Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on December 22, 1962 · Page 10
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 10

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 22, 1962
Page 10
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P»ge 10 GREELEY TRIBUNE Sat., D«. 22, 1962; ere's How To Furnish U.b. Congo Mission That Dream House at 40 Brings Soviet Blast |en Secretarv-General V ThantV J"TM^"* ? ^d-honeymoonjsome objects that should be rele- plans to end the secession of COtU « e TM. * * lot of , fu " lt j* aled to the * ca ° But * ?«· Katanga Province ;Cwne5 usuaU - v when twlples tovelcan't afford a decorator, here's a But Zorin accused the Imted celeirat « i ^ *« wedding i plan that has worked for do-it. . . _'flnniv»r«arv anH marci-wi off thuin i-imwnlf ti.n.u. ...L_ i *u ·_ By TOM HOGE UNITED NATIONS. N.Y. iAP) --Dispatch of a U.S. military survey mission to the Congo has. ,,,,, ,,,,,,,, ^^ ^ ^...,«. . . . . ,, , -,brought a Soviet warning lhat the'siales of embarking on "Ihe .-uad^^'^X fd marned ulf their | yourself types who know their move could lead to serious re-jto direct subversion" of U. .\.i chudr f n - *""* have laile!1 a long!way around a paint can. Wheth. sul s- iprinciples. !k»k in the mirror to discoverier the house is your old one or a Soviet Chief Delegate Valerian^ZoriTdeclared anew thai the the v arent ° W They re '" "* : «e* one, it should help you get a . Zorin blasted the action as heiSoviet Union has no intention of! , fur lhe k ,' nd of home lhej '' ve nLew look without spending more] Adlai E.ipaying any part of Ihe $10 million-^ ways wanted A. aud U.S. Ambassado . - .. . Stevenson held separate news con-ia-month Congo bUI w-hich prompt--, ou can gel . Inrou 8« a major j. 0^^ on (,,],,,, ..,,,, ferences Friday to give their ed the assembly to schedule a| home re J uvenall ° r ' program with- like. Chances are they will be views on the 17th General Assem-lspecial session next spring to deai!TM!_.. : ^. ars - : _ P'' ovllm 8 _'ou a'-e! gaver lhan ones vou m ^. i ive wi , h bly session tliat just ended. Stevenson said the eight-man mission led by Lt. Gen. Louis W. Truman had been sent to strength- with the threat of L'. N. bank-! ruptcy. In the Courts Howard Murray's JP Court Henry Buxman. Greeley, pass- had 18,000-man ing school bus red lights flashing, $10, costs, both suspended. Dorothy S. McGee, Greeley, failure to yield right-of-way. $10. costs; no operator's license, de- scars, merciless in can-ing the new niche, whether you are just re- because there are more brilliant colors available in lower-priced u p l v . , , ,. . I J l_ , ^u.u.^ uiwuuwlt- "I IVHCI-LMIWM Zorin charged that the assembly; modell "8 tne old homestead or,[ ab n cs . Then try to find these ad no legal rig* to station the moving uito a new one. It means colors in a p.,,^,, thal wj ,, go al right U. X force in the Congo and insisted that the matter should be handled by the Security Council where the Russians wield a veto. The arrival of Gen. Truman and his mission in Leopoldville was accompanied by an anti- discarding a lot of things that have served you a long while, but have been retained merely because of sentimental ties that have long gone. A hideous lamp from the old office crew or one go mlo lhe room--fabric, wall covering, rug or a painling. 2. Move everylhing out of each room to be decorated, and don't try to rush it because it's a mess. Do one room al a time. You'll won at bridge should be ear-| Wanl to refinish ,, paint vour .,,, .v^...^..... ,,, ,,., «...,- marked .'» r the J unk P' le lf il I floors and paper or paint your American burst of criticism from! doesn ' hel P y our home t(1 achieve | wa lls. You can see everything in opposition members of the Congo its S 031 of unity. ibetter perspective without clutter " 5" u can a(ford il - hire a dec-! 