Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on June 24, 1957 · Page 35
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 35

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Monday, June 24, 1957
Page 35
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Page 18 GREELEY TRIBUNE Monday, June 24. 1957 uUoman 5 I aa( « 0 Van Harc-Ncsoni Vows Exchanged Tlif Kt. Nicholas Catholic church of Mattcville was the scene Sat- urdiy morninn of thf wedding of Miss Patricia Ann Ni-sum and llobrrt Van llarr. I ' a r t n U of the- couple are Mr. and Mr*. Waller !I.'Nt*om of riatlcville and Mr. find Mrs. Van Hare of June sulk 1 , Vt. The Rev. John Scanntll perform rd thf* double rm^ r c r c m t m v witnessed by 100 yuc*ts. Two a l t a r houqurts of daisies and gladiolus provided the drcnraliorn for the Welcome GSGE Summer Students To Grecley For All Your Beauty Needs See CROISSANT'S ; Beauty Salon 924 9th Avc. Ph. 222S in o'clock timer. Lrunird Smili nf I'litlrullr w » » the «col)tr. WrtMing music wzi provided by Mrs. .Martin Smils, organist, and Mrs. Jenny I l u t k c r of Drntrr, voc a l i s t . M r s . lluckrr'i selection u a s A v e M?ri;i. ( i u r n in marriice by hrr fa trie-r, thf hritlr wore « {own ol imported n--f mbroiilvrcd French t u l l e . The iiimn »·» f a s h i o n e d w i t h a tisht lilted Ixxiu-v, S A t c t h c a r t n e c k l i n e and cap »]re\es with m a t t nine milts. The bouffant ikirt u a i made uf tiers of tulle with an \ emhroidered jcalloped filte Just m i s - i n g the floor in front and ex- I c m l i n c into a chaprl train in the I , i i k . A halo of tulle Itavei held the f i n g e r t i p \cil of imported lilk Ulu- j s i n n . The bride'n bouquet wai w h i l e orchid with itreamert of s t r p h i n u t i i arranged on a while l a t e covered p r a y e r book loaned by her a u n t . Mrs. Joseph Hihain, of Cm-ley. She had the traditional items including n o m r l h i n R ol-t, the p r a j e r book; new her sown; borrowed, a lace h a n k e r c h i e f ; and blue, a garter. The sixpence in her vhoe was loaned by Mrs. Martin Domkc of Crecley, her aunt. The hridc'f pearl earrmss were a tilt of the groom. Attending the bride were Miss Michala M. Cloonan nf Walden. maid of honor, and M i s j M a r y Ann llugclin of Fort Lupton, the bridesmaid, fiolh were classmates of the hridc at Uirelto Height* collegr. The tirls wore cocktail l e n g t h frocks of mint green crysta- let. The molded basrjue bodices were designed with brief sleeves ami cuffed oval necklines. Their h a t s were t i n y h a n d s of matching h o r s e h a i r leaves. White gloves and shoes complemented their outfits. T h e a t t e n d a n t s carried baskets w i t h cascades of yellow daisies. Joseph Miller of Hebron, Neb., Welcome, Summer Students to famout (or brand-name trices fashion point for thoei in Grecley 814 Eighth St. Grecley \\tAnttAa\tt Calendar Robtrt Edward Van Hart and hit bridt, lh« fsrmtr Patricia Ann Nitem.--Widding candid by Libtrty itudio. i sophomore at Colorado School of Mines, served as best man. Ushering were Allen Miller n{ Kort Collins, sophomore at O i l o r a d n ' State t'mviTMty, ami M i c h a e l Flynn o( Milliken, the bride's cousin. Miss Kireii Flynn. the bride's cousin, distributer! s m a l l bags nf green and jellow nrt filled with rice, »t the door at the close of the service. She carried t h e m in a basket of net. Mrs. Nesom w a s ;ttind in a blue linen frock with lace insets, powder blue sequin hat and cloves. She carried a clutch bag. Her cor sage was of w h i t e rosebuds. The groom's mother was unable to attend. A luncheon was held at the Manor House at noTM for the 100 guests. The wedding colors o! green, yellnw and w h i t e w e r e emphasized in decorations. Tables were laid with w h i l e cloths, candles I a n d ' flower centerpieces. The i bride's table was centered by i three-tiered w h i t e cake topped w i t h French brlls. Wreathing the cake were mock orance Museums and creenery. Mrs. Kdward Flynn I of M i l l i k e n , aunt tf the bride, was receptionist. Miss Jean ijCerte of Denver had the guest book and Mrs. Dnmkc and Mrs. Ilihain were in charge of