Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico on January 30, 1945 · Page 1
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Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico · Page 1

Las Cruces, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 30, 1945
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Las MAY SHE FLY OVERTOKYO 'News '»N» RIO ORANDC fAKMI* fW DiOEPtHKNTMIX MU SOHDOf HfMSPftPgA SSAV1MS SOUTHERH HEW JHBUCO THE WEATHER Forecast: Partly cloudy today, tonight and Wednesday. Colder today southeast. Snow northern mountains this afternoon. Laat 24 hours High Low' Las Cruces 58 19 State College 56 15 Jornado Range 54 14 Vol. 64--No'; 256 ASSOCIATED PRESS LEASED WIRE LA.S CHUCES, NEW MEXICO, TUESDAY AFTERNOON JANUARY 30. 1945 ASSOCIATED PRESS PHOTOS THREE CENTS HINT 'BIG-3' TO DEMAND NAZI SURRENDER Yanks Rip Siegfried Line 78th Division Attacks in Deep Snow Drifts By JAMES M. LONG PARIS, Jan. 30 (AP) -- The 78th division captured three miles of the Siegfried Line today in a surprise attack through waist deep snowdrifts in the Monschau forest, three miles inside Germany. The first army outfit struck just north of the eliminated Belgian bulge while other troops of Lt. Gen. Courtney H. Hodges' command and the third army moved up to the west wall defenses along 40 miles of the Ardennes front. The third army expanded its Our river bridgehead nearly a mile into Germany on a two-mile front. Well to the north, the Germans were executing a fresh withdrawal Early last year, Chaparral fronl Holland toward the Russian readers will remember, Jesse Win- [ fron t, Berlin said the Canadian ar- *LAS CRUCES TRADE AREA POPULATION-SET AT 28,901 ALBUQUERQUE, Jan. 30 ( Eight New Mexico cities By WALLACE PERRY Every time an argument arises over whether or not a liquor license should be granted, denied or cancelled, along with who has authority to do which-- latest of which, for example, having, stirred up quite a fuss in Albuquerque, now has inspire} a revival of the old New Mexico Municipal league and an organized campaign to establish, or reestablish, home rule on the issue-- I am reminded of the puzzling case of The Castle, El Paso-suburb night spot in the southern tip of Dona Ana county. ans, border city habitue of night clubs, was shot to death in The Castle's bar room and later in the year, C. M. (Whip) Jones, variously described as part-owner of the bar, its manager and as "operator of the gambling room," was tried, in Las Cruces, on a charge ol murder. + + * It so happened that Jones was acquitted of the charge of murder; he had a good case of self defense in view of the fact that the slain man had quit an earlier row in the bar-room long enough to drive to his apartment in El Paso, five or six miles away, get a shotgun and return to the night spot, thus armed. But -- acquittal or conviction --the decision in the murder case is not pertinent to the question at hand just now. + * * What is pertinent is that testimony during the trial developed these assertions by various and sundry witnesses: 1. That the killing grew out of a quarrel over an old gambling debt- for S400, as I remember it 2. That the defendant's nickname, "Whip." grew out of habit he was alleged to have had of "pistol-whipping" persons with whom he had trouole, 3. That Jones, when he first be came involved, in the Winans brawl, "came out of the gambling room. 4. That it was customcry -- a times, at least--to draw th blinds over The Castle's doors and windows, after legal closing hours, so that officers of the law passing by need not see that lights still were on. * + * Now. as 1 understand it, it's not a violation of the liquor laws for n man to be killed in a bar-room; that's taken care of' In the state's laws against homicide. But it is a violation for gambling