Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on November 16, 1961 · Page 7
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 7

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 16, 1961
Page 7
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Page 8 GRERfeEV-TRIBUNE'-Tligrg., Ner. 16, ISfll Military Requirements Head El Paso Co. Road Requests , . »y CORDON G. GAUSS DENVER (AP) - El Pa«o - .Counly and Colorado Springs rcp- - resentalives submilted nine re- · quesls for road construction lo th« Colorado Highway · Commission Wed., mostly centered around mil- ! tary requirements, and run Into ' · opposition on the top priority item. T!ie first request, waa for conversion o( ttw existing overpass '.across Interstate highway 25 (US * fta47i Into an interchange. The overpass is at the "B" street en Srance lo Ft. Carson south of Colo '.-ado Springs, Lt. Col. Phillip Klein, speaking for the Army called the .interchange "a must. 1 Asst. Chief Hlglway Engincci Charles E. Shumote said such an interchange would be "a most dif ficult thing to incorporate inlo an interstate highway" because o the location. 1 · -' Shumate suggested an allernali ·?-proposal for an interchange to thi .-.south, »ear Security · Village ..might be more acceptable. Col Klein said this wouldn't meet Ihi -i Army'i needs. :·: The colonel said traffic densil; ·''Tough Car Sale ;'jLONDON - Daredevil Philip i-'BMwell hitched up his makeslili safety straps, slipped his car in! ·'-gear, and braced himself for In ?' maddest fraud of the year. He le r;,Out the clutch, accelerated fierce! and 'went bang into -- a soil oak tree. He stepped from th ijjflreckage smiling and, apart from I a note bleed, unhurt. His frieix ileic Godfrey, who had helped t I rope him into the car and kep I ,Vatch for olher traffic was wail in ' to shake his hand. The plot seen ed a complete success. Tire Slam a-d oar'was a write-off and ther were no witnesses to say^the "a ^fdent" had been faked.'Tile pi Bice and the Insurance compan 'accepted their story. Bidwcll'co ilected a.check from the insuranc ^company for £215 -- £90 mbr ^ftian he would have got by sellin tn* car. But the wreckers cou not keep the secret. In the Naa ^at R.A.F., Honington, Suffolk 'where they are both £8,-a-wec ijiinior technicians, they boastc t^bout their fraud. A whispe Reached the police. Bidwell an \5Jodfrey pleaded guilty at Suffo' Ijjiiarter Sessions at Bury S. Ei \rhunds to obtaining *2I5 by falsi aused by the military buildup is ettlng too heavy for safely and ay become mor$ congested. He ·aid the manpower at Ft. Carson ight be increased further, per- aps to 48,000 if the defense build- p continues. There also will be heavy trat- ic, some of- it from Fort Riley, an. along U.S. Highway 24 to the arryall training area, the colonel iported. The El Paso County delegation skcd that Academy Blvd. be dded to the federal aid system to junction with U.S. Highway 24 ) permit quick access between lie Air Forco Academy and Peterson Airport east of the city. Other requests: "Adequate light- ng". for the Monument inter- hange north of the city; continua- .on of the Midland Express Way vest from 8lh St. to 31st St.; re- milding U.S. 24 between Calahan md Limou; a new bridge across fountain Creek on the old U.S 95-87; a connection between Harison School interchange and U.S. 4; a loop radial route tying north- asl and northwest parts of Colo ado Springs together; conlinua ion of Farmers' Highway, Colo ado Highway W, to connect with U.S. 40 near Wildnorse and ad liSion of the Golf Camp Roac rom Cripple Creek lo Colorado iprings lo the federal aid system fealth News Long Weekend . NASHVILLE, Tcnn.'