Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho on July 11, 1967 · Page 10
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Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho · Page 10

Nampa, Idaho
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 11, 1967
Page 10
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Sonic* Diractory 1 S«cvk« Directory I Strvkt Dirtt«ry S«rvk« Directory ) female Help Wqnltd ,daho Free Press OMwIl i;ews.Tritune,jniesday, July 11,1967-A3 ~ 19 rSt» J5 VACUUM CLEANER REPAIR PAINTING- PAPERHANG1NG Sales t p«rts (or al) m»k«s Quality work. Fair prices. Reuben Mser. 444-«01. Ph. 444-0093 liter 6 P M. 'PHONE 466-7(91 or 4H-««4 to place your classifies ad. CUSTOM SWAYING Insects, livestock, spMer miles. CUSS1F1EDS GET RESUCtS. MAGER CABINET CO. If If s made o( wood, we'll build HI Trjr led beat ray price of Moore Tree Service tktnud, ln wl d i BoixM 446-3312 or 939-6700 "SPRAYING Licensed i fn.ured. We spray anything. Lee Norland, 459-3257 after 5 p.m. PORTABLE WELDING Bill Marts Phone 46«.0173 PAINTING Commercial * Residential Reasonable price"), free esl. Ph. 459-0125 or 585-2919 PLUMBING H*modeUne - Contractlng-Ser- vlce Calls. Free esl. FIELDS PLUMBING SERVICE. 466-5827 Part Time NJGHTCAH HOP Ullle Chiel Drive-In, A. H. HEERON1MUS satisfied service. Business Ph. 466-0347 or 459-1029 M-I16« THE TIME IS NOW . . . Do You Have A Room, Apartment Or House To Rent? REMrMB«-- A rente! wcjixy COSTS YOU MORE thon the ad fttat will r*flt HI Here' 1 ' ivVs* -----v g;s,xy COSTS YOU EVERY DAY HM;| it is rented; If »ENT IS, YOUR LOSS PER DAY IS: UOpermo $1 33p«rda/ $50 per mo 5 166 per day SoOperim $2 00 per day $63 per mo . , . . . , , $2 16 per day $70 per mo $2 33 per day $80 per mo $2 46 per day $90 per mo $3.00 per day $95 p*r mo ' $3. 16 per day llOOpermo . . $ 3 3 3 p e r d a y To Keep Your Properties Rented HociA FAST-ACTION CLASSIFIED AD IN THE IDAHO FREE PRESS 466-7891 CALDWELL NEWS-TRIBUNE 459-4664 RED CINDERS 4 TOP SOIL SPRAYING PULVERIZED FERTILIZER InS ect*, ear*.?*," ,.r«s,ma~ Fill Dirt - Leon Hell 459-9159 ples 4 ' enTv ^ ««.,,,.' AIan VASSAR MOBILE MILLING M»l«eld, 466-2074 or 466-0151. jERVlCE, Cirlndir*. Rollins, i , WN , F vrr jur MWne MolasslW Ph. caw.' ^ Jj*TM "^""^ 33J * , BQB HUGHES 466 6758 TREE SERVICE Weslern Und5 «p ln « Brasstleld's Free Est. Lice'ns- f* f\T ITO ed, Ins., 4 bonded, 466-5230 \J\J I I I , SHARPENING SERVICE QPM IT? SAWS - KNtVBS - SCISSORS WUUL 1 1 · MOWERS- CLIPPERS -TOOLS ADK1NS LUMBER YARD A soprano sox? o fable for Nolus Rd Caldwell 459-7081 Mongolian checkers? a baby seal for o 1923 Citroen? WELL DRILLING lf *«"'« 9°' K - we « n idl Serving Boise Valley since 1944. "· Cable tool or rotary drilling Idaho Free Press News-Tri- gravel packing. Tesl holes, Ir- b one won | a( j s rea ch 13,500 ffiiNw^^^sf I-*? 