Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on April 28, 1972 · Page 32
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 32

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Friday, April 28, 1972
Page 32
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Can and Traeki 51 KICK 1964 Ch«». plekui., !.,,..(, v . 8 ipttJ. »68». J86.2014. HENRY J let up with 283. 352-720. ·S3 CHEVY % ion. 3 ,pw], long whit. 1SOO. M8-2910. " 1M1 BUICK LcSabrf 4 door Wdlop Vets good condition. 392-2123 tve- r Ings. · Uwd Con ind Tnickt .51 ·63 VW bus. Enilne jutt rebuilt (uuar- nntetd). Imputed. $760. J52-9D37. WE, STILL .peclaliu IB automatic tran.mlsiion repair.. Bender Auw Sales. It6 Stb Are. VALUE RATED | USED CARS 1 1972 Chevrolet Impala Sedati I 2,100 miles, air, power, automatic, 400 ^ I/IKE NEW. SAVE. ' v n \m Oldsmobile 98 Luxury Hol.Cpe.-l 3 · 15,400 miles. All power, air, vinyl roof. 5| 1971 Ford Pinto 3 Door Runabout f Automatic, big 4 engine, radio. Economy § Buyers Take Notice. · K II A Terrific'Beauty. You'll Like It When You See It. 1969 Oldsmobile Delta Holiday Sdn. [ 45fj regular fuel, power, air, C way seat, ^ vinyl roof, local one. owner, 33,400'miles. ^ 1969 Merc. Marquis Brougham Sdn. I All Mercury Minded Buyers LOOK! ^ 1967 Oldsmobile.Delmont Sedan Clean As They Come, local one owner. 1966.0ldsmobile Delta Sedan Air, power, Really Good. 1966 Ford Galaxie 500 Sedan 33,400 miles, local one owner. Why Pay ~ More Than This One Costs. ^ v ct v 'ot; Kadio, 4 speed. Ask About LOW LOW gj Price. , K ASK ABOUT OUR I PARTS SERVICE DISCOUNT f 1966 Volkswagen 2 Door McArthur Olds-Cadillac. Inc. I 430 8th Ave. 352-8288 Weld County Garage \ '71 Pontiac " I.eMans .. $3695 \ 4 Or. fi Pass. St. Wgn. ^ Full power, f a c t o r y J air, low mileage. A '71 Ponfiac GTO $3295 2 Dr. Il.T. Power disc . _ brakes, power s t e e r - ing, radio, ·! sjxied trans., 7,280 actual miles. '71 Ply. Satellite Regent $389S 4 Dr. St. Wgn., 2 Seat. Power brakes, power steering, air conditioning, 12,944 miles, one local owner, wood- grain siding, roof rack. '71 Mercury Marquis 4 Dr. H.T $3605 Power steering and brakes, air conditioning, vinyl top, radial ·, tires, lape player, cruise control, low mileage one owner. !7l Pontiac VenturaII ....$2495 Only 5B4 miles on Ihis low cost 2 Dr. Sedan with G cylinder 250 en. in. engine, s l a n d a r d trans. '71 Opel Model 39 $1895 2 Dr. St. Wgn.. Hoof rack. 1.9 lilre engine, ·! speed. W h i t e w/Hcd trim. '70 Buick Riviera $4395 Power steering and brakes, a u t o , t r a n s . , bucket seals, air conditioning, l i l t steering wheel, power seal windows, v i n y l t o p . 17,000 miles. '70 Ruick ' Electra $4195 '4 Dr. H. T. .Sedan. Factory, w a r r a n t y , am/fm stereo radio, air conditioning. '70 Pontiac Bonneville ....