Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on June 24, 1957 · Page 12
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 12

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Monday, June 24, 1957
Page 12
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Page 6 GREELEY TRIBUNE Monday, June 24, 1957 6 Fine Plays Will Be Presented by Little Theater Opening June 11 Six unusually (me plays will be presented by The Little Theatre of the Rockies in its 21bt annual summer theatre season, under the direction of Helen l.anuwurlhv :iud technical director \Vclby Wolli-. A different play each week, runninc, for two nichls. will lie presented, beginning on Junr 27 and running through August 2. The opi'ninK production rif t h e season is a suspenscful d r a m a by Charles Morgan, "Thi! Iliver Line". This play has ril'Vi-r IHTM in motion form or on television. The I.illlr Theatre's production of "The llivc-r Line" is the second United Slates presentation of Ibis play The story concerns a group of escaping men, who arc w a i l i n g to he smugpjnd oiu nf Francs- by \v;iy of a 'secret escape organization known as The River Line. Sudden emergency drives them to violent action. The r e m a i n d e r of the story is conccrno'l wilh the effects of this violent a f l i u n on these men's lives, and upon the lives- of two heroic women. It is ;i fiist moving drama filled w i l h n i n n y moments of high tension ;md emotion. The second pl:iy of Ihe season is the charming ''The Tim'e of the j Cuckoo", n wry comedy about a I gcni?.l American spinster who goes ! lu K-jr-;:L- hoping in Ihe back o! I her mind to find a romance und , f i n d s a bit of heartbreak instead. ,The play tells Ihe story of how its I heroine, possessing a sunny dispu- . s i l i o n , ihal leads her to make her j h e s l pokes about hersell, believes .siie hits fiiiind (lie affection she ! craves with a middle aged shopkeeper in Venire. She begins the | a f f a i r timidly, then ardently rxults ; in it nnd ends wilh pninlul disillu- i summcnl as she finds thai Kurn, |;ean "realism" aboul love is too , cynical for American taste. "The i Time of the Cuckoo" was written ! liy A r t h u r Laurcnls, author of the i very successful, "Home of the j Brave". ! "Libel", a powerful and com| pelting courtroom mc]odram:i, i.s the next pl:iy to he presented by Ihe Little Theatre oi Ihe Rockies. It is the i n t r i g u i n g story of n llritish batllc-fatigueil wnr veteran who is suspected of exchanging i d e n t i t i e s w i t h another llrilon in ! ;i C e r m n n prison camp during the ' War. Bi(j 8 f t . x Hi f l . REDWOOD and ALUMINUM PATIO $162.00 installed Phone 7711 C L I F T O N ' S H O M E S E R V I C E Go On Vacation With A General Credit Loan! Pay for your vacation with mnnlhly p a y m e n t s . .1 n fi L f l K u r e what, you will need, then POO nt. O.nerul Credit. LmuiH iniulo promptly and finally Loan, up to $1500 or More Dick Mortenion ... 24 Months lo P,iyl Loan. Mado to Farmer, end Realdenli of -Nearby Towni Ph. B66 . . . 725 Tenth 81. Greeley, Colorado Glasses that Fit Your Personality · Prescriptions Filled · Broken Lenses Duplicated · Frames Repaired GREELEY OPTICAL CO. 9121/z 8th Ave. Tel. 155 NINTH STREET i'.s You, CSCE STUDENTS 191!) V^o\.'i^ 0 1 I ; I / U L I . I L I fff'-l- ^ W'r r ijj See Al At |: v '^, ^ 9(h SI. 1'h. 102 l : --.i.--'! * fe "The Best for Less" '57 Ford C i i h l o m ".ion" Forrtnr. VS nnd overdrive 1 , I l n i l l u , l i c u l - er, spc-clnl two-tons r u i n t . I L ' K sharp, r.owcsl. milcnpr. '5fi Ford C o u n t r y Sedan Konlor. A u t o m a t i c t r n n s m i f s i n n , radio, liPBlPi 1 , R R f r t y f t i u l i m i e m . whitfiwnlls. A nlco w;icon. 'ofi ChPvrolPl. -'I" n r l l l a y S i x . c u i t n m n t l r drive, nulio, linilpv. low mlleiigo. One; en\ nrr. V e r y clwtn. 