. (AP -Once a month 1st Lt. Paris Eu ;ene Smith Iravels 3,208 mile round-trip from Arizona Just t make roll call in the Tennessc- National Guard. It lakes a five- day weekend -- from Thursday through Monday. Smith left his job at Sowanee Tcnn., lo enroll in'the American Institute · for Foreign Trade Plroenix. But the Arizona fighter unit had no opening for Smith-a navigator--and Tennessee slil needed him. So now Smith catches a com mercial flight from Phoenix t Yuma on Thursday, hops a reg ularly.scheduledjAjivForce fligh from 't^eire''lo 'Srnyrna.'Tcnn., th next day, and a fellow .'navigato provides a .lift lo Berry Field Nashville where the two answe roll call at 8:30'a.m. Saturday use THE TRIBUNE WANT AD SHORT OF TIME AND MONEY? L m CM STAY AT HOME i BORROW BY MAIL! TotiU find *ur ttrrw-saving LOANS-BY-MAIL PLAN tops In cenvefttoiKe. Termi to wit your pocfcetboolu Loans up to $2500 G.A.C. FIIVAIVCE C O R P O R A T I O N fannriy SnvrllTes 0«*t Corporate* 164« Eighth Av«nu« 6r«*Uy, CaUraJo Elgin 3-0834 · r THI ASSOCIATED PRESS Intelligence, a new technique lo mid,-·tears · from burns, and wattky executives figure in medical. »ews: Intelligence EadMrw KHRUSHCHEV WITH CUBAN!VISITORS---.'youths were part «*"· delegation to Moscow, Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev and. Fidel headed by BiasRoca,'right,:to attend the 44th Castro Bias, at Khrushchev's left, son of the anniversary of Svoiet.revolution. (AP Wirepholo Cuban premier, pose in Moscow's Red Square, via radio from Moscow) Nov. 9. 'The young Castro and' other Cuban . The Feed Grain Program By OVID A. MARTIN (corn and olher feed grains which' Dinlains the supply - and thus eeps prices from rising. The dear tment is selling at the market ·ice but says that no sales will WASHINGTON (AF) -- Uncle am holds a.corner on the na- on's corn and other feed grain arkets, but it's a legal one. The term "corner" is used in 10 markets to describe comtnod y buying and holdings actions liich place an operator in a potion to dictate prices. But such ) era E ions by grain traders, com- ion many years ago, arc now irbiddcn by law. The feed grain program authored by Congress this year--d gned to halt surplus production --put the Agriculture Department a position to dictate corn ant orghum grain prices. The power o control these prices also gives le agency great influence! over rices of competitive feed grains uch as oats, rye and barley. The deportment has exercised iat authority, and has been ciiti ized by many grain buyers and raders and by some farm groups --particularly the American Farm Bureau Federation. Until the feed grain program vas enacted, the Agriculture De lartmcnt had only limited contro ver grain prices. That powc ested--and still does--in its an Iwrily lo sell govern me nt-ownci locks on markets in competition vilh commercial supplies. Previously, such sales of goot uality grain could, be made only t prices that were 105 per cenl f the price support rate and han ling charges. Most of the - time larket prices were lower. The department has had author ty all along, however, to sell a market prices any grain foum o be detoriorating or in danger ol eterioration. ..' - ' · '^ The feed grain program re moved the requirement that quol ty.grain must be sold at 105 per cnt of price support and handl ing cost. This was done so farm ers who did not reduce 1961 acre- ages of corn and sorghum grair under the feed grain program could not benefit from any result mg rise in grain prices. Cooperators in the program ar protected by a price support rat averaging considerably above las year and far above current mark) prices and by payments for reducing acreages. Normally, a cut in productio would be expected to boost price because of the smaller crop, an all producers would benefit. But the department .is sellin «; made at prices below year-ago vels. Much of the criticism of the de- artment's sales operations has wen centered on .disposals during ie spring and summer, long be- irc the 1961 grain crops became vailable. During the 1960 crop larketing year, ending del. 1, de- artment- sales of' corn totaled early :2fiO million bushels, com- ared with 113 million the year cfore. Since' Oct. 1, 'the beginning ol ie 1961 crop . marketing year, ·ales have totaled about 31 mijlion million a year'earlier. Farm 'Bureau leaders contenc ither hind, that much of the corn sold during the spring and sum mer was grain that-had ; to. 1 be moved because of deterioration o possible deterioration. They claim hat rnuch of this grain shoul have been sold, as a matter; o jood management, by the prec« ng Eisenhower administration.' Criticism also has come from any processors and other commer cial users of corn..They say the dare ' not buy beyond hand-to rnoulh-needs, lest the departmeh take action that-would lower the value.of grain they n o r m a l l y ] would buy 'in:advance. Department' officials contend that i f - t h e y did not keep corn prices from advancing, they would jal price' advances. They' argue iat the department' had no riglil rain which, of course, 'were hoi overed by the feed grain reduc on program. Department officials say, on the ·A by findings ^ Thorner, M.P.H., 'nimpacker, M.D., o( Washing- on, 'B.C. in a 10-year study of 451 nude executives. ,'; The executives had less" than UK half the death rale . expected among the general white male population of comparable age. A When older people.stay healthy ud rigorous, there does not ap- war to be any..decline in .their nteUigence with . the advancing ears,, says Di\ Robert W. Kleem- ier, Washington University psychologist. He gave intelligence tests at in tervali over a-12-year period to persons aged 66 to 90. He found no · evidence for the idea there i normal and steady. intellec ual decline with the years. Bu those who were soon to die egardkss' o! age, the tests re- ealed a sharp drop in performance". ' · Burns Without Scare For severe burns, a ' Belgian ilastio surgeon uses a bold new echnkjue which'he reports avoids scars anl deformities. Under anesthesia,'Dr, Jean Lor hior of Brussels "sandpapers' he burned areas immediate!; with a high-speed abrasive dri! o remove the dead tissue, month after the scraping, th skin · has been restored, and ir nearly all cases it eliminates an. scarring, says Medical Worli News. · · Healthy Executives Popularly, the business execu live is thought of as a "harriei and hurried man driven inexor ably toward an early death." main cause of 11 deaths among M businessmen was heart slacks, but even their heart attack ate did. not seem .excessive. A high standard of living and goot But this concept is not suppor y R«bert and E.. · L. medical fare ajparenHji heft ·*· ecutives -live longer than the average,'man: . - '·· · Storm Doors and Windows PIONEER I \ S I l . \ l lo in:.v MM. some alive with the IS I lifV I lively lift! Buy It At Yonr Favorite Merchants Seven-Up Bottling Co., Inc. ushels of corn,'compared with 8 be acting unfairly toward farmers who did. cut-back production under, the feed . grain program iat the spring and summer sales Further^ they say, failure to act enicd to many farmers the nor- would threaten the success of the 1962 feed grain program. There's another reason o affect adversely" prices of 1960 partment sales. It is from proceeds-of-these sales that the..department gets funds to help pay farmers $768 million for participating in the feed program. Newlywed, Grade Yourself On Being A Hep Homemaker By'VIVIAN BROWN AP NawtfeaturM Writer How.does .the teen-age newly- 'ed rale on her three Cs--cook ig, cleaning', conversation--all ssenlial to that happy home life? Setting up housekeeping .may be wee. bit of a change for a teen- ger whose mother acted as'chef, ousekeeper and alarm clock vinder. When Mom tried to tell ler how to boil water, she didn't isten. And now, before the orange ilossoms have dried on her wed- ling veil, her husband is hinting hat iw too misses that former good home life. Here's a quiz to test whether you rate tliat housekeeping li cense. Give yourself 10 point 1 ior each correct answer: 1. When the budget is limited in that first kitchen, which of the following is unnecessary: (a) colander (b) candy thermometer (c) measuring spoons 5. When buying-boneless meat 100.1W GRND OPtNING CONTINUES THRU SATURDAY! FREE-Orchids U flrtt 100 ladies who come In Friday and Saturday mornings. FREE-Door Prizes Gifts For All! FREE-Cpffee and Donuts All Day Friday. COME IN AND LET US SHOW YOU OUR