Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico on June 20, 1951 · Page 7
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Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico · Page 7

Las Cruces, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 20, 1951
Page 7
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LAB CHUCEI (H. M.) BUM-NEWS AB M A.M. Monday tlirwi(k U twin pBbiloitloii In that day's Mwe. CUailfled advertlilnf for ' p«jnr mint te In bj II A.M. Satmrday maralnf . and costs, of suit to'be taxed; an it Is further adjudged that tli mechanics lien of ·plaintiff mq'i tiohed "and. Set foi'.h In the coin plaint be foreclosed.that the iW Oldsmobilc automobile described i sajd complaint am! decree be sol to .satisfy said decree; a'nd th undersigned B. W. Siiody was ap j»ir.ted special Master to sell sail property to satisfy .the amount dui plaintiff v/itf! costs and allowance . . . , In said Cause and.the expense o Any damn lor cram or ad*, said-sale, in. the manner prescribei ttoial inMrtlon. ol rtawined id.; D y.,law; ,- . *» to error* oecttrrinr In adTM-' NOW,- THEREFORE,' by vlrtlii of, the power and authority con verrcd upon me by said decree, I the undersigned Special' Master will, oh the 15th day of July. 1951 at..10:00 o'clock, A. Mj offer-fol be ncirdulfd (or » deadline period, »· day or more, and U ordtrei u Ht tken will be no refund. Ada mint be scheduled a, AcJInifa nwiitor of days and no rafuiidi win be nude on cia«lflcd miitn above named plaintiff, Turrentii Chevrolet Company, Inc., hav'i nn recover ; of the.'dtfejidant Cli'ffoi Coppocif. Judgement in tlio. pi pal sum of $361.51, with Intcras UierconMn the;mni : ' . , torncy's fees in' the sum of $39.5 . tlMinent Mdr daj; M. towing publMtinc of advertlH- mcnt PHONE M or M . i--LEGAL NOTICES NOTICE OK BID On or before June 30, 1051, the Las: Cruces Municipal Board" of . Edacdtiim -will receive bids on the following: 'M fy[;*i. 36 -All pilf'posc cHilrSf'" steel fram^Ulywood'fseaUi'r.XDd- backs, 17 Inches'high"" . ' · ? ' ' " 500 tubular steel folding chairs ·*· . .10 2-(lrawqrj.;filingfleabincts ; 'il': Scieiyie ·-pVMalxtratSrJ desk, .;W"x30''X36'yJ:v,'itli jshWycs, cup- · board, sink, gas and electrical outlets 3 Teacher's chairs . · 52 Reading chairs, first grade 17 Blackout curtains, 4' x 101 50 Size A desk chriirs 20 Size E desk chairs /s/ Don S. Hamill, Prcsidi'nl 66-lc- and 7:i-lc sale and Bel! at public ,vendue al the ' Turn-Kline". Chevrdlef Company, rue.; Las Cruces, New -Ai led, to the highest and BSs't bidder .for. cash .In hanU. ; .al|.,the,.right, title and interest of the defendant Clifford Coppbck, In and to the 1940 Oldsmobilc automobile dcs- 'cribed in said decree, to wit; -Serial NO..;G; 18634, Special Engine No. 8.7310. . .' " '· /s/B.W.Snody . Special. Master Pub. June 20-27, July 3-11, 1901. ' NOTICE ON BIDS On or. before June 30, 1851 -the. Las Cruces Municipal Board of Education will receive- bids on building- materials for the construction 'of a 2-rooni school. A list of such materials can be .obtained at the office of the Superintendent of Schools, Redmond and HatHoy. /s/ Don S..Haniill,-presidcnt »-SPtUAL NOTICE IEWING MACHINES, NEW AND used. We rcptlr all makra. STEVBNS FURNITURE CO. SI« N. Main. Phont 677. 