Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico on June 20, 1951 · Page 4
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Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico · Page 4

Las Cruces, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 20, 1951
Page 4
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LASiCXUCZl (M. M.) t nisi-. 'News Founded In 1881; publlahcd^daJly, except Saturday--weekday after noons i«pl Sunday mornings--by the'Sunshine Press, Inc., at 241 N Water St, Las Crucos, N. M, Entered at La« Crucos po«to«ice as cccond-class, matter. ..' ; . Stanley Gallup, Advertising Manager Orvllle E. Priestley, Editor and Publisher National Advertising - Representative: Inland Newspaper Representa tlve»;_-Ine.', ·Chloago/'Mew York, St. Louis, Kansas City, Omaha, At lanti. Member of the Associated Press. The Associated Press it en llllcd excluslvely'to the use for rcpubllcatlon of all local new« print ed Iri-'ihls newspaper,' as well as all AP news dispatches. . ' : ' ' "' .' ... TELEPHONE 33 .This 1 newspaper Is a member of tho AuJlt Bureau of Circulations, .Ask. for a copy of our latest A. B. C. Report giving audited -facts and figures about 'our circulation. A.B.CJ--- Audit Bureau of Circulation* FACTS ai a moa«ur» of Advertising Valu« S:. By .carrier In Lag Graces and surburban * r "!f ?,9!-!." !r , w !! 0 K " r 75c per month; by motor route deliver;' in Dona .Ana county, J8.SO pcr.yearW 85c per month, ny mall in New Mexico T5.f. per month or $7.60 per year. Outside of State 85c pel month or $8.!iO pur yeir. Mail subscriptions arc payable In advance Don'lJJse Their Money ;;;Don't'expect to use Die money of Ihe f e l l o w you owe cnify.On:ypuMJW;i business or lo provide for yourself certain pleasures,and;luxuries which you couldn'l afford if you paid yflllI*. blJI/J,-. : ,-,;:, /.i.'..... ... , , ^ B u t ' t h e r c r u r c ' i n d i v l d u a l s ' w h o go i n t o apparently w i t h loo liltle.working funds or cash and apparently' at- lempfto cany 'fni. A n d il is perhaps possible Ihey could do (xrfetly-lhat i f ' a n d providing they would use a l i l t l e belter j u d g m c n l in spending'-lhis money. They don'l do Ihis.'. They contract, debts which perhaps they should nol havVconlhiclttl mid then apparently expect lo rldiTulong lining Die money which Ihey owe lo carry Ihem along in business. : Tills is dune i n ' t h i s ' c o m m u n i t y and in many other communities. Il, of-course, iiai'l right. The i n d i v i d u a l who has I'.rined us credit' has done BO lor a Hi f i n i t e period of lime. They h a v u done so f u l l y expecting lo receive p a y m e n t at Die (.·ml of this period of lime. 1 1 They also have pul out their cash lor merchandise, if we bought merchandise or for work if we I m v b purchased.labor; 1 -..The business they have enjoyed by e x t e n d i n g ereclil 1ms no valiio'aJi'tl definitely is no good to (hem unless Ihey receive p a y m e n t it is only Ihe business for which we receive payment whf-iher II is our time and t a l e n t we sell or whether it is iniTcliamli.w or .service which is profitable to us. If we do mil receive iiaymwil il lias cost us and been a loss to us. Credit, of course, i:; far more l i m i t e d loday Ihan il was a few years ago. .And il is going to become even more limited in llic m o n t h s and ihe year;; ahead because we as Indi- v i d u a l s have abused our credit, delayed or refused lo pay and lm " c " tud Uml A m e r i c a - w o u l d , re"proceeded lo ride along. I n d e f i n i t e l y using money which we '' . "I!