Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico on January 28, 1945 · Page 4
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Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico · Page 4

Las Cruces, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Sunday, January 28, 1945
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR Las Sunday Morning January 28, 194f Las Cruces Sun-News Publitbcd (filly. eicrj.i Saturday-- weekday anil Sunday morning"-to «k« In Cme; Sun i''.l,l..l,ln, D,.. al in Smilh Main St., true*., K. It. Knitted al Ui Cruet* im.ibffk* a* .ecoml rW« mailer. WAU.ACI! PK»»Y.. it. B. .IIOYI.I:. ..... N«lionll A'lvftlmns llr|,/r,rr,l. Clliogo, Nr« York. Si. l.i.ui.. M K M I I K k Ol ; TMK AS.SIK.'IATKIJ f'KF.SS Tfc ( *·'«»I' 11 '''«» I" f«'l«livHr ti.l.'lr.l In Hit n.e llir nuMiulinn cil al] Tlvl.l.I'HONit U O(( .M 'ti"i' ^ : K. W\\l |7.bU » y r a t . M a i l »u twinili; \y mail in liana AIM ci.mi.y. f/, -t yc*r; W " * Allies Face Huge Posl-war Task in Germany By DeWITT MacKENZIE Asuocialod Pros War Analyel Orujihinjj asidr technicalities, what may wo expect to find inside Germany when the enemy f i n a l l y says he's had enough' A glance behind the cui'tain is rather appalling, for the bloody coup de grace which the Allies now are in process o administering is merely a gatecrasher into an administrative problem which has no parallel in history. We start witli the circumstance that 'the Reich, which hab been one of the world's great, powers, will have no government to which the United Nations can assign the task of administering (under Allied m i l i t a r y control) the highly complicated affairs of some UO.flOd.nOO people. Hilice line of ' ^ r Im'I the titU-r ( J i - M r i j r l i i M i "f t h e Nay. niffitrii;, wo an- h a r ' l l y llU-ly I' entrust a f f a i r s In 11 u ofTinabt Anyway, power ix « p ijH''i)ti'al''d It Die i-mmln of H i t l e r Of hi- *UI llvc«) and hlH n i p t n i n . H , an') al Uiewi' crinii mils j i n - M i i n j i t j l y wil be under luck a n i l ki-y. Thin p f ' H i ' n t H it f i l i i i i t i u t i u n i q u e In our l i m p . When t h e Allies !'- f f n t e d O r i i m n y In the \vt\r there wits (i K O i r v n i r i H - n l ready '' n d m l n l n t e r lh- a f ' f i n r n nI t h e conn- try Naturally « i i " t l i will follow till' H l l l v i recline- in lu Itiurw. Rill l l i r c u r l y ilnys of 111 Alllf-rt iiri-iijmtii.n HIV Illo-ly In lie hel]i»h. The- A l l i e d i n i l i l i i r y a n t h n i - i t l i - F will li»ve I" 1m,Ii n l l e r n n n i i i n i i of ('IvlllaiiH \vlmni' Iniinc.H Inu'i- tii'i'ii di-mriiyi'il. who l i i r h Uic ·'·«»!· tll)K llf llfV IIIHl Mini llHVC II 1- moiiliitr [iriinpri't uf I'liljtloyniriil The cnlinlli'liii thoiuiiinife nf m i r - rcnu't'i-ltiK ( i r r n m n MdihiT.i. n i n n y of wlinm in 1 /' l i n i l i i l l / i ' d N I I K I Inna- tli'H, limy linn 1 In I'C pnl in InU'iil- riu'nt riini|Ki fur I r n r Hun If t l i c v HIT I l l M i r i l lixuic I l i ' - y w i l l iihirt rnvil^lllK Hn r n l i l i t r y . Thr I m i m l n y priilili-m.H w i l l In Illlllilr Til.' h«M H i l l i i i l l i u i w i l l In ilriili'. in. w i l l t h a i nf a l l i i l h e i Tlion llir A l i i TM w i l l hiivc tin' J"li llf l u p i i l i u l i i i H lhi n i n n y mil lUinn of A I I K ' d i m t l i i i i n l H whom Hitler I m p o r t e d l u l u I)K' ivlrh t i n (ilnvcry. Hn Hill- cniiltl J;M ill] p l t l M ) ; up t h e Krlcf nnlll (hi'ri' WHH u HHI an limf^ lla ynur anil. Tin- m i n i I n l u l In t h a t On- Allied m i l l t u r y K u v r r n i i i i ' n l w i l l Illive n iiiiiiinliiln In i n l v r . mill Dint will lukii i i i i t i m l y H"Hi bill i n l K l i t y hint unit i - x j x ' r t woili. Health Director Plans NM Survey BANT A KB, .lun. 