Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho on February 15, 1975 · Page 24
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Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho · Page 24

Nampa, Idaho
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 15, 1975
Page 24
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'ritol(JalnjKrwl'ress!cTheNows-Tht)Uiif.S;Uunl;iv.Ki'l]|-uiirv 15.1975-- A-6 Rt«) EsUI« Nampa ' 54 Real Estate Nampa 54 Real Estate Nampa 54 Real Estate Caldwell 55 . Real Estate Caldwtll 55 Real Estate Ctldwell 55 Real Estate Caldwtll . , t -£ 406-7891 or JM-4664 13 i-j!££^gJL-Classitii;d ad. - W i l l t r a d e or lamily . " 2 baths, S54.000. Lit.* in "fl. i .,. large basemenl, lot, garaqo bedrooTn brick, T o a l h s , 2 lireplaces, lamily room in basement, oil furnace, play !ouse, barn. 147,500. I.-t?0.square feM in this ni»uu 3 bedroom on about an acre, family room with lireplace, 2 b a t h s , double garage, covered palio. V a l l l v u e School District. 134,900. Near Roosevelt S^hpgl -secluded 2 bearoom house, with large living room and dining roorri, fenced uacfc y a r d , b l a c x t o p p e d drive Price 114,900 Only 19..l"a». t f"\ s com plelelj Ql)V.U' ·Jdroom house i O^"^, iot, Gas heat. 5 Acre Poworlino Estates 114,000. BRANDT AGENCY JlS-lllhAve.So. Nampa, Idaho -- 466-7821 8,IIAin«lt . . . 466-28l lohn 1 Don. . 466-5159 Ctcil McNaughl 4 6 6 5 8 8 5 Arnelha Atldeison 466-4479 Bill TKoinpion . . 467-1204 Iff V 2 Bdrm., "ViirTjrpefed, newly painled inside. Large L . R . kllchen. lols ol cupboards, gas Iurnace. Washer i dryer hookup. Dig lot, carport, I?'x20' gar age, shade trees. Immed. poss. 19,350. Owner will c a r r y papers Near good store. Call 466 8655. W A L K TO SHOP! Neat 1 bdrm. with 3rd barm, in basement. Nev/ carpet, fireplace, large master udrrn., garage L lols ol s t o r a g e . Near d o w n t o w n A l b e r t s o n ' s . 516.500 C a l l C H U C K K A R N R E A L T Y . -159 0547 or Eves. 459 8563 C O U N T R Y LIVING All elec 3 bdrm. 29 A. All fenced, loafing shed plus mobile home l-.ookup 135.900. By owner, 467 6JS8 2 BDRM s e p a r a t e utilily rcom. newl^ c a r p e t e d f a m i l y room with lirepl.icc picture window with view OF p.ilio and fenced b a c k y a r d S e p a r a t e yaraii? Low ciown ami mnnlHy payment 3 B D R M newer home, lovely kilclien svi'h uvill ,rs. s e p a r a t e u t i l i t y , storm foors anc! ;vin sac Assuni.mlo 7% loan MODERN 2 story in Ilie c o u n t r y Vall.vuc School D.slnct 1700 Sq u on main lloo r Hay haro, loalmij sfiofi, c h i r K o n r.ouse on T . A c r e s . Assumible s°o loan. 3 Bdrm., lamily rm., fireplace, attached garage, patio, shady lenccd yd. 466 5411, 4660678. C O U N T R Y L I V I N G . New 3 Bdrm., Family rm. w/ lire place, bi/ill in appls., 2 car garage. $35,900. Phone -167-2579. FOR Y O U N G OR E L U E R L Y ? t;cclroom home wilh par! basement and atlached garage. V e r y neat melal siding ami rcol looks like new oil furnace *·. w carpeting Large back /arcl '.vilh place For garden Can ·issuiiH' a noo1 m o r t g a g e . SI1.00000 HARRISON-FRANK I3th t Clmlind, C«W*«II 459-1678 Eves: GlinnKoch ....459-7623 MorginRlch.rds 722-5797 Dick Yucum .... 