Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on March 11, 1976 · Page 16
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 16

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 11, 1976
Page 16
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Hint., aanm n, ANNOUNCES -- Radio and television personality Ed Scott, 47, announced his candidacy Wednesday for the Republican nomination for the U.S. House of Representatives from the 2nd District of Colorado. (AP Wirephoto) 'Sheriff Scott y' in Congress race DENVER (UPI) - Ed Scott, 47, a former radio station owner ana actor best known as "Sheriff Scotty" on a children's television show, announced Wednesday his GOP candidacy for the 2nd Congressional District. Scott, a former state legislator and county commissioner, said he had spent the past eight years as a private citizen, but decided it was time to run again for public office. The district now is represented by Rep. Tim Wirth, D-Colo. Scott said two things helped him decide to enter the race: Watergate, during which he said "a crisis of confidence arose in the minds of many Americans;" and his decision to sell radio station KLAK. 'The sale provides me with sufficient lime and resources to stop sitting on the sidelines," Scott said. "I have long agreed with the prrvm who Mid 'fn allow politics to become a cesspool and then to condemn it because it is a cesspool is * double sin.' "It is simply not good enough for one who might make a difference to stand idle, criticizing and wringing his hands." Scott, married and the father of six, attended the University , of Denver and the University of Washington before beginning his broadcasting career. He was an announcer at radio stations KING in Seattle and KOA and KLZ in Denver. In 1949, he joined the CBS staff ii Chicago, and worked for the next four years as a network and free-lance radio and television announcer and actor Scott returned to Denver In 1953 and had been involved in radio, television and motion pictures. In 1961, he bought the station. He also founded KLAK- KM in Denver and became owner and president of KAY( in Kansas City, Mo. Scott served as a councilman and mayor of Englewood, an Arapahoe County commissioner and a member of the Colorado Senate. He also served on the Englewood City Water Board, the Englewood Fire and Police Pension Board and the executive committee of the Colorado Urban Mayors' Association. He was the third Republican to announce his candidacy for the seat. The Rev. Robert Dugcn, former chaplain of the Colorado Senate, and Rep. Larry Hobos, R-Morrison, announced their candidacies earlier. g Lvyf*wiirv iwnvwp Bargaining biff passed; bonking biff kiffecf 1 ByCARLHILUARD proved 1B-16 and sent on to the -Make major changes in the Board of Equalization order dt- moneys from sales, bonuses, I Assoclile* PTRB Writer House, would stipulate th»l the voter registration law allowing reeling county assessors to set royalties and rentals of federal I Denver (AP) - House mem- salary top for a person In the registration by postcard and al- assessments on property at 33 lands which can be paid to I bers approved a holly-debated state's civil service system be lowing voters to register up un- per ent of actual value. The ef- counties. Two counties, Rio I collective bargaining bill and heldtoSOpercentoflhegover- 111 20 days before an election, feet would be to increase grad- Blanco and Garfield, could I senators killed a controversial nor's salary. --Approve the state's pur- "ally, the assessment on prop- have the ceiling raised on the I banking bill Wednesday as both The governor currently is chase of Boyd Lake, near Love- erties with sharp hikes, and re- amount they receive from $100,- · houses put in long hours on the paid $40,000 a year, which land, for use as a recreation duce gradually those with 0* to $400,000. 1 floor. would fix the top for those at- area. There is $1,244,000 in the sharp drops. -Increase fees for the licens- I The collective bargaining fected employes at about main budget bill allocated for -Bar local government tax- ing of boats. I measure was approved by a 47- $32,000. Those same employes the purchase. ing districts from increasing --Strengthen laws to prose- I 1 vote that crossed party lines have a current salary max- --Put safeguards In current their property tai revenues cute harassing or obscene tele- · and was moved on to the Sen- imum of $39,000. laws allowing processed human more than seven per cent per phone calls. I ate, where majority Republi- While the Senate was strug- waste products, known as year when new improvements -Change the procedure for 1 cans were pondering how to gllng with those bills, the House "sludge," to be used. require increased services-- un- registering recreational ve- 1 handle It. was working on a long second --Protect members of profes- less the question of the increase hides, putting them under the 1 The bill, which was sponsored reading calendar and six other sional review committees from is submitted to the voters in an Division of Parks. 