Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on December 31, 1955 · Page 7
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 7

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 31, 1955
Page 7
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an Alter 15 Years BUENA .VISTA, m ._· Kenneth Moser, 24, of i Creel eyj f o u n d . t h e world .filled with new meaning Fri: day. He could hear--for the first lime in 15 · years. ' An inmate of the Colorado Slate Reformatory here,' Moser is s'erv- ing^an ideterminate term for burglary--an · offense officials ' say arose from his-becoming a deaf- n u t e f ' a t the age o f - n i n e . Parole Officer Dixie E. Arm- Btrong..saW 'sound -came back to Moser through a hearing aid." He began- trying to talk at ot.ce--his ability to' speak having been lost when his-hearing was impaired in · fall 'from a - h a y s t a c k . ' : "Armstrong said Moser graduated from the Colorado School for the Deaf and Blind at Colorado Springs in 1949 but was fired by an inipatient employer because'of his 1 handicap. ' ' '" Frustrated;'broke and hungry, Armst rong said, Moser. broke: into a garage in Greeley. Captured, he was sentenced for burglary, and Amslrong said he has been a'mod- el .inmate at the reformatory, where he works in the dairy.. Armstrong said the Moser, whose, case .had been diagnosed as hopeless,-"got to .laughing .so h a r d - a t hearing milk hit the side of the pail while, h e - w a s milking last night he .could hardly-work.". E^ypt. Honors Titq. ·.: CAIRO, Egypt UJ--Personnel of the Egyptian" Military Academy in ileliopolis awarded-President Tito of Yugoslavia an engraved"shield F r i d a y - a f t e r he toured-the academy and watched the cadets"- on parade." He "-is .on a 10-day slate visit. . " ... - ' USE THE TRIBUNE WANT ADS Starts -TODAYhi at 6:00 p.m.! COME EARIj^ OR LATE AND ; CELEBRATE! at 6:00*8:00*10:00 and 12:00 Midnight cw^«t^jm 'mnwRmim Fixtra! Ma"mbo. Madness -, plu Tom an^ C h a r l - ' · Ljtcit World N«w«' '. All Stall Midnight «h. ? w ^ Regular. EngaQerpent '' Starts Sun. at Regular Price tVil! Reman in : : . v .eftisf Party' ' V^: '!i- 1 . - · - , - '. ·' ' . ',, A ' ' ';'(.; WASHINGTON I* ^ James kiit- cher, who lost his legs in world War II, said Friday he would keep up his membership in the Socialist Workers 'party-even if the government cuts off his thousands of dol- "irs worth of veterans benefits. The 43-year old ..Kutcher, from Newark; N. J., appeared before a Veterans Administration' (VA) ward that is "considering his'case, le told the-board: it. was "a mis- ake for the party to be placed on he attorney general's subversive 1st. It doesn't advocate violent iverthrow of the government, he aid. '- " · -..' "· .', .And he denied under onth a se- ies of statements he has been.f-c- :used of uttering during .the Ko- eari.War. 1 These it was charged, imounted; "to'-· ."rendering "asslst- ince t o ' a n .enemy of the-'Uniicd' Kates" -- Communist China and North :Korea'. Those;, who said he riade the statements have not been dentified. The fact is, Kulcher testified,'the ^mmunisls are bitterly opposed o his party and any party ^ mY-m- )er "would 'be 1 dead".' if he| )'eri- ured into North Korea," Red Qiina r" Soviet Russia. ' · ·:.'