3. Consider whether you want Parliament there Friday. . Extreme nationalists charged the United States was preparing orator - " o[ten ls VU3UJ, llu U|^tOll*l 3 IIV.C1I3C, UIT-I I 1 o fendant to obtain license before » set U P a military base in the she drives. Rodger Don Sealey. Greeley, no operator's license, $5, cosls, both suspended. Jenny Griego, Greeley, pelly larceny, S10. cosls. George W. Stephens, 39, Aurora, drunk driving, $100, costs. Tony Romero, 52, Denver, drunk driving, $100, cosls and 30 days in jail, wilh jail lerm suspended on paymenl of fine and costs. Carl William Nioodemus, 54, 2105 8lh St.. drunk driving, $100. costs. Frank Maldonedo, 25, Gilcrest and Inez Lopez, 30, Greeley, disturbance and resisting arresl. $60 and costs each and six months in jail, with jail term suspended on payment of fine and costs. Robert Lee Hessler, 18, Milliken, petty larceny, restilulion of $2, costs. DISTRICT COURT 3 Mon charged in Information Joe Cruz, 29, of 916 5th St., Gilbert Upez, 21, of 1217 9th St., and Ray Cruz, 18, of Denver, were charged with rape in an information filed in District Court by William E. Bohlender, deputy district attorney. The three were accused in the Congo, and called on Premier 'yrille Adoula to explain his de- wndence on U.N. support. Gen. Truman said he would meet with military and other officials to see what kind of U.S. military equipment would be use- 'ul to the U.N. force. He said lis mission did not foreshadow he sending of U. S. troops to the Congo. Mrs. Elmer Baker Dies at Hospital Friday Afternoon Mrs. Helen I. Baker, 70, of 2014 lOlh Ave., died Friday afternoon at the Weld County General Hos- jital, where she had been a atient since Nov. 7. She was born July 8, 1892, at Greeley in 1914 and had lived here since. Mrs. Baker was a member of Garden City Chapter OES and the Methodist Church. She is survived by her husband, Elmer E.; a daughter, Mrs. Helen Fortmeyer of Greeley; three sons, Chester L. of Alexandria, Va., R. L. of Rialto, Calif. ing an 18-year-old Greeley girl Dec. 16. Bond for their release Irom jail was set al S2.500 each, returnable Jan. 7, by Judge Donald A. Carpenter. Decision UnoV AdviMmtnt Judge William E. Buck look under advisemenl in District Court here Friday his decision in a suit for an injunction of the Union Pacific Railroad Co. against the town of Fort Lupton. The railroad seeks to have lhe (own enjoined from collecting an improvement district assessment in the .amount of $7,795 assessed against the Union Pacific for a curb, gutter and paving project on Pacific Ave. that included railroad property fronting on the avenue. Three witnesses testified for the railroad and two for the town at the trial of the case in Dislrict Court Friday. Attorneys Jim Culver and Clay Ion Kiipwles, both of Denver, rep resented the U. P. at the trial Fort Luplon was represenled by R. Paul Brown of Forl Lupton and Robert C. Talmage and William Lamm, both of Denver. Divorce Granted Theodore C. Noeller of Masters was granted a divorce from Mrs. Dorothy L. Noeller on the grounds of cruelty. The decree signed by Judge Buck restored the- defend- anl's maiden name of Dorothy Carter lo her. Funeral services will be al 2:30 p.m.. Monday from Macys Draw- ng Room wilh intermenl at Linn 3rove Cemetery. County Pay Increases Set For Jan. 1 (Continued from page 1) Court, was set at $5.800 a year, commencing Jan. 1. In addition. Judge Briggs ordered that Wallace be paid $1,200 for serving as bailiff of the court, making his total salary, {7,000 a ear. The commissioners reported Wallace had been paid $6,000 lor .he two jobs this past year and that they had approved an increase in his salary to a total of $6,240 when the County Court Langiton, Okla. She came to budget was approved as part of j sisler, Mrs. Opal Powell of Slill vater, Okla.: and eighl grand children. :he 1963 county budget in Octo- er. Judge Briggs' order also provided that Maxine Johnson, reporter and chief deputy clerk of the court, be paid a salary of $4,800 a year, commencing Jan. 1; and that two deputy clerks in County Court. Vivian E. Becker and Rosalie S. Adams, he paic $4.380. lo cover a sofa and two chairs in a gaily patterned fabric with walls Jainted in one of the colors in the attern las many decorators do in their own homes) or whether you want to use wall covering in a design and keep sofa and chair fab- 'ics plain. Some people like to natch wall backgrounding and amp bases. 