Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on June 24, 1957 · Page 30
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 30

Greeley, Colorado
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Monday, June 24, 1957
Page 30
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Color, Drama in Horse Show Here June M (Continued from Page 1) ~ short, his shoulder Ions "and slop- square feet should strike the {round I shows the contrast between the hind feet should strike the ground i canter and gallop or run. brilliant, alert and intelligent. Gall Expliintd Minuliancously. fuUuwed immediately by the other pair. The movement is rapid and decisive and at ! In OIL- horse, he being supported at all times on two legs. It is a natural gait to most horses. The Center Canter: A slow collected gallop I gait. At this gait, the legs on the w h i c h t h r lior^p *s made to do u n - [ «2rc? side of ihc hor*r mrwp (order restraint. The weigh! is car- ] w ard as a pair, but the hind loot ' ' ' strikes Ihe ground at the same time, and the weight of the horse 15 supported on two legs at the will be teen it the show, h a v e ; open jumper clears the barrier (" nn | onf ) c P h n n O Rnnlf ("Monday, cupped manes and tails and are! without a mistake, it is penalized 1.0111611115 Y110116 DOOK June Z4, 1937 GREELEY TRIBUNE Page IS clipped «hown or Ihe walk, trot and ranter, i a number of faults. The number The true three-gaited horse dis-s depends upon Ihe magnitude of plays more type, is finer and lacks its faults, in accordance with an ; The Rack: One oi the fast gaits of the five-sailed horse. It is a flashy . . four-beat -gait and while delightful the substance of the five-sailed affixed scale. For instance, if a | and exhilarating to the rider, is horse. The action 15 slower and norse lightly louche:, Hie luu uai very strenuous on the horse, since I more lofty than that uf the five. : with Ihe hind log, it is penalized i,; t ',. oiohi ie cunnnHi,^ f,,r a I . . T T ! gaitccl hcrsc anil if possible' more Qnc-ha!f a f a u l t ; but ii it does so precisely limed. They are judged with its forelegs, it is penalized for conformation, beauty, f i n i s h , , one whole fault. If it knocks down ; r( Shows Govt. Wasteful h;!!. but (!?P office rent 3n-i 53!-'thr "i'eih" out n! one of Pittr ' a n e s and overhead for these agen-' recently passed measures, cies." he said. ' I A set of false teeth was found. is the Semite chiiaStr i-hca Ihs (o (he criptive term "single foot" lor this IS;,:. 1 !!. 1 ^"^A.*!::;..TM 6 " ried on the hind quarters, which are well under le horse, while the . lightened forehand rises and falls A gait is a p a r t i c u l a r way nf in a hi^h bounding fashion. When going, regularly executed. A walk cantering in the ring or a circle, Is a flat-footed walk, which is a j the body is curved towards tho inside of the ring or circle, Ihe fore! leg on thst side leads the other | legs. Horses are made lo canter in Trot: A rapid two beat gait in ' opposite directions of the ring at which the diagonal front and hind ] the instruction from the judge so four-beat gait. Some of the other terms are: The Trot legs act as a pair. The action should be high and balanced, there that he may observe the action of the horse on each lead. Some being almost as much hock action : horses canter much belter on one as knee action. In tho five-gaited ' lead t h a n Ihe other, and nearly all horse, speed is desirable but is i horses have a favorite lead. Many not the determining factor; form trainers beast of the ability of a is never sacrificed to attain speed. I horse In "canter all day in Ihe The aclion at this gait should' be I shade of an apple tree." This WELCOME STUDENTS and SUMMER VISITORS Our store is now in its 47th year of continuous service lo Greeley and surrounding area. · Sheet Music and Peaks · Band and Orchestra Instruments · Tape Recorders, Radios · Records and Record Playert ' You'll F.lnd ft In Greeley's Most Complete Music Store KIMBREL MUSIC CO. 938 9th Avenue ' Phone 724 "Home of Famous Name Brands" WASHINGTON '" -- Bov Krick- ion ?rie°TM" r directory aV^nS'·'· Teeth Found in Senate i Legislature adjourned May that'ihc-fc should bc more" econu- iThcy still are unclaimed. DKS .MOIN'ES OP - Iowa legis- 9. congress-; number of a Colorado man he discovered' there werr same lime. The pace is a very harness horse. undesirable gait for i saddle horse manners and the way of