Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho on March 6, 1976 · Page 40
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Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho · Page 40

Nampa, Idaho
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 6, 1976
Page 40
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The Idaho Free Press 4- The News-Tribune, Saturday, March 6.1976 - B-12 SOfmsr^-zianBm Sounds Will Beatles reunite for $6 million? By Stephen Ford NEW YOHK - (NEAI There have been quite a few- rumors passed around lalely that various rock promoters have p r o p o s i t i o n e d the Beatles to reunite for a one- shot live performance, hoping to lure them with the promise of an astronomical profit. It seems at least one of the offers is real. A New York electronics millionaire who dabbles in promoting rock concerts has guaranteed the Beatles a minimum take of SS million if they'll agree to a one-hour performance to be shown in movie theaters around the w o r l d . T h e 3 5 - y e a r - o l d millionaire patron. Alike Matthews, estimates total gross receipts of the historic event would exceed $65 million. Although a w e d by the Beatles as by any other social epoch, I can't help but wonder if the performance will live up to our gilded memories of the Fab Four (did we really call them that?) Civilization has created such a mystique about the Beatles that a mediocre display by them a half dozen years after their split could match the trauma when you realized there was no Santa Claus or that U.S. Presidents lie. too A n y t h i n g for a Buck Mercury - Phonogram Records, in a sleazy, if not childish effort, has 'ieaked a rumor to exploit the latest warped thrill, snuff flicks. The siory is that the bloodcurdling screams opening Mike t'omim-s s' irs in ··Death Ha:rh." n two-hour movie ami pil"' I'"' Allf-TV in which he pl,i\- an evcnp who turns pnvnle i-ye .]"ey Hi..-riri,i uill |i U( . S [ s i ar or! "Chico ard ihe Man." Umu rrnshj uj|| headline [he "Hell 1 eleplmiK' .Jubilee." a Ml minute television special salul me ;!· MJinh anniversary of the leleplirtlic Sandy Duncan Mill siar in the litle role nl ·Tiimcchio." with Damn Kai as tippcttn in ;i ('US-TV !ni-mimi!p s p e c i a l March Ti [{nit .steigcr will play Pnnliu- 1'ilaie in -The Life of Jesus." MU'-TY's six-part scries l» !· iliree!ei In Franco Zefirelh Charlotte Kamplmji switche.- from mo\ics to television l o s t a i in "Sherlock Holmes in \eu Vnrk." .1 two-hour MiC inrivic James Francisco- slnrs in "The SccKers," a CHS-TV pi!o. V volte .Mnnieu\ will play , : witch in Hie half-hnur silom: version .if "Bell. Book :mi! C.nilu-." KANSAS: "We try to give people a breath of fresh air. a track on the Ohio Players "Honey" Lp are from "the woman on the album's sleeve whilst being slabbed by the band. Perhaps she didn't like the album, either . . . Food For Thought: The wrath of Big Mac has fallen upon radio s t a t i o n s p l a y i n g L a r r y Groce's single "Junkfood Junkie," a whimsical tale of high calorie indulgence A source at Warner Bros, said the General Motors of ham- b u r g e r f r a n c h i s e s . McDonalds, as well as a few other fast food outlets, has dropped advertising from radio stations airing the tune Affirmative Action: Olivia Records, the all-feminist label believing all men are created evil, has added another notch to its sexist reputation. A male manager representing a f e m a l e t r i o c u t o f f negotiations with Olivia when told it would not consider his group unless a woman was sent to do business with them. Ruinous Reports: Joan Baez went from diamonds to rust after getting blasted at a 2Dth anniversary party in Los Angeles for the Spinners where she made just a bit of a spectacle of herself . . dive Davis, former head of Columbia Records and now of Arista, goes to court for lax evasion in May . . . Leslie Hornsby. a.k.a. Twiggy, (he cockney waif who swept the modeling world 10 years ago returns to the U.S. as a nightclub chanteuse. Considered the masters of their distinctive styles, even the Moody Blues and Yes have learned that coupling the volatile elements of hard rock and classical music can be treacherous. Personnel from both bands fell need for sabbaticals - in their cases, an array of solo albums by each band member hoping to escape tJie often cloying nature of classical rock. Bravely venturing into this oft-sophomoric jungle where t h e g r e a t e s t t h r e a t i s pretense, comes Kansas, a six-piece ensemble. The ambitious band combines the dusty music of America's breadbasket and the European elegance of Wagner and Mahler (or their own variety of continental smarm. "People think i t ' s i n congruous we could be from Kansas and sound the way we do." said guitarist songwriter Kerry Livgren who adds parenthetically that the only member of the band with any formal