4. If furniture is being bought the second time around, lessons lave no doubt been learned-such as comfort a as important as styling. Old pieces can be refinished if the wood is good, pickled or antiqued for new effects. Lac- luer can transform old furniture, winging up to date odd tables, chairs and benches. These objects end themselves to the primary colors and gay shades such as orange when a single piece or two is used as accent. Needlepoint chair covers may be made for a personal touch. 5. If there is no further use for a family room, consider making it a library-music room or even a workshop. If it has lots of glass and opens on a terrace, it can be transformed into an indoor garden, so that in winter it has an outdoors feeling Such things as {Donovan Man Who Barges Right in SEW YORK (AP) - I mr there was t aaa *b* barfed right in where mott people font Kidnaped Utah Babysitters Found Unharmed ·y Nf LWN WAOtWWTH SALT LAKE CITY, Utah iAP) -- Two girl baby sitters, each 13, were found unharmed Sat., 10 KKirs after they were abducted at gunpoint from a Salt Lake City]to tread, it is the Brookl.TM *· tome. jtorney who masterminded Un Police saw a man letting the promised pre-Cnristmaj rtltax girls out of his car near the residence from which they were ab- ban of invasion prisoners held M Cu- ducted Friday evening. They chased him (or 10 blocks before he stopped and surrendered without resistance. A loaded .32 cali-. For James Brett Dowvu, leaping into the center «f problems -- both in the nation*! ud international arenas -- hat bt- hii come almost a w»y of life. The 46-year-old iltornejr »»d father of four was a natural for the job when relatives tf tht ber revolver was found car. He was booked for investigation of kidnaping as Travis Gale Anderson, 30. He gave his address! 1,113"men taken prisoner in In* as Salt Lake City, but said he wasjabortive Bay of Pigs favulw former junior high school teacher from Council, Idaho. He also! gave a former address as Glen- were put up for ransom. And into the negotiation! Dofr ovan went without coaxing ud dora. Calif, where police said his f u n 0 [ confidence that paid *H mother lives. The girls. Karen Aim Garner and Carrie Warner, were taken to mind tnat MASTERPIECE TO GO ON VIEW IN U.S.-Here is the Mona Lisa, world's most famous portrait, which arrived in U.S. from France Dec. 19. The Leonardo Da Vinci masterpiece, sent to America in a gesture of amity, will go on display at the National Gallery in Washington Jan. 8 for three weeks. Priceless painting will then be shown in New York and possibly other cities before going home to France. (AP Wirephoto) Salt Lake General Hospital for a checkup, but showed no visible signs of having been harmed. They told police the man molested them, hut r doctor's report said they were not raped. Their recoverv ended an all- other major night statewide search [or the abductor, who had smashed through a front door to enter Ihe home of [£ Betty Gamer. 'lo escape » death penally The girls appeared calm when ,,,,,,,,,,,.£ , ,^.. /. taken to the hospital. Tliey told 9 Youngsters Send Mom For Family Visit By ROBERT HOLTON SAYVILLE, N. Y. (AP) - Mrs. John Hayden is packing her bags for a Christmas eve flight to see her parents in California for the first time in 18 years--thanks to nine little "sneaks." That is how the I/ng Island mother, 42. good-naturedly describes her children who pooled their resources for months to finance the trip without letting her know about it. The children, ranging in ages' from 16 years to 28 months, turned the trick with dimes. Snow 7,000 Feet Thick Assures White Christmas PEARL HARBOR, Hawaii (AP) - It will be a while Christmas "al Bureau of Investigation. Ofli- or sure for U. S. scientists and «" " a(1 li' lle I" 8° ° n M «P l '"· ailors in Antarctica - the snow formation given by 6-year-old nd ice are 7,000 