459-9629 V E T E R A N S : For Sale B Y O W N K R A G E N T No Down Pnymenl - V.A. 4 Year Old Duplex Two 2 Bedroom Apis. 919 Scj. II. each unit. Pumice stone c o n s t r u c t i o n , c a r p e l , drapes, air conditioning, in- For ridrr lol^. Askini 55 RMJ Estate W«nt«d M Or 459 4664 10 J59983? P o r S a l c l i y o w n e i : 2. possibly 3 llUrm ' houb ° w/ covercd H c a r por , p.llio, l.irqu bsck -ard til v; crk shop dog run. Inqgiro at .154 1 1 4 4 after 5 p.m. · 1 DON'T DPEAM TOO LONG All carppled draped 3 bdrms., ? baths, lovely kit chon l a m i l y room w i t h lireplace. ceniral air, ? car garage. Nearly new brick Home S3I.900. 1 C L A S S I C ' O L D E R HOME. 4 B d r m s , s p a c i o u s living. washer a oitiunal si South ol Linden S ,' "!, U l, \ d . IH H Now homos under construction, 'TM°» linancing available Irom F A R M HOME with !ow monlhly qualilv ' Ca " (or 'means very 'ow living cost. Now. 6' i °o inlerest. P r i c e - ! Farm homes for sale, 3 bdrm., - «b.,h S . new subdivision, mo COMP ' Bilr' j u S l r.icllve ' Bilr'm home [com onuii on laivily room bedroom) M.-,ll", ctlrpelecl. dishwasher. nouiilc u.u.igc sp.uious cornrr 'ol h GOOD B U Y ! mediate o c c u p a n c y . 1523 Dearborn. F R I E N D L Y -HOME. Com plelely c a r p e t e d 3 b d r m , lamily room, lireplace, fenced yard. Good enisling loan! 523.500. """*' REALTY ve Cald*tH home al JU South 18th Ave. $71.900. 1 BDRM, wilh basement, corner lOfh Linden, dining room, near Wilson, new Jeflerson high school SI 5,900. STANLEYLJENSEN 716^ Arthur StrMt 459-3112 StaphenR.Jensen ...454-M69 Stan Jensen · P R I C E D R I G H T . 4 BEDROOM! Family room in basemen L ceniral heal, air Needed for sale or exchange: Small and farge cattle ranches. Dave Asumendi al B A L D W I N t. 343 7721^ «Pi«._ r B U S I N E S S O P P O R T U N I T Y ^One ol The valley's lines! supper -clubs, woli ertuipped ana locaieu '^on approximately 2 a c r e s wilh · living quar tcrs. Has large 'clientele and e x c e l l e n t "repulalion Building, equipmont ·and land. Excelleni terms to a IquaMfied buyer. S69.00D. ;A D R E A M HOME ·Tnis unique home in one ol ;w a m p a' s f i n e s t r e s i d e n t i a l ·areas, f e a t u r e s b e a u f i f u l land ^sciipexCyord and garden viewed irom master bedroom, living room, dining room and kitchen. '/Many e x t r a s t h a t add to qraf ious living. Excellent terms Jo la "qualified buyer. Shown by -appointment. ! While Hicy l,iM! O n e hall a c r e lofs m r ^ r ^ l sub division. Choose your he mo f r o m i"tiny s t y l e s and olons IDA.HOME REALTY 923-16lhAve. So., Nampa 467-44M Eslher F.llmore . . . 466-1090 OllieFillmore, Brokei · F I N A N C I N G N O P R O B L E W ! ? Barms., dining room, large utility, gas iurnace, air conditioner, allacni-ci oarage. Located on corner lot close !o O w y h e c Sliopping C e n t e r . Owner says only SV.CCO down. · 103 A C R E S - improved, north ol Nampa. 2 Artesian w e l l s , land l a y s good. S220.0CO.OO, owner s a y s 29°,, ; .- - Phone: 4AA-3515 . ; E»«i: Hardy H o y - 4 6 6 - I 5 1 B ; .SPRINGTIME IS-rdenlime ;T(iis J A c r e · . r ! vale well ·lor ga'' f\t\J ), large Jtiying t ^A^/ .iis., good ·double ,*J . A l l lor only ;SU.OOO. ', '. JUST L I S T E D Approx. 