Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho on July 12, 1967 · Page 4
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Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho · Page 4

Nampa, Idaho
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 12, 1967
Page 4
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frfai Fm Pr 12, ivr; - 4 PAGE OF OPINION BEGINNING TO FKL THE PINCH P HENRY TAYLOR COMMENTS: Blame McNamara's Bungling B? ETVRY J. Ti Ssersferr Eien E. , r?s?i*i? to tie tt i perG- retell is la sir, rfer pW *3! naks iir r fc iMS air MT ctzs c J so, ocr p£!*£ ix 1 ! tecrv a, Cose E/Z*, arf as tiszil, srz- Vr. IfeSirtii JzOs to isrrs bea bodice, tf. bOE£22£ eTHT S3£c, QCT Era* Strifes? ESSd Ct state: 'I f» sac* ft E2SE1 fc^paed Tfe fe* fcrf SOQE pQoc lasat gone rff fc fe ria mr ^lace or fly- stataJ 6*y wcnW not kell ''· izre tested there' coild te up last sramj defenses as mnfeTOjE as fey DOT f ace dafly. Ttsse and fie rasf majority rf oer carrier pilots CODV (ial tteir trainin? lid yoc vocld DSver tear this froa ifefemara, Ttesa s*Ksss two hsre seef friswis bhsted cut tte sky, iieir Srsrs. Si STK! 221 fi.-?y feir 62! eee ifey SKI* !2J- an a eanesi froa fees carriers sn ij. 19S. Aw" ws ffek of World War E aad Korea eicejtii, STKT car- ill previocs TU et- j fig **- £%£ the «Kmy has given NorS VKiKu sir "is- fear stoMow rwiBiistes.ri* fee n.s i^-^ 7 ~~ -- , , . for mantis oo end, doing rt riyrr) -- and me ·Xw't a read they shot | »«*. Is Mr. twpvter just its reels? Or* CAO -- cottflBttfer an air gro:p - repiisd: 'T can-1 tot ni/terstaod why uot ooe pilai ' my cwiirand fcas fcroed I I certainly cooliii't blam* him." At tie outbreak rf World Warn was ars assistant at tte Harvard BaSi- cr c3ClEIicte*-l. rnsi feadsrs ibobrzrede* 6eir j* day ac* mgirt - ai ,v rf arnr^ WST n sad tore* fee SK =s^ ts brav=fes=n FOREICH CQMMEHTARY Control of U.A.R. Sought TODAY'S EDITORIAL An Unworthy Device As the c omm«is coie in f rom the citizens of toho -- and pbc« ifcrs fe practice has been uofer cfcserrafioi -- v? itt/i ILDT* and more toward deploriai fee us* of onmirted ibho Etzte POD'C* patrol cas. As a rereiwe-raiKr they might te great, but as i deterrsri to yiEfaSoc 4 traffic J»ws fbej bold out rerr littfe Lope. Soch (J»ric4S are wt -rorfty of tie '.'sorer sign Stale d Haho. Tbey smack at poUc* tfat* tactics. Wbafs more, they art open invitations to tb* criminal element, motesters and wis*ruys. (Remember tte infamous Red LigW BanifrfCaliforniaaDdtte subsefjuenf execatioo of Caryl Chessman?} We too* of men rtohave given the explicit instruction to tbeir irives mat tbty are KOT to stop for an oninart«) csr und^r ANY circumstances. We're not too crazj abort pulling over for sach a vehicle either. A lev y c ^r f - age- in CaldweH, stopped by an "unnarteif 1 car -stack wzs QasBiiE -t red light SJ* was "escorted" to IK Canyce HiD Cemetery aad raped. And if it bad happened daring a period of unmarked polio* cars don't think for an is*a;i 2l fe police ToaldE't bare beet scs- pect, right a -srong. Womefl In Ctnyot Ccorty haven'ttaEotten 65 episode, afidttey're not about to shjpfor feat red light on tte dasfc beard rftte ner cars. fte unmarted cars ides was z bad idSL B isn't going to work. AH it *ffl serve to do is place oar state police, who hold a good reputation with Idaho's motorists, in a tad light. Unmarked patrol cars are lor stales that hsve run out rf Sdsas. UPI Foreign Kers Atalyst De=fi!ti obrioas sstiacis ior Sorfet policy IE tLs ISiis East, fii Soriats nay bs clossr to vimiiig ttejr Jfiieast objsc- !w sorlies. Is resj^tsc to s ODSTJ- frtxt fins correspcotenl regErmiii tig possEilE future doorse o! Soris* liifest poiicr, fe CPI bureau in Jdoscov relied: i Sori0t leaders are still coniinittad to aic tie Arabs aai win cootinK a J^T?