Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico on January 25, 1945 · Page 4
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Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico · Page 4

Las Cruces, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 25, 1945
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR las Cru^s Sun-News PORTS 1ANTS By 111*(!II I-TM.KKTOX. JR. NEW Y O R K . J n n . 25 /!' While most collide n t h l f t i c Ifft'li-r.'- helicve t h a t t h e one b:g K-KKOII t h e y have learned d u r : n f » Hi war IN Din! " f l U i l f t i r f i for all" should be made a W B l i l y insU-iid of nn iiiral, J-'rilx. Crliler is UK* only "m- w- have heard of so fur win, hiiji a d e f i n i t e plan I n b r i n g Mm about Crl»lrr'n finnt-',v;u i'i-u : w h i c h him !)Ptn f a v o n i M y ren-ivi-d in i n i V . r - tjlfll diB'-nssion.s w i t h o t h e r -Av.stcni conferrnee Iffid'-J.s, C;I!IH fur flportn weekends" inslc.'id nf h i n ^ l e biff Raines a ^ a l f i H t riv;i| M r l i i m l * . . . For in.Mnnne, t i n - Mirh:j;;iri- Mllm(*ot:i (nnll,;i!l H U N K - v. otild Continue to »· UK- nr.ilu even! if t h e weekend nn which j l IVFIH M - hcduli'd, l.ul I-'rit/. would )i;ive Uii- crtl)6gCK ( m n p e l e ;ils'i m I.SU-j.mni'l football, sfji-c IT. ru^l.y, i n^n--i,nh- try and .-my r , t h r - r ""·* !"' might he in wciiHon . Ht-'tl have i n l e n - o l l v p i i t f - ' · N m j i f l i l u . n m J!i *n 20 fljinrttt I n M r i i f l M n i n e or ].-n [illiH l i m i t e d I r i s h m a n .'Miipet i t inn and n bin m l i : i - m i n ; i ! bark it up, Thursday Afternoon January 25, 1945 BUSY BRUIN PLAY-MAKER Aggie Cagers to Meet Mines Five ! By ALBERT HALL . ! An all-civilian, old-New Mexico Aggie quintet u-lll play the Texas j College of Mines in El Paso to; n i g h t . A rt'tuni game will he play- ! yd there tomorrow night. j The Miners liavt; one of the tall- | t'Hl teams played by the Aggies, i Nearly all thtir pi ay urn average s; · feel, anil Die N't-w Mexico five will depend on their .speed and flkill in handling the ball to conn- terurt the height of the Mines quintet. If the Aggiitt (ran get on the basket tomorrow night we should ' give 'them a close game Coach K e r m i t "Rud 1 ' Laab.s said. II the Aggies m? off, however, it will j be just another game according to LaaliH. Saturday night the Aggies ret u r n home to engage a .Santa Fe in. p. learn. The m. p.'s boast one of the best servic teams in the .southwest, but were nosed out in j H recent game with Kirlland Field by a two point margin. Tuesday the Aggies will be guest of the civic organizations of Alamogordo to play a benefit game for the I n f a n t i l e Paralysis Fund. They fire also invited to the Alamogordo VICE PRESIDENT TRUMAN PRESIDES IN SENATE play. M, has a way of m a l t i n g inex- Air; for l u n c h . '" " ·'·" o, l i m i t i n g jnex- ·.... ~^ _ _ _ p,,i,,,,,d forwaids look like. U nilPQ N o f c Ml ,hampi,ms. Kay Conochor. now j-U-UUdC UClO JJU1 in 111, Caiiinlian air farm, Herby I fl TIT 1 TI- 1 . -·a,,,. ia,t y,,,r's Coring cham. for Work-Fight |,i"li, mid \'M?.7. H,ll are a few a Vi.'f President Harry S. Truman raises the gavel Jan. 22 to call tin- senate into session at Washington for the first time since taking over his new office. Seated around thv rrsimm are (L, to R) Charles L, Watlilns, parliamentarian; John C. Crnnkctt, i-hief clerk and refidntj; t i.