going.! the top bar with hind legs, the Threc-gaitcd horses may al:o be pel illy is two f a u l t s , but if with ^own in Ihrir own cpir.lnnation Mhe forelecs. four faults. The dan- classes, where they are tirst judg- \ gcr M being tapped and of falling . cd lo a buggy and then under a , is greater if the obstacle is st uck ' saddle. Under harness, they wear or knocked down with the fore- - different bridle t h a n the fine legs, so the penalty is greatcr I!e .said t h a t while looking Up the lalors " c wondering if they left USE THE TRIBUNE WANT ADI "They cover the from Slow Ciil Slow gait: A slow, lolly and animated artificial gait. The action of Ihe feet is much the same as in the .rack. But Ihe speed should not exceed four miles per hour. Accepted slow gaits are the stepping pace, ihe runnin; Ihe. fox-trut. Some 1)0 all three but only one of these is shown in the ring. Differentiation of these gaits becomes raUicr technical and are not elaborated on here. The action of a horse in the, slow gait should be such that he. might be climbing a stairs. The head is well set, the action is high in front with plenty of hock action I behind. The weight is carried on Fine-Harness Horse The fine harness is essentially a ! Oilier penalties arc for declining . A c a d e m y of Sciences lo the Zoo- !ui jump, called a "refusal." Two;logical Park," Enckson said. ! refusals, the first penalized by | Krickson. a monument dealer, three arid Ihe second by six faulls, | was here wilh representatives o f ! ... - L j i i f · n i l i t nun i"t- ow*.""»« "j - · ! five-Baited horse shown in fine on a r ( , . Jt . rm , tl( .rt but for a third re- ,2G other stales to ur»L . light harness. The adjcclive a P"; (llsa i ,h c "h ors 'c. is disbarred from ! of bills lo implement iho Hoover plies lo Ihc weight of the l e a t h e r : father competition in thai p a r t i c - j C o m m i r m ._ b L', hc ''"i' "*"_."!" '° ular class. the animal, though they arc equally entitled to the description. Fine . If a horse or rider or both horse and rider fall, the pciidlly is elim- ion lippm on Govern- rr.enl R e o r g a n i z a t i o n . He told a reporter thr telephone directory strengthened his convic- harness horses arc shown wilh I jnalcd classes of open jumpers |tion lliat such iesislalion ing walk and long manes and .ails; threc-gaited j ^" shown over . v a r i c d lorscs can do! horses not being eligible. In the f ,, sor(s o( Qhslaclcs , fine-harness horse style, a n t m a - , n p road . c iosed sign, a rail- tlnn K n ^ l l l t . ^nrl furl,, nrn nvIMlloll. I JUl.ll Bo ** « « . . ·- o , way gaU:, double-crossed poles, red and white single rail, triple courses [needed. The people Colorado pay \ lion, beauty and form arc exempli' fifd. They are never shown at any gaits other t h a n a park trot and flat-footed walk, the "lallcr gait being at the discretion of the judge. Speed is penalized and form is retained. Palomino Had Place in History The Golden or Palomino horses bars and others. Heights of the obstacles vary. There are classes in" which all the jumps arc four feet and those al greater heights up to live feel. The Walking Hone The Tennessee walking horse is i t h c hind lees allowing much free- ""·"-' -' · ~. u ......u ..,,.«* The Tcnncsscc wa u-;ins norse is , Iliom in .he'forehand ' I J'TM ' ., h ' sl °"TM J"^TM"'^ "" evolved propel of Thorough-! riom in the forehand. Five-Galled Horiex In Show The Greeley show will include five-gaited horses, which are shown at Ihe walk, trot, canler, slow gait and rack. The fivc-gaitecj horse combines substance with quality and beauty of conformation. Substance is required to provide Ifcc necessary endurance to perform the different gaits for a long period of lime, some of which gaits (the trot and rack) are performed at speed. While speed is desirable, it should never be obtained at the sacrifice of Iprm. Five-gaited horses are shown with long manes and tails, and are judged for general conformation, finish, manners, way of going and ability to perform all five gails easily and distinctly. Thrn-Gaited Horsei .Thfee-gailed horses, which also Welcome, Students! are you a If you're Y.I.B.