. *1ediali6n Board ^ ' Averts.Slrike on. Union-Pacific - . : . WASHINGTON «! -- the National 'Mediation Board announced Friday it'had intervened in a threatened strike of railway'conductors on'the .Union Pacific Railroad. The threatened strike v/ould have affected only the central and northwestern "divisions of the railroad; The bourd said both the railroad and the order of railway . conduc- brs and- brakemen had accepted Is mediation efforts. A-mediator will-be sent out with- n about two weeks, a board official said. ' . . No date had been set for the hreatened strike, the. board official £aid, ' adding that working rules and othf c grievances are jn- 'olved. ' ·/ ; . · ' * Last week. in Pocatello, Idaho, H. W. Corbett, regional chairman of the brotherhood of railway con- luctors, said some 500 conductors nd brakemen had voted to strike Ian. 19 and'td set up picket Knes L He said the strike would hit.serv : ce' on lines from Green River, Wyo., to Seatlle, Yakima and Spo- ;ane to Washington, Portland ;in fregon, and Lewiston and Moscow n Idaho. -'. : ·, .. . . . He charged '.'vicious discipline" at Pocatello and company refusal 'to.recognite payments due under ichedujed agreements" ai the m reason* for the itrlke vote. )etonalors in Pdcke) Saved Rail Man's Life,, CHICAGO (ft.-- This, in brief, how'the Nitional'Safety-coun^ cil's statisticians came,up with the estimate of howl many Americans will b« killed in Iraffic durbig the N e w Year .weekend: ' . _ - ' . They studied figures on fatalities of the New Yeir holiday.'periods n recent years.'- " . ; They checked into-eurrent trends traffic volume, and . traffic deaths. ' · : .' . "" .. They' considered -the', nature · of the.observance--it's never-as bad as' Christmas in point of lives'lost -the length of the holiday period and the weather outlook, The result: A prediction of *20 death's,- ' ' ' The Council,-'Incidentally, predicted MO .traffic- deaths · during the recent Christmas holiday period. The number of deaths reported during.that period was 609. Hoover To Supply Sipckjo Wyo, Fair · CHEYENNE, un -- The Wyomihg Board of Agriculture has 'accepted a; $5,500 bid from Buiiy Kuover ol Greeley, Colo., lo provide stock for the State Fair Rodeo Aug. 29- «pt. 1. , Agricultufe " Commissioner William Chapmin said the only other bid w«s |10,000. Hoover represents the Ox-Yoke itodeo at Oreeley, Pierce N.F.O. H. E.' Buchanan was elected president of :the Pierce" Idcil'of the National Farm Organization which was formed .at a;meeting of farmers and ranchers at the VFW hall, at Pierce: Friday afternoon. ' Other officers'elected were: W. ,,· Brov;n, secretary and treasurer; 'Vernon · Stewart, vice president. . '·;. ' '_.- ·'· ;" ' Directors are. J..H.'Reeves' for wheat,. George S. Ball for. cattle! Vernon Stewart for beans, Ver'non Baimonte, sugar beets and R...E. Ikire for 'dairying! ··' . '·- / "V-.'· L. J. King, Roggen wheat grower, vice" president,.of Ihe National Farm Organization, and Hurray Nunn, temporary" county chairman, attended the Pierce meeting. . : , - ' . . : Giffin explained the purpose of .be hew farm .organization as" fol.ows: · ''We arc a national organization, charged .with the responsibility.of using all of our available energy to' save the family size farms of Amer- c-'a.'.Ou'r strcngfh'is in the number of members we represent. Vie real- ze that each additional day that action, is delayed :means "more 'armers will be forced from the .and. .. ' .'' .. "We accept the challenge without fear, but with pride that we pro- luce the most essential 'comrnodi- :ies in America. We are a conservative group by nature. -We ask very'Jittle. We do not wish to hurt the prosperity-of any other group of this nation._We.oiiIy ask lo share ihaT'pfosperily. 