feet thick. Kathleen Garner, one of Ihe three The holiday will be celebrated Garner children being watched by 'uesday with as many as possible small pool arrangements withl nickels and pennies earned in a rocks, pebbles and a little foun-| va ;' iet y °[ wa ' s - Their father lain, Japanese or American style, a cage full of birds, and a bit of statuary can turn the family room f Ihe trappings of the season Jhrislmas trees have been flown .000 miles to 111* ice eontiner rorn New Zealand. Ships have brought gifts from amilies in the United States andj men stalioned on Ihe ice of Antarctica have responded with pres- nls. The Navy reports the most The salary of the County Court "'°J n ouldoor roora aU *** J ear [probation officer, Raymond R. 'ope. was set at $4,140 for the Services Monday For Mrs. Alcaraz A requiem mass for Mrs. Tioila N. Alcaraz, 65, of 131 N. 23rd Ave., will be sung at 11 a. m., ilonday from Our Lady of Peace Jatholic Church. Inlermenl will » at Sunset Memorial Gardens. The rosarv will be recited at 6 COUNTY COURT p. in.. Sunday at Adamson Memorial Chapel. Mrs. Alcaraz died Thursday evening at Hie Weld County General Hospital after a short illness. She was born Jan. 8, 1897, in Mexico. She was married to Antonio P. Alcaraz August, 1914. They moved to Galeton in 1920 and lived there until 1942. when :hey came to Greeley. Mrs. Al- ?araz was a member of Our Lady of Peace Catholic Church and th. Holy Family Society. Besides her husband, she is survived by nine children, Joe of Dix, Neb.. Mrs. Lupe Gomez, of Pierce, Mrs. Edna Cruz of Phoenix, Ariz., Mrs. Olivia Soria of Littleton, Mrs. Angelina Trujillo, of Denver, Mrs. Cora Scott and Angel, both of Thornton, Mrs. coming year by the order. til IncriaM for Oth«r EmployM All other employes of the county will receive a S10 a month pay like beginning Jan. 1, excep! Health Department, Weld County "eneral Hospital and County Li- rary employes, whose salaries are set by the boards in charge of these establishments. The S10 a month pay hike for he county employes was provid ed for when the 1963 budget wa* irepared last fall and is in the nature of a cost-of-living pay increase, Tom Reed, chairman of he Board of County Commission rs, said Friday. A Greeley boy, 17, was fined $20 by Judge Roy M. Briggs after the court found the youlh guilty of intoxication, disorderly conduct and malicious mischief. A Milliken boy. 16. was decreed a juvenile delinquent for a law violation July 22. The youth's case was continued by Judge Briggs lor a report by the court's pro-1 ballon officer. Bernice Andrade of Greeley, and Sgt. Manuel Alcaraz, USMC Glen- coc. Ga.; her mother, Mrs. Florentina Gallegos of Mexico; a jbrother. Gregoria Rodriquez of Oroville. Calif.: and two sisters. Longshoremen's Strike Deadline Threatens Tie-up NEW YORK 'APi - Labor sec retary Willard Wirtz met with both sides Sat. in a new effor lo avert a longshoremen's strik Sunday on Atlantic and Gul coasts. Negotiators expressed pess mism on hopes of averting a walk out, and longshoremen began mapping plans for around-the- clock picketing. William Simkin. director of the Federal Mediation and Concilia- lion Service, assisted Wirtz in Ihe talks. A spokesman for the Inlerna- lional Longshoremen's Association said the union would permit ships to unload passengers. The union ound. (otango Joins Din on U.S. Congo Mission ELISABETHVILLE, Katanga AP) -- President Moise Tshombe's government has joined in the protest made by some Leopold- 'ille deputies against the arrival n the Congo of a U. S. military lission. "We protest against the neo- colonialisl maneuvers which are against the interesl of the Ameri:an people," said a communique ssued by the presidenlial office r riday night. The communique also said Ka- angans have the right to demon- slralR, "even if these demonstra ions are against a great foreign wwer interfering in African poli ics. Windows of the U. S. consulate were broken in a demonstration Thursday "We have always had friend ship for Ihe American people, but for Ihe last two years