77 evenin9 "; s hard Midway llwy. 30. lo « et lhot man 1 «"'o«"«« -- . around a counter during In* CONCRETE WORK ***«·**· Curbs, driveways 4 walks, etc. Go where the people ore. Free est. Bud Burch, Concrete J UST DIAl 464-7891 459-4664 Ph. 466-7090 or 466-6645 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. BnASSFIBLPS 8 a.m. lo 1 p.m. SPRAYING f*"** , Trees, shrubs, lawns, ear- We'll behoppy to htlp you. WE sP t A J SSST" BASEMENT' WORK Uflder Houia Excavation Comm Snrovpr«: CONCRETE WORK \-omm. oprayers lM \ kMl c , ment ^^^ f , M eiti . GLEN IVEY t JOE SMITH males. GARRISON YOUNG. 466-2369, Grain spraying, crop 4 ditch :466-14}J. all types insects including ter- Palming, roofing, foundation mites. Equipped /or any kind ot work A pest control lor terml- job, Call 466-9608 or 466-2005 tes, spiders It ants. Free est. tores!. MPG Construction, 466-2112. Mai* Help Wonted 10 Mok Help Wanted 10 MEN WANTED NOW TO TRAIN AS CLAIMS ADJUSTERS Inwrarxt adjuster and investigators are badly needed du« to rhe tretnvrxloui ii*cr*ai« of claimi reiuhing from flufomobile occidenri, fi«, burgloriw, rob- twriei, tiorrai and industrial accittenh that occur daily. Top money con be earrwd in this excLling, fait moving field, full Hme or part Time. Work at your prntnf job unffj reody to witch over lo your «e* caratr fiirougn exc«(fenf focal and natfonal employminl osjfitance. Hom« offker 1872 N-W. 7 Stre«1, Miami, Fbiida.VA APPROVED. For oV,;l:, without obligorton, fill out coupon and mail today. For prcwijDttpIr write to: | Name A INSURANCE ADJUSTERS j ... y Anaheim, Calif . 92804 [ Zip . Phone.. Registered Nurses neededtoas- sist in developing comprehensive countywidp heaJih program in Canyon County. Public health training and experience desirable, but all applications will be considered. Day h o u r s . JOHN'S SHRUBBERY SERVICE Nurses may be slalloned i/i owe SHRUBBERY population area. Salary com- SHAPED t TRIMMED mensurate with trainins and ex- ALSO YARD WORK. 459-3021 perience. C. C. Department of Health 459-0049, or 706 Mair St. Caldwell. K1HBY SALES . SERVICE paw in Nampa and Caldwoll Factory Authorized Sales ti Service /toward Brownlee, 466-6614 eve. CLASSIFIEDS GET RESULTS Ra Terrier pups S5, Chftau- hua S10. Order red or black raspberries $3.50 crate, your containers. 1/5 mile N.Karcher .Mall. HYDRAULIC JACKS R E P A I R E D Abbott's Auto Sunply 126 litre Ave. No. Nampa 466-1422 f*n*nok Mole remote Help All visiting sheepherders should -check in at the Cimarror Lounge COOK wanted. Hospital exper- as soon as they've had a bath, ience desired. Caldwell Memor- , .. ial Hospllal. 