Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on June 24, 1957 · Page 25
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 25

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Monday, June 24, 1957
Page 25
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Name of College Changed by Law To Become Effective on Oct. 1st When Governor Stephen L. R. McNIehoIi sinned a bill Feb. 11, 1«7, chanjinr the name of Colorado State College of Education to Colorado State College, the college here was given its fourth name. The fourth name becomes effective Oct. 1, this year, at a result of the passage of the bU by the current session of the state leji.-. lature and its signing by the governor in the presence of college of- ficiali and Weld county legislators in the governor's office in Denver. First Stall Normal School From Us establishment in 1830 to 1911, the college was 'known as the State Normal School of Colorado. In 1911 the name was changed to Colorado State Teachers College and in 1935 it was changed to Colorado State College of Education. · College officials point out that each of these- names strvcd its purpose well but the new name will serve better the purposes of these times. Colorado State College of Education is a long and a trifle cumbersome name, for many purposes, they state. The new name is in keeping with the trend over the nation to shorten the names of colleges, especially those preparing teachers. "Education" Obicurt to Public The use of "education" in the college title, the official! also slate, employs a meaning of the word in a restricted sense which those engaged in preparing teachers and those who are preparing for the profession understand scure, even irritating, to lome parti of tke public. They say tome people argue: "Aren't all colleges colleges ol education?" These persons are said to feel, somehow, that the college is making a use of the wore that is misleading. Officials of the college empba lUe that the change in name will is an way mean a change in the purpose or ideals of the college, the preparation of better teach era for a better world. But, they add, it will provide a framework within which an ex panded program of scholastic of feringi may be offered without any restrictive inferences arising from the name of the college. Sits Thriving Yiars Ahiad Dr. William R. Ross, the presi dent, has stated that, "Our col lege is facing great and thriving years and under its new name Colorado State College, will achieve new records in every way." The name change has the approval of both the faculty anc the board of trustees. The cornerstone of the firs building on the campus, Cranfon Hall, was laid June 12, 1890, and classes were started the following fall with a staff of a principal four instructors and 96 students Certificates were granted upon completion of a two-year course. 1910 Changi Markid 4-Ynr Coursi In 1910 action was taken by the board of trustees to have the name changed from that of a norma school to a teachers college, since the college was at that time of fcring a four-year course for stu dents. clearly, but which is' a little ob- During the time the institution Open Friday and Saturday Nighls HP SURPLUS STORE 821 9th Street Phone 3444 Let's Go Swimming Men's Speed Model Swim-Briefs 2.50 Nature -- Boy's Model New-Cut Boxer Model Cut-away Laced 3.45 Small Boys' Swim Shorts Speed Models, age 2-4-6-8 . . Speed Models, age 10-12-14 . . 89c 1.25 Edging up to Long's via Telephoto Longs Piak, thi 14,135 foot high giant which domlnatis thi front rangi of the Rockies west of Grttlty is shown bin In a mw view from thi shorts of Bur Llki in Rocky Mountain National Park.. It's almost flvi mills from Biar Laki (as thi crow flits) southeast to thi graniti piak, but thi 10-inch tilcphoto camira lins of Colorado Stall Colligi of Education photographir Skills CiMn makis it sum liki only a mill. Thi ruggid hogback descending to thi right from th»-(op of Longs Piak connects with 11.57? foot Chiifs Hiad piak, which His almost on thi continental divldi. was known as Colorado State Teachers College, two new degree programs were established, the master of arts In 1913 and the doctorate in 1929. The name Colorado State College of Education was adopted to recognize the fully developed graduate program. Dr. George W. Frasier was the president of the college then. .The change to Colorado State College was given final approval by the senate on Jan. 25 by a vote of 32-2, with Sens. Roth (D-Denver) and Gill (R-Hillrose) opposing. Thi brief bill went through the bouse Feb. 1 without opposition. Accompanying the bill through the two houses and also signed by the governor was one changing the name of Colorado AtM College at Fort Collins to Colorado State University. As a result of the approval of the bill pertaining to the college here, the governing board of CSCE and of Western.State, at Gunnison, and .Adams State, at Alamosa, will become known as the board of trustees of state colleges dropping the word "Normal." Cooking's Fun SATURDAY LUNCH Nice for the gang! Mammoth Chefs Salad French Bread Chocolate Loaf Cake with Chocolate Pudding Sauce Beverage Checolatt Pudding Sauce Ingredient-: 1 n a r k a g e (4 ounces) chocolate-flavored pudding and pie filling mix, 2 cups milk, l i cup heavy cream. 