Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on June 24, 1957 · Page 36
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 36

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Monday, June 24, 1957
Page 36
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Page 18 GREELEY TRIBUNE Monday, June 24, 1957 m oman J / dQ( * a Van Harc-Nesoni Vows Exchanged Th« Si. Nicholas Catholic c h u r c h of Mallcville was ilic semi' Saturday morning nf (he \mlliri£ of Miss Patricia Ann \CMMM and liohprt V;m Harp. l ' i i r i n i s of (lie couple arc Mr. and .Mr.-.. W a l i r r ] [ . ' N r s o m of P l a t l c v i l l r anil Mr. .Mid Mrs. Van Hart- of Juii:svilli', VI. The Rev. John Scaimi'll PIT formed HIP double r i n ^ ccrciniiny wilni'ssed hy 100 yuests. Two a l l a r bouquets of ilaisif* anil u l n d i u l i i n provided llie dccoralinns for tin- Welcome GSGE Summar Students To Greeley ^;' ; 'i l V I r»i-* : -t*^vW i ; : i | 7-,'-,CROISSANT'S Beauty Salon | 924 9lh Ave - p h - 2 2 2 5 I 10 u'duck st-rvitc. Ix'onarct Smils I . (if IMatlcvillc 1 was (he icolyti'. | Wi'ddinj; iniibic wes pruvidi-d b y ' Mr. M ; i r l i n Sniils, oi'^aiiisi, ;md j .".::·... J. :.:;·. J^r^ir o. r Dcr.\t.? r v j - ; i-.ilit. Mr?.. Ilucker's sdcction', \\;is AVL- .MiM'i;i. (iivi'n in niiirria^c hy lirr fa- ifjc-r, (hr hritlc wore fl £n\vn of iinp'trli-d rc-iMiihroickTi'd French lullc. ' J h u KOWII WHS fashiinu'd will) ;i tiitht fitu-d hurtIL-v, SwecOiDurt, n e c k l i n e n n d c a p sleeves w i t h ) i i n a U l i i n i ^ m i l l s , The b o u f f a n t skirt ; v,ns, iiKiile of ticr.s of tulle with an j cm hi uidcrrd sridlupi'd edge just , mi^injj Hit. 1 f l u u r in front .ind c.x: l o n d i i i H into a chapel (rain in t h e ! i hju-l;. I A hitlo of tulto leaves held t h e ; , linijcrlip vuil of iinpurled silk illu- [ -sion. The hridc's bouquet was a \vhilc orcliid wilh streamers of stcplinnnlis arr.'ini^cd on 3 white lace covered prayer hook loaned by her annl, Mrs. Joseph Hih;jjn, of Crc'i-ley. She had thn lr;ulitional items i n c l u d i n g something old, tlu: prayer honk; new her (»own; borrowed, a lace h a n k e r c h i e f ; and blue, a Harler. The sixpence in her hot' was loanrd hy Mrs. Martin Uoinkc of tlrccloy, her annl. I The bride's p e a r l eiirrin^s wure a ciiff of the groom. A t t e n d i n g the bride 1 were Miss Michaln M. Cloonun of .Waldcn, innid of honor, and Miss Mary j Ann Ifutfdin of ]-'url Ltiplon, t h e j hridcsmnid. Both worn c l a s s m a t e s ! ot the bride at Lorelto Heights enllege. The uirls wore cocktail h'ri^lh frocks of m i n t ureen crysta- lel. The molded basque bodices were designed with brief sleeves and cuffed oval necklines, Their h a t s were liny bands of m a t c h i n g horsehair leaves. White gloves and .shoes complemented their outfits. The fiUcndanls carried baskets wilh cascades of yellow daisies, Joseph Hillcr of Hebron, Neb., Wednetdatf* Calendar Cross Home Opened to Achieve More HD Club Robert Edward Van Hare and his bride, the former Patricia Ann Netom.