459-4641, exl. 27. WANTED "CARPENTER WORK, new or remodel Ph. 466-7903 MAN W A N T K I ) (LADY MHillT QIMI.II-Y). Cus(»mi-rs wed .serviur. Kull or part time* upcninj,' 'fl Caldft'ell or Nurih C.myon County, (-an earn $3,50 k up hourly. Write llawleiijli 1415 23ril St. Dppt. 1DG-2IO-20 lxnver, Colo. ··«1 iltctnc ihnmpootr S!. Hole! Furniture, Nampa. I will not be responsible for any debts incurred by anyone other than myself. Thomas Baber Parma, Idaho Look at it like this; we're nice people at the Cimmaron Lounge, we like to see you. Besides, we need Ihe money 1 200 GALLONS Point Redwood Stain. Both Excellent Quality. MUST SELL SEAL 8ROS. - Ph. 464-0405 Finest Aged Beef and Porfc. Buy Ihe half or whole, cut, wrapped and frozen. Best bundle $29.75 ea. Case and 1/2 case lot of groceries, cost plus 10%. No membership charged. Custom cutting 5c Ib. Porkbundle $19.75 459-9725 or 466-6161. Situations Wanted DIsabled~ivai 2 Veteran would 1/2" Grtlv. Pipe. 2V length. LAWN SPRINKLER HEADQUARTERS 3/4" Plastic Pipe. 100' . . . . S2.25 CATS HAVE WHISKERS llke ligh i duties in excha n5e for Not ladles. Consult Fisher's Hoom or R 0 om 4 Board, 466- Electrolysls for permanent re- 9449. moval of unwanted hair. Ph. 466-2552, 541 Greenleaf, Nampa Child Care 15 U you have marital problems Baby siding .of ?.ny kind, phone 466^8288 for ·» my :x home by hour or day. free counseling service. Can- Ph, 466-7911. yon Family Counseling Service. pHONF 466 . 789 i or 459.4664 (Sponsored by Nampa Rotary (Q p)ace your classi[ie(i ad . It , s CIukl " fast, easy i economical. Stop abusing prematurely aging your skin with wax filled creams 1 cosmetics. Let us show you Nature's way to a new beautiful you with OVATION COSMETICS, ph 459-0126 or 459-8553. l/2PRlCEonWsqueen PAY PACK 824 Cold. B!vd. 444-7807 Musuol Merchandise KINDERGARTEN Kiddle Koop Kindergarten £ Child Care. Cald. 459-4?l- B A B Y S I T T I N G Any age. Day or night. 619 18th Ave. So. 466-9353. UPRIGHT PIANO Tuned i free delivery $7.82 per mo. GONION- PIANO OH CAN CO. 224 Nampa-Cald. Blvd. Fumitur* * Appl. Jl Investments 16 Will sitting days o ie or i perienced. 466-4209. Hint, for Sale o w r d BABY " A finish. ph.' For sale-70 ft. rubber covered electric drop cord. Ph, 4662793. Service Information Of Reliable Firms Three 565-590 MMO MSPATOHB City Wide Suburban Coverage All Work Don» by Ma»!«r Radio TV Ttchnicion 466-3231 COLOR I IUCK WHITE Treasure Valley TV FARM TIRES 24 HOUR _ ON THt FARM SERVICE GEM Firestone Store OK TV SERVICE 466-7827 We Serric* * Rtpolr All Make.-- Pickup I Miv*r. Your TV Headquarter* For New, Uted and Color RCA-Zenirr.WMtm9rK.uM. KINDERGARTEN Contact Christian Schools, Drawer G., Nampa Phone 466-9151 -- Eves. 459-1238 FIOM TOASTftS TO ttntGERATORS WE SERVICE ALL MAKES! kONTGOMERV | WARD! CATILOfi SALES A6EMCT NOW OPEN! 115 13th Ave. So., 466-0261 . 7th Ave., 459-0043 I/ Owner I will not be responsible from this date. July 6, 1967 for any bills, . charge accounts, lay. aways, contracts of any kind, of my present marriage, made by anyone but myself. Also I will not be responsible for any bills made 4 contracted (or before our marriage. The names Arthur L. Fordice-Chena Bee Pordice-Allas former name C.B. Jones. S;CNED: Arthur L, Fordice 2000 College, Caldwell PARTY TIME? W« have; most