Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico on January 26, 1945 · Page 2
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Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico · Page 2

Las Cruces, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Friday, January 26, 1945
Page 2
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PAGE TWO las CraeeTSun-N«"ws Friday Afternoon JiBtury 26, 194! A. T. COX WHOLESALE A N D RETAIL JOBBER FOR SHELL PRODUCTS Gas -- Oil Shellubricalion 1196 West I'icadid Ave. Phone 7.'i:t LASGRUCES REVIEW PRESENTING EACH WEEK NEWS ABOUT LI VE f PROGRESSIVE FIRMS AND INDIVIDUALS DOMKSTIC HKLP TOPS LIST IN IWUNG DKAVT PHYSICAL EXAMS WASHINGTON', Jan. 20 among "nmrrpency" or part-time- unit th- unemployed, .. .-,.., ."t;vi' nervier aurvy showed «. or h'-r» ami lh; unemployuU. : «itty t l K i l ili.mestlr- hr-Ip t.ipprd I whprc M D per cent d-crc turned !"· l:«i of (Inm insurants r,J,.cl. ',,,,,,.,,. , n d , , , ,, ,, , f ,, rrnr , rs ,,,,,, I fit lor m i l i t a r y d u t y i!ft;. r physical \ f M . MI rnraiagcn '''l'":.'l : r - . T 1 l ..irl.rl. l ! u * l l l \vhr:ro . r )Q.4 A I the other end or the rantfe n- .s!iulent«. with only 25.7 per '·n' ill t h e i r n u m b e r turned dov.'n lit'c-ause nearly all are The HtlHly, complete.1, alKO t 'Vea:.J. over-nil rejeetion ralr.s I'JWem 1:1 the 1'aiiflr norDiv/esL a n - l K:IM.I:IS. while N o r t h and . L i t M i C m o i . n a and A r k a n - f i . s led i t ; "' lower ;if;e h i n e k e t f i . he l i t u t i s in I h e p e r t c n l n K " " men I o "'B"i' hod the lowest releetin- !:yt|nalirie(! i r n t e in the country--24.4 per cent. M i h o u i ' l i Hi- H f i t i - l j v - H t a t f 'iq-! p ' il "' li "t' "ft v're Kansas. 2:i.4 l - H i d i' ' r - l e . t ' o o t ' ' '"'' r l ' n l ; Utal1 ' 2(I ' 1: Washington. J ' ' ' ' · ' L ' R ' A and Idaho, 29.3. A stalo-hy-Btate hrealtdown of r e V e t i o n l a t - B per ]00 registrants ·:· I h e p- rod Frbruary through Ail[;i"U 1W.1. w i t h the "white" e'srs rieatlnn ine.uding all raec? except nefjro .anrl tile luigro ra' ii.ilalmlaled in H t n t e s where their n - C i H l r a t i o i i total.-; les.s t h a n O..'l per e - n t of the total, included: Total White Negro N i w Mexico 40.1 :if).!) Texas , 42.11 :i!l.4 57.8 ' b n ; : i r v t h r o u g h A u g u s t HH:i. Hi · p r . i t ir u \vhole is Ji 2(1 ji-r cent u i p l t\K '· re;iojln on n i ' i r e t h a n W)0. ODU M ' ^ i . s l r a n l K v.:uii.iicd o:n A p r i l MM2 l - J a m n r y J f t 4 4 . I t di.ieKs'-n t h a t d u r i N g l l i a t p.-t- 'i 'i'.n' pi r i i-jil ul su h v.nrluTH i household .-,,,,[(·, r h l i l i M ' - l i r . i ami i l l - I s u ' l - i c l o u r i ' l t o In- p h Y H i c a l l y M | i i ; i l ! l l ' ' l ( o r I h t - a n i i " . [ .4'TV;r*'H. K ' - j e c l i r i n f i wen- 11' X! highest- M I L L E R ' S A U T O A I D Complete Automotive Repair and Machine Shop CHARLIE MILLER 338 Norlh Main f BEN FRANKLIN The Store of Friendly Service I EDITH and LOUIE BURESH 110 North Main '.MPOHTKU LIQUORS WINES and BEER LAS CRUCES LIQUOR STORE TMPORTKn W I N K 13.50 si/r I n r $2.HS MB S. M i i i n I'hriiu- Ifill F A R M S -- Any Sire CATTLE RANCHES HOUSES - APARTMENTS Large Assortment good B U I L D I N G SITES G. R. Quesenberry 117 f l r l K K K rimnc !