Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on April 28, 1972 · Page 20
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 20

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Friday, April 28, 1972
Page 20
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'. NOTICB OP FI.VAL SETTLEMENT -'- K state. Of LKW1S W. LITTLKR (Deceased). .Votiee ls.h«r«by given that 1 have fLlid-my, final ,*-enoft in tli« 1lMv!':L' Court or Weld County. Colorado,- 1 and that - k n y person desiring lo object to lh« same Mial! f i l e w r i t t e n objection with tlie *fiid courfon or before May S, 1972.-' '. K a t l i l e c n "P. Littler - Kxtfsutrlx of said Relate' Karowaky, Wluver Oldenburg A t t o r n e y The Grceley Daily T r i b u n e A p r i l 7, H. 21, 28, 172 ^ X O T I C K ' O H FI.XAI/ SETTl.KME.Vr No, T.-12120 Kslate uf E [ f l e - P . Nchl. a / k / a K f f l e NebV. '.deceased. Xoilce is - hereby given tliaj. I have filed iny f i n a l report in the D1sLrlc:t Court of \Veld-County. Colorado, aiid " t h a t ans" p e r ion desiring (o "object to the eaiue nhii)] -flic w r t i t e n objection t v i i h the si Id court on or before May I a, 1972. A r l l n e Foster Executrix The Greeley Daily Trihmie A p r i l 14. it, L'S. May 5, 137 XOTICK OF ri.VAJ, SUT Xo. P-1203S Kstate of CHARTS H. C.RAY- UM (Deceased). Xotice is- hereby given - t h a t 1 .have ,/iled my final rejiort In I h e District Court of .Weld County, Colorado, and that an.' jiei'Eon desiri tig in object to t n e ·atne shfill f i l e w r i t t e n objection with the said court on or before May .S, 1372. . . Charles C. Cirayum A d m i n i s t r a t o r The G r e e l e y ' D a i l y Tribune April I-,. II, 21, 28,. 1972 P U B L I C SALtJ XO'i'ICE ' O P THUSTIiK (No. 83) WHEREAS. Stanley W. Bouse and Susan C.' Bouse, G r a n t o r s by deed of trusv dated June 23. 1969, recorded in Jiook C l l , Reception Xn. laSS-lSS In- the cords of tlie County of Weld; Colorado, conveyed to tlie I'ublic T r u s t e e In said C m i n l y of Well] the f o l l o w i n g described real property in said County o£ Weld 'l.ot ' T h i r t y - s i x (SC), Bloclc. Two (2). in THE VIL.LAGK SUBDIVISION', nil a d d i t i o n 10 tlie Town ol I-'vans, Weld C o n n l y , Colorado, according to the rei-ordeil limp or jilat t h e r e o f , toiretlier with t h e improvements thereon situate, known ay and numbered S12 M o n t r e a l Street, together u-ith wall to wall carpeting- Said deed of trust secures a promissory" note of even date t h e r e with' for ' the sum of $15,600.00 payable to tl,e order of Van K c h a a c k *t Company, a Colorado corporation, -on . the t e r m s so f o r t h in said note and deed o t r u s t : and WHEREAS, Van Schaack ' Company, a Colorado corpora tutu, the legal 1 holder of sai note and deed of t r u s t has f i l e d ·written election mid d e m r i i u l fo Bale as provided in said deei n f i r u s t , THEREFORE, notice is hereby given t h a t 1 will, at JOiOO o'i-lo-I in tlie fort-noon of .May 23, 1975 at tile East f r n n t steps if th Weld County Court House ("Irce l e v , Colorailn, sell at pnbli auction to' the highest and bos bidder for cash, the sniil i ea p r o i i e r t y and all interest of th sai,! riniiiiors, their heirs an assigns therein, f n r the jiurpos' of p a y i n g tiie inrteblcdness iiru viJeil in said note and deed o trust, n t f o r n e y s ' fees, and th' expenses of sale; a n d w i l l dellve tn the purchasers a i - o r l i f i o n l nf inin-hiise, all as provided b; law. Dated March 31. 