1 acre wilh almost new 3 bedroom mobile home wilh ? baths. Chain link fence and ^Iprage sheet. Ideal location between Nampa and Caldwell JU1 ibr S23.500. · M O B I L E HOME O W N E R S . . . WHY PAY R E N T when you can t)UY almost \ acre of land. E Z-' E IE Jermsl Waler, seplic tank included. Conveniently located (oj flampa, Caldwell. and K a r c h e r Mall. C a l l u s f o r details. ' YOUR DREAM HOME ftujld it on this 5 acres with a million SSS view bul selling for dn|y $26,250. . I 7 4 0 A C R E 5 With 2 bedroom house. Hay and olojw land. South of Nampa location. $86,000. e l e c t r i c heal, g a r a g e , w o r k s h o p , beautilul land scaped corner lol. 59,500.00. · CLOSE IN - 4 bedrooms, 1 ' j baths, lireplace, basement with lamily room, garage. S23.000.00. YSplinter Agency 1403-3/d ST. So.--Dial 466-67? 1 nen 466-3475. Sam 466 6778 01 VQ1466-558-*. WICKHAM REALTY 459-2826, An K timc! · INCOME P R O P E R T I E S ! 2. Acre*, wilh lovely 3 Bedroom' tome plus -i Bedroom renlal wilh nicer fruit frees. · 4 A P T S ! 3 F u r n i s h e d , valuable corner lot. excellent i n c o m e , a l r e a d y zunecl proTpssional oflice, · REDUCED! Lake Lowell property, 10 plus Acres in the c e n t e r o f e x c l u s i v e s u b division. Now only $20,000 wilh $5500 down. _L. · IN S P A I N tney can'l neat ifu view Irom Ihis I 1 j aero r a n c h e t l e overlooking Snake River House has 3 beoroom. l ] 4 baths, flnti 7 car garage. Ntal H. Russell ...... 466-2731 Jack Glyens ........... 466-3382 Wm. E. (Gem) Rlch«y . . 466-5645 Leof a Gingrich . . . ---. 466-1229 francos Coyle ____ .W. 466-5155 Roy Shannon ..... T . . 466-1621 Ellis Aibrlghl Broker . . . 466-0168 :: SHORT ;CU1S NOT FOUND H E R E ! '.3 Bedrooms, full/ carpe.ed, · f ( j £ i b o t h , a p p l i a n c e s in .eluding dishwasher. Carport. ·p)it.Q. clog run wilh insulated ^canine living quarters FHA ·or pl lernns. S?6,5CO. ':: ON ;T"OP OF THE W O R L D in .yoisr own homo! ? Spacious D e d r o o m s . large w e l l pMnneo and dec or alec ·kitchen, full basement wifh )ots of possibilities . r c o m y (ot v / i t h g a r a g e . $ 1 7 , 9 0 0 . pro,ii Icrms. : ; : CASH? IN THE B A N K . S.I50 Down is 81] you'll need 10 own this 'Iresfilv painted 1 bedroom name with 1 e x t r a becrooms (n basement Spacious c c r f e r lot. garage. S15.25C FHA Jornis. : ' WE ARE PLEASED 10 Oder this } bedroom hoine wilh new 5 c x v red carpeting Lots ol new panelling, 90% ijasement. garaqe, corner lot. Sl-1,900. No down to G rs : CAN YOU P L A N T A G A R D E N ? If so, ihis I 1 2 acres wilh a j Ijearoom home has a big one! Also included is a strawberry pa'ch, srnall bar n ano loaf rng sfiecl. corn crio, etc., etc. And it's priced to sell! S31.000. : HELP!! VfO\'T BE NEEDED to keep your horses or stock in the 5 acres offered with this newer 3lbedroom suburban home. C a r p e t i n g , f a m i l y r o o m , lireplace plus lols of e x t r a s $39,500. H U R R Y ! Butler 4 Associates MEAiTOIS 1603 9th 51. So. ONYW1NTHER..4M-1326 OAVEOVKSTKA..4N-6658 KECMCC 4M-70K) MCflLEKCiaEY.tt7-M*2 : ftCHauTLER. HKKCT Mf W " pennies f r o m heaven wi'.en you fight inflation with ihis aliradivc 3 bedroom home on 1 a c r e for only ^18,OCO. · M A I N L Y ON the assumpfion triil you woulc like a "low down" house, we would like to show you this "low down". 3 bedroom home wilh un finished D a s o m e n T Only 526,503. · THE P L A I N frulri is thai this 3 uedroom home with pdtio and la^ge (of is i sfeal at SI9.950! OHlci 467-3336 impt-Cild.Blvd, . P A O O U S L I V I N G ROOM . ncwl y c a r p c t c d and ir.iped. 3 bdrms Excellent i!y location, double garage. Retrigeraior included ) . . S?1,9DO. ,UN D E C K J B D R M S . . Ihis wo stcry f o m c is on an verged c i t y lol. Includes one rote driveway and big louulo Uiircjgo. garden spol n y l a f i o sc o pe a yard. Also, os n 1 ixirm. basemenl apl. mling tor $155 mo. Priced at $32,500. WO M O U S E 5. 