Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on November 16, 1961 · Page 2
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 2

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 16, 1961
Page 2
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2 GREELEY TRIBUNE Thurs,, Nov. Ifi, 1961 Deeper Formations in New Oil Drillings Emphasized ;·;' DENVER (AP) - D«pcr tor-|wcll Is In Fallon Counly, six mltel 'motions arc emphasized in n«w cast o( Chotcau. oil exploration under way in Moir' Pclroleum Intomallon said Skcl tana. North Dnk6la and Wyoming. ' 0.1 compiled a small produc ' 'or, 2 tank, In North Dakota's Me Fallen County. Tills is obcut six ·inlles northwest of Ihc LI (tie Beater Field. Bollineau County at 4,090 feet. In Nebraska Chieftain Pelrole urn and Mast Drilling decided ti run pipe at. 4,623 feet In their In North Dakota, lire Industry Mcllon-A well in Lincoln Coumy piibllcnlton said, Amerada Petroleum slaked location (or a 12,000 test of (he Ordovlclan nbout 45 miles southeast of producllon In Dunn County. It was reported that A drillstcm test of the J sand Humble Oil . Refining will drill nnd lest the Cherokee or Iteag*i sands. Miami Petroleum is run ning casing at 7,102 feet in the 2 Cornils well In Kimball Couniy 7,023-26 feet brought 90 feet of o n test of the Mississlppian forma- i n 2 hours 40 minutes, (ion in the nrca oust of Bluej Lakota Petroleum Is testing UK Butlcs In McKenzic County, North Lyons sand below 6,530 /eel a Dakota, jits 1 Trlndlc well in the Level an Humble Is ranking drillstem Field of-tarlmcr County, Colors tests of the Mesaverde sand after drilling its 1 Spider Creek well in Wyoming's Swcelwaler County to 10,447 feel. In an earlier test' at 9.KKM28 feel fins flowed'at the rote of 4,220,000 cubic feet per day. A 23-hour pump test of the 1 Federal-Robinson well in Crook Couniy Wyoming 'recovered 510 barrels of oil from Mlnnelu^a perforations at 5,650-72 .{jtl'..Tho. operators are Shell Oil aiid-Davis on. .';.'· ·-,'-...,.:,:.:':'., Another, Cambrian -lest irj.ltbrv (ana's Swccfgfass Arch lias^ been announced- . b y ' Montalban Oils, which has abandoned-four'previ- ous tesls'in. Ijie 1 area.. The, new · ' : - ' . i - Bu«ine$* Qwn«r*f I have out of stata buyers looking i for\ i a..|ocajlent ' Call -^'HoHv · BROODS. REAl-Tt, '.:;· ' ' * · do. Tlio first test recovered 1 cet of lieavily oil-saturated Ugh and, said. Union .Texas Natural Gas go! 7',} barrels of oil and 13 barre if water In VA hours at Ha lossle well In Washington County Colorado.-rThe tone is the J " SM^-M'/i 'feet. · In Utah Humble-Oil * Refin ng drilled the 1 Sowers Canyc o 2,7*3 feet In Duchesn«'.Couni arid."irlll' test the .Green;Rive sanii. Pan .'American Petroleum reported- pli. EhowsMri its 1 Pi Ufa Will In Washington': Count; Ilt4h,"-'ind announced .drillitei e*ts 'of' the Moenkopl formallo at'3,«0«3 feel.'.-'-.' .'·: ' ·'A^JIow of. MO-'barrels per ,da wii reported foFiSunray' MMJcif liniflp'C'il's 8 New M^xlcifrj -Vf« in trie Cha Cha-Gallup' Fi«id .j NewJ Mexico's San.; Juan Count The sand is the Gallup, peffora ed/'-at 5,017 feet,;. In .the" .sarri county Expiprallori brilling foun gas rnijlipn cub feel per-day.In the:) Navajo we f^^^f^^^f^i^ USE 'TMI TfjmutiE WAKT';A« -Broad Breasted Farm Fresh, Oveq ' : .'·.;·.