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Because you know all these things, you arc in our summer school. But I cannot refrain from appealing to you as teachers and administrators, to send us your finest, most promising high school seniors so that we can prepare them for the profession which is so seriously in need of members. I cannot see at any future time, the day when America's demand for leathers fo rits children will be fully satisfied. Teaching is at last coming into its own both in financial rewards and in recognition. It U a great time to be a teacher and a great day in which to prepare to become a teacher. At this collcpc we are proud to to keep up with the opportunities which open before thi colleft and with the privileges which are afforded us to grow and senre, but we are proud and grateful for those opportunities and privileges. While you ire with tf» this summer, don't pan up the won^rful opportunities for recreation which Colorado provides. Don't study too bird; take time off to enjoy your selves, too and, whit Is Jujt as important, take time to mike new friends. After all, milling of new friends is one of the wonderful things about summer school And on our campus, no one It a stranger. This Is known ai The Friendly Campus. It meani that you are among friends here. So on behalf of all of us here at the college and everyone in Greeley, we welcome you to summer school. William R. Ross, President Monday, June 21, 1957 GREELEY TnmUNE Page 13 pus, one which will insure the College's expansion for generations ahead. The first large scale building project for this new campus will be the new laboratory school plant for elementary, secondary and special education. Then will follow plans for other academic buildings, playing fields and residence halls. In general, we propose that the future will find the new campus being given over generally to graduate students and juniors and seniors with the first campus growing into a campus generally utilitcd by sophomore and freshman students. In short, as you can see, we are planning the development of an educational plant of greatly increased site and greater service. Since last summer the college has, most fortunately, come into possession nf 80 acres of land almost adjoining the village of Estes Park, adjoining Hocky Mountain National Park. The land, granted lo the college by the U.S. Depart mcnt of Health, Education ani Welfare, will be used as a field station for science field itudv trips as the site of conferences and workshops. We expect it to be used at all seasons of the years, but most extensive use of our Bino Crosby Complains of Musical Trash on US Airwaves and TV WASHINGTON Ofv-Bing Crosby,! the Old Groaner, groaned to a Senate committee Sunday about what he termed the musical trash" now popular. Crosby laid he has himself been "subtly" solicited to plug such material. Writing to Chairman Magnuson (D-Wash) of the Senate Commerce Committee, Crosby said: "It just galls me exceedingly to see so much trash on our airlanes and TV screen while the work of the talented, dedicated songwriters is c r o w d e d out of the picture. . ." Crosb.-'i statement was made public by the Songwriters Protective Assn. A commerce subcommittee is investigating allegations by some songwriters that Broadcast JIusic. Inc., attempts to dictate popular musical tastes by determining what tunes shall be broadcast and telecast most widely. BMI has denied these charges. BMI represents more than 2,000 music publishers and has tome financial backing from the major networks. Itj rival is the American Society of Composers, Authors nd Publishers. Proposed Censorship Violation Penalties Denounced As Invalid WASHINGTON III - Centres raemben itudjinj the report the CommL'itoa en (ovtrnment Security limed moit of their criti- citm ind questions Sunday at recommendation aimed at halting leaks" of secret information. Chairman Celltr (D-NY) of the Houie Judiciary committee said this and some other proposals appear unconstitutional. The official study group recommended that Concress m a k e it a crime for newsmen and other ! private citizens to disclose secret j information, even if they had no intent to harm the national interest. Such strictures now apply only to government employes. The commission proposed