'nii Fllllck S|ipri;il IMIonr. A i i l o - niBtlc I r H i i s n i i H f i l o n . A verve-lean car, low mlleiiRp. AL PURDY / f i l Kurd VS Tudor. A local car. I Very luw m i l n i i K C . now paint.. ';2 M e r c u r y l l n n l l o p . Autoniallc. I I run emission, raelio. Jionler. A sliiiri) OMP! . T W O N I C K IHS1 Ford VRfl, I Forrtor ami Tudor, Rddios, h p n l n r n , very r l n a n rnrfi. Ixical ' o w n e r s . A m m i m t l c drive, I Two economy rni'K -- Ifl'iO I N.nah Ainbiissjuior Siipcrn w i l h overdrive.. Clean earn. I Wo Triule, Sell and liny U S E D C A R S ] OPEN EVENINGS Laid entirely ID i courtroom, the pliy is concerned with in action brought by Sir Mirk Loddon! against a London newspaper which [ has questioned his Menlity. A s : witness after witness takes the ] stand, Loddon's defense begins to [ look weaker and weaker, suspense' mounts; is this the man who calls; himself Sir Mark Ixwldon in inv i poster? Even his wife cannot be i sure. . | Apart from the fact that t h e ' play wiil disturb accepted A i n e r i - j can ideas of English juris-pru- dence. "Ubsl" sivei roaviaci^s evidence that a play about a trial need not be a bore or an incredible novelty. "Libel" was written by Edward Wooll, who is himself a judfie. j "My Three Angels", a rollicking comedy about a trio of convicts in A French penal colony who earn liiemselves halos to wear with their striper is I h p fourth production of the season. The play by Sam and Bella Spcwack, authors of such previous hits as "Boy Meets Girl" | and "Kiss Me, Kate" Is built I around these three carefree crooks, ! who steal with Innflccnt relish, cm bmlc with infinite grace, and mur- j d c r with a sober and methodical 'ccnlilily. They are all prisoners In a French Guiana penal colony and have been loaned lo do some re- j p a i r work for an indigent family. I The whole purpose of the fasliili- ous murders in which the trio i-nfianc is lo sec t h a t the down- heated f a m i l y ha sa joyous Christi mas. I .lohn MeClain, of Ihr N.Y. Jour] niil American says: "My Three Angels" lf.n'1 trying lo prove anything except t h a t It can m a k e you laugh." "Tiger at the Giites" the fifth play being presented, is being given in collaboration with the CSC an- n u a l Fine Arts Feslival. "Tiger at the Gales" Is a satirical comedy using the oft-told story of the Trojan War lo make a modern point about all wars. Despite the seriousness of the play's theme, its tone s comic as it debunks the classic figures of the Trojan War. Its action is laid in the king's palace in Troy when Hector returning Iriumphiinlly from a minor war Finds his country on the verge of n major wnr with the Greeks because his brother Paris has ab- [lucled Helen. Helen is portrayed as a self-centered beauty, who ROCS along with everybody always ending up having her own way. Her repartee has the charm of Marilyn Monroe's unthinking directness. As John Chapman o[ the New York Daily News says: "Tiger at the Gates" Is an intellectual, witty and cynical sermon about man's clcrnnl need lo go lo war." The play was written by Jean Giraudoux, who. is known to world audiences and was translated by the brilliant English playwright Christopher Fry. It won the New York Drama Critics Award for the best play of the season of foreign authorship. "This drama is fl stunning piece of work. II wrestles with some big ideas with passion and humor; it is a contribution to thought as well as lo sardonic entertainment", says Brooks Atkinson. "Reclining Figure", a hilarious comedy by Harry Kurnilz is- Ihe final play of the summer season. It is a sparkling, witty comedy which is concerned with a bogus painting known as Ihe "fleclining Figure". Lucas Edgerlon Is a multimillionaire who manufaclures a sofl drink called "Tinkle" that he is constantly forcing on everyone. His major eccentricity is hoarding art treasures in his basement. He runs afoul of a high-pressure art dealer, and an idealistic young salesman who finds himself wilh a fake masterpiece on his hands. The love interest is provided by the young salesman and Lucas' daugh ter. Laugh mounts upon laugh, as romance and art are delightfully mixed in this light-hearted story of the cheerfully dishonest world of the art experts. Grace Hannah Wilson Hall on 10th Avenue Taking: No Chancw NEW YORK I* -- One at New York'i longest - running summer| time outdoor shows has decided not to try Us luck with a thir- Ing receipts mide him decide ·gainst i new edition of Aquacidei this year at the Flushing Meadow Park, which was the site ol new York's World's F»ir in 1939. New York's other bij outdoor spectacular Show Boat, will