Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on December 22, 1962 · Page 2
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 2

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 22, 1962
Page 2
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_ P*ft 2 GREELEY TRIBUNE Sat, Dec. 22, 1M2 i/J fr rom By MELOISE CHUBS OtAf All c«rr«ipondenct p«rtllnlng to lh« Hlloltt column ihould be milled directly to Melon. Kino Feature! Syndicate. 235 E. 45th $t New Vork, 17. N.Y. :i-eear Heloite: ··?-;:·· Here is the latest on how to keep corduroy soft aad velvety as ·.'.'when new. ' 1. Turn the garment inside out before washing This will keep -.- tht lint from other clothes from adhering to the pile. 2. Use any mild soap and -,varm water. Squeeze suds through _^tte fabric and rinse by pressing water out gently. Never twist or use a wringer on corduroy because this will set deep creases into the corduroy pile which you want to avoid. J. If using a washing machine, set at medium heat for water. 4. Use fabric softener in final rinse to restore velvety finish. 5. Hang up and allow to drip dry. If you'use i dryer use it medium heat and tumble until nearly dry. Take out, shake off last drops, and allow to drip dry. 6. Children's clothes done in Dear Heloise: When 1 am making up wiches.. instead of putting i ard, katsup, and lettuce 'or whatever you put on a sandwich I di reclly on the bread itself . . . I this way often do not even require pu t this in between the two slices *»· wet'and soggy. pressing. 7. For finest finish, press corduroy on the wrong side ovsr a terry cloth towsl. Use a steam iron and it will give a truly finished performance. Clare Nelson Director of the Corduroy Council of America. * * · . .Dear Heloise: · :·'·_ Pots anyone know of a way to available, '"keep moisture from condensing on ""('window panes during some of meat or cheese. This way, it keeps the sandwich from getting arc: Peggy Alleiy, Laurie Arnold, _ ; : seasons? This has often ruinec 5: my drapes from waterspottfag. 1 ·* would apreciate it if anyone could : tell me. Jerri If anyone has ever solved this problem, please drop us a card Send it to Heloise at the above address. It would be most appre- ciijted as many women write in with this problem. .··;· . Heloise GIRL SCOUTS sisting. Karen Holmes, song lead-; er. directed the Mrs. Jack Marilyn Wheeler, Senior Scout, presented the (allowing awards: Second class rank. Juliaunc Johnson; first class rank. Bettie Women's Fellowship iGroups Hold December Meetings are leaving Dec. 21 to drive to' of Creel-v: and Lloyd and hit Dallas to speed ChriitiBas wfeh|wUe. l-illiao from Fort Collins. their wo-Maw a* dw^ter. Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Dale Wi^t mA ,, , Grw * s «*. en's Fellowship of the First Christian Church held their monthly meetingi latt w«ek. A six-month Worn- Harry Kistr were hotteuei to Group Six in the church parlor. Alexander, Susan Avers. Kaye Benson. Beth Bonnk-ksen. Jacque^,,°" "* **"*· " c ? Brown. Christine Evans. Pam Get- Ulat Makes A M[( TMx* I husband, Kobe.