Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico on January 29, 1945 · Page 2
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Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico · Page 2

Las Cruces, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Monday, January 29, 1945
Page 2
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PAGE TWO Las Cru*s Sin-News WAY F O R AIRSTRIPONINDORO German Muralc Slumps in Ddeal By DcWTTT M a c K K N Z I E Associate! Prgsf War A n a l y s t n . r ' l V; ' Sl ·" ;irl ; : -! ! "'.""" !'"" '·" i1 """ "··-; H':.l C,Yrman m - i . , 1 , - , . . ; , ,, , , . ,, ! hi.,,,,:,,, ,),,,,,,, ,, , : , , ,, ,,, ,,,, ,.,,,. , f , ] : \vlncli l:. n.i ' . - i ! i i U A n i l in, V . - I I I I I | C T , I - , i - v.'i :.rc " ,; ;,r ,,: :n ;. Ihr- , ! ( , · , I l l limit"; ,if il W.'ll 1 m.'H'll.'IM ' . V l l ' l ' l :i l i t l l r . , . . , , . , . ||,;,- | I V ,. M,;,,. K .,,,,, w; ,,, l l i r mosl |jmv, i l , , l , V I T , - r , - , ' , - ' , , f,v,-r,i-!.'.'l!nii!r; ' i n i t s .sliTOjitli t l i . - i ! , i ; i l i i . r , .1 i - n - l . v , v l K u n . ' j . i - . \Vc r:i.'i j;., cvw f u r l l u T n n d M,,' [ I , ; , ! i l , j . , i, ; :| M . | , . I ' , . : , M I ; ol :i "real ijo'.vcr- . f ( , r "" · ' · · " · · · ' i | - . I . . . . - . I · · n . | . · , . . , · I M - ( i i - r i.p|v,ri.; ;,,;;:insl h u m a n i t y i s t o b o s t r i p p i - d i,f Hi;,! pn.'.ilinn a m n i i L : n n l i ' i n s n n t l 'I'!"- » · I - - - " · ' · Monday Afternoon Jantiiry 29, 1945 WESILLAPARKFAMIlYVRpSSEDPXCmc WITH GEN. MACARTFHJR WHEN HE I.I Vlirli.r I'. Itrl-.-rts "f tin: \t. s. En m i l l - l i r i l i R -v;i,-lialo,l f r o m 3it,-. ;,\-.u-IIM proposed Mlndiiru island airstrip to Filipino YANKS IN SAN FABIAN, FIRST LUZON CAPTURE REP POINT 5 Red r , , i l l f l fur i - r h in to your l i i i t i - h , r. K , , j» Sr,viii K Uitil K.ifi Km- "Why, no, I can't hbhes'try sa : | that : remember Gener'al iSougfa' | Mac-Arthurs as a -econd lleutenanl | although Capt. Wilkinson and I .vent over on the same boat with him." said Mrs. John F. Wilkinson Mesllla Park, in .speaking of the! : second crossing to the Philllpiaes I But that's putting the cart be j fore the horse. Let's begin at the | beginning. i Born in an army tent in For Mclntosh, Texas, just outside the j town of Brownsville, his parents i an army captain and his young wife, it seems only fitting that John F. Wilkinson should from ear- 1 !y childhood have aspired to an I army carreer. j Hfs father, Capt. John W. Wil; kinson, was the first man to be I appointed to West Point from the ! state of Montana. Graduating 'n i 1872, he was sent to Ft. Stanton. New Mexico, where he fought the Apache Indians. Here, too, he :net and married Miss Fritz of Lincoln. N. M. When their son Was born in the Texas camp the following year' the young mother was only 17. Typical of army life, the llttli family moved about to whatevei camp the father was assigned. Joined Cavalry While at Fort Meade, S. D., the young mother died at the age of 25, leaving the widowed captain and their eight year old son. Not many years' later. whik young John Wilknlson was a high school student in Ironton Ohio bis father died. On completing his high school studies, he received an apponltihent as an alternate to West Point. When the principal won the appointment, young Wilkinson realized his childhood ,iro- bition by enlisting