have :rade area populations in the state of more than 20,000 according to estimates made by the district OPA at Albuquerque. The estimates, made in response i a query from the associated ICEMAN, NOW Dress, are based on the number of ook 4 ration books believed to be in use on January 1. The figures follow: Oct. 1848* Jan. 1945 Albuquerque 68,963 74,967 Carlsbad 29,467 Clovis 20,242 3allup 11,775 Hobbs 16,306 . my was heavily shelling German lines east of the Hollandsch Diep. which courses 14 miles south of the great Dutch port of Rotterdam. Berlin said the British second army was trying to force the Roer iver 27 miles south of Dusseldorf vith major attacks. The little German village of We- ^henhausen is eight miles south of St. Vith and was taken against stubborn resistance. The third army already was across the narrow. shallow Our river and in the outer 'ringes of the Siegfried line, the main works of which are two to three miles east. The rugged terrain, deep snow and absence of east-west roads precluded any spectacular gains in Lhat area. Snow still was falling in 11-de- ·ce cold on the western front this mornin Despite the terrific handicap of waist-deep drifts, General Eisenhower's front slowly was turning to the offensive. Air Force Is Active Allied air forces hurled their destructive bomb weight into the balance yesterday with nearly 4,000 sorties. The last 10 days of road( Continued on page 2) Las Cruces Las Vegas .... Raton Hoswell Santa Fe liver City . Tucumcarl .... (x-book 4 1943.) to be permitted; also, if or when closing hours are not observed. * + + So. when the time came, in July. for something to lie done about renewal of The Castle's liquor license, I took it upon myself to telegraph Victor Salazar, director of the State's licensing bureau, calling his attention to testimony In the Whip Jones murder case and suggesting that it might be worthwhile to investigate carefully before renewing the license. + * * Mr. Salazar was out of town the day my telegram arrived in Santa Fe; but. next day, he called me on long distance telephone, inquire' n little more about the Jones-cast testimony, then announced - - d finitely and positively: "Well, I'm Ruing to deny the license; let 'em go tn court and try to g.-t it. I've already got 26,670 . 21,771 15,812 28,587 26,303 20,191 . 10,167 32,314 23,063 12,288 18,158 28,901 23,890 15,81? 31,921 27,193 21,239 10,687 THE ROAD HOME--IN BELGIUM issued first in Oct Capt. John Howard Ruggles, (above) former special pilot for Britain's Prime Minister Churchill, revealed he was nowan iceman at San Rafael, Calif. Ruggles said in an interview he was discharged from the Royal Air Force because of injuries suffered in a Greenland crash. {AP Wirephoto). Nation Marks Birthday of President WASHINGTON. Jan. 30 I.T1 -With dimes and dollars. America said "happy birthday" to President Roosevelt today. At parties and balls over the nation, thousands are observing the 63rd birthday of the man in the iVhite House and chipping in mil- ions to battle infantile paralysis. While they frolicked much in the manner of less somber years, wartime activities of surpassing importance precluded the chief executive's personal participation in any of the public festivities. Mr. Roosevelt himself is authority for repeated statements that he expects to confer soon with Prime minister Churchill and premier Stalin on efforts to achieve a total victory'and carve out an en- President Backs Wallace for Job NEW YORK, Jan. 30-- (/PI-- Henry A. Wallace, his political futu challenged by a senate threat to deny him confirmation as secretary of commerce, carried an endorsement by President Roosevelt today as a leader needed by the nation "now more than ever before." This personal expression of confidence was contained in a message from the