--Wedding candid by Liberty studio. Welcome, Summer Students fashion point for shoes in Greeley · 8 1 4 Eighth St. Greeley a sophomore M Colorado Srhoril I home nl 1655 Vrain, a p a r t m e n t 5, ol Mines, served as best m a n . | Denver. was Ushering were Allen Miller of Fort Collins, sophomore al Colorado Stale University, and Alichaol Millikcn, llie bride's Flynn of cousin. Miss Karen' Flynn, the bride's cousin, distributed small bags n[ green and yellow net filled with rice, nt the door at t h e close o[ the service. She carried them in a b.'iskcl of net. Mrs. Ncsom was sUired in n blue linen frock wilh lace inscls, powder blue sequin hat and Rlovcs. She carried a clulch bap. Her corsage was of w h i t e rosebuds. The Broom's mother was unable to attend. A luncheon was held al the Manor House at noon for the 100 guests. The wedding colors o[ green, yellow and while were emphasized in rtecoratiuns. Tables were laid wilh white cloths, candles a n d ' flower centerpieces. The bride's Inble was centered by n Ihrcc-licrcd while cake lopped with Trench bulls. Wreathing the cake were mock ornngc blossoms and greenery. Mrs. Edward Flynn of Millikon, aunl of the bride, was receptionist. Miss .Tcnn LaCcrle of Denver had (he guest book and Mrs. Domkc and Mrs. Dihain were in charge of gifts. F-. Van'Hare Jr. of Elan- ford, Conn., brother of the groom, was present for the wedding. Also attending were faculty members of the Whillier Public school, Denver, where the bride is a Icachnr. For traveling, the bride changed ,o a gray linen shcalh with n cape .rimmed in while, while gloves and jewelry, black patent shoes intl bag and black slraw lial. Her orchid corsage was lifted from Ihe jouquct. A f t e r 11 days visiting Las Vegas, Nev., Grand Canyon am] Mesa Verde, the Van Hares will hr, al XOTICI-: TO I'lMimTous No. 7 ^ n i K i t n l o of J O H N J I K M I V 8T1ED KU. rttiTittird. N ' n l l c p Li h e r e b y n l v r n H i n t on l l i d n y nf J i n i n . 1^ . l u l i n l n l s i n i t l o n w o r e I K IM! In abo ve! niuntMl I p u l a l o nro roriulrcMl in f i l e n l l n i v n t i c o I n L l i o Cnimly W r l d I ' o i i n t y , t;nlor.tdn niniilh.* fi-mn s n l d i l n l p n c l a h n s w i l l h« f o r o v o r l u i r n - i F H A N K S T I K B K i : Anpl* 1 ami "\V A l i n r i i p y . t . .Hi in- 24. - I n l y 1. H. 1B. A d n i l n l s l i n t o r s . ummer Students For Fabrics "The Shop For Women Who Like To Sew" Fabric Shop The former Miss Ncsom graduated from Gilcrcsl lligh school in 195L and Lorcllo HeighLs college, Denver, in 1955. She. has t a u g h t second yrade fur two years al the Whitlicr school. Van Hare, whose home Is Brooklyn, N.Y., was graduated from Brooklyn Technical High school, lie rcsiynod recently from his position as division engineer for the Climax Molybdenum Mining company. Van Hare served two years wilh the army, including service In Korea. He is a junior at Colorado School of Mines whore he will resume his studies as a mining engineer in July. Several pre-nuptinl parties were held in honor of Miss Ncsom. The firsl was a kitchen shower and brunch n llie home of Mrs. Jenny Rucker in Denver June 1. Guests were co-wnrkcrs ot Miss Ncsom at Whittier school. June 13, Mrs. El hain gave a luncheon. A luncheon and linen shower at the home of Mrs. Herbert Sullivan of La Salle was an event of June 15. Mrs. Clctus Hucrler of Greeley assisted. Mrs. D. C. Bruce of PlaltevUJe entertained al a miscellaneous shower Tuesday at her home. Assisting hostess was Mrs. L. Archer of PlaflcviUe. The rehearsal dinner at the Hul in Eaton was preceded by a social hour at the bride's home. \OTIOE OF DBTKnilHiVATlO.V OF I P K T I I S l l i r In the Count}- Courl. hi Probate No 7 S3 1 STATE OF COLORADO ) C o u n t y of "\Veld TOHN HENRY STIEDCR, Deceased N O T I C E JS 11 