Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on April 24, 1973 · Page 17
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 17

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 24, 1973
Page 17
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Tues., April 24,1973 GREELEY (Colo.) TRIBUNE 17 HOROWITZ PLAYED FOR SCRUB IN NEW YORK (AP) - The next recording by pianist Vladimir Horowitz wiil be "Horowitz Plays Scriabin." This celebrates the 100th anniversary of the birth of the ; Russian composer. It is the first time in nearly 20 years that Horowitz has recorded as NOTICE OF HEARING CAUSE NO. 532 BEFORE THE OIL AND GAS CONSERVATION COMMISSION OF THE STATE OF COLORADO IN THE MATTER OF · ) THE PROMULGATION ) AND ESTABLISHMENT ) O F F I E L O R U L E S T O ) 30VERN OPERATIONS IN } T H E W A T T E N B E R G G A S ) SPACEDAREA,ADAMS ) ANDWELDCOUNTIES, ) COLORADO ) TO ALL INTERESTED PERSONS AND TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN, AND ESPECIALLY TO: Jennie M. Neuschler (Nee Fellers), Last Known Address, 500 W. 33rd Avenue, Denver, Colorado, her heirs, execulors, assignees, legatees, and devisees; and lo arty unknown persons who may claim an Interest in and to the following described lands in Weld County, Colorado to-wih WVj Section 3D, Township 1 North, Range 64 West, 6th P.M. On November 17, 1970, Ihe Commission issued Us Order No. 232-1 which, among other things, established 330-acre drilling and spacing units lor Ihe production of pas and assoi-ldted hydrocarbons from Ihe "J" Sand underlying the Wallenberg Gas Spaced Area, said units consisting of the E'/j and W'/j or Ihe H'/t and SW of each section. Subsequent orders amended and extended Ine limits of the spaced area. On March 26, 1973, Terra Resources, by its attorneys, tiled with Ihe Commission an application for an order pooling all Irarls of land within Hie designated unit consisting of the W'/j Section 30, Township 1 North, Rangh 64 west, filh P.M., Weld County, Colorado, for the development of Ihe "J" Sand underlying said unit. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, lhal the Oil and Gas Conservation Commission of the Stale ot Colorado, pursuant lo said application, has sel the above-en,tiled matter for hearing on: DATE: Tuesday, May 15, 1973 TIME: 9a.m. PLACE: Auditorium, Social Services Building, 1575 Sherman Slrect, Denver, Colorado. Pursuant to said hearing in the nbove- enlitled matter, al me lime and place aforesaid, or al any adiourned meeting, the Commission will enter such orders as il deems appropriate to prevenl Ihe waste of oil and gas, either or both, in the opera I ion ot said field, and lo carry oul the purposes of Ihe statute. Any interested parly desiring to protest the granting of the application should file with the Commission a written protest no later than May 11, 1973, briefly staling Ihe basis of ihe protest. IN IHfc NAME OF THE STATE OF COLORADO. O I L A N D G A S C O N S E R V A T I O N COMMISSION OF THE STATE OF COLORADO By FrankJ. piro, Secretary Dated al Denver, Colorado, April 12, 1973. IhcGrcelev Daily Tribune April 17,2-1, May 1,8,1973 album entirely made up-of Scriabin's music. Horowitz played for Scriabin when he was 11 years old in Kiev in 1915, a few months before the composer's death, . This year the pianist won a Grammy award for his recording "Horowitz Plays Chopin." Smuggling major source of income for Togo NOTICI Of FINALlltTLKMINT No, P.12517 Esllft of IEN WlftTZ, il*o known ·« BtnlwnJn Wtm (Dtctlltd). Notfci is htrtby glvtn mil I ntvf flirt my flnil rtport ki tM Oliirlcl Court of Weld County, Colorado, end nut my P*rlon dnlrlng to ob|Kt to ttit Mmt thill lilt writ ten objtcllon with th« Hid court on or twfort M«y 3, U». lowtWwtx, ExKutrlx Witdo and Witdo, Attys Gretity,Color»doHt3i The Qratity Dally Trlbuni Apr. 2, 9, 16, 24, 1973 RESOLUTION ADOPTING SUBDIVISION REGULATIONS WHEREAS, the Planning Commission of the Town of Kersey, has formulated a set of Subdivision Regulations lo govern Ihe subdivision of land in the Town of Kersey, and WHEREAS, the Planning Commission has caused a public hearing lo lake place wi|h · respect to the Subdivision Regulations, and WHEREAS, the Planning Commission of Ihe Town of Kersey has fully considered the Subdivision Regulations and has considered all statements and evidence at the public hearing thereon; NOW, T H E R E F O R E , BE IT RESOLVED BY THE PLANNING COMMISSION OF THE TOWN OF KERSEY, COLORADO: 1. The Regulations attached hereto, known as the'Subdivision Regulations of Kersey, Colorado, are hereby adopted as the Official Subdivision Regulations for the Town of Kersey. 