*^'??J flow rf arms as well as all possible ffif,]t*n?fir apport. The fessiass probably win fog** cc ESJdieg 'advisers' to Egypt sod Syria to train Arab officers in tbe, use of sophisti- czted weapons. "Trey -sill also seek soae kind rf political control so as not to be faced with tte accomplished facts srh as Kasser did to then: twice last month; One-, iriieii ts asked renwra! cd tji. peacekeeping forces and secondly vfaen be blocfcried the GaE ol Aipba." The result of sncl i policy win depend upon the eiisai to which C.A, .Presides! ianal,; AWel !iasser is ·srilluig to sell ME soal to the devfl in his CTSTI desperate efforts to retain Arab leadership. V be accedes to sock a demand, fKp?^ to all intents and purposes, toe name Dated Arab Republic might as well be chZu^ej lo "Veiled ^ p ab Peoples' Kepublic" since its policies would be totally subservient to the Soviet Union. :' is e scncG fis fcct that by il fe= CJi. al Uast ten?OTari±y a staios cjxj vtn^r. io iTtgpr attempted to forci fie Israiis back to oi:l rrncs t'Tioa; 1^ fsrthsr s^g^texi t^^g* the lo^, hot Samoa- in fie OTHER EDITORS SAY sfli ened Jsrasaleo absorbed iato tie into a loog, hot Tinter. Israsiilwcc. As for fle IsraeBs, ttey Tta acficm lent lores to coding 2boatt:igirKis!n£SS. prsTioosly anno3iK«i Israeli U'alpr rwin^ tElsjilODSS affll r*" 1 " to 10 - (1 On U) the CM City ofiia- nfflitiK bstssa rid aad and was farther eri3a»e J n=r Jernsalem hare b=a luisd Israeli longtime EB ft; Aral polici rf old efuciascy. rf and as i ci r Air Forces, wlnooi ZJO military rrainia? or erperieK'wbsierer. His assiginKBi was tctelp set up statistical c^Ttroa system. }fe s*n-ed mainly in Washington, stere ne res* to lieutenant colo- ML Djrin? fce Korein war Vr. ifcNamara vas in eiepjtive of tie Ford Motor Coffipany. He is new chief adviser to tw President oc military stratsgy. This absoMely inexperienced man who dominates IBS strategy isouborrille war andhasbeen w«?, sactsssively-jtaag vA TTCC? on all sites of tbe \iet- cam siraafito, iflc!'j«ng troop and airpower needs, for a solid six years, stated before a Con- HHH Does It Again! Vice PresidEni ftmert Humphrey is quoted as saying ia a pi^ess c otiereace in Anch-^age, Afeska, that Presidfflt Johnson told Premier KrKygiB a! Glassbaro riaf the United States "took a very dim view" rf Coba's exporting arms and guerrilla leaders to other Latin American countries. Furthermore, said Mr. Humphrey, the Presidat showed Kosygin evidence rf Castro-exported revolutionary activity, asked Kosgyin to take up the matter with Fidel Castro, and "We know that he did, and very firmly." Wai in the world does Uris mean? Does the vice president expect Americans to believe that Kremlin poh'cy has been so changed that it no longer endorses and supports Communist-led revolutions and "wars rf 1 wherever these B this is trae, it would be cause for world VETERAN COMBAT PILOT TELLS: rejoicing. KoUnngerer said or done b)'lead- ers of the Soviet Union, bowertr, has publicly supported tbs ttesis. We just dm't believe KcsygiD serf to Havana and told Fidel Castro to stop infiltrating Latin America, either on his own volition or in response to President Johnson's urging. We would, htnrever, be happy fobe proved wrong by statemenfsfrom the summit conferees at Glissboro, Johnson and Kosvgiii. Mr. Humphrey's off-the-cuff comment in Anchorage seems to be mischievous. B will be resented by Kosygin and the Kremlin directorate. B will give the Maoists in Red China Dew fuel for their fire cf condemnation of Moscow revisionists. B may make trouble for Kosygin at borne. Unless there is proof, Humphrey's effort to make Presf- ^denf Johnson look good was rash and far · · 'from fee kind of statesmanshipneededinthis crucial period. -- Ifce Portland Oregonian gets inftjencin? tne North Vietnam oosratioas decisively are tie roads and tbe war materials being moved over fbem." Less than 10 per cent rf our World War n bomb lonuage vis targeted against roads, railways