everything you need. GLASSES, DISHES, SILVERWARE, SILVER SERVICE, TABLES, CHAIRS, COFFEE URNS, CHAFING DISHES, CANDELABRA. Come in and see our Party Department. Uu Your Bank Amtrkard RENTAL CENTER 823 Cold. tM. nr.Midland 466-7151. Special Notk.s 4 D0 ^. T ,,,--f r ^ghte^ youi carpets . . ~~ ' . . Blue tuilie fhem . . . elirr.hafe rapid IOS£ WEIGHT safely with D««-A-Diel retailing. Rent elecliic iko-npootr SI. Tobteh. Only «. a | Midtown fharmacy, Owyhte Sheel Metal i Pro Hdwt.. 1014 New ARVIN B 4 W Portable T.V. with earphone on a 10 ft. cord. S83 ph. 459-1272. . 22' upright deepfreeze, Cop- do baby sitting days o hood , or both lfte nights, your home or mine, ex- new _ Ph-466 . 053B 2 mo. old A K C Ree. Brittany Spaniel Puppies. Old enough 10 hunt this fall, Ph. 466-6163. Purebred Lab pups 6 wks, old. 525 Ph. 459-40U Sheltie pups AKC reg., lop champion blood lines. Sable i while, ready to go. Country Kennel. 459-4840. POODLE GROOMING. Chimp- ions at stud, allcolors. Puppies for sale. 459-4216. Purebred Siamese Kittens for sale Phone Caldwell 3*?7 24 3?-.,. Reg AKC RED DACHSHUND $25 Ph. 466-5685 POODLE GROOMING Appointments notjrecessary Eves, i Sundays Ph, 466-2664 poultry 1 Robbitj 27 Get your eggs fresh! 8000 daily. Heavy hens dressed. Lynch Bros 9 Ave. 7 St. No. 466-4151. Fruits Vegetable* 29 SWEET CHERRIBS 1/2 mite West 1/2 mile South Huston School. Charles Foxx ORDER NOW 30 Pound Tins R.S.P. PIE CHERRIES N A M P A CUSTOM CANNERY Ph. 4"66-9981, Carma 466-5750 SWEET CHERRIES ready for canning. Saxton Fruit Farm, South of Lake Lowell. B1NG CHERRIES -15c per Ib. You pick. No Sunday sales.start picking July 6, ph. 459-7253 WE WILL "HAVE SWEET CHERRIES at 15c Ib. youpick, Will advertise when tree ripe. 459-7253 ' NAMPA CUSTOM CANNERY Midland Blvd. at Davis Avenue OPEN FOR 1961 SEASON Always phone for appointment Phone 466-9987 or 466-5750. fMdt ft $*«ds 30 -- Frigidaire elec. stove, custom 19 deluxe, double oven, 4 yr. old, exc, cond. S150 Frlgidalreelec, dryer, 1967 model, never been USED DEPARTMENT USED rVRNlTUHE. . .3/4 size Rollaway. . .3 old trunks. . , small office desks. . .2 older Singer Sewing Machine, runs office desks. . .2 pc. sectional, like now! $29.50, guaranteed, light green. . .brown daveno. . . Call anytime collect 375-6605. wood arm daveno. . .dinettes. .. · · ' oak chair! IOFTY pile, Iree Irom soil is the oipel USED APPLIANCES. . .Chest cleaned wilh Blue lustre. Rent electric FT6eieT larEe R 83 OQ 25. shonpooerSl. Bwker Hord-ore. Cold- ^^ '^^ j^a.rViig'.OO . . .Under counter refrigerator washers. . .dryers.. .ranges... refrigerations. , , Stokematic Heater. /··· ·:: :·:: ·.-.··;· .'·:·.·' I N D E P E N D E N T F U R N I T U R E COMPANY 623 M a i n - C a l d w e l l - 4 5 9 - 1 6 9 1 X 13 tires ane-'"3$D'' X 15 ' Ph."'466-6'626 '·-·' - ··" 100 90C 5/8 POSTS 8 ft. long, treated, each. SOO sheets 4 X 8 Chip board. $2.50 Ph. 337-4233 Assortment of Coffee fables, End tables, i Dinette tables only. Carpet, ph. 459-1575 FOR "o job well done feeling" clean car- peti wiln Blue Lustre. Rent electric sham- pooer $1. Hoff Better tivir.g Center. FERTILIZER . P U L V E R I Z E D -CURED NO TRASH. 