13.72. W a l l e r I,, nain -" Public Truste.e-irt and fo the County of Weld, Colorado The Creeley Pally Tribune April 7. I t , SI, 28, May r,. 19 TV Programs KBTV, ChMMl »; KLZ, Ch».wtl 7; KOA.-Oumwl 4; KRMA, Ctt.mwl t Friday, April H 4:00--2: Green Acres 7: Gomer.Pyle 4:30-2: Gilligan's Island 6: Misteroger's . 7: Mayberry R.F.D. 5:00-2: McHale's Navy 4: NBC News 6: Sesame Street 7: News 9: News 5:30--2: Hogan's Heroes 4: News 9: News 6:00--S: Dream of Jeannie 4: High Chaparral C: Klectric Company 7: News 9: Star Trek 6:30-2: Andy Griffith 6: Perspective 7: Me and Chimp 7:00-4: Circus . 2 : Truth, Consequences 6: Joyce Chen 7: My Three Sons 9: Brady Bunch 7:30--4: Sanford and Son 2: Dragnet 6: Book Beat 7: O'Hara, Treasury 9: Partridge Family 8:00--4: Movie ' ' . . 2: Perry Mason 6: Week Review 9: Room 222 8:30--6: Film Odyssey 7: News Special 9: Odd Couple 9:00-9: Love American Style 7: Touch of Spring 2: News, Wthr., Sports 10:00--4: News, Wthr, Spots 2: Movie 6: Inform 7: News, Wthr, Spts 9:' News, Wfhr, Spls 10:30--4: Tonight Show 6: Inform 7: Movie 11:00-9: Dick Cavett 11:30--2-. Movie 12:00--4: Movie 12:30-7: Late Show 9: David Frost Saturday, April 29 11:00- 2: Movie 4: Dr. Dolittle 7: Film Festival 9: American Bandstand 11:30--2: Movie 4: Deputy Dawg. 12:00--7: Basketball · 4: ML Baseball 3: TBA 12:30-9: Water World 1:00-2: Crafts with Katy 9: Spts.-Challenge 1:30-2:' Girl From UNCLE 9: B. Nelson Golf 2:00--7: Wedding Trends 2:30--2: Daktari 7: Week'nd Gardner 3:00--7: Movie 4: Physical Fitness \OTICi: OF P V I l I i l U THUSTKK S.tLK INn. 6 2 ) . Whereas. D. £ G. ENTERPRISES, 'IXC., a Colorado corporation Granior(s) liy ilr^il of t r u s t listed J a n u a r y 10, IOCS, recorded in Bncik 5?0, Reception No. l a ] 1909 ) n - the r^L-orils oC iho C o u n t y of Well, Colorado, conveyed tn the Hiihlic Trustee In ·aid C o u n t y of Weld, (be follow- i n g described r^al - p r o p e r t y In i.Tld Cniinty of Weld, to vvH: All tlifll pan (if t i B SHU of tlie X\V U of Section 13, T o w n s h i p ii North, R a n R R 'ft5 ·\Vest of tlie fill. RiU Weld · County.- Colorado, described RS follows: Peg-tnninj,' at :i j i r n n t la feet u-est and N o r t h I * OS' "A\s( al7,7 feel from ti^e in- . t o r l o r 4{iinrLnr cor nor of said, Section 13; thence Xorl li 1" OR* ^^"ost 333.S feel: iliinee "\\'cst 1117 f e m t ; tlimiL-e K o u t n To' 4 1 ' Wefil 118.*: frcr to His west lino of the SB'/, «f t h e X\VV* of BAld Seelion 13l thence South fl* f3 ' lOast 70^.1-J feet ftlotiir r n e \v*-st linr of t h e H K U "' t h « N"\V*i , of a n i f l S;rl1nii 13: t h e n c e North 41* H'' KnM fi85.8 feel: t h i s n r e J C a ? L 780. 2 feet to t h e iioi n I r i f lie % [ n n \ n p. Bairl deed of t r u s t seen run a miseory note of rv.en d a l e 9: World of Sports 3:30-2: Wild Wild West . 