and the vehicles moving on them, Our Army and navaUorces learned as ear}}' as tie North African campaign that it is utterly impossible to stop supplies by attacking one (ruck at a rime, blowing up bridges, rails, etc. Mr. McNamara's bad judgment in the basic ns-= 1 our air power, and his defiance rf every experienced air leader we have, is directly reponsible for a Urge part of the war's cost and the horrifying fact that no end is insight. Instead of taHnghisninth Vietnam trip 'lo make a searching review," when his analysis after eight previous "searching reviews" turned out to be dead wrong eight times, Mr. McNamara should resign. Why We're Not Winning War OUR READERS SAY _ (Reprinted from fto Republican Specifically, the pilot lists ensuing seven-day period. No repeated assurances mat \re will The rewards lor the Soviet Congressional Committee News- these Johnson Administration re- deviation from this list is per- keep Premier Ky from invading I'nioo would be obvious since letter) stricSons which he says have mitted. "It's like a coachtrying the North, the Presided has pro. they thai would have leap- , hampered tbe war effortandcost to run the team from his living vided the North Vietnamese with Irogsed Turkey and Iran aad V ?*i'TM wondered why we're thousands rf American lives to room instead of the ball park," a sanctuary from which, they can obtained control of the water "* winning the war in Vietnam, date: says the pilot. "He's bound to continue the war unhamfered passageway from lie eastern a veteran combat pilof jist back _ Restrictions on bombing rf call a lot of bad plays that way." except for our "pin-Prick" boffib- ifeiiterranean to the Persian from the war front has some rea- s or th Vietnam targets. Byplac- _ Bombinfr ^ meantn(r i es , ing efforts, iccordingtothepllrt, Gulf which Russia always has sons - ing rff-51mifs certain MIG bases t^^ts Although toSrf *» «Medt "Unless it is nufe desired. Jn an interview with the Sews- near Hanoi, the Rxl River dikes ^ Aimougn oomDing ot . . . . . . . For Americans, helping the opposite as a means rfprt- The last 10 days have seen letter, the pilot, who asked not and dam, port facilities at Hai- other important, altiougb little to be quoted by name, sums it phong and other targets, the in the Mideast up this way: President has enabled North Birch Society Literature Tells of Advance by Reds To The Editor: The UPI and CBS Sews nevtr e Comm-jaists become fashion- ventin? Communist advance. bring attention to the Communist able, "patriotic," and profitable, 9. Another manifestation rf the noted, events advance in USA. The following Communist infiltration into po- same principle at work was the situation, IE from a flyer from the John siiicos rf prier In our govern- establishment in 1945 rf the to an act Birch Society entitled "Birds m ent, our press, weiicalional United Nations. This organize- another defeat for the Russians, Eye Mew rf toe Comnmnisf Ad- system, our church organira- fioa was conceived by Coramun- the United SatioEs Security ranee. In tte USA Step by Step." [JOBS, our entertainment field jsts, founded by Communists, Couacil approved a suggestion The Communist conspiracy is ^^ every other division rfour has altrays been controlled by from Secretary General Tbant hoping that we've stepped up our says. on heralded as winning is that fte Adnnnistra- aminirajnidisniptiontoitsecoa- Although bombing _ may sound Impressive c ' ear *° ""* Hanoi regime thai back home, the Viet Cong troops lls V6rv existence is at stake, it are never in their quartersraen ** u nave no reason to cons to made and simply tte negotiating table =od «rea When talk about pt ace." Holder of a variety rf rib- n meaninEful rarest tionhasti't made up its mindthat omy and people. "We haven't as a omrer nlara or suDDlvfeoot bons won in thre» wars - W 0 -ld itwants towin. B issimplycoo- made it worth their utiletocome near Hanoi this Dilots av s the ^ n,Kore=andMehani -- 's tent to contain the Viet Cong, to tie conference table, "thepilot press ace oants of it back home combat veteran summed no- apparentlv "scare "the WasMne 'Tve never heard rf aw^rrun deep-rooted. But much abojt its national life, had been steadily the Communists, and has been that UJ. observers be placed military actions against them - Washington selection of far- ton Dlann^rs so badlv that thpv like this one HvehadletWjsh ,,..