Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico on June 21, 1951 · Page 5
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Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico · Page 5

Las Cruces, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 21, 1951
Page 5
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Thursday Ev*ning, : Jun 21, 1951 LAS CHUCKS .(N..M.),STJ[N-NEWS E'JUiPAfiE'lFIVE .: CLASSIFIED · MlBlnnuu 'rflnit Tline .te p« wdr* .'. .1; 'All cU.^nc.l'.a, mmtlfc !· hj _.;!« 'A.M. Monday th'r»tii* Frhtay :;':to;ln8ure puMicatlnn In that day*« '. IMUC.. Olaulfled · advertising for ;' Sun(1aj-:p»r*r,niujt lKi;;iji bj It .'^A.!\I. Satuiilay morning r '. : A Cush muMt accompany order An ;' ; '.aU classlflttl adi except to tione t haying, regiilar 'display wivBrtliFnjt - 1 /cHiirge accounts. - .' ' . ..., ·^ bc ; Hchcduloil-.for a deatUine period, / ·ane'.day .or more, and IT ontered ; ·»ad Mt there will be no 'refund. '' A'ds ; 'must DO .M:heduled ^ definite ntinib^r of days' arid no · refund* will be made on blailHIed adver- ' ' ' ' 12--FOH RENT THREE"RO9M APT, 722 .N. MES- quite. ·'·/··'·'- ·:'·':·'·. 65-30-87 ·POUR; ROOM?APARTMENT IN . Old ' Mosilla. Furnished,' $50.00 per month, phone' 34?,-W afUt 6 p. hi.- : " ' ..:" 49-tfn 1 APT., 2 BEDROOM, KITCHEN furnished,. US West Las' Graces, ph. 732-R.' 1 1-tfn CABIN F.URN'.ISHED, 720 Parker 2-ROOM Ai'T. FURNISHED, AIR cooled, States Court. : . . 51-lfn TWO. THREE-ROOM FURNISH- ed. apts. utilities paid. Couple only. Phone 240 -M or · 1531-R, 01-tfn - -.'-Any claims for cremt or adol ' :tlo'nol · Insertions of .clasJIflM »*l i FURNISHED, " diio to errors oecurirtnc' In adver- ' Usement must be' madV day fol- PHILBR1CK ,APTS. 4 ROOMS, bath, oir-coolca, .400 S. Church , ; · . · ' . ' : 00-3p-88 tawing . pnbllshlnc ' ^of advertise' ·' " ' · meuf PHONE M or SI ··'··2--CAHD OF, THANKS CARD OF THANKS' '-We thnnk qui'-mony'friends and neighbors for all the kindnesses .(luring our recent tirhc of sadness "-The floral offerings were great!} appreciated.. . ': . . '. . Anne S. Uitngti : . Frank M. Sanchez Pablo J.. Sanchez T '.· --SPECIAL NOTICE SEWING MACHINES, NEW AND uaell. We' repair all makes. . STEVENS FURNITURE CO. .-3W N. Main. Phone 677. ')·-·;. :; : · 1-tfn SPECIAL, BARGAINS -- KITCH- en utensils at half price.- Bed room suites cut-3$. 1/3%..Similar bargains on al! new -furniture and -appliances 'din-ing month o^ "June. Furniture Exchange, 130 W. Las Cruccs Ave. Phone 282-R.. 59-14c-.1-nie 27 WHY BUY IN EL PASO WHEN you can do better Furniture Co. Stevens 1-Un USED FURNITURE -- BOUGHT and nold. Furniture..Exchange. · 130 W. Las Cruccs, Phone 282-R. · . : ' · 1-ttn ALCOHOBICS ' A N O N Y M O US Box 801. Phone 1147-J between 7 arid 30 p. ni. ' 1-tfn 6--SERVICES Frigidaire Service . By'DAVE.NUSBAUM ' '.