go on , ,,,.,,,,, ,,,.,,-,,,,. as I'm however In the amphitheater j Elliott Murphy said that declln-lat Jones Beach slate part. Dr. Crica Hannah Wilson, dean or assistant daan of woman for !i8 yea 1 TM, and a native of Greeley, hes been honored in the naming of this rail* denct hall for women. The building facet Tenth avenue north of Twentieth itreel. This hall Is In Ihe proceil of completion, but part of It li In uie for summer feitlon students. Dr. Wilson re- ceived her bachelor's degree from Colorado State College of Education, and her graduate degrees from Teachers College, Columbia University. She lerved two ten-year terms at a vice-preiident of PI Lambda Theta, education sorority, and In that capacity the traveled to various parti of tht country. -- Photo by Skeets Calvin. Summer Faculty Rex Harrison Marries NEW YORK in - Rex Harrison, slar of the Broadway musical hit "My Fnir Lady," was married early Saturday to actress Kay Kendall. Both Harrison, 49, and Miss Kendall, 31, 'are British-born. Harrison has starred on both stage and screen while his bride has appeared in a number of English films. The marriage wan announced by Harrison's attorney, Aaron R. Frosch. Circus performing tigers, which once cost Sl.OOO each, nnw cost up | lo £5,500. Inflation probably. I Junraii, capital city nf Alaska, j h a s a population of 8,400. LUXURY OC-6B '.CHAMPAGNE FLIGHTS" MORNING AND EVENINOI C a l l or v i s i t W e s t e r n Air- H n r G , C o s m o p o l i t a n Hotel, East 2-1833; or ice y o u r W e s t e r n Travel A g e n t . Education, reviewed by Professor Francis Quammen. Wednesday, July 31. Kathryn llulme, The Nun's Story, reviewed by Professor Marion Jennings. Thursday, August 1. A. B. Gulb- rie, These Thousand Hills, reviewed by Professor Neal Cross. Welcome Summer Students Try the Amazing New Permanent Wave . · · Natural Looking From The Very First Day . . . ZOTOZ MAGIC WRAP TUBE WAVE No Friz, No Kink, No Dry Ends Because . . . The Magic Wrap Method helps guard hair and orotecr it during waving process . . . Phone 4789 f ark toe ark (/beauty. Esther Edgell 2146 Davis Street Phone 4789 Ivan Under, assistant iuper- Inlendant of schools, Palo Alto, who Is becoming an associate professor of education at Colorado State College of Education. Dr. L. Edmond Ltlpold, principal of Nokoml* junior high tchool, Minneapolis. 0 Book Review Hour Popular The booV review hour, conducted under the sponsorship of the CSCE division of humanities, is a popular special series open lo students and lo the public during the summer session. The reviews of books and plays arc ijiven Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoons at 4:10 p.m. at Room' 401, Carter Hall, the library. The schedule, complete except for one session, is as follows: Monday, Juiy 8. Books of Tomorrow, discussed by Professor Donald Decker. Tuesday. July 9. William H. Whytc, The Organization Man, review by Professor Earle U. Jlugg. Wednesday, .luly 10. Book lo be reviewed by Professor Hazel M. Johnson. Thursday, July 1!. To be announced. Monday, July 15. Lucy Kennedy, Mr. Audobon's Lucy, received by Professor. Annie McCowen, Tuesday. July 16. Book to be reviewed by Professor Sylvester Toussainl. Wednesday. July 17. R. M. Bunker, Other Men's Skies, reviewed by Professor John R. Mickey. Thursday, July 18. A. A. Bcrlc, Tides of Crisis, reviewed by Professor Glen C. Turner. Monday, July 22. The Poetry of the Year discussed by Professor Leslie Dae Lindou. Tuesday, July 23. The D r a m a of Ihc Year discussed by Professor James T. Nardin. Wednesday, July 24. William Falkncr, The Town, reviewed by Professor Forrest Frcase. Thursday, July 2.S. Grace Mela- lious, Peyton Place, reviewed by Professor George Gates. Monday, July 2!). Emily Kimbrough, Water, Water Everywhere, reviewed by Professor Elizabeth Lchr. Tuesday. July 30. George S. Counts, The Challenge of Soviet "The bank with the time and temperature" . ... to CREELEY CREELEY NATIONAL BANK · CONVENIENT Opposite th« Peit Office · COMFORTABLE Air Conditioned · DRIVE-UP WINDOW Come 01 you orel · SPECIAL CHECKING ACCOUNTS Personalised Checks . . . No Service Charge! · THE CREELEY NATIONAL BANK Member, FDIC

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