° t " xr Ms aolomn '*''"· .... ,.,i ,. , ... ". . . · . b '"""-.? wi, menL.^. That one sentence would have prevented the conquest 6f all HOW'LONG CAN HE IGNORE IP- flurley Charges IConUnued from palje one)' flll'B Etateinpnl, In a State Depart nent HMfl White Paper on China, lal at the time of the Yalta greement It was fenrc-d IJiat an ssault on Japan 1 /; homf. islands Diild cost up lo ,onn · million incrlcnn citsuflltlo.s. Mcinil Fciir" "The fear exjjresscd hy ;Becre. ry Acliewon In iny opinlon''dlil not nxlsl," wild Hurley, "butJJi ( HccrclHry expressed both moral and physical four". At the time of Yalta., he said, America was In a position "lo spcnlt the only l ! the Com- munisLi understand, the language of power. The President of Ule United Klnles at Yalta was in command of the grenlesl Ihnd, navy and air force ever ;m.Hemb!ed on wirth." Hurley continued: ., "One (|Ulet sentence to Marshal Stalin In that language could have lo others lo carry us along in our business or in permit- tun! us to 'keep up or even ahead of the Jones'. We emild all pay something on our accounts If we would only do so. If we m a k e o n l y token payments we have shown good l a i l h and t o k e n , p a y m e n t s In time w i l l pay Ihe account we owe. Tlie wise i n d i v i d u a l , of.course, doesn't request or occcpl eredjt If they are nol able lo nay or are not going lo be able to pay when Ihe accounl becomes due. But if we are nol wise em'Hijjh' lo diV l l f a l a'hd'do b\iy on credit then we should appreciate dirr 'credit -to the point w h e r e we w i l l make the Jiiftxvssary sacrifice lo pay t h a i account even in small pav- - · · Hbld Thai Line? ·· There v.-as a great many conimonl.s during World War II coucernini; "hold t h a i line" with p a r t i c u l a r reference lo prices. t The message nf "hold thai line" was talked many times and m a n y e f f o r t s were honestly and sincerely made by many btisine.w flrins. concerns and. i n d i v i d u a l s . Knl lowing the war Ihrre was a lei down and llic prices slarted sky-rocketing. They have been c l i m b i n g upward ever since. M a n y are wondering w h e t h e r there is a stopping place. Others are convinced t h a t sooner or later Ihe b o t t o m ' w i l f d r o p out and are sure thai "all t h a i goes up m u s t come down". W h e t h e r we w i l l ever know what Is normal--or al least w h a t we refer lo as n o r m a l -- a g a i n remains lo be seen. M a n y are sure t h a i this w i l l nol prove lo be the case. Many arc c e r t a i n t h e new levels on wages and cost of merchandise and MTvicc Is here lo slay and i f i t . m o v e s any direction it will r i m i i n u o t o b e u p . . . . . . Most of us k n o w t h a i Ihe only direction there has been a n y movement for some y e n r s i w o w lias been.up.'. Many are now a n n o u n c i n g price increases. 