Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on December 21, 1962 · Page 10
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 10

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Friday, December 21, 1962
Page 10
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Directory of Weld Churches .neVVeV^u^erStf - W 4 *"*~ o^vcr.arjvxr.'r. Sundaj unless otherwise outM TP Is loi youth or Y()uni| r "~ Bpedal church news should t» ,,, the Tribune office t» Wednesday at I pm for o.,bllc-.ation FrSar Greelty . " O U a a r v l c M l h .SI. l l i u i . i · a K. Davit SvhJol,JK.«rM«. re . jerry scarorouch II and 1-M [School 9 4 6 . services 10-46 7-46. only School, in. cervices 7-30 . *f *" ll1 ' ·' "»«. 13tb An..|in. . · ·( ter , H L. Mali} School lce» 11 00 ana 7:46 B 4 ^ fJ " l , klJ ol * io- - Spanish, 924 H bids! Martlnex school. 10- -- --mro « i ·ervl.-es i 30 j'O 00: services 11 ..»·""·»".V'."-*. «IM i'Mi«».l Fart Lupton Ev«u Hclkwll.1. an ana Empire. . Donalil J Fort School. 10-00 «rvlct. 11:00 Harvm lime Ink-marl*. \ v langley School t 7 4b itrvtcei. 1HOO and Ammibl? vf Oo«, u e v « Ji-rM. """'aerV f V ' " F"" 111 Tre ' U r l h r l UK|iilst. I 7 t n A v e All«» Bm Gilbert. S c h o o l , »:(5- ser-. ices, 11:00 and 7:30 VP «-30 wal'u'r' S'TaTlVr'd Mc-h'o'o-, 11 ft'," services II and 7-45 VP 7:00 Hlhlr H rw «rrb C»ter, Z I I 4 t n * » ' · · · J"»«Ph M. Dau»hsrt befool. 10:00; services. II an' IStb Ave. flr«i Kifil.i, j v roriander r i- 8 C jo°'' ''"' " rv!c "- 10 ' 4S ··lr»c Hrlkodut, Uene D. Y«l Scnool. 9-45 Si. , . services 11-00 A««rrn . t.l.c, c,,.!. i:3l: a . Brlc acbuol ..i 10th. Warren L. " rvic " 10 ' . . Norton. Schoo C»ure» ill Lkrl.t, |1» | ttll Av , Clurencs Wharton School. »-4l services. 10:46 and 6:00. e ^ "' ckrUI ' " 10:00. services 11: · , Ichoo ;'«'«k ul Uod, 1S01 1th St Wl« Amos. School. 9:30. serv lets. 11 and 7:30. TP. 8:30 Ck.rck ol (iod (I't.I-ru.tnl rd Avi...|5th. b'loyd Francis ic^o, ffiervteV .^^ ..p.^".'^...'?.'^..,!: C'""* ·' Oat I. Ukrlsi, 60 4th Ave.. H. (1 Carter Schoo 1:311. services ll:oo and I:(IO Cancel .1 GO* ol Priifkec) Hit Ave.-7th St. Rd., W w Pit BSf ud^JJ 1 !0:00: ·"""=" Ckirck »f Jesia Ckrlal in Lat ler Da, «.1.|,, 2207 23rd Ave. Hlshop Clan S. Gacon. Print- hood, 5:00; ·cllool, 10:SO; Sacrament, fi:00. B»».)[el sth Ave-JIsl, Kenneth Oorire. School, 9:45 ·ervlcei 11:00 and 7:SO .,fTMWllclll OMIM B»tkr«, IJth Ave.-12th. Paul H. Woelfla! jljo services. 10:45 and S? VV-^i.'^s^-^? S~'^«^.er^!.- Holj FaMllr culkulh. Leonard ibeicromble. Mass. 1:00 we *aa«"s»lT «f Go*. Lloyd Rock First Bamlat. Delma 0. Low'ry '^"'i^^. 5 ! «vice«,- 11:00 and Oliver W. "Broclt." School" MB services, n.oo. i *,''« WlMlM. !3rd Ave., IJth, L. L. Bowers. School. 9:30. ssrvi icea, 10:30- rirsi Cknick of C.fH Selea- tto«, 10th Ava.-lEth. church and school 11:00. · . . . i.f.f'V ch " ri:h °* ·"*, 3rd Ave. ISth. A. Earl 0»le. School, S:4t ·ervlces, 10:45 and 7:00; Yp;-«:00. rital CmicremlKajai, -I'ln (j M | t . ·) Chnat of CHrlst, list. Av« llth, Frederick W ritat Cor»aal, lOtn Ava.-8th, C Cecil Oaterbiri. School. 9:45 ·ervlcea, 11:00 and 1:00. Flril B,a.«ll c ,| rr«, nth, Robort -C. D i l l o n rim Meikoaisi, loth Ava.-iotn pr Lain) Loveland. School. I-.SO Services, 8:16 and' 10:46 , Flrat ,V»»reie, llth Ave.-sth ? eor *' Care-ill. School, »:46; aerv. Ices. 10:46 and 7:00: TP. l:li. Flril Uilte* Prnkrlerlaaj, Ith Ave.-14th, Dr. Arnold W Lanr- jnheri. School, 8:1S: service. 10:3p.. · Pint flautkera Baatlsi, sth Aye.-26th, School, 9:46; aervlcep. ll:00:and 7:30: YP, 6:JO. _ Flrat s»asilsl Uter»atloHI Peiteeostal. Spanish colony, wast Greulty, Manuel Gallagos School. 10:00. services. !:30 and 7:1(1 4th, John Metiler. School, S:4.6; ·ervlces, ll:l)0 and 1:30, YP. 1:30. : Free BetkoHl.t, 7th Ave.-11t... Rob«« A. Kerby. School, :46 «etviCeB. 11:00 and 7:30, YP. 7:00 · ttreelei Baptist TesspK, 14th Ave.