Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on April 28, 1972 · Page 33
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 33

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Friday, April 28, 1972
Page 33
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$4- GfiEBi.EY (Colo.) TRIBUNE Fri., -April 28;,1972 -- list Chtr. 2 door hard ,. Jop. .8 ipecd. bucket icats. Very cood ^condition.' 362-1961 Jays, 352-9183 ' TRABE -- ' Mack tractor, 195? tt-fil * tilth .KNOT C7.1 turbo encine. 15 p?«d t r f p l « , UK axle, sleeper, cx- -'. cellent Ur«« and condition. Trn]« for .: 3§ In 40 ft. tandem ax]* ( f n l h«d ' triilcr. Irrigation and Tower ECouip: :rr.!nt, US Hiehway So. SS. Gittley. '-·t Rare Vintage 1S55. Triumph SpDrL B A-A-A Condition. A jiaKfieiiKcr convertible! Call a f l e r fi:30 p.m. 352-7S-il. Can end Truck] SI 19B6 MKHCEDES .4 ilnor scdim. 2120 H t h SI. Rrl., evening*. ' - - 6S cfiKCKKli. 13.1X10 'mlla. ITOO. . 353-SI9E. '66 FORD F100 pickup. V-«, \ jpctd. Iwb. fMO.. SB3.CI)» after t. 1968 VW Ilujt. Nfert« work: l)«jt offer. ·6C C1IKV Ko'va upoil courr, 2SJ en- :lne. Nice. 38'MC2S. FOK SALE -- llmnbirr, '.W. I dcor. Raymond, 353*0332. OPKL '68 KadcUe, ([cod condition, Kouil 1676. 3211 10th St. H»r- tln 'rrtLlter'Court, No. 3f. IDr.,1 CHKV. pleljiip, \' z ton, rebuilt enttine. Call after 7:30 p.m. 3SC- 2MG. 196? HED Dale £ ub eamprr. Hardly · lcen uiej. 254^810 after 6. · · UOI.U Star 8 f t i »l!de-ln rJtmptr. 'lle'.'l Jilce : _$3£l)._!53-792 a f t t r p.m. 1 S VW body," r-in a n d - trannxte, J76. .VW 36 'hp engine, rur.i tood, 195. ?1 TOYOTA Curona i dror. liljr en- Bine, aulomnllr, 11.000 mi!c.-. IZ100 Jir m»ume. 353-mi). !0 CliEVELLE Halilu. 2 door hardtop. 1 apeed, Hurst, v i n y l luy, Cran- ar mas*, new radial Eire*, manr ex- Irn;. 3S3-7183 after S. 3F,a .SrOKT Fury, 1970 RS3 cu. in. engine and 4 apwj, cluonles and Arisen!. SoOO. W i l l nil e n c i n p ami trans, i-eparatoly. 150 2Sth Ave. Cl.. J53-4161 after 6. SACHIKICK 1070 Opel Rnllyi-. Orliiirial Very unrnl eonrlillon. 1.0 I. engine. F di^p brnltcs. Taeh and instiu- mentn. Ke-.v ovcralie tin^, exhaust system. K shocks. KxtrHA -- s m / f m Paiimuntc. rear d r F r f f s i e r . trailer ' hitch. u-irir.F. 2 aludde'l rarllal KIUMV tires on wherls. A f t e r 6 L30, 35:(-U!38. 51 GOOD 1997 Chiv. Impala 1 dr. hard- 5p,_k^_mne«ie. 1865. SS8-20U. ' ·48 FOIl D ',', ton pkkuc.. V-8. ifi.. GOOD l u n n l n i IStH Ford pickup. 1135. ' " ' - ' · MEADOW toot nlih eimper shell for -^2 Kl Camlno. 356-03*5. . . ' FIHKRGL'ASS 'rarn'per ihell : for Dati'un i - ' Auto S«r»ic« 'friaj Su^lin 52 KONOM^ K-AMPKRS ifl MODELS ·fr Wlniiebago if Aljo ·b Y.-uller Hitchei ' Duna Hugglos ·ft- Tom Trailer neo(al« Storngo · : V Rupp irinl Cycles ' ·h Clamper and Trailer Economy Body Shbjj No. of Kainada Inn 352-6628 * Uied Con and-Trucks 51 SPECIAL %£ FACTORY PURCHASE m 71 PLYMOUTH .:· ( F u r y l l H D o o r i Equipped with: 1. Factory Air ; Conditioning ^2. Automatic '· transmission . 3 Power Steering ' 4. Radio H i . Tinted Glass 6. Deluxe Wheel Covers 7 ' \Vhitewall Tires I R . . BodySideMouldings ; S. Light Package JO. Electric Clock Slock N'o.21C9A 71 DODGE ( P o l a r a l U r . ) Equipped w i t h : Factory 'Air Conditioning Aulomalit Transmission V-B Engine Power Steering Power Brakes Radio Tinted Glass Deluxe Wheel Covers Whilewall Tires IiiglH Paekage Body Kide Mouldings Slock No. 217BA SALE PRICE $ 2595 71 DODGE i Monaco 4 Dr. Equipped with:- Factory Air Condilioninx Aulomalic Transmission V-8 Engine Vinyl Top Power Sleering Power Brakes liiidio Tinled Glass Deluxe Wheel Covers \Vhitewall Tires Light Package Body Side Mouldings Slock N0.21GB-A SALE PRICE $ 2875 SALE PRICE $ 2695 DeBrown Ghrysler-Plymouth Inc. BEATS ALL Clh St. 91)1 Ave.