-'. Ready- · Hens 11 Ibs. 1« la Ibs, . f.Tonw 20- Ibs. to '30 Dinwn Finw ' ;.C;;Telephone 284-6424.;';; UFF-A-DAY 2$i£^l£ Allman, Ervin Hawkins, Jim Wilson, Robert Burr, Lester Kramer, D. K. McFarlin, Elmo Annis, Ver- Dean Wilson, M. P. .Mulherui, Cozad, · Charles Campbell, Edwin Ehn, T. E. Gallatin, Victor Benf ^ f^fj/t/aa r=/ft" C IX f, Kt*l TrA-jnf I "If your mother won't have you--try mine!" Pierce ,. . anied them 'at.the piano, second number was a reading by By MRS. FRED WALKER PIERCE -- Double-Five Birthday Club. members gathered at the home of Mrs. James Kinney recently for a social time. Mrs. Lena Worley of Nunn w a s - a guest. ' . · " · ' Mr! and. Mrs., Fred Conger and ,ir. and Mrs: Fred Walker called at..the. home of Mr. and.;Mrs. George pall' last' week :to. help Ihem observe their 36th' wedding anniversary. . · , . '... Sunday 'dinner (uectg -of Mr und-Mrs. Sd Schlagel, and Verlyn were. Mrs. Huth. Schlagel and Myrna, -Mrs. Maryi'Schlagel' and Ka'r'en aid" Artene · Schlagel' and finance liob. Beet of'Greeley. Mre; B.C. Phillips entertained her card club 'at her home Friday afternoon. .Score/ wjhners wcre-Mmes. W.-R. Carlson, Bd- il*sh, A. B, Ross and A:dellne Tprnef.' "ftw 'Schlagels" hai^as their.' guests. on their 24th-.WM- rling artniversary Mr.' arid.js. John Bernhardt ot'GjII. The foursome .enjoyed 'dinner,' at the Garden ^Kitchen 'at Greeley.. ; , ,;i^'recent bridal shower at-the lown" hall', complimented- Mrs'. Howard - Haagensen, - formerly Judy Wolfe, daughter of Mr/ and Mrt. Jacob Wolfe of Pierce.-Mrs, Harold Buchanan announced:the program which consisted 'of voca .duets. W,Sene; and Roeaha .Pls- anb "Trii Old LahipUghter'' and ' 'Becauae You KtsJed.vMe Good-1 Ight." Mri.:R«y'Re«ve« accoirVl il ' ' · ' ' s ' · ' % . 'M Judy Benavidez. Judy inlroducec tamlly members including gro'ix mothers of'the gr/)oni. : Mrs. Bu chanan presented the gifts. Those who helped with the gifts wer I W ' molhers, Mrs. Jacob Wolf and Mrs; Oi :A. Haagensen; the srlde's .'sisters, Mrs.-Evelyn' Sny der," Mrs. Beverly '· Snyder; ant V(rs. 'Dean ' Wilson', Judy -Conger Janice -Woods, and Mrs; Rober Burr. The table decor was in Ih fall theme'of yellow, and brown Hostessds. ^yere 1 Mrnes, Howar Counterfeit Bills Flood New York xn Conger, William Carlson, counterfeit $10 bills has hit this blurred. ,yle Kinnlson, '.Troy J*nes, Don merchants ar« preparing for theliuhe lower right hand coiner of the irnUQM Unt-ft]i4 nik^Kanan V*l". Itne-iocl nACLru]_Mu nl*vl«l*viDe VUILH ' ^ - « U T - * + e en t ' Grogan, Harold Buchanan, tusieit per mi BalamooU, Bob Gill, Harry inf seuoa. hardt, Alex Mildred Glf in and John Roscbeiry. Mr. and Mrs. William Carlson entertained their- card club at l.Holr'home Saturday night, starting- with a supper. Score winners were Mr. and Mrs. Fred Walker Mf«. Wylie. Kennedy and Elmer Huett. . .Visitors-, at the Fred Walkei hime' Saturday were Mr. and Mrs. 'Russell Walker and children of : Castle Rock and her brother John ;Andrews, of Colorado Uni versity; Most of them spent th day pheasant hunting. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Van Why weri hosts Sunday at a turke. dinner in honor of their daugh ter, \Irs. Kenneth Wlckstrom, o her birthday, biters were Wick slrom'a'nd children, Mr. and Mrs Raymond Van Why and sons, an MIldred'.Glffin and children Sfe VaS home (or the wekenc from her school 'at Denver. "Mr. and AUs. Elmer JIuilt wer part of ( a family group whic spent Sunday at the home of 'Mr arid ,M)s. .Everett '..'Huitt. and Debra.. The .young men enjoyec" the pheasant hunting. An ann versa ry dinner 'was 'held for th Elmer Huitts in 'the evening.', Out of state 'visitors who came NEW YORK (AP)-A flood of wpping mecca it a lime' when . 