president which was read last night at a testimonial dinner to Wallace given by the Union for Democratic Action and the New Republic magazine. A galaxy of business executives iho had rallied to Wallace's cause heard the president's message, which declared that "America, its people and its government needed Henry Wallace now more ·_,ver before." Wallace, who spoke at the dinner, did not mention the message. In a prepared address which touched on the proposal that the Reconstruction Finance Corporation Bill Seeks Two Congress Areas For New Mexico SANTA FE, Jan. 30 I/PI --legislation to divide New Mexico into two districts on a general east-west basis for the election of the state's two congressmen was expected to be introduced In the legislature today by Senator Henry L. Eager (D-Quay). Eager also announced legislation to establish a legislative commission to study the unicamera .ype legislature as well as other legislative systems, with a particular eye or what might. be ea- pecially beneficial to New Mexico He said Sen. Jim Morrow (D Colfax) would join him in spon soring the congressional district ing measure, which would dlvldf the state in tills manner for pur pose of selecting congressmen on ,': First district--Colfax, Union Mora, Harding, San Miguel, Santa Fe, Quay, Guadalupe, Curry, D Baca, Roosevelt, Lincoln, Chavcs Lea, Eddy and Otero counties. Second District--San Juan, Ri' Arriba. Taos, Mcklnley. Sandova Valencia, Bcrnalillo, Torrancc Catron, Socorro, Grant, iScrra Luna, Dona Ana and Hidalg counties. during peace, side slaughter have accounted for 5.000 vehicles destroyed and 4.500 damaged, 250 tanks and armored vehicles ruined, and approximately 1,500 rail cars destroyed and 2,000 Carrying their blanket rolls, a family of Belgian refugees, plod along a snow-covered road returning to the liberated town of Rcrn- Iville, Belgium, near Bafitogne. Thia family fled their home when Germans counter-attacked in this area in December. (AP Wl: photo). YANKS ON 'HOME STRETCH' IN DASH FOR MANILA; JAPS FLEE turn/ 1 7 Leaflets Explain Punishment Basis LONDON, Jan. 30 (AP) -- German and Swiss broadcast* ioday said a mealing of the 'Big Three' was already under way or just about to begin. Lpndon observers speculated whether President Roosevelt and Prime Minister Churchill would meet prior lo their conference with Marshal Stalin as they did at Cairo m 194j. PARIS Jan 30 (AP) -- On the eve of the widely-heralded 'Bis Three' conference, the Allies have begun showering German lines with leaflets explaining the "unconditional surrtfn- Casablanca, it was disclosed today. a. Unconditional surrender, the pamphlets declare, "would not lu-an that Germans who surrender would lie at the mercy of Iho By RICHAB C. BEKQIIOLZ 1 G E N E R A L MACARTHUR'S, HEADQUARTERS, Luzon, Jan. 30 --LfPt--Armored sixth army units, rolling past captured 9an Fernando along the narrow, swamp-fringed home stretch to Manila, sped unchecked Monday toward Cal- umplt, only 25 air miles from the Yanld in the north, meanwhile, made progress toward Baguio, the summer capital of the Philippines and likely Japanese staff headquarters, They repulsed two enemy counterattacks less than 13 miles from Bajfuio. MacArthur announced Japanese casualties on Lur6n had exceeded 25,000 Against American casualties AM College Seeks $225,000 Appropriation SANTA FE. Jan. 30 (.Tl -Senates and house appropriation committees today hold joint hearings on budget requests of three more state instiutions. On today's scnemilc are spokesmen for the state Insane asylum at Las Vej-^s. the Museum of Ne\v Mexico at Santa Fe and Highlands University at Las Vegas. The houac group also has an- ounced plans for a visit to the Insane asylum on Thursday. In the opening of the hearings yesterday, Eastern New Mexico College "at Portnles, New Mexico AM at Las Cruces and Carrie Tingley hospital at Hot Springs undo requests for the next' two years. Spokesmen for Eastern New Mexico College proposed a budget running about $252.200 annually together with $250,000 annually commonwealth capital. Gen. Douglas MacArthur, an- O f 4,254,! including' 1,017 killed,. 