1-tfn SPECIAL' BARGAINS -- KITCH- cn utensils a t - h a l f price. .Bed room suites cut 33 1/3%. Simila r , bargains on all new furniture and appliances during month of June. Furniture Exchange, 130 W. Las Cruces Ave. Phone 282-R. . 59-Hc-Jnne 27 IE-HELP WANTED Ftm.U 17-BEAL. ESTATE F* Sal. W A ' N T E D -- EXPERIENCE waifress; Jl per shift;-The-Eg ton Cafe. ':·'.· ·'' «5-3c- 1 1-^WOfik WANTED . COIiLEGE STUDENT WANT ,'p'art-. : tlme eriiployment, -aftc noons and'evehings. ' I S5-3p- RENT ^ APARTMENT LIKE, ~ L 3 G H house keeping room, prlv. en trance, priv. bath, garage. Phon 822-J . :....'. :.83-tf THREE. R D O M, FURNISHE apal-tmcnt; Mesilla' Park. 0296-J · · . ( i' ·'..' . . · ' . ' . .-..04-tf UN.KU1.(N!SHED- 4 ROOM APT Air conditioned, close in. Plion 012-R3 or Mr. Platt at Safewaj V- ·''/ · . 65'-lc-t F U R N I S H E D A ITS, AND sleeping'rooms, 221 W. Grigg. · · , ; · . : ; ...' . ' 05 7 3p-6 4 ROOM, PARTLY FURNISHED apartment in Old Mesilla. ca 0293-R2. 6'5-3p-6 FURNISHEB; LOVELY,--ON! Wdro'oni-houseV Tiled kitclien hear busline. 1450-J. 65-2p-Gi VEVV APAHTMENT, ELECTRIC Kitchen': "426 McCIure Road. ' 'HREK ROOM APT. 722 N. MES .quite.' . ...;j85-3e-67 rtODEKN, NEW, ATTRATIVE 4 room apt. Tile baih, conven icntly located, bills paid, laundry facilities. Couples only. Cul- loms Apis. 315 S. Main. 5U-tfn ATIO APARTMENTS. . FUR- ished, one. and two bedrooms, phonei 088-J-2. ' 5o-12-p-66 URklSHED. AJ.R COND. CABIN for couple, ph. 151 or- 393-J. 57-tfn OUR ROOM APARTMENT. IN Old Mesilla. Furnished, 550.00 per month, phone 343-W after 6 p! m. 49'tfn r., 2 BEDROOM, KITCHEN furnished, 126 West Las Crucez. ph. 732-K, - . . . 1-tfn ABIN FURN.1SHED, 720 Parker ltd: Ph. '422-W. 45-tfn ANNOUNCING Private employment A g e n c y moving to 434 N. church St., ph. 2 ROOM APT. FURNISHED, AIR cooled,' States Court. 51-tfn TWO THREE ROOM FURN1SH- cd apts. utilities paid. Couples (inly. Phono 245-M or 1531-R 61-tfn ATKACTIVE,. TWO .-BEDROOM ' hnm£ l-ca'so'nabte.' Must see. to app'reciatc:'Aiso nice largo bulld- _mg lot, -02I)9'R1. .96-4(1-69 - Under All Ts The Land S . % Acres irrigated land at edge of city. Fairly good 2 b. "r. home with storage laundry room; and a large 3 r. house (livable-but not modern). Barn chicken house, natural gas, large . shade trees. 511,000. Terms .arranged. Hardware i Appliance store with large farm trade. Must be sold at inventory acct. health. New. 3 b. r. home, attached garage. Convenient' .to all schools. Terms. $12,000. LAUNDROMAT: Doing $14,000 anhtial volume. Industrious couple can' bank $600 ino. above living' expense. 4 Unit Apt. showing better than. 12% return. Terms. MOTEL - BAR - CAFE. ·YANCY CLAfiK or FRED JOHNSON, Realtors 438 N: Main . Ph. 535-or 874 _·_,,.·'.- - · . - 66-3C-68 SECURE INVESTMENT,: -- AND HOME . 7 room brick, every convenience, bath, sink, jiatural gas, sewer,-shade trees large, ^telephones hall etc.; -- also a' room liouse and 2 room house'on same land. N. Alameda. Special price $8,000, terms. 2 new houses on 5 lots, 8 blks. College. Bldg. sites. Terms to auit from.owner, good title. 