-8l7 7lh St. . . Ph. 350-0300,353-9902 f . . Open Evenings Till 9 P.M. Saturday Till 6 P.M. Uw4 C.ri'.nJ Truck. 51 r O I ' P K R ' f o r lW,-'wl!« 'b», 1 rnojith old. S»c« 1100. 35S-7872'«tter'6, li«r- ty.Hnc. . · : · · · · . .. 17. Jl.l il«'p (. R.nit with ovi-n,.iee box, hf*t«r, light! untl **t«r. on oKri hAlt^ry 1 lyilem. Uied o n l y - o n e irasort. Exetpttor/Kllv dean, J1.6W.. J62-7MO tttir 4. FranchUed Dealer TERRY, MONITOR, YELLOWSTONE, CARDINAL Sales and Ren til D R Service 422 llth Ave. 352-3718 or 362-5288 Trtllcn and Camptn 5) TOR SALE -- Inulitel canopy for ft. pickup box. Call 352-1103 or ire nl 38)6 l l t h -Si. -after 6 p.m. : OJl SALK -- McM'le 'rr.y.eler eamper. Mcxiern except' for ihower. Call 6S- 29l« "after 5 p.m.' - . U K B - n e w ; on* owner. 8x20 ft., f u l l y ·tlf-ronulned. 1571 Aljo»lt- ·er, 1815-21.1 St'Ko.J. J M Mobile Home ·.Service Supply Porla- Paul -- hitches' -- gas/ electric refrigerators. See us for your cnnijior supplies. 630 26th St. , 353-9290 Classified Ads Are Fun Ads. Read and use them Tr«ll«n «itil Conp«n 53 KOR SALE --6!4 (t. cib-jvcr t«mp- J · M Mobile Home Service Supply RED DALE Noil ad Campers and Travel Trailers G30 2Gth St. 353-9290 OLDS Spring "Demo" Sale We're cleaning the decks for fresh new demos. Many of these are just broken iii, with .under 6,000 miles. Special New '72 Delta 88 Coupe Air conditioned, vinyl top, radio, rctnolo mirror, liydramatic, iiower . disc hrakns, power Blcerinsr, Car No. !)2, Jn Hoiiiboo Saddle. NOW $4328 Special Debbie Olson Claude da Les)ree Three Greeley Students In UNC Dramatic Production Three University of Northern Colwado students from Greeley have roles in the Little Theater of the Rockies production of "Marat-Sadc,". scheduled for May 3-6 in Frasier Theater. Marvel Sweelman, daughter of Maxine Sweetmnn, 810 4th '72 Delta Roy ale Hardtop Sedan .Air runrlitioneii, -155 engine, cine- trie seat tilt wheel. Real Dreamy. .SAVE OVER $800 '72 Royale Hardtop Sedan .lust loaded ivitb Olds extras: Ktcfeo radio, vinyl top, lilt wheel cruise control, only 4,000 care- fill miles don't cry if It's gone! Car i\o. SI. PRICED TO SELL AT OVER-$1000 SAVING. STOP -- SHOP AND. SAVE '72 Vista Cruiser; Wagon 455 engine, radio, air conditioned, liowcr steering, automatic, luggage rack, Just tinder 2,000 miles $4755 ...... '72 Supreme Coupe . A i r conditioned, saddle bucket .seats H console; fill) power, disc brakes, SS wheels duftl sport mirrors. Anvfm radio, vinyl top. WHAT A CAR!! REDUCED TO Frontier Chairman Quits; Takes Position With Him DENVER (AP) - Jack II. Vollbrecht, chairman of Fnm- ier Airlines, resigned Thursday and took the chairman's post $4263 '72 New Cutlass Coupe Air conditioned. Saddle Bronze Ciold Interior. 