-! McDaniel and There were 17 members and thrrejtheir children, guerts. Mme*. Brooks Cole, D«o! Mr. and Mrs^ Haul Songer at- Troop 219 members g a v e a ;hristmas tea for their mothers Vednesday at the Blue Flame Room of the Greeley Gas Com- any. They served cookies which hey had made and gave their mothers corsages, whk-h they had fashioned. A gift exchange was a highlight of the party. Linda Sauer was emcee for a Vfter a candelighting Vicky Fry played piano solos and Amy Sargent played a v i o l in A reader Dear Heloise: 1 cut green onion tops very fine with my kitchen shears and freeze Jiem. I always have them ready for dips and so forth. They serve Lynn Belvel, Jinx Davis, Gloria Herbel, Janifer Koch. L y n n Thompson and Paula Wisch. Leaders .are Mmes. James Al- *ly, Wesley Sargent and Dale Thompson. A recent event for Girl Scouts Mrs. J. W. Owr Dear Heloise: 1 have found a way to keep my tablecloths clean for more than one evening. With four children it gets to be pretty messy at meals! 1 cut open four thick plastic bags.(not pliofilm 1 and place one under each child's place setting and after meals just wipe it clean Gwen Rota. USE THE TRIBUNE WANT ADS Buy Beaitifil Christmas Plants from Other members of the troop as chives when chives are not nf pllT-l, 7 ,u · , ,,,,.,,,,,,. of Park school was their annual Family Night Program. Troop 352 was in charge of the opening flag ceremony which was followed by the pledge of allegiance and singing of "God Bless America." Mrs. John Nieberger, neighborhood organizer, introduced the leaders, co-leaders and commit- tewomen. ' Troop 13S presented the "Brown ic twist" after which Troop a did a Brownie pantomime. Troop 273 danced the "hokle pokie" followed by. the presentation of a western scene s i n g i n g linger. Sandy HD1. Karen Holmes. Beth Johnson, Julianne Johnson, ennifer Jourdan, Janice Kandt, )ebbie King, Annette UCuyer, Mann Samuelson, and Ellin Todd; 'ive-year pins. Karen Homes, ieth Johnson, Pam Gettinger and Christ! Evans. One hundred and seven merit badges, representing 49 different laifications, were awarded. The program was brought to * ·lose with' the troop forming riendship circle and s i n g i n g 'Taps." Activities in December inch ed the Junior-Senior High Neigh- nrhood party; making tray favors for Weld County General Hos- iltal; preparing a Christmas bust for a needy family and a caroling party, held Dec. H, at the lome of Mrs. LeCuyer. For the past three m o n t h s Troop 2, ninth graders of Heath and Meeker junior high schools, las been working on the entrance requirements for Senior Scouts. The girls held a cook-out on Scout Island in November to ful- 'ill outdoor requirements. Also, he whole troop served as staff members for the Girl Scout Outdoor Day in October. They as- silted with games and registration. On Oct. 31, the troop held combination Halloween and Juliette Low birthday party at the home of Mikie Carney. They divided Into patrols and each gave a pantomime about the history of Scouting with the others guessing what was being described. Refreshments were served by the girls. They have worked at the Girl closed with the topic. "Good Newt of Grt*t Joy" which centered on Luanne Warner on the piano and Kathy Hale and Sandra Wads worth on their accordions. The intermediate Kitchen Band was demonstrated by Troop 352 Prudence Warren and P e n n y Franks, introduced by Mrs. Nle r - _. . berger, gave a short talk and carols to si showed slides of their, experiences these gifts. at the Roundup this summer Button Bay, Vt. After the Scouts sang "We Wish You a Merry Christmas" to their parents and friends, Troop 352 retired the colors and all adjourned to the school lunchroom lor ,«»kl«. 'winch vA 1 'coffee. The ||mothers donated the. cookie*. ; Mrs. Lloyd Holland is leader rf Troop 273. Mrs. Arthur Hoi- brook and Mrs. Thomas Garza I are committeewomen. 