700 Jots to choose from. Come'by and look what we have, we are not high pressure salesmen, and "ndepcndcnt listings. BUNCH'S REAL ESTATE pii. 1530-n 66-4C-G9 2 B. H. mdn., good location, near grade school 55,250.00 3 B. R. mdn., a good location DONA ANA? , .NKW WftXlCO' i V\-. No. 11903 E. C. KILGOItK and KATHRYN M.;-'KILGORE '·' :- ' vs. I Plaintiffs. MR'i'J. B.-SUTHERLAJN, HBN- RY J. SPANGLER, and SPANGLER, his wife, · if "deceased, the unkno of Hcni'y J. S pang I errand,- Sjfengler, his wjf-"- L - ' ;; known heirs of th ceased persons: Thompson, Lydia wire, Claude Thoi Thompson, his wife, and all u known claimants of interest to the 'premises, adverse·» to.".; the plaintiffs, .'· Dcfcndents IS'OtlCE OF I'KNDKNCY SKIT THE'STATE OF N toi-Mrfi. J. B. Suthcrlin, Henry J. Springier and his wife, if living", if deceased the unknown heirs of Henry J. Spimgler' and -his' H \yife,,iyid;,lyjp\vn.Iicini of the. following deceased persons: , James L. 1 Lydia Thompson, his Claude Thompson .Thompson, his wife and all known claimants of interest to the ' premises adverse plaintiffs: j*'" You, and each of you. i by.notified.Uint S. C. Kilgorc and Katliryh.M. Kilgore, his wi" instituted'suit against you above . entitle'd. court and whereby ./they, seek to . quiet title against;'you' toi.the. property described.: tn' thc;cohtplaint.'Sitwited in Uic 'Northwest" 1 Quarter-. or'.Scetion.'3; ( .TdDwnship 26 Range.''3';-Easti. N.M.P.M.. Arm Coiitily[ : N^v Mexico, and thiit ui\lcss. you. enter your, appearance in said.cause on or.before August 3, 1951, judgment will- be' entered against, you fn said; c prayed in tht; complaint. That the mime of plaintiffs' at' torricys is 'Mijchem Meuhcm whose postofficc address ia Box CO, Las CrucesJ New'Mexico. 1 Witness, the\Hon. \V. T. Scop- gin, Judge of ithe Third Judicial District of t h e . Slat? ..01 Mexico, and llic seal of said Court for Dona Ana County, New J Ico, tfils 19th day of Geraldinc Clerk' By Valeric Adams (seal) Deputy. June 20-27, July 2-9-1051. IN TIIK DISTRICT COURT OF , DONA'ANA COUJS'TX NEW MKXICO ' TURRENTINE. C H E V R O L E T COMPANY INC., Plaintiff, vs, . . CLIFFORD COPPOCK ' D, CaiihC I NOTICE OF 8ALK NOTICE IS HEREBY" GIVEN: That by virtue of the final dccroft In the (^bovc court, marie nnd en tcrcd In the Above dtyicd cmino on the --- dny of June?, csidcnt ind 73-'li JRT'FOl ··TV, , . ATHRYN N, HBN- If living, wn heirs rid I the un- wing de- ii e s L. pson, his and Ida d all un- tercst to y to ·'.: the CY Ol r MEX1CO Henry J. Spanglcr, deceased Henry j. Spanglcr, v,'n. heirs se'd person and s wife, nd Ida all nn- ercst to to ' tho re, hcre- jorc and fc, have u in the 1 cause, let title rty des- liatcfl in "(NY!U 3 South; .. "Dona md that carancc August entered use ao iffs 1 at- vlechcm, is Box Ico.' r. Scog- Jndiclal if ?ic\v d Court \v ^[ex* . 1951. fithisen ms nr or V, O L E T endanl. o. 118S5 3IVEN: decree and en- «UAO on It wan it tho 1202W. . Ramon · Bernal, Notarj 17-W-F-Su-tf -you can', do . better at Steven Furniture. Co. · i-tfi LET .US SHAMPOO ·y OUR WOOI ruga and bring them back t life. M-its with rugs vacuumet free.' Furniture Exchange, 13( W. Las Cruces Av. Phone 282-R ' ' · . 44-tfr fcnd flbld. Furniture Exchange . 