* (young in build), you'll do well to cnoose your summer clothing togs from our new selections. Clothing at Otis Bros, is designed especially for you! IT isn't a one-sided thing You'll look better from every angle in sports or casual wear from Otis Bros. We take pride in fitting you right. Choose from America's finest brands . . . Campus Togs . . . McGregor . . . Botany 500 . . . and many others . . . at down-to-ecrth prices. hen Corlcz sailed for Spam on bre[1 a n d S U n d a r d h r c d h | oofi a(lcr | Headquarters For Campus Togs Style St'ctfe for Men": " REELEvV COLORAOff · Largeit exclusive m«n'i wear irore in Northern Colorado · Fresh faihioni to ehooie from · Budget priced to picoie your pocketbook · Charge account* invited OPPOSITE CAMFIELD HOTBL. s conquest of Mexico, he brought Ih him ]0 horses, one of which ad a color similar lo llic Palo- ino. A . h i s l o r i a n wilh him re- orded the size, characteristics nd color of each horse. When, on subscqucnl voyage lo Mexico, ortez discovered California, it is gical to presume lhat he brought is horses wilh him. Between voy- ges, it is 'further reasonable lo akc for granted, that he augmcnl- d his few horses by breeding icm. A great deal more is unknown joul the Palomino than is known, he histories of 1800 reveal refer- nccs lo Ihe name of Palomino, ic name being used firsl in Sanla arbara about 285 years after the rst arrival of the horse in th'is ounlry. Known as Isabellas They were known as "Isabellas" i Mexico due lo the fact thai ueen Isabella of Spain used a oach drawn by Palomilla. which "a cream-colored horse with "a cream-colored horse with vhite mane and tail." The word alomino is undoubtedly a patois f the more correct Palomilla, al- lough since the former is more uphonious to Califqrnians, will un- doiitedly bc -the permanent ac- ;p.ptable pronunciation. Road Horses Hoad horses when mature should not be less than 15 hands high must have long tails and must he iraclically sound; should have ;ood conformation and ligh mouth; should show quality, style peed, pure trolling gait and go in ;ood form without being severely jilted; should be shod light and hown without artificial applianc- s; should stand " w e l l and back cadily. TFleir records are not to j considered. Jumpers Are Popular Jumpers classes are probably he most popular with the general public. For one. thing the condi' Jons are easily understood in Lhat he performance of the horse in limping the obslacle is all that ounts. The method of scoring is ilainly described under the judges' rules. Scoring penalties are: Unless an morn Ihun a ccnlury of r e f i n e - . menl. The judicious breeding of armcrs and liveslockmen in Ton- icsscc during a cenlruy pasl irought aboul this horse which is . oday known as the "worlds \ rcatest pleasure horse." The gaits of the Tennessee wnlk- ng horse arc the Hal-fooled walk, he running walk and the c?ntcr. The first mentioned should have a s[,. j ed of from four lo six miles an hour, Ihe second up to eight miles an hour and the canler is a rolling movemenl lhat docs not jar or jolt the rider in its graceful execution. Gails arc natural with the Tennessee walking horse, so to speak, and the running walk, peculiar to his breed, is inherited. So it lakes no slre'nuous and lengthy period of training to have an individual doing 'his gaits with competitive ease. Persons not well acquainted 1 with the terms and the classes arc urged by the show officials to lake [he above explanations with them to the show for greater enjoyment. Dorsey Estate $15,000 NEW YORK Wi -- Bandleader Jimmy Dorsey, 53, who died o! cancer June 12, Jeft personal prop erty of not more than 515,000 in New York State. He left no will His daughter, Julie Dorsey Hil ton of North Hollywood, Calif, applied in Surrogate's Court Friday for letters of administration for the estate. Her petition placed Ihe 215,000 value on Ihe eslate. Ask for it by name... Welcome C.S.C.E. Summer Students Have your beauty work done by our Advanced Student Operators At REDUCED PRICES Creeley Beauty School 820'A 8th St. Phone 914 YOUR CROP IS YOUR SPRAY NOW for WEB WORM ALFALFA WEEVIL LARVAE! GREELEY AERIAL DON CARLISLE Tel. 1602 or 229-R Welcome Summer Students exclusively Penney's . . our combed cotton sheen gabardine PENNSHEEN PANTS! 'TMW4W71 4 98 tapered slacks BERMUDAS 3.98, SHORT SHORTS, MIDCALFS 2.98 Belled waistband . . . in our exclusive cloth, designed to Penney's exacting standards of what a fine sportswear fabric should bc! Silicone treated to resisl soil, wrinkles . . . to machine wash quicker, drip dry faster, iron easier! Wear 'em with the print cotton broadcloth blouse. z v .W -/ · NEW! 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