*.-*« «n/* c^t-lr /Wfllmrron* i :-- _:--,. 1(V9 _.*,« i j ~--i.. ~,~A «»,,,- nn V^Jh ciiW nt *hc QTID? Tsnpl pnraiph en ThoV wiH m-Plrfliajlr oofc fn hp KnnihflH incfoD/? /rf v . ~ waw* uidi iuc aujci aj*i origin and e-arly d*veltpnient remains in the historical shadows. We begin wiiere the record becomes factual and clear. 1. to 1917-1918 Lenin, Trotsky and a relative handful rf ruthless criminals seized power in Russia. , !933 when used increasingly - and ever on toth sides of the Suez Canal enoogh so they wiD B-entually gets to be bombed instead rf ,, . _ . . ^ . . . ____ . . . ,; __ ___ *; -- T -- ,,*! ~nA A.^l^a *« ««11 Hie tt^nln ihtnir TM H* - , ___ ,, _.-!;* __ J-l ___ i __ Increasing since . ._,., Roosevelt became President, more brazenly -- to carry out Ibe separating Israeli aad decide to call the whole thing on-the-scene militarydelermina- This infiltraticrB was now given Communist purposes. But it Egyptian troops. off. But it won't work. Under Hon. The Pentagon decides in ne* impetus and greater oppor- MS sold by propaganda and pre- Both sides had indicated they those conditions, the Wet Cong advance which targets it will al- tuaities by the official pro-Corn- tense to the American people, also would accept ihe sugges- can bold aA longer than we low me commanders in the field and to roost rf the rest rf the tton. can." EAGLE BEWARE world, as a means rf maintaining peace and preventing Com- nrnnist attitude rf the wartime administration. 7. At the end rf the war many 2. In 1922, after unlimited nev manifestations of the funda- munist aggression. use rf terror and torture in mental Communist principle rf 10. Most important rf alltbese establishing this tyranny, this eiact reversal came into play, Communist gang consolidated on a massive worldwide wale, Russia proper, Russia Armenia, TO understai.d this fully it must Azerbaldzhan, Georgia, Byelor- be realized that everything abort ington call the shots on *' 3 to h 't i" World War H ****** *° * »^ ^Mtfi " m]iT ^ To " fo tt . f .. never invade their coortries m be fightint that 'war " gigantic reversals rf the truth, however, has been the cruel p re- tense, all over the world and to the American people, that the united States was the great enemy of Communism. Tbe By 1923, Stalin had exiled those who control the Corrimva- fact has been exactly the oppc- us sia and Ukraine iiio tte I'm' on Communism is a part of one big rf Socialist Soviet Republics, jie. il is die very purpose rf 3, TTotslcy and established himself jst movement to turn all the site. Snee 1944 the most power- as the successor to Lenin. Djr- world's values upside djwn, to ful single (orce in promoting ing the serf 10 rears through replace Iruft with falsehood, Co^msiEm ever)Ttwre anrt in merciless massacres in the oroer »ilh ctaos, religious turning one ration after another Ukraine and elsewhere, anrt then ideals with salanic immorality, the ruthless purge of most ofhfs freedom with slaver), compas- old fellow revolutionists, Slalln sion with cruelty and love aitti made himself the absolute boss hate. These are all ends in Ihem- rf the Communist world. selves. :t tt.ey are also means 4. Si 1933 President Franklin tor achieving Coramuriist power, D. fioosevelf rfficially recog- as has been clearly spelled out nized the Soviet regime, ttas jn the Communists' own litera- saving it from financial collapse ftre tir more than a hundred and at the same t/rwopeningour years. doorstoaneverincreasingarmj of Communist diplomats, agents and spies. 