Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on April 29, 1972 · Page 1
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 1

Greeley, Colorado
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Saturday, April 29, 1972
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Written hv Horace Greeley in 1871 AND THE GREELEY REPUBLICAN VOL. 64 NO. 157 GREELEY, COLO. 80«1 SATURDAY, APRIL 29, 1972 WEEKLY TRIBUNE ESTABLISHED 1870 North Viet Offensive Continues Southward SAIGON (AP) -- The North' Vietnamese, offensive in the noiili rolled southward unchecked today, laying siege to! Vietnamese troops' to counter-j c m sidc nf I i u c - Tllcsc victories posed a new In (lie old . v » . v , .* v ..,£, u.~- b i. i « , . Ijuauu rt l l t U U L I I M I U J I 1C Quang Tri and knocking out a H t l i l c k - 1'°' the most part iho.v m p c | . i a | cl!nit;ll ;lp ,, ai . cn , hC /;,.,, i !:,,_ 11. ° , , ,1 Jwnrn nn f h o HnfpiKjivn unn .1 '. ' l l £lll -" ll . Tlicre appeared to be lilllc or|logne and an oulposl called lernmenl position to fall One no maneuvering by the South'Checkmate _defen_ding llic west- U.S. advisor in the area declared: "The Vietnamese are running away like you've never seen before." Associated Press correspondents Ilolgcr Jensen and Lynn C. Newland reported from the northern front that Quang Tri was cut off from supply convoys. The main bridge was knocked out by tank-led troops at Hie southern edge of the city were on the defensive, again I counting heavily on U.S. air support. TWO K I L L E D IN ACCIDENT - The meshed steel of two vehicles grimly shows'the accident in which Merle and Wilma Warner of Miljiken were killed Friday night. Injured in the accident at 64tli Avenue and the Highway 34 by-pass was Myron Bryant of Indianola, Neb. (Tribune photo by John Dugan) Three More Killed In Weld County Traffic Accidents By M I K E PETERS Tribune Staff Writer Three persons were killed in traffic accidents Friday in Weld' County, bringing the total to six killed'in the past week in Weld County alone. Barry K. Eikins, 18, died when his motorcycle went out of control in the Couhlry Estates. Mobile Home Park at 3500 3511] Ave., Fridav. at about 5 p.m A Milliken couple, ' M e r l e , Kl- radn roads. The count at wood Warner, 58, and his wife.'lime last year was 145. this Goes Out of Control State Patrol Officer Wilma Naomi Warner, 56, were; killed at 8:40 p.m. Friday when their auto was involved in a two-car collision at 64lh Avenue gardncr, and. Sergeant Gene A division of South Vietnam-!south of the demilitarized use troops was reported trying to consolidate iwsition in and around Quang Tri. Oilier North Vietnamese side of the street, struck a la\vnj Lou faucet, crossed olher side of the back to the fire base guarding Hue to the south, in an apparent bid to seize Soutli Vietnam's Iwo northern provinces. Quang Tri, the northernmost provincial capital in miles south of the demilitarized zone, still held, with enemy troops ibalfling in the southern out- skirls. Highway 1, the supply line to the sonlh, was cut. Associated Press correspondent Holger Jensen reported from Hie front that the North Vietnamese had outflanked the! South Vietnamese at Quang Tri and v.'cre advancing south of the city, There they stopped a column of reinforcements headed for Quang Tri and ambushed a refugee convoy. Three more U.S. helicopters!Avenue was started by some were hit by enemy ground fire!20(1 anti-war protestors' Friday in addition to eight hit Friday.