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Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho · Page 9

Nampa, Idaho
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Tuesday, July 11, 1967
Page 9
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POLLUTED' c "'"" B " s 'TM 1 '"' *"""· *· "·""-" Emergency Action Urged To Avert Smo Disasters pay the price of recommends 11 co TM »P By KENNETH INOtYE the MODI* PASADENA. Calif, .im, _ cleaner" Like the weather, smog draws Haagen smlt a lot of talk but little action, research t"h!t I =? Walk, don't -Air pollution is the result of bad planning," the professor of affairs, an says, referring to highway de- expert warns, sign, mass transit and urban planning. He urges reorganize- be lion of governmental structures which can cope with smog. One example, he says, would be to plan the entire transportation system from the point of view of reducing the use of vehicles, eliminating Such a stat air pollution could lead to a If left unchecked, the level of smog-caused Illnesses and even deaths could reach disaster proportions unless the population is forced to abandon a city until the danger subsides. Recently, U.S. Surgeon General William H. Stewart warned there is "compelling evidence" that air pollution already Is killing and disabling Americans In every area of the nation. But mass evacuation for a smog attack in a city such as Los Angeles, which relies heavily on automobiles, Is virtually Impossible today, says Dr. Arie J. Haagen-Smit of the California Institute of Technology. "The proliferaliori of the automobile has made it Impossible to evacuate more than a minor fraction of the population," he says. "Freeways will be clogged in no time and totally useless for the purpose, of saving lives. When disaster slrlkes there is no way to get out of town. "The irresponsibility and ignorance about these not Imaginary possibilities Is almost criminal." The Caltech professor of bio- organic chemislry says government must be able to "predict at a moment's notice which areas will have to be evacuated or protected." "Government has a role in seeing to It that an orderly evacuation can be accomplished," he says. "Up till the present this responsibility has been largely Ignored by authorities . . . because this area Is delegated to the police or ft re departments o r hibernating emergency committees." lie transit. He's optimistic that "with an intelligent and aggressive approach to our community problems, with a willingness of a majority of the people to forego short term profits for the far grealer advantages of breath- Ing clean air, we can prevent smog anywhere at all limes." DRJflOLNER ON HEALTH Feeding Question Heloise DKAK KOI.KS: Did you over get up hi IhP morning unil nhlle still stumbling uroiiml In Iho kUrhfii with one eye hulf orjen, giisp Ihut first sl|i of rofhe unit Inirn the living cl:ijlights out iif your tongue? Wow, does Ihut hurt . . . The. \v«y I [irevenl Ihls (iiftich incidentally I've liffn doing for years unil all ot my friend* lutve hocn telling me lo write itbiMil) Is AKTKR stirring Ihut pup ot coffee-- tlrop In mi Ice nil* unil let it floivir on TOP. l)o NOT stir iigiiln. The Ire will cool thut first le III Ihe bottom of the i-up is still hot! Sum jvrtrr* ti Attildfv! Inn- gue! MHoKe THE FARM FRONT Wasp Controls Pasture Pest By LARRY D. HATFIELD ers said, and produce a new UPI Farm Writer generation in as little as 21 days, WASHINGTON (UPI)- Agrl- extending the control ot the culture Department scientists pest without the aid of man. Idaho Company Marine's Body Is Lost Loses in Suit RICHFIELD, Utah (UPI) A court award of $16,000 has teen made to a Los Angeles, Calif., man here tor settlement ot a civic law suit which arose from an automobile accident In June, 1966, NEEDHAM, Mass. (I'Pl)- The family of Marine Lt. Michael Downey, killed by a The settlement was given to v «" Cong land mine in Vietnam David Wand, who had been 1° days ago, waited today for seeking $100,000. Defendants *orUn_liis "lost" coffin. The wasp has already been Angelsey Milling Company of " We ) ust (lon ' t TM°* to control a big insect pest of tested on an experimental basis Rigby, Idaho. Mite ls ." Mrs - «"'*"· . , grasslands in Ihe United States, in south central Texas where Wand claimed he suffered of Neeoham the tod Marine s They say a small wasp from scale populations were reduced head injuries in Ihe accident on mother, said. This Has been India may control the insect- 50 per cent and pasture density, Utah Highway 113 near here in a (lout ' e tragedy for us. Rhodes Grass Scale--that has essential for good grazing Sevier County. Mike's brother, Capt. Paul G, and conservation, was increased The Wand vehicle struck a say they have developed a way ruined pastures in gulf coast slates for nearly 30 years. It is I'.S. Anil If you keep extra ice cubes in tlte drip truy mi- ur the fw/.lng compart- However, my energy picks up meal :is «·« suggested, you at about 6 p.m. and Is at itspeak won't even tmv« to upon a peeling my first baby soon and at about 9. Then ! have a dif- (r:1 'thinking about breastfeeding,but ficull time gelling to sleep and I wake at 6:30 the next morning feeling very fatigued. I am a teacher. What can I do to remedy this trouble? - J.M.B. You may be correct In inter- with her? Is It possible tobotlle pretinglhisasametabolicprob- gift tor each day we will be feed at such a time? Jem, but you do not mention traveling and wrap tliem in seeing a physician. You could well have markedly decreased thyroid activity, By JOSEPH G. MOLNER, M.D. Dear Dr. Molner: I am ex- am deeply concerned about one thing: What does a mother do when she has to go out someplace where she can't take the baby lawns in Arizona and California. Rhodegrass is the chief target of the insect, but II also attacks more than 90other grass species including Bermuda- grass, Paragrass anil Si, Augustine. Scientists say insecticides are either ineffective, too toxic or too expensive for general use on pastures and lawns. by 80 per cent. truck-trailer which was back- Tile wasp does not attack ing into a yard. It was driven the body beneficial inspects or crops. by Keith Johnson, 37, Lorenzo, arrived Thousands of the wasps are Idaho, now being raised by Texas AM under contract to Ihe Agriculture Department. The wasps will be released from airplanes in a modified version of the air - drop technique developed several years ago tor the control o! screwworms. Assistance Protested Hclnfsct « · * DEAK HELOISE: Mere is my idea /or .injuring children when traveling by car: 1 buy a small inexpensive WASHINGTON (i'Pi- , Senate military and foreign The cost of raising enough lt leaders (oda loudl The wasp wasdiscoverednear of the wasps to cover a square pro , ested the sending of three New Delhi by an agriculture mile is only 34 cents, scientists American p i anes lo the Congo , researcher looking for para- said. Mass release will be made sites of cotton pes!s. The wasp for some time because the fe- lays its eggs in the scale, which male wasps which constitute dies when the eggs hatcfi. As most of the releases, are wing- many as 10 young wasps em- less and travel only a short dis- erge from each scale, research- tance from the drop site. Downey, was given "compassionate leave" to accompany home but when he in San Francisco Sunday he discovered the coffin had been "lost" in route fiorn Vietnam. The family said Paul was "walking up and down Ihe rows of caskets" al the Treasure Island Navy Base, searching for his brother's coffin. Mrs. Tyler was not hitler about the nwup, however. "Everyone has tried to be helpful," she said. Cause Determined LONDON (UP!) - A post- My husband doesn't like the idea of breast feeding because he says it's too inconvenient. My mother says they