350 V-S, automatic super stock wheels, radio; rower steering. Can · order NO.W If this is gone! $3669 McArthur Olds-Cadillac lie regional carrier, became he airline's top executive officer. Vollhrecht, however, will remain as chairman of the hoard's executive commitlee. Vollbrecht told the airline's stockholder's meeting that he lad purposely "stayed in the ackground" during his first , r ear on the board and he raised Feldman's manage' 608 8th Ave. Greeley, Colo. Ph. 352-8288 ment 'in reducing the carrier's osses by $1 million. "Al has! ... , , done made the grade," he said was m lcfal . of H'e Moral govMuskie: Too Many Tears And Not Enough Indians By LEE BYRD Press Writer WASHINGTON ( A P ) Whatever happened to Ed Mus- kie, for crying out loud? Kpr so long, after all, he was the cinch nominee. So, appealing was his bandwagon that chief after Democratic chief climbed aboard-- only to find, in the end, t h a t too few Indians would follow. And by what miscalculation does a man squander away one of (he most lowering starts in the history of dential politics? . Some say il began in' Inofs who had publicly endorsed I Muskie and hence were entitled to be consulted at each major step. Muskie strategists complain Ihey were victimized by the "shipsaw lactic" employed by other candidates, .Ihough it surely came as no surprise, for example, that McGovern con- head presi- the A T T H E S E FINE USED C A R S I jsnow of New Hampshire, when il this shy and sensitive son of a P o l i s h immigrant tailor mounted a flatbed truck outside Union leader bitterly de.- publisher William the Manchester and tearfully, '1971 M u s t a n g 2 Dr. H.T. y-S. AT, PS. I'll, yellow wllli black leather Interior, 20,700 inllos. $2495 1971 M u s t a n g Miich 1 'Automatic. P.S.. Rnrl u-/Rl Vinyl Interior. lOxlrrt clean m r . ;ff.l cu. fit. engine, 18,300 miles. $2995 1969 Chev. Mnlibu SS 390 · 2 dr..H.T., I «|ectl. httckol nmils, ' , ' I r n l E i n r I n t e r i o r , now llr(-fl, innR 1 wheels. 17,100 milpK. $1795 19G8 Cadillac Soclnn DcVillc l-'ar. ulr. I'S, I ' R , f u l l y n'|it()i. firoN'n w i t h M-|i11o vinyl (up. ff m m m 4 w 1 w ty w If iff VvH ·* t J068 Oldpmohilo 4 Dr. S c i l n n . I $1595 Delhi 88 '.K.. I'.ll. riiclory nir. 1967 P l y m o u t h Hiivniciuln (,'onv. V.8. (kilcl. mart lr..aitiT ( n l o r i n r . lllt:kcl Hf.'^tK. AT, Ifiw lnilr..i^n p far. a i r . I 1 S.. I'.ll. ll.Tnn mjlcii. $1095 5964 Cadillac Coiipc DcVille ;-T(nre f i n d , m i n i c o n d i t i o n , n i n / f m radio. p;«]tlcrl roof, n i l oxtras. loarlnd. ^ir, nc.w gtiiirnnlricc) ovcrlinnlcil c-nRine. $1495 1.971 Pinto 2 Dr. Sedan I :yl., -1 sjiecil. Illnck w/Blne v i n y l Interior, 10,300 miles. $1895 1009 Mercury Marquis Conv. I'.S.. I'.ll.. fnccory n i r , 28,«0 unllcB. SJ11975 10G9 Okismobile Delta 88 4 dr.. V-S, 1S. F'l). rnrlin, air, ex- Ira u l n a n . .l^.fiOO miles. cenlraled w h i l e on New Hubert Hampshire Humphrey JP2050 nonncccl L o e b for printing commentaries against both the senator and his wife. Others claim thc lantern- jawed man from Maine drowned in a mainstream of his own imagination, selling himself as a cautious and soothing healer in the Democratic middle while frustrated voters were seeking strong ideological commitments rather than safety or solace. "He had become so bland," said Richard Petligrew, speaker of Ihe Florida House and a staunch Muskie supporter, "that nobody could figure out any reason lo vote for him." And Gary Hart, national f a t worked in ' Florida. Muskie could have been just as selective about the races he entered. But whatever (he over-all explanation for Muskie's sinking fortunes, the tide of his own tears on that day in New Hampshire may have had thc most