'They j u s t a n n o u n c e there Is a new price and n o t h i n g is to bo done'about it. Others just don't bolhcr In a n n o u n c e il and when you go down to buy something,you i i n d . o u l the price has gone up, Others undcr'coutrol of various stale or federal agencie. make applications and seek now prices while others honesll and sincerely s l i l l ' s e e n i to t h i n k they can hold the line. Some businesses, of course,-occupy a more favorable po .sitimi when tlie price increases come.' They merely mark u| t h e i r merchandise in keeping w i t h the increased prices thc\ h a v e to pay. Others o f f e r i n g service on a set schedule encounter mor ( r o u b l e in Irying'lo raise their prices and it is necessary Ihcj make Ihe announcement and along come Ihe protests lone and long. ·:. · . Others seek and endeavor to ride along, absorbing (he in creases and t a k i n g t h e m as best t h e y can because perhap: they only have one or two sources from which they rcceivi income and it is necessary they announce any changes or in creases in paces.before Ihey p u l ' t h e m into effect. Organized labor, of course, continues to clamor for mor iiiontfy and more wages. And they usually f i g h t Ihrouuh ^V#n if a strike is necessary lo secure il. i , 1 . , O t h e r workers not organized and perhaps working fo; .those.concerns or inaybe for t h e - p u b l i c have lo go along 01 rthelr present wages becauso no more money 'is available ii Jiay them unless ihe taxpayer* provide il or'because Ihe con toern far whtim they work have other increased costs 'but no inc,rcas( l (| 1 ,'iJ8) i nlri'gfc''.''!':-''.'' ; v 1 '·'- ,'.;', Butwe'iiitist face the fact t h a i if Ihe producers ami the mniHifatturers,hnvc - t(i x ^ay more lo get a product made or lo i-eiujcr a .service.*e are going to have to pay more for Hint firottuct or thai jjcxylco. 'Organized labor, In demanding more y'ag«,V is collectlng-.-llKifo-wages from those who purchase {he product or thii'KcrvI'ce'thcy produce--and this can Include thbrnsyUvs. , , ,, . , ' · ' ·;'.";'vJ[!rH plityic, otcoili-s'd, .would be very much Interested in the,'IlOld lhu'liiie'--thatjs,,lhey nre interested if it Is nol on lljelr,\yagesj}r.,t()eji; pay pjid on tho producl Ihey are producing. In tlieCe inslimces they want top wages nnd lop-prices but |)n;y..)yaril to'buy,both.workers and tho products they i)ocil.«V:tiw''-"li 0 ' ( ' " 1C ll"c" prices. ' .'.- wo-jire liearing considerable now'aboul increased charges on manw'hings, telephone rales, freight rales, foods, clothing, automobiles anil, other items: The chances are the prices and llieso costs will continue to climb just as long as the de- mantl exlsts-irid we-rmve tho money with .which to pay, i the Balkan slates, the conquest of Poland and tin: conquest of China. Tile sentence, wan not forthcoming;. "On Ule conti-ary,. your dlplo- mata Hud mini! surrendered In. secret every principle for' which wo said we-were fighting-; They, talk- about Stalin breaking his agreements, Kuntlornen. -He never' hud lo hreiik line. Wo-cowardly surrendered to him l!Vnrytliln|f t h a t he had sinned and we did It in Rec- rol." ' . ' · ' . ' . ·'.,- Friendly Card. Gaiw Ends In. Strip' K A N K A .Cl'IT, Jim A friendly card game iitri]) teamrlor 17 men at thc.HlH'- nrost Count ry club early.'today. .' ·J'"our masked hiuidlls,' iirniud w i t h a uawed-orr shotgun and plstolH, KarprlHed Ihti 17-.curd play- iira anil I'led with nn cnllnnited $10,000 In cash and Jewelry, The Kherlll's uffli-o rtpo'rtoA the ItandltM forced llielr victims to 'slilp, tied them und left, them linked in a .shuu'ur rgolil. Union-Officialf ToVisitStrike: Senators Find-Raqket In r.SeDii'ig.' Federal ,. ; Jobs In'Mississippi , WASHINGTON, June 20 ijfl -A 'Senate --subcommittee .reported today It had .found a' "vleioittj job- pelllng .racket" .involving fetleril government positions In' Mlmlssip- Pi. OPINION- D«ar: Mr.'Editor;-.'