'The economy' of :he entire middle west and adjoiii- .ng areas depends upon our. purchasing power. · ' "The time has arrived when f armers must stand together.. We lav'e been sir unorganized group n an organized economy. You have icard N..F. 0. explained from the j'egihning of an idea lo the forrha- ion of a national organization with an objective to gain a fair share of the national-income. "We pledge that in joining Na- .ional Farmers' Organization you will be. a part of the most concen- rated effort in the history, of ag- riculture'to attain a fair'share of .he national income. Our 'cause Is lust and fair. If the" farmer^ will stand ...together v iO-* tiie v ^ National Farmers' Organization, 90 per cent strong,- they shall'-not be denied their reward!" · " . . ) ? ' ....--.... 'King announced tb'ure.would be a state-wide meeting of N. F. 6j at Bennett.on Jan. : 5 - w h e n ' s l a t e ' o f - ficers will; be installed. AU interested are invited .to attend.-... Among the speakers. King" said, will be National .President Owen I.CP. Staley, Emmett Digman, vice president .of..the .U. ; S,.'National Bank in Den'ver and Leonard Bufch, vice president o f , t h e Denver National Bank. ,' " , '· .. ' There is an organization meeting at Nuhn Saturday, Dec.'31:- - ; l : Red China Says U.S. Detains'Chinese by.' Insane Asylum Ruse 'WASHINGTON IB -- communist China - has accused' the United States of preventing a formeF'Chi- nese slu'dent a'l the'University of Missouri from leaving this country by confining him to .a mental hospital. - "' ^ · The SJHte.Depl., announcing the Red Chinese accusation^ said the case is being investigated. .This, is the first time the Chinese Red regime has presented a specific case of alleged detention although it heretofore has made general complaints of United States restriction of Chinese in this country. 1 By contrast, the United. States has charged, the Chinese Reds' with holding a number of Americans prisoner--Irje' total is no.w.13--de- spite a;pledge" they made-Sepi. 10 to let. : all .American's leave "Red China .''expedifiously." . ' · ,The State-Depf. said the^former student, a man named t,iu Yung- ming, 'is a "patient in,."Missouri State Hospital'No. 4 at Farmington. .; - . . . ' · ' ' - . ' = . Liu was-, a student at" the University of Missouri In May, 1949, tlxe department said, when he waa committed to the hospital through court procedure instituted by the foreign student adviser of the university. ' - Insurance 1 Scandai';";.;; .AUSTIN, Tex.'wi -i The state receiver filed a W.HO.OM damage suit on behalf bf the- defunct .General American Casualty Co.'s creditors Friday and alleged four stalo' Insurance examiners-were involved in a mammoth conspiracy to "do- traud the public."';-. '.':.' ·'" Also named 'as defendants in the gigantic suiUvrere C.'-B. Erwin of San Antonio, company' president; 14 other officers, directors or other persons associated' with the firm; and, su'roty'arid banking concerns. '. . . . - . . ' ..Others n a m e d ' were. Larry W, Rlanchard, , chief.; examiner' f V r the Slate Insurance. Dopt.;. Robert Butler, assistant chief examiner; and William- J, Noad, Dallas county, and Lee L: Pfefferkorn, Caldwell county,' examiners for the department. The suit was filed 'to Stale District Court..; · ' - - ' . A receivership action by the Stale Insurance ' Commission put General American Casualty but of business June 16, -1954. - - " . Political charges, surrounded the receivership =-action.