-8th, Frank Teal. School, 10:00i aervices, II and 7:46: YP 7:00. · · Cueler Ckrl»tl», 830 3lBt Ave. ; Norman DoU-ns. B'i b 1 e Study., 10:00: services 11:00 and ·· JekjiMfc'a Wltneisea., .406 7tn Loo B. Newell. 3:00. Imma.nel Ltitkerna, 1866 14th A V«..- Dr. Harold a. Sandberr School. 9:46; service, 11:00. . MlHIoaary Unytlat, 23rd Ave · 8th, Archie Woring. Sciiool U-45 aervices. 11:00. 7:00 and 8:00 MoiintnlB V i e t * Bvaaa;ellunl Free, 3Bth Ave. and 12th St Road. Gerald D. Meyer. School 9:30: services, 10:30. ,,?J"i .''··» ?' p ""* Cntkolk- 14th ' Avs.-Srd, Louis Estrada Mass 8:00. 11:00 and 7:011. . Or Snvlor'i America* Lntk«- .21st .Ave.-ISth. Richard P'.' 1 "' '·' fire, Sth Ave.-!6th William Fortune. School 10-On services. 1!:00. 3:00 and 7:SO Retorraed Preb;lerlna, Illt Ave. 16th, Raymond P. Joseph 7?JO° YP 6 6 -i»*' !rVIC "" 1 " : °° " ReorKimlzeil U h u r c k of Jean H - n . . . , ° n ; Sch ° o1 - , service. Snlvnllon A r m y , I03U l u t h , uapt. K. Beaver; School 9 - 4 6 acrvices. 11:00 and 8:00: YP. 6:30' Sevenlh-Dnj AdTnllata, 21 Ave.-loth, Elder Dale (;. A borg. .Saturday, school. 9:30: ser ices. 1 1 :00. ,,?,* J |lhn '* l.nthernn, 4th Ave l l t h , Dr M. Schoenhaar Schoo 9:30: services, 10:30: YP. 7:30 St. Pnul'a CunKreKiillnnnl, 4t Ave.. 12th, H. J. Stroh. Schoo S:30; services. 10:30. 2:00 an . ' · ''«'«'· 9th . · n o r , 9 t h Ave.. i2th. Robert Novans. MasBes. 7:00 S:I5 9:'30, 11:00 and 5:46 SoDgirMen IVimirene. 3040 HUi Av., \Vllllam Koilh S c h o o l »:(5 services 10 (6 am] 7:30. Y l v'.iv . omitn communion 30: aer-ices n-00 fiaMon Hapiut, Franklin C u r t i s School. IO:UI). services. 11:00 1 Ho»ar«. Christmas Eve Methodists Presenting A · · · · · mm · . . . . ·' Nativity Five Nights senior Hiah VHtwfcit v«aii *^ Senior High Methodist Vouth Fellowship of the First Methodist Church is presenting ib third annual "living nativity scene" «»ch night through Christmas Eve from 7 to 9 o'clock. Th* presentation began Thursday. Included in tie scene this year s a donkey, a calf and sheep. Members of the Senior High youth group are playing the roles ol Joseph. Mary, the Shepherds, the Wise Men, and the Angel, Christmas music helps provide a Christmas atmosphere. The youth group invites the ,, . ociiool. 10:UO: aer bcli public to drive by and see this dramatic presentation of the nativity story. The scene is located in front of the Educational Building at 917 10th Ave. ..-,,-.» Ted Loveland is drama chair- 'ices. 11:00; IP man for (fc xaim hjgh p(jup Committee chairman for the nativity include: Martha Moore, costumes; Dick Johnson animals' tts:"e"vic. H .. ^..""'T i^f Boeluler . *«* assistant! Handy May, props; and lighting, Mr. C. E. Coffey. The Senior High drama group Crever o C o1" 1 " 1 "'"' ( J e r t r u d « Zlua raa:. . l School. »:45:..ervlcea. 10:41 " Hutton Aueaablr ul Ui4. Warr.n Hall l. 5 46. services. 11 A 7:4S Si. lasidurea Usukullc, L*onan bercrombio Uaaa. I1:OU. . 11:00: M Y F 6:00 Gr«e« L u t k r r a a , A r m l n Stolp School. 10:00: services. 11:00. Johnstown Ea»Ktlle»l Vmtttt Brekr» ames R Bruenlnr. School. t:46 ervices. 11:00: YP. 7:JO Kallk LutkerUB Ckarek Ml*. nun s»ud, H. J Patten. School. :30: services. 10:30. Vint school, -OQ . : H « ' * " * I " Bapilal, E A. 10:00: services. Uoltrln 11:00 t Joseph Eaton. V , : " , osep aton. School. 9:46: services. 11:60: Hit. :00. . rj«i»«a«si|i La Sail* Klral AMeiiblr ul Goi, Robert . Paul. School. 10:00: aervices 1 :00 and 7:45 First Baptist, F. H. F u c n a School. 10:00 aervtces. 1] 4 7:30. Plrat Preskyterlaa, Dr. Ralph i-oo"yp Sch ° 01 ' * :1S: Milliken Conicrecatluiiai, A. S c h i l l e r Schol, 9:4b: services 10:46 2-30 YP. 7:00. first fresb'terla*. S ch oo I :46. services 11:00. 7:00, atcoim and fourth. YP Nunn first Presbyterlna, Richard C. Jayley School, 10:00: services, ichool, Dan J a n s · services, 11:UO Plattevillt Methnilbit, bonala R. Wageck. chool, 9:45; services, 11:00; YP, St. .!