Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on December 21, 1962 · Page 14
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 14

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Friday, December 21, 1962
Page 14
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:«14 GREELEY TRIBUNE Fridiy. D«e. 21, W2I JJints fr rom By HELOISE CRUSE AH corfei^dndencc pertaining to tht HcloiM column thoulr) be mailed directly to Heloiu King Featurel S)ndicit«, 235 E. 45th St. New York, 17, «.Y. Heloise; A friend of mine recently had a huge plumbing bill -because |lhe main disposal pipes in her house were' block W soft)' with from the washing machine. One of her friends suggested using an old nylon slocking slipped er^the drain hose so that just the tobf Vis hanging-free. The leg Ipart of the stocking was anchored by tying or "using" a ligTif'eliaic band, slipped over the end of the drain hose to secure it in place; I tried this myself and the results Vere 1 amariftg.-. In just four days a ball of lintj :-=^_ ^_^_± the size of my fist'had; 1 nulated in the foot of t h e j ing itself! This is truly the best hint I ave ever received' in'' my ears of housekeeping. Helen" H. Heloise: add the juice ' This not only takes"»way the Joo-sweet taste but bring* out 'the flavor of the berries. Bessie Poirot- Dear Gals: I do not have a shower to piiti It works! I just made a cherry my high chair in ... so . . . Intake it out in the yard awl »juirt a while with' ' the' garden 10M and this works beautifully. I make my own sour 'cream" by using double thVamdunf of dry milk. For example, instead of one- hlrd cup of dry- mflli' to"thfe£ ourths cup water, I use two- thirds cup dry" milk 1 and" three- Wirths cup of water, and add 1 ittk vinegar. After'I beat it well have perfect sour cream. For something different . . . hive you ever trie*' bakhij a tgular box cake in your angel- obd cake pan? I ; d H it" and it turned out beautifully. Lucky- ar Heloise: Would you please tell me -when to put your vinegar" in my laundry? Is it in the' wish 1 or the rinse water? KfTs. BVO:A: * * * I use it in the'lasVrinse'waler. ^ Heloise Dear Heloise: Do you ever put frozen vege"- tables such as peas-- tb^cot*'- arid worry that the peas in the center of the frozen lump won't get cioked without' overcooking the locce peas? Well, before opening the 1 pack tfce . . . whack it! Whack aH tour sides. Then, take 5 hold' o] the oposite end and -whack al four sides agate". I whack hard oh my kitchen 'counter: It you are wrecklessly violenl J*u Will' flna r( whefr"-yfltl'opi!h a ickage that each pea ; |J separate and ready to be cooked ' evenly nui Its fellows. C.M.B. * » · ' Dear Heloise: Here is a tip for pie bakers: H the tilling for your berry pie seems a little too s*»t or fla r WILD BIRD* SEED' ; AND FEEDERS · FRANK'S SEED ·. AND HA'TCHERY /709 10th St . 35Z-1095- lie. And incidentally while -we're'Od the subject of cherry piesT I would like to bring to your alien- 1 tion the fact that!' fend" coloring can alwayi be added to cherries 1 when baklhg"pies. : I added a few- drops of '"red j coloring into my - thickening- It ] made it just look like the pro- essionais! Now/don't Ml me that old psychology 'doesn't work. 1 " My cmily ate this one with relish Heloise- f ,. * * ' · " \ )e,ir Heloue: To keep those little, yellow squashes from' 1 getting' lirrip after a day or two, I wash' them' and »p them into a plastic bag,' fold M he end 'over;' and 'fasten' it. And g hey keep at le«t two -weeHs'- In T he vegetable drawer of my-re^n rigerator. q C " 1 D * T b' bocial Briefs » n SuhsS!iie : Group 1 of' the' First iaptist Church had its Christmas larty at the 'home of Anhetta dorris Monday; Eva Connells and Cdith Annette were assisting"hos- esses. There'wefe '45' Christmas rees made and -sent to-shuf^ns: Sylvia Nauman gave the devotions prepared by Mamie Ba'ab. Next meeting will be" Jan. 21; at