-rk; Emery Frazier, legislative clerk. (AP Wirepholo), Sounds. Like He's JUKI Aboui Barred Tl'.'LSA, Okla., Jan. 2~j UP) Friinli James II, of Black Springs who liiivo [rrofiperprl u n d e r C'o Icy'.s initj^ie play-niakiiiK- O.wley t A r k , , can't enter the I t o i i r n a i n c n l next week. .larnr-.s explained: checker Ity WILLIAM I''. AKIMKiAST Ml " WASHINGTON J a n . 25 UPl -- \ "« lk hors. "A tree fell on me and injnr- a l l y rims up a birj | Tin.' t h a t fighting ar scoring I,ad anil thi'n inviirlnbly mios need help now ace.ompaincr s n f f c i s a n I n j u r y ( h a t p u t s !llni "n Hi, sid,l,n,.s just long enough I" enst h i m 111, .scoring ,hampi- onship. This wiLiim 11, hopes t h e I [i house m i l i t a r y i yet I.nt In V .-till unrluri): o Ulto Hi t i l l - |dil11 IS HlllMT W l | | It tlOttgh M u m - I M H I I ' . ' . !l';i U M I I I ! ! the «l?.i- «1 Die ( n u l l , n i l j;;iti-s t h ; decide w h a t o i l i ' - r n]|rj;e J ( p . , i will bo a t i n"! n Jockeys Trail Horses i To Mexican Race Track M K X I t ' l l CITY. J a n '.!,', I.TI |i,, n , Me:,,I, a n i v , l l a » l n l g h l ,,,,,! .said CAGING SCORES; Il.v A K H ( i r l A T K I ) I'HCSM , .College Itllll Service: A r m y ;i:i, I'eiin S l a t , 2H. T r i n i t y I I I . \V,iil,yan nil C'olnmblli UN. l'r,n,,l,,n :|7. YBli. nil I! K. ,oasl g u a n l I r a n , IliK nehoi.1 I g r o l o n , .|7. Navy 111, IN'iii! I I KoidrOin,,, S l a t , .',!,. S.Kllhw,,,! Dfn Loulidiina m s t i l n l , -H Ixniltvlllp 71. Kii.ili.rn Kcnluoli.i \\'i'H\ \'iu:lm,, r,. \' M I L'T . Howling g l c e n VS. !li,,,, \Vesl,v,,, 1C. Lorn*. 7 I I . M,xi,o l.'i , Pueblo A AH li::. K t i M n n N,u 1 Texas C h i i s l l , , , , tl-l. Hay],., '.'.', N o r m a l , K i l i l n , n i . v v :,\ T i n k e i field ::7 Oregon S l n l t - il:: \ V a : - l l i i i j : l , , i i i:; Monl,11,1, n - t i l . M I , n l , H I : , ·Slut, 2N 21). .. I l l i i l l si llnol. . Helen ::.' Griial.s K Albiiip,e,,|,,,. ;s, si. Mary':. I Alliu,|,i,,,|,i, , 111 r u m p l.i,mi 111 l i n n . s l l , , . i p i m l " Alex,, o sin,, no jnj, u; ,. s |,a n ,,l n, 11,, r , , l l , d Slnt.-s A .survey .shows I l i a l 2nd hors,s I ' m l e d Hlal,:, in r,,,nl w,,ks. D l l i e i s ar, , : r o n l , |n, m |.'|, in ,|n New (111, a n s , T,xa:i a,,,| ( ' n l i l o r 1,1:1. Rail Men Assert Common Interest In Better Rates if il does M i l ] can be enilnled on lo l a l i e nv,r t , , j , .scoring honors U ' i l l i n n l In,, m ,,,|, ,. r r,,rt. Isolate Prussia, Seize Silesia pained immittce recom n old hurt. I thought I could il, anyway, maybe, but a h u r t niti again trying to throw n\'' and I was told not to do a n y t h i n g to h u r t myself again, but e n d a l i