/ ·' | Isjt true that the hoBpiUl has ^between . JM.OO*. W ' and·' »30,000.X of wn'collecte'd. aooouhU'ifdf^ ser- vlcet, rendered to Jnmates?: . ; If. so 'how do««;thiii'tappin"ln 11 attributed'the "deplorable sit-1 view ° C "«'4«'ern«ntil carried In CITY, N..M., Ufl --· Two International officers of the Mine, Mill . and Smelter Workers Union will fpllow-'ilielr piotest-of state 'violence at the struck zinc mine with im on-the- spot check. .. ' :· W.-E.. Travis, 1 se ami vice president .Orvllle Larson have left Denver en j-oute. to El Paso, Tex. They pla to visit tile union local there., then visit other locals In Arizona and .New Mexico, Their protest, .telegraphed from Denver tu Oov. Edwin L. Mochem and Dlst. Ally. Tom Foy, brought 11 firm denial from Mechcin . l h a t .state police ever hail used .force and violence against Ihe ^trlkjng iicrs'. Two other hlgti union- officers Joined Travis anil Laiioii in, the protest. ;,. , . ) - ':··' ·;. : ' ;; ):. '. They contended the^'nlno-nion'tn- ihl strike by-local 8ftO "Was', per- cdlly peaceful Vmtll'. tlw! company, lind the state''of New Mexico. be r jan a ciimpoign' oi' force ami vlo- ence agulnst Ihe sti-tkci-H Jlost: who silppoi-U'd'tliefii."... .' . From llic stale capital' In Santa Fe. Mcehein ivplliKl:'; ' , "Slulo police went to the Han- i'er-£illver city -urea only after' there wero reports of. impel trouble. They.most certainly-'-il not.'jro as' stHkft breakers," uatlon" to the'action of tlie Democratic national -committee vfhlch, the group deelaied, !'saw fit · to rivoke political reprisal*"'on Mississippi Democrats ' who 'bolted from President Truman In 1848 and supported the states ·rights ticket. . - . - · ' ; . The seven-man expenditures subcommittee headed by Senator Hoey (D-NC) spoke of a small group as having "corruptly extorleif. polltl: cal conti-ihutlons" from pe^Bons ·iecklng- pos'tal jobs,, but said the practice haH-ended. It said there was no evidence the national com- iilttee got any of this money. 1 licatcn Prisoner Js 'Much Improved' 'CLQVIS, June, Ifl Ufi '·-- The condition of Neil Blevinsj 32, Fort Siimner, was. reported : as '"much ijiliroved today," although he was i*-mi-(?dnscloun and In nn.cohdltioi il ho questioned by officers. lilevlns: wan found unconscious In the City of Cloyis jail Moiids; night .suffering- f r o m head wounds bleeding- at the nose and mouth, and having convulsions. . · Juveniles Held Here ·your paper..that'natlenlii. are 1 re qulred.toiput.up a/iJO^ei'? .- ' ' ' Yours Truly:'H, '^ v '-: :: John A,drlan ". : '. ·' Edjtors Note. -^ it IB our im dcrs'tandlng- the hospital has many unexpected accounts that umoun'ts to 'over 122,0*0. It : Is. a ' simple mailer to'; have large u'ncollectfd accounts''even when a tM admit lance . fee is, paid) 1 This ; only Amounts to perhaps 20-. to 46 .per cent of what; an.'