Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on December 22, 1962 · Page 7
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 7

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 22, 1962
Page 7
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FUST ONMEUTNMAL CHURCH Th« United Church of Chrlat 16th Strut an 21,t Avtnua Werthlp at »;3Q «nd 11:00 "He ll Hire!" Sav. frcdtrlck W. Hyalti Nuraery cjre pnvidtd Church School it I:M ·nd 11:00 Veapir t«rvic« it 4:M 11:00 tunday Itryict Broadcast ivir KYOU 12th Avt. an« 12th »t. Church »chool--9:4i i.m. WoWllp (·rvlc*_10:4t I.m Serman Title: "Star aver ·ttMihim" libla ttudy, Wed.. 7:« p.m. Paul H. Wotlflt. FIRST CHRISTIAN CHURCH (BlKlilee of Chriit) 13th St. and 23rd Avc. MINIITIRt Leille L. lawen Harold 0. ConvarM l:}0 a.m. Church Sthaol. 10:30 a.m. Worehlp and Communlen. Serfnen; "Th« filft Moat Pleating To Chrllt" 7:30 p.m. ffrvlia ef Carole and Candlallghtln| Mediutlen: "A Child It torn" Nuraery care. CHRISTMAS FESTIVAL IMMANUEL LUTHERAN CHURCH 1665 Fourteenth Avenue Sunday Warihlp -- 11:00 A. M. Children'! Program - 7:00 P. M. Chrlatmai Eve Candlelight Wonhlp -- 4:00 P. M. Chriitmaa Day Worahlp -- :00 a.m. FIRST ASSEMBLY of GOD Ith It and 11th Ave. Sunday School _____ 9:45 a.m. Morning Worship 11:00 a.m. Evingelistic Service _ 7:30 p.m. "Peoples of All Faiths Welcome" HAROLD I. MALIY - Coaler ·Revival Time"-- KFKA--I a.m. Sunday TtM FIRST COVENANT CHURCH ·nnoiicts it* CHRISTMAS SERVICES SUNDAY. December 23rd Primary Chrlatmai Program--9:4S A.M. Morning Wonhlp--11:00 A.M. "Wltneiiei af Truth" Sunday School Program--7:00 P.M. "Belli at Chrlitmaa" CHRISTMAS EVE. Dieambar Mth, 11:00 P.M. Wonhlp and Candlallghtlng Service. "Qod with Uil" 10th Ave. at Sl!i St. C. Cecil Oiterberj. Paitor An Exciting CHRISTMAS PROGRAM on KYOU Sunday, December 23rd 7-9 p.m. on "INTERMEZZO" 1. Chrlitmtn Carnli Sung by the Weiimlnster Abbey Choir. 2. 20lh Ctmlury Kold "Jazi" Mass An unumrn! document ot tilih. 3. MnhiOiH Jftckfton l!o«|i»l «ons« in the old lime tradition. . Bai-h: Mmtnlflrat In 1) Major N«w York Philharmonic, L. Bernaxln Cond. Your Ho«t: 1101) SINGKIl Sponiored by: CAMPUS MUSIC STORE CAMPUS PHARMACY 1450 on your Dial -WHERE TO DINE- Dining at the Camfield Hotel Is Habit Forming LUNCHEONS 75ctoS1,5Q EVENING DINNERS . . $1,25 SMORGASBORD FRIDAY NIGHTS Special Sunday Dinners... $1,25 BREAKFAST from 6 a.m. all day- Catering Service Your Location- HOLIDAY DINNERS from . $1,25 CHILDREN under 9 76c EVERY EVENING WE SERVE MOST DELIGHTFUL DINNERS-only $1.2$ OUR FAMOUS OVEN FRIED CHICKEN *1.23-You Are entitltd to ask for rnor*- Book Yoir Employes Banquet large or Small With Us WE Will. HE OI'BN CHRISTMAS DAY AM) NKW YEARS. Alwayn Open THE CAMFIELD Polaris Agreement Brings Uproar in English Papers (continue tt all »kh a British de-! T*- . « George trown. drfen* «pert ASUNCION. Paraguay | in the Labor party'i teudwihip 'called the agreement a "terrible LONDON (AF)-A irighty unclear deterrent at a myth. and'^^ *f '£ roar rose in BriUin on Saturday .newspaper headlines screamed atjffnj?" " a ' aj.inrt the nuclear ieal PTM*^*"^'* KCT P ta «« «' Kenae-j Joseph Grimom) lt ^ r o[ ^ Minister Harold Macmillan madei . ' liberal party, called it a face- with President Kennedy at thej ""« MacmBtan'j Cabinet -saving arrangement for Maema: * r ? md *" bUUo °' Prfsident Ken-nbe John f. Kennedy School. It ·-« ' l*n«*t(Tlfl h*r» u-itkmit Mm V».l i- , . . . .. n«l«*c- ,,,,.,. k..J« n . :.. » _ j . . J Budget TODS for D*. 