o n today for prompt action | u n t n r h m a t e l y 1 did." n national service Ifgidlntinn. j ' Seaman 2-r A,-turn Bustamanlo. /¥,,,,/,,,/ f n ,. Hi J'aso. Tex., has been killed, the i L " ' ·" " "" n a v y t o d a y reported. , ( ;a Try lirM In 1,1,11 3 - BIG DAYS -- 3 Today. Friday. S i i l u r d a y 2 -- Aco Picluros -- 2 I C o n l l n u e d from page ] | self-propelled gnn.s laid ,|m-n a .srarliig liarrag, on || u . approaches. Tli, crossing si.iilheiist of the Tno '''jci:tcd amendmi'iil woul, eit.v :i]ipai-,nlly was in Hie neigh- ''live permitteil a registrant 't l.orhood nf I ' a p l u r e d Oppeln r n p i - | vv " I '' t in a union shop without join lal of upper I s o i i l h e r n .Silesia I '"K a l l n '" n - if n ' H draft board tol and a h , n i l ;!(l mil,,; n n r l h c a s t of a ' '''"' '" K" '· nL ' r( -'- Instead the com lip of Ih, M o r a v i a n bonier o r j m i t t e o wrote ill a provision re r/,e,li,..Slovakia, i ' l ^ r i n g loeal d r a f t boards to glv H!in slleilii l-'roni Berlin " m f l n "a reasonalile ,:ho,,.|. of em Tlie .smash lowanl the snuih- ployers for whom to work." a p p i i r n i l l y was liiteniU'd to ' , ' , l l o I f Ih, t h i i - l i l y - e l i i H l e r e i ! rllles j Oder reported al points 77 mile ol Sllesin I n u n lierlin and nii'iiai-, : a p a r t , the German radio told o Hi,' l i e r n i a n armies M i l l f i g h t i n g ! new German retreats in Slovakia in K l o v n l i i a and H u n g a r y nnd gar. j a salient mi'iiaeed by sllearlni ,',honing V i e n n a . ; drives from north and .south, an, To t i i , Boulhi'iisl the f o i i r l h | l h e proi'lamalion ,'f n state o U k r a i n i a n a r m y l i g h t i n g through ..siege in Prague, i - n p i t a l of ol, ""' i n i l i i l i i j i of W l o v n k l i i was r (V.e,liosl,,vakia. i,p,,rle,l only a b o u t .|(| miles east ' All nvcn between Hi and 00 w e i , ..f III, .l.'iblniika g a t e w a y to M o r - j e a l l i ' d from faelories aim mine. , a I n a l n r l e pas.sag,way whirl] j lo f i g l i l In the Volksslurm b a t l i i l m u r k ,,,,,, ,all,,| a e u n l r i i l l u i K i i""s. n Kloeliholm liecount saul. e n l r a l Kurope. ! A]i|ily Sriin-linl Kilrlli aim, by t h e i r own ad- ] A thorough srlrorelied earlh ]., f a i l e d lo l i a l l .Mar- | liey was being puralii'd by the Oei i i l l n's i mans in Ihe rich Sile.sian i n d u s t r i ; ash t u w a n l Hi, Hallli... ! aiea, second in Germany only I iissluns A n - C u l Off H,e liuhr in p r o d u c t i v e ' c a p a V i u I'"I von H a m m e r , (iermaii | Moscow dispatches .said. : | i n l h l i i i y r o n i i l i i - n t n l o r , .sniil a u u s . ! B,,| t] H . wealher WON on tile si,I ,M:H, spearliead penetrate,! , of Ih, Hnssians, w i t h !:ard fro/, j l l i n i i i g h Ih, J u n k e r s homeliind of i roads f a v o r i n g switt movcmcm ,. i I' l'rn:,si,i in,|i| i| reached Ihe ! Knonev's lank.s and gnn.s and !