130 W. Las Cruoes, Phoiie 282-R ; - 1-tfn «X3OHOBIC3 A N O N Y M O U S Box Ml. Phone 1117-J between T and 10 p. m. . i-tfi WHY PAY MORE? Most good USED furniture costs less than h a l f , the price "of new. Come in and Sec. FURNITURE EXCHANGE 130 W. Las Cruces Avc. Phone 282-R 62-tfn · D-A-N-C-E ·Wed. and.Fri. Music by THE SUNDOWNERS ' Finest In Western Music 'AIR PORT. INN . 1200 B. 'Las Cruces ' ' - . . ' '··". 66 : lp ; 66; Frigida'ire Service , . B y DA.yE. : NUSBAUM - -". ' PHONE 30 ". ; DRW ELECTRIC · ' . - . : . : 29-tfn TrcnchinK done with mechanical ditcher, Ideal for footings, sewer Ijjies, etc. 12 to 18 inch wide, up to 42 in. dee.p $1 75 per cu yd. Minimum charge $15.00. ATLAS LUMBER CO. Phone 900 l-su-w-tfn. CESSPOOL AND OEPTiC TANK service. Call 0307-J3. ' 4Z-12p-Tu-Thu-Su,June 19 TROPICAL FISH AND SUP- plies at Meeks Fl9Wer, 235 South Main. 65-3c-67 Docs Your Koof Leak? CALL 700 S W Construction Co. FREfc ESTIMATES ll-TFN 7-- HELP WANTED TWO WAITRESSES, ONE BAR- ttJJidcr. Apply In person after 8 p. m. Air Port Inn 'Nlto Chili, 00-2p-G7 WArWfin, LOCAI, TRUCK rmiV- er for freight, (lO-tfll ^ bath, air. cooled, 409 S. Churc i : 66-3p-6S , UNFURNISHED 4 ROOM APT Air conditioned, close in. Phone J ' " ' CO-lp-66 MODERN, 3 KEDROOM HOUSE 133' Cambridge Diive, phone 10T5.' ' 66-3p-68 13-- WANTED TO BENT furnished house. West side .Jully or Aug. first. Write Rox 8' % Sun'Ncws. 63-Op-68 15-- FOR SALE HAVE A FEW HAM PR ACE pigs for sale. Hampracc is a Government developed Bacon hog. Frank Erdle, 1 mile north of U. S. 80 on county road, East of Picacho bridge. 61-CC-66 FROZEN LOCKER PLANT. 517 lockers. SelHng account of sickness. L. A. Hokct, -Box 426, Alamogordo, N. M. 57-4p-Su- June 10-1.7-24-July 1 DELICIOUS CAPON -FRYERS. »i.OO and up on foot. 11,25 and up'dressed. Dr. Horton Poultry Farm 1520 W. Hadtey, ph. 537- *f.;. . . 42-tfn UOOD UHBIJ ·TTRES. SHOOK Tire Co. ,. 1-tfn SEAT COVEK B A R G A I N S Shook Tire .Co. . 1-tfn GENERAL CONTRACTOR . ' Rough lumber, planed lumber, modcr'atu price, Pec Gee Paint], all colors. Have Brickrete building block, red t buff. SMITH'S Lumber Yard. Cor. Madrid Mcsquitc: Ph. H56-J| -. 20-tfn BALL. MILL,- CRUSHER, CLAS- sjfier, table, -ore .bins, · lumbeV, high i pressure pump. G.'V.Mc- Neilj Mt. .View Inn, .Organ, T^cw Mex. ij5-3p-67 and '71-.1p-73 NEW,- -\VELL CONSTRUCTED, large, suburban home. 3 bedrooms, (icn, forced air healing ·system, electric dishwasher,. 1 % baths, .extra large amount of storage space, living i-oom f l i c place, also outdoor fireplace. 20x30 foot garage and maid's quartern wilh % hath and laundry tubs. Scvcra liticc Jlarge shade trees. A truly fine home. Price $21.000.00, terms. Highway Realty Albert Socolofsky, Realtor, No. on Highway 85. Ph. 1-103 65-3C-C7 REGISTERED POLAND CHINA sow, two years old. Three gilts, ten weeks old. Barbara Funkhouser, phone 0306-J3. 65-,1p-G7 6' COLDSPOT REFRIGERATOR, good condition, phone u386-R,'i. 65-2p-6li l'/jX2 IN. CETR1FUGAL P U M P | and l'/ 2 hp. single-phase motor. Used less than 50 hours. Phono 0187NR1 after S p. m. OO-Sp-OS USED STEEL SASH WINDOW, 64x50 with Venetian blinds, phone 285-W or 060. 