Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on October 25, 1969 · Page 11
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 11

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 25, 1969
Page 11
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GREELEY WOMAN ELECTED - Mrs. Martin D. Frank, upper left, Greeley, newly elected membership chairman of the Colorado Veterinary Medical Association Auxiliary, is shown with the other auxiliary officers, surrounding the annual convention banquet speaker, Brig. Gen. Robin Olds, commandant of Cadets, USAF Acad- People In the News emy. Other newly elected officers are, seated left to right, Mrs. Jerrold W. Mix, Littleton, secretary; Mrs. Donald L. Owen, Longmont, president; Mrs. Robert G. Rolofson, Colorado Springs, vice president; Mrs. Sterling D. Clark, Fowler, immediate past president; and Mrs. Nicholas H. Booth, upper right, Fort Collins, president-elect. PARIS (AP) - Brigitte Bardot suffered a bruised right hip in a riding accident when her foot caught in the stirrup as shej! fell from a galloping horse and!; she was dragged 150 feet. The accident, which came to light Friday, occurred last Sunday while Miss Bardot, 35, was visiting the country home ofj Paris hairdresser Jacques Das- sange and his wife, Corinne. When the men went hunting, the two women and a third friend went to a stable and rented horses for a ride. Mrs. Das- sange's horse started to gallop and Miss Bardot's mount followed. Mrs. Dassange fell and suffered a broken pelvic bone. Miss Bardot held on a bit-.longer and then she too fell. By Ihe time her foot pulled free of the stir rup she had fainted. PALO ALTO, Calif. (AP) Secretary of Health, Education and Welfare Robert Finch says his coed daughter took part it Vietnam War Moratorium Day activities Oct. 15. Finch said Friday that his daughter Maureen, 19, a sophomore at Occidental College near Los Angeles, "went into her community around her campus talking to housewives about the First of a Six-Part Series Space Age Generation Live In Almost a Nostalgic Way By URSULA VILS The Lei Angelts Timti HOUSTON - They're the generation that made the space age happen, but they live the good life in an almost nostalgic American way. They live, for the most part, near their jobs at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration's Manned Spacecraft Center, 20 miles south of Houston proper. Their neighbors are the astronauts. They live in distant communities named Nassau Bay or El Lago that rose out of the Texas prairie less than a decade ago. Their homes are svelte town-house apartments or spa- Mrs. Maddox Doesn't Care For Politics . California war." Finch, a former liculenant governor, appeared Inter before 700 Stanford University students and said efforts should be made now to shift national priorities for when the Vietnam war ends. PALM SPRINGS, Calif. (AP) _ All McGraw, who won stardom with her first movie "Goodbye, Columbus," has married the production chief o Paramount Pictures. Miss McGraw, 30, and Robert Evans, 38, were married Friday in a private, courthouse ceremony. First Congregational Church United Church of Christ 16th St. and 21st Ave. Worship at 9:30 and 11:00 "Solitude and Loneliness" Rev. Paul D. Tiller, Senior Minister Rev. Don R. Laue, Associate Minister Church School, 9:30 a.m. Crib and Toddler Care FIRST CHRISTIAN CHURCH (Disciples of Christ) 13th St. and 23rd Ave. Minister i/eslie L. Brwor» Director of Christian Education Mrs. Roberta Martin 9:30 a.m. Church School 10:30 a.m. Worship and Communion Sermon: "There Is Good News" Harry Spear, Guest Speaker Nursery car* NEW PRESIDENT - Dr. L. Lee Eldred, right, Greeley, receives congratulations on his advancement to president of the Colorado Veterinary Medical Association, from retiring president, Dr. Charles H. Garvin, Aurora, at the annual meeting of the CVMA in Colorado Springs. Television Review By CYNTHIA LOWRY AP Television Radio Writer By KATHRYN JOHNSON Aswciated Pros Writer. ATLANTA, Ga. (AP) - "I've never cared much for politics, you can get hurt a lot," says Mrs. Lester Maddox-whose husband often hints she will-run for governor to succeed him in 1970. The blue-eyed, soft-spoken Mrs. Maddox says she is too busy being Georgia's First Lady to think about politics for herself now. ' · Maddox cannot succeed himself under