22, 1962 GREELEY TRIBUNE Page 7 Foreign Briefs I »iet Union next summer at to fc- Ivitation of Moscow. ·, STEKUttC WASHINGTON iOoe of the first rural schools built: F. CKIIN i'" f^'S^y with Alliance for ; j' ! AP - At Progress funds has been named]! ,"*« THi TM IUNI WAMT *°* Bahamas conference. A Labor party called it utter failure the Liberal party chief said it exposed Britain'Vnu- "" Your Invention To Attend EVANGEL TEMPLE Sih Avenue and Slst Street SUNDAY -Sunday School 9:4$ a.m. Morning Wonhlp 11:00 a.m. Evangelistic Paitor Rally-7:Jfl p. m. Ken George Thuraday -- Midweek Ravlval Rally 7:45 p. m. 'Macmilian's Surrender." saidjTreaty Organization and the Unit-: the Labor party organ Daily Her-!" 1 sta 'fs will sell to Britain Po-i aid in a front-page banner '·"· ""·· "-· '- --·· : ' : The Conservative Times said, however, that, "Some complacent assumptions about Anglo-Ameri- THE FIRST METHODIST CHURCH 10th Ave. and 10th tt. 1:30 A.M. Church School 1:16 and 10:50 A.M. Wonhlp Services "The Createat Nl|ht In Hietory" Mlnlatera Dr. Laird V. Loveland Rev. Jack L, Hill Nuraery care for both aervlcei. F I R S T EVANGELICAL FREE CHURCH 1301 15th Street Robert C. Dillon Paator l;45 a.m. Sunday Bible School. 11:00 a.m. Momlni Wonhlp "The Song ot Chrlil- mas" »:1S p.m. Youth Groupa. 7:00 p.m. Annual Chrlatmaa Program preientad by thi Sunday School. Nuraery Care Provided · that: 5 KlA here without him but !,,,, ^ acknowledgement uwl: ,, nis guidance-approved the Britain's nuclear deterrernt is al top "" rewds tor [ederal it appeared that many of mvt h. The money said Grimond |lnR -- ·" w or I***'"TM, fellow Conservative pirtyjcould I* spent ^ n ^.^1 T fmbers would dissent. i The averVge Briton waited an' 110 ' 'The Sell-out." screamed the xiously for a o Daily ExpreM--circulation nearly program under five million-acrosj tight Iront- ; columns. the United States will assign tome H-bombers to the North Atlantic expected to; u at Capiilta ntar /^^^ . i HAVANA i API-Prime Minister- e Pentagon's lhare is ; Fidel Castro plans to address the SStt^S?*?'--'*'**** -·»-. 1. of the n . -i " ~' cial5 W ( J - fiscal 1964 budget. COPENHAGEN, Denmark lAPlj laru miisUcs to equip an as yeti red " lnlc "^^ * foreseen. Some: unbuilt nuclew submarine fleet l expcrts guess lhe deficit at above S The diplomatic correspondent ofl W ^.on Compared with "' V British Prp« A«^.i«mn «.,^l) car s *8 omim. . , -- --Jens Otto Krag. Denmark's So-: fourth consecutive year ofjdalist premier, will visit the Sol is foreseen. Some: GARDEN KITCHEN CLOSED for the Christmas Holidays. Mon., Tues., Wed. Dec. 24, 23. 26 A the British Press can relations were due for a sharp Britain i? building no submarines! jolt in any case, b" »-i«i « '·" L1 ' · - · after the jolt has jolt in any case, but what is left "P'ole of carrying Polaris mis-l , F '" 1 ' . l las been made is riles and must make a completelyC, gg ,', ,, ^^ --i .L ._ ,, _ . , _ . : | between $93 and $34 billion of rev The Liberal Guardian millan may new--and therefore costly--start, said Mac- The Officials point out that: First, it assumes continued, less gains, producing: 1 1 ' receiE ' on would widen busilless the 1 Guardian said Mac- The correspondent said that their"?' ". "*"""" wou " iiiiiau may have saved hims«lf !w ording of the Kennedy-Macmil-! ,. , ga ?i 3 spurt '" I'ith the Conservative party but'lan communique showed that K e n - ' ^ y *° ( . , narrow "· he main question is whether to **? had hU own wav completely!, Second .' ne for «*st does not al. . . . . . not onlv about scrapping the Sky-! 