- PHONE 340 DRUM.ELECTRIC: - , 2B-tfn TROIMCAL. ..FISH AND SUP- plies at Meeirs. Flower; , 235 South Main. ' · ' . , · ..G5-3C-67 1 Does Your .Hoof Leak?.: CALL -700. :,-·':,/:. S W'Construc.tlon;'f5o. · ';. FRKE ESTIMATES -.. -. ' ' 7--HELP WANTED .TWO WAITRESSES, ONB-BAR- '· tender. Apply' in-''iierson after .. 8 p. in. Air Port Inn Nile Club. . ' . . ' · · - . ' ; ' .'· !·; ''9C-2p-67 ·:·' WANTED, LOOAL .TRUCK DRIV- · v ers for. freight,-' Brdcr'-Truck, '..' 221 East May..'··,-;!.';' G7-tfn 10--HELP WAWTED Femal« WAITRESS WANTED APPLY IN · ;' person, 1250 ·W/;Pica'ch'o. '07-tfri COLLEGE STUDENT.' : '?jVA'NTS .' part time, employment, 1 ' afternoons and evenings.. 05 : 3p-67 HENT ; .; t : ; ' : : . ; , -SMALL, FURNISHED'COTTACE. r -Couple ,'only. .325 Elhel-. Drh'e. \ Frist street -north iAlahl'edn 'VV school. .-';...;;..- .... :;67-Sp-69 (('OR RENT N E A R ; STATK .COI;- lege. S room hbmtvroof.alr cooi- Sfi er, completely, fiirnished.-$125.00 month. Write-/Has ·' 128, Las . Cruccs. .' . ' G7-lp-70 ^.'HREE nOOli MODERN FU.R-1 nishcd, ?60.00; including light I nnd \voter, phone'.73Q-W.'' " | . . - - - - . . ' '67-3p r 69 ONE BEDROOM, UNFURNISH- ed house, Mesilla' Park, "546.00. Phono 028834.' '67-3p-69' FUHN'ISHEIX :) KOOM, MODKKN. house. "Tnquir,c 10-11 N.. Second SI. 'v '" 'C7-3p-BO ROOM. PRIVATE ENTRANCE, reasonahle. Coll mornlnds 218 West Hodlcy, phone IMC-R. 67-30-69 Irnnce, priv, hath, gnragc. Phone 822-.I." · " 63-tfn LOVELY, O N E hedroom . house. · Tiled kitchen, near hunline. 1459-J. 07-2P-08 1*^WANTEDTO HENT WANTED, TWO BEDROOM UN- ·fiu-nished house, West sklevJuIly or Aug. first. Write ··Box 8 ''% Sun-News. , ' ' ( 63-0])-68 15--FOR SALE TWO R O O M , MASTERBILT 'trailer house, S785.00, See .at Idaho and Pccos, phone 1512-W. 07-3p-09 VACATION. PLAYMATES, HEG- istered aocker spaniel' puppies, blonde or black, ph. 1197-J. DELICIOUS CAPON FRYERS. $1.00 and up on foot. $1.25 and up dressed. Dr. Horton Poultry Furm 1520 W. Hadley, ph. 537- M. 42-tfn UUO1J USKD TIRES. SHOOK Tire Co. . 1-tfn SEAT COVER B A R G A I N S Shook Tire Co. 1-tfn OBNERA-L CONTRACTOR Rough lumber, planed lumber, mndera*-q price, Pee Gee Paints, all colors. Have Brlckrete building, block, red buff. SMITH'S Lumber Yard. Cor. Madrid . Mesquite. Ph. 1456-J. 28-tfn LIZ VISITS BROTHER IN NEW YORK FIIM STAR Elizabeth Taylor arrives in New York from Hollywood, met by her brother Howard, Jr. (middle), and actor Montgomery Clift. Howard, an Army sergeant, \vns about to'leave for Japan and wanted to soe his sister before departing for the Far Best. (Internal tonal j 17--REAL ESTATE For Sale BALL MILL, CRUSHER. CLAS- sifler, table, ore bins, · lumber, high pressure pump. G. V.Mc- Ncll, Ml. View Tim, Organ, New Mex. 65-3p-G7 and 71-3p-73 REGISTERED POLAND CHINA . sow, two years old. : Three gilts, ten weeks' old. Barbara Funkhouser, phone 039G-J3. GO-3p-67 TT/jxa IN. "cETKIFUGAIj P U M P , and l-^ 2 hp. single-phase motor. Used.IPSS t h a n SO hours: Phone 0187NR1 after S I)., ni. 66-8p : 6S 16--WANTED TO BUY HIGHEST JfKlUfca PAID ;JTOR used" pianos. Stevens .Furniture'. Co. 316 N. Main. Phone 677. 