Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on April 28, 1972 · Page 24
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 24

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Friday, April 28, 1972
Page 24
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Spartans Stop Sterling, 12-0 Fri., April 28, 1972 ' GREELEY (Colo.) TRIBUNE 25 West Clinches tie for Northern Baseball Crown West's'Spartans clinched a tie tor the Northern Conference baseball title here in the cold. Thursday, easily outclassing 'Sterling, 12-0. John Chrislensen's Spartans need to win of t h e i r next three games to clinch their second consecutive Northern championship. They were to play a doub|eheader at Karl Morgan Friday afternoon. Their final 'Northern contest of 'the season is set for Tuesday against Poudre.on Bulch Butler Kield in Grccley. Assuming Wesl will clinch the lille, it will enter State AAA Tournament play next Saturday likely.. :.'. against the Jefferson County arc Fort Morgan and Long- monl. But both teams would have to win; their remaining games and the .Spartans would have to. lose i three times 'to make it possible. But tbis isn't started for the Tigers during ihc season. So the Sterling team was not the same one thai played Wesl to a 2-1 game in 15 innings earlier in the season. Biggest bat for the Spartnns]Wesl hitter with a..500 average was sw'ung. Thursday by Dan Vatl, senior' shortstop who returned to the lineup for Ihe first lime i n . t w o weeks. The leading had been out with torn shoulder muscles. Vail, as well RS t u r n i n g in from the shortstop posilion, knocked in four of Ihe 12. Spartan runs with triple, a, single and a sacrifice fly in three several Fine defensive plays i times at the plalc. Despite the coldness o f : the I-eague champion -- probably,day, Spartan bats were hot Oakewood. (he contest with a Sterling team The only two Northern Foes decimated -by suspensions to with chances to head off West virtually-every player who had United Bank Tennis Classic John Newcombe has served no-|gelo, Tex., 6-4, 6-4, and in Ihe'ings, came up with several key Leonard, G-7, G-3, C-4. ice he's regained bis aggres-|third match Tom Okkcr of The | service breaks ' In t u r n I h e ] ] n today's singles sive altitude and may t5e the nan lo watch as (lie United Bank Tennis Classic advanced o the quarterfinal round. ' The smooth Australian turned back Cliff Drysdale of South Africa in a tense, two hour battle, (i-3, 6-7, 7-5, Thursday night to er. take some of the tournament', Laver, attention away from Rod La-' ver. Laver disposed of World Championship Tennis new- IT WAS COLD -- Greeley Wesl second on to beat Sterling, 12-0, to 'clinch a tie in baseman kept his ears warm Thursday with the Northern Conference bascbaM standings, this stocking cap. Then Greeley Wesl went (Tribune photo by Steve Bauer) DENVER (API--Determined comer Tom Runnclls, Orlie Carpio ' and Sieve Stromberger also had two hits apiece. Third baseman Larry Roth had two RBl's, as; did junior Dick Husscll w h o . " came in for West in the lalt goings o f . I h e contest. Russell : lashed a two-run double to righl I field in this (irsl varsily at-bat in the sixth inning. Cliff Kichey, San An-! pkkcr, Ihirri in WCT stand-;Americans Roy E a r t h and Tom! Winning pitcher for West was 'Stromberger, who was making com-, only Ihis Ihird slarl of the sea- Lfiver faces Alexan- son. The righthander struck Newcombe Downs Drysdale in Marathon om Okkcr of The I service breaks lo Him Ihe ]n ( 0( ] av ' s singles com-only Ihis Ihird slarl of the sea- slammed Owen match wilh Davidson, anothcr[p e mion. Laver faces Alexan- son. The righthander struck o-it 6 - 7 6 - 3 . ! Aussie. Okkcr had to struggle'Her, Newcombe meets Rcissen, nine and walked three in gainsaid the victory mosl of Ihe match. 