Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico on January 31, 1945 · Page 2
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Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico · Page 2

Las Cruces, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 31, 1945
Page 2
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PAGE TWO Las Wtdnctday Las Cruces Sun-News W A U . A C K I T . K K V . R. II. HOVU: .,,...'.'.'..'..'.'.'.... Minimal Atvrrtr.| ( ,» «,.,,., ^-idM^ h~^.l~', TnraiC. S r w V...IT. S- 1.1,11 n. K.,.:I:M r . t y . r j r n AND THAT'S NO BALONEY · »· [ i i r n - » t a t i H' 'I M i ; ASSOI'Ifi'lT.ti I'KKSS Those Terrible Kids .of Neighbor Roosevtll Like ;i lut of "(iijnrl neighbors,'" M i s t u r and Missus Roosevelt have "tt'mbli- k i l l s " U ' n i h l r cnungl! lo worry their pa and · m.'i aiif] t h i - t r f r i e n d s "lo distr.-irtion," L;ilest outtjr(-;ik even w h i l e neighborhood gossip w;is agog . over K l l i o t t f i x i n g it MI Ins do;; crowded three service men oul of a Irjiri.sjHJi'l p l a n t - .t:oiries J i m . F n i n k l i n ' s eldesl. y n d his w i f e lo hold u p a t r a i n : t h a t is. not in the way masked men used lo hold 'ern up, bill In delay a whole I r a i n l o a d of passengers more I h a n an h o u r w h i l e they got -around lo boarding il. -·Wiml'.s ." N ' M . l i l . . t i l j o l J I (...jiv-* mi; a I l i i i n y r,mn.,r s Son .11,,,. j H] Funeral afivi fii.,1 ,i..n.viii t . timi i,,. . . n i i i d . l l I Uiltfdl " ''I'-K""" U"'" li'in'ly :.,!:,,.M.; i For W.S. Baker UYII. i! t w.'(- n ; i i ; v m i p o r U t r i l , il might n u t he coii.v'lfri'd " l . - r - l K n m i i i l u r i nn«(Mn"iil.4 f u r VV S . It I Int h e j i n - H M l i - n t ' s *»ui. Bui. t ' » i H l i y c t l i - i - milt* ineonvi'ITM'iK 1 " d l h f i InJIc- i ly b e c n i i N c h, '* ( h e [ . I ' l i N t ' l - ! ! ( ' · · tlllU'f,»|; ,'Hr :,g;im M a y n , K l H f . l t v n i H p o i u i l l i l i - |ui piiHhmj,' n fcnnip ol w r v l c i ' i r i i ' M n i l a p l u / u - . j i l Iciifil lit- lm« Ihf n l i h i H i n t !:· V.H:-. ;I-I\»H Tliom- l;oiwn'M i(i,i-i ini\- iii-i ii (lollifi II I'vi-r mi,-i- I l i . - l r |,a a m i ma K'tl ill t i n - u - l u l i - I I O I I M - !.'an:ii^; l i p t o t i n - t r o u g h loi Hpi-.-lal l l i i ' . and t h i i l . rimtliij^ on u-iv.-.- a n , I I ' . i - k t - t . - r i.';. w l i n ( I t r d fU IliK Jionii: n i i j ' U i ot I.n.s OUCC.H l i i l i : Aloiulay · v t ' i i . i i ^ , I I H V C t i i - c i i completed w i t h H i t - C i a h m i i h i n i T i i ] iiurn-. A M-fiirl'.'Ml i-f tin; ( . ( i m m u n i t y f o r M i r ], ;i st 1" yrai-H, Jic is mirva-cti Ijy h:.s w n l o w , MTK. H n t t i c Halu-r, ;iml i n ( l a i i ^ h t r r . M i i r j o r l i - -lean. I m t h . A l h o H i i r v l v l n g ar- Jus niutlic. 1 !*. ; M n - ( ! . L. Baker of Snowball. \ r k . ; t w u HlhUTH. Mi^. CI*:tH K t h - i :t\Kt- '»; H i i ' i v v l j n M n n f l - M i s . N V t t i c ! :, in Iji-oUicr.s, H. S of H t . Joseph,! A l i i . : J I!, ol Oilrasa. TI-XIIK: -I. B. ol Knif," r. Ti-Mif? a n , I A B if Com- · l i i - i r . - , D h l n . i ; - - i v n - i ' s w i l l hi' l i i ' l i l i n til.' Mclli- oihM r h u r i - n T l n i i m l a y a f l i - r m i o n at I! i i ' i - l u i - l i , Ilic HI-V. I 1 . A, HklBC ' i f l l ' l i i l i i i H Tlic l n l l o ' . v n i K [ i n l l b i n r i - i - H Iiavi- li.