4: Wrestling' ' · - · ' 4:30-2: Movie. , ' . 4: 'News 7:'CBS News 9:: Americ'n Adventure Movie'_ . " · " . " . , . · ; ·7:' N e w s . ' ' ' . 9: News Force-One 5:30--7: -Movie · 9: Lawrence Welk 6:30-2: Andy Griffith 4: Primus '9: Movie 7:00--2: Hee Haw 4: Emergency 7: Dick Van Dyke' 7:30-7: Mary Tyler Moore 8:00--2: The Avengers : 4: Movie 7: Mission Impossible 8:30--9: Movie- 9:00--7: Mannix 2: News 9:30--2: Creature Features .0:00--7: News 4: News 9: News force One ,0:30-r4: Movie 7: Movie 9: Movie · . . 12:30-2: News 4: News 1:00--7: Movie 9: ABC News Sunday, April 30 11:00--2: Sunday Cinema 4: Meet the Press 7: AAU Champs 9: Calvary Temple 11:30--4: Bill Barker 12:00--4: Western Marketing 7: Stanley Cup 9: NBA Basketball 12:30--2: Movie ' ' 4: W.C. Tennis 2:00-2: Golf 4: Death Valley Days 2:30--2: 25 years, NBA 7: Sounding Board 9: Byron Nelson Golf 7: TBA . 3.00--2. Gentle Ben 4, Death Valley Days 3:30--4:. Survival 7: Animal World 4:00^1: Movie 7: 60 Minutes 4:30--2: Movie ' 9: Auto Racing 5:00--7: News 9: Bewitched 5:30--7: Lassie 9: Eddie's Father . . 6:00-4: Wild Kingdom 6: Forsythe Saga 7: National Geographic 9:.ABC Special 6:30--1: Tom Jon'es .4: World of Disney :00--6: Zoom 7: Movie 9: Movie · . 7:30--2: Golddiggers 4:. Jimmy Stewart . 6: Sound Post 8:00-2: Stand Up, Cheer . 4: Bonanza ' · 6: Firing Line 8:30--2: Rollin' on River 9:00-2: News, Wthr, Spts. ' ' 4: Bold Ones 6: Masterpiece Tneatre 7: Opera Gala : 9: Movie; 9:30-2: Catch 2 0:00--2:. Movie ;4: News . ' 6: Self Defense--Women 7: News, -Wlhr, Spls. 0:30-4: I Spy 6: Easter, Boy's Town 7: Bill Cosby 1:00--7:'Movie . 9: Movie . ; -. 1:30--2: News .4: Judd for Defense 2:30--4: News 1:00--9: Issues and Answers Monday, May 1 .1:00--2: Famous Jury Trials 4: Sale of Century 7: KLZ News ' 9: 'AH My Children - ' 1:30--2: Honeymooners 4: Three on a Match 6: Math 7: As the World Turns 9: Let's Make a Deal 12:00--2: Blinky Fun Club · 4: Eyewitness News 7: Love Is Splend. Thing 9: Today at Noon 12:30-2: Phil Donahue 4: The Doctors 7: Guiding Light 9: Dating Game 12:45--6: Science 1:00-4: Another World 6: Literature 7: Secret Storm 9: General Hospital 1:30-2: What's My Line 4: Peyton Place 6: Music , ' 7: Edge of Night 9: One Life To Live 2:00-2:'To Tell the Truth 4: Somerset ' G: Electric Company 7: Dialing for Dollars . 9: Love American Style 2:30--2: Beat tlie Clock . 4: Days of Our Lives '6: Sewing Skills 9:'Newlywed Game ' 3:00-2: Big Vajley ' 4; Concentration 9: Bewitched r 3:30--4: Money Movie · ' 9: Merv'Griffin Pri., April 28, 1972 (JREELEY (Colo.) TRIBUNE G O V E R N O R VISITS SAK L U I S - Colorado Governor John A. Love is greeted on his arrival in t h e southern Colorado community of San Luis Tuesday. The governor attended the Costilla County Development Seminar. Love said the re-creation of the community of Siin Luis in accordance with its Spanish cultural background would make it "one of the grealcsl tourisl a t t r a c t i o n s in Soiitliern Colorado." Con-- slntclion will begin soon on a $710,000 tourism complex. A motel, swimming pool, shops ami n restaurant will be the first project to be built in San Luis' new style. (AP