'okkcr faces Ashc and Eiiiersoniing his second victory. Slcr'ing is [lie best I ve, |n j| )UU it,s; competition ls- ; meets Lutz. j managed only four hits, all of Davidson, 7-5, 6-7, 6-3. New combe over Drysdale played for a while." Newcombe ,mael El; Shafel of the United suffered.a knee injury last sea-] son and has been slow lo rccov-lAralj Republic and Brian Kair- j l i e of New Zealand slopped' 7 ' 1r TM" c! k " '"· ""'" i«viii»n. 7.5.«. (he red haired Aus-: Americans linb Lntz and Ar- '.IMVI Neniomrir riri. riui nr*Miaie. t-i. tralian superstar, let up j u s t ' t h u r Ashe, G-2, 7-G. Okker a n d ' once in his match with Richey. American Marty Rcis?cn far- own - n te th game of feitcd a doubles match to Drys- HO'I '-m* «d- Arthur A»KC. s-j. 7.11. ciiit s( CV e Sirnmberger (\V 2-0) and Ihe first set, he roared back lo dale anil Roger Taylor alter !;; c ,''V m 'o«r?^n/H»r°iVBtos'rn.' j«im Jefi I'anniiiB ' ' · '-' ' · " ' ' 1 " ' 1 ' '' Ho:l [.;i\ri tlcf. C l i f t lllchcy, H-J. 64. Iouh:c$: Kl Mutot K r l u n l-'alrlle ttl. lliem singles. Sterling 000 CM P-- 0 4 t : GW .' 103 0)7 x-12 il 1. Larry Bellender (L), Skip (G) and Scot! Young; Vaughn Rated 4th in Pitching Says NCAA · NEW YORK - University of Northern Colorado ace hurler Bruce Vaughn was listed as fourth in the nation in collegiate pitching with an earned run average of 0.47, the National Collegiate Sports Services announded Wednesday. In addition. Bob DeMeo is tied for 34th in the nation's batting. DeMeo, · catcher, is hitting .400. Outfielder Dean | win four straight points a n d i O k k c r suddenly became ill. * .y 11 " 1 '" I held service to even the set alj Newcombe iind Tony Rodin ' " "°° " hree cacli. He broke Ricliey's downed -'I'erry Addison and service in the next game and John Alexander, two fellow ,^'^j ';epl il in (he eighth and t e n t h ; A u s t r a l i a n s , li-4, 2-G, 7-G. laver oiICpr"v lo win. land Roy Emerson downed l-'mecsnn vs. I.utz Padres Fire Preston Gomez By B R U C E LOWITT iliiippcucd pretl.y regularly to 1 And a f t e r Tony Perez was "I hope we're nol all fired." |(he I'adres since (heir in- also purposely passed lo load That was Don Zimmcr's first jccption-- with Gome/, al Ihe Ihe bases with one out, Ted Uh- reaclion when he and fellow -lelm-- back in 1%!). jlacndcr, an off-season acquisi- San Diego coaches Roger , Craig wiml liiippcneci is thai they 1 ' 1 1 " from Cleveland, pot his and Bob Skinner, .out plaving,] o s i ,|. :! (o j| le M C ( S ' \ ( w n s Si ,' n National League h i t , a golf Wednesday morning, were: Diego's sixth setback in seven T un-scoring single. Denis told t h a t Padres General Manig: , mcs wh j| ( , for ( | le ,M C t s ,,Menkc Mien hit a sacrifice fly ager E.: J. "Bur/.ie" r^!vasi : | l0]]](! mns |,y i{ lls ij, n m} \, ;i m ji[lial proved to be the Reds' ' ' wanted to see them. Merry Urolc 'pim-d'thc way loi winning r u n . Burchfield is tied for ninth I Their jobs, · however, \\vrp. v i c ( o r v No. 6 in a row- triples with *n average of 0.21 triples p«r game. safe. It was Preston Gomez, the Padres' field manager, who got (he axe. And it was Zirp.mcr CI overleaf THURSDAY'S RACES 1, Irish Cavetl 6.80, 4.20, 2.60; lorner Wax 3.40, 2.20; Tembu 2.40. Quiniela (3-1) 10.00. Time 32.05. 2, Tip McGce 13.00, 6.!0, 3.80; Oak River 4.60, 3.40; Ncvasca's lieauty 3.110. Quiniela (5-8) 18.40. Time 31.98. Daily Double (4-8) 52.80. wlio got'his job. . "I've -alwavs wr Classical 13.40, G.80, 3.00; Short Tom 7.00, 4.00; L.L.'s Dessie 2.60. Quiniela (2-5) 58.80 Time 32.18. 4, D's Parkii 4.00, 2.80, 2.40; Sun Treasure 4.60, 2.80; Liltle Magoo 2.60, Quiniela (7-8) 16.40. Time 32.24. 5, Bur Oak G.80, 5.00, 4.00; Baile's Jinks 5.40, 3.80; Sky Ember 2. BO. Quiniela (1-2) 20.00. Time 40.70. 6, Black Pattern 13.00, 4.50, 2.80; Thank You Aquarius 3.20, 2.SO; Burke 3.00. Quiniela (2-7) 14.40. Time 32.24. 7, Len Dawson 4.80, 4.20, 2.80; D's Harmony fi.20, 4.20; Grand Gcm-5.00. Quiniela (4-5) 31.40. Time SI .94. 8, Vona Renee 4.80, 3.40, 2.40; Martell 4.40, 3.20; Pretty Jcnner (i.Ofl. Quiniela (1-3) 13.60. Time 40.56. 