. actual hos'plta bill will amount to In',the case, ol major surgery.' -It r :cah» represent even a smaller p*r cent or ihe tola! bllt'ln the event · of. a/:.serlous; 111 ness and. a .patient- beinjp'required to . remain In · the hospital, for, a long.. period . of . time. .Where the slay In the hospital.l«-short and little attention-is could cover -the- bill .but' Ule -average hospital bill is always considerable more' than J60.' ·GUINEA PIG' BOMBER,AND CREW :.. .:-?;·'. V-:'.V'»C. i ,'a^Msi*k'iB!.»Sj ^ C a r , . I'VoiM-.Californian Three . juvenHes were arrested here/1'ii.icday night liy city/officer CIulMi Guzman after an alunn.was anrehil for them by. Dcmlng author- .Itlcs. . ·' .;' " _ . · ' ; · The I'hree youths, 1G, 16, and 17, were em-olite east from California In a : car taken there without the owncr.',s consent. On reaching bemlng, thej'' : filled the c a r . with gas. t h e n - f l e d froin llie '.Htatipn .without' paying. The attendant .notified stale officers, who. broadcast n description of Utu'-car. 1 ' , , · ( ...'. ;: ; 'i'-;"-' ·. -,Officer Cliizinan ihttde liVe.arrest' in'.* ±a$' Criices rilreit:'.about- t |i. iti,; tlfey were reiiiriitu./tb Ueiiii War Meanings (Continued from Paje One) ; (Election year, Republican.) ! ". . Jorced. by incleiiieht Weather lo find a secoridary' target. . ." · -They chased'us offand'we'b'omb- ed the ocean again.) · ' , .. , . ". . .Courageous, charge 'in ithf face , of bitter - . enemy resistance-. . ." .(We're 'advancing,) ". .. ..Suicide attack, by, .crazed Oriental fanatic's .' .'."'(.They're ad-. varicing.) . - , . : ·'.. - .- . .". . . - ..SjioHesman ..descrlbfed the results as .'satisfactory' and j said. . . " ; f W e missed again.) '" · ' ' " . . . - Captured- two major rail towns in .a lightning assault . . ." (Ve .took .two' towns.) . . , / · . , , !'· '.. '.WHhUrew. from two minor-'] ; · - · " ' - - . . .- i viliagiis,' in order.' 1 . :"' (They .took ' TYAi'D ~C\ T* TJ V : themback.h : . . ; ; . '·;. v .'" .--i ;.J-/ : U ! iv U 1 il i · ' C«W Of WbUlD'S PASTES! !OMB|t, the'Boeing X'B-47 stratbjrt which participated In the atomic weapons tests, at Erilwetok. ot'oll ' I n the Hacinc, stands beneath the high'nose of tlie six jet GOO mph, Sttrpt wing craff. Prom l e f t : MaJ. P.obeit W Hollidaj pilot dining Uu tests: 'Eugene Marph,. Eervine engineei MaJ 'jurats E Bluer Bon l)Cl and crew were exposed lo vorylpj-iegrees of blast and heat during I lie tests, "successful In every respect," -- -' llHterr-nHotiulStaimlpluitol . . . ''. . '.Cra'tlslav diiepfqvak' fitalin kik. ..:'." (Ruft-likeV heii,. rnen,.th3J Russiins-have takeh-bver.Uie r.;d;c atloii:)-.' .'.·-.;- ; . |W .' : -..,.-; ;',j ·-.". '' "'. -P.- S.'The.tonjUk-ip.cMeeH: aUthoh --·,.thl,.lsi'^e(rU»t:,he .iiiltl · lil.t ' ! ' ' Iha.l '·'.'"' iGreiedy'MbfKer.- -.'-'.";'/' : ' '·'"'--:':"· i'- -'·''' ·'·" ·-" ' "· '"·: ; i'-'S/ie'ijJKeep.'G/r/'Sing/e.:." i ' " .-.' - . ' ·''·(ForlHe£P l ajf.£fire/ope ·' ;::'V -, 20. Wl -ended in a Now-Killing Allows'' is 'Alice' First Drjii'i PJiysioal -Men who IIHVU hud their prc- Inducllon physical ' examination may now enlist In the ''Army or Federal Agent . (Cqnllhiicdjfrbm.pase one) i SnilUi' Acl.'. The. !'ili]il : elne. Court upheld the eonslltutionaillyJof ibis law. 'Providing punish menli'foi; violent plotting, whvn : it nfflrnKii'the conviction. ,of ; the' lop : It. T.hii jr'i-oup rauejviKJI . prison jscnlynfe up to five years and i-arii was fiiv «l 510,000'. . J . ' ·' . ·';!..; \.t.; ; 1 AUolTO.y; ^GcnbVilt.'