Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on December 22, 1962 · Page 11
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 11

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 22, 1962
Page 11
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Sif, Dec. 22 PU« 11 Chicago Fan ives Meyers 1st Rate Fare THE MOST SUSPENSEFUL MATCH o( the evening Ix'twu-n I'ulk-* n«h Buildup and the Valley llich \i' : JtK~ v. t _ ;.., tin- 127'ib. weicht Class. Bulldoa Ton Sm:'h and Viking .lerry Millor fought t.j a 1-4 ,!-.« ]li.:v Si::itli ilrivi's into Miller for an attempted takedown. Smith was at one time behind, 2-0. caught up and went ahead 4-3. In the final seconds Miller sewed an 1*1 ape to tie the match. Tribune photo by Paul Ldstorn. THE FIGURE FOUR is a tough hold lo Jbroak, but Collefie Mali's 154 II). wrestler, Jim f.-* Hatch, succeeded. Me was caught in a ficure .four by liulj Brunlz of Valley High in (heir f Skiing Outlook jCup Hopes 'For Mexico DEXVEB (API - here is ,v summary of conditions at ski are-! «« as reported hy tne Colvraduj Ski Association tud.-iy: ! B;IMII -- .'i to fi inch: U inclivs new hnuvi.j lower and upper chair lids and; pomalifi. operating. 1 . Ixivcland Hum - H to 12 inch 1 TM P . ,. L i l t tioclattd Prttt Sporti Writer BKISBANU lAI'l-Mexico's Da. k , , |irum the conlinuixi bsd form o! base, 7 to 9 inches new snow, lifts opcrolins. Monarch - 6 lo 10 to 13 ind ,: TM chnmpion and I ; hasc. It to 16 inches now siww.l "' j chair lift and T-Bai operating. I'""" 5 {n ^' jltcxl UTver. Auslralla's grand · figure JUWY LISKA Pnw SfirH WrMv CHICAGO AP - Color»do'i Do* Mtyeri, who arrived up overnight in a train c*ach I* (ore bettering tht indoor world pole vault record, went fcomt in style Friday nijht. An admiring Chicago ·porU fan, following Meyer'] It feet, Itt inch leap ft, tb« Univertity of Chicago Track Club's holiday meet Thurt- day night, treated the University of Colorado pott-graduate student to a first class return trip. Toe bent/actor, who aita anonymity, ordered carte blanche Bervict for the boyish-appearing M-year-old vaulter on the Denver Zephyr--including a bedroom, dinner and breakfast, before his ar rival in Denver Saturday rooming Meyers, who u married and has a 14-monlh-uld daughter, appeared overwhelmed by excite m e n caused by his vault which toppet a one-half-inch the approve* ndoor world mark of 16?i set by Marine John Uelsei in Boston las Feb. 2. He had spent a "sleepless" nigh* at the home of friends and saw lie first headlines of his remarka le feat In newspapers suppliec iy an Associated Press writer a teeming Union Station. Meyers, really an excellent, i inheralded track athlete, checked a his trusty Fiberglass pole at the railroad station and few in the milling crowd straining to boari trains for the Christmas hou'da; paid him much attention. The 6-foot, 165-pound lad, who won the NCAA broad jump in 1961 and tied for the NCAA pole vault :itle last June at 15-3, was more concerned over his pole than the taking of pictures of him reclining in a puilman bed. He had made the 1,000-mile trip to Chicago Wednesday on an overnight train trip, snooting fitfully in a coach seat. "1 want to thank that man an awful lot," Meyers said of the obviously well-heeled benefactor, jwho had the railroad pulling strings to get Don the last available bedroom on the train. "Maybe, I'll finally get a little .leep, but I'm still pretty excited," Meyers grinned. Railroad o f f i c i a l s double- checked for permission to send Meyers home first class without possibly jeopardizing his amateur status. They phoned Colorado Coach Frank Potts, who said it was "a LO.NGMONT - The Crcclcy B- mi S"'' ( "e gesture," K. L. (Tug) Parker"51" The Pen Cited intheTopTen of America's Best Designed Products COME TO ME seems to be the thought of Creeley's Joel Rothman 133) as he drives toward the basket in Friday's Northern Conference basketball game at 'Lougmont. The ball »ent astray, however. Others in Uie battle are: Longmonfs Frosty Newton (20i, John Flanders i«. Ted Erfert (34) and Bill Crawford (foreground I, and Greeley's Tom Doctor (behind Newton) and Robin Weathers (right). Longmont, behind the scoring and rebounding feats of Erfert, defeated Greeley, 41-39. Tribune photo by Jim Hitch. CU Loses, K-State Wins in Big 8 Play ·y JIM VAN VALKENBURG ijim Baxter added 22 as the Wild- match at College