·»·· Lutbcra*, Wisconsin ynod, Walter Stlffrins;. School. ·30: lervlces. 10:30 St. Nicholas Catkglle, Herbert Baniian Ohurch, 9:00; Mass Holy Days. 6:16 Windsor Assembly or Hu«, A. R. Suiter. chool, 9:45: services. 10:50. 7:00 Betktl Amtrlea» Litkeraa Dean Buhboom. School 10:00- ervlces 11:00. Ckrlstlaaj, Richara L. Housh. choo!, 10:00: aervices, 11:00 4 KTaacellcai i;aa«rexatl*aal. H Berkfr 9-46 school 10:41 4 1:00 First Metkeslit, Frank o. Ouner 9:46 School. 11-00 7:01. TP St. Albars Kplacopai, Cnarles Young Freil F Kini: 10:00 chool"' ^1-00 -, Jctsj's Litkerai, w Hin selman S:1B ichool: 10:10 Xlon Pallet ckiirck ot Ckrlsl E Ketterllnt. 9:31). school 0 JSnglish: 11:30. German Other lowns bt prtscntH the last of January and thtfint rf Fohra»ry. Thi play thry arc wiJsf «· ii Than- "·» taw 1MU»_*_. 41J1 _. .. whit, r mnit · , TM " 7 "* * w "ootrK* W. Hys- «* "f«i pan of the profrasB if «f^U Gift Offerujf for mosioM lop is, "He K Here!" The adult the forenoon and the stcwd part -«. . ^ rw t T'"* 5 ' For Moodl ' r ' ^^ **" "*«"* in the choir «' 7 o'clock. The seoood part of ^^ *"* rf "* Nu - irfLl ^*- P m ' "* SU * tay r ° 01 " *'* :JO ·· m - "* ""M" ·« "* evwin « wi)! ta "·* «* «TM wiU prtttnt its annual STL'*TM 1 ? 1 ' P«»y »U1 b. the t » a.m. Mrvice wU be sung Christmas." given by the juaior. C"^""*" ptopanai Sunday. 5f W * A « Haven. At II p.m.. by the Youth Choir under thedi l*»nnedi«to and senior ijri TBD .»»., aur, ., ?** * iWrB1 ' 1 ''"V 1 " 1 ^ »· J? L ? C ' P Ctr1 ^ 1 wil1 l «* ""^ ·* Allen WortaafaBd ac d »««- hi ?,!i^., dr * nl1 ' *.',"' » "" """^ " lO** 4 -** Ciodl " i « llt Communio, companied by MiToeiaWta ±Z "H^ T. whkh " ° clo i. ail * ta ta *·»«- ·"""· d «"«. «^ it faM-ai .^rSL, ^."^ *T S.?''*?*..."*' "· ~P«- HM M^»H, Churd, Gh *" «· ·» Drt «d Mate """" compossd the second. "The Whole each night before the First Methodist Fellowship. or dramatic production which will a e in the program of ,-ecitations anc "Miracle of To Be Given Sunday "TrlA M i r a n l n n f 4 U _ U i .. ,, . . ^±Jt»u. fa J!.J»*- InV^t S!S,?«?** VF^Meth^T^hTtne- * ~ "TE ^h'STT *" 1:15 a.m. service the Crusadw " ^ · · - - · · ^^ Choir, directed by Ted Loveland, --. r-. ... ,,,,. WJ1 *· "*"" Stranger, Ar. ory Henkel, Susan, Starla and j-fir-"- sr-fSrSsyiStfiSa.- Those taking part are: Greg- ^ "? * h ' f S*"" 1 .*" Are Offertory will be wng by a trli ry Henkel, Susan, Starla and ? le . M7J ;" h " »"-»n|ement by Mr.. Clarence Mbkel Mrs J» V- Owen, Henry «Ki con^S S± rofI T' is ' * %?«* «-«· «l* HUnmel .JjZ ft Ar Lauck, Jessica and Keith Watson E?^TM ^ Gecrge Prtert . H »ry nold Mike and Sherri Brunntr Helei ,j ' L ' J ** ni *". »nd Har "The Minr-l. f 11, u ' John « 0 . J«e Thrutchely, 'shtrry ° W Curtis wUI lin « » l "» »:» ^±±f. ^ J?. 1 ^ ?'."· Gwr 8' **«« « "VB , on '!«, "* Gayl. N«l.ndS S r*5:.*W..«« .·" will be presented in the sanctuary ists. of First Congregational Church .t iv: e j ,7 -- " ' TM " Mrvlc ' ot in ?» Pm -, uSund »y afternoon-as fant baptism in the opening part the annual Christmas vesper ser. of the service which will be fol lrlio It IP « J« nu ._i:_ i . TM*u uc tui lowed by refreshments, served Fellowship Hall by the Board Christian Education. vice. It is a dramatic representation of the Impact of Chirst's birth on past centuries and contemporary society. Senior high school youth group is in charge of the service with Mr. and Mrs. Frank Weaver as directors. Miss Pauline Bloomer is director of Christian education Mid the Rev. Frederick W. Hyslop, minister. Plkjrlimires To Sing Also participating are the Pil- grimaires Choir of fourth, fifth and sixth graders, directed by Gretchen Brod. Robert Asmus a All Nations Church Has New Location All Nations Pentecostal Church s now holding services in its new ocation at 215 14lh St., having moved recently from 126 12th St. Elder Thomas R. Davis is conducting services on the regular chedule. At the 11 a.m. service Sunday, here will be a