Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on December 21, 1962 · Page 11
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 11

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Friday, December 21, 1962
Page 11
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Senagal Take-over Fails, Soldiers Refuse To Shoot · y ANOfttW MftOWItC |3 r e ga y." M id a gray-haired DAKAR. Senegal (APi - Blacki«puty outside the National As- soldiers decided that Africanj^robly building, blood should not be shed, and To Western "diplomats, Seogh- Premier Mamadou Dia's coup col- r 's victory meant that another lapsed like a punctured balloon. African nation had a jtrcng leader At daybreak on Tuesday, mutinous troops who had rallied to Dia in his effort to overthrow Senegal's National Assembly re- ·No shooting," they shouted at the paratroopers from their positions In the government building where Dia sought refuge. "No (hooting between Afri leaning toward the West. The story of Dia's abortive coup ill is shrouded in mystery. It means a heartbreaking end Life's Like That ^enegws «auonai Assemoiy re- »«vtuia d urdiioreaKing end · fused to fi« on paratroopers loyal lo . llle lon S friendship of two men.! to President Leopold Scnghor' Dia ""I Senghor, who had worked t . . tltPPthfir fur lkni» ,.,,.._!_. I together fur their country. It was Senghor who awakened Uia politically, helping the taciturn Moslem economist and school teacher become one of Senegal's most prominent politicians. ^^U^mUed together, ^rrist^,: Senegal's economic future. H was also Senghor who named slapping one another on the back, snapping fingers and dancing in the streets of Dakar. Dia fled to the Moslem Barter S Dia to the post of secretary gen- where he was arrested the same day. The diminutive Scnghor, whj wears gold-rimmed glasses and has written some of the most touching French verses about Africa, was master of the situation. "Before, we were sad. now w Progress Union. But. according to sketchy indications, Dia was unhappy wilh the way Senghor envisaged Senegal's future. Apparently. Dia wanted to impose on Ihe nation a strong so- cialist.type regime and launch a scries of reforms, and disapproved of Senghor's tendency to lean heavily toward France. Uia miscalculated his forces. Senghor itill is the hero of most of the three million Senegalese. A trial of the mutinous premier may shed some light on his motives. McNkhob Approves Four Projects at State Hospital iFridav, D«. 21, 1962 GREELEY TRIBUNE P«jt 11 f«|Fog 'Drying' for tne ; "The money this purpose, it is i buspital and to take it away would 1 PARIS -- Airport official in be a gross injustice, it would be' Paris are experimenting with very wasteful " 'turbojrt engines to eliminate fog The governor said money is over runways. The idea is to available lor the college and need evaporate the fog. Seeding of win- 1 DENVER (AP -- Gov Steve the ad\t;ory board b only .Mc.MvhoU said Thurs. be has ap-iory in nature. ,, . . . . ,, . _ _ proved four projects for construe-; "This responsibility is ul'imate-i noi ** taken awa - v fronl an . v otner;t«r fogs with special Ikjuid-pro- tion at the Colorado Stale Hospi-h y nji,^- Mc.Nichois said ··TheiP 1() J M ' t ^P 1 TM sprayers is also being tried. tal at Pueblo over Ihe protest ot^ltam^ 0 |fice and the advisorvj : '?! ate ...?! anning Uirec ' or Wullam !board still will have an opportun'-' Sales of iiy to look at tire pioj^-cb. They[United :M. Williams. i The projects have a total cost Whttl Choirs Wolkm Salts · Rtntoli ascription 'HARMACY *th SL Zompact People May Have Edge in Crowded World Pits for Swimming OLYMP1A - The Washington Stale Highway Departmenl is turning gravel pits dug for highway building into fish-ponds and swimming holes. The only requirements: The pits must be more than 10 feel deep, able to hold water, and the soil must be able to sustain underwater plants. Dijon