107 no'unclng the seizure of San-l^er- miflslng'-and 3,010 grounded. .'[·' in. tortiv Sa ^ j. ernillld ^ pl . ov |nc|al ''capi- ,al 34 air miles from Manila and nando in his. communique today, said his advance forces were "operating well In advance and to the flanks" of that second city of Luzon and "Gateway to Manila." and other lending agencies be removed from the control of the secretary of commerce, Wallace .^aid ho would prefer not to have cabinet post "If there were Teacher Held Not Slate Employe Santa Fe Jan. 30 1*1--Assistant Attorney General R. W. Ward held today that a school teacher, "cxecept In the broadcast sense," is not a state employ* and therefore not subject to the 1943 law barring legislators from paid state jobs. Ward's opinion was for State Rep. Philip M. Ludi (D-San Miguel), a school principal at Lus than Vegas. Ward noted that the law makes ,t "unlawful for any member of the eglslature, during the term for which he is elected, to contract for or receive any compensation for services performed as an officer or employe of the state. . ." "A school teacher," he wrote. 'Inasmuch as he is hired cither the .serious danger of a 'too little' and "too late' man being appointed" to head the RFC. LEGISLATURE CONSIDERS PLAN FOR $500 STATE SOLDIER BONUS 30-1*1-- A^the legislature to provide payment SANTA FE, Jan. cash bonus up to S500 is proposed for New Mexico war veterans. J250 for service In the continental U. S.. and up to $500 for A temporary permit was R r n n t -d lo extend to the date of the S»ntn Fe hearing; then the hearing committee. If proposoil by the legislature. the amendment then would require approval by a state vote. Senate Group Asks Probe SANTA FE, Jan. 30 S* --The state senate has been asked by its state Insane asylum investigating subcommittee to request an inquiry by the attorney general into a contract for salvaging of Vallejo Ranch materials. The group also aksed port yesterday for an investigation of asylum budget affairs, asserting that it had exceeded Its budget for the current fiscal year, by $100,000, and Uiat it had not complied with the state purchasing agent law. The committee, headed by Hil ario Rubio (D-San Miguel), described the salvaging deal as the Vallejo Ranch wrecking contract and said that the asylum records showed that the asylum, J. O. Garcia, then asylum business manager, and a Mr. Goodman, asylum engineer, undertook the work. According to minutes of a hospital board mealing, costs and materials salvaged were to be shared equally, the committee reported. Tile inquiry was asked because, the group said, it could obtain no for a building program. Asked jiitrurv. prota t;on .in- ll si . _ . . , , , , , DV the county board of education j information as to disposition of or municipal school board is not, j the materials trucked away from -xcept in the broadest sense, a | the project. state employe since his contract is I "The records of the hospital of- wlth a political subdivision of the i flee show the board of directors, - - · --- the report continued, "has either approved the payment, or at least permitted and asqulcsced In the payment of the full cost ($4,0871 up to Jan. 15. 1045.)" 