* Commission Chairman Garland Smith claimed the company could have been saved i f " 'gubernatorial. .'candidate' Ralph Yarborough had not publicized Ihe fact that a then unnamed f i r m wa4 in financial trouble;' · . . . The suit was brought by Slate Insurance Liquidator J. D. Wheeler, the cc'iirl-appointcd receiver. It was filed. by Ally. Josh Groce.of San Anlonb,_actjng for Wheqjer. Bank President at Johnstown Will Try To Swim Across Grand Lake DENVER OH -- Harry Briggs, 34, director of admissions at Col- ege of Emporia (Kan), .said Friday-he-will "try to swim' 1 across cy (irnnd Lake, ; near Rocky Mountain National Park, next summer. ' -.. ; Briggs, here for his Christmas ' a c a t i o n , - s a i d - h e will make, the attempl In July or early August. Briggs said he knows of no one who has made the two-mile "swim, ·le said the .temperature bf the ake, water is. expected to be no m o r e - t h a n . 60 degrees. Briggs said he plans the.Grand .ake. swim as a conditioner for a later attempt to swim 48 miles across Lake Erie from Leaming- on,- Ont., to Cleveland. ·' · .ad, 8,/Said, Mi$slng, : Is in Brother's;Bed v , HOLLYWOOD, C»Uf. «!-- It was cold'Thursday night, particularly in" the. Hollywood hills near Larry Parby.'*-home, L . · '...;--,, I --^''-? : So when - the -B-year-olcl. boy's mother xcouldn't find him in bis bed, 'sh? frantically 'phoried : pollce. Officers sped to the Darby honie, searched the house and then too.k to the hills.'No Larry. ; ~ '·;,'. Shortly after 5 a.'m. : j;jfrs. ; Betty Darby'phoned police again.' Still hunting Larry, she had noticed a lump under the covers,at the foot of his 5-year-old-brother's bed.- She yanked back the'covers-and there was Larry, all curled up and warmly snoozing.-. "It's very hard to keep track of eight children, 1 ' Mrs; Darby apologetically explained.. E n n l s k i l l e n Presbyterian Church. ..Northern^ Ireland, celebrated its. 280th birthday. .' New Year's Eve DANCE Nunn, Coiorado Saturday Mighjt, Dec. 3tst SpoRsore«f by the Nunnj Rodeo Association JOHNSTOWN .- Arthur G. Sifter,; cashier-.of the First National Sank of Johnstown iirice March of 938, was 'elevated to the preii- dcncy of the institution at a special necting of the board of director* ollo'.vihg funeral services foi' the ale' president, 'G.''C. Binder, who lied "Sunday; Dec. "18,'-at the Lonj- mont hospital bf a heart attack Named' to'' succeed Salberg as cashier of the ba^ik and replacing iinder as a director was Donald B. Davis, who,had served as assistant cashier since'January of 195Ii Other officers of the bank are W. 3." Lelford", vice president, and Mrs. ripirence M. Brandt, assistant casher.' Direclors arc Salberg, W. E. .elford, Ed C. Miller, Herman Carlson and Davis. ' · Salberg, a graduate of Colorado itate College of Education, came 0 (he bank in May of 1937. He.was elected a director-Jan.'11,1838, and was named cashier March 6, 1938. Davis, a graduate of Colorado Uni- ersity started work with the 1 a nk July 1, 1949, and was named in assistant cashier Jan. 11, 1951. tonus Bids Opened On life "Tribal-Land". - IGNAC10 W -- Bonus bids to- aling -51,400,000 were opened Thursday.for .31,000 -acres of .Ute fountain-. Indian oil and R«S land n San Juan County, New Mexico. Tennessee Gas . Transmission -o.- of Houston made.a record High bid , for Ute .tribal- land with an Dffer.of ?287.12 per acre for 1,8(0 acres. . ' . . . . .Bids opened at the Consolidated Ule Agency here were received on all but 10,000 acres o f ' t h e . 