is the mustard capital of France. islinc! advantage in an over- rowded world of tomorrow, the ay little cars do today in con- copulation explosion were to produce smaller-size humans the fu-i Mrs. Morton and her botanist | pue blo. ure world would al least benefit rom the useful parts-the brains, hands and feet without wasting oo much space on the body. j Currently they are cooperating Miami botanist Julia Morton|with British scientists in produc- doesn't expect anyone to take her ling a plant leaf paste with enough menl of a carn P u s 'or 'he new seriously when she expounds protein to eliminate the need for Pucl]!o Slat e College. these theories. Still, the famed authority OB tupical plant fife admits. "Way down deep I'm not aboratoriea and in her jungje- ik» k l o r t o t CattrcUane gardens, the snow-haired woman has her three favorite fashion fragrances fitted into a sporkiy jet vanity tray w smart., .so gay.,.so Fok»rg6/ enchanting new Cologne Trto 4.10 the t*t travel-size version TrioltHt 3.00 the tet APKRODISIA WOODHUE TiGRESS FLAMBEAU /SHARP p.s. twosmor! scents in o charming |j|t| e see-through gift box Cologne Duttt* 2.00 the set GILBERT Downtown PHARMACY 810 Eighth Street [csted traffic. Moreover, if the iof more than $1 million. I They are renovation and re-! imodification of existing patienlsj building. 93,334,555- construction! of a school and day care center, $582.645: construction of a gym- jnasium and recreation area, K35.- |720: and a new warehouse, $124,1000. Approved by both the governor and Williams was demolition of. three old buildings al a cost of $46,500. The buildings were num bcr 17, 18, and 18. Ail five projects were recommended by Robert L. Denholm. administrative chief of the State Department of Institutions. The funds to finance them are {in the hospital's special building I fund raised by a tax on property' in Ihe stale. SlcNichols disclosed his aclioni in approving Ihe projects when a reporter raised the queilion at a news conference, Williams, who often has been at odds wilh Mc.Nichois, had told the overnor in a letter, "I sincerely | leel there is need for additional! study by technical consultants (architects and engineers. and you have two heads for de-; Williams said one of the plans; cisions, for alternate dozing, andiwould require closing of 17th St.! prophesied making observations, and four [which he described as a major hands to manipulate controls." [public thoroughfare in northwest are absolutely essential. typewriters Slates last year '1.554(100, valued at $285.155,000. in Ihe ROME--Sales to the Common totaled j Market are accounting for a full ^34' of Italy's exports. SANTA SUGGESTS FOR CHRISTMAS GIVING! "Ytu'n aiwayi iHtr mi to nukt my twn hafj . . . how (o yw IHu yturt?" By JEAN SfRAIN WILSON A? Ntmfwtvm Wriltr Compact people may have aiP°rtant that is in space capsules I personnel of small stature to |save weight. How much more im- Send up two 100-pound men rather than one JOO-pound individual busand, Kendal Morton, are pi-; oneers in poisonous plant study and tropical plant classification. McNichois said one of the rea-i sons he approved the projects was to forestall any attempt lo transfer the money from the hos- pilal building fund to develop-j At facttiow." Uitorsity of Miami meat. They expect that someday lh» $ub*itul« food will replace the need (or cattle altogether. Fungus Kills Pines CONCORD, N.H.