40 by road, fell virtually intact to .he liberating Yankfc Sunday noon The mechanized 37-th cavalry reconnaissance troop knocked an enemy roadblock several miles north of the city and entered · greeted by cheering Filipinos lee Toward BaUum Associated Press Correspondent Russell Brines at San Fernando reported Uiat "several hundred Japanese had departed nt daylight along the highway leading toward Bataan after falling in their evidently hurried attempts to destroy the San Fernando river bridge in the center of the city with small aerial bombs and gasoline." Without stopping, armored units plunged past the vital highway junction and speared toward Cal- umplt on the Pampanga river 10 miles to the south. It was at Calumpit that Americans and Filipinos fought a dc- aylng battle with the Japanese nvaders of Luzon in early 1942. Jridges which cross the winding 'ampanga at Calumpit were des- royed by American bombs short!) after the Luzon invasion Jan. 0 hamper Japanese attempts to rush reinforcements north from the Manila area. Snrt Manuel Sector Cleared In the northern sector, the first arniy corps seized high grount commanding the camp one road junction H miles south of Baguio The fight for San Manuel, 16 (Continued on page 2) from the state for operations wnn $165,000 n year, which sliitc officials said wus an lucrea-io of $32,500 over the last bk'nnium. Dean J. W. Uranson, acting president, asked $225,000 yearly for New Mexico AM. which with $146,210 anticipated income from other sources would give the college a total expenditure of $371.200. T|ie legislative 'appropriation asked was about $40,000 higher than the amount appropriated two years ago mid later cut by tin 1 finance board. "If we pay our salnrlt's aoconl- ng to present scheduled," Bnm- told the hearing, "even willi he appropriations requested, w, :ould not stand the customary Id .icr cent reduction by the .i(«t ourd of finance." Business Manager Ira Bnlrfl nsk- ! the appropriation for Came Tingley hospital be Increased $20.000 a year to $110,000 a n n u a l l y to meet rising costs. state, and since his duties arc purely in -character. "That the legislature did not intend to cover purely local em- ployes hired by a political subdivision is demonstrated by (the section i wherein It Is made unlawful for a state officer to pay a member of the legislature, and does include payments made by Blame Scatters in i Roosevelt Dog Case "WASHINGTON, .inn. 30 tm The Tost aaid today that Col. Elliott Roosevelt's sister, Mrs. Anna NAMED ON BOARD SANTA FB, Jan. 30 I^Pl --J. O Solh, H. A . . K I k e r and Jo»eph M Montoya. all of Santa Fe, Will A Kelehcr of Albuquerque, and HI- Police Arrest 2 In Cafe Death SILVER CITY, J a n . 30 I.It Charlie Mali ' Y e t L i m j Chines- proprielor of Markers Cafe uf silver City, died at t h e local hospital early yesterday morning fractured skull and I n t e l orrhagc as a rv.sult of iiH'nl said "indivi- ho hail n o t h i n g to mes committi'il by w i l l nut lio taken ount for those crimes." of the lenl'lels bolstered a In ;:nme quarters that the president. 1'nnie .Minister Churchill and Premier M i n i s t e r Churchill anil Premier Marslml Stalin might produce a jnint immeLliuU- mir- rsnder cull lo G e r m a n y nt their meeting. Russians Cross Obra River NEW YORK, Jan. 30 (AP) -- London radio today quol- ed a Moscow dispatch as saying the first White Russian army had forced the Obra river, which runs on a curving course 75 to 95 miles east of Berlin. LONDON. .Ian. :iO iff* - Run- iiliciul In n Mi/./aril )w\v driven ID w i t h i n Sf \ .) W unit's -if Her)in in ii Jiugi 1 thrvt'-prmip'il :i-ss;uilt, Moscow illflpaU'hi'w Hiii»l today, t h r v a t - 1'iimg i 1 . R i K i i r i t u - pun-era against I he capital from Potm-ranm and from brulK*'he;il.s ficros.s the Oder in Silesia. The new Russian drive has plunpeti five t n '.'iyht miles Insmle BnuidcnlHii'g. Berlin's pruvlnre. ilne emit of the c a p i t a l , mni Ifi to 25 mi leu in.ssile I'oiiierania, northeast of Berlin, u Moscow ili.s[iillrll siint. -The O i r i i a n s said the indus- t r i a l Ornian e t t y of S.