irreversible effect. He managed (o laugh about [he episode Ihe next day, but il has haunted his campaign wilh such tenacity that shouts of "Here comes the crybaby!" greeted .his approach . on a Pitlsburgh sidewalk several weeks--and several states--lat or. The, irony, of course, is tha any other candidate might havi gotten away wilh the perform ance, particularly if television cameras hadn't been there to record each sob. But such are the perils of a frontrunner, a man whose · every word am move had been scrutinized fo nearly two years by opporlun isls in search of the ceable. And for Kdmund Sixlus Mus- kie, who survived the high-risk period as an unannounced con tender without commiting an' dramatic faux pas, the liming couldn't have been worse--the start of Ihe long primary frail-in which lo forget the lesson be hind George Romney's .cele braled "brainwashing" remark and subsequent downfall four years ago. poun IDliO Ford LTD 2 Dr. H.T. .Maroon u'illi u-hltp \ l i t y ] top, hlaok Icalhpr Inlrrior, i'.S. Fit. 30.41111 IlllltiR. $1795 Senior Citizens' News SENIOR CITIZENS' NEWS By Joyce Sack Handicrafl'Needlework Mr. and Mrs. Pierre rte Lestree, 1844 13lh Ave., and Debbie Olson, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. David Olson, 1951 24th Ave., are in the spring quarter drama. Curtain time Sade" is 8 p.m. for "Marai. Tickets are sale at the Frasier St., Claude de Lestree, son ofiThcaier box office. vith him. A. L, Feldman, president of Volibrectil cited improved op- eraling performance and service, more on-time flights and flights tailored to various passenger types, such as Frontier's Petroleum Club Flight. Feldman said the emphasis this year would lie on the single-class service approved in Washington earlier this week. It will provide "first-class leg room for coach passengers" ralher than make a distinction between first class and coach. In explaining service cutbacks on unprofitable routes, Feldman said, "We're flying less and enjoying it more." He of Feldman. "He finally decided I could do the job," Feldman 'agreed, and indicalwl (he chairmanship would not be filled. "A year ago," Vollbrecht told the annual meeting, "we were in trouble. Now we are quite conftdenl of the luture." He said it was entirely possible the airline would he in the black during the second quarter after indicating that the $GOO,000 first-quarter loss was best quarter since 1968. the eminent for promising airline service t o ' small towns then failing to come through with adequate subsidies. He said Frontier received ?£,- 588,000 in )!)70 subsidies and $9,030,000 in 1971. He indicated the airline was negotiating for an increase. The stockholders approved options for purchase of G5.0DO shares of common slock granted to Feldman and approved 13,0(10 shares to Ci. L. Ryland, vice president, finance. Greeley Police Log THURSDAY 7:10 Linda Evans reported a hit-and-run accident to her auto; $500 damage. 9:00 Accident at 2011 28th St. 9:52 Accident at llth Ave. and 5fh St. with injuries. 10:22 Emergency message delivered. 10:32 Family disturbance reported. 11:30 Two prisoners released on bond. 11:48 Accident al 7lh Ave. and 19th St. with injuries, p.m. 12:38 Officer met wilh probation officer. 1:18 John Cliflon reported a possible theft from his auto. 2:00 Auto impounded. 2:04 Woman reported receiving threatening phone calls. 2:24 K-Mart reported an adull female shoplifter. 