Greeley schools... ', : Prevention, detection and control of TB wlllbe stressed throughout the ' project. Each student louhcil is planning various meth- ids of gelling the information to the student body. ' ·'·' Assemblies · and poster contests will be utilized 'during the' pub icily campaign. . · : . - - - . · ' Coloring Contort Pl«no*d "Sheriff Scotty" of KBTV will aid the project locally in the ele- mentary'grades'. All Greeley second graders will'participate in a coloring contest. Each sludenl vill receive a leller from "Sherifi Scolty" lelling how to guart against TB through the practice if good health habits. .Twenty-seven ' winners will be chosen from Greeley. Each wil receive.a commendation from the TB Association as well as an autographed picture of "Sherifi Scolty." " . . . The Youth Council wiHsponsoi a fence Dec. 1 from 9 p.m. I; midnight to raise money for med ical expenses incurred by a loca child suffering from TB. , Dinct Op*n t« Public The dance will be open to the public and will feature the swing band, . Chesterfield Kings, unde, the direction of Glenn Wolfe, Col Icge'High student. A king and queen will'be chbsei by penny-a-vole balloling. Eacl school will sponsor a csndidati for king and queen. Miss CSC Julie Hindorf, will crown th royalty. . By FRANK CREY . / SOUTH' POLE STATION,, Ant- iretlca (Apl-Detp-bentalh this station, -sdeatlste .art studying ww that fell : king- before merican pevolutkinary War. They say iheir, research sug- ests .the possibility-, of building amps, of foam plastic and-food orage sites in caves far beneath e surface. This was. reported by escarchers who took two report- rs into ah experimental cave dug feet deep into the snow and ice ap covering the bollom of Ihe orld. The temperature down there as 60 below zero. On tho surface, t the South Pole it was only-- inly?--47 beloyf. 'otriorck. Visits . ANJCAHA --'For Ihe first time a . 381 -years,-...the first Chief atriarch of the Armenian Church said ' a visit and was greeted warmly by thousands of Armen- ans. Vasken Balciyan's arrival Al the bottom you caa'thro» 'snowballs" made of snow estimated to have fallen 200 to Ko years ago. The .estlmales.; are on visible stratifications i n d i c a t e .roughly..the amounts, of snowfall in a given year^-somethiiig like tree rings. Researchers Rene 0. Ramsciei and Edward· J; Oliver from the Army Cold Regions -Research Laboratory at ifanover, N.H., said special studies begun 10 months ago show that at the 90-foot depth Ihe tunnel narrows only about a Ihird of an inch a year, thanks lo the extreme cold and the strength of the snow at this level. Thus, they said, it is, conceivable that buildings ^made of relatively inexpensive' foam ' plastic could be constructed at this depth and last decades without fear of being squeezed by the surrounding snow. · - Tlie'tunnel was dug five years ago for other studies, and has been lillle used since. ' '·' -.' Now, in addition to the studies by Ramseicr and Oliver, snow ic airport.'During his brief visit, le Patriarch blessed Ihe new Is- ahbul Patriarch, appointed after meteors over the ages. recent death of Khatchatu- ian. Vasken Balciyan's parents n Istanbul last week necessitated samples' arc being collected at xtra police protection because of various levels for'Dr. Henry Bale enthusiasm of the crowd at dcr of the University of Miami, who plans to study them for content of "dust" from the moon and The plan is to extend the mine another 60 Jctt in the next few 'ere born in Turkey, and the months, thiit rr.uch further back 'alriarch speaks Turkish fluently into time. Folding Wheel Chairs .$110 and up Folding Walkers $100 -- $118 Rental: $10 per .. ·..'Canes; . '·,.Crutches.. · Bed Tables · Commode* !