41,000 acres offered for bid. Tennessee as appeared to. be high bidder on two other tracts totaling 3,840 acres: · Stanolind Oil i Gas Co., which asked for the sale, appeared to ic the successful bidder on two racts totaling 3.760 acres. Hobcrt 1. Bennett, agency supervisor, said Stanolind asked for he bid'because El'Paso Natural }as Co. brought in an oil discovery vhic'n tesled 10 barrels in a 2- lour period. None .of the .offset track to the F,l Paso 'discovery were' bid on. They probably' will be t'e-advertised'next iprbig. TREND OF STAPLE PBlCEfl ' aale prlca lni*x of u commodilUa 1 advanced lo V9.M. rrevioua day ns.7.. mMllh aag 172.41, yeai Hflh '^ZjJli^ 177.14'i».M itl.n IK:, I^iw JL 1U.1S IU.M ITC.aS 173., . Cins avcraxf cquaEi l6oj: ' - For} Lupion Wdrrian '.'. Mri.v Emma Mirk 'Carlsbof ,K, tit Fort Lupton;-.died at.the Weld. County' General-'hospital "at noon Friday: .",-. .-";:,,;·- , .- V .· ·;·#'·' Mtt. : Carlson was born at Arboga,Sweden: She had lired many yean on t firm southeait:0f-Fort Lu'pl ton/ ; ··, '.- . ' , : : " , . ~-, r ' . ' . - ; She-is'survived by,the 'widower, Oscar". Carlson, and . o n e : , child, Wiufred Carlson. She was the sister of Eric 'Anderson of';Holdridge, Nebr., : Ca rl Anderson of. Portland, Ore., Herbert -Anderson, .Mrs.': J. H.'Jones and Mr«; Eric Edwin all of Denver'and Mrs. ' C a r l G. Carl- Son of Greeley. . · Services at 1:30. p.m. Tuesday from Macys drawing room.,-. Manufacturers' Sales,:; New Orders Show Big v increase in Novejnber. . WASHINGTON la -- The Conv merce Dept. reported Friday, that manufacturers'. sales and new orders' bath climbed in November, on a seasonally adjusted basis. -At the nionlh's end, tf;ey had a backlog of work orders amounting to about My, billion dollars. ' v .This figure, underlined'the prosperity theme'sounded by the Com- iierce and Labor Dept. secretaries, in 1 year end statements. ' · · ·' .' In his i u m u p - T h u r s d a y night, Secretary of Commerce Weeks said "The business situation is one of general prosperity," . and 'de- lared; ' · ' . ' ! "The chances-are bright' that 956 inoUier! record-year ', .'.If both people, and govern- lent act wiseJy. we can have anther good year.". .... ' ., Se cretary ,.' of Labor ',' H ii chell ailed 1955 "the, most satisfactory ear for the American'worker,on ecord.".-; Wlth~'s!ab'llily.': of- living osis,";he v said," "the'racltial.'pur- basing power within his pay, en- elope increased." " . ' " . . ' ! Weeks noled gains for virtually" 11 elements of .the population ex- ept farmers. He said farm In- oMe declined in 1955 "as prices eceived wer« lower and production costs were little changed from 954." . · ' · · · . - ' . , Employment -High . . DENVER (fl -- Colorado non- (ricultural employment between mid-October and-. mid-November ?«« 18,700-more than the previous -ear, the Bureau of Labor Slatis- ics reported':Friday. ' ' - . The.'report showed ;w,700 persons were employed' in mid-October and W4,iOO person i, in mld-Na^ veihb«r.' Part of. the..icuaiii) decline ..was..'due i to 'e\os\nK· of food processing" ietivUlet." ' '·· ".' ·'·' , cha-hJrMrJ ytaivnd jiUy *Hi k« . - Bftr , . . . : ; · · . . Bacds-qutct. gover^r.ntx ki|t)«f. Cotton-- Irreffulir) trade buylajr. lli lion. .' . ' - - - - - - . . . - , = -CHICAGO " . Wheat--lining: new crop Tr.ontfu up Cam--strongj rfie it eldM. OlU-- llrm: up alUi lenerxl nulift. A-doini 23 lo 50 centj; top $12. Cittlt-- sleeTti hdfe» IMmlnally ttf l o p (11.00, , . . . . S1OCK PKICK AVERAGES if 60 Stock! Friday. HiiX Uiv aM Cliff. _ 259.0 2ii.7 157. -- - 137.1 135.8 JJ6. UP 1.0 up S.I · 1.0 178.9 19S up l.L Indcl IS TOIlI 15 UIMi'. BO .Total In her will, 1 Miss. E. Pye, of Wcrburgh, England, left 10 cents o each pupil at a local school. MONDAY MORNING JAN. 2nd AT 10:00 A.M. (Door* open at 9:30 a.m.) : ' · Special LAUGH Attraction! 