present Georgia law. He says that while his wife does not want to be governor, he might be able to persuade her to run. No Decision 'I've made no definite decision," says Mrs. Maddox. "Much depends on what the legislature does about a bill allowing the governor to succeed himself." Former-. A l a b a m a - Gov. George C. Wallace successful!) ran his wife.for governor when state law prevented him from succeeding himself, and there las been much speculation on whether Maddox will try (he same thing. Georgia's blonde 49-year-old First Lady ,is a quiet woman who spends much of her time showing off the new state man sion to visitors. Living in the mansion, sb said, "is like living in a glass bowl--with the family on the in side looking out and the outside By CYNTHIA LOWRY AP Television-Radio Writer NEW YORK (AP) - Tom ones, the Welsh singer, is one : Britain's singing idols, a re- ording star and a smash in merican nightclubs from East West Coast. The mystery, erhaps, is why Tom Jones' BC variety hour is at best a air to middling success. The answer, still perhaps, is lat Jones' personality comes cross footlights better than irough a camera, and that lie eems slightly uncomfortable in elevision, restrained by cue ards and able to cut loose in is own style only once or twice n his hour. In Thursday night's show, ones seemed completely re- axed only in his solo spot, Muting a song while surround- d by squealing teen-agers. The hour is a handsome pro- uction, full of rich sound and otled with interludes of the sual guest stars doing their sual things. On Thursday, it 'as Jose Feliciano and Shelley erman, who did a comedy bit isque by TV standards. It would be interesting to mow how many of the singing Welshman's fans, under some misapprehension, tune in Saturday night's NBC broadcast of 'Tom Jones," a lusty, brawling often," she says. Only one of the leriod piece that viewers of the Maddoxes' four children, Ginny novie in 1963 never dreamed still lives with her parents. The could ever be broadcast. The singing Tom Jones, born Tom Woodward, borrowed his stage name when the adaptation of Henry Fielding's novel of 18th century England became such a hit. The movie, a multi-Oscar win ner, may appear on the smal' screen with some of its more daring sequences pruned. NBC oliey prevents preliminary revelations of the censor's scissor work. 'Laugh-In" for eastern theatre ,vork, her contract with the show runs through . this season and that bits in which she ap lears have been stockpiled, Thus she still will appear in the veekly show-- and when thej run out of Carne bits she is ex THE FIRST UNITED METHODIST 10th Ave. and 10th St. 9:00 A.M. Church School 9:00 a.m. and 10:30 «.m. Worship Serviced "Mutually Encouraged" The Rev. Marvin H. Adams Church Staff The Rev. Marvin H, Adams Dr. Ben H. Chrlntner Dr. Charles W. McLaln Mrs. Lola Murphy Nursery Provided (R.N. Supervision) NBC spokesman vhile Judy Came say has tha left and turn out another batch. Squirrels scamper up trees lat are considerably less than ull-grown, and the telephone ook lists "Aldrin, Edwin E., r.", and "Collins, Michael." They are very exceptional nd very typical Americans. Chances are that, like their omes, their jobs didn't exist decade ago. Dad works at he Manned Spacecraft Center --and so may mom. Their children lead a life that s half Huckleberry Finn, half tar Trek. Sherry Hughes, 11, ;oes fishing, in the lake every Jay, throwing back her catch o restock her fishing grounds. ler brother Hank, 7, pores iver maps of the stars with 5uzz Aldrin. Sherry and Hank and their lister, Cindy, 10, live with their arents, Merv and G i n n y Tughes, in Nassau Bay, an up- rer-middle class community adjacent to the Manned Space:raft Center. Their home is new, neat, spacious (four bedrooms two baths, iving and dining rooms, kilch- :n, breakfast area, f a m i l y oom, screened porch for out- loor living) and comfortable "My air-conditioning b i 1 1," lays Merv Hughes, "runs $87.50 a month in the summer"). Both Hugheses work f o r WSA, he in personnel and she n the crew systems division. Both are enthusiastic-- thrilled may be more accurate-- about American's space program. They spoke of their trip to Cape Kennedy in July to see he launch of Apollo 11. "We had just bought the louse," Hughes said, "and, naturally, we were broke. We vanted to