*initC4-- (I nrescription Y t^HARMACY 8ir f .:NiNTH (SREELPY. COLO. i zenes MSO T^ncern. wifi 10-yaid dump body NEW HighTorque POWER JUST RIGHT FOR YOUR JOB 62 CHEVY JOBMASTER TRUCKS for v e n t system, 1 6'D" electric t r l d d l e counter. 1 i ' " stainless Jteel open a half cabinet. 1 3'S" stainless ifeel open ihelC cabinet. 1 3 ' 6 " heated f r e n c h fry and h a m b u r g e r display. t S ' i " o p e n shelf c a b i n e t i t a l n - Ifsa steel. 1 Cory "C" c o f f e e in a her. 1 Wyoti. automatic cre*ra die- penser. ' · " X cupholtlers, 3 Xational cash-rrg-tst^rs. I rustbm rirink dispenser. . , 3 Taylor 3/4 hp s h f t k f n i A k e r s 1 Scotxman ice machine, 1 12'S* n « l k - l n cooler includ i n g 2 compressors and controls. A l l h a ^ a and paper holders. All pots a n d p a n * ' . i All counters a n d ?li elves anrt w i n d o w service on th* prem- i.=fp. i Lollipop curb sign l o c a t e d o u t - Kl1e of th« building'. Pj-lor 10 t h « sale. lti« 'equipment H a t e d , a b o v e mny be I n * i p c c t c d a t i!-DS 9th Sire ft, Gree Jey, Colorado. , Tlie .-ala of the foregoing- Henl.i will be ni.ide p u r s u a n t to "the t e r m s of a c h u t l r l inorlgtRC dat^d May 25, lSy, g i v e n bv liodle C. S m i t h ro the G o l d e n Ha.mbtirger Drive -In Corporation »a mortxagree, and t h e r e a f t e r *r- fltgned to General F l e c t r l c Credit Cofporatloji ,,on Aciffiifit.. .SJJ 'Ijifr. The said asiJ^Hce hAS rftpris^eKjed th* foregoing 1 eriiriment Wcaifc* 6( defatilt* occurring under tfcr WoHlCM^i . ' · f ·* r ' '"*" '. .'· 7 , Diftftrf/RoVember \\ f l 6 f , ' ' O^NKKAI^ ELECTRIC CREDIT CORPORATION By John F. Shafroth ' 1U A l l A r n * . * Trlbxi* f . Extra Fancy ARMOUR'S STAR B E E F Corn F«d LOCKER BEEF On* half . . . . Greeley Locker Meat ·,\ Company BUILT TO KEEP WORKING AND WORKING AND WORKING AND WORKING AND WORKING AND WORKING AND WORKING AND WORKING AND WORKING AND WORKING AND WORKING AND WORKING AND WORKING AND WORKING AND WORKING AND C/i*vy offtrt turt-uvlng powtr for trtry fcucA/oA with t total oflOHiyk Torqut, tight-fisted inglnis foi '61. Ruggtd new 4- nd (-cylinder Chivy- GM Dititls for mkUltwtlghlt ind httvywtlghts. Anew High Taqut 409 VI, mott powirful Chtvrolct VI tvtr, for Chtvy htnlcs. Anil t new choict of tix-cylindtr tnlngs In light-duly modelt. In tvtry weight cltss, Chev- roltt Jotmtsltr trucks ire tulll to cost you kss ill the lime you own them, SAVING SIXES. If you've a job for a six, Chevy has a «ix for' your job! Th* High Torqne'235 Six, for instance. Or, if you want 'extra earning power and solid aix savings, there's the High Torque 261 Six, this year available* for the first time in light-duty models. EAGER EIGHTS. Four to pick from, including a brand-new High Torque 327 V8* that fives new heart to heavies . . . and th« mifhty new 409 V8* with 16%% more torque than ever befor* offered by Chevrolet. DURABLE DIESELS. New Cheyrokt-GM 4-53's for middle' weight! and 6V-53'i for heavyweight* are compact and rugged, with top torque and low fuel cost*, and are backed by years of GM Diesel experience. They're sure boosters of truck eaminf power, especially in high mileage and long idling operation*. :"/ NEW DESIGN-HEW MODELS. Brand-new work rtyling per-' miti driven to Me tb* road aa much aa 10^ feet closer to th* truck. Chevrolet'* proved Independent Front Suspension give* you a imoother riding, harder working, longer lasting truck. Three work-proved Corvaur 95'* add rear-engine traction and maneuverability to the light-duty field. A total of 203 models in all. And your Chevrolet dealer'* the man to tell you all about them. l ft «i*rfMl WORKING AND WORKING AND WORKING AND 'WORKING AND WORKING AND WORKING AND WORKING AND WORKING! New Jobmaster Trucks! New Corvair 95'$!-New Diesels! See your local authorized Chevrolet dealer ED W A R D S C H E V R 0 L E T C O M P AN Y 721 Tenth Street Ph. EL 2-714O ,

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