In the -1th Cavalry. That was In August, 1894. ?n June. 189fi, he won his commission, and while stationed at Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas, met Miss Mary 'Reynolds of Mesllla, New Mexico, v. ho was visiting there. They promptly fell in love and were marled. I Shortly after--In November- he was brdered to Cuba, while th ·thing "bride came home and wait .'d. No army wives were allowei n Cuba, and Mrs. Wilkinson cai ;ympathi2e with the young .wive if today whose husbands are on 'oreign soil amidst urest am uiffering. For, although the bat !e of San Juan and El Caney wa. iver and actual hotllities had leased, the treaty under which Spain , relinquished all right am loverignty over Cuba was :iot ,-ign -d until December. For the nex .hrce years the island was administered exclusively fay the United States war department. Ordered To China When Lt. Wilkinson returned to -ejoin his bride he was stationed on Governor's Island, N. Y. But he the reunion was to be short ived, for in 1900 at the outbreak tf the Boxer Rebellion in China, e was ordered to the Philippines. Vnd again because of unrest, or- lers were "no wives." As trouble subsided, Mrs. Wllk- ison followed her husband, .inr' or six months they made their ome in Alanila. Thoy found the island capita' Americanized and with a pleasanl ocial life. "If I only had one or my Fili- ino house boys now, ray house- eeplng troubles would be over," Mrs. Wilkinson said, recalling hat every family in Manila hai two or three native servants. The late afternoon drive in th victoria, drawn by two Filipin ponies, along the leuneta -- th driveway on the beach of Manila Bay--was as routine as the 8 o'clock dinner afterwards, she naid After six months the lieutenant was sent to th'e provinces, where due to overwork and perhaps the climate, he became 111, was hospi- lalfzed and later was returned 10 :he states on sick leave. In 1903, after receiving his captaincy, he was ordered back to the Philippines, this time accompanied by his wife. It was on this second crossing that young Douglas MacAri.hur, a second lieutenant just out of West Point, and a group.^of his classmates were un th'e sfliHe ship with Capt. and Mrs. Wilkinson. And although the young Ueutenant was Introduced to her, Mrs. Wilkinson docs not recall the'inoldent. STacA'rtliur on Boat But the captain re-members him very well, for they -were both go- ,ng over to serve under Gen. Arthur MacArthur, father of Douglas MacArthur, who was in ;ommand or the Philippines at the '.Ime. .' Assigned 'to duty.' in Ihe provinces, their first 'station was fn Bulan, then Bacon and'finally Legaspi, all in Albay province in the southern tip pf Luzon island. Legaspi, the Wilkinsons recall, is at the foot of Ml.'^layon, said to be the most picture'sQu'e volcano n the wdrld. Two years In the islands, and ·jack to the states again. In 19.06 Capt. Wilkinson resigned from the army and has lived'ln the Mesilia valley ever since. For a numbeY 3f years he was :booklreepor for ""orter Lumber company, then ashler -it New Mexico AM, vhich position he has held for over wenty-one years. - . In their home' weW'-of Mesiila Park Capt. and Mr's*. Wilkinson agerly watch develjSjijnents in thli On Christmas day a .genera] in France .congratulated Their grandson. Robert W. Craven;, jr., and handed him a citation from Gen. Mark Clark for participation in the rescue of. wounded soldiers