'J7 i/P. The j t l l t f l l M l l I l l « l ' ' j ) H l l M M «|il rnleiiil 1" ' vey n( ) i ) M ] l i n l H an.i ' f n c l l l t i f s I ur Hie I ! health nrrvicc, A.^t. Robert \\'. \\i\n\ held in mi opinion for S t a l e M e n l t h Dinvtor J. K. Sontl. Th.. juiMlr l i e n l l l i M.-pviee tn rnn- tcnijtltlllllf; a\\t'}\ ll N l i i V r y 111 Ne\V M i ' X l r f t Hn:ll H H t i l . hut inlited he did not lui»\v when UK- « u i \ c y would s t a r t . The lilfihttitt mtspcnklttit hndKc ihc world ipHit.i the canyon of i ArknniflR river In Culonidu Yule Cards Make Hit with Soldiers (Continued from juijr! 1) uier teiu'licTH wlmt it HIPBIIH I ilii'irt to be remembered. The clnsn IIM Mek'Ctwl tin; Ulter llicy t h i n k It. "tops" .so far, II ex- hrcufii-H w h n t n i l (if t h e m arc trylrifj t o H f i y . W r i t t e n I n N e w (.luinen, rlated .Inn. S, l!M!i, it IH Hifined, 'Your ohuilicnt nntl Iniinhlu wr- '.·»nt Iteyiiittndo Harchi." Iliuilile Wrote fur Him eciuifte he had h u r t )ii« hand mil n r,li^ht. I n f e e t l i t n had ai*t In, iv u«l«'d hl.H b n n k l e to w r l l e for lim. "The ennl, he wrile.s " c e r t a i n l y mule me foci 100 |il-r rent, b e t l e r . . Kninvjiig t h a t thi» liome t n \ v n n'Oplf are h(0ilnd me will make me ne f l y h t ' it whole! lot htirder. . . "The inoHt i n i p o r t i t n t word In a M nervlrenmn'n voeHl'tilary i.s lirmie', (Hpce! H i n t w i t h ii e a p i t n l l . Iiniir UN d e f i n e d hy WnlJHtcr Is nne'.s a l m d e ; h t i h i t a t ; /ilieltei or "Tn me and n I'cw m i l l i o n (tlhi'i nen It 11 ic in 1,1 n phie.e lo w o r n h f j i IN 1 pen«r, ii pliit'e to KO and learn vlinlever I w a n t . . . I t ineanw t phiee when- I have a uny In my r i vi-rn 11 l e n t , a plar'e where I am n i K i f i - n t u n t i l I n m proven guilty, nd whi'i'e 1 won't h n v r to worry t n i i i l my neighbor 'ipyin^ on j UN- hi.'ilory e!nfin Itey- a f t e r jiudjinro I h r o i i K h A m e r i c a n h i n t o r v where men inid down their Hvi-.s" that liberty mid friMMlom i n i R h l survive. {{uiiti-H Kmisevclt SpeiM'h In cloning he []uoten the IJIH! piirniifimh fi'oti' 1'n-Nidcnt Itdost'- vcH'« speech ashing' eonj-res.s to clarr w a r : "\Vllh eonfldrjicf In our iirnicd force**, w i l t ) the u n l i o n n d i n g deter- ol' wil iidds, "Thmilis i iil k n o c k hell o.\ S:.,IM :HURCHES 1'IIIST rilKSHYTKIMAN Kcv. 1'Ysnk F. JOIICB, Minister Mr.H. J.'rcd Daniels, Organist Mra. W. T. Hlxlcr. Choir DIroctor Sunriny Sehool ilr-Jf) a. m. Roy ]f. France, Kupi-rinU'iidiMU. Church Nnruory 11:00 a. m. Mrs. Flon-nce Httixcr in charge. Mnrninp Worship -]1:00 a. in. Prvlnde --· "Andantc.t HitligioAo", r. Tliome. OriCrlfiry--"H(!reeiise", (1. IM- irnek. A n t h f i n "CJixl JH Love", E. F. Ki'imon "A Young Man w i t h a i'oullmlc "("Irand Mareh", 0. Vnll. Clnirch lio.stes.HeK Mrs. Covey f i l t e r anil Mm. (Irrivt-r Slitrphy. Tin- Htph .School young jienple vill m'-i'l lii the Junior room or the incx Huiidfiy (ivcnlUK at 7 o'clock. "|IR Young I'fojtln'H WcHtiniiiHU'r uvflhij) will hold u meuliiig; at seven o'clock I h i n ovcnliiR in the college room. Memlier.s will he HH- Higm-d to t h e Kcllou-.shij) Cointni.s- C'hoiv rrhcar.Hhal, Thur.sdiiy cvciiinfj: "t -jcvcn o'clock. conn ill ii lu-nrliiK toilny before P e a c e .IllMlcu W i l l i a m .1. Alexander. 