^ti-Crtth, ; In a. sla.temciji^^iDda.yv-''. : B^juf§d ' : his allies In the FBI and''tjve Department's crimlnii- il'ivislbn tor thrtr ublllty to tttl ' ("promptiy" against llic paity'.'i.'ulteniatc Icnil- ·Hlilp. . . :. ,,. , Air Knirujprioi'ho receiv'lri),'" ! thi;ir tndllctlbir ordel-s,-ac'c6rdlng to in' fiirmatlon rsi-ulve'd id the ·Snii^ ami Air FIII-C.C i-ccnillinK.stutioii here.' . ' . ' . ' ' ,' ''' Men of draft age can 'enl'lst In tho Army for 1!1 'inbnUuf: .\iinhnum enllstnienl. porlod .iii''thii p'orce Is four year. 1 !.. - , . . D A I L Y C R O S S W O R D A;itOiS 1X)\VN 17. Miwio l.Oh-iololo l.Tftmous . charncter . coin (Jap.) pinite IS. Covering of G.Typc 2. Mi-taUlc raise Jiair munaurca rocks- 20. Anu'rican 0. HlRli-se^s 3. Stripe Indian robber ·(. Close to 21. Dcv(cu to 10. A valley 5. English measure la. Hlvcr (Clcr.) a U n i l r n l . illstnnce l.'I. Om- who 0. Old Norse travelled llvi-a In u work. . 22. Romim ' , rented room 7. A (lowering- stnlcsmtin 35. Public tree 33. Expression S.'SU-d drivers of contempt y, A genus of · (var.) uicad9w 25. String praises · 2T. Sinall frog 11, Bitter: yctch l^.Wine . " BDCU tlDDQCl HUH QdDQtlUQ nrauno raSrsu T^.-iyr ·'; 111,.'Swifty 6;Brign,"Oie gcnllVinan;.tout|' has !the ; ' ';..sun-SHrinkle'il. disposltlon\ I 6f.''.a.^y6y r:i .si:outi 1 {but.. '· usually, he goes "along.'onran eVen..'keei !; .wilhtfut - M.I Htlmtr ?·?% asked htm'.whUre it hurt. .' -. \", ·:,'·'-.-.·:'..,:·'·',''··#·!· i '' '-.' ri;* · -.:'No one 'eVer accused .me 1 of-'peing ,ii srfeb',', 1 te' uVj said,-almost defensively, "but t. hjiist; say there'la · - a pretty-motley crew of newcohiers"along the'big drag- these days."'.- . · . ' · · - · . - ' ! ···-.? '';.../ ' ,V ' .."Since when'lias the, 'population of . Broadway- been ^anything !w'"motley;?.' 1 ' I inquired* pqlltrly.' Ile.snorted! ' · ' . . - . . ' ; . : .·: ""i .'·' *'':' :i ' · \ .VI see yoll.ain't been'down to 52nd street and thc : 'ittm'. lately·!' he . · aid, "or you wouldn't be'so lifted'-pinky'about ; the'rcguVar'cusiomera ; here:· Somebody left the gates,open above Hth.stieel. und howUve got half- of-prcenwlcli Villagu up here, complete with" the velvet coats and beards." . ': . '. ' ' ·' ' -. ... ., . - -, - . '-.I-nskcd him to break lhat statement : down".!''-··!·'· ' .. ; 'VHand-palntcd ties/' he said.· makins a. face 1 that.seemed .out of place,, since'-.he wore' hand-paints himself, tliey .'belnV.'a' 1 mark of dls^' tlnctlbn along Broadway. ."Some-of-tiiese Village geniuses-Installed Ihcinaclvcs In the Broadway Arcade..arouhd',Clir1attn'iui-{lme,'.il(tlng In the-wlndow and. painting bare-faced women on neckties.- · - . "Chrlstniufi Is come and gone,". 1 said.-'checking'swiftly with my [locket calendar to make surel.'' -- - - ·' .. ., .- - . r . : .·'·';'iiom«,'.a'uji;Vaule^af.Bp)|t^.Vi^ : !toVe' ! .thlB'cirl)-dear. ,/'ate' to, jis.after''our'iiuir'rlageVU'-am'.-just about . .ready to;'aiid'.tiijj^.-iAT .j.V. '· ·· .V -. "- ;onough...'.to .cce what ,,-. '-, · .);..-.,';,'.'... tli.e^Ere'eiy.'laily-(s up,to^|;jiei j |'jia)iie Is Id' hrea'k »rf,your,,engigfeni(int,an,d nbt|:let;ber: dauEhter.-^larry'.you'or aay other.'man:;be.cause'-'slie.yfants the girl's . ' p ' ' ' ' ^ ' ' ' ' proache'j.