2:33 Woman reported (he house across Ihe street from hers was being burglarized; suspects gone on arrival of officers. 3:06 Woman reported renting her apartment in 11:57 Two persons reported attempting to steal bicycles. FRIDAY a.m. 12:0! Officer assisted man letting inlo locked auto, 12:23 Repossessed auto reported by' bank. 1:23 Telephone line reported down behind Clough Furniture Bklg. 2:23 Man reported strange odor in his house; no police action required. 3 : 4 3 Teletype message received on runaway juvenile irom Scoltsdale, Ariz. C:23 Death message delivered. girls coordinator Mctiovern, for said (1,169). John Chrisman and Harold Johnson, 2nd (1,091). Ticket sales for the next char- · -·.- l U I U l l g Jltl HJiL uueiii. »cjc, ,,.. i s ! tere(l . bus f r 'P wjl1 be g' n al 8:3 ° destroying it; silualion corrccl- scheduled as usual on Monday IP'" 1 -' on Thursday, Ma X ·»· The ed by officers. trip will be to the Alad-! 3:21 Fire alarm din Theatre (o see "Fiddler o; 1:30 p.m. in Uoom 204 of .Sen. George (he liecreation Center. Bleach there JOCfi Chrysler New Yorker I dr. M.T.. A.T., I'.S., I'.n.. Fai;. nil 1 , f u l l y Itjnilfil, prrtorl rnnilllfnn. $1095 1065 Ford 2 i n . H.T.. 3 on floor, 795 1962 Seoul .1x4 K \ I ra ft I PO n . s h H r p pa J n I , $ 795 even more clemcnlary problem |in being a Democratic centrist: j "There is no center in this par- i Anolher factor, certainly, was overconfidcnce. From Ihe slarl. Muskie's organization appeared lo be building more toward Ihe race against President Nixon in November lhan toward the Democratic convention in July. Spurred by early national polls, Ihe senator was billed as "the one man who can beat Nixon." Complicating Muskie's personal penchant for caution was a multi-layered campaign bureaucracy which, ! star-studded cast, bottle hals be continued this week. One skein of four-ply yarn is needed for each lial. Trophies for the Handicap Howling Tournament/ held the four Wednesdays in April will be awarded to (he winners in each division at i:30 p.m. on Wednesday, May 3, al the Bawl- orado Lanes. Open bowling will follow as usual wilh the cosl being 30 cents per game and shoes furnished free. Any- at 10 a.m. The group will e a l j -5:20 Abandoned auto reported. | by , h e Rockv M 0 1 l n f a i n scc[ion dinner al 11:30 a.m., attend the 4:41 Accident in the 2COO block j n [ (he n l m n j m i i i n ,. Engineering srmiv n t 1 '1(\ n »v\ o n r l Pn i,..« '/if T r 51 R.^;: m _ _ - , , , » ! ,, , TM . . . D one needing a ride should at the Recreation Center later lhan 1:15 p.m. inei Chevrolet 4 Door fi ryl., slick, radio. $ 195 Dick Nolan Motors ·[capacity for the instant la! m (» Airport, 3 miles cast on 8th St. Open FSvenings 'til 9 p.m. Phone 352-9560 Saturday 'til 6 p.m. despite a lacked the politi- decisions needed (o move on key issues. An exception was the one reached Wednesday--lo piill out of the primaries altogether. There was considerable infighting. But of likely grealcr impediment was Ihe sheer number Of those involved, the many Clark "senator advisers" like Clifford and Averill W. l l a r r i m a n and Luther B. Hodges, and Ihe If) senators, 'v' congressmen and nin n IHIVIT- be at Tcu 3:24 Accident at 15lh Ave. and 16th St. the Hoof"'on Wednesday, May 17.. The buses will leave the!'"