we have been victims of State Depart- ohn Hayden, learned of Ihe campaign only recenlly. He added a goodly sum. "I was flabbergasted when I earned Ihe olher day what they lad done," Mrs. Hayden said 'And the worst part of it all was hat they did it right under my nose without me knowing a thing about it." The two eldest Hayden chil dren, John, 16, and Maureen, 15 thought it would be nice if Iheii molher could visit her parenls ii Santa Ana for a week. Together they worked up th, plan of having all the children chip in each week to pay the fare That was last summer. They pass ed the idea on to their sister, and brothers, and the campaign was under way. John washed dishes at a dine one day a week, and Maureen worked as a counter girl. Virtual iy all of their earnings went into the fund. Dennis, M, contributed th, money he had earned from lawi culling and olher odd jobs. Nicho las, 12, donaled a great deal of popular ileins sent home 'ear are penguin jewelry in the end. It was in the came frame et involved I entanglement!. It was he who worked out the blueprint for the swap with the Soviets of U2 pilot Francis Gary Powers for master spy Rdulph Abel. It was his brilliant conduct el Abel's defense againit ipying police the man had taken them to an apartment "somewhere near an ice plant or freezer." but the landlady told him lie couldn'l have girls in the house so he look Ihem lo a mountain area. During the night-long search, which involved police agencies throughout the state and the Fed- charges that made it possible the first place for the Soviet spy b* available His other notable feats in tn« Carrit and Karen while Karen's mother was doing some lale Christmas shopping. Carrie is a of Mrs. Kmilv Warner. this and Huffed toy penguins in honor of he continenl's famous bird. Love Appoints Hugh H. C. Weed Revenue Director DENVER (APi -- Gov.-elecl John A. Love Sat. announced the appointment of Hugh H. C. Weed Jr., 50, as Colorado director ol revenue, effective Jan. 8. Weed is a cily councilman in Colorado Springs anil said he wil resign before Ihe next city elec tion there. He is chairman of the Council Finance Commitlee anc has been chairman of the Water Resources Commitlee. He also ba« represented Ihe council on lln Chamber of Commerce Induslria Commitlee. Weed will succeed Robert A Theobald in the new administra tion. Weed is a graduate of Ambers College and has lived in Coloradi I Springs 25 years. Fnr 20 years 1: , . -- - ,,. - - -- - | ,iprinu.s 25 wars. Knr 20 vears his newspaper route, profits. Mar-.^ £,,, £ ,,, ^ t ment policy." the communique said. Interior Minister Godefroid Mu- nungo referred to the tearing down of the U. S. flag in Ihe incident as "an accident beyound our Iconlrol." Mexico. Mrs. Catalina Carranzs of Gree-ialso would refrain from picketing Icy and Mrs. Nerncia Corria of|action that would block tugboat assistance to ships arriving in ports, he saiil. The strike by fiO.uOQ longshoremen would be a continuation ol Ross M. Froker in Engineer Fraternity one thai was halted afler [our With Officers 8. Michael 6, and Thomas, 5, chipped in dimes 1 , nickels and pennies from iheir allowances and money given Ihem or work around Ihe house. j "Even 18-month-old Chrislopher did his share." Mrs. Hayden said. 'If he found any coins on the 'loor or on a dresser, he would : Driver Escapes Injury [As Cor is Destroyed : di.'ys by a federal court injunction ; isidoro Almaguer of Rt. 1, Gree-| 0 btained by the government early. Icy. escaped injury when the auto ;j n October ' The court enjoined the long- Girlt Questioned About Shoplifting A F,a Salle girl. 16. and a Rl. I, I .a Salle. girl. 15. were brought lo the Sheriffs office here Kri-. dav for questioning in connection with attemp'ed shoplifting at the Morgan Drug Store in Platteville. Bob Peters, acting marshal al 'Inttevillc. reported lo the Shor- put Ihem in the piggy bank for .he trip." Mrs. Hayden said she will visil j for a week with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Reuben C. Molbcrj;. whom she hasn'l visiled since 