/ ALLIS-CHALMERS TRACTORS AND Farm Machinery -- CMC Trucks Equipment Supply Co. 452 SOUTH ALAMEDA PHONE 168 DELUXE BEAUTY SHOP PERMANENT WAVE It's ihe van you've dmavftJ about--* Ixiutiful, kiting p«* tnuient given iuf/wtJ tnj heat. liStCA cmpUiyi no nuclune, n« wutt, no p*d\ f»o elfctridtT, You'll welcome in cootneti) yi^i'U IOVT in lovtlintM, youH eojwy iti com foil. WK»i*i more, ESKA U iticcrtiful wiih «£( trpei of ludr. 224 West Hndlcy Ave. Phono 396 ROMNEY MOTOR COMPANY DOIXiE 1111,1 PLYMOUTH Salt's and Service ·101 S. Aliimrdu St.' 'lYli'plione 2-14 VALLEY BUS DEPOT and I n d i a n Curios and Jewelry Ruf!s. Tics, :i:t:i R. Main Pluinu 774 For Your Hoallh'i Sakol O'DELL Hoi Springs Hotel K a d m m Springs, N. M. H Mt'.e.s .NVrUi ot t'nu'es lln.i iiinl 7'nilil .Irieieo r.i Itnlri riiuiie ssi-ja for «|i|ininliirnl NELSON'S FUNERAL HOME I I Yc.'irs Dopemltthlr and Covirlt'inis Si'rvire 4111 South Main St. Phone 166 Hotel Expands at Radium Springs Knmrd »nio(if( UK; Indians for ts prrat rural!vc powprs. t h e hub- i l i n R . hcnlUi Rfivlnff u-ati.-ra at lia- iliimi Springs - have curried on through the HffCB to f i l l the net'd f modern (.'ivllizalioi]. P d j m l n r i t y of the ln-alth rcworl ;rows (iicl) yeiir df-splti-' the faol t nuvor has b*'i-ii exploited and c)c- .·'·lopi'd t f i the f j :;lnnt nf tnany °T tln v iinlion's fumed mineral .spring Di'ls posBihly not having the in- In'1'ont worth of Ihlf) hlfltorlo place l. r inlh'H north of Ln.s The upot however, offers com- f o r t a M c q u a r l e t s . hnllihoiiHes nni] t u n i i n g pool throuRh the fncili- ; of O'Dcll Hotel. I r i g l i i n l l y railed Ijii Posada, the. hotel r t r i - n l l y has horn piii'chfi.scd liy Mrs. Murlft O'Ue.11 and her two IOMH. f!ny ami Roy, who uleo opcr- u l e apitrlment.i and baths at Hot Sprint;}i f u r ' J u r iiortli in the slalo The liolitl, lifithluiuse and swim- nung pool have lu-en renamed under Mrs. C)'Dell's ownership and many imprnvemenla have hecn Completed. Other devt'lopnicnt woMt Is cunt cm plat H! HK Radium Springs lakes on ndded importance through the proposal lo (-reel n veteran h o s p i t a l there nnd as the movement to have famous old l-'ort Keldcn derlared rt National s'hrine ^nlr.fl headway. ilvutu Oargct Ciniiiaiit u|plieutinn ut hot, wci |i;icKa is iHie of the best trt-nlnients HEWANTSARMYPLANERIDE.TOO GALLUP YOUTH 'CONTACTED GERMANS; 9 THEY DlDNW LIKE IT Plenty of Mobile;: Freezone 1 We specialize in Washing and Greasing FAEIS MAGNOLIA Super-Service 302 N. Alameda Phone 115 .Tr-e J. Murray, "litUe chief" of the Dallas Bonehead club, con- KralulatcH 6-ypar-old Siegfried a f t e r the St.. Bernard was promised nn airlines reservation to Washington. The Boneheaters seized on the flight of Col. Elliott Roosevelt's dog to the west coast as oppor- t u n i t y for u joke and attempted to send Siegfried, 130-pound, to President Roosevelt by air. Tin? cit-rfc s m i l i n g l y didn't promise a date for the reservation. (AP Wirephotoj. I ALBUQUERQUE, Jan. 26--(/P , : ''Contact IhC Germans and bring j jack this information," the captain told S/Sgt. L-?o Upshav, who visH- i c-d here en route to his Gallup home j on "urlough. j Upshaw, former student at Al- I buqtierque Indian School, had come | ashore with thb invasion forces in i N'ormandy a f6w weeks earlier and has just recovered from a shrapnel wound in his leg. Upshaw contacted the Germans all right, but he discovered that he had contacted too many. In fact, there were Germans all around him and they began shooting at him. There was nothing else to do but t,o shoot back as fast as he could. So Upshaw kept busy trying, to vhoot rtiore of the Germans than they did of him; He did that and got out alivs, although a German bullet caught iim in thft right leg. That's how he got the silver star for gallantry in action. it was the second citation fbr Upshaw, who had previously been awarded the'bronze rslai- for contracting the enemy and bringing back information, then an oak STARVATION RAVAGES FILIPINOS IN MANILA, REFUGEES REPORT By KirttSKLl, 1SK1NES, B A M R A N . Luzon Island, P. 1.. J a n . 