Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on June 24, 1957 · Page 23
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 23

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Monday, June 24, 1957
Page 23
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Fine Arts Festival Will Open July 21 Professor Richard Hall, general Chairman of the 1957 Fine Arts Festival has announced the committee memberi who will be helping with the eighth annual festival this \ e a r . The festival, which will h a v e exhibits on the Colorado State College r a n i p u v as well as in a number of (ireeley stores, will be held July 21 throuch 2j. Major event» wll! inilude a i?cred concert by the college orchestra and choir, an assembly w i t h an ouMandm;; speaker, a s u m m e r band concert, a modern dance procram. and a Little Theat- ··r of the Ilnckic* play. The ay this .summer w i l l be Ticrr at the dates. The e x h i b i t on the campus will be art created by a l u m n i of the college. Committee members helpmc arrange for c o m m u n i t y p a r t i c i p a t i o n in Ihc f e s t i v a l are Forrest Freasr, (lenrge Sanderson. Italf.h . F. Chlanda. Gene Wood, Mrs. J. M. firaybeal. Stan fieson. J a m e s Curtis, Clair I-ouisc Plait, M r s . Ixivina J.uman, Mrs. Helen Calkins, Hay Lovely. Harold Adcock. Mancel I-ofgren, John Schafluetzcl, Mrs. Harold Ad cock, Ilobert Kinhurn, Mrs. Hill Skipper. Luther W. Ilriscoe, Mrs. Klva I'hillips, Mr.. L. P. Me Arthur. Mn. W a y m a n Walker, Car ; rol Gilbert. Festival events, and the college faculty members w o r k i n g nn them are as folltrws: arts, John Mariani, \Vilbur A h l u r s ; music, W a y m a n Waller, Hupcrl Cixidhrud, Itita Hutchcrson, Hale D y k m s ; book reviews, \eal Cross; theater, Helen Lannworthy, Welby Wolfe; dance, Francis Dougherty, Jean Cave, James Miles. Assembly, Kenneth Terry, Hajel Johnson; Sunday program, Lucille Harrison, L". K. Mohr, William l l a r t m a n ; publicity. Dean Coon, llalph Johnston, ftose Farrar; building* and rooms, Merle Parson, Ilaroli Browning. Familiar Little Squirt NORFOLK. Va. i,f-Sijn o v e r a public drinking fountain in Norfolk: "Old Face Full." Two Held in Melchoir Fur-Jewel Robbery LOS ANGELES 1*1 - Polite of Ihrrc slates Saturday hunted two men following the irmt of two others'and recovery of ill but til.100 worth of JW.7JO in fun and jewels stolen from linger I,au- ritz Mclchior and nil wife. Hooked on suspicion of jobbery, police announced Friday, were llobcit Morgan, 39, an ex-convict,' and Alfred 1. Tope, 28, both of Uis Anzdcs. i llcp Chief Thad Hro»n said two blue leatherette suitcases contain- ins $88,670 worth of the loot were recovered. The suitcases were stolen by three g u n m e n who invaded the home of the tenor and hit wife | Kleinchen Tuesday night. Drown said. Thr three men--l\*o masked with women's stockings--bound the Mclchiors and two »ervants with stockings and neckties. Dep. Chief Drown said all points bulletin! for the arrest of two ex- convicts were sent to authorities of California, N e v a d a and Arizona but naid they "could be holed up right here in town." Outdoor Education from Many Angles ^w* Bug Butcher | BOMB John W. Hancock, (In center with cap) director of athletics at Colorado State College, gives some students, both men and women, lessons in fly calling. Neil to Hancock (with hat) Is Vincent Cyphers, one of the workshop directors. Strength w i t h Safety rir.-i.innt odor . . . KILLS: Ulack Widow Spider.*, Millers, Flics, dr. SAFE pnounh for dairy animals; in your own kitchen; nn your own okin an itnat or tick repellent.... , Manufactured By BALCOM INDUSTRIES, INC. (ireeley, Colorado Squirrel Knocks Out Denver Power Line D E N V E R i* -- Elrctric power in an estimated two square-mile 'area in west Denver was knocked j jout early Saturday when a playful *iuiTel shorted out a Public Service Co. of Colorado sub sta- . tion. A company spokesman said the squirr*-! "died in a flash" w h e n ! it short-circuited about ten 13,000- volt feeder lines. · He said the animal shorted the lines about 6:20 a.m., .and that it was about six minutes before the power could be restored. Strict Precaution VICTORIA i P - U n d e r British Columbia's new t r a f f i c act the victim nf a car theft can be taken to court, as well as the thief, if he failed to turn off the motor, lock the ignition and remove the key. Outdoor education In many as- pecti, ·treiiinj uie of the out- ·if-jri it a laboratory (or teachinf pai well as recreation (or leisure, hut been the subject of a workshop conducted during the pre-»e»sion - j u t CSCE. The workihop nil been held "it Sylvan Dale ranch at the mouth of the Big Thompson river with both men and women enrolled. Director! of the workihop have been Dr. George W. Donaldson, director of the outdoor laboratory of the Tyler, Texas, school system and Vincent Cypbexi, associate professor of physical education at CSCE and Eddie Jo Connell, assistant professor of physical education. Such subjects ai arts and crafts, eampcraft and woodcraft, nature and conservation, survival on land and water, fishing, armory, ·hooting, outdoor living^ were itudied. Three dayi of-the tecond week of the clinic were given to a ipecial itudy project directed by Dr. Julian W. Smith of Michigan State University who is national director of the outdoor education project'of the American Association (or Health, Physical Education and Recreation. Experts in many areas' outdoor education and recreation addressed the workshop attendants; exhibits and displays were featured. (Photos by Skeeti Calvin) Pate 12 CREELEY'TRIBUKE Monday, Juiu M. 1957 n, · » iriKHBim · imi. mmti *, r **v*iAw*B*..