2. The attached Subdivision Regulations are hereby declared to be published in pamphlet form, and the Town Clerk is hereby directed to maintain at all times adequate numbers of copies of said Regulations, bound in pamphlet form, so lhat any interested member of the-public may be tully apprised of Ihe content of said Regulations. PASSED AND ADOPTED, SIGNED AND APPROVED Ihts 16 day of April, 1973. Harvey L. Hunlcman ATTEST: Ellorah P. Hunleman Town Clerk ( S E A L ) The Greeley Daily Tribune April 1A, 1973 By LARRY HEINZERLINO Auoctated Preii Writer LOME, Togo (AP) -- Tourists splashed in the rolling Atlantic surf, sipped beer on the palm-fringed beach and tanned under a bright African sun while the smugglers casually went about their work. Three trucks laden with cigarettes, liquor, evaported milk and other merchandise lumbered into view from under the swaying palms. About 30 bare-chested men waiting on the beach hoisted the cases of contraband onto their heads and transferred the load to four dugout canoes bobbing in the shimmering green- blue sea. Liter, under a cloudleM tropical sky, the motor-powered boats slipped away and set off for a night journey to Ghana, a few miles to the east. . "We do good business," said one youth in khaki shorts. He rested.on a large box of Winston cigarettes while his partners loaded the boats. "The risk is high, but so are the profits." There'is no risk however, in Togo. That the smugglers worked on a popular beach in broad daylight a mile from town and seemed unperturbed at being photographed underlined the official lack of concern here. Lome, a small, dusty port r Junior Editors' Quiz on- LICHENS IICHWS 6ROV/N THE £HAP£ . Of LOSE WEIGHT OR MONEY BACK The Odtinex Plan can help you become the slim trim person that you would like to be.Od- rinex has been used successfully by thousands all over the country for 14 yean. Get rid of eicess fat and live longer. Odrinex is a tiny tablet and easily swallowed. Contains no dangerous drugs. No starving. No special exercises. Odrinex Plan costs $3.25 and the large economy size $5.25. You must lose ugly fat or your money will be refunded. No questions ashed. Accept no substitutes. Sold with this guarantee b/: NOTICE OF CONTRACTORS SETTLEMENT STATE OF COLORADO . PROJECT NO. 1541 Notice is hereby given that on the 4th day of May, 19/3, at Denver, Colorado, final settlement will be made by the STATE OF COLORADO with the U.S. Engineering Company of Loveland, Colorado hereinafter called the "CONTRACTOR", for and on account "of the contract for the construction of a PROJECT described as a Boiler Plant Addition at the University of Northern Colorado, Greeley, Colorado. 1. Any person, copartnership, association or corporation who has an unpaid claim against the said prefect, for or on account of the furnishing of labor, materials, team hire, sustenance, provisions, provender or other supplies used or consumed by such Contractor or any of his subcontractors in or about the performance of said work, may at any time up to and including said time of such final settlement, file a verified statement of the amount due and unpaid on account of such claim. I. All such claims shall be filed with the Authority for College, Institution, Department or Agency and the State Controller, State Capitol Building, Denver, Colorado. 3. Failure on the part of a creditor to file such statement prior to such final settlement will relieve the State · of Colorado from any and all liability for such claim. Dated at Greeley, Colorado, this 13th day of April, 1973. STATE OF COLORADO, acting by and through: Bd. of Trustees of the State Colleges In Colorado. Dy Samuel G. Gates Executive Director The Greeley Daily Tribune April 17, 24,1973 QUESTION: What are lichens and what are they used for? * * * ANSWER: Lichens are primitive plants ranking lower in plant life than mosses but higher than seaweeds and fungi. They are rootless, stemless, flowerless and leafless. They cling to rocks, old boards, tree bark and bare ground. They can grow where other plants could not obtain a foothold. They grow in deserts, on beaches and on mountain tops and live where no other vegetation can survive. Lichens are often called pioneer plants because tney have crumbled rocks and made ground accessible for the seeds of more complex plants. The lichen is unusual among plants in that it is a dual organism. It is the association of two very different growths for natural advantage. An alga or minute green slime-plant is fed :upon by a white thread-like fungus. In return for its food, the fungus enwraps the alga and gives it shade and moisture. : Many lichens contain starch and are used as food. People of Iceland make a bread from a lichen called Iceland Moss; another lichen called Reindeer Moss is the chief food of reindeer in the north. Some lichens supply certain dyes and drugs. Others have been found valuable as survival food. 4-24 (Judy Trainque of Fitchburg, Mass., wins a prize far this question. You can win $10 cash plus AP's handsome World Yearbook if your question, mailed on a postcard to Junior Editors in care o} this newspaper, is selected far a ·prize.) _ GOOD/YEAR LOW LOW PRICES POLYESTER CORD TubeletE Size A78-13 7.00-13 B78-14 E78-14 f'78-14 G78-14 H78-14 F78-15 G78-15 J78-15 L78-15 Conventional Size - 6.45-14 7.35-14 7.75-14 8.25-14 8.55-14 7.75-15 8.25-15 8.85-15 9.15-15 Blickwall Tuneless Pair Price 2 fords. 00 2 for 151.21) 2 for $46.90 2 for 554.90 2 for $57.10 2 for $59.50 2 for 564.00 2 for $58.50 2 lor 561. 