gifts. Georce K. Van'Hire Jr. of Stan ford, Conn , brother of the groom, was present lor the wedding. Also a t t e n d i n g were faculty members of the W h i t t i e r Public school, Denver, where the bride is a teacher. For traveling, the bride changed to a gray linen sheath w i t h a cape trimmed in white, w h i l e gloves and jewelry, black patent shoes and bag and black straw bat. Her orchid corsage was lifted from the bouquet. A f t e r 11 d a y s usitins Vegas, Ncv., G r a n d Canyon and Mesa Verde, the Van Hares will be at home at 16S5 Vrain, apartment 5, Denver. The former Miss Nesom was g r a d u a t e d from Rilcrcst Ili .school in 19J1 and I-orclto llcighii college, Denver, in 1955. She hai tau:ht second grade fur two j e a r i at the Whittier school. Van Hare, whose home It Drooklyn, N.Y., was graduated from Drookljn Technical High school. He resigned recently from his position as division engineer for the Climax Molybdenum Min ing company. Van Hare served two v e a r s with the army, including service In Korea. He is a junior at Colorado School of Mines where he will resume his studies as a mining engineer in July. Several pre-nuptial parties were held in honor of Miss Nesom. The first was a kitchen shower and ·runi-h n the home of Mrs. Jenny Kucker in Denver June 1. Guests were ccrworkert of Miss Nesom at Whittier school. June 13, Mrs. Bi hain give a luncheon. A luncheon and linen ihowcr al the home of Mrs. Herbert Sullivan o! La Salle was an event of June 15. Mri. Clctut Hucrter of Grecley assisted. Mrs. D. C. Bruce o Platteville entertained at a miseel laneoui shower Tuesday at he; home. Assisting hotesi was Mrs L. Archer of PlattevilJe. The rehearsal dinner at the Hu in £aton was preceded by a socia hour at the bride's home. Hoyil NeUhbon, district meet- Inn at Loreland. GEM, Mn. Clajr T»jrlor. 1402 Tenth itrret, 1:30. Keriey Tlri Belki, Kerter fire houte; note chanje of date. Friendly Neighborhood club of Evani, cancer lewtnf, Mri. Kenneth Muirhead. 9:30 a.m. GC, Garden Kitchen, luncheon, 1:00. Evening Bellei Toattmlttrett club, electnc leunge;.Installation and prcifram by Greeley Tout- mistresset. V Pinochle club, Mri. Charles Johntton, northeatt of Greeley, 1:30. OKSN. Mri. Mort Balch hoi tesi at Manor Dininj room, 1:30. Gipton Social, picnic, UiUier park, 12:30. Job'i Dau{hteri, Maionic tern pie. GTC, Mri. Ada Jageler, East Eighteenth itreet, 2.00; note change from A. C. Gordon home. Navy Mothers, tocial meeting, Blue Flame room, covered dish luncheon, 1:00; hostesses, Met- damei Jackie N'afti, Alma Boyd, Mildred Bauer, Francei Sherwood and Goldie Salgren. Junior Girli Golf association, Country club, teeoff 8:30. Group 6, First Christian church, covered dish upper, Mri. Jake F.strick Jr., SOS Twenty-fourth avenue; Mri. Carroll Nickle and Mrs. Jack Holland assisting. 6:30. Fellowship juild, Fint Christian church, Mri. Charlei Martin, 2117 Tenth avenue, 7:45. V'cw Life Opened NEW YORK m--Life hai begun new on the tree-ihadd campuses American colleges for 26 Hun- arian refugee youths. Sii month, ago they were fisht- g for their lives in the itreeti of udapest. T o d a y they have ·japped their rifles and "Molotov ocktaili" for textbooks and other araphemalia of the V. S. college eshmtn. The itudenti, whose entry to this ountry was tponsored by the Lu- heran Refugee Service, are enrolled under scholarships at Lu- heran colleges and universities in 1 itates. Crou Home Opened to Achieve MoreHD Club Achieve Mort HD club wai enter- tamed lut week at the borne of Mri. Harry Crou. Mri. Ernett later wai co-boiteu. An all-day meeting will be held July 1 at the home of Mn. Glea Vantiae. A layett* will be made iy the memberi. The clotbei will x siren to the Jaycee-Ettei, who sponsor a layette project. The family picnic will be held July 17 at 6 p.m., at Luther park. The club'i aiieatment for Pen niei for Friendship wai collected at the meeting. Mn« George Brin- iter wai nominated vice president to fill the vacancy of Mri. George Bonham, who hit mend to Mti- louri, Next meeting Ii Aug. II at the Blue name room. A lei son on icratch painting will he given. Olln 4 H Mtttlnt It W«ll Atttndtd