Christmas pn [ram and candy and nuts will 'be given to the children. Elder Davis states that all are welcome to at- end. : irsr Congregational To Have Traditional Midnight Service Traditional Christmas eve midnight service at the First Congre- jational Church begins at u p.m. Monday and ends with the lighting of the candles at midnight. The service of scripture, prayer and meditation will be led by the ster. Adult Choir, limmel ohn Cronin. organist, ' There will be a service of in Joan Noffziger, Marsha McCre*. - -- ---. -"-j w PartlchMnta hi S«rvl t "*· D * rb y Linville, Ken Nwt Loj, **" ** «vening in front of the Duell. Joyce Kerby. Shelly and Muc » tlo "»l Building from 7:00 to Cherilyn Thomison, Tim Matth- "'""""" Participants in the service are narrators, Marilyn Turner, Jan Forman, Jill Sutler; voices, Col leen Billings, Linda Waterman Sheryl Moinat; Watchman, Tom , ews, Jo Ann Renner, Darren ^n son, Diane Dyk, Donald Simpson and Allen Eaton. ^a^ya^^-ern^V^h t^X^tl^ ^f-*--"* Johnson; Wisemen, Charles How ard, Mike Riffe, Bart Gates. , , mera, Linda Waterman. Piigrimaires: Nancy Armstrong, Laurie Arnold, Sue Best, Debbie Blalock, Patty Bliss, Dan Bowman, Pamela Brough, David Brockway, Craig Corkran, Diane 3anie!s, BUI Domke, Kay Domke 5ric Darst, Terry Dressor, Debra fieselman, Jennifer Finch, Bill Fry, Carolyn Funk, Mary Funk Cathy Gallup, Jim Grounds and meditation will be led by the Rif fe: make-up, Ed Venable- cos- II u ~ T T~ iev. Frederick w. Hyslop, min- I'Jmes, Mrs. Glenn McDonald and uniforlan « To Hqve School. !»:00: serv'l'ces, 11:00"^'' Bach's Christmas cantata, Ullereai O,..,,,|,, oa.ils, "" - '"-"' ' " ·· - · - Blton B l e n K e r - 9-4B school nil 7-80 Mrs. Don Beggs: try-outs. Dr. Chriltmai Program Choir, directed by Joseph Donald Holley, Dr. Eugene Kop- »,, C..-^. c i" · and accompanied by Mrs. "*. Norma Loy Andersen; soloist T '""OOy aCttOOl ·onin. organist, will sins Mrs. Clarence Minkel: i«h»r.' rhiuTM. »r iu. ,,...,, sing I Chrlstlnn. K e n n e t h Acker ..... Us a Child Is Born." Soloiks will l0 '" be Claude Schmitz, baritone; Mrs. Clarence Minkel, soprano; and v.., vnrinimn, !\erinein A C K o r -*.".*·,vv. iiiuiAi;i, SOUIijnO ^aMo" 0 " 1 ' 10;00: ""'""' " Mrs - »«gh Arnold, contralto. s^S^V.^ 1 »^'^--;w G -- Krnt:/ C 45 school Cutiitiiiinlt;. Bert Moor - ,i"Ti-oi-« 7T56"'"" City Betterment . Charles V , 31H Ave.. Y o u n K s c hool . s o u n K s c hool 9.16. services. t-Zn 9 - l t a n i ) 1 1 no TrlBltj l.utbernn, ;tn A v e . J t t h . l.yle B. Mueller Srho..l. I - J I ) ' " ervlc " iM "' H I"- Y C . S t h Ave.. K a , , f m a n S c l i ' «f«lr,n «h, Wlltor.1 , U, ; » it'. 6:45 a n d 7:3n Aull -·" Evnnnellcnl U n i t e d , Urethten, Paul Woelfla School. ·30. aerviues. 8:30 flen-t ( .mmualt) ajrlkxu., J aul E. ll.jllanu. Service. 9:31) ichonl. ItjMO. Prslric i.-rnter Oerirudz blurn 'ervit-e. 11-(Hi Itlnti f:')iri;iiniillf ,letkltf)l)ft W i l l i a m K t n r l i t i n School. 9:48 ervlces 11:00 I t d K K c n h n r r r d Henn. Leonard A z e r c r o m b i o . Mass. 7:00. (ersey Community Church To Present Christmas Program A Christmas program will be given at Ihe Kersey Community Church Sunday at 7:30 p.m., by the Sunday School, under the direction of the superintendent, Clyde Sober. Theme ! Ihc program will he "Let's Put Christ Back Into Christmas." r V JV'K 1 " 1 ' w K - M c S u l r ol. I D - n i l , services i r o n r»l ( h r l M I n n , .1 o W h s r i f . - i "i.'j*!. L n l M Ch , ?, v: ,'J u-r-K. l l - o o f'lr.l l,.ill,,, n n, «'«i Krhool. 9:30. ''^IfW'I'iB"!. 1 k e ch nf C k r l t l , W l l o n r r t h u r An.lir e r v l t e . l l ' O l ' . RrijjKlalt n a M Ma i«. H :0'l. . School. 