a maximum penalty of five years in prison and a $10.000 fine. Chairman Moss (D-Cjlif) of the House Government Information Sub-committee demanded that the commission, set up by Congress, reduce " w h a t e v e r eviJcnr" you ave to support your implication Jiat reporters have been stealing ecret information." Celler said he cannot accept in ic form submi'ted the commis- Injured Jianttti Smith, of Fargo, N.D., puts hr hand to hir swollen lyo (Juni 21) In St. Luki's hospital in Fargo, N.D., whin shi was takin aftir bting ln|urid In tornado which swipt through residential · ni. (AP Wiriphoto) These are only two of the lug- sestions the commission, named by President Eisenhower and Congress in 1955, made for sweeping changes in the loyalty-security prosram. Most of the other proposals, however, would not require enactment ion's proposal to legalize the use j of new laws by Congress--only ad- f wiretap evidence in court cases I ministrativc changes within got- nvolving national security. 1 eminent departments. Cattle Sale 200-300 HEAD 200-300 Stockers Feeders Cattle of All Classes WEDNESDAY June 26, 1957 15--W.F. Feeding Steers, weight 700-725 I!M. 10--W.F. Heifers, weight around fiOO Ibs. 25--Mixed Cattle : 6--W.F. Steers 10--Holslein Heifers, weight 300-400 Ibs. 10--Holstein Steers 2--Black Steers ; 1--Good Holslein Breeding Bull T.B. and Bangs tested, 800-900 Ibs. 60--Dry Butcher Cows. . Jase History LEXINGTON, Ky «! --An elderly man approached the reception 1st at St. Joseph hospital an asked if E. C. Jones could have visitors. "No," replied the receptionist. "Well, how is Mr. Jones getting along," the man asked. "Hit condition is much im- t ""fm glad to hear it." the man If you have a consignment to bring in, please gel if la earl/. said. 'Tie been hen 10 dayi and couldn't get that much informa- We eipect quite a few more cattle to come In on later con- cignments as well as many HOGS and SHEEP. be recognized -- and your presence i summer sessions. mountain campus is planned for j j. m tion out of the doctors or nurses. Jones." As you have noticed, our new residence halls for women ire n nd one uf partial use by summer students. We have chosen names for these new halls. One of them honors Dr. Grace Wilson, beloved forn-er drin of women »nd the other honors Edith Gale Wiebkin*, Jong associated with the college and former assistant dean of women. It really keeps us busy trying here confirms that recognition -as one of t!tc outstanding institutions in America for the prepara- j nf , r j n( , C ompleti lion of the finest of teachers. , h f m js in part j a i Our enrollments, both in the summer sessions and in the regular year, are increasing in astonishing proportions. However, enrollments are but one measure of growth. We are meeting the challenge by additions to the faculty, employing new members whose preparation md eiperienee strengthen our faculty and our academic offerings. For instance, beginning this summer, four new majors arc being offered on the doctoral level. They arc in science education, business education, music education and health and physical education. These arc in addition to the four majors at the doctoral level that were previously available, educational administration, elementary education, secondary education and educational psychology and guidance. In facing up to the challenges of increased opportunities and f enroU- ment growth, the college is entering a period of physical growth, too. Since last summer, the colfrsc has purchased.!4S acres of land, known as the Petrikin farm, al- must adjoining the campus on the southwest. It will give us opportunity to build an enure new cam- You don't nt«d to pay $250 lo $300 for INCONSPICUOUS ...QUALITY HEARING AIDS tCm Ibt wotWl l heipti u4-- tiny, lilM. IMOMpi M to 11651 EyttUn* Ind II- Iheor raodeli. Com* IX ·«· them--' GREELEY DRUG »00 Ith Ave. _' IW»Y MMir-aMi tuauaa n Asthma Formula Prescribed Most By Doctors-Available Now Without Prescription Stopi Attacks in Minutei... Relief Laiti for Hourt! **· l».fc. ft. 1. »r«.!.l-Tfc« Aitfcml fcrmul* pr«crib*d inort tfc»n »n]r ·ther by dxtort for their prirtt* p i t i r n t t U new iTtilitlt to aithma a u ? r r r r « w i t h o u t prescription. tn'i proird this fonrula tt"p« aitbma a t t a c k s in r-.inatrt and j i t f i fc«ori «f frf^-J^m from rfcor* r t - ( » cf p a i n f u l aitfctr.a iraim*. T K i l f o r m u l a ii lo f f f w t i t e that It ia t h » ffc)il;ilr,i' I f a j i r . c a s t h m a » r r i r r i r t i c * n u f . t h i t r r w i t t a n i« »f.M - l r i f » « « t y r r f r r i r f t " * - in t i r j tabl*U eall»4 Prtmatrr.* ep*na bronchial t«Ui. loostca ir.ucoot congMlioa, rtlittfi taut r.rrToai ttntion. All tfeii without takir.f rainfol lajtcUor.i. 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