Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho on July 10, 1967 · Page 9
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Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho · Page 9

Nampa, Idaho
Issue Date:
Monday, July 10, 1967
Page 9
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Idaho Free Press, Monday, July 10,1967-9 THE TEEN SCENE Mersey Sound Is Dying; Gerry, Pacemakers Split Mersey beat fans -- drag out your black clothes ant) start mourning -- this famous British sound is steadily dying. The latest "mishap" of the By BARBARA MAYNE ed Jim and another ex-Haider, Along with groups breakingup Drake Levin, in form ing another because they want to, a couple group. of top groups, The .\ionkees and Meanwhile, Paul lievere and The Beach Boys, may be split the only remaining Haider, lead by the draft board! Davy Jones, beat which put the Beatles and singer Stark Lindsay, asked Ala- the British Monkee, his recently other Liverpool groups on the bania born Freddy Weller and been given an 1-A draft rating, charts (or was it the other Charlie Coe to join them. Davy, however, is trying to way around?) is the breaking up Charlie was lead guitarist for cliange this rating of the basis of Gerry and the Pacemakers, another Northwest group, Don that he is his father's sole sup- Gerry and the Pacemakers and the Goodlimes, before be- port, are (or were) usually rated the coining a Raider. He was born second most popular Liverpool in Portland, Ore., about 20 years group, although, accordingtoone ago, and was raised in Boise. British writer, (hey are the He was once a member of Paul MOST popular group in their Revere and the Raiders and a native city! couple of other groups before The facts are, though, that Joining the Goodtimes. this versatile foursome has done Talk about coincidence, Charone thing which no other pop lie took over Jim Valley's place artist or group (even the mighty with the Goodtimes when Jim Beatles) has ever been able to left to join (fie Raiders, and now Carl Wilson of the Beach Boys is also having draft problems. [I seeras he was inducted into the Army last January, but refused to go on the grounds he \vas a conscientious objector. He was indicted by a federal grand jury, but was released on a $25,000 bond so he could join the other Beach Boys on their European tour. Well, with all these old faces in new groups or situations no telling what the future will bring, either in "show biz" or other areas, but lime will tell! CHILDREN CONDUCT their own play activity at the Vallivue School District's three Head Start centers under the supervision of teachers. Janet Tomila, above, offers assistance to youngsters at the Sunny Slope Head Start center. COMMUNITY COMMITTEE Va/f/vue's Head Sfarf Children 'Love Back' FHA Rural Loans High In 1966-67 (This is one in a series ol articles about the Canyon County Community Committee written sess jon begins and ends with a these children are by a member of the committee snac( . ^ , unch s[m - _ All of the students are re- from 9 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. been realized through just this throughout the school week. Each Head Start center. Above all, getting By CECIL WILSON quired to have a medical and chance to get ahead--a head- start--in life. Theyhave learned to identify themselves with The Canyon School District denta i che ck-up during the sum- people and symbols. No. 139 is responsible for this mer , f some (reatment is nec . Their latest symbol to identify ?T hm "J..Head Start programs essary fm . , he ^^^ ot with was a complete class par- n.^ ,, Y.TM rea i , . the student, this can be ac- ticipation project--a brillant, The \allivue school system com pi is hed with the funds avail- red, white, and blue American that for keeping busy? do! It had three consecutive Charlie is a Raider! No. 1 hits with their first three Many experts are wondering records released. which group will go higher, Paul These tunes were titled "How Revere's Raiders ortheex-Raid- Do You Do It "(which the Beat- ers, . . .what's your guess? les ALMOST recorded first!), "I Like It," and "You'll Never Walk Alone." It seems the Beatles didn't even make ii to the lop chart spot with their first British release, although they did the trick with their second release "Please, please Me". CALDWELL - A total of repair of farm service build- While the Pacemakers (pian. $977,9iO was loaned to 143 rural ings. ist Les Maguire, bass guitar families during the fiscal year Loans were also made in the man Les Chadwick, and drum- ended June 30,1967 through the county under the Economic Op- mer Fred Marsden) plan to set- Farmers Home Administration portunity program to Imvincome tie down with their families out- at Caldwell reports Roy Gipson, families in both agriculture and side Liverpool, Gerry Marsden county supervisor. In addition, small business. These loans has decided to "go solo" as a approval has been made to two are made to assist low income balladeer. His first solo record rural communities in the amount families to obtain resources to "Please Let Them Be" has