High Friday night. Hatch was able to gel to his feet and force liruntz to the mat and eventually escaped. Hatch won the match, 3-0. Tribune photo by Paul Edscoru. Greeley Kittens Wallop Longmont B-Team, 61-19 Atttclittd Prtis Sportt Writtr Some balance returned to Big Eight basketball Friday night as. unbeaten Colorado was clipped by| 16 ·"' rt |cats won without their injured top - °«* Marriott, who has a with less than four minutes to go, Tonight the Sooners play at un beaten Indiana and Kansas plays at Northwestern. The Big Eight clubs will be underdogs. Colorado continues its trip, playing at Arizona University. Iowa State plays at San Dlegi State and Oklahoma State contin ues in the Long Beach tourna ; Drake i Arizona Stale in its first road game and Kansas State ripped out of a five-game losing streak by thumping Indiana. [victory over Long Beach State. If K-State's fortunes soar asi Nebraska will be the only steadily as Murrell's scoring, the rest of the conference is in trou- jble. Murrel! has gone up every The sixth-ranked Buffaloes, nowlfjame. He had six points the first 5-1. were beaten 71-53 by speedy game, eight the second, then 10, Arizona State, which ran its lead 20, 23. 25 and now 29. from 39-37 to SMI early in the i Al Peithman directed the club Eight team playing at home tonight. The Huskers again face unbeaten Southern California, which stopped them 58-49 Friday night. Big Eight teams now have a 30- J25 won-loss record against noncon- ,;ference teams. Tonight's six-game second half. Ken Charlton, 6-foot- and helped hold Indiana's Jimmyjcard is the last action before the , 6 Buff forward, fouled out with 10 hopes. At Manhattan, Kan., gave 8.000 fans something -tojnexl week," Coarh Tex Winter team Kittens frolicked to their i filth straigh' win, beating Long- muni. 61-W. Friday night here. Eighteen players saw action for Greeley with Gus Miller leading the attack with 14 points. .Wilson. U.S. Olympic committee Ravi to 15 points. minutes left, ending Colorado's . .. .._ us going into the Big Eight pre- SiSSr K-State jseason tournament at Kansas City LW" ipre-season tournament. cheer about with a 51.5 per centjsaid. shooting performance-in an 88-72 v i c l o - Plrsotu Sp»rtu Milton Oklahoma rallied to win at Pnr-j T«I«I« 80-79 and give the Big Eight I ST i5'«?STMui 1 0 ASMitza fl 1 1 Howard n 11 n^SSu 1 scorer, tw *« « - ' n .jin pa ( -U of I ho firct Ihmn iwtrir national ' cath 0| V' c llrst . lhrec .1*'. oals Brcckcnridfie -- 4 to r, inch base! ''""dm Comreras. Mexican cap- hen were shut out from the field in the final period. Greeley had S* to 8 inches new S Bars operating. Broadmoor -- 4 to G inch base. K.I to 4 inches new MIOW. chair lift iopcrating. T.jtain, wulclml the little left-hander enough points lo win early in the ;i protracted alternoon session and later commented. "Itod isn't playing nearly as second period. Aspen -- 4 lo 6 inch IKIV. 7 to B|v.i'!l ns lie did In winning the I inches new snow, nil dijirhlts op-ichampiraisliip nt Forest Hills. He ' «D\ m as Aspen Highlnnd - 5 lo 7 i m h l i s (iff on his timing condition and lie i base. 8 In 9 inches new MIOW, al [lifts oporutiiifi. Aspen liullcrmilk - ·( to 6 inch I'iilafiix have I base, 5 lo 7 inches new MITM, allihcal him. i am very much en- Bcrllioud - :i to 4 inch hajf.i I Ici 10 iiK-hiv, ncv, snow, all lilt* [ operating Vuil - ' ·;, I) inch |,, 1S . % f | to II iii .' M!OW, gondola [and No. ';. ,-,. lift nprraiiii-: chairman, said the donation, amounting to about $30, was within limits permitting amateur athletes 515 a day and first class travel cost. Meyers would like to consider! himself a prospect for the 1964 Olympics, hut pointed out that life'l is earnest for a young father soonji to be seeking employment. William Murrell, 6-6 junior col: .a 2-0 edge over the Big Ten foi iege transfer, led K-State with 29-the night. Eddie Evans, 5-9 Soon- points and 14 rebounds. Seven! er backliner. had 25 points and foot Koger Suttner had u pointsihis ball stealing led the Oklahoma and 13 rebounds. Senior backliner rally. Purdue led by ? t IB i i u i «1S 4 i i 5 a I t o i a B a JI 11 7 ', MaHlf rXsarofino. Person)! fouls--Colorado, Cbarlton . Muelltr, Davi* 4. Panoos 3, Sparks 3 An»na Slate, CaMwell 2. Certvpnili ;. Ifecktr 5. Dainnau 4, Senitza S, Disani- tllno. Schnwlz 2. GIVE THE FINEST . . , CIVETHEGIFTOFWRITINI Th» classic unon( fountain pen« - world ttmoui for quality and precision craftsmanship! Count on yean of smooth, effortlM writing with thii pen . , . th» Parker "51". ·10 A Product »f Cp TM Pirker Pen Comptnj "Everything tor the Office" 1303 Eighth Avinut Sascy Sweitzer Deiitcher Miller Wheeler Harper Harmslrom G F 2 0 Flanders 1 I "On lii present form 1 think holh Rafael Osunn and Antonio Slapper " good fhance to Richardson Sefton D. Meyer The Davis Cup challenge round Sorcnson is si-llcdllli'd Dec. 2il-28. ,|. Meyer ll.