9, J.W. Blue Max 11.00, 5.80, 3.40; Quiet Way 4.00, 2.20; Muscatel 2.20. Quiniela 26.80. Time 31.76. · JO, Mo l-ulf 7.20, 8.60, R.S. Jack's Jewel 7.20, Chad Mar 2.10. Quiniela 35.80. Time 32.34. I I . Lovely Xsa Zsa 22.40, 5.20, 2.80; Liltle Dee Dee 5.40, 2.60;' R.S. Juanila .lane 2.40. Qninicla (2-3) 35.80. Time 40.12. Twin Quin - (2-4 2-3) $753.00, 35 winners; Handle Attendance -- 3,211. ·anted lo be a major league manager," ' said dimmer, who - went from the Dodgers' world championship clubs of 1055 in Brooklyn and 1959 in Los Angeles to become a charier member of Ihe bumbling New York Mels in the course of his 23 seasons in professional ball. "Bui 1 never- expected would Ijappcn like this," Zim- mcr added. Whether lie - expected w'nal h a p p e n e d.Thursday night In Ihc only other panics n i i i r u n Thursday's abbreviated Nation- '""' it League schedule, Cincinnati slipped past Pittsburgh 5-4, though is debaleable. 11 wasn' ej; Ln/.iuski's fonrtli home n[ Ihe season and Ihc Phillies' fiiurlh of Ihe game .snapped a jiinlh-iiiinni tic and led lo the (limits'.downfall. Don Money had a pair and Dcron .Inhnson added one for Philadelphia while Dave Kinij- Arncriciin League was idle. j n i i i n ripped his f i f t h of the year Ciiiciniiali in gcncrnl, anil ,Jic|' 01 " 'hiladclphia lopped San Frau- ciscu 7-6 and Montreal mil- lasted Los Angeles 7-.V The Morgan in particular, l i l e r a l l y stole ils victory against Ihe Pirales. Will] Ihi; game deadlocked 3-3 in Ihe n i n t h inning, Morgan led off willi a walk and ni'imiplly swiped second. So Pittsburgh gave Bobby 'lentional Morgan very different from what has]double slcal. walk--but responded an in- hc and with Ron I hull and Ken Singleton, ivilh three hils apiece, paced a ill-hit Montreal assault that enabled Ihc KXJKIS (o snap a Ihrcc-game losing spin and slay w i l h i n 11 game uf Ihc firsl-place Mcts in Ihc' Kast. The Dodgers, despile Steve Garvcy's homer, slipped half a game back ol idle llouslnn and into second place in Ihe Wesl. The ,;-·. Suzuki TS-90. The enduro- riclmg , lightweight king. Hoi, rotary-valve engine: I lip/7500 rpm. 5 speeds. 'rimary kick starting. Double cmclle mix: frame. Molocross ypc from forks. Slack up-swept nufflcr. Trials (iics. CCI automatic lube. HOFF'S 2526 8th Avenue 352-7196 (3-7) 3.20; 3.80; (2-4) SPRINT FEVER LONG J U M P E R -- Greeley West long jumper Doug Fanning gets his best effort of the night'with a leap of 20 feel 5 inches at (he Inlracily Track Meet Thursday night. Fanning took second to teammate A n d y Hoist who jumped 20 feel 514 inches. (Tribune photo by Steve Bauer) ANDERSON RADIATOR SERVICE Our unequaled guarantee is only s u r p a s s e d by our dedication to doing II R I G H T Ihe FIRST TIME Calf 3J2-3574 for experienced, p r o f e s s i o n a l cooling s y f t t t i service UNITED DELCO DEALER lOISSIh AVP Entrance In Alley) Waller I. Clirfc, Owner There are more t h a n BOO show jumping competitions for British equestrians every year. Tennis and Golf · Equipment · Accessories · Clothing URGENT PORT loot 8th Ave. Ph. 353-45671 Fine OVER 35 MODELS FROM WHICH TO CHOOSE LIBERTY WAS NOW ALL *'"* AIL MODELS ·12X52 $4479 $4279 COMMODORE 12X60 v;.' s S6794 NOW $4779 00 KNOB HILL 12X60 WAS $7987 NOW $4679 $45 IMMEDIATE POSSESSION OF GREELEY JUST Space Rental GutrinXeif For On« Full Year With Purchaw 200 NO. 3Stfi AVE. GREELEY PARK t SALES OPEN DAILY 9 TO 9 353-3711 HUNTER MOBILE HOME SALES CO, It's that flush of excitement you feel when you see the Ford Team's new Sprint editions...Pintos, Mavericks, Mustangs... 14 sporty extras (or more). Special values. Arrmrlca's fun-driving throesome now with the supsr-sporl look. Coot red, while and frlun «xlerior, color coordi- naled Interiors all custom-malchod. Ko( accenl t\ripts, dual racing mirrors, USAXnblerfi, and much more. Special ·dlllon Sprints, atlractlvaly priced, at- 1r«cliv«ly «qulpp«d. FORDTEAM RED AND BLUE SPRINTS It's high time you saw your high country Ford Dealer GARNSEY WHEELER 1100 8th Avenue. Greeley, Colo. !

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