go, but I didn't see low we could afford it." "I remember one morning," said Ginny Hughes, a pretty, etite blonde, "Merv told me IB couldn't see how we could o. I was disappointed, but I understood. "Then he called me at lunch- ime and said, 'We're going.' " i "I figured," said Hughes whose soft accent tells of living n Georgia, Kansas, Virginia and Texas, "that we couldn't afford not to go. We never would have forgiven ourselves 'or missing such an opportu nity." The Hugheses' c h i l d r e n world looking in." "I love to cook," she says She does so when she can "More -than anything else, miss having the family togethe: Jones, who seems slimmed pected to return ( to Hollywood own and smoothed up this sea- on, has his own way with a ong--moving a lot and appar- nlly singing at the top of his oice. He is at his worst reading is lines in the mandatory bad nage between star and guest.. The show's stiffness is partic larly evident when comparet rith the easy-mannered variety Togram that follows on NBC- Dean Martin's show. The differ nee seems to be that the firs how seeks to electrify the view while Martin and company nvile him to relax. others--two sons and another daughter--are married am have children. Lush Garden She spends several hours a week gardening but confesses the mansion servants do most o the hard labor. But the lush vegetable garden has furnisha many a meal for the mansion. Virginia Cox Maddox began married life more than 32 years ago in a cramped apartment She worked in the Maddoxes Pickrick Furniture store · unti they sold it, a n d ' t h e governor says she ran it well. Before that, she worked at their Pick rick Restaurant, which Maddox closed down rather than inte grate it in 1964. But she doesn't spend all her tune at. home. The public gets plenty of chances to see the firs lady because she accompaniei the governor on many, trip; around the stale. STARTS TOMORROW First Showing In Rocky Mtn. Region CINEMA 35 113 E, Oak, Ft. Collins -me nwriSTK ruQTC Htomr Mtnc n w »MJ UVGL Km ru S fiftHS £ 7:00 and 10:19 "0UTSTANMNG... UNIQUE ON-THE-SPOT COVERAGE" -lOfMOflflllMK 8:38 lous residences awned streets. on green- ministrative assistant to the lanager of (he Apollo program. I thought I'd become blase, ut I just really admire the stronauts." Mrs. Bockting, a pretty blue- yed brunet, lives "right across le street" in Nassau Bay from er office at NASA. It's a good ike or, more realistically, a n-ief drive across the Manned Ipacecraft Center's b r o a d [rounds. She laughed about her initial mpression of Nassau Bay. "Here I was," Mrs. Bockting aid, " 'Way out in the sticks. n here wasn't anything here /hen I first came. But when hey put a drugstore in the leighborhood, I decided it was ilvilized." The mushrooming growth o: he area shows up in Ihe way esidcnts describe time: "I've been with the program ilnce the second suborbita Mercury shot." "I've been here ilnce Apollo 7." Other time is marked from 'the fire"--the tragic blaze in January, 1967, in which three astronauts were killed. Commercial areas near the ilanned Spacecraft Center are considerably l e s s impressiv nan the residential districts some of which feature lake ront locations. Businesses havi sprung up helter-skelter, and development has tended to move faster than zoning regu ations and city planning. It's a jarring view, for in stance, to look past TRW's sleek steel-and-glass buildings directly into imitation Englisl f u d o r masquerading as a Swedish smorgasbord restau rant. The tenor of life around the ipace Center--aside from the publicity that spotlights tb istronauts' families -- h a s lecome a touchy subject to many who -live there. An east ern newspaper's story of drink nk parties and wife-swapping las caused local reactions rang ing, understandably, from puz zlement to strong indignation "If there are wife-swapping wties around here, I'd lik .0 know," Merv Hughes sail facetiously. "I'll send my wife. Then he turned serious. "We lead the good life here, he said, "and I mean that i several ways. This is the plac stayed home -- and got in on history, too. "Our son Hank watched th launch and the recovery a Buzz and Joan Aldrin's," Gin ny said. He's so much at horn at their place that if the doo is locked, he goes through the pet door." For Uie Hughes family, fa miliarity with the astronaut. ("The