'Tr o o p || members are Jill: Alkire, Glenda Bower, Pamela Brooks, Gloria Chavez, 'Dorothy Galvin, Linda Garza, Elaine Holbrook, Linda ftolland, B e t t y Lou Martinez Ruby Rodriquez, JohneUe Sandow, Dorothy Smart and Marlene "Our Work in Hong Kong." Announcements were made of aad Mrs. B. G. JtMnH, aid their children. Mr!inda aid Ifcn their family. After Christmas, thejuf Walnut Creek. Calif., irmed Leakw will drive to Hwttton to be i Wednesday to spend the holidays with their daughter. Am. and her with Sirs. Wight's parents. Mr. Wall** and C. J. Cecil, present. Mrs. Herb Ring read. "No Room" by the Rev. James Fogarty. Wor- union ot the former members of to the James Van Velzar home in the Briggsdale baseball team at the Chriatmas story as told in the *P ?*?**,, , wl * «»**«ed by Gospel of Luke. In January, a six-month study on the "Christian Mission on the Rim of East Asia" will begin. The topic it joyed the hotpiUlityof Mrs"." Jack the Ruel Bolin home in Briggs- fore coming to Greelcy. Mrs. Van Mrj. Lutie Kutnar. Gfwp Iran dale. Tuesday evening. Others reseat were Mr. and Mrs. Eu- !«n» Steiner of Eugene, Oregon: Holland with Mrs. Kenneth Ra*- muuen u co-ho»te$s. M m e » . Bolin and Mr. aod Mrs. Dewey Ankeny from Cornish; Mr anrl the annual service of carols and Charles Rains, Melvin Basey and candlelighting to be Iwld Sunday at 7:30 p.m.: Christian Women will lure a fellowship meeting and xco Arduesaer were guests of he 13 members preMnt. Mrs. Fred Tjardes. chairmen, present- luncheon in the Fellowship Hall *· the program. She 'read the *fy of the Nativity. "The Gift of the Magi," and sang, "Come "* "* ally and Mrs. Ethel Stocker as o-hostesses. There were 12 mem- *rs present with two guests, the ev. Harold Converse and Mrs. E. Wallace. The program was resented by Mrs. A. R. Stein- wrger who read the Christmas 017. Mrs. Fred Tjardes sang hristmas carols accompanied al he piano by Mrs. Melvin Bascy. reading on "There Was in the Same Congregation" was given y Mrs. Card who also told the S cl " egend of "Amahl and the Night around a camp fire by Troop 166 Accompanying the singing was Scout'office at "their council aric civic service project on their Five-Point Senior Program. Last week they made wreaths lor ChrUtmai door decorations, to be taken to one of the nursing homes along with cookiet for the patients. They have practiced carols to sing when they deliver In January, as their emergency preparation work on Five-Point arrangements have been made for a First Aid course, to be given by the Red Cross at its headquarters Mrs. J. H. White a leader o Ihe troop and Mrs. John, Thomp an, co-leader. Meeting place is « First Congregational Church Officers recently elected in ude: Nancy Roukema, scribe thy Campbell, treasurer; Christ andburg, jcrapbook and public chairman; and Tina Spring on, Francine Simpson and Kar n Twedell. patrol leaders. Smith. Mrs. Gerald Hill is leader of 1 Ib. box $1.50 2lb. box 2.95 3lb. box 4.25 5 Ib. box 6.95 This "Always Favorite'' assortment will please everyone on'ypur list. Perfect for family giftt, tool T r o o p 96; committeewomen Mmes. George Eisenman, Max Hobbs and Milburn Kemp. Mem bers are Karen Eisenman, Debra Galvin, Annette Garcia, Charlene Gregory, Joanne Hays, Joy Hill Roxanna Hobbs, Betty Herbst Joyce Huckabee, Karen Kemp Sharon Knight, Minja L u j a n Karla Miller, Connie Laws, Nan cy Pettingill, j