from a mine field. He,'is now lighting with the 7th army field art- llery. . . . On the other side of the world heir granddaughter's husband, Robert S. Moore, is in action in he Philippines. Clark Field Is In our hands, the mountains of Ba- aan peninsula arc in'sight of our rmies. MaeArthur is virtually at he gates of Manila. The Wilkinsons have no doubts is to tlie outcome of that cam- know the loyalty of the Filipino aign. They know the ground, they nd they knew the good soldier t the head of our armies. said Probate Court. this the 13tl day of January. A. D. 19^15. \DBLA GONZALES I SEAL 1 County Clerk. Don Ana County N. M 22. 29, Feb. 5--45 i I Jan. . ftrst town on Legal Notice BLACKFOOT CHIEF TALKS LAW NOTICE IN Till! DISTRICT COl'RT HOMA A MA COUNTY. NKW MHXICO SOI.KnAll r,. TKM HS ALICIA l i r i l A I . A . 11STKR . I I H i A L A , .11!- I.1A .11UIAI.A mill M A N U K I , HI. H A L A . ri.iini!fr», vs. W A I . I i ( i - ! i l ' M : : ; S : Hi,- u n k n o w n hi'lrli of C I I A K L K S \, SPIESR. ilo- ",'iisi'il. nnd l i l ' H Y J. SPIRSS,' 'ill; w l f " ,|..,-,.:is,.,l: II-:AN-.N'10TTK K I M K S S KD.X, |f || vine, if ,!,.,.,.-«,.. ·i! tlin iinUni.'.i'ii IH-II-;, of . I K A N - NK1TE K l ' I H S S K0\, deci'nsi-rl- CAU1.OK A sriKSB. If l l v i n u . i' [ " l - ' ' I I H , ' l . t i l e l l l l l u l , -\V|, l u - l j - - ,,-· f ' A H I . O S A . S 1 H K B S ,l,.,.,.|i.-,|M E K . M A N S P I K K S . il l i v l n e . i f e l',-lvi,i.i,n,, [idvi-rsc t, Flushing transmission and differ* enfial of old grease. Filling with correct weight lubricants. (Limit 6 pounds.) Flrestono complete chassis lubrication. Chocking front wheel bearings. Testing battery with hydrometer. pmfont R A Y ' S P A R K Texaco Service Station MESILLA PARK PHONE 493-J2 (II "I! i i n l i i i o w n "f i n l i ' i ' i ' H l in '·iil',',1 j i r i ' n i i p l i i l n l i f . ' s , I NO'ni'K 01- I'KXIlr.NC'Y SI IT TO. U ' . M . I H , Sl'lKSK |mpl,«i,|. |-.l w i t h Hi,, inllowint! 'iriiiii-,1 .!-. fi-iTihintj, .'iKiiinst whom i i i l i s t i t i i t , - i i "iTVii-i- is h|.|-i'liy dOHKhl lo In- ,'litiiin..,|, t o - w l t : tin- u n k n o w n ht'lr.s of C I I A K I . K S A. SP1ESS. ,|,.- "·"M',1, m,d ,ir HVHY .1. SPIESS, Ins n i l , ' , dc.-.-ns,.,!; .IK-ANNETTE SPIESS I.-OX, if HvhlR. if ,1,-,-,-ascil. Ill,- l i n h i u n i M li,.|rs of J K \ \ . NMTK SPIKSS K C I X . divtwi! C A K I . I I S A. SPIESS, If l l v l M K . |f j ,|,',-i'n.s,-,|. t l h - unlntou'n heirs .M' ; I ' A K I . d S A SI'IIOSS, d,.,-,.., .;,.,]'' l i v : n s , i f ; Ohi,.r \Vn,lcj,.|ii-wntrr. V,-I],T I r l n n l n-Kiillii ami w i t h Thn,,i,,i t'l-ct-lion nf a tulH-rciiliiHi.-; ho^i praraiH-c bi-l'oro til,' M o n t a n a ! lions,. Chiiniln-i-'s p a l n l l i i f ; ol in i l l - l i s t Ohnrlra Ituss,'! ,.f i;, v ,| ], port In o h t n l n l n K $:i, r iO,00() t - s plli.toi ! ' , ' Blai'kfcet India Lnst Star ( l e f t interpreting, urges ,: lor M o n t a n a Tribesmen in an np- -.:islnturi at Helena. Bacltgroiind is in wit- r;-.rty by late noted cowboy i:ls. Tl-.i- I'h: -r urfrcd IcRislative sup- I ' p r o p r u i t i o n fur hospital. ( A P Wire- NOTICK f In th" Probate.Court of Dona j Ana County. New Mexico. i In the Matter of the Estate of JULIAN T. SAIZ. SR., Deceased No. 1389. To JULIAN T. SAIZ, ,IR., Lai I Crucea, New Mexico JUANITA I T. SAIZ, Lfls Cruces, New Mexico nnd FRANCISCO SAIZ PRESIADO, State College, N. M./ and ndd unknown heirs of JULIAN T SAIZ SR., DeDceaifed, and all unknown persons clalhilng any Hen upon or right title or Interest in or to the estate of said decedent' NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that JULIAN T. SAIZ. JR., has filed a petition in the Probate Court of Dona Aria County, New Mexico, asking the Court to ijc- terrnine the helrshln of the Estate of JULIAN T. SAIZ, SR., and the Probate Judge of this Court hfts rh-ed the 9th day of March, 1945, at 10 o'clock A. M. at th'e Probate Court .Room of Dona Ana County. New Mexico, as the time and place, for such determination of helrship, the ownership of his flaid estate'and Ihe persons entitled to same. That the property described In said petition is ns follows: TRACT NO. 1 A certain House and Lot, being situate about two blocks southeasterly from Lucero School, and more particularly described as follows Commencing at a certain poln being the Northwest corner of thi." lot, also being the southwest cor ner or a lot formerly owned by FELIPE QRIEGO, thence from this point running the measurement from North to South on the West BIRTHDAY BALL LOSES MONEY- MARCH OF DIMES CONTINUES ' Dona Ana county children who lie in the Carrie Tingley hospital, their little bodies warped, and racked with pain as a result of Infantile paralysis, need not look for help from the Las Cruces folks, as was Indicated t'hjs morning In the report of, the president's birthday ball held In the armory Saturday night. Tom , Graham, chairman of the committee in charge of the campaign, stated that after the or- cestra, hall rental, federal taxes and advertising costs had been paid, the result showed them to be exactly $25 in the red. High school girls,'who Were to sell tickets for the" dance, failed to show up, Mr. Graham Skid. About sixty couples attended the ball. The drive for funds, however, continues and It Is "the hope "of the committee that ' containers placed in business house's to receive contributions will be filled." "it will take a Ipl of dimes now to make a^sh'owing,^ Mr. Graham said this morning i adding tHat he had hopes people would open their hearts and purses in making contributions by mail, .which'may b"e addressed to him. Sl'lKSS. I I K I i M A N M I M K S S . !,-, ,-ii. it!! t i n k n n w n hrirs and ,-!i ,|f i n l t ' l . ' S t in 111,- luTlmit'l rriln-,1 pr,-nii.«,'s mlvi'is,- pUmlilf.., You. nil,I i-in-li or you, nn- hiTO- i An.. iiy n o l t f l i - i l H i n t th,- -iliovi- ·iiimi'd I I ' I S | ' ! ; , l l H ! l ! . . S t l l . l C l t . v l J . ; TK1.1.KS ivldow nl H K N I t Y TOU.KS, uY.'l · ri'iiKi'd, fornii-rly SOl.KllAll l', M in I I ' H . M . A , ulilow of .U'l.H) .UT. ' H A 1 . A . di'.'ril).:-d: A I . H ' I A . M T l t A . I . A , K.-ITKIt J l ' H A I . A , .Tl'I.IA .11!. I1AI.A ni.,1 M A N U K I , . H ' H A I . A . 'invi- f-1,',1 - n i t n p n l n s l von -n Hi,- il,.'\-«. fi'iirt in tit,. nlMVi- sty!,-,I ,11,1 llllllllh'liM ,-nll-.,- will I'.'bv t'li,.y irvk lii i|un-t t i l l , . 'iKiilnsl y.Mi to Hi- p i o | n - r t y ,li'«rrl|,,-,| in mi- ,-,,,;,. t l a l l i t In Kin,) nun,., loi-ntnl m *,',- T. T»'|i. ?