3- I" 1*». (or Insuwe, ine Communist contrived a plan for rf [he ConinMmist advinct in(er . over to the Communists tyranny -- as in Czechoshvakia and China and Cuba and the Congo -- has been the help rf the United States government to that end. The record 10 support this statement f and those in s«fioos abovs) is absolutely clear to anybody wtio will give it objective stud)-. Why not accept and do a little and you will find the '° ** . 5. By 1S3S Stalin's Iwg and ^ Unlte1 »»« ,'° ,?*.* esting. And with knouledge is extensive pbns for plunging the great deal of their uorlrtwide ^ JWI Md , thint we can ave world Into inothers *ar (through progress. Ue Arrjencin for- w r coun | ry frcll) !j!JS tj-raaay. the Sorge spy ring and other elgn Aid program wis conceived We mst ^ Commun | sm ln U.S.A, John Matzen Nampa Route 5 by Communists, started and ttt and propaganda acrivlties) nourished along by Communists wre ready for fruitatlon. He and hiilt eventually by Comm...n- ten precipitated the wr by en- is* influences and propagan-H into gigantic proportions, as a "alliance) to Inn* means rf helping the Communists and etie/r socialistic fore- 6, By the end rf 1041 the runners everywhere in taking all ye land;." Psalms CG:1 United States had entered the over their respective countries. Pity the person who has for- war. The Jlliancebetween Wish- Ri! It *as sold to the American grffen (o praise God for Ms jnd Moscw vas ni* rf- people, of course, as exactly blessings. world»id« diplomatic, poriry By S H.B. DEAN Joyful noiseunioCod, to hit and sends ftem an "ap- -- Restrictions on ground ac proved" list each week for tbe Boo against North Vietnam. By we'd DR. MOLHER OH HEALTH Facts About Moms' Figures Remember the letter from the "girls at the P.L. Co.," who had been filled fall of so many wild stories of whit awful things I'll probably need (hem the rest rf my life. Now i hear thatthese tion ever Does ures? Seems to me tbe writer of the follo-srini note deserves to be called an expert on the subject Dear Dr. Molner: 1 am a the heart, Dear Dr. Molner- Mv daugh- , er , W ., is t very active child *** eDJoysrunnindiDCing, bfte riding, etc . Eve ry time she lhe ame crackin S sound in the girls to know about my sire. I am the mother of lOchildren. 1 am 5 feet i inches till, weigh 119. 34-2S-34, wear ing up the body's metabolism to a harmful degree. The crackicg is dae towrtain m your case, your thyroid tendons riding over prominences "* D0t enough, and the of the booes, ends of the them, but only helped. Dear Dr. Molner: If ODO tin- dergoes an operation for complete removal ol the navel for umbilical hernia, doesthismeia a person never can havecnll. oren.-M.L. joint pain or swelling implies that there Is no serious condition Involved. ;, one 1 pounds 8 ounces, tbe other 1 pounds 6. My firstbtiyweignedSpounds 3 ounces. All my children are married and I enjoy 21 grandchildren 1 am ?. widow and eajoy working. t enjoy people and thrive on activity. Best of the luck to tbe girls rf the P.L. Co. -MRS. A.B.W. having children. The navel or i^ n · - -- r ' -- ··- Dear Dr. Molner; I am 45 umbilicus, is the spot to which WOWel ' " Hovr To Control Emand nave been taking Ihyrold the umbilical cord sis attached phys " nl -" enclosing a long, pills for a year and half be- until i baby vis born. Once i seU - 1(Mr « s s«l, stamped envel- cause of in uufcractlve thy- child Is born, the nivel his no ^ Md I0e (n coin to cover roll My Aoctor tells me furlter purpose cosl ** P rln "ne wd hicdllng. + r-f Emphysema CM be controlled. To learn how to live with this serious lung dtseise, write to No, it has nothing to do with Dr " MolD * r in me of 'w' s ne«- ~"" requesting i copy of the

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