466-4861 Toro lawn mowers. Walker's Lawn Mower Sales i Service, 524 S. 9th, Cald. 4S9-8566. Sporting Goods 16 ft Crestliner Fiberglass 50 Fine grass-clover-alfalfa hay, S19 in stack, nth Ave. N. Ext. 466-8043. L. L. Ackerman 466-7126; HAY SOUGHT 4 SOLD SWORD'S HAY. 466-4862 200 Ton HAY. Dale or ton. At farm or delivered. Elbert Myers, ph. 459-4793 GOOD MAGIC VALLEY HAY Call Roy Harris. Ph. 8o8-1252. Meridian. . GOOD B A L E D H A Y D E L t V E R E D STACKING, lOc per bale. J.D.BENSON. Phone 466-2561 Tarm Implements "\t I.H. 400 Tractor, top cond. $1500; New J.D. Disc, sealed bearings. $650; I.H. Hay Baler 55 P.T.O new cond. $850; hp. Johnson. Trailer. Lots Rear bar Corn Cull. $50, Good of Extras SHOO. 466-4812. cylinders $25; Wood Harrows, 9 II.P. Evinrude motor i good Barbed wire ' meW fishing boat. 466-9406. Make offer. Ph. Barbed troughs, wire, metal water misc. cheap. Nampa 466-5787 128 Delaware. Ph. 466-6484. .Pets Adorable Pomeranian Puppies 2 with papers and 4 without. Ph. 459-8822 VIRG11 ROBERTS BALING 4od-0985 CUSTOM HAY HAULING and STACKING Leonard Rose, Ph. 466-4918. EXCAVATING - TILE LINES · PIPE UNiS · SEPTIC TANKS MOOflrN KJWMINT SOI iLESSINfi EXCIVATING 337^13} HOMPAU J37-3I37 UWN N9WER SERVICl All jnwWi -- txffrt rtfftr * UWN KY · TORO · MIRRY TKUlt SoUtl StOrVJ TV-466-3647 RCA WHIRLPOOL APPLIANCES Factory Authorized D«altr S«.RI1.1. IIAHVKV For Sntei Sen-ice OWYHEE £21 PRO HARDWARE 1020 1 st Stre«t South, NomiM - 466-8401 TV SERVICE-Radio Dispatched onj Surburbcn Color -- Black and Whil. -- AH MaliM AIIWorkbyMoH«r«oiti» TVTtthnkwn TREASURE VALLEY TV 466-3231 103 16lh Ay«. Noilh, Nampa 35 1 ,000* Directory Ads Cost Only '49.00 Per Month fcM-Tr*NM Pfc. 4SMCM FURNITURE UPHOLSTERY SHOP 3$ IWi fiftritmct LMGf WICTIONOf FWM NfWMMHCS Om 250 Yoril of Fobric in Stock Ow IX Yard. NoueoAydt in Stock SMOP MMAR 1414 Arthur E. L REVIS ACKSS ROM KING MOWN'S 5 49 BUYS *351,000 DIRECTORY ADS LIKE THIS YOUR AD APPEARS IN BOTH THE IDA! K) FREE PRESS AND THE NEWS-TRIBUNE EVERY DAY FOR U DAYS. Phon* 466-7891 or 459-4664 TODAY) ' 13,500 ClrcuiaKontrn,! 26 Pu «TM«ill. lit SI. So., Nampa. Misc. fot Sole 19 mpa group meets Thursdays 8:30 p.m. and Sundays 8:30 a.m. In County Bldg., 9th Ave. It 2nd St. So., P.O. BOK 1024 Nampa, Dial4GG-3312. lost Found 5 REWARD for the relurnof small while female POODLE lost or taken In general area of lire- works display July 4. Any leads please phone 450-8868 $10 reward for return of Shag- ruE lost last Sal. nite on h\vy. between Caldwell t Marsing. Call collect Homedale 337-3821 or 337-3115. Lost - Small, mostly blackdog- llarness with 'Tammy'. V i c . Nampa Lake I-owell. Hewarrl. 