-l s It '.' K. In th,' Mc-nlln Civil Totally Jl-lllfi fli'rllll No. ll'-47 fayi'd in .Miiil v .ninpl,'uul. Tli,. nanir HI' p l a i n t i ; i v a l l o i ! ! . It. H. POSKY. \vlnisi- ,,1'tij il.i!,,,^ t.s I.ii.s fi'ii,',^. Xi'u M c \ v WITNKSS may linn,| n m l i: ' n I "f 111,. Tlilr.i' J i i . l u - i ; i l 1 M M , . n i r l of I l i o,- or NYw M v M l i t h i n .'in,I !Vr the C i n i n l y ,,, p,,,, L'L'n.l .lay , , f ' J n n u a " along the St. Peter Street flfty- seven (57) feet, to the Southwest corner; thence from west to east on the south one hundred forty-one 1141) feet to the southeast corner; thence from south to north on the enst fifty-seven (57) feet, to the northeast corner; thence from East diiimitiK nny li,-n upnn. or till," ur interest i,, and to the es-i """ " f lh " "' W " r " t: _ mo (1411 feet to the place of bi-glnning. , This lot is pitrt of Block No 62 , NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN | "f the Original Plat of the Town of I Hint NELLE n. SPERRY. exec-1 Las Cruces, New Mexico. j u t r i x or Ihe Last will nnd Testa- This lot la bounded on the North i meat or CHARLES FAY SPER- by lot formerly of FELIPE riY, D,','(.ii»,.d. has filed in the! GRIEGO. on the West by St. Peter I'rohiiti' Court of Dona Ana Conn-1 Street, on tht South by Tract No ly, Nrw Mvxico. n Final Report j H of JULIAN T. SAIZ, SR.. De- and nct'oiint of her administration j '-eased, and more particularly de" s n u l ratatr: that the Probate scribed below, and on the East by - _ | Court has fixed Ihe 5th day of! lot of MARIANO AGUIRRE I N '11II-- I'llimn-i.- ,-.,·,... i'·'"·'·runry, !"·". al 10:00 o'clock [TRACT NO. II ().· V«.NV "xx ,, ' v,v ' ",'" " 5 ""· '""" f n r ""· '"'"'·'""I A C Y r u l n "»"" «"" '«. "elng V K \ \ ' M K X I i - n ' ' I " 1 ''''"""'"' "' ""Vl '" *'"' h final »'l"ito about two blocks south' ' l r ' v l " I Aivomit. (h,- !i,.tll,.i m -nt thereof, I enstt-rly from Lllfero School in in, ..ln',1,-1 ,,, Tin- l.-i.-| XV,!! nml for h i - a r i i i K nnd d o t o r m i n a t l o n more particularly described i,l I I - M : I I I I , - I I | ,,( ( H A K l . K s I,',\v ·' "·- ' ' · · · · ' ' · · · · nnd Band Concert Dale Set for Sunday The annual winter concert siv'en iy the High School and Junior ligh bands will be held In the ludltorium nf the Junior high chool building, Sunday afternoon ·eb. 4. The concert Is being sponsored y the Band Parents association, nd proceeds are to be used to tirehase new band uniforms. Dr. ohn Ey'er, president of the organization, has announced. tickets for the event will be sold by students and baiiti members. The two bands whose total membership Is 80, furnished the music at the CAP field day held at State College yesterday. Oolng »\vsy, coining Home, having a party? Please tclephont the Sun-Nen-s. (141) feet to the place of beginning. This lot is part of Block No. 62, of the Original Ptat of the Town of Las Cruces, New Mexico. This lot Is bounded on the North by lot or Tract No. I, of JULIAN T. SAIZ, SR., Deceased, and more particularly described herclnabove, on the West by St. Peter Street, on the .South by Lut of VICENTA T. TURRIETA..on the East by lot if MARIANO AGUlhRE. Any persona having objections to said determination of such heir- ship are required to file same on or before said date. Attorney for petitioner is W. T. SCOGGIN, JR.. vhose office and post office address Is Las Cruces. New Mexico. Witness my hand and Seal of aid Probate Court on this 19th of January,. 