-rn n n i n i - d : K u l n - r t Wi-ll.i. Carl fi-lt I l k i - I I , ( l i K f - h u ; i n t . , m i (nb. 1 -- / . i n i i n c n t H i n , I V o i i l k m a i i , C l n r - ; anil ciiMiin ln^j c ( i r | i ( i i f i ( l n n ' « M ' H i i c c m · · · N t R l i . H i d t i - y R i l c y a n d K t a - ; 1 · '( w i n c h i l i i ' i i i h i - l v H wrr.. j n - r k l i i K |'·'·' Moon ftjHvml l a v o i ' H o u t n( )·»*·· "(.· -s" A l l i l t i l l - I l i M . n r v r l l l i r i n l l b i . l . ' , · (M-'ltin,; pr.-tly l i m i ni th.-u- [M Innmuii'r c H l H - . ' i u l l v :|IH · t t i rnmcinlicr l l u t l ilu-y d.dn'l .-icri /H""^ 1 "" Ihc vvli't!.- UoiiHi-vflt i i i m l l y In l ) i » - | ' " ' ' l l t n l'»"-icl- BAYLUS CADE PUBLTC ACCOUNTANT A l l l l l t f l - Tll\ iMlltllTS - S.VHll'IIIH 120 E. Grlggs Ph. 284.' 177-J CHAPARRAL ( C o n t i n u e d i r o n , page 1 ) M | ! ! i ! i i M i - r m a bar i n Han 'Miguel, i. to p n y tin 1 MfiiiH 1 I a 'i-ar w h i c h Donn A n n coun- j l i ' t ' i t K r o n t j n M acnms (he road · Valley Loan and Finance Company Complete K i n a n c K t l Service LOANS Automobile - Poisonal F u r n i t u r e DISCOUNTS We buy .'ill types of contrat'ls. KstubJishi'd in J93G S. M n i n Si- Pli. 44. r ; I M - H - H s u l i u M . H , HIT crowded n i g h t - j i v w l i l i putroii. 1 * f r o m 10! I'H.JO. Korl ! U h s K t i n d t i v .Hiiidlei d u i t n c t . ! + * + ;| In a widi-ly-varli'fl aren sui'h IIH I p x i s i f in I lonn Ana county, il .si-fins to nie. c u n i i l y eu!nintt*.slonn]-H osight to hnve (he a u t h o r i t y in I ' i c i i t e diHlrict.s and fix Ki'iuhmlcd f=i';ile.N oi fer.-i iippniprliiti- to pro- ItiiMinniCr Mill- A l l i i n / u Hull I lit I v.. HdUinlHv 1'Vh. :ir,l hy .Inn.or \\rsl.\u" i.uild. (JdliiR u«ny, ln|t n pnrly t llio STANDARD WALGREEN AGENCY 221 Soulh Main Phone 350 suggests War Analyst Sees Nazis Make Stand In South Germany Continued Troni jniRe 1) a figltl to a finish, when- will ho uluiji' i t ? My ttioiights immediately t u r n lo M u n i c h iigaln to southern Germany and Austria. H u t i i k i - N me t h i t l this big thca- ti-r provide n n;iturtil battk-fit-'ld for H f i n a l staml. f)n tlic Koulh it's proU'i-tcd by Liu- towering Aljw. and mountain ranpot; .stand guard around imii'h of Ihc rent of il. W i t h i n this hugi- Ijcnvj art- many i war I n d u s t r i e s . Tberi arm'I rn- i nugh rcHiinrcffl tu cnabli- the Oer- 1 iTiHim tu prulrin-1 the war intlo- f i n i h ' l y . l u l l they inlglu n»ik(! n ; fonuiiliihlc showing for :i time. ' CJlinici- at your map.s and you i will HIT huw great Ui-rman firmies ! could be w i t h d r a w n i;;to HI:H nm- phillu-ati-r Thri-o arc, for in.Htiint'c, alioul t h i r t y divisions- wiy snnie- i h l n g like -lOO.flOO men n^hling in n o r t h e r n I t a l y . If the Nn/.i.s fiban- iluiipd t h e i r pttallluns Ihtri 1 , many of Iht-se Iroop.H could lit- returned lu. A u s t r i a via the Brfnner Pnas. Thus* you cnn gu on aromul tho eirclc. Tlu'rc are some 15 Cmnan divinioiirf ."ny 200,000 nii'ii · in Vugi'slavia. ami tlifsr could lie pulled hack into A u s t r i n . So eould t h e Nn/is fij;lilinn in Ilungiiry. and in Ozychiisloviiluii. T i u n p H now ;le- r f i u l l i i K s u U l h r i i s t i - i n Oernuiny could he taken into A u t r i i i via Cr.