1 by Rep. Robert Ore, D-Pueblo, measures up for a final vote. being sued by individuals, doc- election. 1 was endorsed by all Democrats Speaker Ruben Valdej was tors, primarily, for actions tak- -Provide individuals with ARTHRITIS DATABANK I but three. There were 13 Re- eager to get the bills acted en against them. physical handicaps protection STANFORD, Calif. (AP)-- A I publicans in opposition. upon in order to call Democrats --Require physicians to in- f r o m - e m p l o y m e n t North American databank of 1 The Senate killed a branch into caucus Thursday morning, form patients of the con- discrimination. facts about thousands of arth- 1 banking bill sponsored by Fred Valdez and two Democrats on sequences of pending medical The House gave final approv- ritis patients has been estab- 1 Anderson, R-loveland, despite the Joint Budget Committee, treatment or surgery, and to al to bills which would: lished among eight medical " repeated atempts by its sup- Reps. David Gaon and Morgan get their consent. It would set -Streamline funding for centers throughout Canada and porters to keep it alive. As In- Smith, will begin asking ques- standards for the obtaining of educational programs in state the United States, traduced, the bill would have lions about nearly 90 bills, with such informed consent. institutions, such as Ridge The pilot project for the allowed banks to establish price tags totaling $64.3 million, --Give young persons with Home and other training American Rheumatism Associ- branches in their own economic still awaiting action. accident free provisionary driv- schools, as well as at the State atlon Medical Information Sys- reglon and would have allowed Democrats were expected to ing records a break later Penitentiary and State Hefor- tern is being funded by an them to establish additional talk over the bills locked in the should they obtain penalty matory. $854,000 three-year grant from branches in areas under-served Appropriations Committee, points. -Bar the "pirating" of the National Bureau for Health by other banks. then break for floor action --Establish downtown devel- records and tapes by small, in- Services Research. Dr. James The vote crossed party lines, about 1:30 p.m. opment authorities in munici- dependent companies who copy Fries, assistant professor of The issue is not dead, however, Valdez told the legislators he pali'tes, under a sort of "busi- those products and sell them at medicine at Stanford School of because a similar bill, ap- planned to keep them at their nessman's urban renewal pro- cheaper prices. Medicine, where central corn- proved by the House, is still in desks until late Thursday night, gram. --Prohibit bar employes from puling facilities will be, be- J committee awaiting action. The House spent nearly nine --Increase fees for the licens- soliciting' drinks for themselves lieves it will benefit both " The Senate earlier had ap- hours on the floor Wednesday in g "f private employment and charging unsuspecting cu?- patients and physicians. It will 8 proved a bill that would set a attempting to clear its calen- agencies from $150 to $200. lomers exorbitant prices, a tell physicians what has hap- e ceiling on the maximum salary dar, and acted on more than a -Set up a sort of "buffer" practice commonly engaged in pened to patients after they 0 for persons in the state person- dozen measures. program to lessen the imme- by "B" girls. have received specific kinds of TM nel system. The measure, ap- They would: diate impact of a recent State --Increasing the amount of treatment. Somethings in life work, work, work. Like our 675 copier. Like our 675 copier. Like our 675 copier. The 675 bus fewer moving parts. Aiuf fewer chances of anything going wrong. Take roll-feed, for example. It completely eliminates the jamming that happens when single sheets are picked up from a slack. Also, we keep the original outside the machine where il can't clog the works inside the machine-- or get crumpled Up. So, you see. our 675 is designed to keep troubles away so you can do more work. Call for a demonstration. AOCK 1 ^^ Ph. 353-0246 ^ 807 8th St. Denver city employes bargaining leads to rift DENVER (UPI) -- The CuIiUov ·;!;· OVef Collective bargaining for city employes apparently has led to a bigger rift between the offices of Mayor William McNichols and F. Arnold McDermott, chairman of the Denver Career Service AuUiority. Ben Bezoff, the mayor's executive officer, last week drafted a collective bargaining proposal that would abolish McDermoU's job. It calls for