1 · 1-Un lOUSKHO^D . P If R N IT tfrt^. Any condition.. We buy. anything of value. Phone .B31-J. Viaduct Salvage: Yard, 824' W. Plcacho. . ..' ·'.-' "".·" ' . . ' . . . 1-tfn 17--HEAL ESTATE For Sal* A TRACTIVE, TWO BEDROOM Tiomo, '·vhasonafole. .Must .see-, to ·appreciate. Also nice large building, lot, 0299-111.' G(i-4p-GiJ. · T H K R E R O O M. PUHNISHRD apni'lniPnt, Mosilla Park. 02%-J2 0-I-tfn F U R N I S H E D APT'S, AND sleeping rooms, 221'W. Crigg.i. - . · C!i-3p-fl7 -i ROOM,'PARTLY- FURNISHED apartment .in Old Mesilla, call 0393-112. 65-3p''67 NBW APARTMENT, ELECTRIC Klklien. -126 McCluro Roar!. GG.flp.70 un. Am COND. CABIN for couple, ph. 151 or 393-J. 07-tfn · 1 .-Acre, r" 6-room modn'rn liome, "i 3-room · modern rock house,, barns, chicken house;. 5- room, adobe house'.1 all for . '. : . ?.p|6oo.qo , 19 acres, 'with : colton crop.' Large cement house ' ' . ' . · · ' · · ' 515,000.00 Small Cafe'pdoing good business " ' $4,500,00 . -5: Acres, 1 · G" well/ chicken .house", several pncan and fruit trc'es^- :. ."56,0.00.00 . . 2ii, Acrfi.v 2 modern houses, G -large'.'outbuildings ' ; . . - . · $7,000:00 5 rooms, 2 baths, large bu.i- ness blclg. Ideal for garage, service station and cafe Anthony, -Tex. -, '. 2 B. R. modern liome, Luna Arizona sts. . ··' -$5,250.00 2 B. H. modern home; 2 2 - -rootn apis., furnished: $8,750.00 . ·I Room- modern home, Mcailla Park $3,200.00 . . 5.B..R. modem home, lots of shade'and fruit'trees $0,450.00 . 3 B. ft. modern home, ideal location- . . . . $10.7!50.00 Lots for sale, or will build td suit buyer. . A. t. COX REALTY CO. 304 N. Main Phone 535 67-3C-Q9 Under All Is The Land :\ % Acres irrigated land nt edge of city. Fairly good 2 n. r. home with storage ifiundry room; and a large 3 r. house (livable but not modern). Barn ' chicken hou;;e, natural gas, large shade trees. $11,000. Terms arranged. Hardware Appliance store with large farm trade. Must be sold at inventory acct. health. New 3 b. i'. home, attached garage. Convenient to all schools. Terms. 512,000. LAUNDROMAT: Doing $14,000 annual volume. Industrious couple can bank $000 mo. above Jiving expense. 4 Unit Apt. showing better than 32% return. Terms. MOTEL - BAR - CAKE. , YANCY CLARK or FRED JOHNSON, Realtors 433 N. Main ·· Ph. D35 or 874 66-3C-GS MODURN, 3 BKDROOM HOUSE, J.33 .Cambridge. Drive,, phone 3075: . · .. GG-3p-68 NEW, . WEI-iL. CONSTRUCTED, large,' suburban home. 3 bedrooms,- dt-n, forced air heating system', * electric dishwasher,, 1 %. baths, extra large amount uf - storage space,. living room fire ·place, also -outdoor fireplace! "20x30. -foot garage and maid's quarters with % bath 'and laundry -.tubs. Severn Juice jlargu shade." trees. A truly fine home. Prfuo $24.000.00, lurms. Highway Realty. Albert Socolofsky, Realtor, No. on Highway 85. Ph. 1403 .. -; : - G5-3C-67 18--^BUSINESS Opportunity 194U FORD- 2 DOOR -SEDAN, less'ithan; ceiling, price/ ph. 90S. ' · / " · · _ C3-tfn 13--USED CABS For Sal* .Immediate Delivery on . T H E NEW. BUICK In tas Cruces at 1 . . . CULLOM BUICK CO. 335 S. Main ' Ph. 1016 . . l-tfn CaiLi/o/0 Water At'ler Cut . Jn Supply From Lake CARRIZOZO. June 21 (#1 "_- Ma\oi Y^rnon Petty has announced theytlla£* \\tll have to ration it watei fcpcau e of a cut in supply "tron^Bomtn lake, owned by t he.Soqthcin .Pacific railroad. Petty saiii the. railroad told .him .last .night ( i t is compelled to cut down on the village's water supply despite, reports, last week the liife had ;no^ more iise for the water be- cause-'of-fa'-.-'change from steam to diescl locomotives. Last'Wdek rumors circulated the railroad planned to sell the irike and 7,000 acres around it to-buy- era who planned a reaort there. Carrinozo and several other nearby communities have" bought Bonila Lake water from the railroad for.years. Legion na:i re's '"Scorn (Freedom Sacrifice ' I For Stale Security · SANTA FE, June 21 (rPi · - · American Logionaires' were- tolc today t h a t the American people ore sacrificing individual fraction: in favor of security "under the coercive pnticy of the state." John P. Kttiinrr, who will be- rpmq exc w "Mexic frtr-'l.-^p state convention of. the American Legioih'-He -also OHlled"fdi'"% for- olgn policy.--not'based--."on-.ifear.;' vnd for ..morali:.inte|fi'ityfln"public leadership. ·. ; . . . . . i -.(·:?'-:. Erie,Cocker'JrTmatronaT~Legion comman'der, ,\vas previously scheduled to attend but his plane was grounded by : lfic7afi^^j£pke at Washington, D.-C.' "·"" * " MICKEY MOUSE by Walt Dime,f A\AVSE -IT WAS A" fAMCKSY...YOU'RE DlRTYTRlCK... ^- suT-i DIDN'T. WANT ti-v^ VOUTO BUIN YOUR EVEB SINCE THAT FELLO\V HVPNOTIZBP YOU INTO TMINKINS YOLJ WEEE A SJTEAT ... YOU'V= BEEN SWELL-HEADED A\P NASTY TO PEOPUS 1 ?A SHOCK YOU OUT O? IT ! 1 :·'.. YE.AK....1 WAS A SEAL, NO-GOOP... WASN'T I ? THE, LONE RANGER WEHE6RD YOU MADE THEY-THEY BATESViLLE INTO AN J TURNED ON OUTLAW HIDEOUT: f^ ME. TMC V STAKED ME [ OUT TO (TiJE LONE RAhkSER/GOOD/ I'LL HELPVDUJfJL HALF AHUNMED I CROOKS.' " r\ TMOSE DOUBLE CROSSERS TURNED ON ME AFTER I ORGANISED TTlEM IHTO A GANG' vVHOA^E-MDU? CALLED LOME RANGER, I MWONDER1N IF ) I YOU WANTED I DID. BUTIFHEGCTSLOOSeCRSCME [YW BOYSSOONTOTOWU'WE'KE SHELL? WU LOOK WORRIED. OXE RESCUES HIM, HE WILL SIJUEN. ON ( I GCDN' BACK AN' FINISH BOSS BATES. WE MADE A HIM TO DIE SO MISTAKE LEWIN7 1TPLOOX LIKE BOSS BATES r\ THE WORK OF ALIVE/ i -- -- , INDIANS. PHARMACIST Adolph Rothbaum holds one of the price-fixed drugs he nnmes in injunction suit in Queens, N. Y., Supreme court, asking; that Stacy's be restrained from underselling pricc'-fixed drugs manufactured ii: New York state. Suit maintains U. S. Supreme Court decision applies only to merchandise in interstate commerce. A dozen 'attorneys f o r . firms -in other linos indicated .they would attend argument. (International} Crash at 600 mph FOR QUICK SALE Will wholesale 19-17 V-S Fort 2-door. Terms. Sec it at 123 North Church St. ' G2-CC-G7 . SECURE INVESTMENT . -- AND-HOME · 7-room brick, every convenience, bath, sink, . natural gas, sewer, shade trees large,'2 telephones hall etc,;' --- also n S room house and 2 room house on snnic'lnnd. N. Alamomlra. Special price 58,006, terms. 