oan Renner, Patty Staggs. Niki Slice, Pamela Wai ace and Roberta White. Troop 136 leader is Mrs. Dai ?rasier; co-leader, Mrs. Orli Van Buskirk; committeewomen Mmes. Carl Smith, 0. W. .La and Carl Swanson. Members ar Rosemary Aragon, Debra Brougl ton, Judy Frasier, Pamela La] Mary Martinez, Kathy S m i t h Vickie Van Buskirk, Dixie Wad worth, Laura Miller, Yolanc Moreno, Becky Hamlet, L i l Swanson, Beverly Abel and Lo Crawford. Troop 352 leader is Mrs. Ear inkle; co-leader, Mrs. Eldo Burgett; committeewomen, Mr Paul Laubhan and Mrs. Ray Re Grwp Fivt Group Five held its meeting J^ i the home of Mrs. Vernon Card, 117 7th Ave.. with Mrs. Foss to the Stable" and "Sweet Little Ftllmthv fe»U ended a pot-luck supper and re and Mrs. Walter Boyd of Greeley. The Californians came by train to Cheyenne where the Boyds met them Wednesday and took them Cheyenne where they visited bc- Velzar is the former Darlene Boyd. The Wights will visit his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. Wight in Bartletl, Neb. during the holidays. Soon after the first of thr mar Mrs. Claire Armagost of Golden; Mr. and Mrs. Walter Boyd, will Mr. and Mrs. Orville Kirkpalrickj leave on a trip to Port Allen. La.. of Colorado Springs; Bailey Arma gost of Greeley; Andy West, Mr and Mrs. Uoyd Cohea and Mr. to visit her brother-in-law ami sister, Mr. and Mrs. John Kisncr, who will celebrate their 50th wed- and Mrs. J. McCartney of Briggs- ding anniversary on Jan. 6. Boyd. dale. Mrs. Gerald Gardner of 2401 20th St Rxwd welcomed members of the Fellowship Guild w i th Mrs. Harold Adcock as co-hostess. Mrs. C. 1. Cecil of S p o k a n e. Wash., was a guest. Mrs. Albert Munday opened the meeting with prayer and presented the program assisted by Mrs Adcock who read the Christmas slory and Mrs. Gerald Gardner who played^ a recording of "The Littlest An- late twenties and early thirties. McCartney followed him as manager. The evening was spent remi- and his brother, Truman, of Wen Songer managed Ihe learn in the dell. Idaho, recently spent » week in Detroit with Uieir mother, Mrs. Maymc Boyd. They made the round trip on Ihe train. Tru- niscing and re-playing old games] man spenl several days with fa imagination. During the time!** Boyds before going to Detroit. McCartney was managing the He left for Wendell the same day jleam, his old friend, Clarence Mitchell, a big league pitcher, visited him in Briggsdale and they returned to Grevlcy. For Christmas 'isUors." Combined groups made 7 calls. Grw* Fevr Members of Group Four were welcomed by Mrs. William Hellman of 2«02 loth St. Co-hostessei ·ere Mmes. Ed Kellog, Jerry Cooper, and Hugh Caley. Guests f the It members were Mmei. ,. L. Bowers Jr., L. L. Bowers ST., 'red Tjardes, Howard Brown, Glen Hodgell, Bertha Nix. Dwaine Xurtz and the Missel Jennie and osie Peterson, Goldie Alumbaugh if Denver, Hindi and Karen Kurtz and Susan Tjardes. Mrs. Heil man, chairman, led the prayer. lary Alumbaugh was In charge ng the Christian Churches, iDI iples of Christ). The worship service was conducted by Miss Velma Elam. Christmas card: were sung by Mrs. Tjardes. Mrs. Cr*v*Slx Vira Hummel and Mrs Saton . . . ·y MKS. LITITIA MITOYER EATON-Mr. and Mrs. John C. :»sey of Denver, formerly of iaton, will spend Christmas and he holidays in San Francisco with their son-in-law and daughter, Col and Mrs. David Chase Hazard and their family. Mrs. Hazard is the former Kathleen Casey. Miss Ruth Waddcll and her fa- her, J.'K. Waddell of Greeley, are caving Saturday to spend the holi days with Mr. and Mrs. Kay Kan and Jimmy at Compton, Calif. _ ftr diitinctivf flftt »lirt In). pitched two games for the tcamjl'tt Glfti, 117 ll»h it.