-hnei.lemuhl, f) miles jf 1'oznan. was .-iH'lrcli'd. M u l t i p l e blows rained on the Koich from A d n l p h M i l l . of il.' blows rained cast ai;d west r be^tii t h e HUh y Herl.nel-:,. Mil ih th l a t e f a l l or n i g h t .. blown recetvL'd S a t u r d a y ht.H cnfo duriiij,' n scuffle. Polico arrested Onrtfe M c M l r - hacls 23, and Lrfroy Mahoney 1«, and Iho district attorney Juus them both charged with m a m l a i i K M i - r . The taiira place today. ,m Dow of Roswell have been na nied by Land Commissioner -John Miles a* a legal advisory hoard to aervc without pay in consultations with George Graham, land office ,mony at the attorney; and the attorney general ' h e r o . Mliw Sw Gloria Swanson Takes A Fifth Husband UNION CITY, N. J-. -Ian. 30 (/It -- Gloria Swanson, .stunt; am! :»·- recn slur whose third finger. 1-,-ft hand, lias worn four wedding rlngf, now has made it five. William M. Duvoy, . r i2-year-old wealthy California!!, heratn f i f t h liimlmnd yexterdny in a m u n i c i p a l mi .n.son gave hi t h e i r c : t y Imni; in the n a l a n o u-rt-e implnn-d tn got ready to .\\ fend It The i l - r n u m r:'d o .s:iin l . m n . i i . ' . l a h: iViHive on .1 .fJ-ni:lr f r o n l i n s L l f the I m r d i - r o!' e:isti-rn C - T I T K I - v - I n . - eust ..]' lierhn which gained p round in it.s i n i t i a l stapes. Another l.n»;u] MIH! Kon.j^b n; - .'. . l a ] uf l-;a:»t Prussia, was in flames, its Other Soviet fonvs were w i t h i n iv.o niik'!i f K.nii)^l"TK. -ip'.Ml o f Kusl Prussia; wer.' on the Ger- man-I' border due west uf lolti-ririK I ' o z n n n ; \ver t - lushing oyt in Upper Sileani south unit southwest of r u p t u r e d Katowice, and had r;iptiii«-d the .strategK' coin- u n l i ' i i t i o i m center of Nmvy T»rp, HI miles south of K r a k o w in the d i i v e ·rn Polish Car- her t h r o u g h Uie on land office legal matter!. la« 4.1. N. M. SHARE OF WAR PROJECTS TOTALS $117,144,000 SINCE ' W The proposal also would pi ( t h n t any bonus might be adjusted i 30 years ago from Rouwcll. in accordance with length of ser- j Survivors include - "" ! command. The latter, the Po»l tut- arm, Tom ! count continued, infttle the :iccc»- WASHINGTON. Jan. 30--UP" Now Mnxlco'8 Mlmrc of major do tcnsc-nnd-wnr contract* nnd proj- octJl from June 1, 1640 to Oct. !. 1041 amounted to $117.144.000, llif Wir rroductlor, llonrd reports. The national total won JJOn.OOO.- 000,000. The ftgurofl do not In- ludc contract! ot l»l» than $50.000. Military ln»tallatlon« In Now Mexico account for $07.241,000 nnrt 1Z of the utatc'i 31 rountlon nharrd In the program. Iniluattlal ncillUts amounted to $7,1011,01)0: SIMO.OOO In Ilernnlillo county. 51.- l.'W.OOO In Kdily. $S05,OOfl In l.vl .Hid $2,001,000 In Klin .limn. The real of the contracts \verc for HUpplleH. totallilR $!'.',7111,000, Chftviv county l«l In lotnl con- tracln and projcrta with $20.M:l.- 000. Next In order wen- l.en $13.700.000 KiKly $12,«4.1.00(l. M c K l n - loy $12,467,000 anil llenuillllo $1'.'.341,000. Other county totals were '"'ol- (Contlnued on page 4) Senate to Debate Roosevelt Promotion W A S H I N G T O N , J a n . 30 i/Pl The p r o m o t i o n of Col. Elliott K(i'.sevi-H lo Hi'lK'Ulicr (loniTal \vns approved i i n i i n l m o i w l y today ly liic rtrnalc n i l l i t . u ' y c n i n i n i t t e e . : Tile nommnt.on ni-xt ROM to the senate tlnor. prolmlily Thura- d;iy. for a votc on confirmation, ' I'ASTOH (OMM1SSIONKI SANTA KH, .Lin. 30 1.11 Tho Hev. K i i - l u u d Spellnian. filer and I citptmii in the iMvial air patrol, \ hits f'ccn ordered to report to the . ai'inv chnphiili's school at Fort Deveiw. Mn»».. Ki-li. 0 w i t h the rnllh of f i r s t lieiitenaiil. He came to H.inta Ke two years IIR,) from Chicago.

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