don't breast which can be corrected redily. feed any more like they did years There also may be an element ago. -- MRS. M. B. of low blood sugar (hypo- And just where might you be glycemia) which can be ef- going that you could give the baby fectively treated by appropriate a bottle but couldn't breast feed diet, My suggestion is to have him? your physician check out these ff you are at a friend's house possibililes. for some hours, the baby ought pretty, colored paper. Then I write the days that they are to b: opened im Hie mitside and place them nil in u box. Eiu-h day my sou has a new toy or trinket to play with ,'intl nwre to look fonvaitl lt. I find this fun foi- uny age. Mrs. G. D. Kuna News Notes DEAR HELOISE: Here's another nylon net to be off in another room by Mm- Dear Dr. Molner: Is a small Romlic self anyway for nap time, so I amount of blood occasionally ^' llen b "| l j inff : [ ncedc . l l " see no reason whyfecdlngshould coming from nose, ear and mouth Jift,, s °'so i °u'i il end "t be any problem. a serious condition? I also have of a ' n t ; cnd cot ° feo Breast feeding, while doubt- a blood taste in my moutn. My Ci m and removed the plastic less not as common as it usedto health is good except for being cover- from the other end. be, Is still beneficial for both fired 90 per cent of the (me. I covered one end with a. emotional and physical health. -- A. R. piece of nylon net held with a You can tell your mother tor me Blood coming from all three rubber band. Poured in ttic that they still do It. You can tell places means something is fl TM"' nn(i siflc(1 away, your husband I'm sorry that he wrong. In fact, blood from any thinks It's too inconvenient for one of them is sufficient warning him. to be examined and find out why. Haaeen-Smit, who also serv ed on the California Motor Ve- be all OB bottle that way. hlcle Pollution Control Board, says computerized monitoring systems to check air pollution And I don't think you'll have The symptom ol fatigue alone is any success trying to mix breast enough to warrant iiivestigation. and bottle. The baby will soon It worked dandy. Works as well as any sitter ami is so much easier to clean since the nel may be removed under your cold Mrs. T. Bratlain To learn the major categories ' ' * of prostate trouble-symptoms; DEAR HELOISB-. Dear Dr. Molner: antngrown treatment; howtos^edreioverj; HereV* convenient way lo toenails, U not infected, be _ write to Dr.'Molner in care p your '^"flUF lonta wa- KUNA - Mr. and Mrs. Bud Durheim and three children of Wetonka, S.D., visited the Donald Berheims ofKunaandtheCasper Berheims and Robert Hall of Meridian. Theodore Johnson of Coeur d' Alene, a guest of his mother, Mrs. Bay Hoskins ot Bolse.also visited Kuna relatives. They included Lmher Reynolds and Mr. and Mrs. Emmelt Holt. Mr, and Mrs, Mike Scolt and son of Billings, Mont., are vacation guests of Mrs. Scott's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Sharp. Scolt, who Is a pastor in Montana, was guest speaker at Kuna Baptist Church. Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Jackson and three daughters of Salem were week end guests ol his father and aunt, Paul Jackson and Mrs. Lois Dustman. Paula, from Reno. Mrs. Wright is a sister of Mrs. Gabica, and they visited a brother, W.C. llor- ton and family in Boise. They warned that this kind of Involvement could lead to a Vietnam-type commitment. Chairman Richard B. Russell, mortem examination on actress D-Ga. of (he Senate Armed Vivien Leigh established Monday Services Committee told the that she died from natural Senate "it is immoral to send causes, even one American boy into a The star, 53, was found dead country where we have no in bed Saturday at her London commitment and no vital home, where she had spent the interest whatever." past month recuperating from a Senate Democratic Leader recurrence of tuberculosis. Mike