1 "*' for "* 1963 tax cut which bolt missile but in lyin* Britain's| Kennedy plans "" ** of Congress luclear deterrent to NATO. Some officials foresee a deficit of Before the Bahamas meting | around ''2 billion if Congress Ukc «· Macillan government hadi 6 ^' mA , ( 'TM r f ble actl(ln 1 TM?!/ put the limit at that point EATON BAPTIST Maple and 2nd Elmer Palmer. Paator 1:45 A.M. Sunday School 11:00 A.M. "Behold the Lamk Not the labt" 1:1! youth Hour 7:10 Chrlitmaa Program A Merry Chrietmai To All nsisted on maintaining an inde-L ' " ^ pendent British nuclea? deterrent beca f " comes 1U ?, M of the _ , "titucui rpw . r J npappdm. J 0 f _:. -r 41 « , md lied this deterrent's future o the air-to-ground Skybolt missile. The Labor party contended it r . ,,,.,, .. . . . cost Britain too much to maintain' i ^-^^ ,« » rea- he independent deterrent j s ^ ed ' would hke to leave that "Added to the tremendous wast-[,,,'? record m TM_ -r --..uu_ .. ,. nanos. tax cut Chrittian Scitnc* Church ISth St and 10th Ave. Sunday School--11 a.m. Service -- 11 a.m. Subject Dec. 23 "la the Unlvene, Including Man, Evolved by Atomic Force?" Wedneaday Evening Teatlmonlal Meeting! 1:00 p.m. Thl» church i« a branch of the Mother Church, Ths FIrat Church ot Christ Sclentttt in Boiton. Mass. "The Bible Speake to You" Radio KFKA Sundayi 1:45 a.m. W« Will ·« CLOSED Monday. December 24 and Christmas Day Monday, December 31 and New Year's Day WISHING YQU A MAWSON LUMBER CO. 1130 7th Avenue BIG CHRISTMAS DANCE Wtldona, Colorado December 25 9 to 1 Ml SIC by ADOLPH LESSER EVERYBODY WELCOME he D nsisted on maintaining an rei-ord peacetime deficit of $12.4 billion marked up by the Dwight D. Eisenhower administration in 'hich Britain spent $280 million!" . » before abandoning it-the Skvbolti.T'^'T $ - ' ' m '" U , terrible -indictment of j the government's complete and .tier failure on defense" Brown 1 CAB Inquiry Called off ' but the ad- plan to es would revenue loss. It also would stimulate econom- growth sufficiently, administration sources predict, to generate budget surpluses in subsequent years. The $99-bilIion spending estimate for fiscal 1964 represents an increase of more than $5 billion from the J93.7 billion of spending WASHINGTON (AP)-The Civil bud 8eted for this government Aeronautics Board called off Fri- vear day its inquiry into fare-reducing! " would surpass the peak spcnd- fainily plans for air travel. !' n 8 y ear °' World War 11--1945-In doing so, the board said fam- wnen outla 's totaled 596.4 billion. By fare plans have been in effect ~ since 1948, have been adopted gen-i P l n n n erally in the industry and appear' '· to sen-e a useful purpose. NsQT Temperatures Island, Neb. .01 Closed For The Holidays We Will Close ot 3 p.m. Monday, DECEMBER 24th OPEN at 8:30 a.m. January 2nd .Thank You For your frlandllnnt dnrtnj · pa.t ytai. May w* attend to you our wcmncit qntHoft end flood with** for hoppUMM and proiptrlty all through In* coming y*at. Jack's Barbecue Kitchen 22 Seventh Street TM« WIATMIR tLSIWHERI ·y THB ASSOCIATED PRESS High Low Pr. Albany, cloudy 10 3 Atlanta, rain 63 37 Bismarck, cloudy 36 37 Boise, cloudy 35 29 Boston, cloudy 24 3 Buffalo, doudy 24 2 Chicago, snow 32 24 Cincinnati, cloudy 38 25 Cleveland, rain ' 29 19 Denver, cloudy 45 17 Des Muines, cloudy .. 