Twenty-five memberi and men gueiti were preient when the Olln 4-11 club met last week. Guesti were Becky Bickling, Mri. John Nelton and Jeffrey, Mri. Arthur Krancen. Mri. Roy Johnson, Mn. John Hoff and "r|. Alvb Uhrich. The glrli' Achievement Day wai changed from July 21 to Friday, July 26. A theme for their 4-H float wai decided upon. Work wit to begin Monday, both at the Arthur Fran- CatchinfUp VANCOUVER Cl* - \ Marly- itarved itowaway bird knawa ai i . tufted puffin wai found trapped In air pipei of the, German ateam- ihlp Hammond II here. Now In the city museum, the bird It "eating furiously," tayi too Curate: Alan Beit. cen home and at Effls * Capp Equipment company. Mri. John Bickling, leader, read tome of the rulei for the toftbatl team. Memberi were choien. The club will have two teami. Nut meeting it Wednesday at 1 o'clock at the Bickling home. The girls will have a picnic and practice ball. nt l: ·!» 111:1111011* N" 7 S - . I c f j d i i N H i i s i i v STII:II- s T I M »·· f f r r » » r L.irrrrl. F I I A N K sTli:itl:r. rnvvAnn sTii'.nr.n : J u i v i, i is. n-,7 nriric or lfm:n«iATlo or !· lh» C ' w M M l r C'«urt, !· rr«hl« .No. 7(31 STATI: or CdU)iuio C o u n t y nf W i l d ~ i I h f M a t t f r o f t h * K ^ t a t f r J O H N 1ICSIIY K T I K ! l l : n . Kr'tlrn oTirj: is HKI:I;HV i:iv»:\, tha I t i i i i d a ) , t h » 1 2 I h riar "I A u r i l . t .' 1S1T, at t!.t h o u r or 10 o c l ^ f k A. M., (ir . a l i i ,!.tj. said C o u r t w l l JOHN IIK.MU T I K r . K K , d r . . . t ^ . r l , p . j r M i a n t h e Y . r l f l t ^ . i | ' « - n t i . . T i o f F r a n k S t t ^ h - · ncj I M w a n l S l l » l . f r r l a t m a n t u a i f o r * ril"1 h . r f t n . a f k l n p ' f u r I u r t l r l a l a r T t : t i n i n r t an I , 1 » u t m t n a i f r . n of t ^ . h . l r p t i l p r f p a i r ', a n d ln'm n l i k h It a ^ p i a r : t h a t r r a n k S t ; * l . r . K o r t l . u p t o n . .!i. llrolh.r. A'lult T i l w a r d S t l . t i p r , K o r t I . u p t n n , · h . , U r o t h . r . A r t n l t ( H t o F l l » l ' ^ r . U*i N n r l h I t a n - . M , i r ) N » » l r , Fi rt l . u p t o n . Colo. M,,,-. A d u l t J o h n II s t l ^ l . i r , 1SS O.Vk S t r f i t . N h ^ f U r . C a l i f . N p l . » « . A d u l t ( . t o r s * VV. ,'-:l*ti»r. F o r t l.upton, IV1... N r p h » . A d u l t A d u l t Summer Students For Quality Fabrics VISIT . . . . "The Shop Far Women HVio Like To Scir" SHORE'S Fabric Shop .M . !· A r - f f ' . f , C.ilif . N : » r » . A r l t i l t »re h * l r « rf mirl J c h n U r n r y P t i « t hr. a i * T w h.i i l . T l n i ' i t ]«« , r n i l J o h n I I . n r FOR RENT : Adding Machines i Only 6.00 per month 3 months rental may be applied on purchase sonrr AJ TO rnorosrn IMIMiHT N n t l r * U h t r e b j K l T t n t h a t pro- fffl b u d i t f t M* t v « n t u h t n l t t r d to t r d of K d u c t t l n n . Fchool District . 1« f n r t h f * c n i u l n v fife*! ) * t r of » ? - l l i l . That » copr cf «uch pro- »M h u i r t t Ml tf*n f i l f f l tn th« f i r * nf t h t Co. Supt. w h r r « *»m* * np*n for p u b l i c l n t p * c t i o n . That h r r r p o i f r t b u d t - f t w i l l ^f con- t r f d at a Fp*cli.l ratttlnr of the loird nf IMucat.tii t o b« txld »t thf rO!T*rt V a l l e y F f h o n l on «-2»-11i; t H ; P f P.M. ATiy t a x pnytr w i t h i n n f h K o h n o ) I M p t r i f t may at a n y I m e p r i f i r to th* f i n a l i d o p t l o n M hHil»»t f l l » pr r e i l i t f r hli cb- lonit t h f r * t n . ttd Jun*::, i SIT rd "f E d u c a t i o n , School P l f t r l c t o. f t Pr OEOnOE H. Rt*SII. Treildtnt f :i, 1517. Welcome CSCE Students Wt Will Be Happy to Serve You Daily Except Friday . 11 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. and 5 p.m. to 7 p.m We Are Recommended By Duncan Mines Marshall CAFETERIA Alt' Conditioned 937 9th Avenue WELCOME STUDENTS TO GREELEY'S LARGEST GIFT CENTER Shop in air conditioned comfort ot our gift department. You'll find the widest selection in Greeley with courteous, helpful salespeople to assist you. EDWARDS Modern Living, Inc. S27 Tenth St. Ph. 427

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