Mansfield, Mont., and The post-mortem r e s u l t Chairman J. William Fulbright, means there will be no Inquest. D-Ark. ot the Foreign Relations Mr, and Mrs. Kenneth Neu Committee, warmly endorsed and family of Spokane were week Russell's prolcsl. endguestsotCatherineandCeeil Russell said he had checked Franklin and also visited the and is convinced that the Congo W.J. Smith, commandant olthe Leonard Franklins in Boise. strife, in which the Mobutu U.S. Coast Guard, reports that government claims to be almost as many people are flee- ur and wr-c T r RBOCO of battling rebellious mercenaries, ing Cuba today as did during the Boise rt "Sir housS, is a "purely Internal matter." height ot the Castro revolution. Mrs. Tom Tudder and children of Lewiston, were guests of the Robert Welch and Franklin families. Timmy Jerome of Moscow, who had been visiting his grandparents, Mrs. Lois Dustman and Mr. and Mrs. Ermll Jerome, returned home with his father, Donuell Jerome, who is a summer school student at Boise Col- flight Continues WASHINGTON (UPI) - Adm, WESTERN STATES Sales ot Steel Show Increase "The Pesky Prostate," en- Kirst water the Dr. Molner welcomes all read- plant OS envy, wet string on the soil with one end water, a wick if injection is always me nazara "'· mumci m^uiim »·- n l ~ n e r [ h(m the plant Also of this kind ol nail, and the nail « mail, but regretsjhat, due to Uie water gwa rthrough ' a ' hemp string" faster than a cot- . _ . , f . - hurts depending on which shoes and official apathy are confln- T '_ ? . _ , ., _,,, Ing them to the laboratories. l w f F= TM« """'or told m « ° dosing 20c in coin and a long, Community Action so f ttie '°.* ^."f '"f 11 . 11 self-addressed, stamped en- Besides low-cost monitoring «ater. Will tnis: nelpi H. is velope to crjver cost o{ prir ,tlng of the string in a jar of devices, he says, what is needed there any chance if could be re- mi ten(iu The strj acts , |ke , Is to arouse the citizenry to moved? - MRS. L. D. some form of organized com- Infection is always the hazard munlty action. of this kind ol nail, and the nail "They have to be told that may be so shaped that even slight the tremendous volume received pollution of the air Is not in- pressure can break the skin and daily, he is unable to answer in- ton one. evitable, that something can be i ea d to Infection. dividual letters. Readers' ques- done. They also have to be told £,,,], na ij s (£,, be removed If "ona are incorporated ;a his the disagreeable fact that if necessa! .y but if there is a good column whenever possible, they want clean air they will prospect '$ p, milg tte na ij to Ulunl .^!? P ? y ;?, t H ««M ^ grow out properly by simpler Grant Announced H ,"" ,,, , , Tnis Is the most difficuJt b ... T « * j i j« _* ufter mituiitf n feiv loe miK-.-i task of the public information means, that usuallyisfrledfirst. WASHINGTON (UPI) - S e n . on top or soil? Arts UH u prr- and education department of Soaking helps. Many times Frank church said Monday a fed hot house, this wuy. air pollution boards." tiny tufts of cotton can be tucked fe(leral g r a n t to start a five HrtnM He concedes that people like under the nail to guide it out y ear development at Pondeiosa * * * to blame smog on somebody into Its proper course. state Park in Valley County has else generally disregarding the After It grows out, the nail Dfien g ran ted to the state by autos they drive. Preferred should be cut straight across,.