1945. ADELA GONZALES Clerk of the Probate Court. --22-29 2--5-12 1943. PARTY LINE Mrs. L. C. demons of Los An- g'eles, who came to attend the funeral of her ' b'rother-In-law, C. P. Wilson, will remain with Mrs. Wilson for another, week. Another sister of Mrs:-.Wilsons, Mrs. R. L. Scott of Haxtun, Colo., will return to her home tomorrow. Fred Chambers.tpf Jhe Dona Ana Courts, is confined'to Hfs bed With flu, members of the family reported today. Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Robbins arc the parents of a baby tin born at McBride hospital last night. Mrs. Mike Carillo will return today from . Hotel Dieu hospital in 51 Paso where she underwent ma- or surgery. At the Hospital Jimmle McF'arland. son of Mr and Mrs. W. R. · MoFa'rHnd,. south of Old Mesllla. Is" IrT McBride hospital with painful ffid Injuries sustained when a dynSJiite cap He ha found on the railroad track explode in his hand.. ; t Mrs. Robert Ash was admitted to McBride hospital Saturday night and underwent surgery there this morning. t. S. prupiTly ln»]is. ii nillw «,uit|i of | JU Cm, \ n n t'ounty. N T i-w Mo.\l, NOTIC-K III-' H K A K I X d 111 U N A I . KKI-Olir l i i . t n t . a n , I , Tin- s t a l l - ,,1 New Mi'xuo to. nil Hi,- IT. s.,- NK1.1.K H. SI'KHKY. I.u! Cm iliont flvi- ,-,-a, N. M : . l A U K l l 1! SI'KKHV ,-'». 11,11111 ! ll|ol. On!.; O I I A K I . K S I,. ItmioK. I In--1 KTT JOSIOPII CI.KMKNTK. W l l i r t : t ' u l i u l Y dfjii-riln-d in 111- , ' O l l l l l l i l l l l l . Ami. Unit nnl,'xi you nppoai nml ipwri- Ih,- r , ' U i | i l n t n l or th? i t h i l n - ' STAVF.S 11 UKl'- Iff, on ol l,rfor« t h r oth day .f MTAVKS, nil of IVs Mulnc* lows lim-h. IIM.V judgment will IH- .T,I. ,,,,,| i,, nil u n k n o w n h,-ir» of «,,l,i i-i,',, «K«!n»l you by ikruiill. n» di-ivd.-nl nnd all unknown persons MAM r.AlllH. M A ISO, A U K 1 N K I . l . K imorKKTT. l i l J A O K S T A V K N I 1 A I U D . A \ I . I A N K mid J A N K f tbt' h,'irs!up of srtiti di-redi-nt, ! follows l!ie o w n i T s h l p nf hla cstnte. nml i Commrncins; at a certain point t h o iniiTi-st of ,-»,-h ri'spocllv,. i being the Northwest corner of this I'liilniuiit I h i ' n t o or Ihnrrln. n n d . I o t . also being the Southwent cor- t h c ivrwina I'litltlPd to tin- dlstrl- ner o( the lot of J U L I A N T. SAIZ. lilllloil thereof, nnd on the day so ! thence from this point running the fix.M Ihii Court will settle nn.l de- ; mensiircment from North to South t e r m l n o nil such matters; that thp ion the West along the St. Potor nnmp of t h e oxn-iitrlx of the Last i Strwt fo-'.v-one m ) i ee to tl)t Will lin.1 TMtaimnt n( CHAKLKS Southwest corner; thcnco from KAY 8PKHHY. iWamd, Is NKI.LK l. Si'ERUY, I.ns Crucc.i, Now Mrxii-o. nnd tho attorney for until iwiiirlx is I.YTTON R TAYLOR. HI 1'mo N n t i o n n l Bank lltllldlnx, Kl I'ano, Ti-.vns, WITNESS my hand nnd n-nl of Wf»t to En«t on the Smith Onp hundred forty-onp ( 1 4 1 ) ft»t to the Southeast corner; thpji'ft from South to North on the E«st Forty- onp 1411 twt to the Northput corner; hpnco from Knst to West oh tho North Ocn Hundred forty-on« Wonderfully qulokt a little Vn-fro-nol up each nostril holt--.TM. «TM soBcs-malles breatDlhTSuilW-wnen ycur head fills up .with tuffy transient conjestlon! Va-tro-nql-trlvesBranare- llcf, too, from snlfllf, saws outresi bt head colds. Poltow directions In folder VICKSVA-TRO-Hbl 6IXLER ROBINSON ACCOUNTANTS ANti AUDITORS 1006 Milk Building El P». AtuflH -- Systems -- Federal TUCM J. GLENN BDCLEft J. J. ROBOTSOH Ortiftal Public Accountant N-MttialWdtt iuU ^-S^ULS^-^^^^

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