the home o! Carnw'Bay, 1919 -12th Ave. with Irma Muss, assisting; Mrs. Robert Nelson entertained members of 'thVWorthwhfle Workers HD ClnB'Iast'w'eelr; Officers were installed and an exchange of Christmas gifts revealed secret als. New names- were drawn. tat meeting" will be Jan. 9, al the home of Mrs: Harold Goldsmith. All members of the Friendly 12 Club were present- for a-Christmai dinner at the home of Mrs. Henry Christmas tree, a snow scene, -an a stable made by Mrs"; Strand ; berg's niece; Rose 1 Marie Hall-. Gifts were exchanged. Next meet ing will be Jan. 30, at -the bdme of Mrs. Henry Stoll of 2240 llth Ave. i T\^ ^e will be |/^ OPEK i [Jtf^j, Monday, Deo«mbar 24th Permanent ,. $10.00 ^ : . ^ Sterling Beatify Shop 907 lOrh St. J52-5191' !is the way Webster put* H. Via ' . || eefr j s * . . u ·JJSh Extension Home Agejy ' pect«i guests are in your buanel'^ one ioo7 ki. |« iit» tro- Tfaett't something in the air then dart . . . a certaia air 1 . '»v'or a meal, how about waffles or.duction in Belfast. It U Botorkh, sacnt that- whiiitri of Chricunas excitanti*. a i-ertaia bustle hc4 tai«. Pecan waffles are jm« Ltd.. an associate of lh* GtMrii that r«mnrfc us it's Kigk time to take another look at that gifU as easy and a little extra spwtoUEIectric Co., Ltd., which rueiaji list, and test the tree tights. I 'se your favorite mix «r recipe;IN -n'wrlers - more thai twt- Christma* preparations shared by aU members of the family:and add "i cup cut up pecan m fat 'thirds male - on the produttm will make the holiday team hap( -- ' j .if » ou Uk e to la ± e the { pin- for- emyon*. Famiiie* dolfattrte painter* sent a friend ai»r .raioce pie to the table burning, special thingi which become tra-jaMeh symbolizing the Christmas try soaking sugar cubes in leinoa l.JOO electric blank«U a day. . No two families do exact- I s !**- Carts *«* soM as Chriitrnas in the UaiM I 05 1W I im. not IT the same thing, but the tradition grows year by year. It also makes the Christmas'season morel chfkl n»» meaningful as we carry out our; 1 TMTM* is-douig things togeth- speciil family tralition. «"· ham 8""*. "Mil. lights, car. A Christmas custom of sending)"* and charch - aTM 1 a birthday, greeting cards is said to have! Hwp*«lltT " °1«n a by-word or|B*Jted 100 years ago. W. C. Dodscm. one of Queen Victoria's No RUFFLIS OR LACf.. . . Gvsrie'Momi Mta-temi) styles for real-this time. At left is-'short itmls'^na with low- waist. Right is bloomer style (but without frills) tennis coatomt. Gussie Tuim Style Pro By JEAN SPRAIN WILSON Af»FlM«r Write- costumes are round or V-neck«d sometime! double-breasted aw NEW YORK- (AP) - Gertrodf low wakted, and-in both IODJ and loran, otherwise known as Gor- short skirt versions. Ueder those geous Gnssie=and- the Tennij short Blurts are matching.pants ~ irith a little gj- nit no ruffles. "In all-these years you'd think However, neither a ruffle nor a fluff of'lace'is anywhere'otf her brand new line of tennis costumes. Wimbledon officials ought to be relieved to know this. As' ah amateur some* doien ears'-ago Gussie's style prowess ·as-so influential that the staid xindon club hasn't gotten over it et. Only recently Wlmbtedon offi- ials issued fashion ultimatums miting tennis costume* to white, ind -three years 'before that, they arref}-"anything daring or sensa- lonal." Both bans might'not have Jeen, if Gussie'hadn't appeared there in her lacy britches in m. Affer that,- tennis stars triec rased on · Gmsie--to-be-sure-what the score was in tennis fashions d come up- with some gtxx etort," sayt Gussie. swinging vi feet-in white sneakers onto w sofa: "But I still don't know ha* to say when-people art me JONES bout those ruffed panties," Gussie'to-tmyday swears they were w* her'idea. Teddy Tingling wh« wrbte ·· fashion column deigned ' and' presented' her wiUi' a eimls dress: It had a-big-berth* -oBar, which Gussie-dblflied; ; widr short' skfrt