20 (/Pi Refugees from manila reported today hundreds of Filipinos art: dying of starvation d a i l y in tho Philippines where m a n y emaciated bodies can b* flecn lying in the shabby, u t i kept streets. Slork'.H of .starvation w i t h i n t h r city and the Santo Tomaa internment camp, where 1 A - as held f'"' nearly two years, v/ero brought through A m e r i c a n lines by both '·"ilipinos a ml neutrals who lei't M a n i l a in ri-ivnl -vecks. All said the Japanese strip] 1 'd Manila of foodstuffs before nmv- in their major forces nortInvert! and st-wred all communication bet w e r n the capital end o u t t y i i u : di.s- ',1'ictn. iifvernnee of ronnm;nii'atior.^ i t self u'fmld be sufficient to produce, dire distress in Manila. It produces virtually no fond. Residents are lie pendant on outlying farms, It is impossible to verify the storlop but there ia sufficient evidence to indcate t h e s i t u a t i o n is black. Nearly all a v a i l a b l e canned poocts were exhausted luring We Feature a Complete Line ol TEXACO PRODUCTS and service FIRESTONE Tires, Tubes and Accessories R A Y ' S P A R K Texaco Service Station MESILLA ?ARK PHONE 493-J2 i th" first year of occupation. There' n i ' t e r internees and Filipinos were dependent on local products, which have long been deteriorating both ! in quantity and quality. ! Refugees said Ihe. Japanese are [ w t i l l .supporting the Santo Tomas camp by cash payments of their limiting press money. This invasion paper is becomnig increasingly worthless. Inflation is ramp- si nt. j Outsiders arc permitted to dc- I liver ore package weekly to thc ' rr.inp in contrast to daily delivcr- i TS iii 1913. But thc outsider. 1 : I themselves are so short of food j they are unable to spare much for ' their interned friends who dined on one meal daily prepared by the c a m p kitchens. Several thousand Americans and British were still in Santo Tomas when reporting travelers last visited Manila. In 1943 the camp held .'1.900. Eight hundred men were In Los Ganos and 400 others were interned at Baguio. Internees waved to American j airmen when they swept over the , camp recently. The "Hcnviside Layer" m the (.·firth's Htniosphm- was named for Oliver Hcavisidc', the English scientist who formulate:! the hypothesis of such a l a j e i iu n:i atmospheric necessity to account for "ra dlo bounce." or the rebounding ol radio waves back to earth. leaf cluster for a similar mission, j Both were one-man patrols. ' Upshaw was on the Siegfried line in Germany on Dec. 7 wiien he was informed that he had been | selected to go home on a 90-day furlough. Valley Insurance Agency (\nnjtli-tr /tulindticc Ncrt'irp L. E. FHEUDENTHAL D A N C E AT THE GATEWAY GARDENS OPEN KVERY NITE J. B. HITTER Wholesale Distributor for Doi\a Ana County Wliso. ill Mosilla Park F L O W E R S for all oivasions Early Plans to Step Out as Roosevelt Aide By DOUGLAS B. CORNELL WASHINGTON, Jan. 26--UP)-The white house is coaching Jonathan Danieis, former editor and author, as a successor to Presidential Secretary Stephen Early. If the change is made, Daniels will handle President Roosevelt's press relations and Early will step out into private .employment. Daniels now