2. The Treasury seal is slightly 3. The face plate numbers ,in Christmas buy* U.S. AUy, lUbert M. Morgen- wu said 263 of.the bills turned p here last week. The-bogus $10 bills 'also have xxn seized by federal agents' In Sun Francisco, Philadelphia, Richmond, Va., and Atlanta, Ga., Mor- genthau disclosed Tuesday. But he added that the dlstribu Ion 1? centered in New York and ;the ring behind K all is big and well organized." In Washington, James J. Row ,ey, chief of the Secret Service said the New York activity ha. centered around bogus $10s am $205. Authorities said there are three ways to detect the counterfeit $1 bills: 1. The .portrait of Alexande Hamilton is "muddy," lacking lh shading and detail line's of gen ulne bills. from Portland, Ore., for the-Kern a few days. Carpenter wedding Sunday wer Mr..and Mrs. Emmanuel Houser Mrs. Houser is a lister of Mrs Chris Kern. They will-stay for. short visit. · . Mr. and Mrs. Ned Shirley ar the. grandparents of twin boy born to their son-in-law anddaugh ter, Mr. aridlrs. Clyde Gilley o Castle Rock'on Tuesday. Mrs Shirley visited mother and babie at'Porter Hospital at Denver brought Shevaun home to'spent a,-' £3, £21, £2, 13, 18, and ¥3. SI THE TRIBUNE WANT AM Plastic Pools NEW YORK-A plastic swim ming pool may cost up to $4,000 Genghis Kh«i, wh* «wl in 1217. left little or' nothing of lastini material value. Not a v Wone i» standing at the site of bib great capital, Karakorum. -eoto Btcwszv MOT oFt«r«estiEcTx»a AT RON'$T.V, Buy Only AMERICA'S No. 1 TV . . . ZENITH The Cadillac of'Televisibn -·" With SERVICE-SAVER CHASSIS Priced as Low as 169,95 ftrrf v»«^re'^SS:" Jt ^t^SS^*v I:r ' 5 ^*«~»*~* a *. gl^ljtjt- iS»s«rtW«^»- ' s ika,!*-- KELVWATpR CRftSHES 2£~ mMJOLAM 13.4 ftt-ft utm IH wt» H TllBWWJj". H TWKn.Kl* o, WITH M«TW ie«icmi i » 6 1 it · OtANT 105-LB, FREEZER with Zlro-zonl Wtdl « TWIN PORCELAIN CRISFtRS tt handy "no-slMp" Itvtll · EXCLUSIVE PACKAGE PANTRY (at bottom) for pra-packaged produce in · -spaca waited In many other refrigerators! · HEW ADJUSTABLE ·'DOOR SHELVES! · BUTTER AND CHEESE CHESTJ! HANDr (GO RACK! · MAGNETIC DOOR aiuinl p«rf*ct Ml! HOW CAN KELVINATOR BRING YOU SO MUCH VALUE? Because Kelvinator, unlike oth*n, dotan't nuke eoatly uuxtal nod*I change* . .. men "ehang* for : *'h*nge'* «ke." Inatecd, iU Contiant Belie Impnumtnt profram bria^i you UM a«w«t tdvancx Jurt aa toon u they are t«*ted and approved, fjTinf you plus value I Op*n Evenings 'Til S:30 -- Drive Out AiNl Save Greeley Furniture Co. 2*00 Eighth Av« T»Upll«n« EL 2-5441 Tr A 'T T 1 O : ZALE S HOLIDAY 6IFT .Eight bullion) diaroortds tola! -one. full cajo't.jr(_ L i/ij*'^ jr'omnnee 1 . 1 '" we : ddi'na L A Y A W A Y FOR CHRISTMAS! vi. Em*ra~|f el («.'iililalrt IH- n»«d«r/i interlocking bridal ' Uj( sol ' -H^ljp-. '|1.M.»M'/ I i Mfl'n'f dioMOnd ring la n«|j .'" " :EI«vin."d in« Melia Mrting In 14X : · coral in ri · : -..iqx'iii«i.' -.'' '«:»;'' LU^. Ladlel' 17-'tlw«l Elgin fA UK wXilt gold, «trutliif with U riplind»l dia- 110 5125 Six di»»afldt * n h o n c « beauliful lady'! Honilt^, 14K gold caie, vxi hmd. M95 J3.7S w«»Hr ,,,,.,,. |*-diamond bridal f*l in striking modtrn de.ign. 14K 90Id. EoilerA Star ring dblaz* Man'i black liar sapphir* with fin« dloMondl Tn UK occenled wllh 2 rfiajnwidi gotd ieHiic. ' SI C fl w bold MK mounting. lo show 4*larf. f 17 JeWB. ELGWS 14K GOLD CHARMS AND BRACEUETS inkt o UK «!id 14K "Hoppy lirthdoy" T r . « - o l - l i I. iludd.d IB cho 9 S E E OUX C O M P L E T E S E L E C T I O N OP 14K J E W E L R Y rthday" 5 13 S prfces p/ut Federal fait NEW COLORFUL CLUB ALUMINUM COOKWARE H*avy 9Oi9* aluminum iniid*, ce4orfuJ ilainlcn porctloin oulud* in Tutquaix, 6«/gt, Yellow or Pink. IMIHi »V" if 3 EXTRA CUPS 57-PC IMPORTED CHINA O*)* ·( 3 Wnty paHniM ' COMfUTI UIVKt KH I iZ ALE'S OPEN FRIDAY NIGHTS Grader EUin 2-6957

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