3 Bdrm. r.ouse and 1 bdrm. rental in iov/nfown area, lull lot, good e n t a l i n v e s t m e n t . $180 Viontii income. Full price mly $16.SCO. O R O B L V D . L O C A T I O N . Brick I'omc. 3 bdrms , family oom ano lireplace, lovely y a r d . Has p r i v a t e park privileges next door. Budget priced «8,900. E A T 8. C L E A N 3 bedroom Rambler, close to school, N i c e l y landscaped and cnced. 1 3 - « baths, lovely custom d r a p e r i e s . Owner r a n s f e r r e d , must sell, immediate possession S7J.500 M E T A L SHOP and modern office with 3 udrm. home on approx. 2 ' ? acres. The shop i .',0 x ICO. Good renlal possibilities- Easl of Nampa on main road $3?,000 3 A C R E S . Where Ihe air pure . . . and, a view, tool One of n kind location on Lake Shore Drive ... .$13,200 COME TO THE C O U N T R Y . You will love this selling and Hie 3 bdrm. home. Located ?' * ' m i l e s from 'shopping center and school, 3 4 mile from Lake Lowell for boaling and Fishing . $33,000 S U B D I V I S I O N P O T E N TIAL. Approx. U Acres ol pasture land on main Nompa i h o r o u g h l a r e . E x c e l l e n l p o s s i b i l i t i e s . B U I L D E R S T A K E N O T E . . $58,00 BUILDING SITE. 7'i Acres, approved subdivision on Deer rial Road near Kuna, with building restrictions, Deep soil, free ol rocks. Can buy on terms $J500 TALL AMERICAN REALTY KARCHER MALL 466-466 'Bill Morgan..." ....... 466-760 BlalneBreckon ....... 4GS-577 Millie Ambrose Call Collect ....... 376-842 Sandy Cope ......... 466-232 Jerry Jenkins, Broker » 3 BEDROOM, Brick home double gnrngc wilh storage c a b i n e l s . S h o w n by ap poinJmenl only. $32.000. 3 BEDROOM, l'/2 bfllhs, all electric wilh air conditioning, ? car garage with shop, covered patio and lenced yard. Cloe lo the college. $35.000. BOB WELSH REALTY 2118 S. Kimball 459-6434 :«i: Garry Spalh . . 459-9598 liornu in e x c l u s i v e area, spacious m a s t e r bdrm.. cathedral ceilings, central air, sunken living room, country feeling. $38,900. Reeser con C "^,\ a , oV ,, · V A L U E ! ? Bedrom, approx. 3 *«" '' Ol)n 9- Has dishwasher and single car garage. « 3 BEDROOM. COULD BE ! WANT TO BUY from owner, older 1 or 1 hdrm. home, S100D down. Phone 459 1633. Real Estale Sale/Trade 57 Wanled: Owner has contracts for sale or trade on (arm or renlal unils. 5B5-313 all. 5:30. Heal Estate Misc. ~58 fTdfrn. home in Nampa, ren led, 56,000, Brick house in Homedale, not finished, H.OOO. Building lol in Homedale, 51,600. Phone 337-4U3 Area. Low. Low Price ol 521,500. · 3 BEDROOM. 1 yr. old 1307 N I C E C L E A N 3 Qedroom home in South Calciwcll. Wall iir conciilioninq, c/as hetit. newly carpeted, fireplace, 2 car garage, large corner lol. S29.000, qoocl lerms. YAMAMOTO AGENCY I ? BEDROOM, v e r y good condition. Garage, downtov/n area. 525,000. · Gl's Look al this one. All electric 3 Bedroom, 1 'jpaths, built ins, fireplace, insulated double garage, large corner lot. Will go VA or F H A . $27,900. · V E R Y a t t r a c t i v e 3 Bedroom home, large living room, lamily room with rock lireplace, oversized double garage. Come in -ind talX. terms with us on Ihis quality built home. · CLOSE lo lown, 1 Bedroom older home. Would make a good rental. 