00- YP OfiB.rrs;otJnii K f r v t c c s . t:30 l, G e r t r u d * H o r n . Ettsn _ * I K ·· r M r n H i r l f t l ... P«"l f. H n l t a n n . Scho GRAND JUNCTION (AP) - A 31-year-old Grand Junction man ·*as arrested Wednesday and charged with burglary "in the break-in earlier !hi» week of a bank at Ouray. Colo. Officers have identified the man 5 Sammy Moore. KBi accnis. sheriff's officers and police teamed up to make the arrest at Moore's home. , . The service will be broadcast. ATHENS - Athenian youths 2,500 years ago underwent strict training to fit them for citizenship. oalh: Mrs. Clarence Minkel; ushers Herbert Deppe, Dennis Mekel burg, Bruce MacDonald, Bill Me- - ,- -- A Christmas eve family service Afterward they took thislwill be held al the La SaJle First ,. w -,, , . , Unil(Ki Presbyterian Church be- Vic will never bring disgracelginning at 7 o'clock. '~' --i ·"* rm » J ^·»» IOSJT»- -a «"«WSB^ i«r me 11 a n UM Wildtr's "Our Town." The «"» k euUkd, "Kateluna_A »·"- will als. W WrUd to s*e "·« of Itofuge." The chair, un- the play. Two Programs tSumyview Church Sunday Urtt rlraTr.- i iL TT^irTM" ' VR ^^^alional Church »HI be preaenlod Sunday at tht i^tc«r«urua!in which all mtnv (Unit«d Church of Christ i. the *« a.m. and 7 p.m. scrvitts. DffTS a UW ftmnmromttl** .ill 4-_i_ _»? 11. . . . . . ^^ M . . . V"^ -" --f--·"·*··*, uinjci U1C SUOvf- vision of Mr.. V»ra BtnsoaTwill na ture, an annual event. Childre. ela Crdsm, Timmy White. Glenn, Sandy and Sharon Forrester, Robin Nickenon, Ri ck . »wi Mary J 0 Carsteni, Delma farris, Shirley ind Larry Bin Sunday evening at 7:30 o'clock Charles Howard. Merilou "John are: V' 0 '" N«land7!tw"?ausT T ^ m '~ " rra "«« m « l ' of "Christ TMn, Paul Kelly cKarW M,,I..J- Moinat, Sandy Norton ..~..uaTM, nv . natson ,TM L Tht Gift MMt r'«*ng toSuncUy.theciriM-c-hoi;;";]; Sermon Topia i i a At uW n^ulir bw *t :4$ ,m «t t k , MJHfa. Chunk tht SM% *ffl th* auutl chriat ^-·2: !£:%?·-·?» - -H-* Stroh, will _ CMstata, "Tie "Music of Bethlf owi," by Holtoa. accttnpanied at U* organ by Mrs. Mtrle Warner At 7:J« n. m . a service of dedication »» be held. Mrs. C P Carl- «an wiU direct a Christmas candle- mm. l»rs «( tht confretatiM will par ticipatf and at which the annual A* Fit* Two Choirs Singing at Christmas Eve Service Christmas services will conclude with the Suoday and Christmas Ev * ""ices at the First Coven- P. Carlson's Christ- ant Church. far the 11 a.m. The Christmas worship service Monday evening at 11 OJSL TW two choirs will oon (Us strrie* - ,, ~~-- "--TM"f «"«* « musical program » and caBdlebghtim wUl be held on cede the mesiageby the with a canrUeught MMkatPrt* A musical program will sre- of U - - TM j i ·m amimivn W Usw TM T*""* f" u*s umwa^ uw «t*|i." by Ashford for the Post- »'«h Us." Closing raomotts of lude. There is no Evening Servici IK " '--"'·" -"" ·" ·- ItotMl !_. ...» until January Ith. share in the traditional .,_., ligUi"*- «TM» rujriislliiial IMM qillfrui At the 1:30 and 11 a.m. services. The Sunday school programs »t First Coniregational Church will be prcaenled Sunday at tht itfsiVfi Pt»iu»nk -/ /-«*._;-», .s a.aU _ n _.j » t . . . · ·"«· iffimmw, iss/n enact the Nativity scene in minia- _ n i .-IT" '..'^""'~~' i "* vw wor W Csms» to BethUtni ·· At - : ----"·r^^.^^Chrijtian Chwdi W Ctd --- -- .,,- -TM.a .u. At the Cawch of CM in Christ ^ mlt " UBt " · »in« "0 Holy Night," by Adam at «M «h Ave . Audm buUt ' , at both services. Mr,. E. D ililler is the organ accompanist The sacrament of baptism will bt observed at the 10:50 ajn. service man, Lauren" Beck, Susan "and j"*.," 1 " "I*"? »«"*. presented Those wishinf to heiplnay pbooe n^ .^"i ~~°^~C~ "Z. '" · - - TM" ^Senl* High Youth, may bt Mrs. HenryCarter, 3»»M* -- ** *"*· TM? }xutt whlch :00 p.m. First Christian at the Sunday church school ser ,,,,. ,. ._ vice at the First Presbyterian!!?? |"« ho TM ! ^ F»P«rty /"* 0"-i»tmas worship hour of Church of U Salle. At tbeil a m ^ fh ? l m1 " tiD * " lotal ^ "* l TTfats will be distributed fol- ^, F '" t Chrlitlui Chureh !*«"» *«**· *· R»'ph »· Evans will f '!*!?* ^ f ^ *** ""« ' ' ,, at I0: * ···". Special Christmas pr«»ch on th, topic- "The Word **?"