H U B B Y G I V E N , t h n L in M n n d n y , Uio i 2 U i tiny ot A U R U M A X 135", u L t h e lirnir ot 10 o ' c l n c k V. M., of tijiirt day, mild Courl w i l l r e c e i v e mill h o u r [ i r u o f n c o n c e r n i n g ha Jielrs O T p a i d J O H N I I I C N f t Y i T I K B G R . d e c i - i i M ' d , p i i r s u ; i n i to ho verJrtwl p e t i t i o n ot Fr;ink S t l e b - ir nnd Ethi-urd H i l o h p r clu I radius ns icli-5 AI la.w nf iiiid iluuejistsd, h e r e - t o f o r e f l k - d l i r r c i n , n F k l n p f o r a u d l c l n l i i s c c r i i i f n i n u i l and d e t e r m l - i.illon of t i n - l i R l r F l i l p of R a i d S u t n l e , n n d f r o m u h l u h I L njipears F r a n k Slicber, Fort I.upLon. Colo., B r o t h e r , A d u l t Edivnrd Si I c h o r , F o r L L u u t o n , Cok,.. B r o t h e r . A d u l L OLlo S i l e b n r . 12fi X o r L h l l a n - dlnji S(.. S:in J'edrn, Calif., Brothe r . A d u l L M i i r y X c r l y , F o r L I - u p l o n , Colo., Niece, A d u l t .Inhn J). S t l o l i r r , ^ S S OMc S l r e e t K h n f l e r , m i l f . N e p h e w , A d u U ( i c n r f r IV. S l f e b e r , Fort L u n l c m , Coin. N i - p i i e w . A d u l t A l b e r t .T. W n l l p r , ForL L u p t o n . Cnln.. N p p l i r w . A d u l t K l l x n l i P i h F p l i p i - j . , S 7 4 R C l i n l s c y Si., Los AtiKPk-s, C n l l f . , N i e c e , A d u l L II-B holi-s of K a l H J o h n llmry 5 l t l » l t - r . d r r c a s c d . NOW, T I I K P E F O J I F . , A n y n n j a l l ipj;niis \v]io n r e ar w h o r l . T l m t y hr i r l r s a t I n w o f H R l r l J n h n H e n r y ' l l r h r r , d n r r n s c d . u r n h c r o h y re"i u l r » ? i t tfi he M i i r J n | i p ( H r ( h o r r a f , o r i l i i d e t h e d e L p m l n n l l u i i o f t h e C o n n t h p r c o t i . I N W I T N T S R \ V H R K F , O F T h a v e · r i M i n i o hr-l m y h n n r i n n r l I h o ? r n l I 11C flnM C m i r l . d ; i t e d n\ l l r r e l r y , I I ' n l n r . i d o , t h i s ?2nrl i\ny nt J u n r . A. D. P. K. W A l . l j A C K . i i S K \ M (.'Icrk of llu- C i u m i y C o u r t . ' - · n o 2 4 , J u l y 1. S, IF,. l^:-i7. i ; Adding Machines s Only UiUU per month 3 months rental rimy be applied on purchase S20 Tenth SI. \ »*·····*······«····«·*·· Royal Neighbors, district meeting at Loveland. GEM, Mrs. Clay Taylor. 1M2 TcnUi street, 1:30. Kersey tire beikes, Kti»b flic house: note change ol date. Friendly NeiKhborhood club of Evans, cancer sewing, Mrs. Kenneth Muirhead, 9:30 a.m. GC. Garden Kitchen, luncheon, 1:00. Even!!!? Rpltrs Toastmtstress club, electric lounge; ·installation and program by Greeley Toast- mistresses. Y Pinochle club, Mrs, Charles Johnston, northeast of Creeley, 1:20. OKSN, Mrs. Mori Balch hos less at Manor Dining room, 1:30. Gi|i3on Social, picnic, Luther park, 12:30. Job's Daughters, Masonic tern pic. GTC, Mrs. Ada Jagelcr, East Eighteenth street, Z.OO; note change from A. C. Gordon home. Navy Mothers, social meclinp, Blue Flame room, covered dish luncheon, 1:00; hostesses, Mesdames Jackie Naftz, Alma Boyd, Mildred Bauer, Frances Sherwood and Goldic Salgren. Junior Girls Golf association, Country club, lecoff 8:30. Group 6, First Christian church, covered dish upper, Mrs. Jake Eslrick Jr., 805 Twenty-fourth avenue; Mrs. Carroll Nickle and Mrs. Jack llollnnd assisting, 6:30. Fellowship guild. First Christian church, Mrs. Charles Martin, 2117 