511,000. 195 FT. of C o m m e r c i a l Irontage near Karcher Mall. Reva . . . 4 6 6 - 2 1 5 4 Blanche . 459-7011 Allha ... 896-4386 320 So. Kimball 459-1573 Eves: BonnieL. Ashcralt 459-8171 Jim Yamada Farms f S I 7 . 5 0 0 G E T READY FOR S P R I N G in Ihis comly home on Rochester. Small down. 519,700 3 bdrm. on R i c e Road, Owner will assist in financing. 1020 T E T O N t BEDROOM, 3 B A T H S , L A R G E F A M I L Y ROOM, D E N , S W I M M I N G POOL. B E A U T I F U L V I E W I M M E D I A T E P O S S E S S I O N SJ9.500 Building lols on So. Side. 707 ARTHUR 459-1838 Karen Heikkila 466-2624 Randy Taylor 459-6249 Elsie Cofley 459-2509 Perk Colley ...459-2509 ^_- llF W _ W T Phone 459-1 509 703 Arthur. Caldwell W T · B R A N D N EW d e l u x e 3 bedroom home -- all electric - formal dining room 1 i« baths - central air con dilioning -- choice localion. · S32.900.00. · S U P E R B Q U A L I T Y in Ihis beautiful older 4 bedroom home with fireplace - close in on Dearborn St. S26,500.00. · S600 DOWN in M I D D L E T O N " 2 UodroohV -- 3 y'eas old - f u l l unfinished basemenl Only SIS,750.00. · P R I C E R E D U C E D 3 bedroom -- all electric home -- corner lot in Middleton. S2J.900. · ' i A C R E iusl outside the city limils - Caldwell School Disirici - 12 choice fruit trees. Very comforlable 3 bedroom home with garage. 527,900.00. · ALL E L E C T R I C 3 bedroom home -- 4 y e a r s old -- small fenced back y a r d - carport. Won't lasl long at S??,503 with good terms. · 5700 DOWN 3 year old - all electric - 3 bedroom home. Canyon Hill location -- paved sireel. · JUST MOVE In, 2 bedrooms - all new carpets -- freshly painted - nearly new fur nace - large rooms - south side. Only 514,000.00, low clown. HARRISON-FRANK !3lh 4 Cleveland, Caldwell Eves: 459-1678 DlckVocum 459-9629 MorQan Richards 722-5797 Glenn Koch -459-7623 · AN E A S Y D E A L ON T H I S 3 Bedroom liomc which has a new roof, new Iurnace and new exlerior painl. S m a l l down and owner will c a r r y . 517.503. · BEAT THE GAS PRICE - All electric 3 Bedroom home- on Terrace Dr. Carport Storage building. Air conditioner, i m m e d i a t e p o s s e s s i o n . 519,000. « YOUR M O N E Y ' S W O R T H 2 Bedroom nome with daylight basement t h a t is p a r t l y finished Has an attractive loan that can be assumed. 570,000. KERR REALTY 706 Arthur Caldwell 459-6311 Eves: Conley Ward 459-2950 BUI Pears on 459-0450 Logan Kerr, GRI Broker 459-8647 Real Estate Caldwell 55 Vfff W 73' Boise 336-021 8 Carolyn Summerton . 467-4973' Kellh Cheldelln ........ 467-4124 PaulHudson .......... 888-3546 Daye Hudson .......... 585-2519 Mlks Loegaring, Broker .467-3187 ll r , l l l l . C a l i Bv owner, corner lol, ICd'xlSO', lenced yard, 3 bdrm., 1 J baths, lamilv room, u l i l i l y room, $28.500. Ph. J59 6650. Real Estate Nampa/Caldwell 54A. Real Estate Nampa/Caldwell S4A NEW LOW INTEREST RATES! INTEREST V A - F H A - A N D CONVENTIONAL FINANCING VETERANS - *75 Total Move in Cost NATIONAL GUARD MEMBERS Have you had 90 days active service? You may be eligible lor an FHA-VA Loan witti a .ninimum down. CONTACT BUILDER DIRECT 467-3271 or l*ove d mxwft wHh eur 24 hr. antwerinf Mrvke O W N E R S A Y S 52,000.00 DOWN. B A L A N C E O N P R I V A T E C O N T R A C T . DON'T MISS T H I S ONE. · C