2 17 HOURS OF 72 SCREEN FUN! CARTOON REVUE! 10 Zany Cartoons Col»r'ky- TKHNJCOLOHPLUS! . Your btf)-/o»«d cartoon tTcir.c. '· In thtjr very b*l pictures! . Children and Teen'-Asert ' AdulU 50c 5 Feature! . . . . In Color] . . . Roy Rogers "THE GAY RANCHERO" icy."! 1 SituriUy, .titt, 'it',- ;' 6a - the i.windy '.Orkney ' Islands,' north of Scotland, what ii*.prob ably. ,the world's) moit, powerful windmill i as 'been - eric ted, Kirkwall ; reports.VI}-Is'at Costa Head on,' Mainland,', the - largest island, andldrfves » lOQ-kilowatl electric Beneratpr,:- feeding"!current: into the local electric; network. 1 - Three'. blades with a d la meter, of 50 feet, of a heiicopicr-type.iifotate .at speeds' up .'.to · 150" revolutions; a minute. If. this; windmill proves iucces'Eful, · even larger : 'pnes.niiy. be built iround.North'Scotiand.. , Vertical ^Peak ^~ : - For '"the "first 'time',' the south-' 1 west' 'approach"'to i'--lt,317-foot peak in'the 'French Alps,'Aiguille du Dru, has been climbed, It Is almost vertical, "with practically no safe haricholcis, but an Italian; Waller)Bonatti, conquered it. He made Lis/way up by'.driving in. metal pejV'and removing them a Her, use. {The .ascent took »ix days.,At night he rested while suspended on a rope attached 'to his pegs.' When he reached the summit . h'e 'was' confronted , by three climbers ,/ho had come by the easier route. - - - - . . USE THE TRIBUNE WANT AM Scol Windmill Thooght '? GLASGOW,-. ScoUiBtl';-- -A'lVfr'i automatic.windmill that tUrU-aiS; stops v itiilf and generitej.Wp Hie-., watf-bbun oft electricity ha*.(wear- put into operation in Scotland aftir 1 . [our ye'art of construction.'; -.·'··.'.·.··"·I . The "machine,'' «aid to. be t Si! world's most powerful windmill toi, power generation,' i» · IntUUed' oni 40p-foot-higb. Costa Held bo thV OrJtney hi a inland;' where. wind. «1~ · ocities as high 'as 125 mik« aa hsurl have been encountered.: ;.'·''',., ii The'windmill,haj; three 17 : f«ot-' long blades of compreiirf Ij'mil! 1 ' ated'wood attached to a three-arm hub ind'sweepi a diimeter «f W feet.'- ' L ·'· " ' . " " . ' - : ' .-.-; New Year's Ev« NC Hill .-. - EVANS - :. -' ·Dancing,- 9 ; t o 1 Admission SOe 'fit'. · ·"·': ·· · person-/- . - · Sponsored by - "»rid Firemen : D A N C E Platt. Valley Grant. .- - · · Kersey'- ··'- .··-. ' · NEW YEAR'S EVE DANCE Saturday Night, Dec. Sist KeenesburK Legien Hall " . . ..Music By. '"? EMMET HORST ) SHOWS BEGJN TODAY A 1 ^ -1:3.0--3:35--5:40 7:45--9 :S5--12:00 STARTS TODAYI ;WITH LATE SHgl IT MIDMITK IDViliOi The Sweep Of 1W) MV»W^, The Drama Of THGH HOC*r«. KIKK DOUGLAS WIANFIGfflER M. .m^Nfi Eka MARIWEIil «at_ mmvmt w _.* · · ClMEMASCOPt ' ."KTECHNICOLOfi Kxlral . . . I STOOGES COMEDY FEATURES ' SUNDAY AT 1:25--3:25 5:30--7:35--9:35. AlAWUSS Start, N.xt WEDNESDAYl Saturday Night NEW YEAR'S EVE DAMCE Pione«r:po8t.2i21. --:;.V; H«!« SI-50 COUPLE v r ···:.' 'Music'By; '··' · . ' . · , - . · ' ' : $HOlfaZ : -HAi»Wt:^ ,and hi* pRCH|STRAt:''

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