29 23 Detroit, snow 27 16 Fairbanks, cloudy ... M M Fort Worth, clear .... 52 41 Honolulu!, clear 80 58 Indianapolis, cloudy .. 28 23 Jacksonville, cloudy . 78 55 Juncau, clear 33 25 Kansas City, cloudy .. 34 28 Los Angeles, clear ... 72 47 Memphis, cloudy 44 40 Miami, cloudy 75 72 Milwaukee, cloudy 27 26 MpU.-St. Paul, snow . 26 19 New Orleans, rain ... 76 56 New York, snow 21 Omaha, cloudy 30 Philadelphia, snow .. 24 Phoenix, clear . 68 Portland, Me., cloudy 22 [Portland, Ore., rain . 4! Richmond, snow 28 53 -1st. Louis, cloudy . . . 28 M ian Diego, clear 69 44 San Francisco, cloudy 57 48 Seattle, cloudy M Tampa, clear 77 50 Washington, snow ... 23 Winnipeg, cloudy 29 19 M-Missing; T-Trjce) DENVER (AP) - Frontier Air lines headquarters said Frida; night one of its twin-engine pas senger planes en route from Kan sas City to Denver crashed on landing at the Grand Island, Neb., airport. A Frontier spokesman said nj there were no fatalities among the ' T 4 3 persons aboard but some 2j "probably halt a dozen" suffered ]J,jcuts, bruises and shocks. .02 i Ha said those aboard were 39, .. revenue passengers, a stewardess .01 who boarded the plane at Lincoln, .06 and three regular crew members. .. Thirteen boarded the Convair at .15 Kansas City, nine at Omaha and 1 .. 17 at Lincoln, plus the stewardess. The Frontier public relations offices said the crash occurred about a half-mile short of the run- The American Legion Will Be CLOSED At 6 o'clock Christinas Eve and All Day Christmas mmmmmmmm Snowballs Will brighten your Christmas parties and luncheons. Children love them! Vanilla lea cream rolled In white cocoanu, flamer with holly and candla. Personalize Your Dessert! Stencils and Molds available on special order. We Clote it 8 p.m. Chriatmaa Eve and All Day Chrittmae Dolly Madison Dairy Store 1 D 1 C A 4 l . e t « . . . 9th St. Barbara Agena, Manager .07 .35 way at Grand Island. i India Orders Troops T ; NEW DELHI--The Government 5d! announced this week that it would JQ Qjirecall nearly 7.000 Indian troops 24 .09| se ^' ill S overseas under the United 17 .06 ^' al ' olls fag. This figure includes 5.TOO first-line troops in the Congo and 1.250 in the Gaza Strip. ROME--An Italian city offers' tree land for industrial use. I Red Rooster Restaurant 3 mi. W on Highway 34 SPECIAL FRIED CHICKEN CompM* Chicken Dinner $1.10 MOOSE LODGE DANCE SATURDAY, DEC. 22 -- 9:30 to 1:30 a.m. CARL ZELLER -- MODERN and POLKA -Members 1.00 per couple Guests 1.50 per couple Lunch Served by the Moosr Ladlea DANCE Evans VFW Saturday, December 22 Coupk GARDEN KITCHEN Dine/Out (Carry Out) SPECIAL FOR THE DAY One-Hill Pan Fried Chicken Cranberry Sauce Salad · Potato Dancing 9 p.m. to 1 Music By EMMETT HORST Doors Open 1 vr Starts 1:30 p.m Doorj Open 1 Show Start! 1:36 p. m . Jerry Lewis IryONLV MONEV are tne liv-n' end out where the West begins!

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