? "^J* 1 " ·«« ·»* P music and a Christmas message Became Flesh " a church Wlil ^ ^ «*«. Tha e feature the service. The Chancel Choir will sing BUliBgs' "A Virgin " j ,, _^ _ t ,, vv WVIUL'K, TS.--J.JJ-J M »» TM ***8"1 Ihe young , d u l t and teenage ^* W: ,. Ml ?' Frti T J ard ". orvuir» ...:li i . . . ° aWpTilfiO, IpMklns Choir ' 'Portraits of Cliristmas^wtth S! 1W " by Yon; ""X 1 «"· Dan ,,_ - . -- - - -o- Speaking choir, Kathy Beggs ohoir singing background muifc ^ C '' Org * nlst ' " d Mr§ ' Ricn - « S-"' "? P 1 *"''" SUndaj '' ^ 1 " - Billings, Bart GatL Those in the evenZ proTw " rd Stan ' f ' mlst ' wiU P'" V K »nl ":- The .. Iololsl »»' » Mrs. Ru. Howard, Merilou John are: Violet Norland Ken Fausz "*""" Krtn S* m «*- of "Christ son, Susie Johnson, Paul Kelly Charles Mylander, Bob McCreery' £?* Fanl "y-" fb» Rev. Leslie Auft flrir ChrltfUn cla ^ ·""-'- - ... r " ry '^r 5 w '» »P"k on the theme At th, n .TiwtattrWmu Sheryl Moinat, Sandy Norton clau d« Thomison', R 0 y Watson' ,«.-- Sharon Parker, Val Ranne, Mike Edwar d Mackey, Ralph Henkei nTM.', , , -o ~ Hiffe Sue Shepherd! Cheryl Sla, *- Ken Keith, Butch Benson,^""' Blw ? """I begin, at present the anthem "(Tugi. The great significance of th. ta.'a aye gf£urj-a £«£-? ;si? fc .r»-JsAt?Sn cnoir roemben. ,,.,.'*"» wm »· a tervice of ger on the topic, "The New Birth Christian Science services Sun- "wi luonDcn, -- --v*» w«u iw. m lervice in The program Is being directed fTM 1 ' » nd c «»dl«ll«hting in the y Louise Neet and Rena Owen i ur ' h ""''""ry. The Youth Crwristeri'a'nd tS'Chanel Tbo "' prM " lt "* lulmu ' 1 ChrWm " LScri P tur « 1 "»«W »itt tahid. will J» "A, L7teI?W^w ^ %!*"" With l " lts for *· chl1 ' "* 1KClllnl ta Wtl{hn * wl » «d " ^Austria 1L i *" * l 7:W P' m ' ll "* Fir " mw wbo foUo *« d · «tar to Beth- by'Bl«k Tte Ch^ f^." g m Cbri!tian Church ^ Ault ' ' elwm: " And wntn «-T «" i^MS-%5 M t a v M n w ^"Sa?L M n^ Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen." Rev. The Rev. Robert C. Dillon, pas. £^ M down KrshS Bo*'er,' meditation theme will be, 'or, of tht First Evangelical Free htaVindI wbTihe? 1^Mnsd "A Child I, Born." The Rev, C. I Church will ^ak at the u a.m. their triWe, t b W ^ S Cecil will assist in the service «TM* on the subject. "The Song r- ·-· ·-· -^ P rMWItrt Sundav wTMi ~t .u N r Mry facili "«« "* avsUable at °f Christmas." At 7 p.m., the Sun- Sunday School of the Kersey all of these hours and' tht public dav *hool will present it, annual " --·"- Christmas program. Bible school Yule Program Sunday Night At Kersey Lanny Helzer, Kathleen Hisam' Mike Himmel, Pete Himmel! 'aula Holiib, Vicki Sue Krencik r nmm ,._:i m. " C~ '.'.~ ""·*·' "" TM """ mm i Nancy Lot!, Janet Lupher, Mary SE?» "?2f flillt ' " carital '» Mti ' s±i^xf M s«£" s »TM"' ,,-'--*~ -- - Mitchell, Kyle Monfort, Keri.Monk ,lv«^i., tt i?^""', tain|( , ?u Vm ' W " hip rt Inwanuel facilttles are available at all ser - ·· - - ' - · - monlt ' jven under the direction of Clyde Lutheran Church will be held at vices .ttv Neal,' Linda Pi^nica Ka^ gJS l^TSr?" "' ?"* Reicthardt, Tom Royer Jo£ faT'.S'S* ^ T?""" Royer, Mary Kay slater. Thea SSbi »« '--^ WW "' " Tuck,and Alyson Weiland. ' ·...·., p. Lighting, Ronald Weaver; stage Chrisimas lands, Richard Hisam and Lloyd 11:00 a.m., Sunday with the ser -, ~, ,,,,- mon topic of the paitor, the Rev superintendent, will be Harold R. Sandberg entitled "The Put Christ Back Into Hopes of All the Years." The Senior Choir will provide Christmas music under the direction of rhilHr.n «r it TT val program of the Church School icrship of the Church School will nnnaM 101 t. et. I ' "'" " lv - ·"·* ' ^"H'om at ine regu ar U Peddvcorr! " d ' C ' yde °' ClOClt *""'" " lhe Community leddycord. . jiHin j!, m/ i.,, .,, ,,«.