-, | Krlsehi. H a f l a l l a l l l , const,il l a : skies allowing him to put a w:u goon, al ,, p u i n l j u s t of |.;|- plan, canopy o\'er hLs bridged,,,,Ii ' ' i ' l C - '' "Berlin or linsl" | H, d,-clarc,I H i n t the p e n e l r a l i l l g I Moscow broadcasts declared Ih, | " n i l w:i.s n i c l r r l e i l ami "largely i Hussians did not i n t e n i l to slop "''I'cd " i l l " i I'm-, ihi.y reached H e r l i n and H i n t lli.s l e p o r t eomciiled w i t h Mos- I I I , He,I a r m y wiiukl keep go ; , , , w dispati'lies r e p o r t i n g a Sol'iet ] "r,garill,s.s of losses." · n e l r a l i n n lo Ihe Vistula e.sluary. i H,rim's eoiiimiiiiif|iie I ' o n l i n t l-'rom L'11 to ."ill ( l e n n a i i divisions ' I , , claim successes in H u n g a r y 2ll(l.(lll(l lo .·illll.llill) ,,,,,, were ·«- | far lo the siile of the roads M I,mat,,! lo h a v , l.,,n ,,,i n |f by ' shal S t a l i n ' s armies wer, b,al land l,y II,, Soviet u,,lg -Iven t',, loward Berlin, Ih, M a i n e · .Shortages of war material are. I Kl. 1'ASO SKAMAX KIM.KD "real and i m m e d i a t e , " Ihe c o m m i t - j \VASHI.\GTON J a n , 25 l^Pi lee .said in sending to the house ' floor a bill to require every man between 18 and -lo to work where j he is needed u n d e r Uireat of indue- lion. fine or imprisonment. The c o m m i t t e e eompleled action on the legislalinn late yesterday aftor two weeks of consideration and e l i m i n a t e d on a close vote an "anti-closed shop" a m e n d m e n t vig orouslv opposed by organized la bor. Co.s/.s This Buyer DENVER. Jan. 23 UP) - - W a l t e r Schoonover of Walden. Colo., and A.M.T. Tcunant of Denver couldn't | agrcu on tin* price for G. 1. Joe, j Palyomino stallion owned by Ten- :iant. *. Tcntmnt vanled S3, 000. Sc-hoon- ovcr offered S2.f00. Finally lh.-y ' agreed to f l i p a coin-- double or northing. Schoonover lost and paid SO, 000 r'or (he .stallion. rr !lnsli-Hau-;,;:an ancestry, they col- ^ j u - r l i v r l y sp-:ik 15 different lan- 15 Interpreters ' ining unity, coming home, a party ? 1' Sun-News. FT. OGLETHORPE, Ca.. .Ian. 23 l.l'i --The first contingent o f ! Hawaiian AVacs--5$ of them have telephone, arrived here for basic t r a i n i n g . Of Chinese. Chinese-Hawaiian, j MANY NEVER SUSPECT CAUSE OF BACKACHES This Old Treatment Often Brings Happy Relief Many (sufferers relieve imctsinjl barkache ul tiit-ir trouble may lie tin,-*! kidneys. The kidneys sue Nalun-'s cliW way of ta.k- j n g t l i e e s c K a n p i i l s a n d waste out of thoblooJ. 1 Jii?y help most puopli 1 p:iss :ilfiut'i pints a day. WLon disorder of ki.lnry fuDclinn permits 7))isoinms matter to remain in your blood, it may cause uiieeiiiK bm-kutlie, rlirumalio ]ains.leKmuii3,l(isa of pi-p ami eai-rpy, gef licc u» niRlitfl, ewdluig. puilmesa under tho cyvs, tciwlaches and (iizzinc^. Fre-iuent or rciinty |j:xssucca v i t h siiiurtitie nti'l Inirnini; urnimtinies eluiwa tlicro is soinc'Uina wrong ^ i t h yuur ktilnej-a r Madder. IJon't wait I Ask your drupRkt for Dnan's I'ills. «-rd successfully ly million* fur nvcr -10 vpare.Tlii'y Rive liapiiyrelk-f and willhdptlio 15 miles of kidney luhca Rush out jKii.H.moua iva^tc from your blood. UL-I Doau'a 1'ilb. President