- erliu.slnvakia. Ku far us the western front is i-oiuH-rneil. the J-llUeritcs likely would n m t i n u e to hold the lipi-r rtnu'hvs of tlur Rhine and t h i m v » Mm' acr-'HK n o r t h e r n ' K a vii t i n . Then Here's one nthvr aspucl ; to Ihl;* s l t i m t i u i i \vhii-h 1 m e n t l n n in it jiui'i'ly jijici'Uliitivr way. One of tlu'^v days Miller and liis r i g h t hand men urn Koin^ tu have to st-ok a hidi'-oul, unless they suriDiider or commit .suicide. It's i(iffic«U to I h l n k of any phu-t- they nmld i;o Sliv.- tu noiiif .strunnhold which they linvt- prcpiu'i'd in Hie Hiivm inn Alps. There, w i t h » sniitll niiliUry ft»rct\ lllry niiglil IUMIK mi for ,'i h i t . Tr* In Ret II In 'rH'ost "n powdtT MI (inc ii ariiuillv tijiprars a j m r l nf your skin" Chi linn Powder lir(t\fr \ otiorir why llu« iiii-mlililv tinr fair |Ki«ilcT ii mil! til lira woilil'ii IrnU (;"·«' l«-«iily |«|«ralicns. Ijnik MUM- luvcliri.i in Cliiflun I nro I'mulrr. Shiiir- Lumber AND Building Materials Rio Grande Lumber and FUEL COMPANY 111 Soulh Church Phone 3 Facing Disaster Hitler Persists In Victory Talk [Continued from page 1) clare.ri. still at the head of Europe- will l)o "that nation (Germany \ which has led Europe for one and rm« hair thousands of years as the leading powur against thu cast." KuurtiH "Surrender" Seemingly taking into consideration a possible "surrender now" demand ny Ihc Big Three, Hitler ·:leclnred: "Every promise these sta-lenit'ii nre umking to their people i.s *' no importance because they cunimt t'\itnil their a KS\I ranees." I n the ringing lom's of all .Ms old time eloquence, he flung do- fiance at the Allied leaders: "As a ruthless national socialist and a warrior of my nation I want In unsure t lies · .'Untrsnu-u once and forever tluit any att to i n f l u e n c e national socialist ( i many by Wilsonian phrases .··ih.i a nnivete which is unknown tlic Germany of today." Three AM Siudenis Take Navy Training Thn'c .students of AitM ruiSege who rcconlly applied for .'nli^lnicnt in i hi- imvy have passed tht- writ- t e n o salt ilnat ion t h a t qiiaiil'U'S Llumi for Radio Technician ( R a - l a r t training, il was announced t'ulay by the navy rccntitinpr officr They nre Arthur Milton Maker »f Eunifc, Loon Max Lnnc of AlainoKcrdii nnd Stanley Xi-lson Thomas of Lns Crucos, nl) fi'osh- man .studi'iits in en^int'erin^. 1'ho- mHf. son of Prof, and Mrs. J-Mvin Aubrey Thomas of Slate C'ullege, iltireil in the upper one per cent i!' lu^h school seniors in stalvu'ide c.sts jiven last year. The Unce leave Sunday morning 'or Santft Ko to t a k e f i n a l jiliy-sical 'X a n i i rations. If snci-essfn: they .vill In 1 sworn into l!u ntivv and given inat-tive d u t y to minplete I his si'me.ster privitc^i- open mly to men passing the radio echnii-iiin exam inn linn. I-niif'a brother, U. Harold E. Lsine. wnii killoil in lU'tion while nnvlpilini' a Klyin^ K u r t o s ^ over (iermany on April IT, Ui-t;; .COMING EVENTS ] The Do Si no Square dnmr rliih | will mfi'i Krkttiy myiU ni the i 'IVmple ol Agricullurt', Sqtinre I d a n m s from nllwr rlnl-.s n,v in- vi 1 cil MiLsir Htnvt.s at S::tO. ddlnit Hwny, connnji limnc, inn B party? rinuw tclepl Legislators Hit At Local Option, Graft, Gambling t Continued from pare 1) i judicial council to make a continuing study of administration; and create a legislative commission · .o study other types of legislatures, nchiding tlw unicameral. (l:m* I .ill. or Cash in To lilies Hep. Ellis Whitney (D-Chavez) A ho introduced the legislation .lealing with labor unions, said the VI! would require unions to register with the secretary