{ Family Service Christmas Eve At La Salle to this, our city, by any act of . The service will consist ol car' - ' "J ""/ on ui me a u i v i c e will COllSISl ol car- diihonesly or cowardice, nor ever ols. reading of the Christmas slorv H PH .ri n,,r «,«.ri .... f r o m (he scriptures cho , a| ^^ poetry ant! a message by Ihe pas' tor, the liev. Ralph D. Evans. desert our suffering comrodes We will fight for the ideals and sacred things of the city We will revere and obey the cily's laws and do our best to incite to a like respect and reverence those who are prone to annul 01 set them at naught . . . thai !hus we will transmit this city not only lew. but greater, bel- ter, and more beautiful thnn it. Kilsl (;hl "' t ' rl "f God. 1200 3rd ee will be served. The reception is being planned by Mrs. John Chrismer and Mrs. William Quan. Because of the program, there will be nc session of the Sunday School. Public is invited to. at tend the program. )r Cantata Part of Program ;|At First Church of God was transmitted to us." 40,000 Wor Dead m^rUdSi;^ --,:---*: with the Rev. A. Ear] Ogle ,is pastor, will present a special Christmas program al 10:15 a.m Sunday. war dead arc buried in Norwny More than 27.000 of them w.:fe foreigners, including 12,'XX} Germans and Russians. Some of the- (Jermans were killed in World War 1. 5,700 AKRON. Ohio--There ate 5.700 t.'niled States plastics companies _.,.. ·-" "*u«.-.t oidMH j companies .uc^hii sa i l 00 "; '^ un - TM ?y iticl " dc firms ihnt "«"" ; successfully Sunday 1 0 burn » facture plastic maierials. product r±. *1- 8l "T Ba " k " °* bfisir rfsins m «4«id7 UUrav. ftnDiind «jao t-ilriM :« 11-- . .,_ .. . . ... r . Rarlen. primary and junior de parlmenls will present songs and notations undor the direciion nf Mrs. Alvin Daniels. A truce-par; lreb!e Christmas cantata. "The Musi !; of Belhle- hTM." hy Frel B. Holton will be s'ing by Ihe Women's choir, under the diction of Mrs. Calvin Truofdpll.' During this renrlilion of music, the junior and junior high department -*ii| pantomimf the Chrisimas Storv son and Ixjrie Lindberg: Mmes Cl. dc Brown. Frank Galbreath Larry Van Gorder, Frank Hoke, Keith Hendrickson, Edward Lindberg, Charles Lindgren, Earl Ogle, Itobeil Pralhcrs. Edwi.rd Mauch snd Mrs. Dorothy Miller. Mrs Thomas Elliott will r* the ac rompanist. Sp«clil Vocal Numb*r special solo, "The Lullab; Hymn." is to be sung by Mrs ^·s^-sxizftxsssii ^xr,^ I and fahrir»torj anH Jmnhn. [hfth Khfihar*. PaWfin Harrl "Ruhr of Bfthlfhtm." uuiwv vnurui ot Luristi. the " ;w * rn. ana 7 p.m. serntti. *pic of the sermon to be deliver- The primary department wSl five ed by the Rev. Frederick W. Hy " nn- E Greeley ., Christmas party will bt held at 1 p.m. Sunday. A turkey dinner will be served. Gifts for all chil dren and a visit from Santa Cla» now serves u a church *· r»- U SaHs Plrst PrMkyi«rkn m ^^ and will later serve M "White Gift!," will be dedicated * £'*!!!'*', , .. . . ".TOW..TM ^ Gnt ^ Christian Church home property was acquired more »* First Confrs.j.rmul recently. Tlie Rev. Wilbur Davisnon of the This Sunda 1 . wUI !« "w Groeley will aing "Gesii'"Bam. Pir ' t Congregational Church of Cnflsllan's third in its new quar- Ault will preach on the topic- '" 5 - Th « Rcv - No TMan Downs is -- · · · · · - - h e pastor. , -A Must!" The Sunday schotl .,, enabled him to demonstrate the facts of being.-- ··thil laotlit ° pr ° Ve irTefuUbl y "0* ipirihial The Rev. Bert Gilbert will 2 *£%· m8 ! CTl1 ' «*· a-v-sux SSSrt-S^ of Holiness" at n a m at 7 « pointed to this truth and c^-av^r^ri"; r - f^.VA M 42s?- m illutr ^» - «· ~ -_i^±.^ * ^^^r-uXter^-ff p.m. the annual Christmas fesi rogram entitlei ' " Th(! GalM °f *1 "1 L "?""""? "an. ra Chrislmai," directed by Mrs. amej Kurd. On Christmas Day SALT UKE Cm' - n* Flrrt b* w"?*?*? ^ C " "!!' ^i*^ »f the Church oTj*^ be held at the church. Rev. Gil- Ch, W of Latter-day SainU (Mor bert w I preach on the subject. rr*n) has approvedt tr* mTtlddt 'Unto You A Savior," uildin e Sunday morning. The take part and treats w¥be" fur' IrT^Jp" i" 16 '"T 110 ' 1 v" " ished l» »" in "lendaL F^, S NW^Sfc wn! col,,^ lUred Wi " "·· 5in « ln * «« Chrislma ^ : Christmas music and readhun o!j°!