U T E R E M O D E L E D O L D E R HOME C O L L E G E A N O T O W N : II has Ihree bci/rooms, plus one more p o s s i b l e . M A S T E R B E D R O O A A I S V E R Y L A R G E . There is one bath one more coukl be finished. Nev/ paneling, carpel and drapes S15.0CO.OO S3200.0Q DOWN, B A L A N C E O W T E R W S . · V E R Y C L E A N T H R E E B E D R O O M S W I T H E X C E L L E N T S O U T H S 1 D E L O C A T I O N ,ino has par), finished b d s e m e n l w i t h lamily room, central air and double narayc S76.500.00. A GOOD FAMILY HOME. · HEY L O O K . 19 A C R E S wilh nouble wide mobile home set on concrete foundation v/ith covered p a f i o , moilly fur nished, buill in appliances and ceniral air conditioning, plus a large s'oraqe and barn. SJO.000.00. G O O D T E R M S A V A I L A B L E . N E A R HOV.EOALE A N D S N A K E R I V E R . EAL ESTATE 215 So. 10th 459-7419 -Caldwell Chip Burton 459-3476 Jrylile Cellini 459-9584 AUANERlCAN REALTY S U N N Y S L O P E A C R E A G E ! Natural selling on ap- orox. 3.78 A c r e s . Older Ranch style 3 Bedroom, newer improvements. Land easily irrigated. Vallivue Schools. 533,900. LISTEN TO THE WIND! On Ihe patio with a Iree s h a d e d yard. Clean 3 Bedroom, ceniral air con dilioning, lireplace. Priced fo Sell Promptly at 525,900. PLUCK T H I S PLUM! Spacious 6 B e d r o o m on approx. 1 Acre, private sun deck, fireplace and Country Living for your f a m i l y . Enjoy choice c i t y conveniences and Caldwell schools. Soulh side al $^,000. COMPLETE H A P P I N E S S ! Build an Equity! This w a r m 3 Bedroom, iusl West ol C a l d w e l l . P e a c e f u l l i v i n g , with a patio and swimming pool lor Summertime en ioyment. 537,500. ENGLISH C A S T L E ! n E x c l u s i v e S t e c k e r Sub. L u x u r i o u s 3 bedroom, 2' ; baths, nifly f a m i l y room, including ireplace, underground sprinkler system, high quality throughout. Sec oday it $.14,000. S O P H I S T I C A T E D ^ S P L E N D O R ! Estate Living on 25 a c r e s ol ush paslurc. Spanish VMla consisting ol 5 bedrooms, full basemenl, double garage, double fireplace, intercom and m.iny more interest ng f od lures. A c o m m u i c f s p a r a d i s e . Shown by ap poinTmcnl nl il "0.000 MINI FARM! Approx. 10 Acres, small ? bedroom home, b l o c k Darn, 3 stall Surgepai lor, Ideally loc sled i Cnidwetl School Disirici Call Sherm. A D M I T T E D L Y E X P E N S I V E ! fan Prick 4 bedroom, built ins and man/ e x l r a s . Clever k i t c h e n f a m i l y r o o m arrangement, immaculate condition. Wailing lor your inspection on Arlington Slroel. 5dJ,300. KCIDBLDG. Ph. 459-0766 Melbi Ciller 459-9695 Shelbt Btalsdell 459-927) B*rb»riH*ll 459-2914 Sherm netbllt 459-0460 Cliudll Muniee 447-1MO Mike Ferney 459-6W8 FARM HOME BUYERS! Caldwell Area 1 nn% 1 UU / O FINANCED LOW MONTHL Y PAYMENTS TO QUALIFIED INTEREST CREDIT BUYERS.. Call RUTH CARLSON lor assistance in determining eligibility. 5 467-3271 ^^^^" _24 hour answering service. COLDEN WEST /jfAtry MAKE YOUR MOVE NOW! W A N T TO BUY A 520,000 Home lor 530,000? W A I T A Y E A R ! ! · 2 BEDROOM HOMES. Carpeted, clean, close in or with Acreage in lie country. 