-Forties ann- «" ' TM ' r o vadcs tree stumps and spreads) underground to kill nearby trees, is causing heavy damage in pine stands in the East and South. Painting stumps with creosote controls it. Ancients Hod Motels HOME -- R o a d maps a n d motels were known in ancient Rome. By Imperial edict, "man- siones," or restng places, were set up » lo 3? miles apart on the highways. Maps were engraved on plaits, cups, ud brass plaques. WINESAP scientifically influenced h u i - ·V*ds «f (WeratMm at plan* lift, ut she is well aware that con- rolling human genetics is not as iimple. S.IIIK5 rh, Imqp For i e v e r a 1 hundred years children would have to give up mil)! after babyhood, be schooled in the giowth-stunting mountainous altitudes and in adulthood carefully fall in love with some- xidy they could look down to. Ihe «w«d-oU image would take an ingenius public re ations job, but the resulting petite progeny would be worth it, pint- sited 15 feet 100 pounds! Mrs. Mortal believe*. "Heigh! is glorified by tall motels ud show girls, but beuf tail isn't any fun. Ask one." Dr. Paul Mangebdort, author of "Standing Room Only," a book about p o p u l a t i o n txplosion, agrm with her. sh lays, that overdoses of calcium have re- (ult«d in bif-boned progeny. "The only thing that has kept ut (rom djvtlopiag mk a ran tt ungainly giants Is that tall girls have a hard timt findiag husbands and often end up marrying short men. Tall men almost always marry shorter girls." An Arm*! Rtach Eicrslvely tall peofilt usually have w e a k constitutions, she tays. Being top huvy, Uwy are prone (o back strain and ruptured spinal discs. Clothes large £, *hal7"bT s'lTgMly' enough and furniture at a com- Wondertu! Ruby Red fortable scale are merely a f c w j F I ° r l d l - »!° Texas of Iheir problems. Glory on a twkelball court.' DAI! anil ftftlHan the advantage al parades, and an.l nC »" * ll » l WUIUCII nbilify to rearli top shelves are minor in comparison to dolighls of being small, the botanist insists, i "Short men arc usually dyn.v ; tnos of energy because Uiey feel; jbeller. Their hearts have less! 'work nnri organs are in a belJer DINNERWARE...SERVICE FOR 8 COMPLETE S1K88 Beautiful Melmaci Dinnerwire service for 8 is break- resistant, dishwasher safe...will enhance any dinner table. Colorful "Almost Autumn" pattern. McNichois said Ralph Virtue, assistant planning direclor, had approved Ihe plans and thai only Williams dissented. McNichois agreed they had not been presented to the Planning Advisory Board, which does not meet until Jan. 9-the day after McNichois leaves office. He commented that 1Z ALE'S ' A LOW, LOW 15 19 806 8th Street I PAY NO MONEY DOWN-Jl WEEKLY Open Sunday 12 to 5:30 FREE GIFT WITH ANY PURCHASE! SUNDAY, DEC. 23 ONLY higher, f r o m DELICIOUS APPLES , -'cri Hu. niul up hijh altitude apples. Mix pluk Ux coats." she joshes. Then she's serious again. DuniiR tile World War exports I saw Ihe need for training homWr WE WILL BE CLOSED From Noon On Saturday, Dec. 22nd Until Wednesday, Dtc. 26th and Front Notn On Saturday, Dec. 29th Until Wednesday, Jan. 2nd GREELEY I BUILDING SUPPLY, INC, [position to function properly. He-iCritp high altitude apples. Mix rause of lower centers of RravitvjP" 1 '- 0 , r , h "" nb ,"'.° t d o f b l e " d , , , . , . , and oolden Dehcioui. Jonathan limy have bcllor balance and mnrc{, n( i winesap. Slightly higher vibrant iwnwialities. jand get 3 Ibi. peanuts for so'c or 'Shori people fan he w.!!-;mix«d "u'» »t 35c lb. I'lolhra with loss material. Think j · g^ » a · «· · · ja a-l of the savinp, of mink in ' llr i JU|i|fl I HnN . Last chance for orispg Jonathan, $2.39 bu.. $1.19 half! b'.t. and up. BMutiful Christmns! {lift. Jonathan. $1.89 half bu..' 0 Ibff. 98c. Cooking and can-: nlflg Jonathan. 49c hal/ bu . canning app'M, $1.00 bu. PEANUTS 3 IK, SOc with purchaif ef rtck or hstf bu. or buthll Applet or Ortngci ORANGES Our Sincere Thanks for your Wonderful Patrorta^e and ' Good Will This Past Yearl L. E. "Torn'"' Kime Owner Tommy Kime John Campbell Manager O l ' i e And Ail The Staff at Elmer Mcxgensen 3.33 Bu, ·30 26th St. 352-6*44 Benutifiil lurgf ChriKttrti N^vrl: Onn|e«. Hilf buthel. JI.J5. peck 95c. Drlvj nut to thf blq Apple and Oronge Truck at the \VKI.I) COl'NTY LIVESTOCK SALES YARD «H llth (Irtlt The Weld County Livestock Commission Co. 18th Strett aMst Avenu*

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