of state :id prevent them from making lonations in political campaigns. Maximum fees, dues and assessments would he established -and the unions would be made subject to a two per cent tax on* their gross receipts. The senate late yesterday passed three minor bills dealing with veterans' problems and adopted a memorial in tribute to the late Ruth Hanna MnCormick Simms, prominent Republican leader of Albuquerque who died recently. PliuiH LcgiHlatlvc Study Senators Henry L. Eager (D- Quay) and James E. Morrow (D- Colfax) sponsored the proposal to divide New Mexico into districts for th,e election of the state's two congressmen. I The meiism? proposing a legislative commission to study the'un- icauierul system, introduced by Eager, proposed that the commission be composed of three members from both the house and senate with a report to be made at the next general legislative session. Sen. Don. L. Diekason (D-Bernalillo) and Sen. Sidney S. C!ot- tli-?D (R-Valencia) introduced a | bill to prevent pernicious political! activity of slate employes. ! Hint (Gambling; "Pay-off" i Yesterday's house session was marked by charges that state police art 1 familiar with the existence of gambling in the state. Rep. J, A. Monluya (D-Bernalillo) charged that .state police have obtained "contributions from .ilot machine operators," and said "you ran p't any kind of gambling game you want in Santa Fe or Albuquerque." T! ' gambling comment was act off I'y introduction of a bill providing p?n»lties for failure to enforce gambling laws and authorizing any citizen to destroy gaming oquipnu'iit. PARTY LINE Luzon Cute Off Bataan Retreat (Continued from pgge 1) lirfield--the 23rd air base won on i'jiizon. No Attack front J*ps Suggesting how wide open the sector is to An}er|can conquest, Filipinos told Associated Press Correspondent Janies Hutcheson that no enemy forces had been stationed in the area since 1942 although 300 passed southward two weeks ago, killing a Filipino woman in one town without provocation. The beachhead extended above the Santo Toma s river, giving the Religious Council Plans Spring Work Th# New Mexico AM Student Religious Council will carry out an ambitious program during the spring semester, members have ·lidded. During February, the young people will entertain Miss 'Lois Gro- zior. Student Christian Movement executive from Topeka* Kansas. Also on their program are an master vesper service at the college and. programs at various local during the term- PARTY LINE Mr. nnd Mrs. Louis Taylor and son Dickie of · San Francisco, spent the week end In the home of Mrs. Taylor's parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Hudspeth.. They were -encoute to Del Rio Texas, to visit with Mr. Taylor's parents there before his induction into the navy at a west coast station, Mrs. Taylor and Dickie plan to make their home here for the duration. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Wpinrob of San Francisco, enreute to Houston on their honeymoon, stopped in Las Cruces to visit with Mrs. Emma Johnson and Mrs. Mike Affad. Mrs. Affad leaves for her home in San Francisco today after visiting with friends. Yanks control of a long bridge ihere. Hutcheson disclosed that the invasion convoy was not attacked by a, single enemy p'lane although It followed the same 1 Inland seas route from 'Leyte taken by the 800- ship convoy which was raided continuously en route to the Lingayen guif landings of the sixth army Jan. 9. Too Late for BataWB Refuse It is now too late .for the Japanese command to attempt what Gen. MacArthur succeeded in doing in December, 1.941--pull bach dispersed and outnumbered forces in a converging withdrawal into rugged Bataan, The maneuver gives the Americans control of both ends of a 60-, mile road, the only one leading into Bataan. ''of Las Cruces has been transferred The eighth's landing also threat- lto Clovis from his *«»« station ens the west flank of any enemy!" 