combining civil service with career service into a new Career Civil Service Department. Civil Service currently handles firing, hiring, promotions and demotions of policemen and firemen, while career service handles those functions for most olher city employes. The chairman of the police- fireman-sheriffs coalition seeking collective bargaining for themselves said Wednesday they probably would oppose the draft city charter amendment proposed by Bezoff. "If it includes eliminating civil service, we're going to fight it," aid Kenneth Harris, president of the Police Protective Association. He said the coalition objected to the new department being controlled by a director and a board of directors appointed by the mayor. Harris said if the police department were controlled by an agency controlled by political appointees, the end result would be control by politicians. "I don't want to arrest a political! and fear losing my job,"he said. LOSE UGLY FAT OR PAY NOTHING Start losing weigh! today OR MONEY BACK. MONADEX is * liny sire lor eictst food. Eat Ins-weigh l«ti. Conliini no dangeroui drugi and will not make you ntivoui. No itrenuoui exeiciie. Change your life . . . tlatt today. MONADEX coili 13.00 lor a 20 day supply and $5.00 for twice Ihe amount. Lose ugly (at or your money will be refunded wilh no questions asked by: Skaqgs Drug Center, 1013-25 11th St. ft 2624 W. 10th St. Mail Ordtrs Filled NOW BUYING JUNK CARS WRECKED AND ABANDONED CARS AND TRUCKS per ton for a complete car delivered to ANDERSEN'S SALES SALVAGE INC. One mile East onlth St. Phone 352-7797 NOW! Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Colorado offer a choice of THREE MEDICARE SUPPLEMENTAL PLANS for persons age 65 and over! Individuals age 65 and over, who are covered by Medicare Parts A and B, may now select the supplemental coverage best suited to their needs and budgets. These programs offer broad ranges of benefits for deductibles, co-insurance, services and other items NOT COVERED BY THE FEDERAL MEDICARE PROGRAM. IWI ^^ TM^____^^__ THE MEDICARE SUPPLEMENTAL BASIC PLAN Benefits of this plari include: · Payment of $26 per day coinsurance charge from the 61st through the 90th day of hospitalization. · An additional 90 days of hospital care per benefit period. · An additional lifetime reserve of 60 days hospital care--making possible, when combined with Medicare, 300 days of hospital care during one benefit period. · An additional 100 days care in a skilled nursing facility, subject to $13 daily co-insurance charge. · Payment of the 20% co-insurance applied by Medicare Part B to all covered services by physicians and suppliers. · Covered services received outside the United States. RATE PER MONTH* $7.58 'When billed quarterly, semi-annually or annually. r** THE NEW MEDICARE SUPPLEMENTAL NIGH-OPTION PLAN In addition to the many benefits of the Medicare Supplemental Basic plan (described at the left) Benefits of the new High-Option plan include: · Payment of the $104 Medicare Part A deductible required at the beginning of each benefit period. · Payment of the annual $60 Medicare Part B deductible applied to services by physicians and suppliers. · Payment of the $52 per day Medicare lifetime reserve co-insurance charge. OUR FINEST PLAN! THE JVf IV MEDICARE SUPPLEMENTAL HIGH-OPTION PLUS PLAN OFFERED FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY, ENROL1 · MINT IN THIS PUN CLOSES APRIL 30, IS.'u Includes sll of the benefits of the Medicare Supplemental High- Option plan and also.subiect to an annual deductible of $100, the subscriber is entitled to 80% reimbursement of the charges for: · Prescription drugs and medicines requiring a written prescription. · Up to 240 hours each year of private duty nursing services when prescribed by the attending physician. · Rental of durable medical equipment, including oxygen, when the subscriber resides in an institution primarily engaged in skilled nursing care. · Additional inpatient hospitalization days, if needed. RATE PER MONTH* $19.78 'When billed quarterly, seml-annually or annually. BLUE CROSS AND BLUE SHIELD OFFICES DENVER 700 Broadway 831-2131 COLORADO SPRINGS 101 North Cascade Avenus 634-6673 ALAMOSA 624 4th Street 589-4941 BOULDER 1200 Pearl Street 447-2622 GRAND JUNCTION Chamber of Commerce Building 243-1806 GREELEY 1004 A 9th Avenue 352-0140 PUEBLO 219 West 5th Street 5450911 STERLING 128 North 2nd Street 522-5311 Blue Cross® Blue Shield® of Colorado F Please Note: II you are currently a subscriber to Blue Cross and Blue Shield's Medicare Supplemental Plan It Is not necessary to mall the coupon. Information regarding the High-Option and High-Option Plus plans has been mailed to the 58,000 non-group members presently nroned MAIL COUPON TODAY. 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