513,000 to 517,500. · 3 B E D R O O M HOMES.Good locations, family rooms, unique and practical features. From S?0.950. · -1 BEDROOM, f a n c y lamily room, basement, storage and living space galore. Choice ol electric, gas or oil heat. Each has everything a lamily needs ano lots of extras Ihey want (rom 529,500. · 5 OR MORE B E D R O O M S a r e hard to Find. We have several types available lor your inspection. Call us on your personal r.eeds so we can assist you in local ing YOUR home! · 7 A C R E S , 10 Acres and 70 Acres. Some with homes, some hare. All good investmenls and home sites. · FOR R E A L GOLD BUY L A N D ! Select From a screened group ol large or small units. All priced lo sell and good terms. Business or rental units. We have Ihem! · SPANISH HOME ON V I E W A C R E A G E . Musi see this new homo with 4 Becrooms, 3 balhs, bcauliful (ireplare, cedar shake rool and many luxurious features. 547,500. *»··'» · A MEMBER OF CALDWELL MULTIPLE LISTING SEfmt 2900 Cleveland, Caidweii · 459-1597 Motorcycles 572,500. Delinilely not a HUD House. Payments SI 47 mo., 7 ' i °b i n t e r e s t . Payments include laxos and insurance. Less than 510,000 down payment. · C L I E N T with good paper. v;ould like to Irade lor income properly. Call Al on this or.e! 119 So. Kimball 454-1409 Al Berrlochoa 459-8179 Nila Parker 459-8000 JosDeGrazIa 454-0583 Bob Polls, Broker 459-6264 Also 1971 Honda 350. .·67 4.171 or 466 8765 1972 Y A M A H A 150 MX Fxcclleni condition. Call 467 1712 days. J66 3602 eves. Witn I75heat). E x c e l l e n t cond. S550 M 3810 ft SPECIALS · NEW 1974 500 cc 4 cycle, 8 va've. 1 cyl-^er Road Bike w.lh Omni Phase balancing. $1399 · BELL STAR HELMETS $55 DILLON CYCLED .ftekiilill ffTf W T JoAnne Rowley 459-0520 MerleForlik 459-8553 Benny Forlik 459-7580 Belly Weslnark 459-3392 Bob Carrow 459-6514 Maria Johnson 459-2830 Laurie Leach 459-0410 Trula Forlik, GRI 459-8553 Ted Sulheiland... 467-4528 LIST with CALDWELL MULTIPLE LISTING!! When you List with One Ollice . . . You have 9 offices and 37 highly qualified Realtors working for you! All American Realty. ..459-0766 Bemle Grallon i Co . .459.8411 CiW Really 459-1838 Golden Vrtsl Really... 459-1597 Caldwell Really 454-1409 JohnHigen, Jr 459-0774 Classic Really 459-1509 Stanley L. Jensen .... 459-3112 KERR Really 45S-6311 CALDWELL MULTIPLE LISTING REALTORS ,, v Snowmobiles 61 1972 Ski-doo3JO TNT S H A R P ! S675 Phone 459-9331 Mobile Homes For Sale 62 H 7 J D E L U X E S K Y L I N E Ux64. Take over pymt. ol 5117 w/ imall on. ;67 5487 all. 5. Cheaper Irian rent! Like new. 1040sq. It. 3 bdrm , 1 'ibalri. Set up on private country lol. Make reasonable down, take over ^mall paymcnls. 466 -1746. Excellent 10x60' ? bdrm. all electric, palio. skirling, shed, awning. S7950 includes SOxlJB' lot in Caldwell. Ph. 46' 5076. Automobiles 65 Ml! -AT THESE! 1968CAMARO /8. ajlciiau: tfansmsson. po*er leeirg and o'ato p us a r cond lion- 1970IHC Vi :cn. 4x4. 4 Speed wen Short Box. 1972IHC Vilon /345 engine. 4 speed Iransm-ssion OOxZOiiies.lowm.les. 1972 FORD F103 cy' nder. 3 speed transmission, lorg ide Sox. Economical Specia *2325 DUMP TRUCKS 1965 CHEVROLET Cylnder. 4 spsed transmission. 2 peed axle, good rubber. Clean. *2495 1962IHC seed iiaismissio-,. rubber. *2495 1962 FORD V/8. 5 speed ira-ismissio-,. 2 speed axle, good rubber. V/8. 5 speed transmission. 2 speed axle, run soooa. $ 1995 · .1969 DODGE V/8 engine, 5 speed transmission 2 speed art, 1000«20l,res an 10 n'o' *^eeis. Heavy Diry !3895 For all your TRUCK NEEDS . SEE HI BOB* M 459-1557 1

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