1'iivlK IB churned w i t h n i u r - cli'r In (he u l n v l n i j Kmiilny of I HC-II Hums. Xi. iil.-.o ii MHi,i|. of j I'luvix Hui;,| ,,!' $r,.oilo W n.s S( .| j fur I I I I V I B I When die son conies home from service or the I r a i n i n j i camp, don't spend vour precious time in the k i t - chen. Alakc a dale \ \ i l l i us ... let lis fix the d i n n e r for t h i s special SAINT 1'AIIl/S MUTIIOniS'i' C. A. Rillgc. M i n i s t e r Mr. Hudson J l u r r e l l , Director of Music Mrs. Hudson Murn-11. Organist Sermon "Uncomlillonal Klirrcn- iler." nil lur . l i n i i o r - l l i l.camn- 7:00 p. in. Y o u t h Kelowslnp 7:110 p. in. Cllolr rehenr.SHl, Thursday 7::iO p. in. In Mcmorlnm Tile Viola nnuiildu.i Circle of the r Wniniitl'H Society of -*!n istliin Seri : A U . | l p , Jim. 27 I.TP W i l l i e i vlen Iflvoj one iiumlml dolllil-u lo l i a v l » . T:, NI-BI-O liell-hop. wa.i or- Hi,. l.'riiMnle for Christ In meiiiory of Col. Jcssi- Meeheni who Have his l i f e for his country. ST. ANIHK\V8' KI'ISCOPAI. R.'\-. (ieoij;,. Wowl, Ueelor S:IIO n. m. Holy K u c h a r l D t . Ift-.ntl ii m.- r i n n r l i s.-hiKil. 11:110 H in. M n r n i n g in-aycr. serinoii " T h e Im-xline.iii.-OiaMr I.l|!lll." 7:110 p. in.- Service ill SI. l.nlie's IVlllill)!. 1 1 Your \\-eli-onn- ht-n- w i l l lie l i u t l i coldlal mill Hlncen-. S'l'. ,IAMKS KP1SCOPA1. 1. llcm-ty Welcome lo a l l ! 'i. Early Service S a. m. :i Morning Prayer ami .Sermon I I «. in. Subject of Sermon "A Well Spent l.ile" I. Service »t I I I I 1 II p. m. Mclnoiliil In Melvlii rnlioon. lluiller I^HVi.i. Missionary. Divorce Granted lo Hatch Couple l.ciw l.'mn n week n f l t T .sojiiiriil- ni« from Archie V MiU-ln-ll. I^IIIIM' 1. Mitchell of H u t c h won u ,IU vorce on ground of i n , - o i n | ; t t i l i l i t y . .mil cllataly of « 19 m o n t h old i-Jllld. III a suit tiled ill district court Mr*. Milchvll ili;i.-l!iriid the oi'unle .icpainted J u i m a r y il'; tlley were nmrried at llailiehl OcloVicr 17. occasion: TM§ Pel Rio C A F E u * B A R -- ·Ithcr morning, noon or night. Pain) AND Paint Supplies Rio Grande Lumber and FUEL COMPANY 111 Sogth Church Phono 3 MEXICO PLANS FOR PART IN BIG BEND JV/m0A AL PARK SANTA FB, Jan. 27 UP* -- Th Republic or Mexico some day nia\ WitaljlJBh a Mexican section of t i n Jlitf Boiul Natlotuil Park us a symbol of "fruitful Moxicon-AmcriciU! i;urdi»lity," PreKident Ma nil ·! Avila Cainiiclio has adviKccl Pn-Bi- d«nl. Roosevelt. Mr. R. TilloLson. director of r. .on III of the national park sci- vicn of which the Biff Bend p;iri in Texas is a part, said today In had heen ^iven pennission to n - It'aso copies of letters between tin two j)t'osidt;iUs. "In the United States we t h : n ; ·f the K'.g Bend region in terni^ « · ; )t.i i n t e r n a t i o n a l .significance n m ' hope I h t J t the Mexiean peoj)le i-'-U forwurd In the Rinne .spirit tn ih" nMiHhiiient of an adjoining ::,i- tiona) pnrlt In the states of Clnli- LUthua and Conhuila." Mr. Mntwi- I'clt wrote General A v i l a r;mia- rho, "Thosti adjoining park.s wdiild foi iiuui ari'a which wiuiM l-o » meeting ground for tin- pcuple of both countries, exemplify in;: their cult u ml resources and ;nlv:ince- menl, and inspiring f u r t h e r m u t u a l - ly heneficial progress in ivri'-ation uid .science and the industries re- .ated thereto, 1 do not believe that ·liLs u n d e r t a k i n g in the Big Bend .vill be complete until the entire lark area in this region on both ^:dcs of the Rio Grande forms one ;n.'Ht international park." He expressed hope that such a ·ark might lj« dedicated early in In* postwar period. Pr*sid«nt Avila Mamacho wrote hat he already had instructed the ·u-nper departments to "pursue as ··(·lively as is suitable in this mat- H T the studies that have already ii-cn i n i t i a t e d for purposes of the ·reation of the Mexican section" of ;lie park. Hold Rites for Santa Fe Leader SANTA FE, .Tan. 27--£--Fun- ·»1 services for Charles C. Olos- n, former mayor and .sheriff of Santa FR who died Wednesday, : j.rc being lield today in St. Fran- j Cnthcdral. Closson. Repuhliran and resident if Santa Fe. for 48 years, also had nerved as county commissioner. CASH AND CARRY CONVENIENT SERVICE On your ^;iv lo lo\vn loniorrow, drop your h i i n i d r y in llir car and leave it al llir Cash and ( l u r r y conn- j ler of me Acme Laundry and (llean- ( % rs. ^1 our linens and dollies w i l l receive penile l u i l llioron^li laundry care. You'll appreciate Acme's fine l u m i d r v MT\ ice when you leave your Cash and Carry bundle \vidi iheni. A n \ / F IAUNDRY /iLiJVlC pANEks 500 NOHTH MAIN PHONE 373 Community Schoo] Lunch Program Gains Popularity A mid-term report on the War Food Administration's community school lunch program in New Alex- Ico, issued today by the Albuquerque district office disclosed increase of 100 per cent over the number of schools and child care centers participating in the program one year ago this month. The number of school children participating has also increased. 66 per cent over last year. The difference between the percentage increase in schools and that of participants in accounted for by the larger number of small rural schools in the program. The War Food Administration has allocated a total of $270,400 'or reimbursing lunch programs in New Mexico. Funds "are available .0 assist a few more schools dur- cipants Is accounted for by the n g - t h e current school year, according to Gordon H. Wood, WF A's district representative . In addition to the cash reim- recment, the WFA has made available for free distribution to participating schools, in New Mexico, 21 carloads of commodJties since January 1; 1944. Of this total, ten carloads were received within the last six months, with a cash value to the schools of an estimated $44,600. These commodities were purchased from American farmers under the WFA's price support programs and are made available to school children through adequate and nutritionally balanced meals rather than have local sur- 'plusea go to waste. Two additional carloads of fresh commodities were made available last fall to schools having facilities for processing these foods for use in their lunch programs during the winter. · State Pushes War Fat Collection Officials of the District Offices oi the War Food Administration, rVar Production Board and the Office Administration met in Al- juqucrquc'last week to discuss the country's urgent need for used fats and the part New Mexico house- vives will play in meeting this need. Plans for an extensive col- ection campaign throughout the itate are being formulated. On the basis of this discussion, .he War Food Administration, /hich is assuming major responsibility over the operation of the .rogram, will begin a survey of II Tenderers in the state, as well a the retail trade, to survey their iroblems. As these problems are found Directive measures will be under- taken to yWttfi of i tf pl^tlo Gordon ministr^ live. e New Mexico houses and convenient