-Mv. Mrs. Don Blat'kslone of Greeley, the former Lindu Bolin. assisted her parents in serving the meal. Irs. Blackslone was a former tudcnt at Eaton High School, and eaches the 2nd grade class n Jackson school, Greeley. Her mother formerly taught here and s now teaching at the Olin School Mrs. Ralph J. Eaton and her ·anddaughter. Minge Grccnman, will spend Ihe holidays in Wash ngton. D. C.. as guests of Mrs. Eaton's son. Ernest J. Eaton, his wife Amy, and their children, (elty and Gilbert. The Eolonites eft from Stapleton Friday. Dec. 21. and will return Jan. 4. of the program. She presented Mrs - Karr '* "* former Mildred Weddell. The Waddells are flying out and will return Jan. 5. liss Goldie Alumbaugh who gave ait illustrated talk on the missions the Republic of Congo where she lerved for 32 years represent- and kathy are planning to spend Mr. Mrs. Arnold Dolton Mrs. Victor Brehon Hostess to La La Le Mrs. Victor Brehon was host- ss to the La La Le HD Club members at a.meeting last week. Roll call was answered by 13 embers guessing their secret als. Each member also brought cookie sample and recipe for Kir secret pal. Mrs. Conrad Wbittinan was a uest. The group presented Mrs. Donald Sitzman, outgoing president with a past president's pin anc isndkwchief. There will be a potluck supper n honor of the 4-H Club mem ers. leaders and their families fan. 8 at 6:3G p.m. at the La Grange School. Special guests will be Marion Kruger, Frances '.indstrom, Bob Wardlaw am Glen Wilson. Mrs. John Aab received th iiostcss gift and all drew new names for secret pals for the coming year. Mrs. Sitzman as sisted by Dsve and Stanley Bre lion, gave out the gifts, and th group sang songs. Next meeting will be Feb. 1: al the home of Mrs. Aab, nortl east of Greeley. At Hospital Dismissed from Weld County General Hospital Friday, Dec. 21: Roger Smith, ?21 13th St.; Daryl Larsen, Eaton; Claire Straight, 1803 15th Ave.; Helen Penny King, 2011 E. 18th St.; Janell Larson, 810 20th Ave.; Paul Gonzales, ohnstown; James Bonell, Eaton; \rlene Anglin, Fort Lupton; Conie Fauls, U16 llth St., Debra ilillcr. Rt. 1; Lonnie Stephan, 519 28th Ave.; William Conklin, ohnstown; Mrs. Caroline Tracy, Svans; John Meissiuger, Eaton'; toscoe Giffin, Bonell Home; Mrs Jrover May, La Salle; Ruben Fahrenbruch, Rt. 4; Arthur ' Buskirk, 1827 8th Burton, 1003 33rd Ave.; Kline, Giicresl; Daniel or, 1940 7th Ave.; Orlcy Van Lemu teinholt Wlntei, La Salle; Georgi Mil, Fort Morgan; George Grim slcy, Eaton; J. Edward Hall, 18 [th St.; Mrs. Monte Kohler, 3036 8th St.; Mrs. Larry Anderson am son, 2315 24th St. ltd.; Mrs. Wai ter Martinez and daughter, For Collins; Mrs. Jesse Mercer, rt 1 3; Billy Channel, 602 llth Ave. Mrs. Harold Croissant, Aurora Mrs. Irene Norris, Wheatland Wyo.; Geraldine Gonzalo, Kersey Gary Wilson, Rt. 4; Mrs. Poll Blalock, 2611 llth Ave.; Mr. Manuel Martinez. Gill: Mike Qua co, 1222 16th Ave.; Elmer Crols sant, Kersey. 214 Ib. $3.25. A choice selection of chocolitM tnd butter bons... elegant lor gilt giving. 