-.'ahd'rOM'p/'sne. Will.-'at, last .'realize- 1 tiiat L'siie ''must .keep notices 10. Lands atlr- rounded by \\-atcr 17. Lump of earth.., . , 18. Old Dutch iuubr.) 10. Made of wool . 22. Muilo ' charaeUr 2.l'olntur .,' · · 23. Capital (BR.VPD . 20. .SImptrton (slant;) · . carbonate. 28. New Mexico (ilbbr.l 2». Air: romb. form . 110. Kevoked (lav) :1S. Cone of threMl 35. Itulcr of a . pruvlnctt (»nc. IVrala) 30. Diminish, QJI color .IV Maturm 3S. Amiirlcan Inventor 49! Pi)rt ot ; "la bt' 1 41, Man'* name lil. Hoim'oalc'r','30. ' 1 - · ' · 1 n s name · -.(·"· r · - ·31. Scottish.' · : Gaelic 32.1'ac-king box 3.1/Sniell .: 34. Enclo-si-re . , ; 36. : A sinBll pear. '.., ', : ,:«hape'd'fruit* '', 39.' 1 Perroirni I I 1 11 f ,."A hundred for a tie." I exclaimed In' righteous indignation. ''Who . : ots.these kind of prices?'.' ;': ..-, .: . .!.-''··',' : ., ' : V . "The guy.In charge Is a high-grade genius named'Mad'-Ifogi and.. that's what he..thinks .this particular-.n«cli-rope4la wirth,"' Swifty replied.'."Says the'tie:-\Vafl.done, by a guy named Chlcatl,'- \vho was 1 recognized-as'(he outstandlng'-abstractlonlst of last-yaar'. I'eiiess he nulls.tccih.on the.slde.'C,'. .: · . , - · / - ' - . * . ' · . ' ' . ·-·- ' .. .'VA'n'd.who buys most of'lhesc.tics?:' Unqulnd-dlKreetly.- ."Surely': not cosmopolitan''fouls-like yourself,-Swifty]:" · -' ".'*.. . · . ; f ,' :';·"! got'onc,";he sald.,bclllfi;rcntly. "but only for a goff.''it is'a paliit- I'ng of a pnrl-routucl llcket'I ,bought',on-Coaltolvn L a:fe\v years ago r\K4R:MlSSJDIX: · r have,been very' happily", married/ for severnl V-jears iiuii: baye .a' hcaltDy. r .family, nlc.e libmeV-i-nr-in fact, «Terythlng;.for co'utentment'. -1 felt like ...» very; lu'ck'y. p^son until i coliple .of.'months ago wheir;my..hllsband.asked for a divorce, say' ia't' lie wiiii 'ih^love -^ T illi;an'otlier\-v\-o'aiuti.'^T'h^is Va's'a terrific siiock to' tte; anil 1 I. askeil"him to. llilnk' it 'oTc'r,"ine'nntirae 'm-a'ylnE. for ·to ties, cither: they, have painted persona'l.jiote^ on : »car've«,.'h'c'artV l on - i)amts'..blouses and flowera pn-'mon's % i)iorts.'some',uy'wlUi'an'ow .convertible : eomml."'- 1 -'-'-' 1 "'-- lt - 1 -'.t-^- ··-'--'· · ·· - - -· . eludes lies \vlth wide -women on them'. ,, .-,-.,,! _.;. a very ... oml nctrcsiifs anihuit lhcm,.who,leive them .Wh(n't'he'y'ge,l a ' r Infe .the. boapls. : And pssscraby hive joined them.' There was a butrter .who. pfrjrcu 1 ln"»t Uicih.ona. night Vnd'became (ucliuCied'i by tlicnvaiul.-prelt)' »oon he-waii a re«ular-jiarl.tlmer-V«h t»iera,'!«i 1 ' - * .'·'iiUi'SlviUi;*'"' . askdl If there 1 \yere others like; that. ?\V«1|, Ihtra *«. · horai'pls'ycr who «i t / i . - ' . . - - . * ' In dne.'ni|lfl «nd:iixcd ! bably Just beei)"oiie ,at thn'se ililngs. t'liai happens';to."ineu, his' nei.'. My jiroblem is uaturully Voftil! l l k o ^ i - l i n o w . w ^ o ' t k j i ' w o m d i i Is'.aud Uioli'eli my.husbanq says ue.illdn't.''pr'dmlse. liei-.'not to' telj. .ors ticr'.Y-ltli .luini.lcain) ijt'tenlldiis. tiie. Uoc"sn;f;UeserrfV--"Wlion' her ]over evinces' h'is-.acelre 'to breakJ'yp'''-Ws« o'*n Uimi-raail-nmry her; alle .so'c. all noble', anil sen'ds-'him: uafkUq: hfcwife; f-. .,- , -' -'.. . ,TIUs;ls why I .advlSb jwlves'ot'iihlllndi;rljisitiuribda(;over n

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