Aldrins are our bes Tiends") breeds respect. Men is proud of the mementos o: spaceshots, citations and auto jraphs of astronauts and NASA officials that fill his family room. Marilyn Bockting, a trans planted Californian who has 'alien in love with Houston .ypified the attitude towarc jie astronauts. ' I ' m still impressed b y them," said Mrs. Bockting, ad East Memorial Open House Set An open house will be heft Monday evening, '/:30 p.m., a 5ast Memorial School, when the East.Memorial Parent - Teacher Group will hold their second meeting of the school year The meeting will be held in the multi-purpose room. Al? school rooms and new school juildings will be visited. nteg ration iuit Slated : or Nov. 25 DENVER (AP) - Denver's chool integration lawsuit is cheduled to be tried Nov. 25 efore Judge William E. Doyle i U.S. District Court, and court 'ficials said two weeks has een allowed for the hearing. They say it could continue for iur to five weeks, however. Judge Doyle has moved to lorten the proceedings by not llowing previous testimony to e repeated. The testimony was stained during earlier injunc- on proceedings, and is on ranscript. The orginal suit, filed June 9 by a group of pro-integration awyers, claimed the schoo' oard had deliberately seg- egated schools over the years . was filed afler the currenl chool board voted 4-3 agains ompulsory integration, and rc- cinded an integration plan dopted by a previous board. JSS Essex vlakes Final lourney to bring up a family, and wouldn't trade my children an the opportunities we have t do things with the kids for an; thing. "Most of our activities ar centered around our childre and what they're doing at scho and church. We have parlie and dinners, too, but general! the entertaining is centered i our homes. You know how neighbors ge together." Even when the neighbors ar astronauts. (Next: Women in the program MONDAY LUNCHEON SPECIAL Chicken Pot Pi« 1.15 Serving 11:30-1:30 DINING ROOM Open Evenings 5:30 p.m.-10:00 p.m. RAMADA1NN* Hlw»y 85, Evint. 353-5900 DRIVE-IN THEATRE 2930 S. llth AT*. 353-1375 Adults ?1.25 Children Under 12 Free LAST TIME TOMORROW 1 HE ACADEMY AWARDIWINNER "BEST ORIGINAL SCREENPLAY"(M.n,»i.)j "BEST CINEMA COMEDY IN YEARSI-r,TM « ZCCO HOSTEL ; -»·"»·"· "THE PCCDLCECS" pflui,nziumnn ·RLf RED HITCHCOCK'S 'TORI, CURTfllll' Sat. ,0ct. 25, 1969 GREEf.EY TRIBUNE Page 11 BOSTON (AP) - The USS Es ex, the oldest active carrier in he Navy, made her final trij rom Boston Friday as a group f former crewmen saluted fare veil. Tile Essex was headed for MOVIE AUDIENCE * * * GUIDE * * * A Service of Film-Makers and Theaters. THIS i SEAL In ads Indicates the film -was submitted and approved under the Motion Picture Code of Self.ReguIation. Pg"| Suggested for GENERAL '--' audiences. fSjj Suggested for M A T U R E '--' audiences (parental discretion advised). rgi R E S T R I C T E D -- Persona '--I under 17 not admitted, unless accompanied by parent or adult guardian. ® Persons under 17 not admitted Printed as a public R0rvl«« by this uewsptipir ew York Naval Shipyard and n to the Atlantic Inactive eet. During World War II, the Es- x sank 25 Japanese ships, maged 86 others and shot awn 33 enemy planes. Her swn ancs destroyed 1,531 enemy anes. OSLO -- Norway may take mundsen's famed sailing ship om San Francisco. DANCE to BARNEY AND THE LONELY ONES Country and Western Sat., Oct. 25 -- 9 p.m. MembcrG and Guests Donation $1.50 per couple EVANS V.F.W. Greeley Drive-In West on Highway 34 fONIGHT thru SUNDAY WrfY DID THEY CELEBRATE A BLOOD WHIM. 1 TECHNICOLOR Released by MAGNAPICTUHESDIST.CORP. Box Office Opens at 7 p.m. Showtime 7:30 There's always a treat In The Snack Bar 1:00 Admission 1.25 Under 14 50c You never met a pair like Butch and The Kid. "Dammitall. Why is everything ·we're good at illegal?" RAUL NEWMAN ROBERT REDFORD KATHARINE ROSS BUTCH CASSIDV AND THE SUNDANCE K!fiL In Color , J 352-0245 '706 Eighth Ave. Sat.-Sun. Open 1:00 IT TEARS YOU APART WITH SUSPENSE! [TECHNICOLOR*! A UNIVERSAL PICTURE Closed Monday thru Thursday ENJOY OUR SNACK BAR A JEROME HELLMAN-JOHN SCHLBS1NGKR PRODUCTION, OUSTW HOFFMAN! «JON VCMGHY "MIDNIGHT COWI BRENDA VACCARO JOHN McGIVER RUTH WHTTK SYLVIA MILES BARNARD HUGHES Admission 1.25 X)rzsr COLORhyDetuxe Ends TUKS. WIDE WORLD OF 'ENTERTAINMENT

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