1 Ib. box $2.00 2lb. box 4.00 The finest miniature chocolates with many unusual centers.,.! gift you'll bi proud to giva. CAMPUS PHARMACY Charles R. Peterson f 31 10th St. 352-8357 ner. Members are Anita Nicho son, Marilyn Laubhan, J o y c e Burget, .Jan Hinkel, Kathryn Miller, Janet White, Priscilla Mathews, Susie Renner and Jerrilyn Hill. Troop 166 leader is Mrs. Troy Champion: co-loader. Mrs. Joe Hale; commiUeewomen, Mmes. William Griffin. Wayne Wadsworth and John Nieberger. Members arc Jane Bernal, V i c k i e Champion, C l a r a Eisenman, Kathy Fesler. Kathleen Gierhart/ Kathcrine Griffin, Kalhcrinc Hale, I Patricia Lall, Mclonec Nieberger, ! Diann Rcichert. Sandra Wadsworth, Luanne Warner and Joyce Nallcy. * * · Troop 19) recently held a Court of Awards following .a (amilyll rhili supper al Ihf First Congrrgs-l lional Church, meeting place of (he troop. j Guests were greeted at the door ] by the co-leader. Janet Prodchl.l and the patrol leaders. Jacquci Brown, Janice Kandl. and Jennifer Jourdsn. The supper tables were decorated in the holiday motif by Barbara Wheeler, Jennifer Jourdan and Christi Evans. Tcva Waldo, troop chairman, welcomed the parent* and friends and introduced the prop-urn The I (lag ccre«nony wij conducted by; Britain in 1961 changed (rom the Fahrenheit to the Centigra scale for measuring temperatun Mr. and Mrs. Harold lair, celebrating Iheir 61sl wedding anni versary Dec. 19, were honored hat evening at a dinner at the Jreelcy Country Club. Hosts foi he party were their children Howard nnd his wife Fay. Ixiis and her husband, taster Sullivan Western Sueded LEATHER JACKETS THt STOCKMAN Opin Friday Nlghti Christmas witli their son-in-law and daughter, Dr. and Mrs. John Boyd and their children at Plioe nix, Arii. Mrs. Salome Mueller of For Collins, formerly of this city, i spending this week with relative Hastlngi, Neb. She will rrtur: Fort Collins for Christmas. Her ion, Jim of Rlverton, will join her Christmas, Mrs. Sara Harper, who has llv- d in Eaton 51 years, is moving i California to make her home '1th licr daughter, Mrs. Edilh nn Lewis at 718 East 52nd St., Los Angeles, Calif. Mrs. Lewis and her brother, Howard Pcnn, Iso of Los Angeles, came to help wir mother get ready for the eve. Mrs. Harper arrived In this ommunity from her native state, /irginia, in 1911. She celebrated ler 86th birthday Dec. 12. A torn- ly parly was held thai evening n her home in East Eaton. La Vern Harper, granddaughter )[ Mrs. Harper's late husband, Harper, has lived with Mrs larpcr since infancy and oltendei Salon schools. She is a seventh grader and is going to Denver o make her home wilh her father. to Harper. Mr. and Mrs, Leslie R. Leake SK! HEADQUARTERS S A U G K N T K S P ® i r r SHOP $ 1016 8th Ave. Ph. 3534567 A worn mounting can cort you youi cLeriihei diamond. Let us clean and check th« sa(«ty of your diamonds ot no charge. Jewelry 818 8th Street l«l Packard Bell... FIRST CHOICE FOR CHRISTMAS 19" Portable Television AM-FM RADIO STBREO TV Combination* 1 EXCLUSIVE COMPUTER DIAL -- Illuminated, eaH.v- to-sco channel numbers. 1,8,000 VOLT CHASSIS -- Brighter, clearer pictures, greater contrast. PANORAMIC SAFETY LIONS -- Implosion-proof, contoured, special fiircreri-glass. POWER GUARD TRANSFORMER -- Prevents pnwer surge, adds to tube. life. GOI-DEN 88 ELECTRONIC TUNER -- High gain, stronger reception everywhere. CIRCUIT BREAKER -- No fuses to replace, pushbutton re-set. :^J 149 95 St* Color TV In Our Showroom. Call for Appointment. llBurbara WMef with .t«qu* «.«·» H. 2 2U1 1720 9th S«»tt Buy Now For (ChriKtmns OI'KN KVKRY FRIDAY NKJHT

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