1 Li ncoln, Neb., his mother re- forces in the central plain. .ported to the Sun News today. In the mountains of eastern and iCapt Alexander, a pilot of a B-29 northern Luzon, there still is a crew trith the se cond air force, expects to be assigned to overseas duty noon. _ __ Leonard T. Bennett, son of Mr. n«se on Luzon, plans a last stand' a n d Mrs - J °seph Bennett of La of dramatic proportions compara- j Unitm recently was promoted to hie to Bataan three years airo.l staff sergeant, With the 15th air likely Our Second Front Capt. James C. Alexander, son of Mr. and Mrs. R. S. Alexander Fly to To Form New Unit Six officers of "OTe X*a Cruoca Oivil Air Patrol gqeup at State College were to fly. to Lordaburg today to assist in the organization of a CAP unitJn ;ttii£ vicinity. The local iinit llepottB that large delegations from Silver City -ahd Bonino jplned wlft-iht Las Cfcuccs group in making! tW Flelft Day held at t)|s SJate College airport Sundays, ooipfi^fyjuccessi. · The tas Cruces school 'bands fnrnl.or.crt th« musle *r Cadet 'Mil maneuvers, and, aruffise crowd enjoyed the entertainment furnished by the cadets ·Oapt. Wayne Jffienbur.g of the ASTRP unit praseBted a plaque 'to the Las- eriujas squadton for their excellent ami wonlt, while the mode! airplane was awarded to Miss Bee 'Cob fir as the oustand ins Icadet ' of'.18*4. ·. 'Couples Get Marriage Permits Marriage licenses have been is- ' sued 'at the county clerk's office for the niarriage of the following Dona Ana county- .residents: Rlcardo Miranda and Maria Mercado, both of Las.Cruces; Ramon Turrey and Maria Vasquez. toth ; cf Anthony; Jose R. ZertUche and Elvira Rivera, 'both of Mesilla Park. · [ sizeable enemy force. If Lt. Gen. Tomoyuki Yamashita, or whoever commands the Japa- Bataan three years ago,, northeastern Luzon likely- may i force in Ital 5'. he has Deen °' !sim provide the fltage. New Prison Warden Fills Guard Posis SANTA FE, Jan. 31 UP) _ July, spending five months in England before his assignment in Italy. He flew his first mission Dec. 27, participating in an attack against oil refineries at Vienna. Pfc. Vernon J. Norvell, armorer in a B-24 Liberator bomber group I with the 15th AAP in Italy, formerly of Las Cruces, has been rr,,,,.,,,, ~ · i -- -- raeny or ijas *_Tuces, nas oeen How ell Cage, who tomorrow be- authorized to wear the distinguish- nenlJISTI JI""" 1 " "' "" State e " ' mlt ta "S e . "cording to a Field penitentiary, today announced the appointment of seven men from southeastern New Mexico to fill vacancies on the penitentiary staff, mostly in guard positions. Gage saia he planned no major changes at this time. M. A. Abram is expscted to continue as assistant warden and Willard Clark as chief clerk, he said. The new Warden said the prison staff was short about 10 or 15 men and liis selections are designed to help bring it up to normal. Press release to the Sun News. The award was made for outstanding performance on a mission against the Florldsdorf oil refineries in Vienna. Reyes A. Garcia, son of Mrs. Juana A. Garcia of Chamberino, has been promoted from private to private first class while serving with a general hospital at a New Caledonia Ijase with the U. S. ar- Try tint to get It In Grace*. Rtmunafjc Sale Alianza Hall Blclg.