$3495 Power brakes and steering, factory air, f a c t o r y w a r r a n t y available. '70 Pontiac LeMans $2B95 ·t Dr. St. Wgn., 2 Seat. Power slcering and brakes, air conditioning, 400 cu. in. regular fuel engine, automatic t r a n s . , f a c t o r y w a r r a n t y ' remaining, one local owner. '69 Buick Electra S2995 A Dr. H. T. Sedan, f a c t o r y w a r r a n t y , power brakes and s t e e r i n g , one local owner, 27,960 actual S miles. · '69 Pontiac ' ; Calalina $2495 ·I Dr. SI. Wgn.. Power j steering and brakes, ( air conditioning, auto- .( m a l i c . t r a n s . , f a c t o r y , w a r r a n t y remaining, | one local owner. \ '69 Ford Fairlane \ 500 :.?1G95 2 dr. It. T., Radio, : h e a l e r , low mileage, i power brakes, power , steering, vinyl lop. '68 Pontiac 4 Dr. Il.T SI795 Power slcering and brakes, air conditioning, one owner, balance of new car warranty. '08 VW Bug $1295 E s p e c i a l l y c l e a n , Itndin, 4 speed, deluxe .steering wheel, 45,000 miles. "'60 Buick Le Sabre $ 445 4 Dr. Sedan. Very Clean, one owner, regular gas engine, air conditioning. Vt*i Con and Trucks : VW Bui. Mew lelmlU m*. Cuitom Inside and out. 1700. 3S2-020!. CHEVY 2 Joor hardtop, power t«erlng, vowcr brokej, air condition* tlur, new patnt. Will consider older pickup on tr»d. 234-1757. KLLOW Subm.rlr.c--'61 OM» Cull..! Supreme K-dr., spU cue, oni*. ownvr, yellow with blacX inter., new clutch, ' brake*. Call .ftcr C. 3S6-33TO. UM| Con and Truth SI 1062 VOI.VO. Kxetllent rendition cl«n. 353.8(07. 196S 1'ONTIAO Firebird. $1300. 401 161h Ave. SH-SOSi. FOn SAT.E -- '61 Jcen Italian \vagon, completely reb'.itK engine. J$95. 355- 47E. 2510 25th St. Bd. '65 VW S]uarebaek it*tlon M-Axon. He- b'jICL engine (KURranteod) New paint. SMS. J56-23H. YOU GET "THE WHOLE THING" A NEW 72 VOLKSWAGEN . · PLUS . A 10 SPEED EUROPEAN RACING TYPE BICYCLE ($125 Relail Value) FOR ONLY DOWN PER MONTH* GET TWO EXAMPLES OF EUROPE'S FINEST CRAFTSMANSHIP N O W . . . A QUALITY 10 SPEED BICYCLE AND THE CAR WITH THE "HIGHEST NATIONAL RESALE AVERAGE! * annul psicenlage lale 5.32 percent... total nole 2519.58 ... lime Armed pajmnl 2518.58: inloesl 3% 58; 42 JTOS. financing. *£ast tet NAOA avsrajES. Jsn. issue. DON'T MISS THIS SPRING ECOLOGY SPECIAL (This is a limited offer) Bill Emslie SALESMEN Ed Schmidt, Sales Mgr. BOB MARKLEY 3805 W.lOth Street Next to Gibson's Ph. 353-3311 OPKNKVEN1NGSTILL8P.M. lit 'ONE OWNER FOREIGN CARS" AT UNBELIEVABLE PRICES Opel "Rally KadettCpe. Big engine, 4 speed, ' fi H, Stripes, etc VolksTwoDr. Bug . 