(afternoon. T h r e e A m e r i c a n s were The marchers, led by a cas- woutided in lhe lutes! attacks, ,ket and single drummer, were and one of the helicopters wasjmoslly students; members of shot down. lhe Welfare HIglils Organiza- Highway 1 blocked (o lion ( W H O ) joined lhe donion- Quang Tri, lhe U.S. Command '.stratum as did several other major prize on llic northern front. It lies 32 miles soulh of Quang Tri and about 50 miles Casualties were believed heavy on both sides. Hie district headquarters o[ Hong Son, in coaslal Binh Dinh troops overran Fire Base Bas-jProvince, was the latest gov-l of 27,000, they said. 200 Demonstrate at UNC Against Vietnam Action By JESSICA FRAZIER Tribune Staff Writer A silent march down 10Ih .lose Calderon -- "The war slwuld be brought home to the barrios, the ghettos, the Indian reservations so we can do Sanders, Sergeant Newton Bom- tlle curb alld slnlck lhe b a c k of a mobile home. and the U.S. 34 by-pass. Eikins' death will not be added to the Colorado, fatality toll, because tire mishap occurred on private properly. The Warners' deaths are the 20Clh and 201st of the year 'on Colo- Benson reported the Blkins youth was riding the motorcycle in a driveway at the mobile home park, .when the vehicle went out of control. It went across the street, jumped the curb on the opposite Over $ 1 Million To Weld, Greeley In Proposed Revenue Sharing Bill WASHINGTON (AP) - Fol-ldcnl jNixon's general revenue,Falls, $300,443; lowing are estimated alloca-sharing proposal and has beeniCounty, -$294,2.13. The mobile home belonged to| (ne nor [n w esl. Ronald Livingston and received |$500 in damages. Eikins was rushed to Weld County General I Hospital and was pronounced! dead at 5:30 p.m. The youth suffered multiple internal injuries and a skull fracture, according to hospital authorities. He was not wearing a helmet when Hie accident occurred. Collides With Truck The Warner couple was driving south on 64fh Avenue, and was trying to establish an air corridor to the city lo resupply the defenders and the Quang Tri combat base, 2',i miles to diseases people are dying from, and sons in the next senseless war . . .1 "This has been the history of the Siilnzar family . . . my father served in lhe First World War, myself and a brother in the Korean War, two brothers and begin to love one another."!' 11 " lc Vietnam War. I have Sal Salazar -- "They (old usj! that we were fighting in Korean War so that our out. of brothers to serve .. i in (lie nc.xl war. Are they go- l n c ling to call my two sons next?" would nol have lo tight, a war. Those who have fought in the Vietnam War citizens. At lhe end of (he march, in Lincoln Park, the group heard several anti-war speeches. Some 1 told the same. Whal in hell arc of the comments: I they going lo tell our youth have been Twin Falls [collided with a pickup (ruck tions of federal revenues to states and major local governments as provided by the legislation the House is scheduled to consider next month. accepted by the administration. Allocation estimates nave been made only for the first year of the five-year program. j Total first-year allocations to The bill was developed by thei a |i stalcs _ j u bil | ion . ,,, loca | House Ways and Means Com-[governments $3.5 billion, millee as a substitute for Presi- Colorado Stale share, $20.3 million; local share, $39.1 million. Allocations lo major cities and the countries they are in: Boulder, $794,433; Longmont, $ 2 8 6 , 7 7 9 ; Boulder County, $941,487; Canon City, $81,097; Fremont Counly, $182,210; Colorado Springs, $2.8 million; El Paso Counly, $1.8 million; Denver, $10.8 million; -Durango, Don't Forget! Daylight Time Begins Sunday By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Greeley and mosl of the nation goes on Daylighl Saving Time at 2 a.m. Sunday, when clocks and watches are to be set ahead one hour. The system of advanced time will be in cffccl until a return to Standard Time Ocl. 29, when the lost hour will be regained. Hawaii, Ari/ona, Montana Slate share, $6.9 