00 2 for S6S.70 2 for $71.00 Whllewall rubelcis Pair Price 2 for $51.70 2 for 556.30 2 for $52.10 2 for 561.00 2 for 563.30 2 for 566.10 2 for $71 .00 2 for 565.00 2 for 567.80 2 for 576.20 2 for $71.90 Plus Fid. Ex. Tax and 2 at tires $1.83 $1.88 $1.96 $2.22 $2.37 $2.53 $2.75 $2.42 $2.60 $3.01 $3.13 POWER CUSHION "78" VYTACORD TIRES · Goodyear's deepest tread bias-ply "78" · 4-plies of triple-tempered polyester cord · Wrap-around tread with step down traction bladings tubeless plus $1.83 Fed. Ex. Tax per tire and Clean Sidcwall Design · A Great Tire in its Price Class · Performance Features ·Triple-tempered nylon cord construction "ALL-WEATHER 33T BLACKWALL Siie 6.50x13 blachwall tubelesi plus $1.73 Fed. It. Tax per tire and old tires. OTHER SIZES LOW PRICED TOO SIZES 7.75x14. 8.25X14, 7.75x15. 8.25x15 pmi K.US to $2.30 Fed. Ex. Tax per tire, depend in i on tire, and old tires. 3 WAYS TO CHARGE ««··»»«*·*·»·· ' Our Own Cuttomtr Credit Plan · Matter Charge · BankAmericard Consumers Oil Co. ! Corner 8th Ave. at 6th St. Phoni 352-4562 Gfcrwt, Colorado Phone 737-2973 tl 1100 8th AVE i«»««»««M*»»«»- city that serves as Togo's seat of government, is the smuggling capital of West Africa. The illegal trade is a major source of income for this tiny nation of 2 million that has long supplied thriving black markets in neighboring countries. Smiling traders on the receiving end in Accra, Lagos and other capitals show up with bargains from Togo at private homes and market places. The prices are cheap. Customers in Lagos, for example, can buy a carton of 200 American or British cigaretts that cost $7.50 in the stores for about $4 from Togo's underground. Togo collects modest duties on imports that are subsequently smuggled out of the country. And it charges fees and export duties on commodities such as cocoa smuggled into Togo and subsequently exported legally. Levies on this flourishing two-way traffic add up to a substantial part of (he nation's $53 million annual budget. The illicit trade turnover is estimated to be $20 million to $30 million a year. Millions of dollars in radios, liquor, cigarettes, perfume, tape recorders and other goods are smuggled into Ghana from Togo. · In Ghana, import restrictions, high prices and austerity under military rule have created widespread shortages of such items. NOTICE OF SCHOOL ELECTION Public notice is hereby given lhat Ihe regular biennial school election will be held on Tuesday, May 1, 1973, in School District No. RE-10J, Weld County, State ol Colorado, for the purpose ol electing two directors whose term of office shall expire May 3, 1977; that each of Ihe lollowing named persons is a registered qualified elector residing in School Diblritt No. RE- 10J, and has filed with Ihe district secretary a written notice of his or her intention lo be a candidate for the nllicc of School Director, Iwpnly rinys prior tn the election date, together wilh d nominalior. petition signed by at least fifty, or fifteen percenl, whichever is less, ol the registered electors resident in Ihe director district in which the candidate resides. Name of candidales: Norman Peterson, Director District B, Term Expires May 3, 1977. Any qualified electors in School District RE-IOJ, whose name appears on th2 registration list of the school precinct in which such person resides shall be enlitlei! lo voleon candidates for school director at the regular biennial school eleclion lo held on May 1, 19;s. AlvernaM. Heiser Secretary. School District RF.10J Dated April 2, 1973. The Greeley Dally Tribune Apr. 10.17.24,1973 Lome's booming black market in Ghanaian currency also irritates Ghana's authorities. Travellers crossing the frontier for the first time are amazed by dozens of money changers, many of them Nigerians, who swoop upon cars just before they cross into Ghana. The money men wave thick wads of money and shout "Change! Change!" This "free market" in foreign exchange operates within sight of Ghana's border guards. Those going to Ghana are offered Ghanaian money--virtually worthless outside the country--at cheap prices for U.S. .dollars and other convertible currencies. Bargains are also available for those leaving Ghana wanting to buy scarce foreign exchange with Ghanaian money. The shooting of two smugglers last year, and beefed up border patrols and army checkpoints on major roads inside Ghana have reduced smuggling and hence the revenue that Togo gets from it. Ghana-Togo relations, which soured because of the crackdown, appeared to improve in late March following a brief state visit to Ghana by Togo's ruler, Gen. Etienne Eyadema. money on auto insurance yEtnalakes Action to Give"fcu a Better Break on Insurance Costs and Coverage. If your present insurance company is already giving you a break for your safe driving record, chances are we can give you a butter break. Even if your driving record is less lhan perfect, it could still pay you to inquire about All-Driver --because All-Driver is designed to meet the insurance needs of nearly everyone who has a driver's license. 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