^'"cancellation received on Recreation Center parking lollreport of runaway juvenile. UNC Library Designers Get Award The designers of Ihe lighting system in the new Universtiy of Northern Colorado library have won a regional award for their work in that structure. Kathleen Caldwell, A.I.D., ol Interior Design Consultants, and Sol Flax, P.E. of Sol J F l a x Associates Consulting Engineers, both of Denver, were (he lop award winners. They received first place in the commercial-industrial por- fion of recent competition held show at 1:30 p.m., and return'"' U.S. S5 by-pass. to Greelcy around 5:30 p.m. Thej cosl is $3.50 per person including both the theater seat and bus /are.' Tickets are sold on a first come,.first served basis. Trips are for members only. A Rummage Sale and Bake Sale will be held, on Friday and and 25th SI. . . , j c i t * i fii i Accident a l Z l s l Ave. Cl.; (il | cd| jSncicly I IKS). Their entry was JM w... ..... . ^prm 5:39 Accident in the 1500 blockl wor |5 of 8th Ave. 5:44 Juveniles reported Ihrow ing private property out of storage shed. 6:25 Accident in Ihe 800 block Saturday, May 5 and 6, from jot 17th SI. 8:30 a.m. lo 5:30 p.m. in Ihe a Learning i Center," and was based on Ihcir in the UNC library. ! The -55 million library has ibeen open since last summer 'and is Ihe largest academic library in Colorado. 1ES lists as ils purposes in holding the competition to in- The daily winners of the 4thjold So-Fro building, 821 8lh St. session of Ihe handicap bowling tournament are as follows: Women's Singles -- Lcona Moser, 1st (632), Joyce Sack, 2nd (559), Louella Golgart, 3rd (555): Men's Singles -- Dave Fuller, 1st (530), Fred Engel, 2nd. (579), Charlie Martin, 3rd (565); Mixed Doubles -- l.eona Moser and Kay Moser, 1st (1,169), Joyce Sack and Dave Fuller, 2nd (1,149);' Women's Everyone is invited to slop in. All proceeds the Senior Fund. Doubles Millie Alkirc and Viola Turner, 1st (1,066), Joyce Sack and Hull) Cline, 2nd (1,057); Men's Doubles - Fred T'jiirnl arul Hava Knllor will be Center given to Building T h e Handicraft-Needlework class will enter a display in the 11 In Annual Hobby Fair on Saturday and Sunday, May 6 and 7, in the Greeley Community Building. Anyone wishing to help watch Ihe display is asked lo contact the Senior Citizens Office, 353-3425, or Mary Armagost, 352-7M8. County Hospital. 6:30 Stolen bicycle reporled. fi:40 Stolen bicycle reported. 7:00 H i t - a n d run accident 9lh Ave. and 9lh SI. 7:47 Officer assisted cilizcn. There are some liihv in Rrilain. . - , . .. . . l l ' l j l O HIL. LU» I I I J ^ U I L U I I 1J I I I " False (ire alarm to \Veld i crcase thc ingcnuUy and origi . HosDIIal - nalily of lighting design, add to the society's library of application information, and provide members with a unique oppor- lunily to gain public recognition for excellence of lighting 590 judo' 8:02 Unfounded report of loud parly. 8:11 Suspected shoplifter apprehended al K-Mart. 8:23 Vandalism reported to Weld County General Hospital. 9 : 4 6 Exposure incident reported al Skaggs downtown. 10:40 Family disturbance reported. 11:36 Officer requeued to design. The Caldwell-Flax entry will go info the Intermountain regional competition in El Paso, Texas, May 20 with Ihe possibility of advancement to Ihe international competition inTulsa, Okla., in July. stand by as j u r y is dismissed.' ' i n Hrilain. There arc alxiut 1.10 licensed greyhound tracks in operation

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