million; local share, $9.9 million. Allocations to major cities jdriven by Myron i Indianola, Neb. Bryant of and (he counties they arc in: Billings, $829,233; Yellows-! Bryant was treated and released at Weld County Cleneral Hospital with abrasions, according to hospilal aulhorities. . g vchide 3 V L H It-It, wc ,,. k l ^ O l " . O O O P PtVJ TAT« ' J J I J « H l 3 V L H It-It, U f l r k l ^ O l " f$ , 8 ^' 6 , 97;f , Bo f" !hound i n lh e easlbonnd lane of man, $123,014; Gallafin Counly, $347,433; Butlc, $141,663; Silver How County, $361,760; Great $663,515; Cascade Coun$63,356; Helena, ty, $981,791; Havre, Hill Counly, $146,263; r ti , yi\j,u iJiiiuiyiij, -is in dhJ£U, $169,985; La Plata Counly, Cl| y. $78,957; Fort Collins, $326,278; '"" " Loveland, $121,208; Larimer County, $657,153; P'ort Morgan, $ 4 8 , C 0 B ; Morgan County, and the eastern part of Indiana will remain on Standard Time. Under an amendment $ 2 0 6 , 5 1 3 ; Cirand Junction, $ 3 1 6 , 4 5 ) ; Mesa Counly, Michigan $350,797; Greeley, $·265,089; Weld Counly $793,363; La Junta, $58,367; Ofero Counly, $229,053; Lamar, $41,453; Prow- $150,458; Ixnvis and Clark County, $367,346; Kalispell, $108,531; Flathead CounSy, $3!8,7ji; Le- wislon, $45,046; Fergus County, $101,960; Livingston, $50,748; Park Counly, $79,480; Miles Cusier County, $98,432: Missoula, $358,635; Missoula County, $311,415. 1 Wyoming · I Slate shnrc, $2.2 million; local share, $3.9 million. Allocations lo major cities and lhe counties (hey are in: (Jrccn Hiver, $18,329; Sect- water County, $146,961; Hiv- erton, §35,564; Fremonl Counly, $280,292; Sheridan. $71,307; Sheridan Counly, $132,968. lhe bypass, and struck lhe Warner auto broadside as il was crossing al the inierseclion, according lo (be Slaie Patrol. Officer Donald Swencki, Sergeant Gene Henson and Officer Reapportionment Plan Favorable To Senate State Affairs Group By GORDON G. GAUSS Associated Press Writer DENVER ( A P ) - A new plan fnr apportionment of (he 35 seats in Colorado's Senate--a variation of t h e proposal rejected by the Colorado Supreme Courl--was reported favorably Friday by the Senate's Stale Affairs Committee. The plan was developed by Sens. Fred Anderson. H-lxivc- land, and Richard Plock, R- Denvcr, and also includes ideas recommended by Sen. George Jack.son, R-Coloradn Springs, The committee look the action on a 6-4 vote with two of lhe 11 members present not voting. Before lhe measure can be called up (or debale, the com- Lou Sanders of the Stale Palroliplex lext of a bill, listing investigated the accirienl and mcralion districts in each s vcstigaled reported the l%9 pickup received $1,330 damage, and the IMS Warner aulo received $1,700 in damages. Before (he plan was adopted I lie commit Ice turned down three oilier plans--two of which were revised versions of plans listed by the Colorado Supreme Court ns less objectionable (linn lhe original Senate plan. They were: Plan A, developed by House Minority leader Tom Farley, D-Pueb'lo, and offered by Sen. Sam Taylor. l)-Walscnbnrg. II was dcfcalcd 3-5. Plan B, sponsored by Senaloj? M i n o r i t y leader ClDrcncci_ Decker, D-Donver. it lost K. The so-called Williams plan, offered by C h a i r m a n Carl Williams, R-Dcnver of (lie Slate A f f a i r s Cnmmitlce. It lost on a tie vole, 4-4. The wide division w i t h i n tlic enii-jcommittcc Icfl the fale of Hie semi- bill in doubt when it reaches torial dislricl, will have to be'lhc door for debate, worked rjul by the Legislative B c c a n s c of parliamentary Drafting Office This made Iheitcchnlcalilics the hill will gn bo- ship of Democratic Sen. Ifogci Cisneros of Denver. The only Senale leappoi'lionincnl l i l l c for a bill wiiich could be used was one introduced by Cisneros months ago. The committee simply