06-lp-OC 1J-WANTED TO BUY mUMtaJT fiocfc* fAlli KOR UMd pltnot. SUveni rurnttun CO. 311 N. M»Ll. Pnon« 677. I-tfn HOUSCHOLD F U R N I T U R E , Any condition. W« buy, »nythln» at vtliM. Pnon« Ml-J. VUduot SulYHRe T»rd, Ki W. Plcucho. ' 1-ifn and a good house . ;. ?!),000.00 3 B. R. mdn., best of locations $12,000.00. '·] 2 B. R. modern house : '"58,500.00 '·;·-' ' 1 B. R. modern house v . · 56,850.00 ..''" 2 B. R. modern house All new houses. BURESH REALTY CO. 66-1C-66 A-BKALTIKUL HOME ·' 2 B. R. nldn. This home is quality mdse. and as clean as a pin. The best of locations and priced right. 2 B. U. mdn., a new house, brcezeway, large garage. Also priced right. 2 B. R. mdn., new, 75 ft. frontage, 115-decp. . ' List your property with us. You arc under no obligations -it's yours. BURESH REALTY CO. The Home, of Good Houses 66-10-68 18-- BUSINESS Opportunity 1949. FORD. 2 DOOR SEDAN, less -than celling price, ph; 968. . 63-tfn 19-- USED CABS For Sal* Immediate Delivery on THE NEW 'BUICK In Las Cru:es at ... CULLOM BUICK CO. 315. S. Main Ph. 1016 1-tfn FOR QUICK SALE Will wholesale' 1047 V-S Ford 2-door. Terms. Sec It- at '123 North Church St. ' 62-OC-67 ·to FORD, ..T PASS. O.D:, 'HEAT- er, radio,- Smitty mufflers, scat covers, visor, water injector, injector, back-up light, ma i light, 2 new tires, $1,200.00. Mr. Woods, Phone 231G4, White Sitnds. Gfi-5p-9 19-19 CHEVROLET TWO DOOIt Stylellnc, radio, heater, seat covers, visor. Call 354 Sgt. R. D. Chavez. 66-lp-6B 1940 Ford 2- Door Sedan $20. r i.OO 10-16 Dodge Sedan 675.00 1940 Blllck Scdaucl ... 805.00 1947 Bulck Sedan 023.00 1948 Studcbakcr Landcrulser Sedan. 1946 Chrysler Windsor Sedan. Phone 258 650 S. Main JOHN MILLER Motor Co. Chrysler - Plymouth C5-2C-67 Want. An .Elephant? India Limits Supply NEW DELHI, Juno 20 MV -Bolter move fast If you want to 9uy an elephant. The Indian government today ippllcd an export quota of 76 a ·car for elephnnla after the food ind agriculture ministry nalil It vnnted lo snfonii.ini I h n dnmtviiii. inpiily. - · · In .The.'Armed Services FORT BENN3NG, Ga. (Special) -Second Lt. Kenneth P. Guyjm, husband of Mabel Guynn of Box , Las Cruces, N. Mex., graduated recently from .the ..associate company officer course at the Infantry school, MaJ. Gen. John H. Church, announced today. The course is designed t,o produce company grade officers well | grounded In' the 'fundamentals and technique of all infantry units. Special emphasis is devoted veloping capable company commanders. All Infantry graduates of Officer Candidate School attend this course after they are commissioned. ' It is but one of 21 courses open to officers and enlisted men of the regular army, Organized Rcsen'e and National Guard. Courses range from training regimental commanders and division general staff officers to training recruits to bo parachutists. Navy's Chief Of : Reseat re J i die i i ii s I r y Quits Alter Attack .WASHINGTON, June 20 (^T) Dr." Stephen. Urimnaucr, suspend ;po ed -chief research chemist in the Navy'g weapons development section, hos resigned in the lace of n Senator's uharge that he mis of. the 1 -'figures in the atomic spy ring." After the Navy announced his resignation yesterday. Orunauer said, ."past mistakes" of 25 years ago cost him his job although "1 have been n strong: anti-comnm- nist for 18 