just of $103,380 for sewer and wa- increase their income, been released intheUnittdKing- ter improvements. These loans *m. will be the near fu- Gerry hasn't been sitting still hire. in (he composing field either. Funds from operating loans in ^ insured ] en j er program and Al the moment he's writing a the amount of $381,680 wereused n, e rest of the funds were from full-length stage musical. How's by farmers to purchase live- Gipson said $579,200 of the loan funds used in Canyon County were from private lenders under appropriation by Con- centers located at Sunny Slope, Greenleaf and Franklin schools under the direction of Ken Brocke. Each center has an allotment of Purposes of the Head Start Program are varied. Most important is to give the children of low income familiesanoppor- lunity to be ready lo learn on the same level precisely arranged out of twisted crepe paper -- presented on a prominent bulletin board in the Center. "Naturally, there are a few Loan volume was up approxi- It seems the "in" thing for groups today is to have members split with the original group and go it on their own. The OF FTTIW · Highway Directors of the State of Idaho, only at the office of the Department of Highways, 3211 West Slate Street, Bolso, [datio, until two o'clock P.M., on the 25th day of July, 1967. for reconstructing the roadway, constructing curb and gutter and a plantmix pavement on 0.078 mile of Third Street So. in Nanipa, known as Idaho Project No. ST3 3754(512) in Canyon County. Proposals must be prepared and sub-miltedinaccordancewlUi the requirements of Section 102 - Proposal Requirements and Conditions of the Idaho Standard Specifications for Highway Construction, edition of 1967. Plans, specifications, form of contract, proposal forms, and other information may be obtained at the office of the Department of Highways, Boise, Idaho. A charge of Five Dollars ($5.00) will be made for each set of plans, payment to be made by check, payable to the Department of Highways, Slate of Idaho. The right is reserved to reject all proposals, or to accept the proposal or proposals deemed best for the State of Idaho. Wo proposal will be considered unless accompanied by an acceptable proposal guaranty in an amount not less thanfiveper- cent of Ihc total ar.'-int of the proposal, This guaranty must be in the form of a certified check or a cashier's check drawn on an Idaho Bank, made payable to the Department of Highways, or a bidder's bond. Bidders shall be licensed in the State of Idaho by the State Contractors License Board except on projects involving federal funds, The successful bidder on projects involving federal funds shall obtain such a license before award will he made, as provided in-Subsection 107.03 of the Idaho Standard Specifications, edition "f 1967. The Contractor will be required to pay not less than the minimum wage rales on Form SP-L- I i 5 in the advertised specifications and bid proposal. Such rales will be m.ide a part of the contract covering the project. The Fair Labor Standards Act ol 1338 (V.S.C.A. Tille2D, Pars. 201-219, Chap. 8) shall apply in the employment of labor lor this project. It Is the purpose ol the Board of Highway Director., to build ttie Improvement In the shortest I'.me coaslslent with good construction. Necessary equipment and an effective organization will be insisted upon, Dated 5 July 196V. E. I.. MATIIF.S, P. E. Stale Highway engineer July 10, I I , 12, 13, 1-1, 1567. in constant touch with the children at this center. "Most of my pupils look clean and we have few medical or dental problems," Miss Tomita related. "Our greatest problem is the language terrier between myself and the Mexican children. When we began at the first of the summer they could not speak English and I could not speak Spanish. "These pupils come from homes where the parents cannot read or write their own language. The children did not know what a book was and they could not get along with each other, many did not even have proper clothes to wear, snmc were without shoes. "These problems begin in the home where (he children receive very little personal attention or care. Al first they were shy and afraid. Through personal contact and love, the .Mexican students now speak English in complete sentences, they work well with others in small groups and now, amazingly, -- ttieylove back!" There are no actual subjects taught at the centers. "We watch every student carefully," Miss Tomita continued. "We let them conduct their own play activity and we watch each child in his learning and discovery process. "We touch them and many limes hold them to make sure they receive personal attention. They learn quickly and among other things are now able to brush their teeth, use eating utensils, and know the names of all the food we eat. "One of our most important items of equipment is a mirror. The children will stand in front of the mirror and realize that they are looking at themselves. Al home they receive very little personal attention, and here we want them to realize who they really are; through all of this we hope they will be able to adjust in the public school." Completes Training Miss Tomila's equipment ranges from a simple fell board for telling stories to a tape recorder for the child to practice his English. She Is busy visit- Ing all the parents of her pupils constantly seeking a better im- IT'S STORY TIME at Kurtz Park. Mrs. Gary Fearn reads to youngsters at a weekly story-telling session conducted Service News Earns Expert Raring FT, CAMPBELL, K y . - A r m y pairTM" course conducted by Pvt. Patrick D. Hennessey, 18, the AirTrainingCommandwhich son of Mrs. Leo Lagon, 2418 provides technical and special- K St., Bakersfield, Calif., rec- ized education programs for the ently fired expert with (he .Si- nation's aerospace force. 