education in classical music is Robbie Slcinhardl. violinist. Livgren d e s c r i b e s [lie band's overall sound as eclectic with an obvirjus preference for the great composers Chuck Berry as prominent as Debussy "We were bombarded hy many different sounds from the east and west coasts and we became a potpourri We try to give people a breath of fresh air from the usual rock and roll." Kansas formed six years ago in Topeka. birthplace of all six members. In 1974. they roamed t h r o u g h o u t the Midwest playing anywhere they could plug in when suddenly, and mysteriously Don Kirshner. rock's llenfv Higgins I some say Henry Kissinger), swooped the band up under his wing. "1 asked Kirshner why he was interested in us. "Livgren said. "1 was suspicious, knowing his reputation as the man who created the Archies. But I'm convinced now that he's a dilettante, you know, he's made his fortune already and he dabbles in the arts for pleasure. To Kirshner. Kan- TRANSMISSIONS REPAIRED- REBUILT -EXCHANGED « Automatics · Standa'ds · 4-Speed Passenger · Trucks __ UroiiniC mniliSIN StITO! ,_ D*re Carv«r frcnsmlnion Exp*rl * fret In-Torn TOWM? On ftep«rs CALDWELL TRANSMISSION SERVICE l^leunlanHBI.ri /.!,« n . «*«·«· I V f c 3815 Cleveland Blvd.. Caldwell Phone 459-0759 sas is a hobby but he has a humanitarian desire for us to make it big." Livgren bristles at the implication Kirshnr-r calls the shots in the studio and on their albums. "i\o way! We choose all our music, he's very lenient with us. doesn't try to dominate the group at all. W e ' v e had o t h e r record producers try to talk us into doing a blander, pop slyle. We've had some big confrontations with producers convinced we couldn't make it with our sound, that we had to be more commercial." Livgren c o n f e s s e s t h a t "Masque." their latest album on an Epic label subsidiary and by far Kansas' most successful Lp. "is our first compromise There're a few- things on Masque of a commercial nature, a few we may not have done a while back.' "But w e ' r e steeped in classical music. I think that classical impressionism was the highest stale of music as art." he says "And in our rock formal, our music is accessible in ;;ll We don't want to be head and shoulders above llic audience. IVe draw- as many beer drinkers as we do classical rock tans It's very gratifying lo be so diverse that you attr.icl people who like both Yes ar.d the Marshall Tucker Band." F l a t t e r i n g perhaps, but often thi' undoing of garden variety bands who mislakcnlv thought I hey could move w i t h i n boili r e a l m s w i t h equanimity. Top It) Albums Week ol V.a'ch ·] ; Oes.-e !Bob 0,ia'ij 2 Si 'I caiy 'Pa-jl S rnori 3 S:ai or. 10 Sia:ion 'David Go-vie) '· F:ampion Cc-ries Alive '°e\er FramDIon) 5 Gratitucc (Ear:n. Wind* F,'ei 6 »:ec-:wooa Vac 7 Ch caqo's Grains: Hi:s 8 R.jfus 9 Wake Up Everybody : H a · o I d M e I v i r s t h o 3'uenotest iO Tncrobread (Carole K-ngi ( D P I - Publishers Fiction Curtain - Agatha Christie The Choirboys - Joseph Wambaugh Ragtime -- E.L. Doctorow Saving The Queen - William F. Buckley Jr. The Greek Treasure - Irvine Stone Nighlwork -- Irwin Shaw In The Beginning - Chaim Polok The Eagle Has Landed - Jack Higgins liiimbnldl's Gift -- Saul Bellow Shogun -- James Clavell .N'onfiction Bring On The Empty Horses -- David N'iven Doris Day: Her Own Story - A.E. Hotchner Angels -- Billy Graham The Relaxation Response -Herbert Benson Winning Through Intimidation -- Robert Ringer The Russians -- Iledrick Srllilh Win-Id of Our Fathers -- Irving Howe Sylvia Porter's Money Book Sylvia Porter Tennessee Williams: Memoirs Tennessee Williams My Life CJolda Meir American music NKW ViIRK M'l'li Vu W u r l r l Hi-ciirds. a nonprofit rc'i-iirdiiu! company csiahlishe:! Ihriuiuria ?4 millinii Knckelcllci l-'iniiiilali(iii Mi-iini. plans to in "dm e a KHH-minl anlh.ilntn "1 American music. The rccurd:- «ill lie clislrilnilcd free nf cluriji- «irl({«uli- in rdiii'iilinnal ii:sltimn:ns and music libniric* .mil annihcr IDII.IIDII sels will lie .ivnihiblr al Imi ctisi to t' S ·-cliniils M»M it) Ilir material ' m c T i n C all aspeels o[ Anii'ri- '·an music will lie recorded ··piTially lor Ihe scries, lint *»mi- w i l l lie culled from r-xi-Jlnif- rccnrdcd material. The limrei-iirds will be issued in - e t s n l liu-very (hrce nmnths. nidi UK- lirsi in appearing in \li il The* hill I,,. -|-| U . [vide ! \ u-a." "KanHnir.- ,i, Rural ." "Music for Altered --Bi-lmp." "Shuflle "Tlie Hirthcil Liberl.' s Tumlinscin G r i f f e . " ni (In- A'licrican In DOUGLAS DENTURE LAB · We are here to serve the public DENTURES c _ Ann RELINED. $ 70°° NEW ****fcA DENTURES $ 220 Lab. No. 467-3732 DENTURES REPAIRED * SERVICED WHILE YOU WAIT! Alter Mrs. No. 459-6005 ,, _ _ «iiKf nrs. r 203-9thAve.S.,Nampa *«Wort Q Mn .n^.' ,00% Pa

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