1944. "They really never expected me to be able to come oul to see them, what wilh me having sn many children and always having a baby on the way," she said Will she miss Ihr children? company. He and Mrs. Weed are the pai ,ents of four children. The oldes Ison is married. One child senior at Colorado College and th other two arc of high school ag, Weed has been aclivc in com-' munity affairs and is a member of Grace Episcopal Church. De Gaulle Holds Cey to Western Nuclear Pool By WILLIAM L, RYAN NASSAU, Bahamas (AP) - The Nassau pact hammered out by 'resident Kennedy and British 3 rime Minister Harold MacmiUan anded lo President de Gaulle of Vance tho key lo whether it de- elops into a pooled Western nu- lear wallop. Unless De Gaulle goes along the iacl could become just a British American solution of their missile iroblems over the decision to abandon development of the 1,000- mile bomber-borne Skybolt Result: of the Nassau confer cnce are historic in the energetii iffort to develop a mullinalion WTO-operalcd nuclear umbrella But there are three, not two, members of the Western nuclear club and unless all three cooper- ale, II will be a long, hard road oward the lime when the Allies cnn hope to become one big nuclear family. Kennedy offered France exactly he same deal agreed with Britain n supply her with Polaris mis- iilcs minus warheads for filling on Ihcir own submarines, ' He invited De Gaulle, by letter sent Friday, lo come inin their new club whose purpose would he to create Ihe NATO nuclear force on the assumption -- as Ihe United Slates insists -- Unit nuclear defense is indivisible. world of international law and negotiation included duty as » attorney at the war crime trial! at Nuermburg, and work with UM U.S. Office of Scientific Reiarch and Development which «up«r. vised development of the atomlf bomb. Added to all these accomplishments Donovan managed to rift from an ensign in the navy to · commander during World War 11, become general counsel for tb* office of Strategic Servicet, get m-irried and have three daugh- TS and son, and accompany Su- ireme Court Justice Robert H. Jackson to London in IMS I* assist in drafting a treaty with iritain. Prance and Ruula ttf trial nf Nazi war criminali. Probably one of the few chat- cnges he ever accepted and hut was his uaiucceuful bid for lb« S. Senate last November against Republican incumbent Sen. Jacob K. Javits. 6HS Future Ttochirs Hold Yule Meetin, Greeley High School future Teachers of America club receat- ly held its ChrUUnat meMlnf at the .home of Jon Ilanchew, 1401 20th St. .Sixty-one memberi it- tended. After a short btuineM meeting, led by the pretident, Cheryl Layton, a Christmai donation was collected for thi MW Colorado Boys' Ranch. Speaker for the evening wai Dr. Forrestl Freas who recently returned from an extensive visit in Korea. He dLicussed many interesting details of Korean life and differences between American and Korean education, Ben Slapper led the group ta singing favorite ChriAmaa caroli. Hot punch and homemade eookiee were served. Donna Tanner waa in charge of refreshmenti. away from them on a holiday,,,,!,*,, , in ,,[f K . ia | ' BOt'I.DEH - Ross M. Kr.iker.'hc wa.s driving went off the 5th so.-' of Mrs. Helen M. Addison of|St. road and overturned about a . has been initial-ilialf mile cast of here Tan. a national 17:5(1 p. m. Friday. 136 N. 2.5th Ave rd into Sipnia engineering honoraiy fiatcrnily at; However. Alm.iguer's IMS car !ho I'niversity of Colorado. | was estimated to be a total loss The Iota Chapter at Cl' Highway Patrolman Don Girnt. orcanizcd in lan. Member;, a i c i w h o investigated the accident. chosen on the bafis nf praclir;,!