4 speed, radio, 23,000 M 1 0 O miles, Blue White ............... ^11 00 Opel "Kadett" Cpe. 4 speed, radio, Red,in color, 37,000 actual miles .' EVERY CAR RECONDITIONED GUARANTEED CASH-TRADE-TERMS B15 11TH ST. ' Weld County Garage || Buick, Ponliac, Opel, CMC Volks u Squareback" Sedan, 4 speed turbo engine, R H, Radial tires, 15,000 actual miles, None Newer Ford "Cortina" Sedan $ Auto, trans., radio, 22,000 miles, "Looks runs like new" Volvo "142" St. Wgn. Automatic trans., radio, rop rack, Blue f 1 T O O in Color, "A hard to find model" v p l / O O Opel "Kadett" Coupe 4 Speed, radio, low miles, 1 owner, "Lot of car for the money VolksTwoDr. Bug 4 speed, radio, "Recent motor overhaul" $ 788 $ 588 FINE SELECflON OF AMERICAN CARS BOOTS AUTO SALES 2329 8th Aw. 353-0054 (OPEN EVENINGS) OH THE SPOT FINANCING Us«f Can «nd TrueVi 51 WILLYS Jeep V-t. aulomaltc, dubs. SI-38H alter 6. K)D r u n n E n s 1961 riynrtuth. $65. SS-IQU. 9 CHKV fa. 350 lurUj. (twrlni and irakca and topper, under 20,0^0 mile*. c.n ond Tructi 51 IFrl., April 28, 1972 GREELEY (Colo.) TRIBUNE 33. 1955 1 DH. Chevrolet. 1(26. 3i»-250t. XS"KTAT 2 door aed»n. Hood eonJIllon. Call 352-1105. ·69 CHEVROLET pickup wllh camper shell. 65.MO mllfi. »2,2SO. Cull utter i. J53-OH2. 1968 American 2 Dr $1095 6 cylinder, Rtandnrd trans., low mileage. 1967 Ambassador $ 995 Mnroon. Air,' power sleorliis and brakes. 1966 Mustang $ 995 V-8. 1965 Dodge Convertible $ 395 Loaded. · . BENDER AUTO SALES AMBASSADOR; JAVELIN, MATADOR, AMX GREMLIN, HORNET, AUSTIN, RENAULT, MG. 125 8th Ave. ' 352-4368 Auto Discount Center ·;· . Tor This Area ' IT'S NO SECRET WE SELL SO MANY THAT'S THE REASON WE SELL SO 'CHEAP Low-Low Overhead · Over 175 New Used Cars Pickups To Choose From Wheeler The Dealer Hi-Way 85 at IGth St. : Phone 352-7000 Harold Croissant ; Harry Wooldridge Bud Wooldridge Jack Wheeler, Sales Mgr. COME SEE US FOR EXPERIENCED CARS, NOT USEDCARS! 1971 Datsun240-Z Automatic, Anvlm radio. Michelin tires. 1971 Datsun Pickup Mag wheels, wide oval tiies.-Camper .............. 1970 Datsun 2000 Rdst. Sspesd .................. $2695 1969 Datsun Wagon $1495 1967 Datsun Pickup £ $1395 1971 Volvo 144 Automatic, radio. Wiiitc 1970 Volvo 144 4 Door ............. $2495 4 speed, air, radio 1965 Volvo 122 2 Door Completely T i O Q C rebuilt yLLjD 1965 Olds Cutlass H.T. full power. rt Q Q C Clean $ ^^0 1971 Renault 4 Door Radial tires. tike New '.. CLEARANCE SALE ON VW'S 1970 Bug 1969 Bus 2- 1968Squarebacks OPEN EVENINGS TILL 8 P.M. LET ONE OF THESE EXPERIENCED SALESMEN ASSIST YOU! Ui.d Cor* «Ti4 Tiuck. SI FOIIIJ Calaxlt. ISM or bMt offer. 353-CH65, nil 6th .\it. IOD runnlnc 19S7 Chev. Belair. I8b. "'h. 688-20U. Swede Ehrlich GeneAplin Mike Cohrs BobSwetzig Butch GorJdarcl LoiiKeiten Ehrlich Motor Co. Volvo-Datsun Dealer 2733 8th Ave. Grceley Phone 353-5333 IB SA1.K -- 18E8 Mercury Contir, 4 siKed, bucket Beau, I13W er take over pnymcnlj. 352-3580. 62 4 TON Chevy pickup. LonB wide box. Goal liics. N«w paint. 3303 IHh Ave.. 3S3-723 after 6. '64 Chevy II ody only. Uattery, heater, ra o, $50 or host offer. Terry 3D3-5455 911 VW Suptr B«ll«. II,MO nllea. Zrj3-'atl2 ttttr 6 p.m. ' · · ' : MICK clean I960 Tnipala. '2 door hard, ton. V-S,. auto. U.S9S. 688-2014. VOR SALE! '71 Datiun 1!M, aci/fra millo. 