appropriated (he tillc and announced fha( (lie cnlirc loxl would be changed. Shortly before lhe Slain A f f a i r s Committee came Clco Siinchcz -- "We must slop saying Ihere has to be a war. We know (here doesn't lave to be a war. Peace means nore foixl for innocent child:n." John llillson, National Peace Action Coalition -- "Nixon .alks about saving the Smith Vietnamese from Communist aggression . . . Irow can he' say all these things after the Pcnia: gon papers? He's like lhe emperor with his new clothes . . . lie's naked. He's a liar and doesn't know 80 per cent of ic people in Ihis country know lie's a liar. "If nil (lie Idlers written lo Congressmen against I his war were laid end lo end, we could have saved $400 million, built n ladder and walked lo llic 'ninon. .Senate T)m government, is saying time for debale uncertain. Ifore the Sonale under sponsor up will) the Stale Affairs 'or llic weekend wilhmil completing any plan for the House. bill the House Committee quit roappnrlionmonl 65 .seals in llic An nnoflicinl subcommittee composed of four Democrats demonstrations are ineffective. Do yon Ihiuk Mclvin Laird Is going lo come out of the Pentagon willi eagles flying around his head and say, 'I Icy, those are really great demonstrations, Ihcy are really efleclivc, keep it up. 1 ? They are effective, Hint's why they've brought home and Iwo Republicans was risked it rpops nnd won promises to continue ils work during fhe|wind down (be war. lo weekend on a bipartisan plan. I n i l i a l work on Hie plan began late Thursday and only an oiillinc (if it came Itrforc the full committee noon. Friday after- "But Hie government thinks the only people demonslraling arc in New York, Washington iind San Francisco. We've got :ci tell them Greeley, Colo., is against, lhe war." UNC Physical Education Building Approved Approval for Ihc schematic; The lolal space as planncd'p li y s I c n 1 education rcliitediresciireh laboratories, offices design and design development now will he 78,1184 square feel, {activities. j f o r I I P E f l faculty and slnff, ! The gym area will !K! capable, handball courls, a wrestling Utah Inside The Tribune to the federal Uniform Time |ers Counly, $137,180; Leadville, Act, six other states thai $26,820; Lake Counly, $83,293; straddle time zones have the Pueblo, $1.3 million; Pueblo authority to exempt' parts of jCounly, $1.2 million; Sterling, themselves from observing |S82,349; Logan Counly, $162,401; daylight time. ITrinidad, $51,569; Las Animas The San Francisco school ICounty, $188,631. !. board has allocated $2,306.82 I Idaho i to pay eight workers overtime , sta(e snarfi| $5 .« . m i i lion; lo-| A [I \ i / ^ | I ^ ^ fo move ahead clocks in all , . 59 R million A l l W e l f a r e the city's schoolrooms this j^Sonl to major cities^ 1 ' Y V f c J M d r t 5 wceKena. ' a n d th{ , co|lntje s tncy arc i n : , '[ Blackfool, $90,364: Bingham! Counly, $349,423: Boise, $1.5! jrnillion; Ada Counly, $948,340;! 'Burley, $107,694: Cassia Coun-i |ty, $173,339; Idaho Falls. I d a h o ; Mi:l categories of public . { F a l l s , S2.T5.743; Bonncvillc assistance caseloads under t h e ; ' C o u n t y , $410.412; Kellogg, We'd (''imty Departmc'il o f j i 5 2 6 , 9 7 2 ; Shoshonc County, Public Welfare increased during. j$239,:i60; Lcwiston, $198.925: March. Eugene McKcnna, we!-: ·Nc-4 Perec Counly, $27B,320; fare departmcnl director has · Moscow, $153,070; Lalah Coun- reported. 