2 new houses on 5 lots, 8 blks. College.' Blife.' sites. Terms to suit from owner, Rood title. 700 lots to choose from. Come by and look what we have, we are not hlfih pressure salesmen, and Independent listings. BUNCH'S .REAL ESTATE I'll. 1530-K GO-IC-QO J940 Ford 2-Door Sedan $29ii.OO 19-10 Dodge Sedan 675.00 1040 Buick Sedanct ... 805.00 1047 Uuick Sedan 925.00 19-18 Studehaker Landcruiser Sedan. 1946 Chrysler Windsor Sedan." Phone 268 650 S. Main JOHN MILLER Molor Co. . Chrysler - Plymouth 65-2C-07 -1!) FORD, 3 PASS. O.D., HEAT- · er, radio, Sniitty mufflers, seat covers, visor, water injector. Injector, hack-up light, limp light, 2 new tires. $1.200.00. Mr. Woods, Phone 23101, White Saiids. ' C5-up-(JO COMPARE PRICES 19f)0 Studehaker JMtin 1941) Kaiser «45 1048 Nash 7-iri 1018 Ford Pir.hup 795 I'itlO Jeep, new motor, -I- wlieel'brakes GOfi CULLOM BUICK CO. 07-:ii-on For rach a'f thr seven yeftn end- In); In l!i. r r, the llnlteil .'Uuli-.-i hi:; pioduceil innj-e than n billion bush els of whcof. U, MiclianlCorba ' · STILL AUVE after mul-nir crash of their jpt (ighters nt COO mph. tho two pilots above, shown in hospital In Central Falls; R..I., saved their lives by pai'aclmling'to earth near North Attlcboro, Mnsa. Tliey sur- ferccl serious cuts nnd bruises in cntsli, vrliich crcalcil effect nf f i ' fircworlts displny. (Inlcrnniifninf) ' MANDRAKE THE MAGICIAN ' ^ i l j jlUv'n 'lOl .'hiriil-) i by Paul Robinsoi LITTLE ANNIE RODNEY by Brandon Waist 'DONT LET THAT WORRY YOU KlD- 1 AM" Iliei IT_WA f.TOKMY-TI ID' T i f - r / I BUI noi "Wi I HEARD Till- Wl'^'D IL-WLIIJG OK j'.',,./'. T|4L : .RADIO SAID/ MAY8C A HUUND DOG BAYl NG in ilv'-l MIE GUARDS A AT TME MOOM--/-.-· =. .HUMhY. i,~. || E ARDTME ^--.-··- "- - - . - · - · / C . T V A . i n ' EVEN IF 1'HU TIGER DID ' f -\JT.C.UESS 1'w JUjr ASCAR5PV:- IIOWL THrT SWAMP IS TWCNTY V] CAT--'THIS BREAkTA5l'l5 SlVELL, MILL'S AWAY--AND H AI^I'M TERRIjjLf; GLA_D i^l YOIJ'RP IIEQE ALL '/AS; ""' ' SAPE AND SI SISTER by Lee Falk and phU Davii 13--USED CARS Kor Sal* ge Pass. 13ns, new motor Flcetlinc, R*|l Stylmastur, new mo. tor, R1I Chov. Pickup, -I sp... Plymouth, just over hauled . ' . . . . . . . , C^hev., H f t l l Chev. Cluh I.'ord ChPV, Coupe Chev. Coupe Chev. Coupe Hevrnil olhrr rarrf $riO.OO up 5 7BO 10-15 1015 585 093 ·IM 475 3115 32.1 COX USED CAR LOT ' .'(04 N. Main Pliiinn .'lO-J 07-.1c-G(l JUST FOR ~MXT ^ OF COURSE \OU'U YOU'LL BE SUBPBISEDTO KNO\V I OUSl-lT TO KEEP KEEP IT.' IT'S MY OWM PiN WAS FOUND AT HOME. NOW BE ON VOCA? WAY.' -, THE PIN^' ,,-,,·[_ YOURS, 1 . , ME ATHIEFARTEK DISHONEST MAM ETTA KETT by Les Forgravc

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