466-6340. Lost or stolen. PUB pup, light Ian In color. Child's pel. I.arge reward. Call ·166-7100 or 466-6741 klweh eV Instruction 8 u.s. crvtr, SERVICE TESTS'. Men-women 18 and over. Secure Jobs, High starling pay. Short hours. Advancement. Prepara- quirecl. Thousands of jobs open. Experience usually unnecessary FRKE information on jobs, salaries, requirements. Wrile TODAY giving name, address and phone. Lincoln Service, Box 20, Female Help Wanted 1 1 SALES PEHSONNI1L Work In good office conditions, 4591561 before 5 p.m. Wanted nurse's aid over 25 yrs. of age. Call 466-6312 before 3 P.M. HN for 2 nights per week. I.PN, full or part lime. 3 (all. Phone 4SJ-9292 for interview. Udy to care for soml-lnvilld lady tt light housekeeping, live In. 466-472: HKLPI! Ladles to help service Fuller Brush customers: 1, Pleasant people 2. Protected territory 3. $25 lo $50 per week lor Ib hours. ·Call 4«-S23« or 459-0156. It's tune-up time JL^ *** n i ^075 t S r Unly P ' ^ r-- » -- ct-^w ' %-t \ ] SINGER will come to your home and tune-up any make or model sewing machrnelCall today! 7-POINT HOME TUNE-UP 1. Adjuil, balance leaiioni. 4. Adjust belt tension. 1. Adjwt labric laiufmg nect-amm. 5. ch«k w.'ring (or wfety. 3. De-lint Ihieod tiondlirg mechar.ism. (, lubricate machine. 7. Imped and lubricate morcr. SINGER Sewing Center 1 1 8 1 3th Avenue South 466-6589 BUY 2 SAVE! |J* 1 "is;- T"% X A IV /*^n il A TS^I i /jf--^! MIX OR MATCH vl {JJJk fC^OI^ RANCH KfiLLLliin. ^HdlU] K and/or IWRyllk Caitfelli)' Jf REDWOOD · Contains Wood Preservative ^TM FOR All MARY CARTER PAINTS CARRY ^ AQR MONEY BACK GUARANTEE ^ £L v Here's why you con buy 2 and Saw on MARY CARTER PAINTS · We ho« no middlemen e We o»iv»r in our own trucks ·We do no Warehousing e We save everywhere but inOUAHTY ond pass the savings on to you. DOLPHEGGERS.MfK. OWYHEE SHEET METAL PRO HARDWARE IDMIilSl.WS r4ampa 4U-S401 CUSTOM BALING Xirby A. Kindall 459-7248" BALING WINDROWING wilh orwilhaut condilioner. Ph. 459-7749 or 57-4879. WINDROWING BALING Roy Allen, 466-5061 Inter. Elect, fencer service. Owyhe« inset Metal L Pro Hardware by 11 Ave. Sub, Nampa. Laminated Bee Boards; 2,000 holes; 4 inch deep; §3.15 lis. Phone 585-2553, 466-9917, or 495-2211. BEE BOARDS ; Wholesale-Retail Prices $1.50 lo $2.25 ' Phcne 692-5735, Kuna ELMER M1CHEU Idaho Animal Products Dead Animal SERVICE CAU COLLECT 466-4604 Radio Dispatched Trucks -- UvettetV 14 YES! We're still buying chicken feed horses. Top prices paid. Seal Bros. 466-0405. a tid, blacx Angus. Above average. Take a look, you'll ILVe these. Ph.466-5889.. . WANTED two good Holsleln co«-s 466-3124 evenings A re e'siere! j erse y Sprlnjer heifer. Phone 466-4986 ' Fmlly nun, cow Jer t white race. Also comb. Wtsh- "-Dryer. 466-3132 Arablan-Morcan mare, 3 yrs. old. ^uarterhorse mar», well 6roke * genlle. Ph. 459-7265. to»lru i e P r r ,^o xl ' 9 i r "^ leSt1 " n

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