-fV7t- . i^,iit»», .* .·» t*' ««-*· »*·«·--*J*PS»» Tod McClung (loft) sptcial roprosontotlvo ol National Rifle As- loclation, who taught shotgun and riflo use., shows class mombort how it Is dono. At right is C. E. (Ed) Damon, formir CSCE (acuity monitor and nationally known expert on gun safety, who also has boon o mombor of tho workshop faculty. Ho Is an official of tho National Association of secondary School Principals, an N.E.A. affili- ato. Damon is holding a portable clay pigeon trap. ENCHANTED NIGHTS It'i button-free--smooth as a mattrrm enn bo! Healthfully firm us a mattress *AouU be! Tented for ten years' u»o'. Scaly tru-balance inncrspring unit. Exclusive dacorator-dceigncd cover. Pro- bum borden stand up to extra hard wear. Save now during Sealy'f Golden Sleep Sale! Matching box Bpring regularly *59.50...$44-50. 44 Convenient Terms MAXIMS OF THI »78.BO Seafy rosmiMsiriDic* MATTRSSB RUCK 1028 Eighth Ave. Phone 100 Norsfad Thinks. II Improbable Russia Would Attack Europe WASHINGTON in --Gen. Laurii Norstad says it is "most unlikely, if not impossible" that the Soviets would decide to a t t a c k free Europe. Norstad, supreme commander of the North Atlantic Treaty Orga niiation (NATO), gave this estimate in asking the House Foreign Affairs Committee to continue U. S. arms aid to Western Europe. His June II closed-session testimony was made public Saturday after security censorship. Norstad figured total Russian strength at 20,000 planei and 175 division:, and he advued a "skeptical" -- but not "cynical" -- approach to Soviet disarmament proposals because of "pzst fail ures of the Russians to keep their commitments." But he also said the NATO de fense warning and airfields sys tern mean the Soviets cannot expect U knock out all fields in one surprise attack, and forces in America and elsewhere would have several hours' time in which to launch a counterblow. "I think our retaliatory forces are capable of destroying whatever Soviet military targets we must knock out," Norstad said. Director George Donaldson of Tyler, Total, an authority en outdoor education, gives a class tome demonstration of cookout techniques in preparation of a meal of meat and vegetables cooked together In a foil-wrap. San Luis Obispo Shakes SAN I UIS OBISPO, Calif, (fi -A light earthquake quivered this area Friday afternoon and knocked out a circuit breaker that temporarily put radio station KAVY off the air. No other damage was reported. Indians Claim Thruway FORT HUNTER, N. Y. I* -Fifteen Indians have pitched camp beside the New York State Thruway, claiming that some _of the superhighway land never was sold to the white man. Standing Arrow, 24-year-old chief o' the band, said the four amilies' homes on the St. Regis Uscrvation were uprooted for St. Lawrence Seaway construction. Exhibits of all kinds of camping tqutpmant and outdoor tquip- mont, including »p«cUI high altltudt tquipmtnt, wtrt ·rrangtd for thost Attending th* workshop.--AH photet by Shtiti Calvin. Lad Still Has 5 Traffic Charges Against Him NORTH MIAMI. Ha. IT -- Tenear-old Wesley W. Tole Jr. still has five traffic violations pendm| against him. The ounsler and his father appeared in Municipal Court Fri- Hi finill ' Still ASSOCIATE STORE WELCOME... Summer Students to Greeley and C.S.C. EVERYTHING For The HOME and A U T O . . . 917 8th Ave. Greeley, Colo. Phone 2828 day aisht to answer the charges brought in connection with his steering his four-foot long, lawn mower-powered car on the sidewalk outsrde his father's electrical store. Tole pleaded innocent in a charge erf permitting an incompetent to drive. He and his son w-ere directed to appear agam next Fri day. "If we io to jail, at kwt we'll to together." Tole said after enter in! his plea. "That's what I told !the boy." Asked for Wesley's reaction Toie said th» 10-year-old replied: "Aw. dad, you're just kidding me " Young Wealey ww charged with driving without a license, not hav ing a license plate, not having an inspection sticker, overloading the vehicle with another boy and driv ing -xi a public sidewalk. The father said neighbors w-ere speaking of his son as "the little criminal" because of the police action. USE THI TRIBUNE WANT ADS R, Gary Zick Optometrist CONTACT LENSES Ph. 674 1008 9th AT*. 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AMERICAN DA1RT ASSOCIATION OF COLORADO \'

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