according to d, War Food AdJ district represent^ " · 1 i ' The housewife needs the twj points per pound, and the country urgently ncedfirthe facts for me| dicines, explqfiyes and numerouj war materials) he said. Valley Loan and Finance Company Complete Financial Service LOANS Automobile -- Personal ; Furniture DISCOUNTS We buy all types of : . ·.; .contracts. · ' · Established in 1936 129% S. Main St. Ph. 445 1COO BUSHELS SWEET POTATO SEED Certified Easi Texas Porlo Rican Seed Free from Soil Stain Also 500 bushels Kansas Nancy Golds. A new sweet potato, all the good qualities of Nancy Hall. More prolific and earlier. They cook up golden yellow, sweet and delicious. Bed in February in hpl bed for early plants. Will give full instructions how to make hot bed. W. T. SCQGGIN DONA ANA COUNTY FARM AND LIVESTOCK BUREAU TO A FIGHTING SO M, FROM A FIGHTING FATHER- ns have you made or are you making lo maintain and improve your farm business for [915? 1. In viow nf ini-rrasiii" prnductiun costs have you llmuglit alioul llie price you arc lo receive for your producls? The legislation of the I!ankhea(I Parity Loan Acl was supported only hy llie AMERICAN FARM I H ' R K A U FEDKKATION. The act made it m n n d a l n r y t h a t the government loan to the farmer 85 percent on cotton. This alone lias meant several million dollars to the fanners of this valley. What plans are you making for farm labor in 19-15? \\V all inoiv that the situation is had now and promises lo he more acute this year. It was through the efforts of the FARM BUREAU that the farm'labor prog'fa'm was put in the hands of ihe Federal and Slate Extension Service, the one organizotioh.tli'at ifelhe friend of the farmer and the one that is really being of assistance to the farmers. It is through the efforts of the Extension Service that we here in this valley have the prisoners of war available for farm labor and your county Farm Bureau has done ncrylhing possible 'hi ihake tie program a success. !. How about tlie food probli-ms? With scarcities and increased rationing, w h a t are farmers and farm women going to do lo help the family food problem? Vi'ilh the help of members, yimr County Farm Bureau has organized and financed a cooperative ick Freeze Cold Storage I.ocker riant for this valley, which is now in process of construction. Spare does unt permit o u t l i n i n g all llie possibilities of such a.piput, but farmers will find an entire new field of food processing available In them in this 'plant.' Our membership drive for 1945 Is now under way and we hope ynn are going to be with us. Dues are S5.00 ncr year, which Is small when you consider how much the farm bureau means lo you financially on any one of the above items. *'i No Individual, community, stale or nation can be an isolationist in these tunes--we must crt alomr with oUicrs it we are to succed Individually. ' It has been said, and we aeree. "farmers ean only be served by organizations whlrli lire made up of farmers, led by farmers, financed by farmers and run In- the Interests of the men and women on the farm who appreciate that the farmer's interest* arc best served when society as a whole Is best served." .." ' i Date and Address To DONA ANA COUNTY FARM AND LIVESTOCK BUREAU Court House, Las Cruces, N. M. Please enter my name as a member of the Farm Bureau for the yfeaV 1945 Check for $5 enclosed . '... . Will pay on _ Signed _ _ _ _ (If you have already paid your dues this coupon is not for you)

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