Tenth avenue, 7:45. New Life Opened NEW YORK Ifl-Life has begun anew on the tree-shaded campuses of American colleges for 26 Hungarian refugee youths. Six months ago they were fighting for their lives in the streets of Budapest. T o d a y they have swapped their rifles and "Molotov cocktails" for textbooks' and other paraphernalia of the U. S. college freshmen. The students, whose entry to this country was sponsored by the Lutheran Refugee Service, are enrolled under scholarships at Lutheran colleges and universities in 11 states. Achieve More HD club was rnter- ained last week al the home of Jrs. Harry Cross. Mrs. Ernest laeer was co-hostess. An all-day meeting will be held July 1 at the home ot Mrs. Glen Vantine. A layette will be mde by the members. The clothes will be given to the Jaycee-Eltes, who (Nelson and Jeffrey, Mrs. Arthur sponsor a layette project. The family picpic will be beld July 17 al d p.m., at Luther park. The club's assessment for Pennies for Friendship was collected at the meeting. Mrs* George Brin- iler was nominated vice president o fill the vacancy of Mrs. George NOTICE AS TO PJIOPOSED Nnllco IB hereby given that a pro- 3Ecrt budffct has been s u b m i t t e d Lo Board of Education, School District No. 1)6 for iho eneulnp fiscal year oC 1557-1965. That a copy of such pro- popcd hud pet has been tiled In the o[£lce of the Co. SunL where anine IB open for public Inspection. That such proposed budget will be considered at a. Special meeting of the Board ot Education ID be held nL th Proppect Valley School on 6-28-1357 nt S:00 P.M. Any lai P Ryer within Filch School Dlnlrlct may at an; time prior to the final aiioption o Die budget f i l e or register his objections thereto. Baled J u n e 22, 1057. Board of Education, School District No. 9G. By GEORGE II. 13USII. President J u n e 24, 1H57. Bonham, who hai moved to Mis- louri. Next meeting is Aug. 21 at the Blue Flame room. A lesson on scratch painting will he given.. Olin 4-H Halting It Will Attended Twenty-five members and seven guests were present when the Olin 4-11 club met last week. Guests were Becky Bickling, Mrs. John Franccn, Mrs. Roy Johnson, Mrs. John Holf and Mr;. Alviu Uhrich. T!it; ^irJs' Achicvc.*ncct Day was changed from July 21 to Friday, July 26. A Ihome for their 4-H float was decided upon. Work was to begin Monday, both at the Arthur Fran* Catching Up VANCOUVER if - \ neulr- starved stowaway bird known n i tutted puffin was found trapped in air pipes of the, German steamship Hammond II here. Now In the city museum, the bird U "eating furiously," says zou Cur*Urf Man Best. ceo home and at ElDs Capp Equipment company. Mrs. John Bickling, leader, read some of the rules for the soflbal) Icfcui. »Uinb«rf utrc chcicn. The club will have Iwo teams. Next meeting is Wednesday at 2 o'clock at the Bickling home. Th« girls will have a picnic and practice ball. Welcome CSCE Students We Will Be Happy to Serve You Daily Except Friday 11 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. and 5 p.m. to 7 p.m.' We Are Recommended By Duncan Hinei Marshall CAFETERIA Air 1 Conditioned 937 9th Avenue WELCOME STUDENTS TO CREELEY'S LARGEST GIFT CENTER Shop in air conditioned comfort at our gift department. You'll find the widest selection in Greeley with courteous, helpful salespeople to assist you. EDWARDS Modern Living, Inc. 827 Tenfh St. Ph. 427

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