wnfch'reqiiired rmethhig' more: Hence- the v fancy ants'wtth'airufned band'of-'lice ame'into behig; The- res! credit for tfussjrj'j ylish teftnls wardrobe- goes' to j : 'mother, howwrer; The^prond mother' sUtched and stitched'bf anse her famous d a u g h t e r 1 crwWn't Ibid' dresses with' long 1 waist' lines' and' plenty xetch room. With aB that, you'd think she'd iafve turned fashion- pro earlier She did vonejr»the ife-arotrM a Jt--even wrote a column abbot i or a tennis magazine; B tintfl ast spring sports broadcasting and a few unstiecessfia- tries- at marriage 1 kept her' preoccupied Then Augusta' Bullock, a wes coast' fashion prt, suggested a learM. In a borrowed-snke in'a-swanl New York hotel, the 38-year-old ithlele' modestly' presents he first -coHeclkin: "There it is. She" waves off iarided!y-'at sorrie'white garments in a closet. "They don't look like irliich orl a hanger." But on Gussie, a lithe size :hey look great as she proceeds io bounce in and out of the' bei room' like a tennis ball changini " torn' one to another. Paitili, Toe Wimbledon will appreciate tlia her samples are white, althoug the' n'ew sportswear d e s i g n s doesn't see why they should be arid has more back in the sewln roortis in other hues. Slid conforms with such Fore; Hills tennis taboos as spaghetl straps and bare shoulders. He BALL I«-m«mory-of Elmer P. Ban, who !«ft ui December 2J, 19S». Thought! ot you corns drilt- ln(, Into our thoughts each day, W« know that you are resting When twilight ends th« day, Your memory Is onr keepiake, From which we shall nerer part. God his you In hli W« h»y« you ia our heart. Mined by wife, children, tnd'grandchildren BHRUCH In loving memory of our dear husband «nfl'Dad who pasted ·w«y three years ago todiv. Dec. 21. e are memory. Lonely are 'our Tienrts todar, W«:thlnk ot him In silence No eye'may ee-u« -ween: But many nilenl tun are »h«d \vhen others are asleep. Badly mi8»ed by his wlf«, children and grandchildren NO MOfttY DOWN ... Chor* ft) Somebody You've FORGOTTEN? Have you forgotten anything . . . in ther» someone to whom you simply "must" §end a gift? Just call Ei;ickson's . . . order » Chriit- mas gift of flowers. Nothing could be finer, more appreciated. OPEN SUNDAY C*0«« *B"sV«vt VrtlMIM" jlft. Irish Rlmell Slovw CindlM. YOLI cholct ol miny IUOI ImlnU. CAMPUS PHARMACY 931 16th Chorlei' R. Petenon In lorlns memory of my dad' Archie T. Jones, who awiy December 21, ISM. Bsther J. Plckens Uellrue, Colorado REGINA so'-keep* in: mind" the style'pro- ligjitivcight vacuum cleaner polisher-scrubber Rug cleaning attachment Automatic disptnter Sample of molecular action weighs only cVi pounds -- ysf does o heavyweight cleaning job/ BOTH Eleetrikbroom and Polisher-Scrubber to go M ^ holiday arty--in a sheath wild cape col- Today Gussie keep* these fac- ors in rrtlrM-while-designing pro-1 essionally for a*- growing, number § ' HOMycamb ol rf-tn^r^tt 7 i}i|. m«n^l lit UK (OTJ tfiftrrr '"*t J250 IZ ALE'S tfinfrnc!!' than wool. Printed Pattern 4625; Haif 30%, Size 16'4 requires 4 yink 3"-inch fabric. Send filly cenls iri cnin« this pattern -- arid H) cents oarh pattern for lst-cl»ss mailing, j Send fn Anne A'lams. lOreeley Tribuiw SWI Pnttern Dept., M.1..» West 17lh St.. tew York II, .N.Y.I* Prlrr plainly twm«. adr!r«s wilh|! size and stylo numher. 15 j Over ir/ answers (o "whuMo I wt:ar"-in »ur nef W cdtor f all- Winter^ Patto-K CaUto||. CMttl. tctMol-lIt t\tft Rend nOW, iliminoltt mail) No atlachmonlt needed. Gooi ivorywhere. Cloani «v«ry. thin Suit cup tmpligt like an ath tray . , dust rags. · Hangs anywhere. A great ipau saver. · Swivel naula cleant hard-to-reach place), · Pound for pound, Ihe handietl, most pownrful vacuum eleotw yeu'vi ev*r u«dl Open tundiy 12 to 5:M USE THf TRIIUNI WANT MM Open Till 8:30 Dec. 21 and 22 EDWARDS Modern Living, Inc ·27 TMrth St. 352^735

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