LEONARD REFRIGERATORS AND ABC WASHERS and DRYERS LEONARD BUILT BY AMERICAN MOTORS Manufacturer of Rambler Automobiles ROGER WATERFIEM) F«ct«ry Representative ROGER WATERFIELD Factory Representative will be in the store for our G R A N D OPENUW to demonstrate these fine appliances. \ DOWNTOWN COAST-TO-COAST STORE 815 9th St. Gr*«ley Phono) EL 2-8578 PRE-1NVENTORY CLEARANCE SALE All Overstocks, Odd Lots, Discontinued Items Must Be Sold . . '. Cleared from Our Inventory Now! Buy Now and SAVE! ; ^ FRIDAY AND SATURDAY ONLY w . much 1 would you allow · for ch, person as : a.general rule: (a) 1.pound "'" 1/3 tO'l/2--ppund._ (c) 1/8 pound . 3. Young married people like use" IHeir "glistening wedding Its, so a lot of formal dinners e likely' to be scheduled that st year."Which of the'following not used at'a'formal'dinner! (a) Salt" and. pepper. (b) "Butter plates (c)-Crystal · '" · 4. How often should you change e bedsheets? b) When ' you '6V spring and fall cleaning (c) At least once » week 5. Which of these foods is mosl- ·otein? (a) meat (b) sugar (c) macaroni 6. What is considered the most utritious way' to fry an egg? (a) On the highest fire possitali (b) With a lid to diminish thi cholesterol (c) On low heat to avoid tough ening it 7. How can' you make sure you are getting good buys at the mar ket? (a) Get very friendly with the store clerks. (b) Follow the marketing guide. in newspapers. (c) Always wear makeup anc Bermuda shorts when shop.' 8. How should you greet you usband when he comes homi rom work? (a) Be cheerful no matter wha his mood. (b) Pout so he'll know you'v. had a hard day. (c) Have friends sitting aroum so he'll know you're stil popular. 9. Your husbanad is wild abou lis - mother's chicken dumplings Should you: (a) Try to get the recipe Iron her?'. : (b) Wean him away from thei by serving something like it (c) Criticize him for liking dish you don't know how I cook? 10. When you entertain you re-marriage crowd, should you (a) Call your husband "lover, "cobkie,""and "sweet boy, so they'll know you didn make' a mistake? . (bhTell them how drab do mestieity, can be? . (c) Act natural? . (Answers): lb-Jb3b-4c-- 5a--fc + w ** . 4 Patterns · ^ , Wear Defying 100 7o Vinyl" Surf ace'" 4 Only, 9x12 Ft, FELT BASE Bllr . e Reg. -RUGS - K i \ t l CANBERRA-Australian histor ians solve mystery of 249-year-o bell. The beU .was'.not recoverer from the "Pandora" of mutin oa the "Bounty" fame but w bought for e church in Irelao- during 'th« early ThirtlM, I ft FLOOR COVERING Reg. 1.19 (12 ft. wide) sq. yd. 1 09 S : On!y, RUGS 6x9,ft. , " Reg. ' 3.59, ea. 20 Only.. Genuine Cocoa Fiber DOOR MATS Cleans Shoes Like a Brush 15 x 24 Inch 1.79 mm* i 37 Only, -18x36 Iri. , : . MATS ; - lge |j'ea: J 13C Discontinued Designs '-· Perfect, 9x9 In, :'"].', VINYL-ASBESTOS:'' FLOOR TILE . .:'": Reg. 16c-J9c ;" "' ea Only 2 -- 9*12 Ft. Vinyl-Surface RUGS Reg- 10.98--.' . . . . . - ea. 9.49 6 Gals. Unexcelled OUTSIDE WHITE While H 3.49 -Gal. 1 1 18 only, Floral Waste Baskets Beige, Pink', Yellow Aqua. Reg, 1.29, ea. t Ceiling Paper 6 Piece Screw Driver Set Only 24 left. Ea. Special Close-Out Bargain! ' BRUSHING LACQUER 79c V Regularly 23c a Roll .GIVEN WITH-^EVERY-".ROOM ORDER OF WALLPAPER COSTING , 29c OR MORE ± A ROLL SATIN Only 2 Gallons Reg. 6.07 4.87 Gal. CLEAR GLOSS 4 Qts. Reg. I OO 2.35 __Qt. I.OO 2 Gals. Reg. 7.5.6, Gal. 14 Only, 12 Ft.-Steel TOW CHAINS 28 Only 5-CELL FLASHLIGHTS With Batteries ea. 160 Pieces, Realistic DECORATOR FRUIT, Out It Goes! --ea. 7 Only, 19-Pt. Polyethylene UTILITY 1 TUBS ea. A 9 Only, AUTOMATIC SPONGE CLOTH Washes like a sponge, Dries like a cloth _ ea. 98c 9c 49c Will Tow Any Car Or Pickup Truck. Ea. 2.98 12 Only, CARRY-ALL BAGS ' Plastie Lined e*. 59c 10 Only, 3:Compartment PLASTIC. BOXES, While they, last. ea. 15c 60 Onlv, Plastic Drip-Dry CLOTHES HANGERS While they last ea. We Reserve the Right.To Limit Quantities of Wallpaper COOK'S PAINTS * 929 9th Avenue Phone EL 3-4850 FACTORIES! KANSAS CITY -- DETROIT-- KtOUSTON

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