14 rifle near the completion Airman Yamamolo, an Air of his basic combat training National Guardsman, is teing al Fort Campbell, Ky., June 15. assigned to an Idaho ANG unit The expert rating is the high- at Boise, lie is a 19G2 grades! mark a soldier c.m achieve "at* 1 rf Mirslng High School, in his rifle qualification test. He received Ms B.S. degree i!io father, William K. Hennes- in 19C6 from the University of Thursday afternoons by members of the Nampa Jay-C- Etles. (FREE PRESS PHOTO) L sey Jr., lives at S. Ext., Nampa. Idaho and is a member of Alpha Zela. derstanding in the home. Many outstanding things liave Will Guard Capitol BII.OXI, Miss.-AiruianSec- FARIMII1.T, Minn. - Ken- omi Class Paid A Yamaniotn, m-th S. Agerter, director of ad- son of Mr. anrlMrs.KoyT, Yam- missions at Shattnck Schnol, Fa- amolo, Marsingfloutel.haslMen rlhaiilt, Minn., will visit alumni graduated from the U.S. Air Md patrons of the school in Force (eclmical training school Namp;, Thursday, July 13. at Kecsler AFD, Miss. He completed the radio re- CJ.ASSIrTKDS (;KT HKSUl.TS QUALITY A T . . . MODERATE PRICES It's new diifeient OFFSET PRINTING Why settle for less than the best SCHWARTZ PRINTING 466-6431 COOD niNTIHC I S A N A K T WITH USI 1 stock, machinery, annual farm g ress _ operating expenses and to refinance indebtedness. A total of $464,530 was loaned raalel V 28 I* r cent over tne 19C6 under the farm ownership and fisc . a ' ' ear ' This was due fo soil and water programs This additional lending minorities gi- was used by the borrow- ven bv Congress and also be- rtn , ., , i m i i i Y iv we i cau, lu i c a l f l UIl nuiuianj, utcie atf tt i c w w B" i vji IUCLI unu. tile ' -- ' ,,,,,..,« ,,/ 1U« irf l,*l, * ·» 20 children and al three , te ^ teve i as oilers In the t*°ple opposed to Operation Yardbirds lost their fab lead ers for land pirchase to enlarge «"* ° » ' money E1 t- schools average approximately pllb lic schools. Most otthe child- Head Start," Project director guitarist, Jeff Beck, a few feTMs, make improvements to uation of convenlonal lenders in 18 in attendance. States, ages r en in the Head Start Program Brocke said, "but we invite months ago when he decided to land and buildings and to re- me area this past ear. four and five, all m-t the gov- come trom an elwironment i ess (hem to sit in during one of go it alone. The same thing finance Indebtedness. Soil and All FHA borrowers are re- ernment's qualifications con- lhan accep t ab i e by most stand- our classes and see first hand happened with the Spencer Davis w ^er loans were made for land quired to refinance with private cerning the family income on a ards _ !t | s n ot uncommon toflnd how the children"' are helped group. Their leadsinger.Stevie leveling, concrete ditches and credit when they are in a finan- yearly oasis. j,j children coming from a family by the program. Winwood, left this group toform facilities for Irrigation and wa- cial position to do so. Nineteen' The centers are in operation of seyen or , aregr am| hm|Sgc| "We believe the program has a group of his own, the Traffic, ler conservation. families graduated to private LEGAL NOTICE in a poorly-furnished two or been beneficial to the children, And then of course, there's Eleven new homes were con- credit this past year. Total re- three-room building. parents, and the entire school Paul Revere and the Raiders, structed on farms or in rural payments during the 1967 fiscal Miss Janet Tomita is the district. As a resuit of this Just a few weeks after Jim areas with loans totaling year amounted to $677,224. sealed proposals win bo re- head teacher at the Sunny Slope summer program, I would like (H ar P°) Va l'ey left the group $135,850. Three loans in the There was $3,494,434 «n ICM ceived by ihe Idaho Board of Head Start Center. Miss Tom- to see it continued for sue- Phil Volk and Mike Smith de- amount of $12,600 were made from the Caldwell office on June ita and her two assistants keep ceeding summers." cided to follow suit. They join- to farmers for construction and 30, 1961 to 242 rural families. WE'LL ELIMINATE THE "SHIMMY" THIS WEEK'S SPfCIAL FRONT-END ALIGNMENT To Eliminate Shimmy and Shake and V Lessen Tire Wear! REG. $7.95 THIS WEEK ONLY,.. Please Phone For Appointment \- 466-9241 GENE RICHEY'S STORE 127--11th Avenue No. NAMPA 466-9241

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