^ e Bureau ol Outdoor Recre- scapegoats are Industry, espe- not curved. Depending on the a tj on dally steel factories and dlesels. snape of the nail, If may be nec- "As has been shown in Los essary to rernoye pj rt ^ the Angeles, one should not over- ' Mr. and Mrs. Joe Gabica lad wile and children. as their holiday week guests, Miss Kaye Peterman of Cild- Mrs. Maud Wright anddaughter, well, accompanied him, THE -.. M FAMILY LAWYER 1 OAKLAND, Calif. (l : PI) -- sumption, non-residential con- Sales of steel product!, in seven struction in industrial, hospital lege and who spent the holiday western states set records in aid public building accounted end in Moscow with his 1866 f 0r the,fourth year in a for the increase. Residential A cousin, IOWi according to Kaiser Steel construction declined sharply, Corp.'s annual report released down 34 per cent from 1965. Sunday, Sales were 4 per cent above the previous high in 1965, largely due to a "sizeable Increase" in military uses of steel. At the same time, imports, mostly Total Western steel s a l e s reached 8.859,000tons last year. Foreign impprlswerel,890,000, tons, or 21 per cent of the total. The report predicted the 1967 Western steel market will de- from Japan, increased 11 per crease about 4 per cent to ap- ceni. proxiinately the 1965 level. De- The report, issued annually by dining demand for automobile Eileen winkeimnn Tamil? th" WasesofSltl tax bi " on lhe basis ot his cwn Kaiser steel ' s Commercial Re- parts, railroad carbuilding and ' ' ' · t, - 6 i unlawful cl. Kvcr thought tn iMit 1h« Hiive you swindled anyone laic- B X thc samt !oken . a "ne paid -'- In your Imlli tub, cover ly? Co i| cctc d any ran50 ra? Taken f°f violating a stale or a federal .,·,.-. · lilasllc garment lian atl y illegal kickbacks? Embezzled law is also not a deductible expense ' any cash? Then, in addition to (although the attorney's f e e is), whatever other problems you may Ttue Pay' n S 'h e fine may be one estimate this desire to support stiff measures. The personal effort they want to put in, such as Inspection of their cars, use of small can, support for better transportation. Is usually completely absent," he says. Totalling $18,771, the funds will be matched by stale monies and will be used by the II seems f^ 0 Department of Parks f o r first stage of planning on Dear Dr. Molner: has been m y the park near HcCall. detriment. I suffer from mild lethargy In the morning hours search Department, covered shipbuilding will account for the California, Oregon, Washington, decrease, fee report forecast, rizona, Nevada, Utah and However, residential construe- aho. tion in the west was expected Western steel mills supplied to pick up sharply in I9G7 (he h^T.hTlawTu Z owe rflte'c^of^TtaSei'to" « per cent of the western steel report said. Militarydemandfer income tax lo lhe'federal govern- as the United Slates Supreme Court market, while eastern mills fur- steel was expected to double put il, allowing the. fine to be de- nished 2A percent.Theremaind- and a major Increase in office ducted would take some of the er was imported. building construction was fore- "siing" out of Ihe punishment. In addition to military con- cas (_ Astronomers Get Evidence Of Cosmic X-Ray Activity ment. It may seem strange for the gov , . Atlanta, Ga., originally was It means that roundabout and this becomes a serious bur- an Indian trading post called ways have to be found to make den in the afternoon. Standing Peachtree. Livestock, Produce CHICAGO (UPI) - Livestock: Hogs 6,500; barrows and gilts 25 to 50 lower, rather slow; No. 1 70 head-210-215 Ib 24.50; sows uneven, steady, moderately active; No. 1-3 300-350 Ib 19.50-20.25; boars 16.00-17.00. Cattle 11,000; no calves; steers moderately active; steady to mostly 25 lower; heifers moderately active, steady to 50 l o w e r ; c o w s active, steady to strong; bulls active mostly 50 higher; prime 1,0951,400 Ib steers 27.25-27.75; nigii choice and prime 1,150-1,400 Ib 26.50-27.25; high choice and prime 950-1,050 Ib heifers 2S.50- 26.50; standard and low utility and commercial cows 11.50-19.50; high yielding 18.75; utility and commercial bulls 22.00- uttlityl9.50-20.00; canner and cutter 16.7518.75; utility and commercial bulls 22.0025.00. Sheep 200; spring lambs and sfiorn ewes s t e a d y ; choice 85-105 Ib spring lambs 26.00-21.00; uniform