Declines Ickes' Resignation WASHINGTON, Jan. 25--(-Interior Secretary Ickes announced today that President Roosevelt had declined to accept his offered resignation, asking him to remain in the cabinet; Ickes 3s one of the two original members of the president's cabinet. The other is Secretary of Labor Frances Perkins,' whose resignation the president has also rejected. Try first lo get it in Cruces! Valley Loan and Finance Company Complete Financial Service LOANS Automobile -- Personal' Furniture DISCOUNTS We buy all types of contracts. Established in 1936 129% S. Main St. Ph. 445 LOCAL WOMEN GET THOUSANDS OF EXTRA RED POINTS Every day. ptecious red points are being paid to housewives who turn in used fats to their butchers. Because this country is faced with a possible fat shortage, these used kitchen tats are even more urgently needed to make medicines, synthetic rubber, gunpowder, soaps, paints and a hundred other essentials on the battlefield and home front. Every woman can help towards final Victory by saving every drop of used fats each time she cooks. Even a spoonful is worth salvaging. Won't you keep saving until final victory over both Germany and Japan? ared n,"'. I '" ""· j'"'·]·],,. ·:, " ' ' " ' j s h i i l K u n s l l.'lll- | tr :;t)N,oon \ \ l u , h is ,',ti mil,.! n o r t h - eiisl "I Klbmi;. was reported by III, I I . rma,is i,, h, under a f r o n t a l as- ..aidt. Ill-purl N n » K In llnnl ,,,!,,, R.isl 1 - r i i s H l i i n b a t t l e f i e l d a.s ,, scene of G e r m a n roul Th, i,,ads wi'iT l i l t e r e i l w i t h G e r m a n bodi.'S and e t p i i p m e n t . Credil Flashes: A l ' i i n i l o i n - i l |,wil,.,l M v i K h i j.,u, . .iili'.l « i l h l i i n h s . n lolll,..; illhl ·(|lli],i,,,i Til.; i,ll',,t I r o i n I m lh,i MKKII.i.A \AI,1,KV ('HKI)IT ASSOCIATION . Soulli Miiht 1'huiir II;, I.HH Cruets, Xt-w Mt'Mco 'I'M tlrM 1,1 ,ll I!,, Today, r r l d u y . Salurday 2 -- Brand Now H i t s -- 2 HIT NO. 2 A New Noto in H i l a r i t y -- -- Extra Addod -OUR GANG COMEDY tntllltd "TALE OF A DOG"' J,,J V CANOVA U, Ml, ill, a,v,,iinl.s I'or .,,·,,·,,] I .I.,V.- l l o « , V , r . I m v , I, l|,| , , f ||,;h|. me in i.r n, I'ojinui. 1:17 m i|,.» , I , U ' ol l l c l l u i , u l l l ] , l | i , , (),.,.. : hn l,'|,orl,,l , I , , M I , ( ; of Hi,. (1.IIT ,11 S I , 111,1,1 I N l ; i S m i:,.« . s o n l l l o l s t ol l l j . r l i n CUM M"\- iii. M,n mi \ \ ' l ' , l , t i l , U \ o , !,^,^|,lj;.H o l I t , , More Comfort Wearing PAUSE TEETH lt* uii -.l «n i-'l"t in Iliniri 10 .HlMt.lp N iir* l-rnmli) ) dtu| itor* Mexican Foods We have one of Ihe best cooks to be found and will assure you our MEXICAN DISHES will please you. Try our service and be a regular customer. La Fonda Cafe JOE Y. ROGERS. Mgr. AGAINST IMFANTILE PARALYSIS WHY NOT DANCE, SO OTHERS CAN WALK? LAS CRUCES ARMORY SATURDAY NIGHT, JA NUARY 27TH, 1945 M U S I C B Y T H E S T A R D U S T E R S 9:00 p.m. lo 12 Admission^l,20, lax i ncluded Service Men 75c, iax included F- I'v pj 1(1

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