'ly $213,306; Pocalello, $436,372; i Aid to Dependent Children, Bannock County, $357,107; Twin 'calcKflrics increased by 331 - families in M a r c h , while Aid: Approval was given Friday to lhe Universily of Northern Colorado on the program and bud- gel of lhe new Health, Physical Education and Recreation (H- PER) building. j 17ie C CH!5 approved Il,e'ncarly''40,'o0f)''s(iu;ire reeL"Tliisi i l ( : t i v ' f i c s ;i1 orc l l m c Approval came from file Colo-|g cner a| concept of the building'Porli°n, wilh a Tartan-type. Provision will be made for phases of the project was given, previously by the Colorado' Activities ArtM Over half nl this will bo supporting severs! physical Department of Public Works. !(| )(; main activity area, orj 0 '' 1 "" 1 ''"" ! ""' recreational rado ,,,,,,, , Commission on Highcr| a nd the definition of the types Stale share, $8.8 million; lo-j?"", «TM E ' UNC can O r spacc and , the rc5U , (ing flca . ow move ahead to (he con-jdemic program, slruction documenl stage, thc| fl. J ,, V 3 d l M practice room anil a physical filfioss room w i t h two universal gyms. The f a c i l i t y will bc for use by both men and women. The b u i l d i n g is 3ii4 feel long ami 177 feet wide, and will bc approximately f h r e n stories in height. The stone exterior portion will be of a Ian brick m a t In general the building w i l l j x 177 feel and have a clcariscats approximately 2.500 in a j c r i a l s i m i l a r to t h a i being used be composed of n main activity.height lo the ceiling nitters o f i g y m m i s i u m floor, will bc used tor basket- nail, baseball, tennis, golf, track, badminton physical education volleyball, and other seating of between 5,000 anil 7,0(10, nllliriiigh this ilcm is nnl contained in the basic building funding. U N C s current physical .111 U^MUII u\J\,uj j ji^i 11 .HK^V,, v i i ^ ,,,. , "I ]· 'II 1 I i . tlJdl IHHKI 1IJI Y i T I L O l -U IIV,fl I |ij N I step thai proceeds seeking bids,' T '° l J 1 .TM ln « "' ll! lic ''"^"^and recreation oriental aclivi- ~ .. - ., ...,.. ,.,,,,,, Cost of lhe structure has bcenj 0 " Ine UlNL WCST campus. . ( j c s _ , |1|e fmm wj|| mcasl]rc 222:cdm:a1inn building, {lunler Hall, estimated at $2.3 million. Bidding on (he project is expected by laler summer with [construction anticipated lo slarl next fall. Compfclion of the of area which will have mulliple'28 fcnl. square fcfl. building is then due by spring P h y s i c a l nl 1974. iliccrealimi. use, and offices and classrooms' Included in this gymnasium In (tic smaller portion uf Ihc for lhe Department of Iloallh.liKjrlion will be an imlmr run- liuilding will IK: locker and slor Education, antljninf! track. Markings will be image irxiin 1 *. -Ihc floor for (his and all other 'seminar rmmi.s, l. r p,4G7|in the high rise apartment building now under construction, with a corlan facing on (tic upper level of the gym area al Jtt:li/n; a i i d j s i r n i l a r to that on Currigan Had (caching and 1 in Denver. (24 Pages) Ahby ' Amusements Classified pages Comics ....... Crossword Editorial page He' ..· 14 1G-I7 21-23 16 .... 16 dismissals M-.'.kfcts Li 3. a Id Tribune Chl'i-urles Spons Wea'her · . \Voi--cn ,. fag's ToJay's Press Run: 17,551. .... 4 ._ 15 ... 8 23 ... 4 .. 6 18-19 14-15 Weather (he Needy Disabled caseload! increased by 15 individuals lo ,618 aUer decreasing slightly the ;lwo previous months. I The food s t a m p caseload in- NORTHEAST COLORADO -- creased by 72 families during'. ·Fair pnd waimer lonigh*. March. McKenna ."-aid. In a d d i - j Partly cloudy and cooler Sun- lion, 47 families nol receiving; day. Low t"'iiph'., :5 In 45. H ?h any olher fnrm of public assist-. Sunday, 55 lo f5. Southerly ance, qualified fnr parlic'pation. wi n ds. 5 Ir 15 m.n.h.. Fnrt| Because of the inci eased | Collins, Sterling, Fort Morgan, i caseload, McKcnna pointed nul.j Gieeley 65-38-o3. Precini'alion I public assistance expenditures] .probability near zero tonight, 10 i increased from $418,906 inj per cent Sunday.. 'February to 11.18,493 for March. New UNC HPER Building

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