lots choice and prime absent; mixed good and choice 25.00-26.00; cull to good shorn ewes 4.00-8.00, PORTLAND (I'PI) - Livestock: Ciltle and calves 1,200. Steers choice 28.10-28.40; low choice 27.40; good 24-27; standard-low good 21.50-23.20; heifers good-low choice 24.50-25.75; good 22,5024.50; cows utility 15.50-19.50; cutter 14.50- J8.50; bails commercial 22-24.25. CHICAGO (UPI) - Produce: Poultry; Roasters 27-29; special f e d White Rock fryers 20-22. Cheese: 5 Ib processed loaf 48Vr-52 3 /i; brick 48-52; muenster 48-52. Cheddars: Daisies 51-54 1 /?; longhorns 50(2 1 / 4 ; 40 Ib blocks 48-49%. Swiss (wheels): Grade A 58-66; Grade B 55-64; Oracle C 54-56; (80-100 Ib blocks): Grade A 56-61; Grade B 54-59; Grade C 52-54. Wholesale prices as reported by the Chicago Mercantile Exchange-. Butter steady; 93 score 66; 92 score 66; 90 score 63'4; 89 score 53 ! 4; caHofs: 90 score 64; 83 score 60%. Eggs steady to firm; white large extras 32; mixed large extras 30; mediums 24; standards 25; checks 18. Live Cattle Open High Low Latest Units Aug 27.50 27.50 27.35 27.37 60 Oct 28.02 28.02 27.90 27.95 52 Dec 28.15 28.17 28.07 28.15 87 Potatoes: Total U.S. shipments 889; (old and new) arrivals 178; track 202; supplies moderate: demand good; m a r k e t stronger. Track sales (l',S. 1-A unless otherwise noted): California long whiles 4.25-4.60; round reds 5.00. Street sales: Market stronger; California long whites 4.5M.15; round r e d s 5,15-5.25. Onions: Arrivals 33; track 48; supplies moderate; demand good; market firm. Track sales: No track sales reported. Street sales: Market slightly stronger: California Stockton yellow large 2.504,75; New Mexico, California and Arizona yellow grano and yellow ^ranex medium and prepack 3.00-3,25; white Arizona medium 27.15. WASHINGTON (UPl)-Rock- are inside Ihe Milky Way, but et astronomers report evidence perhaps five are in distant that all space glows with '-ray reaches- of spacp oeyond the "light," apparently a byproduct local galaxy, of a primeval fireball that X-rays provide a new window crnmcm to levy an income lax exploded with a big bang 10 on the universe, disclosing on such il(-eotien gams. Indeed, WlHoD years ago to create the information not seen in visible wrongdoers have carried (heir ob- universe. light or radio. The discoveries jeciions inio the courtroom, argu- They also report: reported were made by an Aero- DEAR HELOISE: If you have a that moves around as you type, try looping some masking lape with the sticky side out. Then -stick one end of the tape to the other and place it beneath lhe feel of the machine on both Hides:. Sure keeps ynu from chasing: that typewriter all over the desk. Mrs. BesHle llitey * * * I tried It, llesHie, :iml It work*, Tliiuik you kindly! Elplnise * t * DEAR HELOISE: When I wrap an eur of corn In full to place on the grill during a cnnk-(,ul. 1 leave Hie foil on one end a litlle longer, then twial it to make a handle. This rmikc.i il easy to luvn the corn while cooking u n J also il's easier to remove from the grill. Mrs. Wm. Speitlitr * · * Yrs, that uhliniitnni foil Immllft will lieln n r n v u n t turned fingers*. Also, Unit ill- lic'lous corn can he seasoned rlfflit in thut foil by Just .slicing It ilnwn side unil plopping in somr nlro nnil .suit. Antique Shop Opens MERIDIAN- Ken Uranga and Jerry Hall have opened an an- was proven by evidence of lhe av- tiqiie shop at 1535 East First ra s« " l:lkc " '" s TM' lar Ambling St. in Meridian. They will ap- °r?TM ion ] praise antiques and buy and sell Friedman's instruments, during a two-minute flight over White Sands last May, detected a diffuse shine in the X-ray region of the electromagnetic spectrum which appeared to be the same in all directions. the weak radio and infrared remnants of the original fireball" r income, These X-rays, he said, may ing-TM did Hie propriety of a -Detection for the first time bee rocket launched from mite !l? V L bh TM."