-in-j the Australian captain. .Tppnrrnlly K not overly i-Diicerned. "Itml never is much shakes in MMerltili i n R i ^ All style* WBLLKK U i M H E U C O . Drown Carkaugh Mooro Holiirook Williams ipractici 1 ." said. "When time comes 1 am convinced he !«III be ready to produce bis best! ! !cnnK" |Kitt»n» Osima ami I'.iblox. who will Langmont play butli Mimles and doubles.' Ihavc beou exceptionally sharp in .rattier. 1 5 4 0 0 5 0 1 0 fl n o o r. 2 o o o o :; 7 2 Hishop 0 Hiclinrds 0 Thornhill 2 Bpauprcz 0 Dcffk'e 0 Murphy 0 Brouphard 0 Mare'tonip 1 0 \Vcrlt o 1 Lee 1 0 "I'll finish my graduate work in physical education at Colorado Jin June," he said. "Then, I'll have G F to pet a job to support my family. If 1 can just leach, I'll be okay for Olympic competition. But. if 0 I 0 I have to coach, I'm out.' o It! Meyers, who has had the samej'_B pole for two years, said he had|B · cleared 16 feet in practice last'(*i| Saturday and was hoping for !·"_ good showing in the Chicago meet.! · n ! "I never really learned to use! ·' l|ihe pole until this year." he, said.''_l 0|"At first, it scared me to death. · aj 1 You can see thai terrific bend in g*_ the pole before she snaps you for-Ll ward nnd you wonder if the polcl g" will shatter. Actually. I broke,'-" three practice poles, but didn't!! · get hurt." L'_ CATTLE FEEDERS Another Split Demonstration Here is another report on a split demonstration run by Edwin Schaefer, Greeley, Colorado, comparing Purina Special Steer Fatona with another well known feediot supplement. S . BOGOTA-MOM i. lean nations plan la\ reform* , 4ins ,MValley B-Team ' * 5 '-"Tops CH Pups Aincn-j · 161-42 Friday ·_· No, head Lbs. Supplement per day Supplement cost per ton Selling: wl Starling; \vt. ..._ Gain 20 Ibs. extra gain at 826.75 t -\vt. ._ Extra Supp. cost: 1.7c per day .... Extra profit per head The Valley High .Junior Varsity flurried fur 26 Sjpoinls in the final period In beats' inp the College High Pups, 61-12. BJFriday night here. Steve Miller scored seven points aUnd IVtp Montnya six in the bij; JjlVnllpy llir.h splurge. Montoya was R!Valley's top scorer with 12 points K Top scorer for the game w;is ftjScott Cagon with 16 lor College!' No. choice carcasses No. good carcasses... Percent choice PURINA _ 30 _ 2 _. sss.oo _1009 _ 729 _ 280 ... 85.35 _ S3.0G 82.29 _ 25 _ 5 -_ 83% XYZ 29 2 S71.00 1004 744 260 ti 79% -ALL Our opprociotion , , , our thonl''; . , . arul our very lictt wishes io poch one! every one ot you from oil of U5 BRAY and HARRISON jMcye!" ·KrniiHT i'Williams . * r.imrrnn R'i;.i-.:nn | High(4Jt v«ll«y (41) O F G 0 1 .l.ienliy fl 0 0 Miller' 3 0 0 Mor£,m ? 0 2 McClrlland 0 1 2 Hcmpel ? S ! Koil n S O U Mon'ya 2 S l Mi-Kec 0 n n Marline? 1 O O P Mdn'y.i 5 0 11 Mo^or 4 1 n l.i'M,. o Mini-r 2 ¥ 21 14_«l, REALTORS Si 18 fi *· CtWtgt High I t ' f'Valley High 17 13 j' The Anwiu'An Sant.i. Hl;in:i j:«nd nidily anu«rd his rruxiecr 5 *.!rii;lv r\olved froir the Si Nu-h- ·:· ·_· of IVitch cnlonisls in New" B ' Those 5S» hrifcrs were irnto cnl and (cd the same ration with diffoR-nl supplements. All were fed the same number of days and \veie sold and killed together. The i-.ireass snide intiii-ales s better finish on (lie Purina fed cattle. It i? apparent t h a t the SYUKi per ton more Purina Special Steer Fatona cost was justified by the exlra profit these cattle showed. We again remind you, "cheap" food and maximum profit* don't come in the same »ack. Wt!d Grain Co,, La Sails Greeley Elevator, Greeley Weld Grain Co,, Peckham Severance Elev. Co,, Severance Platieville Mill Elev., Platteviile Hereford Grain Co,, Hereford Bockner Mill, Keenesburg Potato Growers Coop,, Eaton Roggen Farmers Elev. Assn, Or Call: Wayne B, McDermed 352-0647 JMHBJtsWK ^» ·· R '· ·· UM THI TRIBUNi WANT ADS ?A\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\W

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