Wire- pliolo) Television Review By CYNTHIA LOWRY Televitioh Radio Writer NEW YORK ( A P ) - Last season ABC devoted an hour to exploring and explaining reasons behind the high incidence of heart attacks in the American male, examining the habits and jobs of Severn! likely candi- pregnandes, cancers of breast and cervix, sickle cell iincmia, menopause! depression and low blood sugar. The emphasis seemed to be on cancer and I he message WHS, of course, In gel to the dales. doctor nl the first sign (if ABC had the same producers iroublc. Some umieccssurily working again with the Nation- gruesome scenes of a woman al Institutes of Health survey, screaming as she was THE LOCKHORNS but on a niiicti broader base: liCRllh problems of Aincricnn \vomeii. Galled "Life, Dciiilh and the American Woman," the hour broadcast Thursday night included case histories of women suffering from complicated (Jiving soil of bivlh were used ;i opening leaser. Palienf.s fsicing major surgery I discussed their emotions' and fears and, later, looked back on their experience, mosl of them \vilh gratitude. One woman pro- "START PEPALING, I'LL CATCH Up," oTicro or FIXAl. SKTTTjEMEVT ,Vo. r-12L7fi Kslate of ^lark A. S tucker, crcJixcd. Notit-e is hereby Driven tliat I ha\'e filed my f i n a l report in t h d U i s t r i c t - . C o u r t of Weld Crjiinty, Colorado, a n d id at a n y person desiring lo ohject to t h e s, HI ne shall file w r i t t e n objection w i t h (he K a i tt c on r t on or before J u n e 5, I!'i2. J o h n H. Houtcheufi A d m i n i K t r n l o r Jlouichens, lion ten ens Radio Programs KUNC.FM »1.S; KFKA 1310; KGRE^FM «.3; KUAD 1170; KYOU 1450 ami U'lrriey . · A i r o r n c v s for K.stal The (.ireetey DJiily April 2S, .May 5, 1? Trllninc 1?, 1^72 p r n i , l u TitvsTKi': 541,r-: ' (Xo. c t W H K r t K A K 'John I!. JJenloTi a n i l I M i z a l i e l b .Innie 1'eacc Grantors liy denil uf trust dated IS J a n u a r y , 1S71 veiwrdm! by Hci'eiillon Xo. 1E'!IC24 in the re- curd* uf the Cleric afld I t e c n r d e r ni tiie C i i i i n l y i.f Wi'lil, Colo- oonvt-ypil t u [lie I ' u b l i c f-c in said O o u n l y of \\'eld f f t i i u i v i i i K rlCficrMjpil real C o u n t y nf 210. U n i t Ii . of there wi Hi for t h e s u m 000.00 payable t'» the order R a l p h !·*. May on the terms forth In flrtid note and clcerl t r u s t : ar\(J WHEi:;AS Uosnlle RtrUlle, Kx ecu iris (f the Estate of Ralph K. Ma-V, :i/k/ri Ralph "Everett May. a / k / a Kalph May, Dec-eanerl, the lepal holder of c»id note a nd deed of t r u s t has f i l e d w r i t t e n election n u t l d e - mand for f=ale as provided in aalfl- deed nf i r u s l . THKKKFOTIK, i m i i r e \x h e r e by g i v e n lliat I w i l l , ai 1(i:00 rv''cloe^ In the forenoon of .\f P, 1972, at t h e F'',n^l f r o n t tlo of the County Court House, C i l y of Greeley. f o u n l y of Weld. Colorado, fp\\ at piiMIr a u c t i o n lo t h e hijrho*i an for cash, t l i e . c aid real property Bud " a l l h i i f T f s r of th G r a n tor (s), f l s pnvrpxunrt a n d s«=5]gnR rhereKi. for liie rf paying The liirteMertiicsf! pro- fre?, ;ni'l ded tn said tntsl. a t t o r n r expenses r i f l l v « r to t h e psiR-lmsf t i f i c a t e of piin-hHsc, v i d e d hy l a w . Datr.l Mnru-li 31. l! W a l t e r I- l!:n i h c C n u n i y Colnr.ido The (Ireeloy D a i l y A p r i l 7, 14. 