-Satiinlay Feb. - SnI by Junior Wealyan Ciilia. Try.firtt |* ft* It In Cmcem! Were Stomach Ulc»r Palm Napoleon's Waterloo? Tire creal. Napoleon wfio conquered nations was himself a victim of aft^r-tatlnt. [ininB. Those wlm arc distressed witli stortiach or ulcer .pains, indiBestion, ^a^ pains, pains, heartburn, burning sensation, bloat and other conditions Canned br excM» acitl should try Udita. Get · 25c box of Utlga Tablets from your durg cist. First doae mujf convince or nrtiini ox to us ami' B^ rXJUBL'E VOl'H MONEY 'BACK. Standard Drug Stm? and. drug sorts everywhere. Beware Coughs Following Flu r After Ihe'flU Is'bver ttnd gone, the . cOQffh th^t' follows may develop into chronic bronchitis if neglected. Creomulslon ne^fes promptly because It goe's^rlgnftb the seat of the, trouble to help loosen and expel germ laden phlegm,'and*aid nature to soothe afadheftUr^w-tender, iaflflmeri brohchral fnucous "Ttncmbranes. No matter how many medicines you' have tried, tell your druggist to sell you a bottle'of Creomuteion with the understanding you jnust like the way ^ 'It quickly allkys the Cough or you are to have youy money-back. CREOMULSION for Conxhs, Chest- CoWs, Bronchitis Manuel ChavcK. forntor Dona Ann county chirk, hits jiwt return- otl from H Ihrco weeks visit in Flor. itia with U. and Mrs. Manuel Clm- vi'?.. Jr.. and tht'ir J'v-months-old ] son. Slrvi'iis Mttnuel. Lt. Chavez. Government Exempts El Paso System from "Brown-Out" SPECIAL AGENT FOR THE ·:\7V) ; \ 1 I V STORAGE nvilli-il utlil -trur ill .11 U K u i i l r III \ tiur I'htliu pilot nf a B-S-I, Is technical flrW i in»ppot(U- lit thr Boca Rnton (ichl, j whlh- his little fmntly rnldos lit; In thi- SCITU-C for unuist' foul- yi'iu-s. l.t Chavez luis ^-en. t Ills prosent base for| two ypitra. \Vhllt 1 in Florida, air. '·'MIV,.V ivisn vlaitt'il in .Miami ahfl Wont Lllllr. l'. b'nink Mt-ycv, lo^ill ai:c'ount- j Rut. \VH.I ni-xloi-t'il liy his physician to rost at his huitu 1 for ;i Cow ttaya, aftri- hi 1 ln-canu- ill nt his olHcc re- contly. Jot Taylor, prominent fnrnu'r north of town, WHS ttikon to Southwestern sem»nil hospital lust Saturday. IVtrtlla of tila linens could not bo Irnrnrd todky. beyond the fnct that Mra. T^vlor lit rtimalnlnf in El Paso to be near him. S»lr Alliuu Mull niitg.-SlltlirnXv f an) by Junkir Wnt)-n U»ll«. The United States Government has exempted the El Paso Electric Company from the nation-wide' "brown-out" because it uses surplus natural gas and hydro-electric power. The order has as its objective the saving of uoal and scarce fuels. The result of the exemption order will be that commercial customers may continue to use electricity as they have in the psst, wi'hout special restrictions.. However, in war time no waste of anything can be properly sanctioned, and the El Paso Electric Company is interested in the broad conservation program which will help to save materials, fuel, manpower, and transportation. Reddy Kilowatt asks that you keep right on using electricity wisely. Don't waste it just because it isn't rationed. Mesilla Va lley Division

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