^ *! y j-J"^ Junior Choir "TM ·"""""· u K " "swrnerg, . · ' Y": --··»" «u,iimi K wm t will be folX by a recfo ' ' NatiV " y Sceni M Wi11 "T- " Witne5Ses ° f Tr ""'^ ·· ^ evededfb y «5» *"«* « ».- on during which punch and cof- Wasleyan r*rrh.dl, t '^ Firsl t:ov 7"l Church at the ,^'J^ jJ^T^ ^^ - T ^' j .t ,, · ' " m - worshp service Both , gc for the 'wo-yesr Topic for the Mornmg Worship choh , will , in ^ -T" *"r period . I t i« patterned «ft« ft. First Covinant The sermon topic selected by the pastor. C. Cecil Osterherg Topic for the Morning Worship service: "What If Christ Had Never Been Born?" The Rev. W. A. Kaufmann. pastor. Evening vespers at 4:00 p.m. There will be group singing of favorite Christmas carols, a special instrumental Christmas medley; Scripture of USE TH E naHM WANT ADS s^SeT'tT^ 'Teenage Christmas." Come and bring n friend to Wesle'yan Meth odist Church. Clrr-Praibrttrj.,, At the 11 a.m. worship service at Presbyterian Church of Carr. Ihe Rev. David F. Gordon, guest speaker from Fort Collins, will preach on the topic: "The Christmas Story." Sur.dny school convenes at 10 « m. nt the Presbyterian Church at Carr, Fin? 'His Wondrous Oifl" will be he title of the Rev. Oliver Rrook'n sermon at the II a.m. worship ·ervice at First Baptist Church. Frank fialbrcath. Mrs. Robert The Sanctuary Choir, led by Mrs Prathers and Mrs. Urry Van Ben Richirds'on, will sing "Christ- Oorder «-:!) aing a duet. "The mas/' by Sh*Ily. Miss Sue Rich- First Christmas Carol" A so- ardson and Mrs. I^rry Erickson prano-allo duet. "To Bethlehem will ulng the *o1o and Ihe duct Draw Near," will be sung hy I-oRoy K. Brock will sing a solo l/rae Lindbfrg and Birbarn entitled "Nsiarelh," hy Gounod M ". k * Mrs. I* Triplet!, organ!*!, will A. / p.m. Rev. Ogle will bring play "God So Loved the World " Chrwimw message entitled hy SUiner for the Prelude "0 Holy Nijhl," by Adam for' ihf the Rev. C. CecU OsUrberj. H« -ill speak on the theme "God the service wil] allow everyoBe to the first part of the profrajn it Church Moves Greeley Christian Church kat moved to a large bouse at m Jlst Ave., which will be temporary new dxnt is . The church has held ssrrices at the old United Presbyterian Church, 1101 Kb St., but the building was randemned over a month go and the congregation hid to Ihristian Science Ltiton Sunday Dealt With Lift of Jews day. , nlo him gifts; gold, and frankln- ense, and myrrh," From "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mary convenes at S:45 a.m. and the Baker Eddy the following will ba ·outh groups at 6:15 p.m. Nursery end: "JestiV spiritual origin and nderstanding enabled him - ign of a proposed Mormon exhi- it building for U» 19SMS New ork World Fair. The quarisfool exhibit building will be erected by the Church on 50 - will sing. The Sunday i, ,. , , ;, ' ·-" TM"» Dhool program will be divided _!!___! """""n Tempi*. r.lo two pailv Ihe first, at the ~ ~~~~ ~ egular 9:45 a.m. Sunday school * Today" ^ the 11 a.m., worship our and the second al 7:00 p m xn i* Sunday. At the evening ,, . . ,, . sen ^ « 7:30 o'clock, his topic Rtfarm*.) fr«kytKl,n will be "The Chrirtian Optbnbt " The Rev. Raymond Joseph of Bible School will be »t »!»..,,' e ormed Pre.sbyterian Church and youth mooting «.||] be at «-v ill speak on "King Jejus As He m. *'" -^ Welcome LhrUtmaA Cjift NU-BAC THI WORLD'S LATKT IATH MUSH! It'i unique . . . « bliiiing to older people latiifoction to the middle ogtd . . . o mvita'n to the children. All ogei love it! Nu-Boc Both Brush is designed to reach any part of your back with ease and can be used in the bath or shower. To tee Nu-loc leek Iruih Call Mn. Phillip Miller rhonw J52-3826 Foye's Itouty S«lon 913 16th St. 352-2114 Mrs. Olive ClmiyMti delete*, Colored*

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