21, '^, «ipnd n«l the ) » cer- n, pro- Trlln M»X p e r t j - Weltl t f i - ;[cn.s f.f if Dafiono :cuiiu. in t h e Town K ' - o r d i n s to Ihe re- I h e r e o f . Said deril note- of even d a t e t h e r e w i t h for Ihe sum uf S8.SS6.SO pavnl.le to UK- n n l e r ' " - - ComiJRiiy, neveloiiment . on t i i e terms n o t e and deed of forth in said t r u s t : a n d W H E R E A S T C m c r j Development Company. Inc.. t h e legal h o l d e r of said note a n d deed of t r u s t lias filed w r i t t e n election and l e m a n d for sale as provider! in * a i d deed n f I r n s r , THEKI-FonE, TioUcetis h e r e h j given t h a t 1 w i l l , at 10:0n o'- ·k in ( h e forenoon' ot J u n e C 2. at t h e . east f r n n t door ol c o u n t y C o u r t House, (Jrecley. n i a d n . sell R| pnblitf a u c t i o n the highest anti best a * h , t h e - w a i d real p r o p e r l j I all i n t e r e s t of (lie 11 C I r a n t u r p , ' t i c i r h r i r s and i ;ns iTiorehi. for the ijurijrjse y i n g lic i i i d e l i t e d n e s s ],rnv it In »ald note and . l i t d , (hi w i ] J dr-liv a r p r t l f i l FIR pro fo r u s t , a t l r t r n e y ' s fee; fuses of pale, and In t h e imrchaser.' ! of pnrrhasr. n :,l by law. ati-ii A p r i l 2T,. 1:172. W a l t e r I,, riain I'nlilif- T r n n l r e in and NIC t ' f . n n l y of UVId, Slate of (V.lnrado (·.rnelcv I'aili- T r i b u n e il 2«. .May a. 12. }!r. 20. 1372 Bob's Weslview TV 3133 W. 10th St. Black and White and color TV repair service. A n t e n n a repair and in- stnllnlion. Phone 352-8553 EobFrerichs Friday, April 21 4:00-KUAD: Voice of Valley 4:3fl-KFKA:Kditorial, Music 4:45-KFKA: Want Ark- 5:OD--KKKA: News, Wtr, Spts. 5:JO-KUAP: Sign i O f f 5:45--KFKA: This is Greeley 6:00--^UNC: Expanded News KFKA: Circle JR Ranch 6MS-KYOU: South of Border 7:00-KUNC: 'Friday Night' 8:00--KFKA: News, Music KUNC: Periscope, Issues KYOU: Chuck Wolfe KGRE: News 8:30--KGRE: Music KUNC: News, Free Form 10:00-KFKA: News 0:I^-KFKA: Varsity Carouse] 11:00-KYOU: Sign Off KGKE: Sign Off 1:30-KFKA: News. Wtr, Spts. 12:00 KFKA: Sign Off Saturday, April 19 11:00-KUAD: Don Bishop KFKA: Music KYOt'-: Ted Loveland KUNC: Progress. Music KGRE: Stereo Music I1:15-KYOU: Sports ll:4a-KUNC: IJNC Profile 12:00-KUAD: News Roundup KUNC: News KYOU: News K F K A : News, W'ther 12:15-KFKA: News, Ranch KUNC: Biography KYOU: Country Music 12:3(1-KFKA: News 12:4-KYOU: Pnui Harvey J:00-KM\A: News, Music, Spt KYOU: Tet! Loveland ]:30-KYOU: News, Davis K F K A : Music SrlW-KYOL 1 -: News 5:Ofl-KFKA: News, Weather K Y O U : News 5:30-KFKA: Sports K U A D : Sign Off 5:45-KFKA: Music 6:00--KFKA: Jamboree KUNC: News, Depf. Stale KYOU: Employment Nws 6:I5-KYOU: South of Border KUNC: Progres. Music 7:00-KFKA. News 7:15-KFKA: Music 6:00-KYOU: Gordon Potter 9:00--KUNC:- News,- Music 0:00-KFKA: News 1:00-KYOU:"Sign OH KGRE:-'Sign Off 2:00-KFKA: Sign Off 2:00--KUNC: News, Musla ' . Sunday, April 30 ,1:00-KFKA:-Medley ; .: KYOU: Church-cont. KGRE: -Stereo Music KUAI): Don Bishop ,2:Ofl-KFKA: News KYOU: News, Wealher KGRE: News, Music . KUNC: Almanac 12:15-KFKA: Church News KUNC: Music 2:30--KFKA: German Gospel KYOU: News KUNC: Concert of Week I:00-KFKA: News, Music K Y O U : Ted Loveland 2:00-KFKA: News, Music KYOU: News . K G R E : News, Music K U N C : News and Music 2:I5-KYOU: Sporls 3:00--KFKA: News, Music 4:00--KGRE. News, Stereo Mu. KYOU: News K K K A : News, Music 5:00-KYOU: News N'ews, wthr, spfs. Easy Lislening News, Music Sign Off Music of Rotkies News K Y O U : .News fi:15-KUNC: Community C'al. 6:30-KFKA: Spec, of Sound K U N C : American Alhies 7:00-KFKA: News, Music KUNC: Organ KYOU: Tom Tcague 7:30-KYOU: Marirm Mr. KUNC: Smithsonian 8:00-KFKA: News KUNC: Firing Line 8:I5-KFKA; Music 8:30-KYOU: Back to God Hr. 9:00-KYOU: Music K F K A : News, Music KUNC: News K F K A : 5:30-KFKA: K G I I B : K U A D : 6:00-KFKA: KUNC: 9:,'iO-KYOU: Tom Teague 0:M-KFKA: News 0:15-KYOU: Varsity Carousel: sonled ;i brave figure ;is slie Bilked iihoul ttu i i t l i l i i i l u one I lakes lo live with cancer. ! Pntriciii Ncal, wliu .suffered ;i near f i l i a l slnike--an illness not discussed on (lie program-'served :is nnrrntor. The heart attack program was perhaps more constructive Ihiin Ihe second edition. Tliis . secnlc " .. 'him K U N C : Theater Review 2:00-KUNC: Nightcap Monday, May 1 I1:00-KUAD: lioh Mcliride K F K A : News, Music K Y O U : I n f o . News KUNC: Music I1:15-KFKA: Music K Y O U : Spls Wealher I1:30-KYOU: Colorado News !2:00-KFKA: Monforl Rpt. K U N C : Kxpnndeil News K Y O U : News, wciilbcr K U A D : News l Z : i n - K U A I ) : Voice of Valley 12M5-KFKA: Weallier Spls. K Y O U : Sports KUAI): Hob M c l i r i d c 12:30-KI'MA: Farm, Hancl) KYOU: Market Kcjxnt KUN'C: Sixth String 12:4S--KYOt;: Paul Harvey K F K A : Salclime, Mkts. K Y O U : Andy Ixximis I : I 5 - K F K A : Music KYOU: Snnrls 1 : 0 0 - K K K A : What's l!ap'inf l:TO-KYOt; : Itegionsl News 2:CO-KFKA: News. Music K t i A I ) : lion Hell K U N C : Concert 2 : 3 0 - K F K A : P r o f i l e , Music KYOI!: News 3:0(I-KYOC: Ted I/ivcland | K F K A : Ke;. News 3:SO-KFKA: Spls., Music D E N V E R R A D I O ' KL/,: SCO-Music, news ; KlfO.W: CSO-Music, news j KIJTIt: 7IO-Nt!WS.2.1 hours ] KOA: B:V)--Music, news on 14 hr. ^bccn ill. Mostly it i-cmimlctl us jtliiit illness slrikes many wom- !on, which Drs. Wclby mill Gannon tin weekly in l h t i r scries. Hub Hope concluded f i i s NBC scries w i l h i i i i rsithcr low-key special which was nohiblc for n makeup job in a siitire on "Tlic C i u d f i i l h n r . " II made him look s u r p r i s i n g l y l i k t : Miirlon firaiulo. The l i n u r was Ihe usual m i x of conietly skelchcs h r n k u n up liy song or thuico niiinbei.s l)y tlie guest slai's. One of the sketches bur- iLsquciJ llic TV series, "Adam 112," w i l d Hope playing Ihe coji i b c h i m l [he wliecl of the sciind .car mid Glen Campbell as his !j«irlnor. It was okay when Iliey I were in I lie car bill Ihe comedy got lost when Ihcy erj.i'me in- [volvcd w i t h Ciirol Lawix-uiT. in i a murder case. About all "The G o r J f a l h e i " skcleh had Daylight Savings Begins Sunday