is one of five administrative assistants to the chief oxerutivc--those aides whose main ^nullification is supposed to be "a passion for anonymity." Before coming to the white house, he was isstatant director of civilian de:"e Early has been ask-ed, and has agreed, to go to Supreme Allied Headquarters in Europe to look over press relations (.here. He expects to be gone for weeks. During life absence. Daniels will answer queries and issue statements for the press. Early hopes things will go so smoothly that Daniels can keep right on after the European mission ends. Early is not keeping It secret that he would like to give up the $10,000-a-year job as presidential secretary and take one or more of several private offers that would pay considerably more. Whether he will, however, will be determined by the president rather than by Early. He is the last of the secretariat that came into office with the president on March 4, 1033. And if Mr. Roosevelt tells him his experience, ability nud loyalty still are needed at the white house, Early will stay on. Bring Your Family and Freinds for a Clean, Cheerful Meal Open 5:30 a. m. -- Close 12 p. m THE CLUB CAFE 216 Soulh Main Phone 159 Farmers Urged To Order , Machinery Now Some farm machinery is commencing to move in for customer distribution and indications are that more will arrive before long, Equipment Supply Co., 452 South Alameda avenue, reported today. But everything still is scarce. The firm. nn c tven alvieed that a number of CMC trucls, ordered long ago, are coming for late winter or early spring delivery and the quota of Allis-Cha!m-?rs tractors is expected to materialize he- fore long. It is urged that those contemplating purchase of these larger items of farm machinery get their orders in as they are being filled on a basis of order priority. The company has a fair stock of smaller farm machinery such as levelers and is expecting additions Boon. Service, departments are busy putting machinery into shape for the coming planting season. HlflTT'S Second Hand FURNITURE We Buy,, Sell or Trade for Anything We have a piano, bassinette and baby walker for sale. 130 N. Main · Phone 646 »HOM 111 l»l MIN J. A. IKARD SAMNEWSOM IKARD NEWSOM Dislributors of BUTANE GAS and APPLIANCES V* Mile Wesl ol Las Cruces on Highway 80 Box ? 09 Phone 48S-J2 Serving Hoi Springs, Hatch, Hillsboro, Doming and Anthony, N. M. CONE AND GET YOUR CALENDARS! Our x'.O'.'k of calendars has arrived -Come in and ^( yours at once! FARMERS MARKET and SUPPLY CO COAL -- FEEDS -- SEEDS -- FARMERS' SUPPLIES Phon» 333 On lh» Railroad Tr«cki Holmes Drug MESILLA PARK FOUNTAIN SERVICE DRUG SUNDRIES SCHOOL, SUPPLIES LICEN6ED PHARMACIST IN CHARGE RIO GRANDE MUSIC AND SALES COMPANY Phone 460 Las Graces. N. M. QUALITY CLEANING -- FRIENDLY SERVICE '· QUICK SERVICE CLEANERS ORVILLE PARTEN ^ 131 NORTH WATER ST p'HONE 402 CHARLES U. STEPHENS DISTRIBUTOR of PHILLIPS PRODUCTS Phones 752-J; 644-W Las Cruces, N. M. fesassr?*^ C O R R A L 6 6 C O U R T C H U C K W A G O N NEWEST AND FINEST IN THE SOUTHWEST Phone 551 Main Street -- Highways 70-80-85 Make Ready for Easy Winter Starting! Call our mechanical department j f and have your car tuned up for " the winter months. NESILLA MOTOR CO. CHIROPRACTIC (or HEALTH F. IF. POLLARD, D. C. Palmer Graduate Chiropractor Phone 70; First Door North Postoffice M c C A R T Y D A I R Y Hohlcin Health Milk HERD ACCREDITED IT. F, PUIMPIIREY, Disiribulor Wholesale and Retail Delivery Phones 585-R2 and 487-J1 . . .

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