years." He said 1m resigned to avoid being "n source of embarrassment" to the Navy, Miguel Principal- Receives History^ Award For Essay William I. Waldrip, principal of San J\li£uol school of the--Oausen district has been awarded the Wil- n | Ham A. .McCarthy, prize in history 'one The oy^ers of Chesapeake Bay vere once culled "inexhaustible", mt oystennen. now face a dearth oysters .there .which has cut the catch from 15,000.000 bushels in "l,-5 : to 5,000,000 bushels a year oday. lor 1051. This award, along: ' w i t h a $20 prize, was presented to Waldrip upon the recommendation of Professors P.ocve and Smith of^tlic University of New Alexico for his essay ''New Mexico During; the' Civil War." The uward was made by the Prizes and Awards comniit- lee of the University facility. · Waldrip received his eryly.- cdu- -Vllnn in Slreator, lill.. where his father was superintendent, .n't schools. He received his B. .A. dc- frrco from the University of.Illinois where lie graduated with hunors in history. -if He joined tljc alt'turn In J D - l i ' "Mil remained In service u n t i l ]!1IB. Me then 'entered New Mcilcu University and received his JlI. : A. do- . gfce in 1950. ' | ' * \yaklrip hud taught n Dona Aw.efljmty before comin f to the fifly»liff r rtlsffi'ct. He was iri'ncipal at. Mfcquil*toefore ffoin^ to San Misuel..^ilJ(IKl«gucl scho.l is. doing ouLst;i*i4»*»j-!i in LI la and ·crafts, musiff^dj^tysicil edaca- ' : tion ulong witlnlfe core Subjects. . Wo.ltlrlp and hfs wife liow I:vc' .in*,lficir -- own home in Sail Miguel, '-/ *rS ----- ' ' The^JYAC training c Camp tee; Va.. has an lter at l-woman fER DAVjSON Hufcblng k H.atiLj Co. · ' *? Coniriciori |--· · Inntallatlonii · Repairs · flupplirs Phone 147 S14 W. Grlggs ' Las Cruces MICKEY MOUSE THE LONE RANGER by Fran Striker E THROUGH AS DOSS, RVTES *Ng YOU KNWTOO MUCH ABOUT OURGANTOSTAYAUVE. SO LONS! WHEN YOU'RE FOUND DEAD, BATES, IT'LL LOOK LIKE THE WORK OF ' INDIANS THERE FELLER* TDNTD ITS BIG. ON WOUND.' rfWsi^E CRIME BOSS IN BATESVILL HELP ME.' HELP ME AND YOUU REWARPED BEYOND YOUR WILDEST DREAMS' '*· MANDRAKE THE MAGICIAN I HAVEN TIDE SLIGHTEST IDEA WHAT THEY WERE TALKING ABOUT THISISAF1NEWAYTO START OFF MY LK TO ME.' PRETEND THAT YOU NOW ME/ HELP ME/ THEY'RE WING TO KILL ME-TO GET HIS BOX/ THATfiUNMAN HELD ME UP FOR SOME BOX. 1 THE MAN ON THE MOTORCYCLE WARNING ME TO KEEP THE BOX- LITTLE ANNIE ROONEY by Brandon Waist BY THIS TIME TIGER IS OHO OR GONE HOME TO IMDIA- ffiASH! GUAiJDS AT THE LOWER EIIDf-'i 1M GETflM SICK OF THIS A V', WAITIW AROUND MAYBE TIIATTIGEF! DIOWT LWL IOR INDIA! r; riGHllN CHILLS AM'.FEVEKAN' EATIN MOSQUITOES THROW SOHCMOKb" VIOOO OH LISTEN .' WIIA1 THAT.?/! BIG SISTER by Lee Fall? and Phil Davii AKBUTI DID,AFTER I THINK YOUR J\ WHAT. 1 SVHV-\. OFFER WAS TOO N YOU'RE NO BET LOW. AM EXTUA H-, TMAM A1HIEP HUNDRED WOULD BE AEK3UT-- MUCM TIMET AMDTOOUBLE. PEJOICE. MADAM REJOICE! T HAVE MV LOST PlN.'.' NO! NO. YOU ' NOW E3EFCHE I HAND IT OVEP LETS TALK OF PECOVEDEDYOUP COULDN'T HAVE! THET REWARD, i-'"'* ETTA KETT SUOOENLV TUB STOUM MD THff (ilG PLANS NOSES DOWN ···· TOO I.ATE.T- iNG TU LASO A HOW ·? " LET'S MAKE 'A BUN FOa TVI5 '~^Zhvz±~~=

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