956X1690. . . ' ·_· \M1LY enlarirnl. Muit toll 146S Th-jn- «l«rbird. Power equipped, tins. S«« «l 101 E. 20th SI. No. 30. NI'ST cell '17 Rambler. Good condl- t!2S. Dal offer. 1011 nib AvF. 1968 MALIBU 4-DOOR SEDAN Hadio, henter, jio-.ver steering 1964 FA1RLANE 4-DOOR. SEDAN Radio, heater 1966 WESTCOASTER 3-WHEEL MAIL SCOOTER Heater, defroster find more! WINOGRAD'S 431 5th St. U«d Can snd Truck* · 51 971) DODGE 4 wheel drive, pickup. F.teellent condition. Low mileage. 353-3796. MUST »ell in 10 dayt. 1970 Ford Cortina \sairon. Eixeelletit nas mlkae*. Hut offer take«. 3S3-IH5 after six. 198S GALAXm 6W 4 door, red wllh black tn[«r[or. t^cellEnt condition. 6 aral belts, Rood family ear. Only (1,250. 3E2-3375. 67 PLYMOUTH Darltuda. Sell al li or individual parts. 4 aoecd tram, mioion. Radio, 14 In. tires, tie. 451- S72C. 1965 1.4 TON Ford pickup, SB2, V-3, 4 Bpced with Tow silhouette camper. Excellent condition. 352-3623, 1803 Delwood Ave. REPOSSESSION For sale. 1972 Vegn Fasttaek. I speed trnnsmlaslon. Oooi condition. PIHST NATIONAL BANK of Windsor, GS6-74U or G80-2334 evenings. R-12 Renault .4. Door.-' $2295 P.O.E. Front Wheel Drive BENDER AUTO SALES AMBASSADOR, JAVELIN, MATADOR, AMX GREMLIN, HORNET, AUSTIN, RENAULT, MQ 125 8th Ave. : 352-4358 1971 Hold Over Scout II .:. .; V-8 engine, 3 speed trans., power brakes, radio, hubs, 2 tops, full cloth top and V-i cab pickup top, LIST PRICE $4317 NOW $3250; 352-91-11 \ . ELLIS CAPP EQUIPMENT CO. : East on 8th Street Garnsey Wheeler FRESH NEW ARRIVALS 1971 Ford LTD Brougham 4 Dr. Pillared H.T. V-8, eruiseomatic, power sfeeriiiff, power disc brakes, power windows, power seat, tilt steering wheel, loaded with other equipment. Green Metallic with Green Vinyl Hoof _ 1971 Ford Galaxie 500 4 Door Regular gas V-8, cruiseomalic, power steering, power disc brakes, radio, heater, air conditioning. Silver $-QOQK with Black Vinyl Roof _... v()J6C/J 1971 Pinto Runabout Radio, heater, eruiseomatic, 2,000 cc, engine, 0,000 ' (fOOQC actual mileH ,, _. yLLJ\J 1970 VW Ghia Convertible Light, Yellow with Black Top. Kadio, hciitcr, -I .speed, radial tires. (COUKALED BY C'lQnC; THE PINTO) ..._ _.._ vJilOCM 1969 Torino 2 Dr. HI ; Cobra Jet -128 engine, cniiseomatic, power steering, power brakes, radio, heater _ _ 1 1.968 Mustang Convertible Kegular gas V-8, cruiseomatic, # power steering, 'fy radio, heater 11967 Cadillac 2 Door H.T. § · Power air, new lirts. ,,, A Real Honey $2095 11966 Oldsmobile Cutlass 2 Dr. H.T. V-8, mitomntic trans., power alpcrinjr. radio, heater, new tires, one owner _ 1971 Ranctiero Squire V-8, cruiacbmatic, power steering, power brakes, radio, heater, air comlilioning, new tires uni-ui i it 11 _ $3395 OPP3N EVENINGS TILL 8 P. M. Garnsey Wheeler 1108 8th Ave. Ph. 852-9174

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