- ily. sociability and scholarship. A minimum grade average ol 3 f ) i musl he atlainerl before selection.! Fraker is a junior majoring in! applied math, matics. · shoremen under the Tall-Hartley aruundiAd. which provides for an 80-day icooling-ofl period in strikes affecl- s "" lre al ' Fridav he was holding Ihe Iwo girls nection wilh the shoplifting incident. "This b« the first time Bailey Guilty Of Manslaughter In Salida Trial SALIDA ( A P ) - A District Court jury which was qiiallftac for the death penalty convicted Orin Bnilcy. S7. of manslaughter Kriay nlghl in thi shotgun slaying of a Salida kiwi uessman last summer. Disl. Ally. Itokcit Nevens ha, Republic 'AI'i-A moderate lcftist|askrd the death penalty In his fi candiibi,. has routed his conser-innl argument to tin- jury of sevci valivc opponent in the Dominican-men and five women, presidential eli-ction, nearly cwn-j Ballpy was accused of first de Moderate Leftist Leads Dominican Republic Voting SANTO DOMINGO. Dominican and I certainly will miss she said. "I doubt that they will miss me." she added wilh a smile. "They're going to be too Imsy keeping hou.fe returns showed Tim unofficial tally gave re- (jree murder in llic June 22 sin; ing of Raymond Hurgett. .11. whom Bailey said he hud loai form-mindwl Juan Bosch. 5.1, of $12,000 lo estalilish a uwd the. Dominican Hevolulionarv par- ig to be In, Imsyiiy victory iivcr Dr. Virinlo A Fi- wilh their father."I,.,,,,, , |f l|lp x a ,- mnl ,\ Civic ,-,,,,,,, me the national welfare. .,, ,,. , , . , . . , , The injunction's elfecliveness * KK ^[« M ." rl TM n an ' H ' """ expires Sunday, leaving Ihe dock " illn ,TM ^ sh ' lp '',""* lnvolv( " 1 workers free Io si rike again ln TM '''""P''o ^al Iwn rompacls " and 'A I no? of lip slick. Hie total .I.imrs \V. Itforgan, operator n ^ \ f IP drug slnrp. Inld Deputy Sher-| j O Y I G l S Probe Satellite hy a margin of :«xi.«ifl voles. Roth men are Stiitev friendly to the business eight years ugo. The defendant testified I b a uigpl!. married and the fathe (if Ihrt*:. had paid off only hnl United Ihc loan and refused lo repiy th iicsl. DON'T FORGET Mixed Coupl* TOURNAMENT Saturday nnd Sunday NOON, 2, 4, «, 8 and 10 p.m. CLASSIC LANES 2454 81 h Art. 353-4275 the contract depute. Srcrotnrv of l«ibor W. Will.ird \VirU, together with federal me- di:Uor. was nirpart'd lo maki- a laM-ditc'h effort Uidav in nverl I he Locql Market (Corrected to D«. JJ) I%2 Pinto Beans. No. 1 1W2 Pinto Beans, No. 2 Oat.', cwu ·· DKN'VKil :will JiiiiKir ' ! ' bcf isMie is the .M/e of Ihe A l 1 ' -- l)cmiirais!|iin-.|im-i-iin-n vuirk u.intjs. The Steve Mi-Nichols. shipping a.-Miciatii.n. comprised of value of the items beint; The were released to 'he cuslodv of their pnrenls aMer being f|ues!ioncd at Hie Sheriff's of MOSCOW 'AI'i-Thc Sovii-l I'n- ion launched another carih saiel- lilc Sat.. Hi,- I2lli since March The series of satellites, all unmanned, dre probing space for information which will be used to: a Sin-a-plalc dinner Jan fi. twol,\m..rj(.MI ;.nd fm-eigii-fla); lines KM.days More he turns over Ihe nf-|and stevedoring firms serving the " '».' fa i 1 tn Republican John A. Ixivt. jalfrrtcd pint!., propotev to eul lhe plan fuliirc space flights by men The laiini-hini; w;u annmmri-d Moscnv.- railio. u-hieh said the Tins ilu-ll nl articles valued atjs,-ilellili'=. nrhil lime is 9045 min- a Inlal of $!» from a quon'-el hul'uie^. nine miles cast of Hereford Mimc- , - - - - , , , .lime heluee.n Dec. H .ind 17 was « i-. 'lln: money -msod v.ill go to re-:w,,i-k gang size (ran 20 lo 17 mi-n!rp|«irt«) tn Ihe Sherifl'^ o'fice nii'lcrfat ^-Vi n,in wha- is de«nhcd as a Mili-'ovi-r a Ihree-vcar pcniifi. |Friday by H. H Tielmej-er of Barlcj fi"' ".-intial li-fir-it in Mi-Nichols' un- But Ihe union opposes tin"-, say-1 Hereford' Heavy Hens !2 mcirssful campaign for re-elec-jing Ihe industry alie.-idy i.« high'iyl Tielmeyer said Ihe arlieles Light Men? OSirmn '.auiomaled and adding- "Wo Hon'l!sto|n vent J I'j-lon rhain hiiijt. A medium eggs W, Th* dinner will ho al 7 p. m. at|\vanl lo negutiats nur men out n f i a n air tank sodcrinp kit and A large eggs M 'he Denver Hilton Hotel. jhusiness." (damaged sholgun. SHUTTERS Inlld* H»rdwoo0 WE1,LKR LUMBER CO. Oreelejr - Ault -- Omtton OPEN SUNDAY Register for Free T Aluminum Christmas Tree Ben Franklin Variety Store Cold Bond Stamp* Corner ilth A llth

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