*'" 1 by . ttie aclion bswdyhousc-ihat Hie wages of sin of x-radiation from a ouasar, Sands Miy 17. ° nigh-energy cosmic rays on are not la.wblt. one of those recentlydiscovered Radio astronomers last year _ Bui lhe government retorts that, mysterious objects near the discovered faint "whisperings" ,TM.M l L a J. a n X ^ o[ fne "ilverse which pour in space. These have been out energy in amounts baffling interpreted as leeble leftovers to science. from the exlremely hot rays --Continuation that the super which were shot out in all galaxy M81, 10 times more directions from the "primeval massive than our own 100- atom" of super dense material report--or even keep records of-- billion-star Milky Way galaxy, from which all the stars and his income. Nevertheless, the gov" is a gigantic Xray machine as galaxies of the expanding Oliver Wendell "Coneress may tax what il also forbids." Of course, a lawbreaker may not eminent has various ways of eslab lishing its case. For example: one gambler's income was proven by his bank deposits; another's gambler's income was mmissions he paid well as a powerful radio source, u n i v e r s e eventually'w e r e -Discovery of three other formed, according to the "big unidentified X ray sources far bang" theory of creation, out tn space which may be ' quasars invisible in ordinary or radio light. Mormon Choir Sets Program ;mtl a third gambler's income These new "firsts" in the Driver Cifed Atter Accident If a v-ron. nis TWIN FALLS news conference by Dr. Herbert young Kimberly d r i v e r was Friedman of the Naval Re- charged w i t h reckless driving my he at leasi search Laboratory. Monday after his car plunged 32 Nebraska Gov. Norbert Tie- If ihcy are Friedman and his associates feet into the Snake River. mann lo President David 0. Mc- musl pay a tax OMAHA (L-PI) - The Mormon Tabernacle Choir has accepted an invitation to purtici- pate in the Nebraska Centennial celetiralion next month,, Kdd H. Bailey, president of Union Pa(UPI) - A c ''' c Railroad announced Monday. The invitation was sent by "orilinary and necessary" cosis of have been studying X-rays from Sheriff James Benham said Kay_of the C h u r c h of Jesus partner are Boise College stud- bookmaker was cniiiled to deduct ' them. and sell Idaho gem handle imports. . doine business, they may usually space for several year's with Jerry Barnes, about "S, drove Cnrist of Latter-day Saints," mnisau5?grawaieo:iM;r. u dcducted-oven if the business Aerobee rockets fired from the off the road (n(o Twin Falls The concert will be presented While Sands, N.M., missile Park early Sunday morning. His Au S 21 in Aksarben Coliseum range, Such research has to be car then plunged Into the river near Winter Quarters, known in near some boat docks. Mormon history as (he starting Oflicers said Barnes managed P° int of 'heir pioneer trek west. X-rays and prevents them from to work his way out of the ve- T" 6 c "tJr will leave Salt Lake Mcle which was submerged in Clt ' Al1 ?- 21 in chartered jels. noi dcduciihle. li 1963 only two distinct X- 15 feet ot water an estimated 20 Thc - 315-volce group will (Lon government lakes Ihe posi- ray sources had been dlscov- yards from shore. fly from Omaha to Montreal Kid public ered In Ihe heavens. The total Is It took (wo hours to remove Canada, /or two concerts at the policy 10 let a person cut down his now close to 40. Most of them the vehicle from the water. International exposition. The King Ranch In Texas covers about 823,400 a«res, about the size of Rhode Island, fisilrin * done 'at 'Vwsuppoa'ihewpenseiiseHii ttte earth's atmosphere absorbs local, like paying a bribe lo a . ublic official. Thai kind of an ex- reaching ground observatores. PHONE 46B-7SDI or 459-1664 to place your classified ad. Il's "°n H.:,l _,l woiiW fast, easy A economical.

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