By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS One of (he two ilfiys of Ihc year when many Americans a i e n ' l exiiully sure ivhul l i m e il is comes up the day mosl ot Ihe coinilry .switches lo D i i y l i f j l i t Saving Time. liy decree of Congress, Ilic u n l i o n ' s clocks are lo be ;ul- viniccd on hour nt 2 a.m. on Hie Sunday of April. At 2 ft.m. on Hit; last Sunday nf October, Ihe clocks will he sel back fin hour, reverting lo Standard Time and creating the other day of confusion over the Mine. Daylight H a v i n g Time became national policy in 1007.1 W I N S R U D E L AWARD j N K W YORK ( A l ' ) - The an-' iniiil J u l i u s Ittulcl Award lias been given to .lulin I/. DcMain, 2(1, who prt'.scnlly is associale conductor ol Ihc Nli'l' 0|era Thcalcr. DcMiiin, \vhii is f r u m Youngs- lown, Ohio, w i l l be an apprcn- Ircc lo .Inlitis Kuclel, director of Hit: New York Cily Opera, in However, Hawaii, Arizona, .Michigan and Indiana have voled lo remain un Slandnrcl Time. Jn addition, p a i l s of Uliih, North Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Oregon and Texas have l«en exempted from Daylight .Saving l i m e by (lie U.S Department of Transportation', which administers Ihe Uniform Time Acl. all ,\.j"u jfmiuj .inuiLII UiiO ;for il was ils topicality. E a r l i e r in Ihe day (lie Af Hi iislron;n;ls splnslicd inlo Ihe I'acific in rlglil of Hit television l',^.,^' viewers. Tclevisitm lias rnatlc space travelers uf us a l l . The j j i t a l i l y uf I h c Icli'vision pic- lures coining live hy salcllilc anil covered by Ihc t h r e e nel- j w o r k s was i - x l r a n r d i n a i y . order to learn iiboul Ibe musical | nd arlistic direction of anj opera company. The award carries a $3,000 grant and I lie opera company i f . ; will pay him a salary. The '"" 1 I award f i r s t was won three years ;if!') hy Christopher Keene, now n regular member : [of Hie New York Cily Opera's Harvey Greenwood's A to Z Auction · F u r n i t u r e · Took · Miscellaneous Open Daily n tn S for consignment A l w n y H a Kood 15iiyinf{ Crowd Next Sale Jf: Saturday, April;; 29th '7:00 p.m.;: Harvey Greenwood '·'· A u c t i o n e e r 151 N. 11th Avt. 1 Blk. South ol River Bridge Onorato TV C- Appliance i . S A t - E S AND S E R V 1 C I MIL L I K E N . COLORADO · PHONE 58S-43S7 JIM ·: RAY · T A T A U T H O R I Z E D D E A L E H R C A Z E N I T H rmuco V / E S T I N G H O U S t M A Y T A G W H I R L P O O L SONY , H O O V E R C O R N I N H KITCHEN AID ,MH I-IIT iimi t r . l i l r i i r - F ( , r-lil, Thf A].rll_ roil in us y V\r" frr,. TV Trouble Ph. 352-2240 Days Nights and Sundays We Service Black and White and Color BankAmericard Welcome At Bill's TV Service 14279th St. Radio Dispatch Service ulet tout OnttotlaUan Gut eSfuelaCty If your TV's got double trouble Don't ruin your c-/;s rind your sol hy pull inrj off nrrr.'ded repairs riny longnr, f i iM fodciy. pr T t lot hn i- will handle p r o b l e m promplly rind of Ihe lowest cosl possible. Giv Our y o u r SYLVAN IA SALES SERVICE! oa IIRSCHFIEM SALES-·-SERVICELJ U f 7 1 8 I O I h S I . · , 352-2005" t

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